Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch223

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 223: Short Chapter [Extra: Yao Cheng (5)]

The restaurant that Yan Yaoxuan took Shan Cheng to is the most upscale restaurant he had ever been to. During the meal, he secretly ordered a car filled with flowers by excusing himself to go to the bathroom.

He’s good at romance and when you have money, it make romancing much easier.

“Are you used to eating here?” He asked Shan Cheng.

Shan Cheng said: “Although I rarely go back to China, my old man and my mother have authentic Chinese stomachs, so they usually eat Chinese food at home.”

“I have eaten all the world’s delicacies, but Chinese food is still the best,” Yan Yaoxuan poured another glass of wine for Shan Cheng as he spoke.

After drinking a bit, he wanted to drink more with Shan Cheng. It’s best if they drink lightly, to loosen themselves up, but not to the point of being drunk. That way, if he makes a move on Shan Cheng, the other party can still respond.

He still remembered the scene after Shan Cheng had stripped down. To subdue such a person, a little alcohol was needed.

“Is it okay?” Yan Yaoxuan asked: “I don’t know how much you drink.”

“The amount is good.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan thought his alcohol tolerance was pretty high. He often drinks with Gao Weicheng and the others and even developed his own method of getting rid of hangovers.

He smiled and clinked his cup with Shan Cheng. When Yan Yaoxuan felt that he was getting a bit red, he found that Shan Cheng’s face as also a little red, so he filled each of their cups again and drank another glass before they left.

Since they both had been drinking, Yan Yaoxuan called a driver to take them back. As he sat in the back, he started to become dishonest. Under the influence of alcohol, it encouraged people to become more courageous.

He wasn’t afraid that the driver in front would see him, so he stretched out his hand and touch Shan Cheng’s thigh. Shan Cheng turned his head and looked at him, then gave him a smile as he took his hand and rested it on his lap.

Yan Yaoxuan moved his whole body towards him and stretched out his other arm. He wasn’t a lecher, as he only wanted to create the atmosphere, so he touched Shan Cheng’s arm for a while, then caressed it and said: “I didn’t expect your arms to be so muscular.”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak.

It was a little dark in the car. When Yan Yaoxuan saw that he didn’t speak, he thought he was being shy. He liked a shy Shan Cheng. The domineering man inside him rose sharply and his movement and tone became more dissolute as he said: “You didn’t drink too much, did you?”

As he said it, he touched Shan Cheng’s cheek.

Yan Yaoxuan always felt that he really had a physiological desire for Shan Cheng from the beginning. When he touched Shan Cheng’s warm and smooth cheeks, he recalled the fiery excitement he had when they first met and his heart pounded loudly, causing his entire body to become hot.

Shan Cheng did not stop him, and this acquiescence made him even more emotional. It seems that he can accomplish something tonight. Today, he had not only wine, but also romance.

When they arrived at the entrance to his home, Yan Yaoxuan asked the driver to leave. The moon was hanging brightly in the sky. He glanced up and stretched himself as he said to Shan Cheng: “Can you help me open the trunk. I bought something.”

Shan Cheng came over and opened the trunk. As soon as he opened it, he saw it filled with dozens of red roses.

Yan Yaoxuan put his hands in his pockets, walked over coolly, and asked: “Do you like it?”

As he said it, he stretched out his hand and took a bouquet of roses and handed it to Shan Cheng. When Shan Cheng received it, he impatiently pulled Shan Cheng into his home. As soon as the door opened, he grabbed Shan Cheng domineeringly, pulled him towards him, and pressed him against the door.

When he was up close to him, Yan Yaoxuan realized that due to his height difference in Shan Cheng, he had lost a bit of his momentum. He stood on his tiptoe slightly and finally caressed Shan Cheng’s head.

What is a 0 doing being so tall?!

Shan Cheng still held a rose in one hand and looked at him with a smile.

This person was more beautiful than flowers. Yan Yaoxuan’s heart was beating like crazy when he saw this. Beauty, I’m coming.

He leaned in and kissed him. At this moment, Shan Cheng turned his head slightly and avoided his kiss.

He’s still playing hard to get. This only turned Yan Yaoxuan on further. He likes the wild type, as if they were waiting to be tamed by him!


Yan Yaoxuan said solemnly: “If you accept this brother’s flowers, then you’re his person. Won’t you let me kiss you?”

“If we kiss, that means we confirm our relationship. Have you thought about it?” Shan Cheng asked.

Yan Yaoxuan chased his lips impatiently: “Cut the crap.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shan Cheng tossed the flower away in his hand and held Yan Yaoxuan’s face, pulling him in for a fierce kiss.

Ohhhhhhh. This kind of feeling, he really likes it!

Kinky Thoughts: Not for long…

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch222

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 222: Move in Together [Extra: Yao Cheng (4)]

After accepting, he deliberately sent a message: [Who?*]

*This was sent in English.

After about an hour, he received a reply from Shan Cheng: [Sorry, I just saw it. I’m Shan Cheng.]

After Yan Yaoxuan saw it, he immediately replied: [Do you want to be a 0 for me?]

After sending it, he cheerfully waited for Shan Cheng to reply to him as he put his legs on the sofa.

Shan Cheng responded quickly this time: [Why don’t you have a look? Are you free recently? I like to invite you out to dinner.]

Most likely due to yesterday’s experience being too exciting, Yan Yaoxuan feelings seems to move towards Shan Cheng and he was a bit reluctant to give it up. This was the first time he had close contact with a man, and it felt fresh and exciting, especially when Shan Cheng responded to him. The confrontation between two men trying to conquer each other had a strong sense of speed and friction.

It was fine to just kiss and touch, and if things progress further, then he can do it. He was captured by desire so he replied: [Okay.]

After replying, he laid on the bed and thought about how he can change a 1 to a 0, so that he could get that beauty Shan Cheng to lie under him. When he think about conquering him, he felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

When he was about to fall asleep, the appearance of Shen Jintai appeared in his mind again. Alas, there was no one in the world that could compare to Shen Jintai, at least for him.

The next morning, Shan Cheng sent him an address and made an appointment with him for dinner tomorrow.

Yan Yaoxuan went with Gao Weicheng to buy clothes. Gao Weicheng asked: “Why are you so showy all of a sudden?”

“I have to be one day,” He changed into a suit: “What do you think?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Gao Weicheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

Gao Weicheng said: “Honestly, I think your brother looks natural wearing suits, and you’re more suitable for wearing casual clothes.”

“I can’t compare with my brother, can I?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

Gao Weicheng said: “No, you two have different styles. Of course, you look good in formal wear, but at our age, we don’t have formal occasions to attend to so who would wear a suit. Don’t be as old-fashioned as your brother.”

Yan Yaoxuan picked out two formal suits. He felt that he couldn’t look too young. He needed to have the 1 aura that he should have. He has never competed with his brother as he thought he had already lost in this regard. Compared to his brother, he didn’t look as mature or stable, so he could only use his brother as his role model.

After buying clothes, he went to get a haircut. With a comb over side cut*, a suit, and shiny leather shoes, he drove his most beloved sports car to where they agreed to meet.

*You can click the link to get an idea.

Since his intention wasn’t to have sex, when he met Shan Cheng, they chatted unexpectedly. The more he looked at Shan Cheng, the more pleasing he became. Apart from the fact that Shan Cheng was a little taller than him, every other condition was good too. Fair, thin, a handsomeness that was almost exquisite and a little exotic, though overall he looked more Asian. His conversational skills and temperament were outstanding. It’s a pity for this person to be only just a one-night stand. Rather it’s better to be one’s lover instead.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he couldn’t ruin this little 1 beauty, who he’ll make a 0, so he changed his mind from the intention of a one-night stand to a more serious conversation around love.

With that in mind, he made three more appointments with him this way, and on the fourth appointment, he visited Shan Cheng’s residence. As a result, when the two of them entered, they found that someone was inside.

“You don’t live alone.” Yan Yaoxuan said slyly.

Shan Cheng frowned.

Shan Cheng lives in an apartment that was small, so from the entrance you could see the entire living room. There was a maid cleaning up and a lady that was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. She was on her phone. When she saw them come in, she smiled and said: “A’Cheng, you’re back.”

The lady was taken aback when she saw Yan Yaoxuan, smiled and asked: “Friend?”

Shan Cheng said to Yan Yaoxuan, “My mother.”

Yan Yaoxuan became embarrassed as he respectfully greeted his future mother-in-law: “Hello, Auntie.”

“You’re Chinese. You look very tall and hadsome,” Mrs. Shan said as she kept looking at Yan Yaoxuan. Shen Cheng blocked her sight and interrupted: “Why did come without telling me in advance?”

“Your grandmother asked me to bring you things from home. I called, but you didn’t answer.” Mrs. Shan waved her hand and smiled to Yan Yaoxuan: “Don’t just stand at the door. Come in and sit down.”

“If you have nothing to do, go back. I have something to talk about with my friend,” Shan Cheng said.

Mrs. Shan nodded immediately when she heard his words: “Alright. I’ve cleaned up the room for you. Ms. Zhang, let’s go.”

Aunt Zhang picked up her bag and kept smiling at Yan Yaoxuan. He was taken back by the two of them.

Shan Cheng said: “I’ll send them off.”

After speaking, he walked out with Mrs. Shan. As soon as he entered the elevator, Mrs. Shan smiled with joy: “Are you in love?”

Shan Cheng said: “We just met.”

“He’s Chinese. I was afraid that you would find a foereigner. I can’t get along with foreigners. The young man is very handsome. What’s his name? What does he do?”

Shan Cheng said: “Don’t come visit me if you have nothing to do in the future. Now give me the key.”

Mrs. Shan stuffed the key into his hands: “You can’t do this when you fall in love. Who can tolerate you besides me?”

“I know.” Shan Cheng said.

“There are some things that can’t be put away so you have to eat them quickly. If you don’t finish, give some to the young man. He’s Chinese so he must like to eat. What’s the young man’s last name?”


Mrs. Shan nodded, then narrowed her smile, and said: “I put tens of thousands under your pillow. You should spend it and tell me once you run out. You’re so silly not wanting anything. Money is cheap compared to our relationship.”

Shen Cheng said: “Just leave it be. I have my senses.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Mrs. Shan said: “I know it in my heart, so I won’t suffer any losses.”

Yan Yaoxuan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the apartment and looked out. The view and the decoration of the house was very general. It didn’t seem like a place Shan Cheng would live in considering his status. Mrs. Shan just now was indeed an elite. What she was wearing on her hands and neck was expensive jewelry.

When he heard the door opened, he glanced back and saw Shan Cheng come in.

“Your mother seems to have brought you a lot of food,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng said “Nn” and opened several boxes on the table, all of which were Russian-style dishes: “Take whatever you want to eat.”

Yan Yaoxuan took a piece and tasted it, then looked at the apartment and said: “You live here?”

Shan Cheng said: “Nn. I recently moved out of my home so I’m on my own.”

“This place is too small, and the building is dilapidated. Why don’t you move into my place? There are so many empty rooms so you can have one. I won’t charge you rent.”

If Shan Cheng lives with him, he can take short hands and eat soft mouths*. He could eat tofu and flirt around with him, and perhaps he’ll be able to push Shan Cheng in the direction that he intended. Living under the same roof could lead to many things to develop.

*Idiom meaning to take advantage of others by giving them benefits.

Yan Yaoxuan made up his mind: “I strongly encourage you to live with me.”

Unexpectedly, Shan Cheng agreed and said, “Then I’ll go pack.”

Yan Yaoxuan was so happy that he immediately helped Shan Cheng. He had very little items so with a few luggage and a packed suitcase, everything was settled. When they returned to Yan Yaoxuan’s place, he gave Shan Cheng the room next to his.

When he took Shan Cheng to dinner, he also rushed to pay the bill: “I’ll take care of it.”

What a joke. How could a rich man like him who invites his little 0 beauty out to dinner would make him pay?!

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he had finally regained a little bit of his dignity. This feeling was great and he wanted to find more of it tonight!

Kinky Thoughts: It’s not going to go as you expect it Yan Yaoxuan.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch221

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 221: Add as Friends [Extra: Yao Cheng (3)]

Yan Yaoxuan became embarrassed, and his face flushed. He sat up from the bed and said: “This… is this moving too fast?”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak. After looking at him for a while, he put on his pants again.

The passion just now hadn’t faded. Yan Yaoxuan leaned forward and picked up the shirt he took off. He suddenly realized that when the two of them hugged and gnawed at each other, this Shan Cheng seemed to be very aggressive, as if he was really 1, instead of a fierce 0.

“There may be a little misunderstanding between the two of us,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m a 1.”

He wasn’t confident in what he said. He felt that even if Shan Cheng was a 0, his 1 was not confident in front of him, which was why he didn’t dare take off his pants. It’s not that he’s too inexperience, but this Shan Cheng… All he could say was that mixed races are different.

Shan Cheng frowned: “Are you sure?”

What did he mean? Doesn’t he look like a 1?

Yan Yaoxuan stood up and put on his clothes: “There seems to be a misunderstanding.”

Shan Cheng said: “You, are a 1?”

Fuck, these words.

Yan Yaoxuan said with a little displeasure: “Is there something wrong with that?”

“No.” Shan Cheng said: “Let’s be friends.”

What’s so great about making friends with two 1’s?

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m sorry, I should tell you the truth. I just wanted to hook up. I’m not looking for friends.”

“A hookup?”

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

“It didn’t feel like it.”

Shit, what does he mean? Was his kissing skill too poor? Or was his performance too astringent? In what ways was he better than him?

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t want to talk to Shan Cheng anymore, so he sent him out the door. Considering the other party’s family background and the relationship with Gao Weicheng, he took him back to the party.

The two of them had only been together for more than half an hour. Yan Yaoxuan felt very depressed. When they arrived at the party, he started to drink wildly. From time to time, he would glance at Shan Cheng. After a while, he saw Gao Weicheng sending Shan Cheng out.

He went over with a drink in hand and saw Shan Cheng getting into a luxury car and drove away.


This guy really did drove here.

Gao Weicheng returned and walked directly to him: “What did you do with Shan Cheng just now?”

“I didn’t do anything. We just went out for a walk.”

Gao Weicheng didn’t think much about it, and just said: “That’s good. I thought you had offended him or something. He just asked me for your information as if he wanted to settle accounts.”

Yan Yaoxuan felt tight in his heart, and hurriedly asked: “What did you say?”

“I just told him stuff that everyone knows about,” Gao Weicheng asked: “Why? Did you really offend him? Fuck, don’t offend him. Don’t even look at him. He’s usually low-key but he’s ruthless… Is there anyone in his family that isn’t?”

Yan Yaoxuan listened to what was in his heart. Since the transaction wasn’t successful, he surely wasn’t offended. It’s not his fault that the model does not match. He just didn’t expect that such a beauty would also be a gong. It seems that he still has too little experience.

After encountering such a setback in the first attack, Yan Yaoxuan felt particularly frustrated and got drunk. It was afternoon when he woke up the next day. He touched his phone and checked the time and saw a friend request.

He clicked on it to check it out. Just by looking at the other’s person profile picture and name, he couldn’t tell who it was, so he ignored it.

As a result, in the evening, Gao Weicheng called him and said: “Shan Cheng said that he has added you as a friend, so you should accept it.”

“Why did he add me?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

“He said he wanted to get to know you better. Why else?” Gao Weicheng said: “I specifically asked why and if you said something wrong and offended him. Guess what he said?”


“He said not at all. In fact, he likes you a lot and wants to be friends with you!” Gao Weicheng said excitedly: “If you can be friends with Shan Cheng, your connections network will be extremely useful in the future! You should quickly accept him as a friend.”

After hanging up the phone, Yan Yaoxuan looked at the friend application. After hesitating for a few minutes, he clicked accept.

The author has something to say:

Change your life with one click.

Kinky Thoughts: More like change your life with just one dick.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch220

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 220: Bumping Numbers* [Extra: Yao Cheng (2)]

*Reminder: Term means when two 1’s or two 0’s meet.

Shan Cheng was surrounded by two beautiful bikini beauties who stuck to him hard. Yan Yaoxuan was familiar with one of the. It was Fu Yingying, a daughter from a wealthy family. She had always been known for her cold demeanor, but now she was acting flattering and coquettish: “Last time I celebrated my birthday, I specifically invited you. You didn’t even come and said you didn’t like to go to parties. Why did you come today when Gao Weicheng invited you to his party? How eccentric…”

Yan Yaoxuan had goose bumps when he heard this delicate voice.

“Hey,” he patted Fu Yingying on the shoulder: “Make room for your brother.”

Fu Yingying glanced back at him, and immediately poked his hand in displeasure: “What do you think you’re doing?”

Yan Yaoxuan smiled and said: “Make room, let’s sit together.”

“Who wants to sit with you.” Fu Yingying said with displeasure.

She knew Yan Yaoxuan. She didn’t like this kind of dandy who had nothing but money. Even a rich second generation like Gao Weicheng, who didn’t have much ability, was 100 times stronger than him. Shan Cheng certain wouldn’t like him either.

As a result, as soon as her voice fell, she heard Shan Cheng say in English: “Can you two give me some space for a while? I like to have a chat with my friend. Thank you.”

It was very polite, but also cold. Fu Yingying was taken aback for a moment and got up with her female companion: “Of course.”

As soon as Fu Yingying got up, several rich kids surrounded her. She could be regarded as a great beauty, and she had an amazing figure. A lot of rich second-generation had been eyeing her so as soon as she comes in, they would all focus on her.

However, to Fu Yingying, she didn’t bother with these second generations. She flicked back her hair and glanced back at Shan Cheng. She saw that Yan Yaoxuan had already sat down next to him.

How did these two meet?

Shan Cheng’s family background was unusual. His education was strict. Although he had a good relationship with Gao Weicheng, he rarely participle in this kind of circle that loves to eat, drink, and have fun.

What else can Yan Yaoxuan do besides that? He was a slacker that had studied several years abroad and couldn’t even speak English well.

“You are very popular.” Yan Yaoxuan sat down and said.

Shan Cheng smiled. His eyes were lighter in the sun, and his face was really handsome. He was about comparable to Shen Jintai.

“They’re all old friends.” Shan Cheng said.

While his Mandarin wasn’t standard, he could still speak it fluently. Listening to him, Yan Yaoxuan thought he was a very humble and gentle person, very contrasting to his sharp outward appearance. Yan Yaoxuan relaxed. He felt that although he’s never been in a relationship, he was surrounded by a group of masters who love eating pork and was chasing pigs every day. Taking a trick out of their book, he flirted: “You look like someone that I know.”

This beautiful man named Shan Cheng took the bait and asked: “Really? Who?”

It felt so easy. Yan Yaoxuan casually made up a person: “A friend of mine in China. He’s a good friend. As soon as I saw you, I felt you two were very similar.”

As he said it, he waved his hand to the waiter. The waiter walked over with a glass of wine. He took two glasses and handed one to Shan Cheng: “I like to introduce myself again. My name’s Yan Yaoxuan. Remember this name. We may become very good friends in the future.”

This was his first time flirting, so he was a little flustered. However, he thought while the trick may seem a bit old-fashioned, it was probably enough to fool a rookie like Shan Cheng, who’s Chinese wasn’t as strong since he had grown up abroad since childhood.

Sure enough, Shan Cheng clinked his cup with him and said: “Shan Cheng.”

According to the sultry steps he seen from Gao Weicheng and the others, the next step would be take this handsome guy away from the party.

“It’s a bit messy here. I have a more interesting place to go to. Are you interested?”

Shan Cheng nodded.

Things went smoothly unexpectedly. It seems that this Shan Cheng should also like men.

Yan Yaoxuan left with Shan Cheng. With so many people there, Gao Weicheng probably didn’t care much about them. When the two walked out, Yan Yaoxuan took out his car keys, turned around and asked: “Did you drive here?”

Shan Cheng paused, then shook his head: “No.”

Yan Yaoxuan opened the door of his sports car: “Get in.”

Shan Cheng said: “You have been drinking.”

“It’s just two drinks,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m still sober.”

Shan Cheng sat down on the passenger seat.

The UK was different from China. China had adopted the standards from the World Health Organization where anything above 2 dc/L would be considered drunk driving, while the UK was 8 dc/L. Yan Yaoxuan didn’t dare to do it if he ever drank in China, but when he’s in the UK, he was more courageous. Besides, he had drank very little today.

“You believe in me so much. Are you not afraid that I will do bad things to you once you get into my car?” Yan Yaoxuan smiled as he turned his head and looked at Shan Cheng.

“What kind of bad things?”

“I actually want to take you to my place.”

Is his hint obvious enough? If this Shan Cheng wasn’t a fool, he should be able to understand what he meant.

After speaking, he looked at Shan Cheng and said: “We can continue to drink and chat. I’m not a bad person.”

Even if they don’t sleep together, he could still get better acquainted with him slowly. To meet such a superb beauty, as long as he can get his foot in the door, he would have the patience.

“If it’s convenient for you.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan smiled, a little excited. This would imply that he understood.

His place wasn’t far from the Gao’s. It took about 10 minutes to get there. His place was bought for him by Fang Fengmei and was very close to the school he attended. After entering, he went to get the alcohol: “Do you drink baiju?”

He needed to be courageous.

Shan Cheng said: “I do.” After speaking, he looked around Yan Yaoxuan’s place.

“Just sit down.” Yan Yaoxuan opened the wine cabinet and found that he didn’t have baiju. There were a few bottles of wine, a bottle of whiskey, and the rest were all beer.

He opened a bottle of red wine and felt that the atmosphere was good. There was no need to get each other drunk.

However, when he sat down with a glass of wine in hand, Yan Yaoxuan found that he was inexperience, and the atmosphere became awkward. He had brought a man he had just met to his place and he had planned to do adult things with him.

Forget it. These days a one-night stand was pretty common. What he needed was intense sex and love so he could forget about all his bad experience in China. Before they came here, he and Shan Chang had made it clear that there was no need to be coy. They were both adults after all. He took a sip of red wine and leaned towards Shan Cheng, stretching out his hand as he stroked the back of Shan Cheng’s hand and looked at him flirtatiously.

Shan Cheng looked at him and said something in English. The pronunciation was fluent and sexy, well deserved of a person that had grown abroad since he was a child.

It’s a pity that he was a slacker and didn’t understand what was said: “What did you say?”

Shan Cheng said in Chinese: “I have to confirm one thing with you in advance.”

Yan Yaoxuan nodded.

Shan Cheng said: “Do you simply want to sleep with me, or do you want to fall in love with me?”

Yan Yaoxuan turned around, gulped down the rest of the wine in his cup in one go, then rubbed the stains on the corner of his mouth with his thumb and said: “Look at you.”

After speaking, he put the wine glass on the table, reached out and unbuttoned his shirt.

Shit, stop talking nonsense and let’s get it on. He felt that his figure and appearance were good enough that Shan Cheng shouldn’t refuse him. After throwing his shirt on the bed, he stood up and revealed his thin muscular outline and looked at Shan Cheng with a blushing face.

Beauty, are you satisfied with what you see?

Shan Cheng put down the wine glass, and he leaned forward.

Yan Yaoxuan wanted to kiss Shan Cheng, but who knew that Shan Cheng dodged slightly, but pinched his chin with one hand: “Think about it.”

“Cut the nonsense,” Yan Yaoxuan kissed him directly as he said it.

The other party seems to be a novice as the kiss was very jerky. Rather it wasn’t even as good as a noice. However, they were men after all and were driven by the desire of flesh. When they kissed, both their bodies moved, and desire overwhelmed his brain. Both their teeth knocked into each other lips and no words were spoken. Yan Yaoxuan was getting more excited that he forgot how to even get to his bedroom. In short, they kept kissing as they moved towards his bedroom.

When he got on the bed, Shan Cheng, who had been pressing his lips on him, suddenly turned him over and press him under his body.

Yan Yaoxuan roared inwardly. This is a wild beauty, and he likes it!

They were both men so it was natural they should fight against each other. A single spark can ignite both their firewood.

Yan Yaoxuan was so excited that he saw Shan Cheng leave him suddenly. His lips were red as he got up slightly and saw Shan Cheng take off his shirt in front of him.

Wow. He couldn’t tell before because he looked thin with his clothes on, but underneath he was quite muscular.

When Shan Cheng took off his pants.



Before the third wow came out, he bounced off the bed all of a sudden.


When Shan Cheng leaned forward, Yan Yaoxuan immediately stretched out his hand: “Wait… wait a minute!”

Fuck me.

It didn’t matter much to him as Shan Cheng is the shou, but the problem was he was too embarrassed to take off his pants. Compared to Shan Cheng’s, the difference was too fucking tragic! How could he have the face to be a gong in front of this!

“What?” Shan Cheng asked him with eyes wide open.

In an instant, he felt the special feeling of being attacked…

Fuck! He’s not a 1, right?

The author has something to say:

It’s important to have a good model in advance.

Kinky Thoughts: Yan Yaoxuan falling into the same fate as Shen Jintai.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch219

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Warning Warning Warning… Read below before proceeding

The extra between Yan Yaoxuan x Shan Cheng has dubious consent issues in terms of their relationship. While there is no rape, and consent is given when they do have sex, there is coercion and force used in the beginning that basically forces Yan Yaoxuan into dating Shan Cheng. Their relationship starts off pretty toxic and honestly speaking, their relationship has more red flags than the country this novel was written in. If this is not your thing, I strongly suggest you do not read it and skip the entire extras surrounding them and read the final chapter when it’s released, which is chapter 233.

Chapter 219: First Meeting [Extra: Yao Cheng (1)]

The story of Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng has to be told a long, long time ago.

Yan Yaoxuan had always felt very miserable. His father, Yan Tiefeng, was rarely at home and would only come back occasionally. He was also very strict with him. As for his mother, Fang Fengmei, she was not a caring or meticulous mother. He was essentially raised by his brother, Yan Qiuchi, since he was a child.

However, a large part of his sorrows comes from this brother.

Yan Qiuchi is a famous, outstanding representative of the second generation of the wealthy in Nancheng. He has absolute aura in both the Yan and Fang side of the family. He was their greatest hope and not only was he excellent, but he was also handsome, has a good figure, tall… In short, besides being a bit cold, he was almost perfect.

With such a brother to make comparisons to, Yan Yaoxuan was just mediocre. As a result, he was forcibly painted as a dandy who couldn’t amount to anything. This eventually led him to completely give up on himself. No matter how hard he tried to compete with his older brother, it was like going against the will of heaven.

What made things even worse was the person that he had a crush on also liked his brother. Just the name Shen Jintai would make his heart beat faster when he thought of it.

He didn’t know whether their families have discussed it first before coming up with their name but, Jintai, Yaoxuan, and Qiuchi all looked like a family, but he felt that his name was actually the best match for Shen Jintai. They were both bright and sunny, unlike his brother, who’s name is just like his personality, cold*.

Clarity: Yaoxuan (耀轩) translate to shining [Yao] (耀) pavilion [Xuan] (轩). As explained before, Jintai translates to gold [Jin] (金) tower [Tai] (台). This is why Yan Yaoxuan believes his name is more fitting to be with Shen Jintai (A shining pavilion and golden tower) vs Yan Qiuchi, autumn [Qiu] (秋) pool/pond [Chi] (池). The reason why their names seem to be like a “family” is because it’s like a group of things that belongs in one of those temples/historical site where it holds pavilions, towers, and ponds.

However, Shen Jintai was obsessed with his brother to the point where the entire world knew that he had gave up on his career when he was at the height of his popularity for him.

Even for a dandy like him, he felt that withdrawing from the circle was quite befuddling and he had a lovesick brain. Still, Shen Jintai was the one that he secretly loved.

After so many years, his secret love had accumulated for a long time that it eventually made him blind. He felt that no matter how stupid Shen Jintai was, how many fans he had lost, and how many people have laughed and made fun of him, in his heart, Shen Jintai was still the best.

This love was buried deep in his heart, and it only made him feel that he was really weak. He only dared to secretly love him while putting on a front that he was just a fan of Shen Jintai.

Eventually from his secret love came his confession, and rejection. He had expected it, so truthfully, he didn’t feel that sad about it. It was always like this. He won’t be too sad about it so he won’t stop secretly falling in love again with him.

As long as Shen Jintai doesn’t fall in love, he won’t give up. That was until… he discovered that his brother who had always hated Shen Jintai, had suddenly became fragrant and started liking him. At this point, he knew that his love will never come to fruition.

He was actually a person that loves to play around very much. The rich second generation around him, whether it was with men or women, were very good at playing. Because he used to think about Shen Jintai in his heart all the time and fear that Shen Jintai would dislike him if he was “dirty”, he had abstained from those vices. Now, he plans to let himself go and live a romantic and free life.

Back in the university in the UK that he attended, he had his own circle of Chinese friends. In this circle was another circle that included either second generation of the wealthy or from high officials. Among them, the one who he got along best was Gao Weicheng. Seeing that he had been in low spirits since he returned to school, he invited Yan Yaoxuan to his home to attend a party.

“My parents have returned to China, and it’ll be a month before they return. I’m hosting a pool party at my house. There’ll be a bunch of beauties there, so come and have some fun.”

He originally thought Yan Yaoxuan would refuse. While he liked to fool around, he never went to any messy party. However, he didn’t expect that Yan Yaoxuan actually agreed this time as he said: “Okay.”

Yan Yaoxuan dressed up beautifully and drove his sports car to Gao Weicheng’s place. While the Gao family is Chinese, they mainly do their business in the UK. Their family had one of the most luxurious homes in the area, included in it was an extremely large swimming pool. However, like most typical Chinese parents, the Gao’s were extremely strict. Only when they left to go back to China would Gao Weicheng dare to go wild like this.

Yan Yaoxuan planned to indulge himself tonight to see if there are any handsome guys. Since ancient times, the best way to heal emotional injuries has always been to start a new relationship quickly.

He walked through the hall with a cigarette in his hand and went directly to the back garden of Gao’s house. The sun shone on all the handsome men and beautiful women who were in shorts and bikinis. A few were wrapped in bathrobes. What he was wearing was normal clothes but stood out as he looked different from the rest.

Gao Weicheng shouted down from the balcony on the second floor: “Up here!”

Yan Yaoxuan squeezed the cigarette and glanced up. Then Gao Weicheng said: “Come up.”

Yan Yaoxuan took a glass of wine from the waiter, took a sip, then put the glass back, and went up with a cigarette in his hand.

An exceptionally handsome and cold man stood beside Gao Weicheng, looked downstairs and asked, “Who?”

“I’ll introduce you later.”

After a while, he saw Yan Yaoxuan coming up, with his hair slick back and wearing a light gray suit. While he wasn’t particularly handsome, he had a flirty aura and exuded the feel of an aristocrat. When he saw the man next to Gao Weicheng, he raised his eyebrows.

Gao Weicheng introduced the two of them: “Shan Cheng, Yan Yaoxuan.”

Yan Yaoxuan’s eyes lit up when he saw Shan Cheng for the first time.

So fucking handsome.

He was cold, tall, and thin, belonging to the type like Shen Jintai, but his eyebrows were a little sharper and his facial features were more profound. This kind of beauty made his eyes glow.

He stretched out his hand: “Nice to meet you.”

Shan Cheng shook his hand, but kept staring at him. With an unsure smile, he said: “Hello.”

Listening to the accent, he guessed that his Chinese wasn’t very good. If he looked closely at his facial features, they were deep and the colors of his eyes was slightly light, indicating that he was probably mixed blood.

No wonder why he looks so good.

“Why didn’t you two go down to play?” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“He’s not here to play. He’s here to talk to me about something.” Gao Weicheng looked at Shan Cheng as he said: “Okay, what you said, I’ll talk to my dad about it later.”

“What kind of party are you having?” Shan Cheng asked.

“You won’t be interested,” Gao Weicheng said with a smile.

Unexpectedly, Shan Cheng said: “I think it’s quite interesting.”

Gao Weicheng was taken aback for a moment. What’s going on today? Two people who were never keen on these types of parties suddenly became interested in them?

A beautiful woman shouted for Gao Weicheng from the bottom. Gao Weicheng asked Yan Yaoxuan: “Are you ready to have fun?”

“If there are good ones,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng hugged his shoulder and went down with him: “Yeah buddy. I found two of the best girls for you.”

Gao Weicheng didn’t know that he liked men, so all the people that he looked for were women. However, he looked back at Shan Cheng, who was walking behind him, and saw that Shan Cheng was also looking in his direction.

Oh, there may be a spark. It’s just that the name Shan Cheng made him a little hesitant.

He secretly asked Gao Weicheng: “Shan Cheng, is it the Shan I’m thinking of?”

Gao Weicheng glanced back and whispered: “This man isn’t someone you can be friends with. He’s not the same as us.”

It seems that he’s really that from that famous Shan family.

The people who were at the party were all playboys. As soon as Shan Cheng found a place to sit down, several women surrounded him, but he looked at them coldly and wasn’t interested in any of them.

Yan Yaoxuan hesitated for a while before he intended to try. He can’t find anyone any worse than Shen Jintai. If he doesn’t, wouldn’t it be hard to make peace with himself?

This Shan Cheng is a beautiful and cold man with such a good background, so it must be very enjoyable if he could do him. The only drawback was he was a little taller than him.

He actually like the 0’s that were shorter than him, which made him feel a better sense of conquest. However, nothing is perfect in the world. The conditions Shan Cheng possessed were already pretty good.

Yan Yaoxuan tore open his neckline, rolled up his sleeve, took a glass of wine, and walked towards Shan Cheng with a cigarette in his hand.

The author has something to say:

Mixed-race, focus on the key points, and take the exam.

A story of being X if you don’t succeed in seducing a man.

Kinky Thoughts: For those who failed the exam, the implication that he’s mixed race mean his other race that is non-asian is probably packing a lot of heat.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch218

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 218: The Moonlight in His Heart [Extra: Bai Yueguang (END)]

Last night, Bai Qingquan dreamed that he was climbing Qiuming Mountain with Shi Lei all night. The house Shi Lei bought was located next to it. At the beginning of the dreams, there were few clouds, but halfway through, it began to rain.

This was the not first rain he encountered on Qiuming Mountain. It was just a slight drizzle, so it didn’t matter if he used an umbrella or not. Since it had rained so heavily yesterday, Shi Lie originally wanted to cover him with an umbrella, to keep his body dry from the raindrops, but he refused.

He had never been in the rain before, so he wanted to enjoy it thoroughly.

However, he underestimated the intensity of the rain as it continued to pour harder and more fiercely. Eventually the raindrops slammed on him loudly, with a bang, soaking his body red. The rain fell on his chin causing him to open his mouth slightly as the rain dripped down the corners of his mouth.

Still, he was happy, so happy. He was able to accept this rapid rain without an umbrella, without any protection. The bigger the rain got, the more unbearable it was, but the happier he felt. In the end, the pain of the raindrops hitting his body was no longer painful. On the contrary, it made him feel crazy and happy.

He was able to accept the dew that had watered him. He grabbed Shi Lei’s arm and the two headed towards the highest point of the mountain together. When they reached the top, the rained had stop. It had covered the entire vegetation its raindrops, soaking them wet. Both he and Shi Lei were drenched. Shi Lei stretched out his hand and wiped the water on his forehead and chin and he couldn’t help himself but hugged Shi Lei and didn’t let go for a long time.

Then he woke up and laid down in Shi Lei’s arms.

“Do you want to take a shower?” Shi Lei asked in a low voice.

He shook his head and did not move. He was exhausted.

Shi Lei said: “You don’t need to move. I’ll wash you.”

Bai Qingquan still shook his head, his voice was a little hoarse as he said: “I like this taste.”

Shi Lei stopped talking. He needed to let Bai Qingquan sleep honestly, but truly this fairy wasn’t afraid of death.

He stretched out his hand and brushed away the tears on Bai Qingquan’s face, and gently kissed his ears.

The beautifully made hanfu was scattered on the ground in a messy manner. Bai Qingquan remembered the feeling of being watered by heavy rain even in his sleep. He felt that his body was like a container, and it was full and about to overflow, and so was his heart.

His physical fitness was quite good, so good that it not only surprised himself, but even Shi Lei was astounded.

Shi Lei is a rough man. He doesn’t know how to pity and cherish jade*. He was fierce and cruel, making him cum twice. He thought that he would walk unnaturally the next day, but while his legs were a bit soft the next day, and his walked seemed to be a bit forked, there was no pain.

*(怜香惜玉) Idiom referring to a man with a tender heart that takes care of his beloved. || In this context he’s saying Shi Lei was the opposite way in bed.

It felt like he was just dreaming of climbing Qiuming Mountain all night.

When Wei Ge saw him, he was taken aback for a moment, and said: “You look so good today.”

He was very happy as he felt Bai Qingquan had listened to what he said and had gone to bed early yesterday. He looked well rested and was in good condition. His complexion was healthy, and his face was full of spring.

Bai Qingquan participated in the opening ceremony for <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> in a radiant state.

The show broke the premiere record of <The East Palace is Coming> as soon as it started broadcasting. It was a completely different from the theme and style of the East Palace. It reflected the Tang Dynasty, and was designated as the ultimate romance, ultimate magnificence, and ultimate thriller. Bai Qingquan, Zheng Siqi, and Shen Jintai appearing in the same long shot detonated the hot search.

<Night Talk at the Ming Palace> was a big hit.

Relying on this drama, Bai Qingquan once again returned to the top position, and his popularity was equal to that of Shen Jintai. This was the advantage of TV dramas. Once they explode, they are far more popular than movies.

He had now become the white moonlight to many people again. The black history of the past seems to have become a thing of the past, as no one seems to remember it anymore. Wherever he goes, there was only stars and the moon, as if the scandal of the past had never existed. He was still the white moonlight with unparalleled beauty and excellent reputation like before.

But only he knew that he was no longer the white moonlight in the hearts of his fans. Whether or not his alt account was exposed, he knew that while the love of his fans was strong, true, and grand, it was unreliable. It was meaningless and never long-lasting, as one day, they will leave him. He won’t be the white moonlight forever in their lives.

But he’s Shi Lei’s white moonlight, and that had remained from beginning to end. It was enough for him to be a person’s white moonlight for a lifetime. He was quite satisfied with it.

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Bai Qingquan moved into his new home.

The moon was bright on this day, big and round, as it shone its rays through the floor-to-ceiling windows. This moon not only casted its light on his new house, but also on everything in the world, illuminating the clear spring (Qingquan) water that flows down from the stone (Shi) for decades to come.

The author has something to say:

Next up is the paring of Shan Cheng. The playboy who’ll be attacked by a black belly*. The Xiao Bai couple, just like Shen Jintai and his wife will also appear from time to time to show their affection and call them their husbands. Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi will also make occasional appearances.

*Black belly = Term use to describe someone who acts kind on the outside, but they are dark and soulless on the inside.

Kinky Thoughts: This marks the end of the Bai Qingquan’s chapters. Awwww. I really wanted more. I really like this couple. Next up will be Yan Yaoxuan x Shan Cheng pairing.

For those who are not getting the first half of the chapter… it’s an allusion to what they were doing in bed. Think of the rain as Shi Lie, the umbrella as the condom that’s trying to protect Bai Qingquan from Shi Lei’s “raindrops”. When the reach the top of the mountain it’s the climax. You get the point.

Warning Warning Warning… Read below before proceeding to the next chapter

The extra between Yan Yaoxuan x Shan Cheng has dubious consent issues in terms of their relationship. While there is no rape, and consent is given when they do have sex, there is coercion and force used in the beginning that basically forces Yan Yaoxuan into dating Shan Cheng. Their relationship starts off pretty toxic and they sort of communicate in the end (sort of). Honestly speaking, their relationship has more red flags than the country this novel was written in.

While I’m not a fan of this type of thing, for the sake of completing the translation of this novel, I’ll translate those chapters. Keep in mind that it’s trying to go the dark route as Shan Cheng is a black bellied gong. Yan Yaoxuan is also set up to be the cliché I don’t want it but turns out I actually do type since they both fight for the gong position. It’s written to satisfy a common trope you often see in danmei and BL in general. At the end of the day, this is just fiction, so thankfully none of this is real.

Anyways, if this is not your thing, I strongly suggest you do not read it and skip the entire extras surrounding them and read the final chapter when it’s released, which is chapter 233. I will be frank, don’t read it if this kind of thing offends or disturbs you just for the sake of completion (like I am doing).

As a final note, I hope that this pairing does not affect your overall view of this novel because it doesn’t align with your taste. Besides this, I believe the rest of the novel is pretty good.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch217

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 217: Sweet Ending [Extra: Bai Yueguang (26)]

The teenage Bai Shu in the photo looked at the camera quietly and shyly. Many years have passed, and Bai Qingquan was no longer the sentimental quiet teenager in the photo. He has become more beautiful. His figure was taller, and his waist was tighter, and his ass was firmer.

Shi Lei was no longer the arrogant slacker of the past. He has become manlier and stronger and was now blessed with broad and thick shoulders and a sexy back, just like a wolf.

The autumn rain outside seemed to be raining harder. The curtains of the windows were open, and it was completely dark outside. The room was also dark, with light from the living room peeking in from the bedroom door. Although the indoor light was dim, it still provided enough lighting that things can still be seen clearly, though a bit blurred.

Bai Qingquan put his arms around Shi Lei’s head and pressed him to his chest.

“Come here again tomorrow?” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan let out a moan and said: “Nn. Okay.”

Neither of them moved and maintained this position for a long time.

With no lube and condoms available, it was naturally that their guns didn’t have live ammunition. Still, it wasn’t that much different from real actual sex. Everything that needed to be done has been done. Sex has always been the catalyst for feelings and after it was over, Bai Qingquan felt that he and Shi Lei are finally really lovers.

It was too pleasing to do this kind of thing with the man that you love. No. Next time he comes, he’ll bring lube tomorrow!

Shi Lei thought the same in his heart, so much so, that when they got up the next morning, they were both energetic. Shi Lei got up earlier than he did and didn’t keep him warm. He was probably saving his energy until later that night.

Shi Lei made breakfast and brought it to bed. Bai Qingquan sat up and started to eat as he asked: “Am I being too lazy like this?”

“You work so hard. Shouldn’t I be serving you?”

His awareness is quite high.

“I like serving you too,” Shi Lei said with a smile.

Bai Qingquan blushed slightly.

Shi Lei wanted to serve him not only in life, but also in bed. Yesterday, he had served him from his feet all the way to his hair, enthusiastically and meticulously.

Bai Qingquan felt that the two of them really matched well. He had a girlish heart and wanted to be treated like a little princess, so he had always hoped for a man that would hold him in the palm of their hands.

Shi Lei happened to be manly and was a man that dotted on his wife. Bai Qingquan was a big star in his heart, his little baobei, who wanted him to take care of him. It felt like the most natural thing.

Shi Lei headed off to work as Bai Qingquan slept more at home all morning. At noon, Shi Lei brought him back food and Bai Qingquan finally got up after lunch.

It was still rainy outside, and the temperature was low that it felt a little cold as Bai Qingquan showered. After he finished, he remembered that he didn’t bring any extra clothes, so just as Shi Lei had borrowed his clothes when he visited him at the hotel, he opened the bathroom door and called out: “Shi Lei!”

Shi Lei came in and he told him: “Bring me some of your clothes, a t-shrit and underwear. I’ll wear it temporarily and change when I go back to the hotel.”

Shi Lei obeyed and went to find him a t-shirt and underwear. The t-shirt was one he worn before, but he gave Bai Qingquan a pair of underwear that was still brand new.

Bai Qingquan said: “I don’t want this.”

“It’s new. I haven’t worn it,” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan was a little embarrassed to say that he wanted to wear a pair that Shi Lei had already worn, so he found an excuse and said: “Don’t you know that you can’t wear intimate clothing without washing them first? Just bring me what you usually wear.”

Shi Lei went out, and after a while brought him another pair of shorts.

At first glance, these shorts were worn by Shi Lei, because they were looser, and… the front was bulging, as if it had been propped up.

Bai Qingquan was satisfied and changed his clothes with a blushing face.

Shi Lei returned to the living room, took a few sips of cold water, and calmed down for a while. This little fairy was going to be the death of him.

Shi Lei personally took him back to the hotel. Bai Qingquan felt like dying when he had to leave the car. He told Shi Lei: “Today, I’m going to wear your underwear while I do my interview. I won’t return this pair to you. I’m keeping it to myself.”

Bai Qingquan had provoked Shi Lei that it took him over half an hour to calm down. He felt that he was going to give Bai Qingquan a taste of his suffering so on the way back, he stopped by an adult product store and went to buy lube and condoms.

Bai Qingquan entered the hotel sweetly and happily. Qian Wei and the others were already waiting for him at the hotel. As soon as Qian Wei saw him, he immediately looked at him up and down, and said nothing else.

Bai Qingquna’s radiance today was obvious and had the aura of love. Not only did the people around him thought so but some sharp-eyed netizens also found out: “Bai Qingquan seems to look very good today. His eyes seem much brighter.”

“He’s in really good shape today. Usually, he’s very gentle when facing reporters, but today he seems to talk and laugh a lot. I’m guessing he’s in love.”

“Finally, someone has the same feeling as me. I feel that his recent Weibo posts are full of restlessness. What season of love in spring and a hot heart in the summer?”

“Looking at the exposed appearance of his alt account, everyone know that he really wanted to fall in love, so when he does, the change would be quite significant. My friend is like this. When he falls in love, I feel as if his entire person has changed, and he can’t hide it at all!”

As netizens gossip, even moonlight powders have something to say. They were reluctant to believe it.

“My brother has been filming recently, how can he have time to fall in love?”

However, they weren’t particularly resistant to Bai Qingquan falling in love. He no longer has any girlfriend fans and his fans now were attracted to his true temperament. Some even look forward to him falling in love.

The exposed alt account of Bai Qingquan, although it was shameful, the content spoke truth. The incident in the beginning was shocking and subversive that those who could continue to be his fans already had a strong heart. As long as there wasn’t anything morally corrupt, like chasing after someone underage or being entangled with a married person, they could accept it.

All of Bai Qingquan’s fans were career fans now. They only hoped that his desire for love will be returned. As long as he continues to do have a successful career and be on par with the other young film emperor, Shen Jintai, they’ll be okay with anything.

However, the people in his team and the company were still nervous about this situation and hoped to make it public slowly.

After returning from participating in his promo event, it was already past 7 PM. Bai Qingquan asked Xiao Feng to send him directly to Shi Lei’s home.

Qian Wei said: “The broadcast ceremony will start tomorrow, so you have to go to bed early today.”

Bai Qingquan had Shi Lei on his mind all day. How could he listen to this in his heart? After a few perfunctory words, he took a car to Shi Lei’s.

When he was halfway there, he suddenly remembered about buying lube. He wondered if Shi Lei had already bought it. It stood to reason that he probably did as they had tried it last night without success. He felt that Shi Lei’s body was shaking from anxiety.

However, he was also embarrassed to ask him about this kind of thing, so he decided to buy it himself, just in case.

He asked Xiao Feng to stop the car: “I’m going to the supermarket.”

Xiao Feng said: “Tell me what you want to buy, and I will buy it for you.”

“No,” Bai Qingquan said: “I haven’t been to the supermarket for a long time, so I want to go shopping by myself.”

As he said it, he put on his mask and hat, opened the car door and went out.

He was wrapped tightly, and no one in the supermarket recognized him. Relying on the fact that no one could recognize his face, he directly went to the adult supplies area. When he saw a bottle of lube, he picked it up and tossed in a few bags of snacks to cover it up.

He was the most nervous when he checked out. When he was in line to check out, he thought silently, if this incident broke out, he didn’t know how much trouble it’ll cause.

[Popular male celebrity personally buy sex supplies at the supermarket!]

He expected he’ll become the number one coquettish star in the entertainment industry.

Bai Qingquan cleared his throat and said calmly: “I want a bag.”

After paying, he trotted out of the supermarket and got into the car with his belongings. Xiao Feng glanced back and only vaguely saw a few bags of snack.

“Brother Quan, you need to eat less of this kind of snack. It’s easy to gain weight, and it’s not healthy.”

“Drive quickly.” Bai Qingquan said as he took off his mask.

The security of the community where Shi Lei lives was relatively strict, so the car wasn’t allow to enter. Bai Qingquan had to wait at the gate until Shi Lei came down to pick him up. When he saw Xiao Feng, he said: “Would you like to come in for a bit?”

“Thank you, Brother Lei but I’ll just go back now.” Xiao Feng said hurriedly.

Since he saw these two people getting greasy in the car last time, he wanted to hide as far as he can from them. He has been following Bai Qingquan for a long time, so in his heart Bai Qingquan was always a fairy to him. Although his mouth would occasionally be vulgar, he still regards Bai Qingquan as the white moonlight in the sky. Now that the fairy has descended down to earth and have seen the seven emotions and six desires, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Xiaofeng drove away as Shi Lei and Bai Qingquan walked home together.

Shi Lei glanced at his hand: “Why are you still carrying a bag of snacks?”

Bai Qingquan said: “I bought it for you.”

Shi Lei said: “I don’t eat snacks.”

“Then will you eat me?” Bai Qingquan asked.

Shi Lei smiled and glanced back at the security guard behind him.

In this regard, he was more careful than Bai Qingquan. He didn’t want his existence to have a negative impact on Bai Qingquan. After all, he’s the lover of a big star, so he must maintain a high degree of alertness.

However, it’s Bai Qingquan who likes to be mouthy.

When they were in bed together, he was cowardly. He kept wavering as he felt there was something sexy about something what can’t be eaten but he still pestered to eat it.

When the two returned home, Bai Qingquan went to the bathroom. Shi Lei thought about the snacks that Bai Qingquan bought for him and thought he’ll eat a few bites as a symbolic gesture, so he went to take a look. As a result, he found the bottle of lube. He went through the rest of the bag but didn’t find condoms.

Bai Qingquan just came out of the bathroom as he put his pants on with a smile. His face was a little provocative, but shy.

“You’re missing something,” Shi Lei said.


“What about the condoms?” Shi Lei asked.

Bai Qingquan smiled and said nothing.

Shi Lei said: “Fortunately, we both have the same line of thought. I bought them on the way back from dropping you off.”

Not only did he buy it, but when he bought it, he also asked the store owner to explain the details in price and the differences between products. He specifically picked out the one that was the best for Bai Qingquan’s health and have the highest reputation.

Although it was also the first time buying such thing, Shi Lei was magnanimous and calm as he asked questions and felt no embarrassment at all. It’s normal for a man to buy this thing. How could he possibly let his wife do it?

“What are you doing buying condoms,” Bai Qingquan pursed his lips and said: “We don’t need it.”

Last night, Bai Qingquan had said that he didn’t want him to wear it while they were in bed, but he just chalked it up to bed talk. He didn’t expect him to be serious about it.

Shi Lei was immediately turned on by this, so much so that his body was tight as he ate and shower. He couldn’t relax for even a moment. He showered first and waited in bed for Bai Qingquan. The two bottles of lube were place at the head of the bed. This should probably be enough for tonight.

As a result, after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Bai Qingquan come in. He was getting impatient, so he took of his clothes and went to the bathroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Bai Qingquan dressed in a red robe, looking at him shyly and proudly.

The two of them formed a stark contrast. One with a crew cut, while the other was dressed in an elegant robe. When they saw each other, both were taken aback.

“What are you doing?” He asked Bai Qingquan.

“Does it look good?” Bai Qingquan asked.

Shi Lei nodded: “It looks good.”

Bai Qingquan entered the room and closed the door and leaned against it as he pressed against the door with both hands. He was planning to wear the full set, but when he put it on, he suddenly felt it was a bit troublesome, so he only wore the outer robe and was naked underneath. He even only buttoned up two buttons making it loose and revealing.

Shi Lei stretched out his hand, touched his neck, then grabbed his collar and pulled with both hands. His pulled had some force that it immediately disrobed Bai Qingquan. He didn’t let Bai Qingquan take off the robe completely, as the red robe was quite suitable for a bridal chamber.

The night was long, and they have a much longer way to go in the future. The dreams in Bai Qingquan’s alt account were realized by the one who knew them the most. He still had many more, and Shi Lei was determined to help him realized them all, one by one.

The author has something to say:

Bless Xiao Bai and Sishi.

Kinky Thoughts: Ahhhhh bless them indeed. I’m so happy for Bai Qingquan. I wish there was some smut though *sobs*…

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch216

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 216: Delivered to your Door [Extra: Bai Yueguang (25)]

“Where did you get the photo?” Bai Qingquan asked.

Shi Lei walked over, took the photo frame in his hand, and said: “When I went to work, I asked your classmate for it.”

Bai Qingquan was filled with emotion. He felt so happy as not everyone in the world can encounter such feelings and meet the person who love him as much as this person did.

He didn’t have his class photo, so he took a picture of it and saved it on his phone.

Shi Lei cleaned up the bed and opened the curtains. It was still raining outside, so he didn’t open the window.

Bai Qingquan liked this house. The advantage of a single-family villa is that when it rains, you can hear the sound of the rain. Outside the window was a small grove. Under the dusk, you can vaguely see the wildflowers on the grass. Listening to the drizzle fluttering gave it a calm and peaceful melody.

He toured the house going upstairs and downstairs and said: “You live alone in such a big house.”

“Because of my work, I know many real estate agents. At that time, the house was sold, it wasn’t remodeled so no one wanted to live in it. The owner was in urgent need of money so the he sold it at a cheaper price than on the market, so I bought it. Living alone makes it feel a bit empty, so it’s better to have more people.”

Bai Qingquan smiled and glanced back. It was time for dinner as darkness has settled in. There was a high probability that Bai Qingquan will stay tonight.

Shi Lei asked: “Do you want to order takeout, or do you make your meals yourself?”

“I can’t cook.” Bai Qingquan said.

“I don’t know much either. I’m just okay at it.”

Bai Qingquan knew that Shi Lei was referring to his cooking skills, but he wanted to be a little dirty so he said in a slightly ambiguous tone: “Then you can give me something to eat.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to you today,” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan was taken aback for a moment, his face turned red, and he watched Shi Lei take out his phone to order takeout. Since takeout had been order did it mean that Shi Lei had no intention of giving him some food down below? What did he mean by what he just said just now? What was he going to give to him?

Bai Qingquan glanced at Shi Lei’s crotch, licked his lips, and lowered his head slightly.

After ordering the takeout, Shi Lei told him: “It will take about half an hour.”

What can they do in half an hour?

Bai Qingquan put his hands behind his back and continued to look around the house. As he walked, he asked: “My new house, have you been to see it recently?”

Shi Lei nodded and said: “Occasionally I will open and close the window.”

Bai Qingquan’s house was decorated with the most environmentally friendly materials. Shi Lei asked someone to check on it some time ago. In fact, it was already livable now, but Bai Qingquan had been staying with the crew and would stay at hotels when he returned to Nancheng so he wasn’t in a hurry to move in yet. Shi Lei planned to ventilate it for a while and wait for Bai Qignquan to finishing filming before letting him move in.

At that time, Bai Qingquan would no longer need to film, and he would be able to everything that he planned to do. He actually endured it very hard, especially when Bai Qingquan had teased him just now.

Bai Qingquan wanted it, and he too could see it, but he had nothing at home. There was no lube or condoms, so they couldn’t do it. But to say that there no intention at all, was obviously impossible, as their minds was already predisposed.

Bai Qingquan’s phone rang suddenly. He saw that it was Wei Ge.

Bai Qingquan cleared his throat and picked up. Wei Ge asked: “Are you with Shi Lei?”

Bai Qingquan let out a “Nn” and said in the most natural voice possible: “I’m about to eat.”

Wei Ge said: “There will be an interview at noon tomorrow and the broadcast ceremony is the day after tomorrow.”

“I know.”

“Does Shi Lei know?”


Wei Ge hung up the phone.

Bai Qingquan looked at Shi Lei and put the phone down.

“Who was it?”

“Wei Ge,” Bai Qingquan said.

“If he wasn’t straight, I would think that he likes you,” Shi Lei said.

Qian Wei was really protective of Bai Qingquan. It was very lucky for Bai Qingquan to have him as his agent as not every agent treat their artist like him.

Truthfully, Bai Qingquan also had doubted Qian Wei’s sexual orientation. He’s still unmarried at his age despite his conditions being pretty good. He made a lot of money, so it wasn’t difficult to find someone to marry.

Later, he found out that Qian Wei just wasn’t the marriage type. It’s just he didn’t talk about his messy relationships. While he likes to play by himself, he was especially protective of Bai Qingquan, who he saw as a pure little chick.

While everyone around him, even Shi Lei, felt that he was very pure, Bai Qingquan felt quite the opposite.

Shi Lei ordered a very hearty takeout this time. After eating, it was only after 7 PM. Bai Qingquan was drinking a glass of water as he looked at the TV that was broadcasting a basketball game. He knew nothing about it and wasn’t interested in it.

However, it made him remember that when Shi Lei was in junior high, he seemed to played basketball.

“I also play now but don’t play much. Occasionally, I go to the basketball court at Laonan University with Liu Chuan and others,” Shi Lei said while he cleaned up: “It’s still raining outside. Are you planning to go back?”

Bai Qingquan touched his cup and said: “If you send me, I’ll go back.”

Shi Lei smiled and said: “Then I will drive you later.”

Bai Qingquan pursed his lips and glanced at Shi Lei, then smiled slightly, as he touched his knees with both hands and raised his head slightly to say: “I want to stay…”

“What?” Shi Lei asked deliberately.

“I want to sleep here, can’t I?!” Bai Qingquan said.

Shi Lei smiled and said: “This is my house. Not a hotel. You should think about it.”

Bai Qingquan raised his chin, his face flushed slightly, but his expression was quite provocative.

Shi Lei had finished cutting up some fruit and brought them over and sat down beside him. Bai Qingquan took a piece of watermelon and laid down on the sofa as he silently ate it. As soon as he finished eating, Shi Lei handed over a wet paper towel.

Bai Qingquan didn’t take it but instead turn his head and sucked on his fair and slender fingers. The corner of his mouth was wet with red water stains. 

“Are you honest?” he asked.

Shi Lei looked at him with a smile and didn’t speak.

Bai Qingquan’s face turned crimson, and he rushed up to Shi Lie with a smile. Shi Lei was thrown back on the sofa and said in a hoarse voice: “You want it so badly?”

“You don’t want to?” Bai Qingquan stared at Shi Lei motionlessly. He was so excited just looking at Shi Lei’s nose, because it inherently reminded him of something else.

“I’ll let you know if I want to,” Shi Lei held his face as he said, and fished him off. After speaking, they kissed a few times and he let him go again. However, Bai Qingquan was addicted to kissing and chased him lips as they parted. Shi Lei was a healthy young man in his twenties. How could he bear this? The fire has been lit on the dry wood.

Also, they were currently in his home. Under this psychological limit, his self-control was much more fragile. When Bai Qingquan got up and took off his shirt, Shi Lei was in a daze. He got up abruptly and hugged Bai Qingquan as he held him up.

Bai Qingquan yelped and put his arms around his neck, as Shi Lei carried him into the bedroom.

This was Shi Lei’s bed. This was the Shi Lei’s smell. The posters that were posted on the wall and his photos were all place at the head of the bed. He felt the deep and long-lasting love inside this bedroom, and he felt this extremely strong and fierce desire from Shi Lei’s hot body.

Under the blending of the two, Bai Qingquan heart was completely dedicated. He was love by a man who had been waiting for him for many years and has loved him silently all this time. For each of them, this kind of bliss made their bodies tremble.


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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch215

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 215: Teenage Dream Comes True [Extra: Bai Yueguang (24)]

As it was September, Nancheng had entered its rainy season. When they returned to Nancheng, it coincided with the autumn rain. While it wasn’t heavy, it still drizzled and had been raining nonstop, cooling down the temperature. Bai Qingquan first went to meet with Shen Jintai.

The movie <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> had been delayed for too long that it missed the Cannes Film Festival. Everyone thought that this movie would be released in the summer but as summer passed, the film hadn’t even been officially announced. Then, in a very sudden way, it was shortlisted at the Venice Film Festival.

Shen Jintai and the crew of <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> was about to go to Venice tomorrow. As the boss of Sunshine Media, Yan Qiuchi would also attend with them.

“Have you watched the finished film?” Bai Qingquan asked Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai nodded: “I just watched it a few days ago.”

“How is it?” he asked.

Shen Jintai said: “I like it very much, but I don’t know what the audience will think.”

“If you like it then the quality will not be bad.”

“The duration is two and a half hours, and the pace is relatively slow,” Shen Jintai said.

It’s a literary and artistic film. With such a long run time, when it’s officially released in theaters, it could affect the film scheduling and thus people were not optimistic about its box office performance.

A majority depends on the quality but there’s also a portion that depends on luck. This is something that can be met but not required. The people in Shen Jintai’s studio were actually more worried about the box office performance.

For male actors, the box office is more important than awards, because winning them is just icing on the cake. There’s no harm if you don’t get them, but the box office is different. If you get good results, you’ll be praised to the heavens, but once you fall on your face, you’ll be ridiculed very badly.

Everyone hopes that this movie will have a box office performance of more than 100 million.

“Will the Ming Palace also hold a launch ceremony the day after tomorrow?” Shen Jintai asked.

Bai Qingquan nodded.

“I have already recorded my portion and Siqi seems to have recorded his as well.”

Zheng Siqi was now making a new movie in Thailand.

Seeing that he was about to go to Venice, Shen Jintai was under a bit of pressure, but Bai Qingquan’s pressure was actually no less than his.

<Night Talk at the Ming Palace> has released an official trailer online and the response was extremely enthusiastic. Many people thought this drama will be the second <The East Palace is Coming>. Relying on its reputation and popularity, <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> was sold at sky-high prices both to TV stations and online broadcasting platforms, attracting loads of investments. If this highly anticipated didn’t live up to expectations, it will cause him to be ridicule badly.

The biggest possibility is that he’ll be compared to Shen Jintai. Although he was the male lead in <The East Palace is Coming>, all eyes were on Shen Jintai. Now, he was truly alone.

After his visit with Shen Jintai, he returned to his hotel. Xiao Feng had brought the hanfu that was tailored for him. This hanfu was more exquisite than he expected. The material was also softer than the material he wanted. Xiao Feng said the pattern on the top was hand-embroidered by an old master.

After Xiao Feng left, Bai Qingquan took a shower before trying on the hanfu. He first didn’t wear anything underneath as he tried it on naked, but then put on his underwear and tried it on again.

Both had their own advantages. When he didn’t wear anything underneath, and only wore the robe and no boots with his shoulder exposed, it created an enchanting and romantic look. If he wore his boots and buttoned up all the buttons, it’ll look clean and abstemious.

Bai Qingquan thought for a while, but still planned wear it all. With such complicated clothes, it’ll be interesting for Shi Lei to unbutton them one by one as he removed them layer by layer.

After making up his mind, he called Shi Lei.

Shi Lei didn’t know that he had returned to Nancheng. He had told him that he was still filming with the crew today. When picked up the call, Shi Lei asked: “Are you not filming today? Resting?”

“Resting. What are you doing now?”

“I’m still at the office. I’m about to get off in half an hour.”

Bai Qingquan said “Nn”, then chatted with him for a bit before hanging up. After hanging up, he immediately put the hanfu in his bag, carried it out, and went straight to Shi Lei’s office.

It was still raining outside, and the sky was darker than before. The main store of Livable Decoration was just in the city center of the New District, opposite the shopping plaza. On the big screen in the plaza, the trailer for <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> was being played. This wasn’t an advertisement done by the TV station or producer but was bought by the moonlight powders for Bai Qingquan.

It could be seen that this drama will explode so they were very fierce about it.

Because of the rain and the time was close to when people get off work, there weren’t any customers at the office. Xiao Fang and a few colleagues sat in the lobby on the first floor drinking coffee and through the floor-to-ceiling window, they saw the advertisement in the square opposite of the building. Amidst the rain curtains, Bai Qingquan’s beautiful face, coupled with his costume, looked dazzling.  

This was the first time that Bai Qingquan had worn red. People always thought that Shen Jintai’s bright and flamboyant personality was suitable to wear red, but unexpectedly, Bai Qingquan, with his fairy persona, also looked good in red, which was a stark contrast to his fair complexion and delicate eyes and nose.

“Do you believe what Sister Wang said?” One of the girls said: “She said that Bai Qingquan has a long relationship with our boss.”

“Bai Qingquan is our boss’ idol… although I really can’t understand how a straight man like the boss can chase stars.”

“There’s still a bit of relationship there. The two of them came from the same town. Don’t you think that they know each other before? Otherwise, how could the boss landed this job to remodel his home? However, Sister Wang was implying that their relationship is more like love. Isn’t that a bit of a stretch?”

Xiao Fang had doubted it before, as she felt it also seems ridiculous. It’s not that their boss wasn’t good enough, but how improbable was it for a big star like Bai Qingquan to fall for him? It’s not like this is some kind of TV drama.

A colleague next to her suddenly straightened up and looked at the door. Xiao Fang followed her gaze and saw a young man wearing a mask come in.

As she was the receptionist, upon seeing this, she immediately got up and returned to the front desk, then bowed and smile at the person and said: “Welcome to Livable Decoration.”

The young man smiled and asked: “I’m here to find your boss Shi. Is he there?”

“Yes, you are…”

The young man took off his mask and looked at her with a smile.

Xiao Fang was stunned, and when she recovered, her face flushed: “Our boss is in his office!”

Bai Qingquan smiled and nodded at her. Xiao Fang felt she was getting dizzy.

Oh my god! She just saw Bai Qingquan! It was the first time in her life that she was able to see a big star so close. He’s so beautiful!

It was too shocking.

As Bai Qingquan head to the office, all her colleagues swarmed her: “Is that Bai Qingquan? Is it? Is it him?”

“It’s him,” Xiao Fang said blankly: “It’s Bai Qingquan!”

Everyone was so excited that they lost their mind.

Bai Qingquan knocked on the door of the office and heard Shi Lei’s voice from inside: “Come in.”

He smiled and pushed the door in: “Boom, boom, boom, surprise!”

As a result, he was dumbfounded when he opened the door, because there was another man in the office. The man was sitting opposite of Shi Lei had almost spilled the teacup in his hand when he saw him.

Shi Lei immediately stood up: “Why are you here?!”

Bai Qingquan was felt embarrassed and smiled: “I didn’t know you had guests…”

“This is my friend, Liu Chuan.”

Liu Chuan also stood up: “Bai Qingquan, you are Bai Qingquan, right?”

Bai Qingquan recovered, immediately stretched out his hand and walked over, shaking Liu Chuan’s hand.

Several employees sneaked up to the door to peek. Shi Lei went over and said: “You should have told me. I would’ve gotten off work earlier.” After speaking, he smiled and closed the door of the room.

Everyone looked at each other, as they returned back to the hall and couldn’t sit still.

“Wasn’t his house renovated a while ago. Why is he here again?”

“It seems that he is really familiar with Mr. Shi.”

“Then isn’t what Sister Wang said true?”

Everyone looked at each other but still held doubts. It’s possible to believe that they are friends, but highly improbably that Bai Qingquan would fall in love with their boss. That was too unreal.

As everyone was gossiping, they saw Shi Lei and the others come out of his office. Bai Qingquan had put on his mask again and while whispering with Liu Chuan, he waved his hand at Xiao Fang and the others.

Liu Chuan stopped when they got to the door and watched as Shi Lei and Bai Qingquan got into the car.

On the big screen outside, the trailer for <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> looped again. This time it was accompanied by a mix of Bai Qingquan’s past roles. Liu Chuan looked at the big screen because he had just met the person himself. Looking at the advertisement now, it felt like it was a dream.

Bai Qingquan got into Shi Lei’s car. As soon as he got in the car, Shi Lei asked: “Why did you suddenly come back?”

Bai Qingquan smiled and asked: “Are you surprise?”

“Surprise.” Shi Lei said as he looked outside. It was still raining, and no one was around. He stretched out his arm and Bai Qingquan threw himself into his arms and said: “I missed you and I wanted to see you.”

There was hint of coquettishness in his tone which made Shi Lei’s heart quivered as the sound reached his ears. He touched Bai Qingquan’s earlobe and said: “How many days are you back for?”

“<Night Talk at the Ming Palace> is about to start its broadcast. I’m here to participate in the opening ceremony for the TV station, but I also have a two-day break. I can stay in Nancheng for three and half days!”

“I didn’t sleep well when I thought about you yesterday,” Shi Lei said.

This was the truth. He dreamed of Bai Qingquan last night. He woke up halfway through the dream and couldn’t think about anything else. He sent a message to Bai Qingquan in the early morning, but Bai Qingquan had lied to him saying that he was still with the crew.

Xiao Fang and the other secretly looked at Shi Lei’s Audi through the glass window. The car hasn’t moved.

Shit. What are the two doing in the car? Chatting?

It felt… really ambiguous.

As it was almost dinner time, Shi Lei started the car and said: “Let’s eat dinner first.”

He was going to take Bai Qingquan to a restaurant for dinner. Bai Qingquan said: “Let’s order takeout today. I don’t want to eat out. Let’s go to your house. I haven’t been to your place yet.”

Shi Lei knew that Bai Qingquan wanted more time alone. This made him happy, so he drove Bai Qingquan to his place.

It was still raining lightly outside bringing in a misty layer of fog. Bai Qingquan felt nervous so he turned up the music.

The song was <The Beauty of the World is Interlocked with You> was playing.

[At this time, the warbler flies and the grass grow
The one I love is on the way.
I know that he’s been through highs and lows,
His journey not rewarded with day.
Crossing the sea of people, just to give you hugs.]

The very rhythmic song made Bai Qingquan gently shook his head to the music as one hand rested on the cold car window. His fair fingers stretched out slightly.

The car entered the community and stopped in front of a white villa. When Bai Qingquan got out, he looked around the community and said: “You’re so young yet you can buy such a good home.”

Shi Lei was a little nervous. He didn’t expect Bai Qingquan to come visit him so suddenly, so he wasn’t prepared at all. As soon as they entered the house, he immediately bent over and started cleaning up. Bai Qingquan stood at the door, staring blankly at the messy living room.

There were a few cans of beer on the table, and half a cup of instant noodles left over. Pants, jackets, and even a piece of black underwear was scattered on the sofa. The shoe rack at the entrance was also a bit messy.

Shi Lei hurriedly cleaned up. He quickly piled all the clothes together and cleaned up all the food and drinks and other things on the table and said embarrassingly: “It’s a bit messy.”

While everything looked chaotic, there was also a breath of life. As a standard bachelor, this is what Shi Lei looks like.

Bai Qingquan put down his bag and helped him clean up. Shi Lei hurriedly said: “You sit down. I’ll do it.”

Bai Qingquan didn’t listen but smiled and helped him clean up: “You live such a life.”

“I’ve been used it all these years.”

Fortunately, the floors were fairly cleaned. Shi Lei said: “I don’t know how to clean very well so I have a cleaner do a deep clean every week.”

Bai Qingquan put his hand behind his back and asked with a smile: “Can I go inside? Do I need to give you time so you can hide the things that should be hidden and also the people that should be hidden as well?”

Shi Lei said: “The bedroom may also be messy.”

When Bai Qingquan heard this, he walked directly to the bedroom. The bedroom door wasn’t closed. When he entered, he saw that the bed wasn’t made and there was a few clothes on the chair. It was a bit messy but was similar to the living room. However, he didn’t pay much attention to these things because all his focus was directly attracted to the posters in the bedroom.

One was a poster that was him during the draft of <Pick Me>. Looking at the uniform he was wearing made him sentimental. At that time, he couldn’t keep the costume. Haven’t seeing it for a long time, he felt a bit rustic.

The other post was nearly two years older, probably after he had filmed the East Palace.

He glanced back, and saw Shi Lei standing behind him, with a faint smile and a little shyness, and said: “I had put it up before we met.”

Bai Qingquan looked at the posters one by one and finally saw a photo frame at the head of the bed. The photos in it seemed to be a class photo of Shi Lei’s when they were still in school. He immediately picked it up curiously, and smiled as he looked at it, trying to find Shi Lei. After a while of looking at it, he found that there were many familiar faces and he also saw his class teacher.

He was taken aback for a moment and his smile gradually solidified as he saw himself in his school uniform among the group of young junior high students.

Standing on the right side of the row before last, he was looking at the camera very quietly.

He felt a slight heat in his heart but his nose inexplicably sour as he looked back at Shi Lei. This situation was really emotional.

Even Shi Lei felt a little damp in his heart. He thought about that year where he dropped out of school and embarked on his journey to work and all he had for comfort was this group photo. He was had a rough and somewhat angular personality and was new to real world. He was suffering, felt tired and hopeless, but the one thing that supported him along the way was his fantasies of Bai Qingquan.

At that time, the fantasy was like drawing cakes to satisfy one’s hunger. He had never expected that one day he would have a moment like this. God had truly treated him well.

The author has something to say:

The hard days are all over, and the future will be sweet.

Kinky Thoughts: Yes, give me all the sweetness because they deserve it! Now let the cosplay play commence!

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch214

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 214: Bai Qingquan Who Wants to be Crooked [Extra: Bai Yueguang (23)]

As soon as Shi Lei laid down, he heard the door open. Before he got up, he noticed that someone had already climbed onto his bed. He stretched out his hand to turn on the bedside lamp and heard a voice saying: “It’s me.”

It was Bai Qingquan.

Bai Qingquan said: “Are you going to sleep?”

Shi Lei turned on the light, and saw Bai Qingquan sitting on his bed, looking at him with a smile.

“Something wrong?”

“No, I want to chat with you. Are you going to sleep?”

“Don’t you have to get up early tomorrow morning to film?”

“You turn off the light and let me tell you something.”

Shi Lei smiled. The pajamas he was wearing were a bit small, and the buttons were not all fastened, exposing his sturdy chest. His pecs were clearly contoured, making him look especially strong and healthy.

Shi Lei stretched out his hand and turned off the lamp.

Bai Qingquan said: “You lie down.”

Shi Lei obeyed. As soon as he laid down, Bai Qingquan rushed into him. Shi Lei stretched out his arm and hugged him with a slight force as he embraced Bai Qingquan.

Bai Qingquan was lying on top of him, their chest pressed against each other, and they could feel each other’s violent heartbeat. They didn’t need to say anything as their heartbeat seemed to be talking for them.

“What’s the matter? “Shi Lei asked.

“Nothing,” Bai Qingquan face was flushed as he laid on him and said: “I just want to talk to you.”

“Being naughty again?” Shi Lei asked in a low voice.

Bai Qingquan continue laying on him without speaking. Shi Lei stretched out his hand to hold his face, forcing him to look up. He held it for a while before suddenly kissing him fiercely.

Bai Qingquan finally got his wish. Although he came here suddenly, it was impossible to have sex now. However, there were many things that can be done besides sex.

He wasn’t sure why but for a ruffian man like Shi Lei, he was very patient. Besides kissing, they didn’t do anything else. Bai Qingquan thought that since he had delivered himself to the door, he didn’t care about whether he was being proactive or not. Who knew that as soon as he stretched his hand out, Shi Lei held it in place and wouldn’t let it move further.

“Wait until you have a rest day,” Shi Lei panted and said: “I’m afraid you can’t bear it.”

Without waiting for Bai Qingquan to speak, he continued: “I’m a bit big.”

Bai Qingquan exploded all at once. His mind was completely blank, and his face was hot. He thought he must have turn so red that he was dripping in blood. All his strength to attack suddenly drained.

They both had the same feelings and desire and neither of them were particularly abstinent so it was impossible to fall asleep while lying together. Bai Qingquan finally went back to his room and as soon as he left, Shi Lei immediately went to the bathroom.

Bai Qingquan was lying in bed with a smirk on his face. He didn’t know what he was doing. He just felt that his heart was full, very excited, and very happy. This emotion made him drowsy, and it was not until late into the night that he gradually fell asleep.

“Report! Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi really went to the Ming Palace crew to make a cameo appearance!”

“Shit. Is the real or not? This East Palace girl is going to cry!”

“It’s true, I saw that both the gold powder and the fresh powder confirmed it.”

“It seems that everyone from the eight groups* has come out.”

*Referring to Douban which is similar to reddit.

“The sisters upstairs pointed the way.”

“Let me just say that the two of them will definitely make cameos. Not mentioning their relationship with Bai Qingquan, just for Guo Rui and Meng Xiaosheng, they will go. Especially Touhua. If it weren’t for Meng Xiaosheng’s preference for Li Xu, how would he have the status he has today.”

“Whether its confirmed or not, I’m still excited. Just the thought of the three of them appearing in a costume drama again turned me into a groundhog!”

“It seems that Bai Qingquan is going to soar this year. There’s no need to worry about the ratings for this drama. With Sunshine Media’s backing, the quality is guaranteed. In addition, Guo Rui and Meng Xiaosheng are the golden pair. I’m optimistic he’ll return to the top again.”

“Your district often talks about this top stream and that top stream. Is the top stream a group of people or a single person?”

“It should be referring to a top-level traffic. It means the most popular stars. Among male stars, Zheng, Bai, and Shen are the top stream. For women, it’s Yang Lizhi. They’re popular and have many fans so they have strong combat effectiveness in terms of topicality.”

“I vaguely remember that when they first debuted on <Pick Me>, Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan were evenly matched. It was wonderful for the fans to tear each other apart. Now that the gold powder is dominant, I hope Bai Qingquan can recover his blood with the help of <Night Talk at the Ming Palace>!”

“Even if he regains his blood, moonlight powder and gold powder won’t tear each other up anymore. After all, the three masters of the East Palace relationship isn’t a plastic flower friendship. The cooking for their relationship is so good that all their fans are harmonious together.”

“Instead of looking forward to these two tearing each other up, it’s better to look forward to the second season of <Pick Me>. Isn’t it about to start? I hope they can make another top stream!”

“Since Bai Qingquan has entered the crew and <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> is a simultaneous film and broadcast, he won’t have time to go and be a mentor for the second season, right? Will Touhua go? After all, it’s his husband’s variety show.”

“Touhua shouldn’t go either. His current path is towards being a movie actor. I heard that among all the young stars, he has first dibs on any new projects. If he doesn’t want it, then it’ll be passed to other stars. Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it’s also true that Touhua’s film resources are pretty good.”

“At the Venice Film Festival in September, <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> was shortlisted as the main competition. Following such principle, it would mean he’s also shortlisted as well. Touhua’s expected to win best actor at the Venice Film Festival.”

“Thank you all. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Is the movie finally going to be released? Touhua’s about to enter the international market!”

“<Night Talk at the Ming Palace> should be the last TV series that Touhua will act in for the next few years. I don’t know what role he’ll be playing. There’s also Zheng Siqi, the only straight man from the three masters of the East Palace.”

“Hahahaha, three friends but two bottoms.”

“Do you think it is possible that Zheng Siqi is gay? He and get along so well with BaiShen!”

“It is unacceptable that Zheng Siqi is gay. Please leave a handsome guy for our star-chasing girl!”

This was usually the case on the entertainment forum. While chatting, the topic often deviates. Everyone was talking with relish as they continue to gossip when suddenly a few groundhogs broke in.



“Are the sisters upstairs crazy?”

“Look what this is?!”

Immediately afterwards, someone posted a URL. Everyone followed it and found that it was a video. Under the rising sun, a crew was filming nervously. The camera swayed slightly, as it pointed to a group of actors. In the group, there were three young men that looked exceptionally tall and fair. Shen Jintai was dress in red, Zheng Siqi was dressed in white, and Bai Qingquan was dressed in purple. Their beauty and brilliance reflected each other.

<Night Talk at the Ming Palace> has started its hot search journey.

Yang Lizhi was painting her nails at home and recently had nothing to do but browse Weibo. Seeing the hot search [The three masters of the East Palace reunion], she sighed as she said to her best friend: “I don’t think it’s a problem for the three of them to remain popular for another ten years as long as they stay as this group.”

She was envious. They were similar age, have similar reputation, and was mutually beneficial to each other. Whether from personal feelings or business interests, these three should be together for a long time.

Such a harmonious friendship was too rare nowadays. The entertainment industry was riddled with plastic flowers friendship, but only these three seemed real.

Today at the film and television city, the liveliest crew was the <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> crew. Even the crew from nearby had people running over to watch. After all, there were currently three top talents that have gathered, including two film emperors.

The first scene to be filmed today is the flower banquet for the scholars. There were countless of handsome young actors, but in Shi Lei’s opinion, the best looking was Bai Qingquan in his purple robe.

He had the figure that was naturally suitable for wearing ancient costumes, especially the robes of the Tang Dynasty that had their round neck and narrow sleeves. It made him look exceptionally clean and beautiful. The addition of the white collar showed off his beautiful and abstemious temperament.

This was a big scene, so it had to be shot very slowly. It took more than an hour of continuous shooting only to have a single long shot completed.

Guo Rui loves taking long shots. This one was designed by him and the cameraman overnight. It was a one-and-a-half-minute long shot from the city of Chang’an to the Xinglin Garden. It not only reproduced the glory of the Tang Dynasty, but it also connected Bai Qingquan, Zheng Siqi, and Shen Jintai, who were not all currently present at the same occasion.

With three handsome men, three different kinds of beauty, the opening of <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> can only be describe as grand and magnificent.

Shi Lei couldn’t stay on set all the time. He also had a job. As it was autumn, this was the busiest time of the year for his remodeling company. What’s more, Bai Qingquan was seriously filming. While they are happy being together, they also felt a bit tortured as well. After much discussion, Shi Lei will head back.

Once he leaves, it’s estimated that the two will not see each other for a long while, so taking advantage while Shi Lei was still here, Bai Qingquan went to see him as soon as he went on break. Shi Lei looked at him with bright eyes and said emotionally: “You look really good in ancient clothes.”

The most beautiful man in an ancient costume in the entertainment industry. This title was not just praised by fans, but everyone recognized it.

When he said this, Bai Qingquan suddenly thought of something. After Shi Lei returned, he talk to Xiao Feng and had him order a hanfu* for him.

*Traditional style of clothing worn by the Han Chinese.

“I want a red robe with a round neck and narrow sleeves, exquisite workmanship, and embroidered with golden peony flowers,” Bai Qingquan instructed: “It needs to be matching, from both inside and out, as well as the boots. It has to be exquisite. It doesn’t matter how much it cost.”

Xiao Feng didn’t understand his reasoning, so he just nodded and complied.

That day, Shi Lei had to go back. Bai Qingquan couldn’t leave the set, so he couldn’t go with him to drop him off at the airport. He could only take him to the gate of the film and television city. The gate of the city was bustling with people coming and going so he couldn’t get out of the car. Bai Qingquan hated partings the most. While at first, he didn’t feel anything, when Shi Lei was about to get out of the car, he couldn’t stand it and he hugged him tightly and wouldn’t let him go.

The two kissed for what seemed like forever, until they finally tired. Xiao Feng quietly sat in the front with his face completely flushed.

“I’ll call you when I have time,” Shi Lei said.

Bai Qingquan let out a “Nn” and let go of his hand after seeing that he would miss his plane if he was delayed any longer.

They had become so attached that even a tough guy like Shi Lei had inadvertently softened his heart.

“Bro… Brother Quan, the crew is urging,” Xiao Feng said cautiously.

Shi Lei got out of the car, and Bai Qingquan watched him get into the taxi through the window. If he could, he really wanted to be with Shi Lei every day.

He really likes the feeling of being crooked. Right now, he and Shi Lei still have two hurdles left to cross, so they are still separated by a layer.

First, they haven’t revealed their relationship yet, so they have to sneak around, which means they have less time to spend together.

Second, the two of them only hug and kiss now. They haven’t even deeply embrace let alone going for a home run.

When they can fall in love freely, like a fish mingling in water, they’ll be so much happier, no matter how crooked they are. At least their mind and body with be ironed together. Just this thought made Bai Qingquan very happy.

Bai Qingquan had been filming with the crew for more than half a month. Before the broadcast of <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> started, he returned to Nancheng for a three-day vacation.

He felt that he wasn’t reserved this time. Ever since that night at the hotel, what he saw through the crack of the bathroom door, and the vulgar language that Shi Lei would say to him almost every night when they talk on the phone, he felt he couldn’t wait until the filming of <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> to finish filming and he couldn’t wait for the new house to be fully ventilated.

He took the first step over Shi Lei because he couldn’t help it. He wanted it.

“I asked you to order a custom-made hanfu for me. Is it ready?” He asked while sitting in the car as it drove back to Nancheng.

Wei Ge asked: “Why do you want a hanfu?”

“During this filming, I found that the ancient costumes of the Tang Dynasty were better-looking than those of the other dynasties I’ve filmed, so I asked Xiao Feng to order one for me so I can wear it myself,” Bai Qingquan said with a blushing face.

“It’s already ordered. You can pick it up when you arrive in Nancheng today,” Xiao Feng said.

Bai Qingquan nodded, pursed his thin lips and looked out the window. His side face was exceptionally pure and beautiful. He was getting older with each passing day, so he has to take advantage of the youngest and best time of his life and get more crooked with Shi Lei.

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