About Me

I wanted to read novels that were untranslated so I figured I would MTL and edit them myself and share it with others. As translations are done via MTL I can’t vouch for its accuracy. They are edited and fixed to provide a more cohesive and coherent reading experience but at the end of the day it’s done through a machine so don’t expect professional quality.

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My Editing Style

  1. Translation are not direct. To achieve smooth flow and a better enhanced reading experience sentence structures are modified thus liberties are taken on some translations.
  2. For things that I cannot translate, footnotes are added with the original Chinese text in hopes that someone who can understand Chinese can assist me. I want to be 100% upfront about what I can and cannot translate instead of just making things up.
  3. I’ll stick as closely to what the author intention is when translating but on occasion I may make modification to the translations by either omitting things written, changing sentence structure or adding in text.
  4. Omissions – If things get too repetitive in the original text, I will omit them from the translation.
  5. Changing sentence structure – To make translation flow well, I may change the position of when the translation appears.
  6. Additions – I will sometime supplement the translation with additions of extra words in order to make the translation clearer. I will never add extra things to change the plot or the author’s intention.
  7. I usually Englishize my translation if it makes the translation flows better than the original text.
  8. Most terms are translated unless stated otherwise.
  9. For things that are important, I’ll leave footnote to provide more context so that you can understand the translation better, such as Chinese idioms and metaphors or references.

Rather than a translator, I’m more of an editor. The machine translate, I simply fix it. I hope you enjoy my translations and I’m always open for feedback (whether it positive or negative).

You can support me through my ko-fi. Thank you for your support!