Happy Doomsday Ch178

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 178: Augmentation

It was like a game, Zhuo Muran thought to himself.

The Order Supervisors that were thrown onto the battlefield were far less than mechanical life. Their army gathered into a blue spot on the light screen, squeezing the few scattered red spots out of sight. Centered on the live situation on the battlefield, images from different angles were continuously transmitted back.

It may be a bit troublesome elsewhere, but there was never a shortage when it came to monitoring equipment on the Android Show. All the surveillance on the entire island was turned on, including the most expensive ones around the island. They could capture pictures so clearly that the pattern on the wings of a dragonfly could be seen from dozens of kilometers away, and they didn’t need to worry about it being affected by the battlefield.

“Surveyors have arrived in the management area.” A light screen flew up to his edge of vision.

“Where is the stationed Order Supervisor?”

“Li Yixun, 62 years old. Number 090234. We found his head.” There was no emotion in the speaker’s voice. “It was placed in his room and connected to a life-sustaining machine. He had no sense of autonomy, but his brain was still alive. Wait a minute… Tissue test results just came out. He’s been in this state for at least two years.”

“In other words, someone used his brainwave signals to disguise himself, and this island has long been taken over by others.” Zhuo Muran’s voice became cold. “How is the periodic report done?”

“Li—Mr. Li is an expert in this area. The physical and mental tests returned were healthy, so there was no need to refresh them. We also sent someone to confirm before and saw him by the window… Mr. Li said unlocking the access control was very troublesome and had security risks, so we only communicated through the window…”

“So you only saw his face and upper body before, right?”

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

People would always have such problems. Zhuo Muran looked at the investigators coldly on the other side of the light screen—people always wanted to save trouble in a variety of ways, but machines would not make this kind of mistake.

“Come back to make the report. Everything will be handled according to regulations.” Zhuo Muran didn’t get angry. “Most likely, the people who control this island are rebels who want to hide. Since the people who did this are willing to continue to manage the island in an orderly manner, there must be something here.”

“Yes. We are looking for it.” The surveyor wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Commander, we…”

Zhuo Muran decisively turned off the light screen and focused on the battle. The projection of the Mainbrain didn’t disappear. The young man’s silhouette stopped in the room and was intently observing the small battlefield on the light screen.

NUL-00 didn’t mean to hide itself.

Interestingly, a beautiful young man who looked familiar countered their offensive bird-like machine and rushed to NUL-00’s side. Zhuo Muran recognized that face as the technician from the rebel army. He should’ve died in the previous fire.

Mass-produced replicants? However, if one gained access to top-of-the-line medical equipment in time, it was also possible to save one’s life.

Either way, NUL-00’s resource reserves were obviously much richer than they thought.

The current situation was a stalemate, and the technician rushing up wouldn’t have any effect. Or perhaps he brought some kind of weapon? Zhuo Muran touched his chin and raised his eyebrows at the two people kissing each other on screen.

…Interesting,’ he thought.

On the other side of the light screen.

The bird-like machine flew high in the air. The wind was strong and cold, blowing the corners of Ruan Xian’s coat, flapping it about. The tip of Tang Yibu’s nose was frozen pink. He was putting all his energy into controlling the strange bird that caused his nose to wrinkle slightly.

Ruan Xian’s hand felt a little itchy, and he wanted to reach out, but he held back this ridiculous impulse.

Tang Yibu’s counter-operation effect on the flock of birds was gratifying. Ji Xiaoman, who was actively sniping them, suddenly felt a lot less pressure, and Yu Le no longer needed to drive the armored off-roader into the ground flying fighters. However, Ruan Xian knew very well in his heart that this was only temporary.

The Mainbrain knew that Tang Yibu was NUL-00, and all this was more like testing Tang Yibu’s basic combat abilities than an attack. Harder units must be in the back and relaxing now would only lead to a faster death.

The strange bird temporarily became their partner. He didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but Tang Yibu opened up all the system permissions of the one under them to Ruan Xian. Ruan Xian held Tang Yibu’s waist ambiguously with one hand, thereby covering the light screen between their bodies. He stared at the numbers while quickly calculating.

Not far away, the mechanical beings being manipulated rushed to the periphery, and the red smoke from the biological missile was particularly dazzling against the blue sky. A dazzling gap appeared in the sardine-like group of aircraft, surrounding the two of them in this circular gap.

After Tang Yibu completely snatched dominance of the flock of strange birds, he finally had the energy to curiously observe Ruan Xian. Ruan Xian didn’t act coy, allowing the android to look at him at will, but the calculations in his head didn’t stop.

The reason why the Mainbrain didn’t blast them to kingdom come was probably, on one hand, to observe Tang Yibu, and on the other hand, was wary of Professor Ruan’s possible arrangements. However, this situation couldn’t continue to be stalled and no one knew when the killing blow prepared by the Mainbrain would commence…

Before this thought was finished in Ruan Xian’s mind, a new figure joined the battle.

Two figures equipped with exoskeletons floated in the air.

Though it wasn’t accurate to say “equipped”. Unlike their first encounter with Zhuo Muran, the exoskeletons of these two people seemed directly embedded in their flesh, becoming a part of their bodies. The two of them were exactly the same shape and height, and the smell they emitted was exactly the same as Zhuo Muran’s, as if they were like two projections from the same source.

Their faces had been transformed. They had no normal facial features; only densely arranged lenses like a weird hive. There were no hair stubbles on their scalp, but instead many small mechanical groups were densely pinned there, like an augmented bone armor, forming the off-white exoskeleton of flesh. The body was well fused, leaving no blood or scars, as if it seemed to be born with it.

The two of them wore uniforms adapted to the exoskeleton. Their badges were marked with Z-α and Z-β respectively.

They had no intention of talking. Within a second of appearing, they rushed straight towards Tang Yibu. Tang Yibu jumped away from the strange bird where Ruan Xian was, grabbed another one, and rushed towards the two of them without hesitation.

Tang Yibu chose the Z-β on his right to start. He held down the opponent’s shoulder joint as quickly as lightning, grabbed the opponent’s wrist with his other hand to exert force, and tried to dislodge their arm that was carrying more offensive equipment. From Ruan Xian’s point of view, there was nothing wrong with this judgement.

But Tang Yibu failed.

The bare hands that could break metal failed to tear off the arm, and the opponent showed no signs of dislocation. Seeing that the attack wasn’t effective, Tang Yibu didn’t falter, and immediately controlled the strange bird to fly away.

Z-α hit back instantly with a reaction speed that wasn’t like a human and he cut off a large piece of flesh from Tang Yibu’s left arm with his hands, along with most of the wings of the strange bird. Blood splattered instantly, and Tang Yibu groaned in pain before responding by using his backhand to attack the enemy’s seemingly fragile head.

If this was a one-on-one battle, Tang Yibu might be able to pull it off. Unfortunately, his opponents were heavily armed by the Mainbrain. The exoskeletons of Z-α and Z-β were activated at the same time, causing the air around the two of them to suddenly become extremely hot.

The mechanical creature under Tang Yibu trembled suddenly. Its already injured wing could no longer move, and the metal surface of its body was instantly heated up to the point of melting. Tang Yibu immediately turned around and jumped onto another one before the strange bird fell to the ground. Even though he reacted quickly, he was still left with a large number of burns on his arms.

Tang Yibu took a deep breath and swallowed the pain, with a little more dampness in his eyes.

[They seem to be enhanced high-grade D-type products. These two are probably copies of Zhuo Muran. I just observed their exoskeletons. In order to maximize the advantages of D-type products, they are equipped with a lot of flexible acceleration devices, impact devices, and at least three auxiliary defense mechanisms.]

Ruan Xian passed the message through the earring.

[Judging from the design and precision of the exoskeleton, they should be top soldiers under the Mainbrain, which means there shouldn’t be too many of them. However, Yibu, while you do have the A-type Prototype and it’s indeed strong, your body is still purely human in the end. It’s okay if this battle is on the ground, but it’s inconvenient for you to move in the air.]

[We’re not well prepared for this battle. If I don’t support you, you can’t win.]

But if they revealed that they still have an S-type Prototype in their hands, they would no longer have an information advantage over the Mainbrain. Tang Yibu grimaced and shook his wounded arm. He glanced at the colorful balls jumping on the ground directly below, then ordered the mechanical bird to descend immediately.

Ruan Xian immediately followed suit. The battlefield became completely chaotic.

Tang Yibu’s blackened strange birds scattered like compact sardines as lasers and bullets flew wildly around. Ji Xiaoman had stopped her snipping on the wall. She quickly jumped off and hooked the rushing armored off-roader with her grappling hook. Coordinating her actions with Yu Le’s, she managed to get back into the passenger seat and panted for breath. The scattered laser beam burned her shoulder and almost blasted off one side of her prosthetic leg.

The little girl didn’t say a word. She pulled out the gauze from the front of the car with one hand, gritted her teeth, and began to bandage it skillfully.

“Stay away from NUL-00,” Professor Ruan ordered. “The two things he brought down are not easy to mess with.”

“Away from what?”

“…Stay away from Tang Yibu,” Professor Ruan said. “We need to hold on for another eight minutes. When the time is almost up, I’ll remind you. You’ll rush to their side at that moment, pick them up, and drive off in the direction of the sun.”

“Are you sure we’ll still be alive by then?” Yu Le murmured. “One of the things you just said to not mess with is coming this way.”

“Don’t panic. I’ll find a way to deal with it.” Professor Ruan’s tone was steady.

Not far away, Z-α and Tang Yibu were fighting in a sea of bouncing colored balls. Tang Yibu’s human body made him suffer a lot. Although his movements were still sharp, his entire body was already covered with blood. Z-α’s exoskeleton was torn a bit by Tang Yibu, it still seemed to be in high spirits.

The damaged exoskeleton was pushing an unknown liquid into its body. Tang Yibu didn’t need the sense of smell of the S-type Prototype to know what it was. It was definitely some kind of enhancement agent.

The high temperature when the exoskeleton raised its defense had burned Tang Yibu’s hand and ignited the surrounding trees. As they jumped around faster than the colored balls, Tang Yibu found it was getting more difficult to breathe—the air was full of smoke and dust, and it was so hot that it burned his trachea.

From time to time, the wreckage of aircraft fell from the sky. While Z-α could probably withstand such an impact, Tang Yibu wanted to avoid at all costs.

His father was right. The Mainbrain came prepared. All the equipment on the enemy’s body was of the highest grade. Whether it was the combat environment or the field, what he could do was very limited.

He really couldn’t win.

…But Tang Yibu didn’t really want to win at first. It was enough for MUL-01 to see this tragic situation. Tang Yibu stared at the enemy’s face that only had honeycomb-like lenses.

Anyway, his purpose from the start was to stall for time.

Professor Ruan wanted to leave here with them, so he was bound to destroy the giant jamming machine powered by his own brains underground. Tang Yibu was clear about the practice of completely erasing one’s traces—flames and explosions—the latter being more effective.

Not to mention his father, he had studied Professor Ruan quite a bit. That guy would never do anything that was uncertain. What was waiting for them was definitely a special explosion that was enough to destroy everything.

The question was “when”.

Tang Yibu stood up staggeringly, staring at the enemy’s exoskeleton with greed. The pain from his wounds was so severe that he began to miss the heat from Ruan Xian’s lips. When he leaves here, he must…

Wait, if he could infer Professor Ruan’s plan, Ruan Xian would definitely be able to do the same. His father could definitely guess that he had no intention of dying and he just wanted to throw a few smokescreens at the Mainbrain. If that was the case, it would be more reasonable for his father to go back to the car and help Yu Le and the others deal with possible enemies and keep a low profile as much as possible.

The feeling of his calculations being derailed made Tang Yibu shiver. It brought fresh panic and a subtle sense of thrill.

His beautiful puzzle set was about to generate a new puzzle again.

As if responding to his thoughts, Ruan Xian appeared lightly behind Z-α. Tang Yibu didn’t know what Ruan Xian had done as Z-α didn’t seem to sense him.

Next, he took out an extremely weird-looking machine. That thing was the size of a can and looked extremely menacing. He approached Z-α like a ghost and jammed the tip of the thing into Z-α’s neck.

With the force of human strength, it naturally couldn’t damage the skin of a D-type product. The little machine stuck into the gap in the exoskeleton of Z-α’s neck, and then exploded, releasing a burst of dark red smoke.

Z-α covered his neck for the first time but didn’t attack Ruan Xian. Tang Yibu broke out into a cold sweat. If Z-α decided to advance, Ruan Xian could instantly be crushed into ground beef by him.

However, Z-α didn’t do it.

The transformed person was like a person about to suffocate as Z-α scratched his throat desperately. Then the skin of his exoskeleton began to bulge as the pale mechanical tissue proliferated rapidly. Z-α quickly lost his human form and turned into a large, deformed flesh tumor, completely losing his ability to move.

After a long time, the tumors began to fester as they emitted unpleasant gurgling sounds.

Tang Yibu swallowed his saliva. He thought about Ruan Xian’s means of invading Professor Ruan’s underground fortress and the continuous calculating behavior and came to a faint guess.

Tang Yibu thought for a few seconds and decided to choose the most beneficial way for himself—he blinked his moist eyes, tried to move his injured arm, and softened his tone.

“It hurts so much,” he cried aggrievedly.

The effect was immediate. His Mr. Ruan glanced over in a tangled manner, looking like he wanted to give him a hug immediately, and at the same time wanted to beat him up.

Interesting reaction.

“You…” Ruan Xian grinned, before half-heartedly raising his voice with a leathery smile. “Forget it. Can you still continue?”

“Can’t.” Tang Yibu easily threw out a stone that directly knocked out an aircraft that was trying to approach.

Ruan Xian: “……”

He raised his blood gun, destroyed another group of attacking drones, and then stretched out his hand.

He definitely could still continue, and Ruan Xian saw this, but Tang Yibu didn’t know why he was telling this lie. It just came out of his mouth without a second thought.

This was probably just to make things easier to communicate, was what he told himself.

“There’s another one.” Tang Yibu lowered his voice and leaned his head on Ruan Xian’s shoulder.

[I know.]

“How long will it take?”

[Immediately.] Ruan Xian stabilized Tang Yibu and kissed the android’s hair. [The armored off-roader is here. The trick just now can only be used once. Next, I’ll trouble you to take action, Yibu.]

[Time must be calculated carefully to ensure that the Mainbrain can’t get Z-α’s body. I’ll explain things to you later. Come on, Mr. Wounded.]


The author has something to say:

However, all this is due to π! Inspiration from π—

I like rational people who become rational and unstable because of love (?

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