Stray Ch147

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 147: Hide

There wasn’t a trace of cloud in the sky. The sun was shining brightly, but the unbearable heat was noticeably less.

Oliver hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to wear the skeleton helmet. Nemo looked at him curiously for a few seconds without asking any questions, but subconsciously pulled up the hood on his robe. Walden wasn’t a big country, but it wasn’t a bad thing to reduce their appearance.

The two walked side by side on the street, encountering a few shouts from time to time from shops and vendors on both sides, but they didn’t understand a word.

“People here don’t like the lingua franca,” Ann explained. “I just wanted to ask, who are you going to see? We’d better get out of here quickly. Oliver has been unconscious for a few days? Believe me, if you delay any longer, the inspection for the teleportation array will only become more stringent.”

“Don’t worry,” Nemo answered immediately. He wanted to make a gesture, but his right hand was tightly clasped by Olive, so he had to uh a few times, determined to speak clearly with only his mouth. “I can create a spatial rift and send everyone out—I wrote down a few coordinates when I rushed over. There should be no problems other than the entry and exit records would be missing.”

“Okay.” Ann yawned, looking with lack of interest. “Whatever you want.”

But when she arrived at the destination, her eyebrows instantly raised.

A tall young man said a simple hello to them. The scars on Randy’s face were completely treated, and the original sense of oppression was greatly reduced. Instead of wearing an outfit that was easy to move in, he changed into loose and rough ordinary clothing. Oliver, who was originally good at observing people, almost failed to recognize him at a glance.

There were still traces of an assassin’s fierceness between his brows, and the female warrior had obviously noticed this. Her eyes widened even bigger.

Mora changed into ordinary flat-bottomed soft shoes and looked more petite. She hung like a sloth on Randy’s left arm, and the foxtail ring on her ring finger on her left hand gleamed in the sun.

“Ramon.” She nodded. Her eyes swept towards the ten fingers that were clasped together. There was a little more smile in them. “It seems that you’re okay.”

“Thank you both for your help.” Oliver finally let go of Nemo’s hand and made a standard salute. “Nemo told me everything.”

“There’s nothing to thank.” Even without the scars, Randy’s expression was still wooden. “We’ll just go in circles endlessly if we keep thanking each other. Anyways, this meal will be our treat.”

“Care to introduce?” Ann turned to Oliver and pointed generously at the couple in front of her. “Withered Castle is not a place where you can make friends.”

“Ms. Savage.” Mora reached out her right hand. “I’ve heard of you. We are… Well, we used to be ‘Sancho’s Gray Fox’.”

“…” Ann was silent for a moment before she shook her hand. “But rumors have it these days that Sancho’s Gray Fox was killed. The person who took that reward remained anonymous. Is it possible—”

“It’s me who took the reward.” Nemo found a chair to sit down in. “At that time, these two were going to quit, and we… Uh…”

“Didn’t have a single coin,” Randy added for him coldly.

“I won’t ask for details. Besides, these two little bastards have always been very troublesome,” Ann said with a big grin. “Since we’re not talking in secret, I’ll just ask straightforwardly—since the two of you decided to wash your hands, there’s no need to choose a special place to have a meal just to say goodbye, right? You should be more cautious than us in this business.”

Her tone seemed to be joking, but she stepped forward, faintly protecting Oliver and Nemo behind her.

“I can understand your concerns.” Mora’s expression became serious. “Indeed, we only planned to go to the inn to casually say hello, but when this stupid stake and I were preparing our new identities, we accidentally discovered something. It’s not suitable for talking in a quiet inn.” She shook her finger and simply made a gesture that symbolized that the walls had ears. “This restaurant is clean and is suitable for conversation.”

This time, even Oliver raised his eyebrows and politely gave an inquisitive look, but that expression was covered by his skeleton helmet.

“It’s of little practical use to say thanks. We never like to owe people too much.” Mora shrugged as she twisted a hot French fry and chewed on it. “Then I’ll just say it. Horizon is collecting information on you.”

Ann instantly showed an expression as if she was having a stomachache. Oliver wanted to pat his forehead, but he hit his helmet instead, while Nemo wiped his hand and looked up at the ceiling.

“…What’s with your reaction?” Mora poked the french fries hard into the tomato sauce with some dissatisfaction in her tone. “You can’t confirm it in the task list. You are also in the guild system, so this kind of investigation task will not be made public. We know it through our own channels.”

“In other words, no matter where you go next, someone will definitely be eyeing you. People like us,” Randy continued. “Lopez has never been one to leave any intelligence channel untouched. He’s notoriously picky on our side… as well as generous.”

After a pause, he continued, “Mr. Ramon, no matter what your relationship is with Lopez, you’d better find a place to avoid the limelight first.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time. We have to wipe the ass of our captain as soon as possible,” Ann interjected.

“Are you going to Clementine?” Randy asked directly and at the same time raised the French fry basket on the table. “…You’re eating too much Mora. You’ll get a stomachache later.”

Ann hitched her breath like she had a toothache and watched the petite girl on the table volley into the air and use a beautiful attack to regain the french fries basket. “How did you guess?”

“As Mora just said, our business has our own sources of intelligence.” Randy rubbed his temples and sighed. “Ms. Savage, although there aren’t many people at our level, since we can guess, so can others. The Preceptor Bishop of Alban had done a good job of confidentiality, but there’s no airtight wall in this world.”

Randy once again grabbed the French fry basket, and this time stuffed it into his mouth. Mora bit his muscular arm angrily, while the expression of the young man being attacked remained motionless. “According to our previous understanding, you have never been active near the capital of Alban, and the Pope of the Laddism Church is in Clementine at this moment. Your teammates are also there, aren’t they? Considering the efficiency, the activity route of Tumbleweed isn’t difficult to guess.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t agree with the judgement of the Insular Court. It is our legitimate right to challenge the charges.” Ann finally sat down and tapped the table lightly with her fingers. “That person Lopez… Although he has a one-track mind, he will never embarrass Oliver on this.”

“It’s hard to say.” Randy glanced at Oliver slightly. “We have heard of Lopez’s style of behavior. If he believes that Mr. Ramon is using improper means to get rid of the crime…” He didn’t go on.

“Well.” Ann glanced at Nemo. “Indeed, reducing contact always saves a lot of trouble. After all, there are no docile lambs in our team.”

Docile little lambs… Randy’s facial muscles twitched a few times, and Mora finally let go of biting with a face full of words that couldn’t be expressed.

“Everyone is a Black Chapter and there’s no shortage of handles.” Mora wiped her mouth while maintaining an expression that was hard to describe. “As far as we’re concern, it’s best for all of you to find a relatively ‘clean’ place to stay for a while and wait until they start to loosen up before—” she gestured with both hands, “you take them by surprise, mm-hmm.”

“Yes. Considering the relationship between Lopez and the Laddism Church, Horizon may have reached Clementine by now. If I’m not mistaken, it must be their people guarding the capital,” Randy added in a low voice.

“We don’t have to hide in Clementine, do we?” Oliver asked honestly. “We can find a small place to hide until they don’t want to wait any longer.”

“It makes no difference.” Ann’s eyebrows frowned tightly. “Lopez will not leave Clementine and he will not stop collecting information. He definitely thinks more carefully about things than you do.”

“It’s better to get into Clementine first, so that you can meet Mr. Cross and Dylan earlier.” Nemo scratched his head. “Besides, if we want to disappear completely… We won’t be able to hide for long, Ollie. After all, Tumbleweed needs to complete at least one task a month, which is an obvious clue. And if we delay the expiration and are disqualified from the Black Chapter, Mr. Cross will be in danger.”

“But things are a bit troublesome. I don’t know much about Clementine,” Ann murmured, then sighed and retracted her gaze from her teammates. “…Don’t turn around. I never expected you two.”

“This is the favor we want to pay back.” Randy rubbed the toothmarks on his arm and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. “We thought about it all night and found a relatively safe place—if you can trust us.”

“Please.” Oliver didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“Clementine Royal Military Academy.” Randy took out a small parchment booklet. The ink on it was still fresh. “Everything we know is here. Ms. Savage, if you act alone, I believe you will have a way to hide yourself beautifully. And at the age of these two…”

“It happens to be the enrollment period.” He grimaced with a rather struggling expression. “…There should be no problem for the two of you to get in.”

Oliver’s expression was blank for a moment. Nemo dug into his ears and pulled it out to confirm that he wasn’t mishearing things.

“That’s an idea.” Ann let out a few laughing coughs. “Mercenary Guild members are not very popular there. Just sneaking in is already a victory. Wow, it’s really good. Lopez wouldn’t expect us to hide in that place. No, it’s better to say that normal people don’t think that way. Even if he thought of it, it would be difficult for him to intervene in the educational institution directly under the Alban Royal Family.”

“Indeed.” Randy nodded. “They have very strict requirements for identity and verification of ability. To be honest, if it weren’t for their ability… Well, I wouldn’t make such a suggestion.”

“We’re 23.” Oliver’s expression was no longer calm. “It’s long past the age of schooling, right?”

“They are recruiting young people between the ages of 19 to 24. Congratulations, the two of you just stepped on their tails.” Ann flipped through the new parchment book. “You two should be concerned about other issues than age, especially you, Oliver—how much formal education have you received?”

“Besides literacy?”

“In addition to literacy.”

“…My father homeschooled me. After all, my family… Didn’t have much money. And I didn’t want to join the army or…”

Nemo moved the stool to the corner and pretended that he didn’t exist.

“Oh,” Ann sighed, bitterly. “Then some of us will be busy on the road.”

She flipped through the booklet. “As for proof of identity… I have some thoughts in mind. Do you think that shady guy Dylan can come in handy somehow?”

“Yes,” Nemo responded with certainty in the corner. “Absolutely.”

The author has something to say:

Oliver: No, I just wanted to inherit the inn at home and continue to do my catering service…

Oliver: …

Oliver: …After thinking about it carefully, there seem to be a lot of problems in my life.

Ann: Did you realize this?!


Guess what major they will go to, Ehehehe. |(ᐕ)੭*⁾⁾

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