Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch186

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 186: Doomed Marriage

The liveliest day on <Honey, Let’s Travel> was the day of the webcast. The program group and the exclusive online broadcasting platform jointly conducted a one-day live webcast.

“Everything will just be the same as usual. What should I do?” Chief Director Guo Huaimin said.

The location of the live broadcast was selected in Florence, which is rich in tourist attracts and has many humanistic qualities. When the program team was in the car, they told them that there would be a flying guest today.

Everyone knew it would be Bai Qingquan, but they still cooperated with the program team and acted as if they didn’t know.

“Who is it? Is it one person or a pair?” Tang Ye asked.

Zheng Siqi said: “I’m also very curious.”

After speaking, he turned his head and glanced at Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai and he both looked at each other, and both couldn’t help but smile. Zheng Siqi noticed Yan Qiuchi’s slightly concerned eyes and quickly narrowed his smile.

He didn’t know if he was seeing things, but he felt Yan Qiuchi was a little jealous of him. It may have to do with how he and Shen Jintai have been singing in harmony and had such tacit understanding.

This was unavoidably tough as the two of them are good friends who are already familiar with each other. In addition, his character and Yang Lizhi didn’t match very well and Yan Qiuchi’s character was introverted so he didn’t talk much, so relatively speaking, he had the most interaction with Shen Jintai. Moreover, Shen Jintai doesn’t seem to have any hints towards him, so he treated him just like any other ordinary male friend.

Yan Qiuchi has always been self-restrained, so he never darkened his face, but every time he and Shen Jintai looked at each other tacitly, he always felt that Yan Qiuchi’s eyes held a bit jealousy.

As they were waiting around, a commercial vehicle with a logo slowly drove over and finally stopped in front of them. As soon as Bai Qingquan got out of the car, he heard Wang Siyi and Tang Ye covering their mouths while shouting: “Wow! Bai Qingquan!”

Shen Jintai laughed and took the lead in jumping out and giving Bai Qingquan a hug.

“It’s been a long time since I saw you.” After Bai Qingquan hugged him, he hugged Zheng Siqi. The three masters of The East Palace are known for their good relationship. Wang Siyi still remembered the scene when the three took of their masks together and now she felt beyond moved as she could see it with her very own eyes.

Such a thing was destined to happen. The friendship between the three seems to continue with an underlying secret emotion from The East Palace. Every time they are in the same frame, it’s exciting and caused inexplicable burst of emotions.

The barrage on the live webcasting exploded in an instant.

“Touhua and his three men!”

“Jintai Qiongying, Jintai Meizhou, and Qiuchi Yingjin. Jintai’s three CP fandoms send congratulatory messages on this historic meeting!”

“Bai Qingquan has kept a much lower profile since the scandal, and I feel that he’s becoming more and more like a fairy. Today, I’m amazed by his face.”

“No matter how coquettish this person is inside, he’s a fairy on the outside. His beauty has always been there. He and Shen Jintai have the top two faces in the industry.”

“Speaking of which, when Touhua first debuted, it was really different from what it is now. Not only did his quality changed, but his appearance seems to have change a lot, but there doesn’t seem to be rumors of plastic surgery.”

“He’s slowly growing. Since he made his comeback, he doesn’t have time for plastic surgery. He’s been filming all year round and hardly takes a break. After all, celebrity can nourish people. As long as they are popular, their beauty will soar.”

“A CP is a true CP. With the three of them standing together, I feel that Yan Qiuchi and Touhua are the best mach. With such a clear gong and shou, it makes a perfect harmonious relationship.”

“Ever since I stumble across the Yan Dabao* nickname, whenever I look at Yan Qiuchi, I feel as if he’s always so eager.”

*Reminder: Dabao = big package.

“Yes. He’s always the one who wears the most layers on the show and his appearance is also one who’s cold and abstemious, but when I look at him, I always think about what he looks like when he takes off his clothes. Touhua said that he’s sappy, and I have to wonder how he’s like that.”

“I think the barrage is about to get dirty.”

“Pollution is healthier. When they aired the second episode of the hot spring scene, the barrage became completely yellow.”

“Watching the live broadcast, I felt that Yan Qiuchi looks so gentlemanly, which makes it particularly contrasting and I can’t help but find that attractive.”

Guo Huaimin stood behind the camera and read a brief introduction to Florence, and then said: “The next step is to choose your rooms. Except for our flying guests, the remaining six people still have to rely on the competition to determine first place, second place, and third place. The rules of the competition are also very simple, as your rank will decide which room you get.”

Shen Jintai took the card from the director’s hand and said: “Each pair must carry their partner. Their feet cannot touch the ground. If it does, they will automatically lose.”

“Is it okay to carry them on your back or hold them?” Tang Ye asked.

Guo Huaimin said: “It’s okay and it’s not just limited to men carrying women. It’s okay for female guests to try to carry their male partner.”

Last season, there were many female guests who did so, which was very outstanding for the ratings. It’s just that this season cannot reproduce such a classic scene. Wang Siyi is too dainty, while Yang Lizhi wears high heels wherever she goes.

After everyone discussed it, Wang Siyi choose the princess carry, while Yang Lizhi chose Zheng Siqi’s back.

“Why don’t I carry you?” Shen Jintai asked Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Qiuchi didn’t refuse him, but instead laid down on his back and asked him to try. As soon as Shen Jintai turned his back, he found that he could barely lift Yan Qiuchi up let alone walk ten steps carrying him.

“Why are you so heavy?”

Bai Qingquan couldn’t help laughing next to him. He was the referee and when he saw that this, he wanted to be playful, so he immediately blew his whistle: “Take your places.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Shen Jintai shouted hurriedly.

Bai Qingquan wasn’t willing to wait for him, and before he could put Yan Qiuchi down, he immediately shouted: “Start!”

The other two pairs ran straight away.

Upon seeing this, Yan Qiuchi put his arms around Shen Jintai’s waist. Shen Jintai whispered, “God damn it”. Suddenly his body became light as Yan Qiuchi hugged him and directly lifted him off the ground onto his shoulders. With great energy and long legs, he surpassed the other two pairs within seconds. Yang Lizhi and Wang Siyi screamed at the top of their lungs non-stop, and the atmosphere suddenly became lively.

“Hahahahaha, Yan Qiuchi is awesome!”

“Damn, he just carried him by the shoulder and ran with it. So fucking good!”

“Yan Qiuchi’s hands are in a troublesome area. Isn’t it really close to Touhua’s ass? Won’t something suddenly turn up?”

“My, his physical strength is really good, Hee hee hee hee~!”

“Touhua’s ass looked even more upturned on Yan Qiuchi’s shoulders.”

“The Touhua couple takes the first place!”

Shen Jintai hung his head down, clutching Yan Qiuchi’s clothes with one hand and blocking the camera with the other, smiling foolishly. Yan Qiuchi was also afraid that he was uncomfortable, so he lowered him down, and finally ran carrying him on his back. Shen Jintai wrapped his arms around Yan Qiuchi neck while using his legs to clamp around Yan Qiuchi’s waist.

All this was done while they were still running. Yan Qiuchi supported Shen Jintai’s ass as Shen Jintai clung to his body like a koala.

“Damn, in this posture, my phantom limb is rising.”

“Running with them on your back or a princess carry, both are too weak compared to this.”

“Good arm strength, better waist strength.”

“I was relieved to see that the barrage finally got dirty.”

After this live broadcast, Yan Qiuchi’s evaluation became even better. It seems that what was shown on the show wasn’t edited and was reflective of his true abilities and character. His fluent Italian drove the fans crazy. In this day and age, if an amateur spoke a foreign language that is seen as a plus.

Shen Jintai successfully won first place and stayed in the largest and most luxurious room. Since the recording this time around, they both were much more relaxed than the first time. They didn’t deliberately show their affection, nor hid it either. With little actions like these, it made netizens even more excited, and the national couple has slowly started to take shape.

The live broadcast ended two hours later, and everyone was more than satisfied.

Since the three hadn’t been together for a long time, after the recording the show and taking off their mics, Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi went to Bai Qingquan’s room for a chat at night.

“Don’t talk too late.” Yan Qiuchi said.

“You don’t have to wait for me. You go to bed first.”

The three talked for hours, eventually going into midnight. At first, they just talked nonsense, then talked about work, and finally they talked about the show. Bai Qingquan said: “By the way, do you know that President Yan has a nickname now? It’s Yan Dabao.”

Shen Jintai was taken aback for a moment: “Why Yan Dabao?”

Bai Qingquan told him about the screenshots of the netizens, and Shen Jintai’s face instantly turned red.

“Sister, you are very blessed.” Bai Qingquan said.

Zheng Siqi is gentler and more serious in nature. When they talk about this kind of topic, he simply laughs. It was better if he wasn’t here, since when he’s present, Shen Jintai would feel more embarrassed: “It’s getting late so I’m heading back to rest.”

Shen Jintai returned to his room with a smile and saw Yan Qiuchi watching TV. He didn’t understand what he was watching as they were all speaking Italian.

“You haven’t slept yet.”

Yan Qiuchi turned off the TV and said: “How come you three can talk so much?”

“It’s been a long time since the three of us got together.” Shen Jintai took off his clothes and lay down on the bed, then turned his head to look at Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Dabao. Why is this nickname so funny?

Yan Qiuchi looked at the time. It was very late, so he said: “Go to bed quickly. We’ll have to get up early tomorrow morning.”

Shen Jintai took off the rest of his clothes very consciously, then turned off the lights. Yan Qiuchi put his arms around him and asked: “Why do you have such a good relationship Zheng Siqi and Bai Qingquan?”

“I would’ve forgotten if you didn’t ask. During our chat just now, Siqi asked me if you were jealous of him, saying that he didn’t dare to interact with me too much now.”

“A little bit,” Yan Qiuchi said: “I know you have nothing to do with them, but I still feel sour when I see it.”

Shen Jintai asked: “They?”

“There’s also Tang Ye and Bai Qingquan,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai felt happy: “Then you are a bit jealous.”

Yan Qiuchi smiled and didn’t answer. While he was possessive, it was very light, and it won’t affect the relationship between them.

However, Shen Jintai is particularly self-disciplined in this regard. He was keenly aware as an artist in the entertainment industry, he’ll be facing many colorful characters, and he may have to shoot intimate scenes. He felt that Yan Qiuchi will always support his work, but it didn’t mean it would be easy for him. Although vinegar will not make him sad, it’s not good as sugar.

He hoped that what he can give to Yan Qiuchi will only be sweet, not sour. He put his arms around Yan Qiuchi’s neck and said: “I belong to you alone. Don’t worry. You are the only one in my heart, the number one in my world, and no one can beat you.”

Yan Qiuchi whispered: “Truly?”

Yan Qiuchi always had a restrained personality. He wasn’t very good at speaking affectionate words, so when he tries to speak affectionately, it usually comes out direct and non-romantic. For example, when they’re in bed together, he would peck Shen Jintai one by one while saying “I love you”. With such strong desire and love, Shen Jintai could feel how truly he was loved by this man*.

*Clarity: It’s saying he’s awkward when it comes to affectionate talk due to his introverted personality so he can’t say romantic things elegantly like how Shen Jintai does it. It’s always direct like “I love you” vs what Shen Jintai said previously.

This was something Shen Jintai has a hard time doing as he felt it was something he inherently couldn’t do*.

*Clarity: Shen Jintai’s the opposite. While he loves Yan Qiuchi, his personality makes him feel like he can’t just say “I love you” directly and state his feelings upfront like how Yan Qiuchi does. He’s more like the I’ll show you my love through my actions rather than words type.

“Yes.” He said: “I am very happy and satisfied to have you in this life, truly.”

Often these non-literary, trivial, and life-oriented languages are the most moving. He hugged Yan Qiuchi tightly and tried to express his love through body language as he kissed Yan Qiuchi on the chin.

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said nothing. Shen Jintai thought that Yan Qiuchi was jealous because he wasn’t sure about his intention which gave room for insecurity.

In fact, it’s not that Yan Qiuchi is jealous, but it was simply in his nature as man to have a strong possessiveness that slowly eats at him no matter what. He simply didn’t want Shen Jintai to become close to anyone, especially those who are in better standings. Shen Jintai loves him and this he knew as it was proven time and time again whenever he “devastates” him. The tears that he would shed as he desperately kisses him, this was his truest form that’s only reveal during their most intimate time.

But he didn’t want to tell Shen Jintai this because he likes it when Shen Jintai say words of affection to him, as it warms his heart.

In this world, those who are easily infatuated by others often becomes unfaithful. When one single-minded person meets another single-minded person, they are destined to have a good marriage, and will never separate for a lifetime.

The author has something to say:

The countdown to the end of the text.

Kinky Thoughts: Shen Jintai stepping up. That’s so sweet what he said to Yan Qiuchi to ease his vinegar and give him sugar.

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