Happy Doomsday Ch128

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 128: Spoon

At that moment, Ruan Xian didn’t know what was going on in the android’s mind.

Luo Jian had already revealed enough information this time and pursuing it further would only arouse suspicion. Ruan Xian stopped talking. He walked a little further and carefully engraved the contents of the diary that had a pale golden cover in his mind.

It was probably the first time that Li Han came into contact with a strange force other than the rebel army. After Ruan Xian walked far enough, she barely overcame her nervousness and successfully constructed the carriage with two fat pigeons attached.

“Xiao Han, urgently notify the people in the city and let them leave first.” Sitting firmly in the back of the carriage, Luo Jian calmly ordered.

Li Han secretly glanced at Ruan Xian, who was sitting nearby, and gulped. Ruan Xian was accustomed to that kind of unfriendly look and simply leaned towards Luo Jian’s side. Even if he saved her in a sense, in the eyes of that girl, he was still some kind of unknown danger.

When she commanded the pigeon to fly away, her hands were still shaking.

“Don’t take it personally.” After noticing Ruan Xian’s movements, Luo Jian began to whisper in a low voice. “It’s not that she’s not thankful. She’s just not used to things she can’t understand.”

“I don’t mind.” Ruan Xian didn’t lie this time.

The girl looked younger than Ji Xiaoman and she grew up in The Glass Conservatory. Most likely, she was able to join the rebel army due to the enthusiasm of youth. All previous emergencies were under Luo Jian’s control, and problems could be explained. However, this incident made her sense of security pop like a bubble, so it was natural to have an overreaction.

Luo Jian turned his head to look at him. The smile on his face was a bit complicated.

What followed was a long silence.

The carriage was creaking in the snow. Auntie Yan was driving, while Li Han shrank in the corner. The trees on the side of the road were sparse, but Ruan Xian couldn’t see any traces of Tang Yibu. Perhaps seeing that he had the diary, the android left here early. Ruan Xian subconsciously touched his earring.

He wasn’t too worried about Tang Yibu. On the contrary, he had a wonderful premonition—different from the morbid confidence when facing death—even if Tang Yibu ran into the Mainbrain at this moment, he wouldn’t be late for their date.

Li Han’s mood wasn’t very stable as the car was moving at a pace slower than walking, yet he was unable to find Tang Yibu. The slowly retreating snow scenery made people drowsy

“I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Do you have any experience in this area?” Now that he had enough information, it was time to think about how to leave.

Unfortunately, he waited for a long time, yet Luo Jian didn’t give a response. Ruan Xian thought he hadn’t heard him clearly, so he changed his question. “How do we leave on our own initiative?”

But Luo Jian still didn’t answer, so Ruan Xian could only turn his gaze away from the snow scene.

Luo Jian was still sitting next to Ruan Xian. Without clothes covering his skin, it revealed signs of cracks, as if there were invisible insects constantly gnawing on his flesh. The blood was particularly conspicuous in this pale world. Luo Jian didn’t make a sound but turned his face away from Li Han’s direction.

Ruan Xian didn’t react in a panic, but instead the indifference that was unlike ordinary people at this moment took effect.

“The scanning specifications are different from before,” Luo Jian hissed. “What did you do to the scanners?”

“Erase the relevant data and wait for it to disappear naturally so it won’t have a record of us.”

Luo Jian curled up his fingers, and the back of his hand looked severely burned. “It seems that I’m quite unlucky that a big guy happened to be here… The scanner programs fusing means that they encountered a difficult object to deal with. Usually, it’s fine, but now… Even if they don’t find suspicious records, they’d rather kill a thousand by mistake than let one go.”

He slowed down his speech, but his bad appearance didn’t improve.

“This used to happen occasionally, but this time we unfortunately hit a bump in the road. I’ll have to forcibly eject you guys. Sorry. I’m probably being targeted… Now they are going to completely destroy my memory.”

“Lao Luo.” Auntie Yan didn’t look back as she spoke with a little suppressed tremor in her voice.

“It’s okay, I won’t die. Xiao Yan, you can withdraw first.” Luo Jian was very calm. “I hope that the group of guys in the city will see the warning and run faster. Passively withdrawing will leave them with a headache for a year and a half or so, but at least you can leave by yourself. Now I can only take these two into account.”

“Send Li Han away first, I’m not in a hurry,” Ruan Xian said decisively.

He was a little curious about how Luo Jian planned to deal with this matter—right now he still had an ace in his hand he hadn’t used. Although it was a bit dangerous, the probability of it being feasible was still quite high.

Auntie Yan disappeared into thin air, and the carriage gradually came to a stop. The surrounding snow scenery slowly became blurred and turned into patchy whiteness. Li Han didn’t choose to leave immediately. The young girl’s lips trembled as she looked at Luo Jian sternly.

“You should go,” Luo Jian said. “If you leave a second early, the shock will be one point less.”

“What about you?” Ruan Xian held his arms.

“I’m prepared.” Luo Jian was frighteningly calm.

“If your preparation is to delay time and deliberately let your will be destroyed in order to fundamentally protect the information in your mind… I personally hope you will reconsider.”

Li Han who sat on the side, suddenly raised her head and stared at Luo Jian.

“…This way, everyone will be safe.”

Despite having his thoughts seen through, Luo Jian’s voice remained calm. The blood almost soaked all of his winter clothes.

He could stay here, let his consciousness disappear with his memory, and let his brain be destroyed. Even if the worse happened and his brain was taken away and cracked, they wouldn’t be able to get anything out of the damaged brain.

“As the hub, I can’t take the initiative to leave. Although other preparations can be made in advance, the treatment time is set by Gong Siyi. There’s no need for anyone to take risks in order to save me alone.”

“You said you have a way!” Li Han’s tears dripped down. At this moment, she no longer cared about Ruan Xian, and rushed directly to Luo Jian as if she wanted to hug him but dared not. “Without your leadership, Pear Blossom will definitely fall apart. Didn’t you say you would be fine?”

“Good girl.” Luo Jian hugged her and patted her on the back. “It can’t be helped. Sometimes that’s how luck works.”

“But you’re the leader—”

“My life is no more precious than yours.”

Li Han cried even more severely, while Ruan Xian, who was expressionless on one side, seemed a bit out of place.

“Stop for a moment.”

Ruan Xian pinched his eyebrows. He knew he should try his best not to look like an asshole in this sad atmosphere, but he had become lazier about pretending lately. “I can understand that you don’t want to forcibly evacuate and arouse more suspicion, but Mr. Luo, you have more than just this backup plan.”

According to Guan Haiming, Luo Jian was the master of infiltration of the rebel army, so he wouldn’t use his own death as a foolproof solution.

“If it will only cause a general degree of vigilance and allow the treatment to end normally, I have a way.”

The skin on Luo Jian’s face and hands began to peel off. He didn’t have much fear of the coming death, and his voice only sounded more exhausted.

“It’s a pity that the situation is special this time. We’ve only been here for a day. It’s impossible to wait until treatment ends properly. Mr. Ruan, thank you for your help. I hope that this diary will be useful to you.”

“It’s still a bit early to say goodbye.” Ruan Xian walked up to Luo Jian.


Luo Jian only saw the young man raise his hand, accompanied by a shrill scream from Li Han.

There was a coolness in the neck, followed by tingling, and finally turned into severe pain. He could feel blood gushing out. Luo Jian was a little stunned. He stretched out his hand and touched the wound carefully.

The “Mr. Ruan” had used a spoon to slit his throat, causing an extremely deep wound.

The next second, Luo Jian sat up abruptly from the liquid tank and coughed out the liquid in his lungs. Gong Siyi was standing by his side, with a weird expression, looking as if he was both worried and happy.

Luo Jian looked at him blankly, catching sight of the syringe in the corner of the other party’s pocket.

Not far away, Li Han was holding the edge of the liquid tank. Her tears still hadn’t stopped. The young man surnamed Ruan also sat up, looking angry.

“You…” Luo Jian didn’t react for a while.

“Fortunately, I knew that you and Ruan Lijie had conflict, so I watched from the side. It seems something happened.”

Gong Siyi sighed. “After all, this is your first joint therapy. There won’t be any good places in a doomsday fantasy. Young people are still too fiery. I’ll take care of Ruan Lijie.”

Luo Jian tried to cast a puzzled look at “Ruan Lijie”, but the young man’s acting skills were very good. He didn’t even look at him once, as if some unsolvable hatred had really broken out between them.

Under the supervision of the mechanical assistant, the man slowly put on his restraint clothes, then was tied tightly, and was quickly taken away from the treatment room. Li Han was still crying as medicine slid down Luo Jian’s intact skin, trickling over his fingers and falling drop by drop to the floor.

“You guys go back and rest early,” Gong Siyi said with a smile. “A good night’s sleep will do you guys good.”

“Ruan Lijie, he…”

“He will be transferred to the confinement area until his mood stabilizes. Don’t worry, I won’t let him participate in joint therapy again in the future.”

Luo Jian slowly clenched his fists, not knowing how to express his feelings at the moment. Gong Siyi was completely avoiding the crucial point while taking things lightly. This wasn’t a question of whether he was angry or not.

He was the memory provider for the joint therapy and the center of the spiritual world. In order to prevent vicious medical malpractices, for patients inside the joint treatment like Ruan Lijie and Li Han, the emotional index detection was much more stringent than in the real world.

In theory, even if his memory was on the verge of annihilation, Ruan Lijie couldn’t take the initiative to kill him. The moment Ruan Lijie developed a strong hostility against him, the system would automatically eject him.

But Ruan Lijie was able to use the spoon and cut his throat directly without any hindrance.

To achieve this level, in addition to circumventing the system’s emotional monitoring, it was always necessary to be 100% sure that Gong Siyi happened to be on the scene, rather than using the system to manage it autonomously. It was almost impossible for emotional monitoring to go wrong, so even if Ruan Xian slit his throat, the system would first need to feed this anomaly back to Gong Siyi and alert him so he could deal with it.

The reaction time for this was enough that he would calm down by then.

Based on his own investigation of Gong Siyi, Dr. Gong was a typical resident of The Glass Conservatory. He was extremely obedient to the Mainbrain, so there was absolutely no possibility of mutiny and he could only be misguided.

It seemed that the organization that called itself the “Red Ghost” was deeper than he thought.

“Lao Luo.” Li Han put on her sick uniform and stumbled over. The liquid in her hair hadn’t dried yet. “What happened just now? I don’t understand. I don’t understand… Were you really lying to me?”

“Sorry.” Luo Jian glanced at the girl’s pale and trembling lips and held back the urge to sigh. Only then did he have a real sense that he had come back from the dead. The world in his eyes seemed to be shaking. “…I’ll give you a good explanation, but…”

“But what?”

“Before that, I have to find a chance to talk to Ruan Lijie.” Luo Jian closed his eyes.

Seeing that Auntie Yan was being monitored by Ruan Xian, Tang Yibu took the initiative to withdraw from the joint dream first. However, it wasn’t accurate to say that he took the initiative, but more like he was forced out by a botched information notification.

Before he took two steps, the nearby snowflakes turned into scattered white text. They were incredibly hard to make out, and it made him uncomfortable. Tang Yibu watched the snow for a long time before he barely managed to understand the information it carried.

[Lao Yu has withdrawn. Please return.]

Most likely, this flow of foreign information was from Ji Xiaoman. The little girl knew a lot of research on the cybernetic brain, but her skills were still limited. They were poured into his brain and turned into crude visuals and tactile cues.

Tang Yibu shook the words, ignored them, and planned to stay a little longer.

As a result, those words crackled and fell, not stopping as the word “quickly” was added. Tang Yibu shook off the white characters that circled his head, causing the “Yu” character to fall onto the snow.

He didn’t really care about the safety of those two humans, but considering that his precious body was still with them, Tang Yibu had to yield. He mulled for a while, flipped through the additional system data of his environment, and forcibly kicked himself out.

As a result, when he opened his eyes, Yu Le was eating a small bag of fresh walnut crisps with Ji Xiaoman. Luo Fei and Auntie Yan hadn’t woken up yet, and there was nothing going on in the store.

After making a sweep of the few plates of snacks left, Tang Yibu only felt that he had received a double blow. The two humans didn’t know how lucky they were as all the remaining snacks had teeth marks on them.

“What about the emergency?” Tang Yibu took off his breathing mask and grinned, showing an unfriendly smile.

“I was afraid you were lost.” Yu Le squinted at him. “I was having a hard time over here too, you know. The android I brought in hasn’t said a word and was lost in its own world.”

“Lao Yu, get down to business.”

“Alright, alright, business.” Yu Le scratched his head. “I pried out some information from Luo Fei and probably have some ideas about the situation here. Aren’t you in a hurry? It’s better to make things clear sooner rather than later… Don’t look at me like that. Like I said, if Luo Fei woke up and you were still knocked out, how would I explain that?”

Tang Yibu huffed.

“Anyway, go back first. I have something to talk about.” Yu Le stood up. Tang Yibu seemed to be stuck to the stool as he remained motionless. Ji Xiaoman had already walked to the door. When she saw that her companions hadn’t followed, she turned her head suspiciously.

Yu Le rolled his eyes. “Little profiteer, go next door and order a pack of walnut crisps to go.”

Tang Yibu stood up.

“Two packs,” he said. “There’s also Mr. Ruan’s share.”

Yu Le was shocked to find that the android had kept his word this time—Tang Yibu listened to his account of Luo Fei’s tragic past while sweetly nibbling on the walnut crisp, seemingly enjoying it, but he didn’t even touch the share left for Ruan Lijie.

“I understand.” After listening to the story, Tang Yibu didn’t look touched at all, as if he had just finished listening to a wildlife observation. “The technique is somewhat interesting, but not appropriate.”

“…” Yu Le began to seriously contemplate whether he should really continue traveling with this guy.

“Luo Fei’s generation had a comprehensive genetic record at birth, so it’s not difficult to make a clone. As for his memory, it should have been instilled later in life. The overall quality of the people here is high, and they have no idea about the Great Rebellion of the 22nd century. If the workload is too large to eliminate one by one, it’s better to directly replace it with a full set of false memories.”

“His memory is basically consistent with Luo Jian’s situation. At most, it’s just a changed version. This can’t be a coincidence.” Yu Le scratched his head. “I originally thought the same as you, but it doesn’t make sense.”

“Luo Fei’s age may not be what it looks like. You’re a bit preconceived, Mr. Yu.” Tang Yibu licked the residual crumbs leftover from the snack on his finger. “What if he’s also part of the correction method?”

“…What do you mean?”

“Luo Jian came here four years ago, and Auntie Yan came with Ruan Xian two years later. Luo Fei told you that the starting point of his contact with Pear Blossom was through Auntie Yan. Based on this alone, we cannot be sure that this Luo Fei existed four years ago.”

Tang Yibu spread out his hands with a natural look on his face.

“Luo Jian got a fake identity, established Pear Blossom, and looked for young people who might become the ‘spark’ for the truth. Then Ruan Xian came and brought Auntie Yan and let Pear Blossom develop and grow… As far as what I observed in it, he sent not only Auntie Yan but also some older rebels who couldn’t fight outside.”

“Pear Blossom developed to a certain scale. In order to ensure the safety of their members, Luo Jian, the leader, pretended to be ill and became a fringe member of society, then put himself into a prevention shelter and became the hub that provided a safe place for the rebels to operate. In other words, he made himself an anomaly in this perfect city.”

Tang Yibu looked as if he was solving a problem with quite a bit of interest.

“Even if Luo Jian disguises his identity, his DNA cannot be modified, and hiding DNA would be suspicious. Combining the information obtained from the doctor and giving him a new relative is a very effective means.”


“If Luo Jian is a real patient, this can be used as a means to experiment and try to treat him. If Luo Jian has other purposes, this can also impact his psychological defenses. Isn’t there a broad statement humans use in the face of the death of a loved one? ‘It would be great if everything was a nightmare.’ In short, no matter what the situation is, the Mainbrain won’t suffer.”

The inhuman feelings of the other party surfaced again. Yu Le put away the expression on his face and tightened his muscles. He knew that bionics didn’t need to consider things from a human standpoint, but Tang Yibu’s tone of speaking about the matter was very flat, as if he was explaining a certain natural phenomenon.

The blandness made him uncomfortable.

“According to you, if you want a perfect city, the Mainbrain shouldn’t let Pear Blossom exist.” Yu Le couldn’t help choking back.

“After all, this is still a petri dish.” Tang Yibu wiped the oil on his hands with a handkerchief. “Of course, when doing experiments, you have to observe multiple control groups, and you use all the materials you have at your fingertips. Personally, it seems that the Android Show, the self-developed Pear Blossom, and Ruan Xian’s thoughts were all tools to distinguish the observation groups here.”

Tang Yibu didn’t explicitly say it, but Yu Le could guess what the subject of observation was after all this was gathered. Ji Xiaoman, who had been listening in silence next to him, also turned blue. She was a smart girl and must’ve noticed the chilling possibility…

The human body could be repaired at will, or simply replaced with machinery. The human mind could be replaced with a cybernetic brain, and memory can be grafted, but at least, in the petri dishes they came in contact with before, the Mainbrain didn’t touch anything regarding personality itself.

This was indeed a glass conservatory.

For the flowers to flourish and become beautiful, unnecessary mental branches needed to be pruned away. Those with impure colors needed to be eliminated and improved, and weeds couldn’t exist. It gave people different guidance and pushed this society without wind and rain forward autonomously.

It was shaping them, and when they got off track, it conducted therapeutic experiments with almost cruel curiosity, allowing the garden to gradually thrive.

Yu Le became nauseous.

“…That is my conclusion.” Finding that the faces of the two of them had changed, Tang Yibu made a simple summary and picked up the bag of walnut crisps. “If there’s no other information to be exchanged, I’ll go first.”

“Wait.” Yu Le opened his mouth.


“You sound indifferent to this approach. If the positions were switched and it was you, would you do the same?”

“Of course not.” Tang Yibu leaned against the door, looking like he was doing his best to fight against the aroma of the packet of walnut crisps. “The problems of human society have nothing to do with me, and I have no need to intervene. What’s more, I haven’t even completed the basic course given by Ruan Xian.”

“…Then why are you helping us?” Yu Le breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s not to help. It’s to use each other,” Tang Yibu corrected solemnly. “Your cooking is delicious, and Miss Ji is also very useful when we need to cooperate our actions.”

“Okay, okay. Get lost.” Yu Le wiped his face. Unconsciously, the chill on his skin had dissipated.

“Goodbye.” Tang Yibu waved his hand and walked out with the snacks.

“Which AI do you think this guy is from? I don’t think he’s from Plan Corp.” After Tang Yibu’s figure disappeared, Yu Le collapsed onto the sofa. “I can’t imagine who would do such a dangerous thing. They probably drank too much when they wrote the instructions.”

“I don’t know.” Ji Xiaoman’s face still didn’t look good. “Do you still want to go with us?”

“Fuck no, but I can’t stay here either. To be honest, I’m still curious about who’s behind those two people. Not to mention the issue of outrageous personality, the strength of that android is quite scary. Speaking of which, Ruan Lijie’s brain isn’t normal either… Forget it. If I had to choose between a shithole and a firepit, I rather jump into the fire with you.”

Yu Le looked at the snow-white ceiling. Lying in such a city made him uncomfortable all over.

“At least compared to the Mainbrain, our android has one advantage. He’s still willing to communicate with us and between him and Xiao Ruan…”

After sighing for a while, Yu Le continued.

“You summed it up quite right. They really seem to be serious.”

Kinky Thoughts:

Turns out utopia isn’t what people imagined it to be, for those who realize the truth anyway. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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  1. Hey… I’ve done experiments with Petri dish on my major, and there are two types of Petri dish:
    The short term one, where creator is not adding nutrition nor influencing the experimental dish in any way, it lasts until nutrition gets exhausted

    And long term one, where creator controls the nutrition value, removing dead cells and metabolic waste. Seems like this city is the second type.


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