Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch233 [END]

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 233: All Three CPs are Successful

“Report! Shen Jintai has ascended!”

“Sister upstairs, you’re late. Gold powders have already posted a bunch of posts! ”

“Is it true? Did Touhua really take the film emperor?!”

“Not only did he win best actor, but the film <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> also won best director! So awesome!”

“Touhua has really soared this time. He has both popularity from the box office and word-of-mouth. The first person in history!”

“That’s true. He’s not the first person to win at one of the three film festivals, nor is he the youngest, but he’s the most popular. Such title like film emperor and empress are just blessings for big stars. They already soar by that point!”

Shen Jintai taking film emperor quickly made headlines in various entertainment sectors. The gold powders even forwarded his acceptance speech to everyone.

Bai Qingquan didn’t learn the news until the next day. He was so tired yesterday that he didn’t get up until late afternoon. As soon as he saw the news, he immediately sent blessings to Shen Jintai.

Most likely due to receiving too many blessings, and with his busy itinerary, Shen Jintai didn’t reply to him. Rather, he got a call from Zheng Siqi: “I called you several times today, but no one answered.”

Bai Qingquan was a little guilty and said: “The phone was on silent, so I didn’t hear it and I overslept.”

It was hard for him to say that he and Shi Lei had just finished their work in the past few days, so the had spent that time in deep love. They had ups and downs all night yesterday.

“Your voice is hoarse,” Zheng Siqi said: “Are you sick? “

…He had lost his voice last night.

Pivoting quickly, Bai Qingquan said: “Jintai won best actor, did you know?!”

Zheng Siqi was really fooled as he responded excitedly: “I called to tell you this.”

For them, it was really exciting to be able to win such an astounding award at such a young age.

They were excited and envious.

“He’ll be back tomorrow. Sunshine Media is estimated to hold a celebration banquet for him. Let’s go and celebrate his achievements together. This is very congratulatory.”

“So soon?” Bai Qingquan said.

He may not be able to go by then as he still can’t get out of bed. Even if he takes a day off, his neck was full of hickeys. He didn’t know if he can cover it up. He was still thinking about what he will do during his next filming.

He has to tell Shi Lei that he can’t kiss his neck. Anything below the neck though is a go. As soon as he finished talking to Zheng Siqi, he heard the sound of the door opening. Shi Lei had returned with food.

Bai Qingquan felt a little embarrassed when he saw Shi Lei, as his neck was no better than his. He tried to sit up but the movement on the bed was scary.

The two of them had made firewood that was extremely compatible. It started with dry wood that turned into fire and ended with the love of a fish to water. The two of them were so harmonious and happy that their love only became stronger and deeper. Shi Lei had also start looking at him differently.

Bai Qingquan has found his ideal man.

The news that Sunshine Media was going to hold a celebration banquet quickly spread. Since it was a big event, the celebration banquet had to be delayed for a few days. Before the banquet was held, a big event happened that made a splash in the entertainment industry.

Bai Qingquan and Shi Lei were photographed.

Bai Qingquan had lowered his guard as he wasn’t expecting the paparazzi to follow him. Fortunately, they didn’t get an incriminating picture. He was photographed entering the community with Shi Lei and then he didn’t come out all night.

Many people started to speculate Shi Lei’s identity because the shot was taken very vaguely that it was impossible to clearly identify who he is.

However, the employees from Livable Decoration all recognized it. They had admired their boss very much. Who would have thought that their boss had manage to chase the famous Bai Qingquan! A top star, a top beauty!

They felt like their business will soar in the future! They were filled with enthusiasm for the future and felt that their decoration company will become even bigger and stronger down the line.

“The celebration banquet organized by Sunshine Media for Touhua is about to begin. I heard that there are many celebrities coming. I don’t know if the little fairy will attend as well!”

“Who is the little fairy?”

“Bai Qingquan AKA Bai Yueguang! I don’t know what’s going on and why everyone calls him a little fairy.”

“Because he is a fairy. He’s a fairy in <Night Talk at the Ming Palace> and he’s the first man to look beautiful in ancient costume!”

“Will the little fairy bring his rumored boyfriend?!”

“Shit, he has a rumored boyfriend?!”

“Is the sister upstairs disconnected from the internet? He was photographed the day before when he went into the home with a handsome guy.”

“According to my visual inspection of the man’s height and physique, I think Bai Qingquan’s wishes in his alt account can be fulfilled! Ho, ho, ho!”

“If you’re referring to ‘hugging’, shit, I think it’s good.”

“The topic suddenly became dirty…”

“Bai Qingquan is really a collection of contradictions. His appearance is extremely pure but the inside is extremely dirty. I can!”

“Sisters, don’t be dirty. It’s starting. It’s starting. The red carpet is starting!”

After returning triumphantly from Venice, Yan Qiuchi began to prepare for the celebration banquet. This was not only to celebrate Shen Jintai and Qiu Hong, but also to celebrate Sunshine Media. With <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night>, Sunshine Media had blossomed without any shortcomings.

Therefore, this celebration was for both public and private sentiments, and it was bound to become a grand event in the entertainment industry.

Liu Qi was dressing Shen Xiaomei while Shen Ruhai urged from the living room: “The car is here. Hurry up.”

“Coming, coming.” Liu Qi shouted.

Shen Ruhai heard this and went to the bathroom to comb his head. When Liu Qi came in, she saw him combing his hair in the mirror and she smiled and said: “You already look handsome. The hairdresser had just done your hair so don’t mess it up!”

Shen Ruhai put down his comb and said: “Do I look much older than Lao Yan? He’s actually two years older than me, you know?”

Liu Qi smiled and said: “You two; You’re really born to be in-laws.”

At the Yan family mansion, Fang Fengmei urged Yan Tiefeng: “Okay, you’re handsome enough. Stop dawdling.”

Yan Tiefeng said: “This outfit is suitable for Old Shen, not for me. It doesn’t look good on me.”

Fang Fengmei smiled and said: “You’re more handsome than him, and you look better than him in everything you wear.”

Yan Tiefeng tidied up his cuffs: “Where’s Lao’er? Didn’t he return to China yesterday? Why didn’t he come home?”

“He brought a friend back with him named Shan Cheng. I told him to just bring him here, but he refused and booked him a hotel instead. He’s also staying at that hotel. Most likely he’ll just go directly to the celebration banquet later. He has such a good relationship with Xiao Jin, so he’ll definitely go.” Fang Fengmei said.

Yan Tiefeng was not at ease, so he still called him.

Yan Yaoxuan was pressed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, as his hands were dragged by Shan Cheng causing his body to shake. He said: “My… my phone.”

Shan Cheng asked: “Still lying, huh?”

He had known about Yan Yaoxuan’s secret love for Shen Jintai a long time ago. When he came back with Yan Yaoxuan this time, he wanted to meet Shen Jintai formally and also disclose their relationship and have a meal with the Yan family.

However, Yan Yaoxuan wouldn’t let him enter the gate and instead arranged for him to go to a hotel. He repeatedly warned him that if he told Shen Jintai about the two of them, he would break up with him.

However, Shen Cheng wasn’t a speaker. He’s a doer.

In addition to being unhappy that Yan Yaoxuan regarded him as a shady lover, he was also very unhappy… because Yan Yaoxuan wanted to sneak to the celebration by himself and lied to him that he wanted to go home.

He bit Yan Yaoxuan’s neck. Yan Yaoxuan couldn’t avoid it, so he patted him on the head, but the harder he patted, the harder Shan Cheng sucked, obviously creating a hickey that he couldn’t cover.

Yan Yaoxuan knew Shan Cheng’s temper. The more you beat him and scolded him, the harder he became. In the end, he took the lead and softened and called him husband. As soon as he was called husband, Shan Cheng became much gentler.

“Formally introduce me to your parents and them? Hm?”

“Hm” fucking “hm”.

Though Yan Yaoxuan felt ashamed, he felt it was better to agree for the sake of their long-term relationship… and for his ass.

He just let out a “Nn”.

Yan Tiefeng made two phone calls in succession but failed to get through.

Fang Fengmei said: “It doesn’t matter if he comes or not, let’s not be late. Let’s go quickly. Lao Shen and his family have already set off.”

Since the two families wanted to attend the same event publicly, they will naturally become the focus of media attention. Fang Fengmei hope that they can walk the red carpet together.

The love affair between Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi is well known all over the world. It’s no secret now. They were going to appear together, so Fang Fengmei felt that she should secretly poke and brighten some of the family members. The look should be consistent, giving off a harmonious vibe.

With such an appearance, it will show everyone that they are a family that fully supported Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi!

The two of their families were the first to arrive. Shen Ruhai and Liu Qi were walking the red carpet for the first time, so they were extremely nervous. However, Fang Fengmei and Yan Tiefeng took the lead as they walked arm in arm.

“Are Touhua and Prince Yan getting married? Today, this kind of scene looks like a united family.” Someone on the forum said.

“I heard that the two of them had a wedding abroad?”

“Is the most common thing in the entertainment industry right now? The husband won’t talk about it. My brother-in-law Touhua is a superb talent and a resource giant. He has taken two of the most heavyweight actor’s awards at such a young age. When he was an idol, he was the champion of the draft. He acted in TV and had a big drama like the East Palace. He didn’t lose his fans after falling in love. In fact, he became the person people most want to see married because of the couple’s variety show!”

“The two of them must make a big deal when they get married. It’ll be a blessing for everyone!”

“They’re here! Touhua and Prince Yan is here!”

“People are in good spirits at such a happy event. Touhua looks so beautiful!”

“They’re holding hands! Holding hands! Oh my god!”

The cheers from the gold powder burst out with the spotlight. Shen Jintai took Yan Qiuchi’s hand and walked gracefully on the red carpet.

Shen Jintai, who returned from winning best actor, seemed to have a fuller aura and even more gorgeous appearance. He held Yan Qiuchi’s hand generously. They were both dressed in formal clothing, one wearing gray and the other black, matching each other perfectly.

Following the couple’s variety show, the two had finally appeared under the spotlight as a couple, which not only ignited the scene, but also detonated the Internet.

Shen Jintai held Yan Qiuchi’s hand and smiled at the camera. It all felt like a dream. The perfection of his life was somewhat unreal. At a certain moment, he remembered Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai was probably using his seven-inch tongue to lobby another person at this moment.

What was that person’s name again?

Jin Yanliu.

Yanyu pp*, bright willows of spring*, handsome, rich, and is widely popular at the age of 20.

*Reminder: Jin Yanliu (金燕柳) name broken down. The Yan () refers to a swallow and is from [yanyu]. Yu () refers to feathers. PP is slang for really pretty. Put it all together makes it a pretty swallows feather.
*Liu (
) refers to willows/ferns. The line refers to the spring willow thats prosperous. Putting it all together. It refers to someone of gentle appearance.

He didn’t know what kind of story that will unfold.

The author has something to say:

The grand finale has come together. As of now, this work is over.

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, that’s it folks. This marks the end of this novel and my first project. I originally picked this up because I wanted to read the story and ended up translating it myself. I hope you enjoyed the series. Once again, thank everyone for your comments, encouragement, help with my translations, and ko-fi donations.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch232

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 232: Yao Cheng [Extra: Yao Cheng (END)]

Perhaps being under the influence of alcohol, Yan Yaoxuan thought that this time it would work out. However, because he was the shou, he couldn’t get up the next day and his crotch hurt badly.

Shan Cheng was very gentle and personally cooked for him. It was the first time he had seen Shan Cheng cooked. It was a western meal and was simple. He was considerate of Yan Yaoxuan’s condition, so he sent it to his beside.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he couldn’t behave too weakly. He kept his mouth shut and didn’t mention what happened last night. After he ate, he continued sleeping.

In the evening, Shan Cheng will come again.

Of course, he refused and continued to struggle back, and forth which eventually led to Shan Cheng saying: “I don’t know whether you’re really resisting or just faking it.”

Yan Yaoxuan was taken aback for a moment: “What do you mean?”

Shan Cheng stayed silent, so Yan Yaoxuan grabbed him: “What do you mean? Tell me.”

Shan Cheng said: “Every time you resist, I don’t know if you really don’t want it, or you’re pretending not to.”

Yan Yaoxuan’s face flushed, as he recalled last night. Shan Cheng had asked him: “Do you want it or not?”

He covered his face with a pillow before responding: “…Yes.”

Thinking of this, Yan Yaoxuan blushed: “Get out!”

Shan Cheng said: “I think it’s best for you not to be duplicitous in the future. Tell me if you want it. If you don’t want it, just say it. We’re like this so what’s there to be embarrassed about.”

“I don’t want it!” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Okay, I’ll stop.” Shan Cheng lay down beside him. However, he soon discovered that Yan Yaoxuan kept saying no for many days.

He began to worry if it was because his performance that day wasn’t good enough. He thought that their first time, overall, they both had enjoyed it. He believes that with improvement to his abilities, he’ll definitely get better and will make Yan Yaoxuan feel better.

However, Yan Yaoxuan kept saying no.

Eventually he couldn’t let Yan Yaoxuan off all the time. Late one night, when Yan Yaoxuan wanted to refuse and scold him, he persisted. He had discovered that Yan Yaoxuan always says “no” in normal times, but no matter whether he didn’t want it, or pretended not to, when the real guns came out, he only knew that he wanted it.

Yan Yaoxuan was ashamed to find that he had found this exhilarating. He found that he got more fun out of being a 0.  

His only grievance was that Shan Cheng especially like positions that made him very uncomfortable that would make his crotch hurt the day after if he spread his legs too much. However, this worry was long gone after he gotten used to it.

Habit was truly a terrible thing!

One day when he was met up with Gao Weicheng, Gao Weicheng suddenly stared at him for a long time before saying: “Bro, I think you…”

Yan Yaoxuan glanced at him while drinking: “What?”

“I feel that you have changed.” Gao Weicheng said.

“What has changed?”

“It seems you have been… affected.” Gao Weicheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan: “…Believe it or not, I can still get it up!”

Gao Weicheng said aggrievedly: “Really, I feel that your eyes have a more amorous feeling. Not the way that it used to look like before.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

“But it’s also better-looking, full of spring. When I look at you, you always seem to be in a good mood.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

After Yan Yaoxuan went back, he thought about this issue very seriously. The result of thinking was that he rejected several courtesies from Shan Cheng.

“Will I become more like a woman if I keep getting fucked by you?” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng said: “It’s true. You seem more cooperative now.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

After Shan Cheng reacted, he quickly tried to change the subject, but it was too late as Yan Yaoxuan didn’t let him touch him anymore.

Yan Yaoxuan cut his hair short to make himself look manlier, put on earrings, and got a snake tattoo near his index finger, which he thought looked cool. However, it turns out that all his efforts were in vain.

Because the consequences of him not letting Shan Cheng touch him for many days was that it stirred him up again. He was cleaned up so badly that in the end he could only call him “husband” obediently.

The summary given to him by Shan Cheng was “eat hard or not soft”.

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t say a word. He arched his eyebrows slightly, still giving off some defiance.

He… actually does like to eat.

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, we’re done with this mess of a couple. Honestly, I would prefer not to have this at all, not because of the content, but rather the lack of content. Compared with Bai Qingquan and Shi Lei, this couple barely had any character or emotional development and I found that the writing was too rushed and lazy.

Next chapter is the final chapter.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch231

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 231: Eat Your Own Fruit [Extra: Yao Cheng (13)]

Yan Yaoxuan resisted superficially and eventually became honest. He didn’t do it with so much effort last night and he didn’t think it would work so early in the morning. Sure enough, the two tried for a while, but they didn’t make much progress as last night.

Shan Cheng seemed a little angry and patted him vigorously. Yan Yaoxuan was annoyed.

He can accept sleeping with Shan Cheng, but he can’t accept being spanked in broad daylight. He felt like a child and had no dignity. He held the grudge so much so that he wouldn’t let Shan Cheng touch his ass for a while.

However, it seems that Shan Cheng was desperate to do it with him. As soon as he comes home from work every day, he would look at him with insidious eyes. He would stare at him from time to time, before he would go and do something else.

Like now, for example. Shan Cheng was heading to the bathroom for a shower and as he walked to the bathroom door, he would stare at him for a while as he laid on the sofa.

Yan Yaoxuan turned his head and glance back and saw Shan Cheng staring at him fiercely. He seemed annoyed that he was a caught, but he continues to stare back at him forcefully before entering the bathroom.

After taking a shower and coming out, Shan Cheng changed into his pajamas and sat down next to him. Seeing that he was still eating snacks, he asked, “Have you taken a shower yet?”


While watching TV, Shan Cheng asked him: “Can you understand it?”

Yan Yaoxuan glared at him. He actually didn’t understand much so he doesn’t like watching TV, but there wasn’t many things to do with just Shan Cheng at home. This was not how he usually spent his free time, so he decided to call Gao Weicheng and asked him where he was. He hadn’t gone out in a while, and he was bored.

“Is this okay with Shan Cheng?” Gao Weicheng said: “I don’t want to offend him.”

Since he brought this up, it immediately stimulated Yan Yaoxuan.

“I’m in charge of the two of us. He can’t control me,” Yan Yaoxuan glared at Shan Cheng next to him: “Cut the crap and tell me where you guys are.”

Gao Weicheng told him the location. Yan Yaoxuan hung up the phone and got up to get dressed. Shan Cheng asked: “Where are you going so late?”

“To a birthday party of one of Gao Weicheng’s friends,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Why does it seem that he goes to a friend’s birthday party every day?”

“He has many friends thus there are many birthdays,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “Are you coming?”

He knew that Shan Cheng doesn’t like this type of thing, yet Shan Cheng took off his pajamas and changed his clothes and wanted to go with him.

This time the party was a private party, held in a mansion. Shan Cheng frown as soon as he entered.

Before Gao Weicheng saw him, Yan Yaoxuan had met several friends. They hadn’t seen him for a while so they pointed at him from a distance and shouted: “Brother Xuan, you made it!”

A blonde-hair man with tattoos on his arms immediately ran over, carrying a bottle of beer. Yan Yaoxuan smiled and hugged him. The man had a cigarette in his mouth. When he saw Shan Cheng with a bad expression behind Yan Yaoxuan, he let him go and asked: “New buddy? Introduce me?”

Before Yan Yaoxuan had time to introduce, another young man came over: “Brother Xuan, I was just saying how this party isn’t as fun without you. Come, come. Cheng Zi is having a drinking competition with some people.”

After speaking, he took Yan Yaoxuan inside. Yan Yaoxuan smiled and looked back at Shan Cheng who was calmly following him.

Huang Mao smiled and asked him: “Dude, what’s your name? Do you know each other?”

Shan Cheng ignored him, and followed Yan Yaoxuan and the others in.

Gao Weicheng had his arm around his girlfriend while he was arm wrestling with someone. His face was flushed. When Yan Yaoxuan came in, he picked up a drink skillfully and flashed into the crowd. Gao Weicheng lost his strength and lost the match. The crowd roared with laugher as Yan Yaoxuan put his hand on his shoulder: “Too weak.”

Gao Weicheng turned to see him, his face flushed and smiled: “You’re here just in time. This kid is very strong.”

“I’ll try.” Yan Yaoxuan said as he put down his glass, rolled up his sleeves, and looked at his opponent with a smile.

While he wasn’t very strong, he had never lost an arm-wrestling match. This time, he met an opponent that was pretty strong and won with difficulty. He shook his wrist proudly: “I haven’t play in a long time, so I’m a little rusty.”

“Awesome.” Gao Weicheng handed him his glass and thanked him for regaining some face for him. After drinking his drink, he remembered Shan Cheng and asked: “He’s willing to let you out?”

“He came with me.” Yan Yaoxuan said as he glanced into the crowd and saw Shan Cheng sitting alone in a chair not far away surrounded by several women.

The peach blossoms* is pretty strong in this one. Upon seeing this, Yan Yaoxuan walked over immediately. Before he could get angry, Shan Cheng had dismissed all the women around him.

*Peach blossoms = refers to luck in romance.

“Well, aren’t your peach blossoms very prosperous?”

Shan Cheng glanced at him and said: “Didn’t you know this a long time ago?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m going to play with them, so I can’t take care of you. Drink less and don’t get picked up by others.” Huang Mao was calling for him.

On the one hand, Yan Yaoxuan deliberately wanted to provoke Shan Cheng. On the other hand, he held back for too long and the playful nature in his bones could not be erased. Hearing the loud music and smell of alcohol, he became excited causing his entire body to glow.

He could only feel completely revitalized when he’s eating, drinking, and having fun. He immediately followed Huang Mao and the others away.

It’s been too long since he was presumptuous. Now that he had the chance, he completely let himself go. Although he wasn’t drunk, he played and drank to his heart’s content. In the end, he spilled alcohol on himself and simply took off his shirt and waved it around.

Fu Yingying was also at this party. She stared at Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng the entire night. Yan Yaoxuan was having a good time, as he took off his clothes and twist and turn his ass to the music. She looked at Shan Cheng who was staring motionlessly at him. The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a rising storm in the mountain*.

*(山雨欲来风满楼) Metaphor referring to tensions brewing before a conflict.

Wow! How exciting and sensual. She felt like she can come up with an entire fanfic inside her head!

Acting recklessly without knowing death, the insidious and black-bellied handsome onslaught is coming! She grabbed her best friend’s hand and stomped her feet excitedly. She felt that Yan Yaoxuan will suffer tonight.

She glanced at Yan Yaoxuan again. Although he didn’t look as good as Shan Cheng, he was still handsome, in a kind of energetic, wild, and crazy with a hint of ruffian to him. This type of shou was pretty rare.

Concerned about Shan Cheng’s feelings, Yan Yaoxuan didn’t dare get drunk. He had so much fun tonight that he was still humming in the car ride home.

“You said you don’t drink or play around so what did you do?” Yan Yaoxuan said to Shan Cheng tipsily.

Shan Cheng said: “It seems you had a good time drinking and playing?”

“It wasn’t bad.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng glanced at him and didn’t respond. Gao Weicheng was also in the car with them, but didn’t dare make a sound the entire time. When he got into the car, he found that Shan Cheng looked sullen and had an icy face.

“To be fair, Yaoxuan hasn’t gone out to play for a long time.” He said slyly: “Isn’t it fine today? He’s not drunk. Isn’t that because of you, Shan Cheng?” He smiled as he said this and looked at Yan Yaoxuan.

As a result, Yan Yaoxuan not only didn’t appreciate it, but became arrogant: “Who cares about him? What a joke. Whether I’m single or in love, I’m just me, Yan Yaoxuan!”

Gao Weicheng “…”

Bro, I tried my best to help you.

Gao Weicheng asked the driver to take the two to their house first, then got out of the car. Yan Yaoxuan leaned on Shan Cheng: “Bro, come and sit. Let’s have a few more drinks.”

Gao Weicheng said indifferently: “It’s too late. My girlfriend is still waiting for me.”

“Focusing on girls before your bros!” Yan Yaoxuan pointed to him. It seemed like tonight he really let himself go. His voice was so loud that it attracted the looks of passersby.

“Well, seems like he might be drunk,” Gao Weicheng finally said on behalf of his friend: “Take good care of him and be patient.”

After speaking, he left and got into another car.

Yan Yaoxuan entered his house contentedly and heard Shan Cheng told him: “Go shower. You reek all over.”

He was sprinkled with alcohol and the smell of various perfumes. While taking a shower, he sang to himself. When he finished, he felt his entire body was comfortable and soft. When he saw Shan Cheng sitting on the sofa, he asked: “Are you angry?”


“Tsk.” Yan Yaoxuan said. His “tsk” was very coquettish, rightly deserving of a beating.

Shan Cheng got up and went to shower. When he finished, he saw Yan Yaoxuan was lying in bed, watching a video sent to him by a friend. It was a video of him at the party. He wasn’t aware of how he acted and was startled when watching it. He was lost in the fun that he didn’t even notice what he was doing. The most important thing is that it seems that rumors him being gay had seemed to spread as several men looked very interested in him, whether they were gong or shou. Watching them in the video, all their eyes were glued on him.

Thinking about it, he looked quite charming in the video, open, free, sexy, and handsome. When he saw Shan Cheng come out of the shower, he immediately turned off his phone and laid down on the bed with a slightly guilty conscience: “Tired. We should go to bed.”

“I think you’re still pretty energetic, not tired at all.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan had a bad premonition, so he said: “This is just how parties are… You don’t participate in them, so don’t make a fuss.”

“Ah, this is the norm? So hooking up with a few people is also considered normal?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I don’t hook up with others.”

“Didn’t you wink?”

“No… no!” He was just lost in the vibe and was trying to heat up the atmosphere. He didn’t intend to hook up with anyone. Rather, he was hooking up with the entire venue!

Hearing this, Shan Cheng grabbed his arm: “I’ve been missing you badly these past two days, yet you’re just jerking me around.”

After a long time, without the whip, the horse has become wild again. Being wild by nature, it’s hard to tame. It’s not home-life material. Sooner or later, something will happen. If he want to relieve the consequences, he needed to tame it.

“What are you doing?” Yan Yaoxuan said immediately.

Shan Cheng said: “Why do you always ask me what I want to do? What else do you think I want to do? You, obviously.”  

Yan Yaoxuan’s face flushed immediately. He had drunk too much today, so after lying down for a while, his body had already become soft. Even if he wasn’t soft, he wasn’t a match for Shan Cheng.

However, after drinking, it made him more energetic that he didn’t succumb so easily, so he struggled fiercely. Shan Cheng’s character was like this. He was easily jealous and was already upset. In addition, Yan Yaoxuan hadn’t let him touch him recently, so he was suffocating from holding back.

He turned Yan Yaoxuan over and pressed him on his lap as he pulled off his pants and spanked him. Yan Yaoxuan cursed and scream, but he wasn’t Shan Cheng’s match. When Shan Cheng saw that he was crying, he stopped and comforted him softly. Yan Yaoxuan was already familiar with this routine or stick and carrot, so he cried even harder, though he wasn’t shedding any tears. This made Shan Cheng gentler as he started to coax him with loving words. When Yan Yaoxuan was about to struggle, it was already too late.

The author has something to say:


Kinky Thoughts:

One more chapter from this couple, then it’s the finale.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch230

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 230: Just Try It Out [Extra: Yao Cheng (12)]

Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng began to live together in a serious way.

Shan Cheng started unpacking his things as Yan Yaoxuan watched from the side. He watched as Shan Cheng went to hang his clothes in the closet. He then followed Shan Cheng into the bathroom, leaning against the door frame, as he saw Shan Cheng put his toothbrush and water cup next to his, as well as placing his towel next to his.

“It’s the same color as mine,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I can’t tell the difference.”

“It’s different,” Shan Cheng said: “My cup has one less pattern and if you look closely at the towel, it’s different.”

“Did you buy these according to mine?”

Shan Cheng said: “If you find it difficult distinguish, let’s go the supermarket together to replace them. We can buy a black and white set. Then you can tell from a glance.”

“Then I want the black one.” Yan Yaoxuan said immediately.

The black one was better.

Shan Cheng said: “You can choose whatever you want.”

Shan Cheng brought a lot of things with him, even drinking cups.

“Do you think the cups in my house are dirty or ugly?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

Shan Cheng said: “I don’t know who had used your cups. I bought all these in pairs, so we’ll only use this for us two. Keep yours for guests.”

It seems that Shan Cheng had a little bit of neat freak to him. Yan Yaoxuan picked up the cup and took a look. The aesthetics of the cups he brought had a simple design yet beautiful.

Shan Cheng had more clothes than he did, however, every color seem very monotonous. All his suits looked exactly the same, just like his shirts. He surmised no one could tell whether or not he ever changed clothes.

After unpacking, Shan Cheng went to the bathroom to shower. Yan Yaoxuan wandered around and suddenly felt that his big house was no longer empty.

The progress of his relationship with Shan Cheng developed rapidly and unconventionally. Thinking about what would happen tonight, Yan Yaoxuan had a whim and sneaked into the bathroom. Shan Cheng was currently showering. His shower didn’t have a glass door but had a shower curtain. Through the gap from the curtain, Yan Yaoxuan once again determined Shan Cheng’s size.

After seeing it, he decided to stick to his line of defense tonight. It’s still fine to fight with bayonets, even if it was filled with live ammunition*.

*It’s allusion to saying they can have sex without penetration. 

Still, Yan Yaoxuan felt really entagled. He really likes Shan Cheng but he was afraid of having sex with him. He was quite resistant in being a 0. He couldn’t imagine what he’ll looking like being beneath someone. Will he make noises and moan? How? If he didn’t make any sound, it’ll feel boring, and he wasn’t a boring person.

Yan Yaoxuan found that he faced a lot of problems. He was still sitting on the bed alone, internally struggling when Shan Cheng had finished his shower and came out, wrapped only in a bath towel, revealing his tall and muscular body.

“Are you hungry?” Shan Cheng asked.

“I’m hungry.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Then let’s eat first.” Shan Cheng walked up to him as he said it and tore off the bath towel.

Yan Yaoxuan’s home didn’t have a walk-in closet, but the bedroom’s closet was large enough to hold a whole row of clothes. Shan Cheng had his back to him as he put on his clothes. Yan Yaoxuan would glance at him from time to time and Shan Cheng suddenly said: “You don’t need to peek at your own man. Just look at him openly.”

“Who wants to look at you!” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Shan Cheng turned his head and smiled at him. That smile looked fantastic. He was really a sucker for that face.

The two left to eat and when they finished, Yan Yaoxuan rushed to pay. Shan Cheng didn’t bother stopping him regarding these trivial matters. As they were about to leave, they ran into Fu Yingying.

When she saw Shan Cheng, her eyes lit up: “Why are you here?!”

After speaking, she glanced at Yan Yaoxuan and said with slight annoyance: “Why are you here too?!”

Shan Cheng said very gently: “I’m on a date with my boyfriend.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

Fu Yingying: “…?!”

Fu Yingying grabbed her best friend’s arm and couldn’t even react.

Boyfriend?! What do you mean?!

Before she could collect herself, Shan Cheng took Yan Yaoxuan by the hand and went out with him. Fu Yingying and her best friend looked at each other, then smiled together as they looked at Shan Cheng and Yan Yaoxuan with glowing eyes.

“Are they both being real or fake?”

“Shan Cheng isn’t a person who jokes around, right?”

“Suddenly, Yan Yaoxuan looked much more pleasing to the eye.” Fu Yingying said as she look at their backs.

While she still felt a little lost hearing such news, it still made her excited. She was a senior rotten girl, so when she sees gay people, she can’t help but instinctively want to eat sugar!

Yan Yaoxuan said as they walked: “Fu Yingying probably hate me to death right now. She really likes you.”

“Her name is Fu Yingying?” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan: “Are you being serious? You don’t even know her name?”

“I know who she is, but I can’t remember her name,” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan laughed and asked: “From childhood to adulthood, how many girls have you harm with that face of yours?”

Shan Cheng said: “I’ve only harmed you. I’ve done enough evil.”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “You sure know how to sweet talk.”

“Is this sweet talk?” Shan Cheng laughed: “I just think and say what’s on my mind. For example, I’m now wondering if we should go buy some adult products.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

Shan Cheng kept his word, and he really went to buy adult products. Yan Yaoxuan didn’t go in with him, so he stood outside and waited for him. It seems that his ass will inevitably suffer a crime tonight.

Fortunately, he’s not so weak. He’ll give it a try, but he can’t bear to suffer any hardships and pain. If Shan Cheng dares to ignore his feelings, he’ll kick him off a soon as they get into bed.

Shan Cheng came out with a bag, Yan Yaoxuan glanced at his hand, and his face turned red.

Shan Cheng smiled.

He asked: “Isn’t it embarrassing for you to go to the supermarket to buy this?”

Shan Cheng said: “I’m an adult guy. What’s so embarrassing about it?”

Yan Yaoxuan thought, if it were him anyway, he would definitely be embarrassed, though he shouldn’t be. Men should take initiative to buy these kind of things. Now he’s embarrassed because he had become a 0.

Attributes changes psychology*.

*Clarity: He’s saying before if he was a top, he probably won’t be embarrassing picking up these things but now that he’s a bottom it’s embarrassing. It plays into the inherent stereotypes of gongs and shous.

The two of them walked home tacitly. When they got home, he went to shower. After a while, he came out, his face was flushed from the hot water. As soon as he came out, he saw Shan Cheng standing at the door and asked: “Shall I shower too?”

“Didn’t you shower before we went out?”

“Showering again,” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan pursed his lips. So what? He was going to wait like some wife-to-be, sitting in bed waiting to get fucked while Shan Cheng shower? That’s too undignified!

Thinking of this, Yan Yaoxuan grabbed Shan Cheng before he entered the bathroom. Shan Cheng had just taken off his shirt and looked back at him and saw Yan Yaoxuan’s face slightly flushed. After pulling him hard, Yan Yaoxuan went into the bedroom.

Shan Cheng smiled, threw the shirt on the ground, and followed Yan Yaoxuan into the bedroom.

Yan Yaoxuan directly pushed Shan Cheng onto the bed, blushed and said: “Everything is under my command today. You are not allowed to move.”

Shan Cheng lay on the bed, looked at him with a smile, and stretched out his hand and took of his pants

Mother of god.

Yan Yaoxuan only felt the blood surging, slightly raised his head, took a breath, and climbed into bed, unafraid to die. Facts haven proven that even if the gong is talented, if the shou is inexperience, then the result will be unsuccessful.

Yan Yaoxuan kicked Shan Cheng directly off the bed. He wanted to sit down, but he couldn’t sit down. He turned over and laid on the bed as he wiped his tears away.

Shan Cheng got up in a daze, picked up the blanket and wrapped it around his lower body, and said, “Why are you crying? I didn’t force it.”

Yan Yaoxuan blushed and said in his heart that he had just cried while Shan Cheng didn’t even come hard at him. His eyes were red, and he could tell Shan Cheng was holding back, but when he was about to enter it felt ruthless.

Fortunately, he was persistent and tough enough.

“You can’t blame me.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“You’re too squeamish.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan immediately glared back at him.

Shan Cheng hurriedly said: “That’s it for today. I won’t do it anymore. Don’t cry. I feel distressed when you cry.”

As he said, he bent down and wiped Yan Yaoxuan’s tears.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Did you buy me medicine?”

“Do you need medicine?” Shan Cheng asked.

“Of course!”

Shan Cheng opened the blanket: “Let me see.”

Yan Yaoxuan immediately got up: “What are you looking at?”

Shan Cheng held him down: “Be honest and let me check seriously. If you get angry, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Yan Yaouan felt so ashamed that he pushed Shan Cheng’s face hard. He used too much strength and his fingernails accidently scratch Shan Cheng’s ears, shocking him. Fortunately, the scratch wasn’t hard, and Shan Cheng didn’t seem to care. It’s estimated that he was used to being scratch and bitten by him.

Shan Cheng took a look and patted him: “There’s no injury, like I said. I didn’t even enter.”

He then showed Yan Yaoxuan his back: “Why do I feel pain? Did you scratch me back there?”

When Yan Yaoxuan looked at it, he saw several scratches on his back were quite obvious. He felt guilty and said: “Just some scratches. Look at you being delicate.”

“You are like a wild cat,” Shan Cheng said, putting on his pajamas, and said: “But I like it, it’s very exciting.”


Shan Cheng asked: “You’re sweated a lot. Do you want to shower?”

Yan Yaoxuan shook his head.

“I’ll help you.”

“Don’t want to. Cut the nonsense.”

Shan Cheng said: “Then I won’t shower either. Too lazy anyways. Besides, I smell like you all over my body, which is very comfortable.”

After speaking, he laid down beside Yan Yaoxuan.

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

Shan Cheng turned to his side and hugged him: “It’s okay. We’ll take it step by step. Our days are still long, so we can take our time.”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “That’s not the problem. Why don’t we just switch position?”

Shan Cheng asked him: “What do you mean position?”

Yan Yaoxuan was furious: “Asian standard size!”

Shan Cheng laughed: “I haven’t seen you in the past few days so you start having ideas that you shouldn’t be having, eh?*”

*Clairty: Yan Yaoxuan is saying he should be the gong since his size is smaller (thus easier to fit and less hurting).

Yan Yaoxuan asked: “What are you mixed with. Aren’t your parents Asian?”

“My dad is one-half mixed race, and my mom is one-quarter. What does that have anything to do with this?” Shan Cheng said: “I really don’t know. I have many white friends, and I don’t think they are as good as me.”

It had nothing to do with being mixed race. It’s just that he was born gifted.

Yan Yaoxuan let out a chuckle.

The two slept until dawn. Yan Yaoxuan was first to wake up. Looking at the sleeping beauty close at hand, he couldn’t help but feel moved. Shan Cheng has deep outline, dense and long eyelashes, and his skin wasn’t as rough as Caucasians. He was fair and delicate and had a high bridge nose and a ruddy mouth. Truly he was a beautiful man.

He looked at him a bit lustfully and couldn’t help touching Shan Cheng’s face. Shan Cheng suddenly opened his eyes and put his arms around him vigorously: “You finally woke up.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

“Shall we try again?” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

Kinky Thoughts: Well at least there’s consent and he did stop when Yan Yaoxuan didn’t want to continue. Still, so many red flags in this relationship.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch229

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 229: Meeting Again [Extra: Yao Cheng (11)]

Shan Cheng knew that he has a problem with his personality. Even his mother thought his bad character was difficult to get along with. He himself is insidious and cruel, and thus he was attracted to Yan Yaoxuan’s lively and sunny personality. He’s mouthy, noisy, and cute.

Before Shan Cheng arrived, Yan Yaoxuan took a thorough shower. Although Shan Cheng was gentle on the phone, it’s also possible that it was all an illusion, the calm before the storm, and he still needed to make some preparations. For example, washing a certain place.

He really didn’t expect that one day, he would take the initiative to prepare himself as a 0.

How could he face Shen Jintai after returning home? He must hide it from his brother and Shen Jintai at all costs!

After taking a shower, Yan Yaoxuan dressed up carefully. He hadn’t slept well in the past few days and was running around like a headless chicken. He still had a tired look on his face. He had gotten a haircut before he came back from a hair stylist that he was most fond of so he felt that this would raise his face value by several steps.

Although it was no match compared to a handsome guy like Shan Cheng. How could a 1 be so good looking?!

Having said that, if Shan Cheng wasn’t good looking, it wouldn’t have caught his eye in the first place. He couldn’t control himself and had thoroughly fallen for that face and gave in to his lust.

A knock sounded from outside. Yan Yaoxuan went over and opened it nervously. When the door opened, he saw that Shan Cheng wasn’t alone but was followed by four strong men all carrying luggage in their hands.

“Just put it at the door, you can go back.” Shan Cheng said.

The strong men nodded respectfully, put down the luggage, and all left.

Yan Yaoxuan stood at the door wondering, and saw Shan Cheng started to move his luggage into his home. He helped to carry a box in as he asked: “What are you doing?”

“I’m moving in.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak and helped him move boxes in one by one. When he moved to the last box, Shan Cheng suddenly stopped him, stretched out his hand around his waist, and said: “Let me see if you have lost weight.”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I eat very well in China.”

“Do you think I have lost weight?” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan looked at him and saw that he seemed to have lost weight, though not as obvious. Looking at his eyes, he was very focused, and it felt a little abnormal. As the two looked at each other for a long time, the mood started getting stranger.

Only then he realized that something was off, and Shan Cheng suddenly kissed him very fiercely. Yan Yaoxuan’s mouth hurt when he was bitten, and he stretch out his hand to push him away. Shan Cheng let go of him and looked at him with a wild smile and some redness in his eyes.

Yan Yaoxuan wiped his mouth and listened to Shan Cheng ask: “Did you miss me?”


Shan Cheng said: “I am quite happy for you came back.”

Yan Yaoxuan asked: “What’s there to be happy about?”

“You ran away and came back again, indicating that you have thought about it,” Shan Cheng said.

Kinky Thoughts: We’re just a few chapters away from the final chapter.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch228

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 228: Carrot and Stick [Extra: Yao Cheng (10)]

He came back secretly. He hesitated for a long time before returning, but in the end, he didn’t tell anyone. As soon as he returned home, his mentality changed.

When he returned home, he felt that Shan Cheng was too scary and obsessive. Taking advantage of this opportunity to come back, he told his brother that he wanted to return to China and attend university there.

His English was too poor and didn’t want to stay abroad. He had failed all his subjects and the university didn’t want him. He also run into the difficult situation revolving around Shan Cheng.

“I’m going to university in China. I can still get a diploma there.”

Yan Qiuchi had always been very strict with him, and when he heard this, he said: “I will take a closer look at this matter. You should stay in the country for a few days and the matter of dropping out will be discussed later. Okay, go back and rest. Looking at your complexion, it looked like a frosted eggplant*. Your eyes look like a panda.”

*Metaphor referring to being withered, as eggplants are afraid of the cold.

Yan Yaoxuan stopped talking. He didn’t want to tell Yan Qiuchi about Shan Cheng. This was the last of his dignity.

Shan Cheng had just won the battle within his family and was working on his parents’ divorce. The two did not meet every day, so that day, after he had returned home, Shan Cheng learned about his escape. Because they were separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, Yan Yaoxuan was particularly presumptuous this time around and ignored Shan Chang. After receiving a few calls from him, Yan Yaoxuan decidedly blocked him.

While he felt happy on one hand, on the other he felt he was cowardly for blocking him.

He had more friends in his homeland but when he came back this time, he wasn’t in the mood to play and felt wilted all day.

Shan Cheng’s aura was too strong. Even when he had returned to the country, he still can’t get rid of him completely. He dreamt of Shan Cheng and the most terrifying thing was that he once had a spring dream that involved him!

In the dream, Shan Cheng was still perverted but he was trembling underneath him as he cried: “Husband, be gentler.”

Yan Yaoxuan was lying dumbfounded on the bed, with abnormal flushing on his face.


He took out his phone and found that Shan Cheng hadn’t called him for two consecutive days or sent any text.

No one in his family or friends knew what he had encountered in the UK. He had been alone while he was back at home and Yan Qiuchi didn’t agree to let him study back here.

“I’ve changed your school,” Yan Qiuchi said: “You’ll certainly won’t have a problem getting a diploma here, but you also need to learn a little. If you continue to get bad grades, you’ll cause me to lose face and we’ll see then how I’ll clean you up.” 

Yan Qiuchi had also withheld several of his credit cards and gave him a lot less in living expense each month.

“How can this money be enough.” He wailed.

“Do you know how much a normal international student spends in a year, including daily expenses and tuition fee? Your month’s equivalent is a full year to them and yet you’re still complaining?” Yan Qiuchi said sternly: “You have too much money to spend everywhere. Stay in school. I’ll be going to your school to monitor your situation after a while.”

Yan Yaoxuan ran to his mother to ask for money, but Fang Fengmei said: “Your brother is in charge of your affairs. Your brother told me not to interfere.”

“Do you know how much brother only gives me a month now?”

Fang Fengmei said: “When your brother studied abroad, not only did he not spend our money, he actually made more when he came back, didn’t you know?”

Some people were more gifted than others. Yan Qiuchi had been financially savvy since junior high. He started investing in stocks when he was in high school and after age 18, he had bought a house and car from his own money and had not used the money from the Yan’s family.

Yan Yaoxuan suddenly realized that his brother reminded him of someone. Rather, that person was very similar to his brother. Shan Cheng.

They were both young geniuses and have successful careers in their early twenties. In this world, the one he admired the most was his brother. He was like a brother, a father, and an idol to him.

He finally discovered the reason why he liked Shan Cheng. It was because he admired strong people and instinctively felt that Shan Cheng, like his brother, was a very good man.

It’s just that Shan Cheng is a bit abnormal.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that when he returns to the UK, he would be definitely be punished when he sees Shan Cheng. For him, being abroad was no longer terrible, rather he was more worried about the terrifying things that Shan Cheng will do to him.

After returning to the UK, he hesitated for most of the day, but still called Gao Weicheng over and told him about him and Shan Cheng, just in case.

Gao Weicheng said: “I already know.”

“You know?” Yan Yaoxuan asked unexpectedly: “How do you know?”

“After you returned home, did you block his phone number? He called me directly and asked me to send you a message.”

Yan Yaoxuan felt embarrassed. He didn’t think that a dog could spit out ivory*. He thought he would say things like:

*(狗嘴里吐不出象牙) Idiom that means bad people can’t say good thing.

“Is your skin itchy?”

“Did you forget what I said? You should know what the consequences of running away are, right?”

And so on. Thinking that Shan Cheng have said things along those lines to his friends, Yan Yaoxuan became furious.

“What did he say?” He asked with shame and anger.

As a result, Gao Weicheng told him that what Shan Cheng asked him to say: “Have you played enough in China? Come back as soon as you played enough. I miss you.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”

Shan Cheng was a hypocrite, with a face of a man but a personality of a beast. These words were just an act. When the two of them really meet, Shan Cheng may tie him up and punish him.

Still, he felt poked by these words. It seems he had fallen in love with Shan Cheng, a man who was completely different from Shen Jintai.

Yan Yaoxuan had unblocked Shan Cheng and called him. No one answered.

When he returned to his home, he was jet lagged. While he was sleeping his phone rang. He connected it in a daze, and he heard Shan Cheng’s voice that asked: “Are you back?”

Yan Yaoxuan opened his eyes excitedly as soon as he heard his voice. He sat up, then laid down again and said: “Nn.”


Yan Yaoxuan said “Nn” again.

Dan Cheng’s voice seemed tired but gentle. It was not as stormy as he expected. He said: “I was in a meeting when you called, and I just finished. I’ll go back to the UK tomorrow. You stay at home, and I’ll find you.”

Yan Yaoxuan said “Nn” and waited for Shan Cheng to hang up.

Shan Cheng said: “Don’t run anymore.”

“Who said I ran away. I was going back home to visit relatives!” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“I have been dreaming of you these past few days,” Shan Cheng said.

He was quite good at talking affectionately.

“Don’t talk to sweetly. I’m hanging up.” Yan Yaoxuan said. After speaking, he hung up the phone immediately and rolled under the quilt. It turns out he was quite happy hearing what Shan Cheng said.

Did he really dream of me every day?

He felt that there was an advantage to a man like Shan Cheng. He might pretend, but he would never lie. He believed in Shan Cheng’s words.

Shan Cheng held his phone as he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, looking out at New York City.

Yan Yaoxuan has a dandyish habit that was rough and stubborn. This kind of rich second-generation was very handsome. There are usually too many people who would compliment and chase him. He found after being chased out of the house by Yan Yaoxuan that he realized him being gentle and courteous would not work on this type of man.

When two 1’s meet, there must always be a 0. The only way to break a 1 to a 0 is to be stronger and more aggressive than your opponent.

With Yan Yaoxuan’s self-esteem, he won’t willingly submit to a man who’s not as good as himself. His stupidity and ready to die characteristic needs both a carrot and a stick.

However, the stick was so fierce that it almost scared him away. Now that he’s back, it’s time to give him the carrot. He needs to put honey on the scar, and he’ll lick it clean, both the sweetness and the blood.

Kinky Thoughts: Hard pass.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch227

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 227: This BT* Man [Extra: Yao Cheng (9)]

*BT = is slang for perverted/abnormal.

Yan Yaoxuan was dumbfounded. He grabbed Shan Cheng’s arm, only to feel his body rise lightly before Shan Cheng threw him directly onto the bed, and then pressed him down.

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t dare to speak anymore, because he saw that Shan Cheng’s eyes were red. His face was also red, and his body was naked and soaking wet.

Their chest pressed together as Yan Yaoxuan’s eyes were filled with fear. Shan Cheng didn’t speak. He just pressed him down and laid by his ear.

“You already know what kind of person I am, and you come to provoke me. This is what you deserve,” Shan Cheng said.

He waited for a while after speaking, then raised his head and looked at Yan Yaoxuan rather viciously: “Why aren’t you speaking. Acting dumb?”

What Yan Yaoxuan wanted to say, he didn’t dare blurt out “fuck you”. He was such a coward. He pursed his lips tightly and did not speak.

Shan Cheng pinched his chin, looked directly at him, and then lowered his head to kiss him. Yan Yaoxuan stubbornly turned his head away and refused his kiss. Shan Cheng straightened his face again and kissed him on the cheek.

“I believe you just wanted to talk so I came with you,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “You… if you do it. When you’re done, I’ll call the police and you’ll go to jail.”

Shan Cheng smiled and said: “It’s okay. I won’t touch you if you promise me one thing.”


When Shan Cheng heard this, he immediately went to pull off his coat, then grabbed his shirt with both hands, ripped it apart. Yan Yaoxuan saw that he was reaching out again and quickly said: “I… I promise. Promise. I promise!”

He was scared to death. There was nothing here. His opponent was too strong so if he’s force, there’s nothing he could do. It would be terrible if he’s raped first then killed.

Shan Cheng’s eyes tightened as he look at him and said: “You’re so fair.”

Fair my ass!

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Tell me, what are the conditions.”

“Restore the relationship.” Shan Cheng said.

How could this be possible? He was scared half to death.

“Otherwise, I will fuck you,” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan: “…”


“I’m not a 0,” Yan Yaoxuan said again.

“Then you won’t do it?” Shan Cheng asked.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Okay… Ah, I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

His eyes flushed and he said again: “I’ll do it.”

Shan Cheng said: “I won’t let you go.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak, but his eyes were slightly red. Shan Cheng laid down on him and didn’t move again.

As soon as Yan Yaoxuan moved, Shan Cheng immediately held him down again and looked at him viciously.

“I… I’m not going to run.” Yan Yaoxuan said: “It’s uncomfortable.”

Hearing this, Shan Cheng hugged him and turned him over, switching their positions so that they’re both lying on their sides. Shan Cheng clung to his back and hugged him from behind.

“I fell in love with you from the first time I saw you.” Shan Cheng said: “I didn’t make a move, but provoked me first.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t say a word. It was him who had provoked Shan Cheng first. It made him feel excited and now he felt like poking out his own eyes. No, rather he should poke his head because he actually followed this man who he knew was perverted into his own home! Yan Yaoxuan had never hated himself this much until today and there was no one to blame but himself!

“Did I hurt you?” Shan Cheng said: “Fall in love with me, and be my wife. I love you… love you. If you say no, I don’t know what to do.”

Wife my ass! Who cares about you, pervert!

“But if you turn your back and run again, don’t blame me.” Shan Cheng said again. His voice held a veil threat.

Yan Yaoxuan felt that he was suddenly grabbed hard, and immediately curled up and asked: “What are you doing?”

“I’m talking to you. Answer.” Shan Cheng said.

“Got it!” Yan Yaoxuan said.

As long as he doesn’t get fucked, everything is easy to say. He can humor him. A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him.

Shan Cheng suddenly stretched out his hand again and turned him over, switching their position to face to face. Yan Yaoxuan hesitated whether or not to take this opportunity to punch him. Considering the consequences of failure, he was still discouraged and did not move.

Being so close, he could see Shan Cheng’s red bloodshot eyes more clearly. He looked haggard and his eye sockets seemed to be deeper. His lips were dry and was a little peeling. It seems that things have been difficult for him these days.

Shan Cheng touched his hair. Yan Yaoxuan made him itchy. He had let him go, yet he kept appearing in front of him from time to time, poking him.

He rested his head on Yan Yaoxuan’s neck and smelled him.

This pervert… Yan Yaoxuan endured the itching on his neck and cursed silently in his heart. Still if he was a pervert, Yan Yaoxuan was also abnormal. He thought he would be hugged by Shan Cheng for half an hour at most, but as soon as he was embraced, he fell asleep all afternoon and was only awakened by the need to pee. He opened his eyes and looked at the darkness in front of him. He could still feel the heat of Shan Cheng’s body.

It was hot.

When he moved for a moment, Shan Cheng woke up. He hugged Yan Yaoxuan tightly, frightening him that Yan Yaoxuan quickly said: “I… I need to pee.”

Shan Cheng got up and turned on the lights.

Yan Yaoxuan got up, only to find that half of his body was numb. He probably slept in this uncomfortable position for too long. The numbness became stronger causing him to take a few deep breaths and letting out some hisses. Shan Cheng stretched out his arms and carried him up.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.” He shouted hurriedly.  

Shan Cheng said: “I’ll carry you to the bathroom.”

“Don’t move.” Yan Yaoxuan slowed him down: “Let me down. I’m fine.”

Shan Cheng ignored him. Instead, he carried him into the bathroom and then put him down when they got there.

Yan Yaoxuan untied his pants and glanced back. Shan Cheng closed the door and went out. Yan Yaoxuan immediately locked the door of the bathroom. After peeing, he sat on the toilet and touched his pocket before remembering that his phone was in his jacket.

He looked at the window of the bathroom, and heard Shan Cheng shout outside: “Are you done? I need to go too.”

Yan Yaoxuan thought for a while, then opened the door. This was a good time for him to escape.

Who knew that as soon as he was about to go outside, Shan Cheng stopped him and said: “Dare to run?”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak.

“If you run away today and I catch you, I will lock you up.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Where would I run. A monk can’t run away from a temple. I won’t run.”

After speaking, he turned slightly to his side and pushed open the door. After leaving the bathroom, he took a deep breath and glance quickly into the bedroom. When he saw his coat, he immediately ran over, picked it up, and took out his phone.

Shit. He was so excited that his hands were trembling. It seemed pointless to call the police and it was too embarrassing to let Gao Weicheng know. What he should do now was to quickly escape.

He didn’t bother to even put on a shirt. He grabbed his jacket and quickly ran towards the entrance. When he opened the door, his eyes were red with excitement as he turned around and shouted: “Shan Cheng, just you fucking wait!”

After saying that, he slammed the door with a bang and quickly ran out. It was still raining outside and it was heavier than during the day. The roads in this area were muddy. While running, he took out his phone and looked at it when suddenly a “ding dong” came through and he got a message.

He was taken aback for a moment before clicking on it and suddenly exploded.

This fucking pervert. This… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. While he was asleep, this Shan Cheng…

Just when his face was flushed and emotional, Shan Cheng called him. As soon as he connected, he immediately scolded him: “You perverted son of a bitch. While I was asleep, you actually…”

“Just to prevent you from doing this. If you don’t come back, I’ll post it online.”

“Don’t you dare!”

“You think I wouldn’t dare?” Shan Cheng said coldly: “I’ll give you two minutes. Come back here by yourself, or I’ll post it.”

After speaking, Shan Cheng hung up.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. This Shan Cheng is a fucking pervert. God damn son of a bitch!

He lowered his head and looked at the picture of him breastfeeding on his phone again, then he put his phone into his pocket with a flushed face.

Shan Cheng was making a cup of coffee. As he added a piece of sugar, he heard a knock on the door outside. He took the coffee and opened the door. After taking a sip, he saw Yan Yaoxuan standing outside with wet hair and a slightly red face, looking at him with hostility.

“Come in.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I… I wasn’t running away. I just went out to get some air.”

Shan Cheng said: “Your hair is wet. Are you cold? Have a cup of coffee.”

Yan Yaoxuan felt that Shan Cheng was terrible. However, Shan Cheng had returned to his usual gentle and handsome appearance, treating him very well and kindly. Moreover, Shan Cheng had deleted the photo in front of him to show his sincerity.

Although he repeatedly said that there were really no other photos on his phone, and he even showed him his phone, Yan Yaoxuan was completely discouraged after seeing the perversion of Shan Cheng, that he completely surrendered to him.

Perhaps part of the reason was because he likes Shan Cheng. Liked him to the point that he deliberately provoked him. If it was someone else, he probably would fight to the death. While Shan Cheng’s love for him was terrible, it made him, who’s young and passionate, a little excited. His heart was haunted by desires, as if he wanted to refuse but also welcome*.

*(欲拒还迎) = Idiom referring to wanting to refuse (hating the other person) but unwilling to offend them in action, so they adopt a method of welcoming.

It seems he like this kind of domineering and strong personality, but his dignity did not allow him to admit it.

Shan Cheng did was he promised and only slept with him* for the next two days. When Shan Cheng was cooking, he laid in bed honestly, daring not to go anywhere.

*Literal sense (as in just sleeping together but no physical activities).

In the past two days, he has learned a lot about Shan Cheng, such as his upbringing and the problems in his family. Old Man Shan was completely subdued by Shan Cheng and sent his mistress and illegitimate son back to China. He thought this matter was over, but Shan Cheng told him: “How can this matter simply be washed away.”

He abhorred his father’s cheating for many years, and he was planning with his mother for a divorce, which was bound to cost Old Man Shan.

Yan Yaoxuan whispered: “You don’t need to tell me about your family.”

“I’m just letting you know that I hate cheating. I will never, so you better not, or I’ll kill you.”

He was still so cruel, even to his parents.

Yan Yaoxuan listened to what was in his heart, but he had never been in a relationship and was full of longing for love. He understood this single-minded view and felt that Shan Cheng’s actions were both abnormal and sentimental.

His contradictory feeling for Shan Cheng made him feel terrible as if there was some kind of mysterious magnetic attraction he felt towards him. It was as if he had the beautiful face of a 0 but when he took off his clothes, it revealed his true nature of a very fierce 1.

And this made him feel… excited.

He had never thought about being a 0 before, and now not only does he have to be a 0, it was to be a 0 for Shan Cheng. It would require great courage to be a 0 for Shan Cheng and be fucked by him, because he didn’t know what kind of situation he’ll be facing, given the size.

Yan Yaoxuan hesitated for several days but took advantage of the opportunity to be expelled from university and sneaked back to China.

Kinky Thoughts: All I can say about this chapter is they both need serious therapy.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch226

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 226: You Reap what You Sow [Extra: Yao Cheng (8)]

Shen Jintai.

He really hadn’t thought about Shen Jintai for several days, unlike when he first came back from China, he would dream of him all the time. Compared with Shen Jintai, Shan Cheng has become less terrifying. Shen Jintai was going to become his sister-in-law. Yan Yaoxuan still felt uncomfortable about it as he still wanted him.

Although the restaurant was very high-end, it was small. There was only one chef, that arranges all the meals by himself, and four waitstaff, two men and two women, of which Shan Cheng was the most conspicuous one due to his height.

As soon as Yan Yaoxuan entered, everyone in the restaurant saw him. He calmly found a seat and sat down as a waiter came over.

This time it was a foreign woman. After greeting him, less than ten seconds later, Shan Cheng came over and said: “This is my friend. Let me do it.”

The woman was taken aback for a moment, before giving him a smile and leaving.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’ll have the same as last time.”

Shan Cheng said lightly: “Okay, please wait a moment.”

Yan Yaoxuan turned his head and glanced at him, seeing Shan Cheng’s straight back. When he glanced down, he eyed his sturdy and firm ass.

He used to like Shen Jintai’s gorgeous and heroic appearance and figure, but now he seems to prefer this kind of thin yet muscular man. Looking at Shan Cheng’s long legs and well-proportioned head, he felt his figure was really good.

After a while, Shan Cheng brought his order. Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak as he ate his meal normally. Halfway through eating, he glanced back slightly and found Shan Cheng was standing in the distance staring at him the whole time.

He quickly turned around and continued to eat his meal. When he finished, he quickly left, leaving a bunch of uneaten food behind. As soon as he walked outside, before he got into his car, Shan Cheng had chased him out and called to him from the entrance of the restaurant: “Yan Yaoxuan.”

Yan Yaoxuan’s heart tightened. He looked back with an indifferent face, coughed, and asked: “What?”

“Don’t come here again.” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan’s heart jumped violently and sneered: “I’m a customer, so I can come if I want.”

Shan Cheng didn’t respond but just looked at him. Yan Yaoxuan felt that the way he looked at him was hot and fierce. He felt a little discouraged as he drove off in his sports car without any further conversation with him.

He didn’t want to go home, so he went to see Gao Weicheng. Gao Weicheng was a partier who either would attend car clubs or parties held by rich second-generations. Recently, he had found himself a new girlfriend and was partying with her at a bar.

When Yan Yaoxuan entered, he saw a bunch of flirtatious bitches inside. Gao Weicheng came to greet him and said: “You should have more fun. My wifey has a few sisters who are very good, with big breast, thin waists, and nice ass. Let me introduce you!”

“Your wife changes men more frequently than changing clothes. Don’t ruin the word wife.”

Gao Weicheng smiled and put his arms around him as they went inside. Yan Yaoxuan found that while Gao Weicheng was rich and surrounded by a bunch of fair-skinned, beautiful women, the girlfriend he was dating had a snake-liked face similar to those online celebrities. He went to the bar in a daze. He didn’t understand how Gao Weicheng could consider her a beauty, as he felt he was more interested in her chest, which was quite big, and her light skin.

He doesn’t understand the aesthetics of straight men. He wasn’t interested in any of the women Gao Weicheng introduced him to.

He felt that he shouldn’t waste too much emotion on a somewhat dangerous character like Shan Cheng. He looked around at the men present. He might have been too successful in pretending to be a straight man as he exuded no gay aura, so there wasn’t any men that approach him to strike up a conversation with him.

Today’s modern society is very open-minded, especially abroad. While he pretended to be straight, he really wasn’t afraid of revealing his sexual orientation. The reason why he never told Gao Weicheng was because of his crush on Shen Jintai.

The first time he fell in love, it was with Shen Jintai. However, Shen Jintai was obsessed with his brother which meant the two brothers were fighting over a man, a fight that he had no chance of winning. He felt too ashamed of this, so he dared not tell anyone.

In order to draw a clear line with Shen Jintai, he deliberately pretended to be a straight man and buried his secret love in his heart. He was so used at pretending that even Gao Weicheng was fooled and thought he liked women.

He drank two more glasses of liquor depressingly and got drunk.

At this time, Gao Weicheng revealed his brotherhood. He sent his girlfriend off and personally took Yan Yaoxuan home. When they got there, he stayed back to took care of him.

Yan Yaoxuan slept until he woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and got up in a daze. Only then did he see that there was still a person lying beside him. He was taken aback, turned on the light quickly, and saw Gao Weicheng rubbing his eyes and looking at him in a daze.

“Awake?” Gao Weicheng sat up and said: “I’ll get you what you want.”

“Thirsty,” he said.

Gao Weicheng got up and went to fetch him a glass of water. Yan Yaoxuan took a sip and said, “It’s cold.”

“You have been here for so long, yet you’re still not used to drinking cold water?”

Even though he said that he went to pour him a glass of hot water. Yan Yaoxuan was used to drinking hot water, as he had a kettle at home.

Yan Yaoxuan drank up it up within a few gulps. Gao Weicheng laid back on the bed and yawn: “Had enough?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “You’re so kind to me.”

Gao Weicheng smiled and said: “Honestly, I don’t treat women this good.”

Although they are both guys, the two of them are different. They get along well with each other, and he had always taken care of Yan Yaoxuan. He was a few months older than him, so he regarded himself as an older brother. Women would try to court and please him while the Yan Yaoxuan beside him was like a young master whom he served.

“I want to confess one thing to you,” Yan Yaoxuan said with emotion through his drunkenness.


“I don’t like women. I actually like men. I’m gay.” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng sat up all at once: “What the hell?”

“I’m a gay.”

Gao Weicheng scratched his head, thinking that he had drunk too much, and he was a little confused, so he said: “Oh.”

“Are you still friends with me?” Yan Yaoxuan asked.

Gao Weicheng said in disbelief: “What age do you think this is? I don’t discriminate. You are still you.”

Yan Yaoxuan was very moved and patted Gao Weicheng on the shoulder.

Gao Weicheng said: “You have been unhappy recently. Is it just because of this?”

He still didn’t plan to tell Gao Weicheng about Shen Jintai. He felt it was too shameful and felt that it was better not to tell anyone about this matter. It was enough that his brother and Shen Jintai knows about it.

“I’ve fallen in love with that kid Shan Cheng.” Yan Yaoxuan planted himself on the bed.

“Fuck,” Gao Weicheng immediately turned around: “You’re dead.”

Yan Yaoxuan laid on the bed and said with a smile: “The young man is very handsome.”

“Is he straight?”

“Bent,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “I have tried it.”

This shocked Gao Weicheng even more than Yan Yaoxuan’s confession. The fright in the middle of the night was too much that he couldn’t process all this information: “Shan Cheng… You better switch to someone else.”

“Why? I am not worthy of him?”

Gao Weicheng said: “It’s not… buddy, the one who bottoms…”

Honestly, he never expected Yan Yaoxuan to be gay, let alone the other one, but seeing as how both Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng both were, if he were to guess who was the gong, then it would 100% be Shan Cheng and that would mean Yan Yaoxuan is the shou!

When they do it, his good buddy’s going to become… Fuck… he felt it was a little bit too…

“Laozi’s a 1,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng was even more shocked: “Shan Cheng’s a 0?!”

Holy fuck! Such a ruthless guy with a good background turns out to be the bottom?!

The picture was too beautiful that he dares not think about it!

“He’s also a 1, so we’re both PK*,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

*PK usually stands for player killing so I think in terms of this context he meant they’re both trying to subdue each other.

Gao Weicheng: “…”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “This girl is a fierce horse. The master’s whip has to beat him a few times before he can be honest. Just you wait.”

What the hell? Girl?

Gao Weicheng felt that Yan Yaoxuan had really drunk too much. He looked at Yan Yaoxuan lying on the bed and said: “Actually, I didn’t know you were gay, so I recommended pretty girls to you. In fact, I also know a few gay guys. Just today, the handsome guy who came with my wife, Kerry, is my wife’s little sister. Despite being a man, he looks like a little fairy. If you like that type, I’ll introduce you. Forget about Shan Cheng. Let’s not die, okay?”

Yan Yaoxuan had already closed his eyes. He poked Yan Yaoxuan with his foot, but Yan Yaoxuan didn’t move, as he fell back asleep quickly.

Gao Weicheng could no longer fall asleep. He couldn’t digest what he found out tonight for a while. He got out of bed and went to drink cold water.

Yan Yaoxuan was acting desperate. It seems that the more provocative he is, the happier he becomes. Thinking of what Shan Cheng said, it made him a little angry and itchy.

He doesn’t want him to come back but what can he do about it?

So, he went back the restaurant again where Shan Cheng worked the next day.

It was slightly raining that day. After he entered, he found a window seat and sat down. This time, he came early. It wasn’t lunch time yet so there was almost nobody in the restaurant and Shan Cheng wasn’t working. He looked around and didn’t see him while he was served by another waiter.

He wasn’t really hungry. He just wanted to come over to provoke him. After fiddling with the fork in his hand for a while, he took a few measly bites. Water drops slowly started to cover the glass, blurring the glass, and he couldn’t see clearly outside.

Does Shan Cheng only work at night and not during the day?

He didn’t have the appetite to eat anymore. When he was about to get up, he suddenly found someone standing outside the glass window. When he looked up, the other party tapped on the glass with his finger.

He got up and looked closely and found that it was Shan Cheng. He was so frightened that he subconsciously touched the cup with his finger. He quickly stretched out his hand to grab it, then turned his head to look and saw Shan Cheng looking at him very seriously.

Yan Yaoxuan calmed down for a while, got up and put on his coat. When he arrived at the entrance, the waiter handed him his umbrella. When he opened his umbrella, he saw that Shan Cheng had already reached the door. He didn’t stop but continue to walk forward, as Shan Cheng followed closely behind, causing him to walk faster. Looking back, he saw that Shan Cheng didn’t have an umbrella with him and his body was drenched in the rain, but his eyes kept staring at him the entire time, like a criminal with bad intentions.

He held his umbrella and looked at him, and asked loudly: “What are you doing following me?”

“I want to talk to you,” Shan Cheng said.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I have nothing to talk about with you.”

Shan Cheng didn’t respond. The downpour was getting heavy that his hair was soaked, and his chin was decorated with beads of raindrops. His facial features became more vivid, looking a little haggard and pale.

Seeing a beauty in a sickly state was painful. Yan Yaoxuan felt that although Shan Cheng was abnormal, he was still a law-abiding person. He knew what enough was enough was so the danger wasn’t actually that strong.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“My place is nearby,” Shan Cheng said: “If you want, let’s go there and talk.”

Yan Yaoxuan put a hand in the pocket of his coat and asked: “Don’t you need to go to work?”

“Already quit,” Shan Cheng said.

After he finished speaking, he walked in the other direction, took a few steps, stopped and looked back at him. Yan Yaoxuan followed him. Despite the rain, he did not share his umbrella with Shan Cheng, but only followed closely behind.

He was actually a little nervous. He didn’t know what Shan Cheng was planning, so he was uneasy. He imagined unbelievable things such as Shan Cheng descending into madness and raped him, or that he was some kind of criminal on the run and wanted to kill him. He thought for a while, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt perturbed, so he took out his cellphone, wanting to send a location or photo to Gao Weicheng. However, when he picked up his phone, he felt nervous again.  

This was the second time he had come to Shan Cheng’s residence. There was already a pool of water that formed from the rain that was completely black. The old apartment building looked even more dilapidated in the rain. When they entered the elevator, he closed his umbrella, causing the water drops to fall everywhere. He said: “I told Gao Weicheng I went to see you.”

Shan Cheng responded with a “Hm” as the elevator door opened and he took the lead and walked out.

Yan Yaoxuan asked: “Everything at home has been resolved?”

Shan Cheng glanced back at him.

“Gao Weicheng told me the rumors,” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“Solved,” Shan Cheng said. His voice was low and pleasant to listen to.

After walking outside without an umbrella, Shan Cheng’s body was completely drenched. His hair was still dripping with water.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Then why haven’t you moved home yet? It’s too run-down here.”

“I’ve already started to move,” Shan Cheng said as he opened the door.

Yan Yaoxuan put the umbrella at the door, then entered. The apartment was not much different from the last time he came. It was just that it was raining so the lighting in the room was dark. He glanced back and saw that Shan Cheng had closed and locked the door.

He was taken aback and immediately became alert. Shan Cheng leaned his back against the door and stretched out his hand and took off his soaked shirt, revealing his strong muscular body.

His mixed race of half European and American made him look all the more handsome, especially when it was matched by his cold face. He had more hair on his body, which was extremely disproportionate to his face.

“I told you yesterday, don’t come the restaurant again. Why are you here again today?” Shan Cheng said.

Because of his actions of locking the door and undressing, Yan Yaoxuan was already at the height of his anxiety. He didn’t dare say “Because I want to”. Instead, he swallowed those words and said: “I… I like the food in that restaurant.”

“If you torture me, don’t blame me for torturing you.” Shan Cheng said again.

Yan Yaoxuan took a step back and said, “Who’s torturing who?”

“I gave you a chance. If you don’t cherish it, then don’t blame me,” Shan Cheng said. It seems he wasn’t planning on answering the question.

Yan Yaoxuan was about to get goose bumps. He pursed his lips and noticed that Shan Cheng was walking towards him, causing him to take a slight step back. Seizing the opportunity, he rushed towards the door. Who knew that Shan Cheng had stretch out his arm and grabbed him directly by the waist, and picked him up with a single arm.

Holy crap!

The author has something to say:

Here comes the blacken order.

Kinky Thoughts: I really like Gao Weicheng, especially how he responded to Yan Yaoxuan after his confession. Too bad he’s straight. Would make a much better match than that giant walking red flag… then again Yan Yaoxuan himself is also a walking red flag.

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch225

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 225: Crazy Temptation on the Edge of Danger [Extra: Yao Cheng (7)]

Yan Yaoxuan’s relationship ended without incident, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t forget about that man. Perhaps it was due to having such strong feelings for him. Shan Cheng was like a fire that kept burning inside of him. Although the person was gone, the burn was still there and would be warm and tingling from time to time.

He couldn’t let go. Although he didn’t see Shan Cheng, he still heard gossip about it, mainly coming from Gao Weicheng.

The Gao family and the Shan family have frequent contact. He heard Gao Weicheng say that the Shan family had been in chaos recently.

“His father got an illegitimate son outside that’s 19 now. I don’t know how he was able to hide it for so long. Wasn’t the old man sick some time ago? As a result, the mistress took her son and rushed over to the country creating a mess. The old man and the old lady wanted to take this opportunity to rectify the name of the illegitimate child, but Shan Cheng disagreed and moved out, saying that if the mistress and the illegitimate child came in, he would not recognize his father, while his mother had no reaction.”

“Who is the old man and who is the old lady?”

“The old man is his father. He had him late, so he’s in his 60’s this year. The old lady is his grandmother, who should be in her 80’s,” Gao Weicheng said: “But you can’t blame him. If it were me, after more than 20 years of being an only child, to suddenly be told that your father had an illegitimate kid outside, not to mention the internal power and wealth struggle, just for my mother alone I would’ve kicked them out.”

Yan Yaoxuan remembered that Mrs. Shan, whom he had met, was kind and humbled. He didn’t really expect her to have such a troubled private life within her family. He asked: “Are they going to divorce?”

Gao Weicheng looked at him in surprise: “What kind of divorce will an old husband and his wife have? Besides, their family is large so divorce wouldn’t be so easy. I think Mrs. Shan wants to stay married but is determined to block the mistress and her illegitimate child from entering the door.”

This was a pretty common practice among the elitist wives.

Yan Yaoxuan said: “At least Shan Cheng is the son of the Shan family. Even if he leaves home, his life won’t run into problems. A skinny camel is still bigger than horse*.”

*Reminder: idiom meaning the even if the rich runs into hard times, they are still better off than the poor.

“The thing is, when he left, he didn’t take a single penny. He was quite stubborn about it. I guess he felt that if he didn’t act determined enough, the old man in their family won’t care too much about it. Still, no matter how good an illegitimate child is, it still won’t have the same affection as the one he raised at home. Besides Shan Cheng is more capable. The illegitimate son from their family is Shan Wei looks pretty ordinary. He’s just a dandy. The old man probably doesn’t even want this son had he not been coaxed by the mistress. Shan Cheng probably knows this as well so he can only act in this way to hold his father to the fire.”

This was in line with someone like Shan Cheng’s personality. He doesn’t seem to be a white lotus that would just leave home cleanly and honestly and make room for an illegitimate kid. Above all things, he seems quite ruthless.

“Then does he have money to eat?” Yan Yaoxuan said.

Gao Weicheng said: “I heard that he went to work which made his old man extremely angry.”

When Yan Yaoxuan heard this, he immediately asked: “Where does he work?”

“As a waiter in a restaurant,” Gao Weicheng said: “What’s the matter? Why are you so interested in him?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I want to enjoy the service of a young master*.”

*[Gongzi] (工资)

Gao Weicheng couldn’t stand him, so he took him to the restaurant. As soon as they entered, Yan Yaoxuan saw Shan Cheng.

This was a person that had a human face and the heart of a beast. With his waiter uniform on, he looked even more handsome and thin. Yan Yaoxuan slightly lowered his head, pretending not to see him, but Gao Weicheng nodded generously at Yan Yaoxuan.

They found a place to sit by the window, and Gao Weicheng sat down and said: “Don’t you want to see him? Why are you pretending you didn’t see him when we came in?”

As soon as his voice fell, he saw Shan Cheng walking over with the menu.

Gao Weicheng smiled and said to Dan Cheng: “I heard that you are working here. Turns out it was actually true.”

Shan Cheng glanced at Yan Yaoxuan, who simply pursed his lips and said nothing. Shan Cheng handed over the menu to Gao Weicheng. Before Gao Weicheng had the chance to pick it up, Yan Yaoxuan stretched out his hand and grabbed it: “Can you tell me what is the most popular dish in your restaurant?”

Shan Cheng said: “Meatfruit*.”

*Originally in English. It’s basically a pate made to look like an orange.

“What’s good about it?”

Gao Weicheng said: “You haven’t eaten it before?”

Yan Yaoxuan looked up at Shan Cheng: “It looks like an orange with a few pieces of bread. What’s so special about it?”

Shan Cheng said: “It made to look like an orange that you spread on bread. The main course is flounder and venison, and the orange is filled with a duck liver sauce.”

He spoke in a mixture of English and Chinese, which Yan Yaoxuan couldn’t understand much, causing his face to turn red. He felt that if he keeps continuing, he’ll lose his composure, so he handed the menu to Gao Weicheng: “I want this. You can order the rest.”

Gao Weicheng ordered two other dishes.

“It’ll be out shortly,” After Shan Cheng finished speaking, he took the menu and left.

Yan Yaoxuan glanced at his back and said: “How perfunctory.”

“What are you up to?” Gao Weicheng said: “Don’t make fun of others.”

“Look at his character. Can’t you tease him?” Yan Yaoxuan said.

“This restaurant is pretty famous. My mother and others goes here often. He probably works here on purpose.” Gao Weicheng whispered: “This kid is not easy to mess with, so don’t fuck around with him. While Jackson and the others acts indiscriminately, when it comes to Shan Cheng, even they wilt.”

“He looks very kind,” Yan Yaoxuan said: “Why is he so hard to mess with? Everyone seems to shiver and hide their tails at the mention of him.”

Gao Weicheng told him: “He is very handsome and thin, so he looks like a rich kid who’s easy to bully. When we were in the same high school, some people thought he was an easy target, but they were all beaten up very badly. When people fight, they just try to teach each other a lesson so they have bragging rights, but he fights like he’s planning on going to prison. Don’t you think it’s terrible? To tell you the truth…” Gao Weicheng approached him and whispered: “Don’t you think he’s a bit…”


Gao Weicheng laughed: “That’s not true. Anyway, I don’t get along well with him. Otherwise, since we’re both Chinese, we could have been pretty good friends a long time ago.”

Yan Yaoxuan thought to himself: ‘Fuck, why didn’t you say so earlier? If Laozi knew his true face, how would he dare provoke him?’

When Gao Weicheng saw Shan Cheng looking towards their table from across the crowd, he immediately sat upright and coughed. After a while, he found that Shan Cheng was still looking their way and he felt a little guilty. He didn’t know what had happened between Yan Yaoxuan and Shan Cheng, so he thought Shan Cheng was staring at him.

“How are you on your homework? If you take it easy and fail the exam again, you’ll be expelled from school.”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “Why are you brining this up while we’re eating. It’s annoying.”

Shan Cheng brought up the dishes they ordered, and the two of them left after eating. When he left, Yan Yaoxuan glanced back again, and when he saw Shan Cheng staring at him, he turned his head quickly in fright.

He felt that his nature was a bit petty, and he wanted to go back. This time around, he didn’t take Gao Weicheng with him but went by himself.

Even if he couldn’t figure what or why he was doing this, he felt a mysterious attraction to Shan Cheng. He didn’t seem to hate him, and kept wanting to provoke him, wanting to tease him. This attraction in Shan Cheng even made him forget about Shen Jintai in China. It was dangerous yet exciting.

The author has something to say:


Kinky Thoughts: You know, Yan Yaoxuan in a way mirrors both Shen Jintai and Bai Qingquan. Like Shen Jintai, he’s going to turn from a 1 to a 0 but unlike him he doesn’t seem to have a good head on his shoulder. Like Bai Qingquan he’s seems attractive to the bad boy type… except unlike Shi Lei, Shen Cheng is literally a bad seed (I mean he is supposed to be a black belly gong).

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Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch224

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 224: That’s the Kind of Man He is [Extra: Yao Cheng (6)]

Yan Yaoxuan was a little excited and nervous. He felt like he would going to succeed today.

But… isn’t Shan Cheng being a bit too fierce? Why was there no feeling of a 0 at all?!

He pushed Shan Cheng hard, directly pushing him down on the bed. He tore open his collar and panted. Shan Cheng moved up, looked at him with a smile, and unbuttoned his shirt by himself, revealing a large, sturdy chest.

Yan Yaoxuan threw off his shirt and rushed up, trying to grab Shan Cheng’s ass with his hand, but who knew that Shan Cheng clasped his hand and kissed him with a smile.

“Do you know that in foreign countries things actually aren’t so clear.” Shan Cheng said.


Shan Cheng said: “Who’s the gong and shou. Don’t be so old-fashioned.”

Although Yan Yaoxuan had drunk, he wasn’t inebriated. When he heard this, he felt something was wrong. He immediately put on his pants to get up and Shan Cheng hooked his neck and said: “Trying to run again?”

Yan Yaoxuan said: “I’m not running. If you want to be a 0, let’s continue. If you want to be a 1, I won’t do it.”

“You don’t have to,” as Shan Cheng said it, he fished Yan Yaoxuan back, turned over and pressed him down.

Yan Yaoxuan pushed hard, but he couldn’t move at all. Shan Cheng was taller and stronger than him, that he was suppressing him in all direction. He felt a sense of fear floating up.

Shan Cheng pressed him and said: “What are you afraid of? I can still eat you.”

“Get off.”

Shan Cheng smiled and went to kiss him directly. Yan Yaoxuan couldn’t push him away, so he bit Shan Cheng’s lip.

The two rolled into a ball on the bed, not like they were making out, but as if they were fighting. Shan Cheng, who he always thought was quiet and gentle, now seemed like he’s a different person. His expression was fierce, and his eyes were even fiercer and the strength his hands had was even more terrifying. Yan Yaoxuan had limited strength so after several struggles, he was sweating all over his body, but his sense of fear became stronger. He bit Shan Cheng on the shoulder fiercely.

If there was a little force in Shan Cheng before, this bite seemed to bring out the beast within him. Shan Cheng ripped open his waistband and turned him over with one hand making Yan Yaoxuan dumbfounded.

In a rush, he cursed and swear and after a few words he was afraid that Shan Cheng didn’t understand his curses in Chinese, so he shouted: “Fuck you!”

Shan Cheng gave him a hard blow to his ass, causing Yan Yaoxuan’s leg to straighten as the hit was pretty hard.

It’s over. The beauty he thought was actually a monster with painted skin*. Now he’s tore off the skin and was going to eat him!

*Reference to <Strange Tale form a Chinese Studio – Painted Skin> by Pu Songling. You can read it by clicking the Wikipedia. The TLDR is basically a guy picks up a girl and made him his concubine, but she turns out to be a demon wearing human skin.

Just when Yan Yaoxuan’s hair was about to all stand up, he didn’t see any movements from Shan Cheng. He looked back and saw Shan Cheng panting on his lap, then stroking his hair as he got up and off the bed.

Yan Yaoxuan hurriedly got up and put on his pants. His ass was still sore from being beaten. He ran outside the bedroom. Only then did he gain the courage and shouted: “Get out of my house now!”

Shan Cheng was sitting in the bedroom, but there was no movement. Yan Yaoxuan got dressed and walked cautiously to the door of the room. Just as he was about to look inside, he saw Shan Cheng coming out.

He immediately got discouraged and shrank outside the door.

Shan Cheng stopped. He hair was a messy as he asked: “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Yan Yaoxuan said: “Hurry up and pack your luggage and get the fuck out!”

Shan Cheng didn’t speak. He went back to his bedroom and after a while came out with a suitcase. The incident happened so suddenly, leaving Yan Yaoxuan in a daze. His ass still hurts fiercely, and he felt that it was no longer fun. That slap just now had really hurt. This Shan Cheng was terrible. It felt like his true nature had suddenly been revealed.

After Shan Cheng came out, he glanced at him and said: “Then I’ll leave.”

Yan Yaoxuan didn’t speak.

The light in the living room shone on Shan Cheng. His shirt was buttoned up wrongly as half of it was still hanging down. His collar wasn’t fastened, revealing a slightly flushed chest and his hair was a mess. However, his facial features were more vivid under the light, still fair and glowing, showing off that compelling handsomeness, but his eyes seem abnormally flushes as he left the house with his luggage.

The bouquet of red roses was still on the ground, with scattered petals everywhere. The roses had been trampled on and were destroyed and broken. Yan Yaoxuan wiped his mouth and found traces of blood on the back of his hand.

He could hardly admit that he felt hurt when he was slapped.


Kinky Thoughts: You would think you both would have a discussion and made things clear regarding positions after all the times they met before they got to this stage SMH…

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