Criminal Psychology Ch62

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 62

Rong Rong didn’t drink the glass of water Lin Chen poured for him.

Young people were always like this. They had too much fear and distrust of the world, and because of this, they could easily lose their way.

Looking at the confused and vigilant face of the young special forces officer, Lin Chen sat back into his position. This was not his area of expertise to deal with. Fortunately, Xing Conglian was here.

On both sides of the long, rectangular table, there were waves of people who were also confused about the situation.

It was unknown why the leaders of the college, who originally came to deal with the aftermath of the students’ suicide, were still sitting there. They should’ve left with the parents of the students, but in face of the armed special forces and the handsome criminal division policeman who was now controlling the audience, they didn’t dare to move. Besides, they wouldn’t die even if they stayed, right?

Compared to the butler sitting at the head seat with a grim face, Xu Guoqing felt extremely embarrassed. He had a feeling that he shouldn’t be sitting next to the butler, sensing through some strange premonition that he was close to the center of a storm and would easily become a cannon fodder. However, he didn’t seem to have the chance to move.

Jiang Chao had just returned to the room. According to Xing Conglian’s instructions just now, he transferred some people from the bureau, mainly clerks who didn’t have tasks, to guard the door. Luckily, the door panel was thick, and the people outside wouldn’t hear any sound coming from inside. Yet Jiang Chao didn’t know why he thought about such a thing. However, he felt that something that might need to be kept secret was about to happen soon.

Everyone was sitting on edge, and no one spoke.

Lin Chen propped up one side of his face with his hand and played with the paper cup full of water in front of him. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Xing Conglian waving at him to have a seat by his side.

At that time, the teenager had just hung up from his inquiry call to the front desk of the hotel, and his whole face was frowning.

“Captain, need me to do something more?”

“What do you want to do?” Xing Conglian asked rhetorically.

“Oh, for example, isn’t there a problem with the school’s surveillance system? Do you need me to fix their firewall and catch the little hacker? Or find out which idiot posted on the forum to hack A’Chen!” When Wang Chao said this, he looked provocatively at Mr. Butler sitting in the main seat of the long table. The corners of his eyes were full of pride.

“Keep doing what I arrange for you to do.” Xing Conglian held down the boy’s head and pressed it in front of the computer screen. “Don’t get distracted,” he added.

Lin Chen’s hand that was playing with the paper cup paused slightly. It was rare that even he was a little confused by Xing Conglian’s intentions.

If he didn’t want to fix the surveillance, naturally, it meant he wanted to let those who were secretly monitoring the school continue to observe the situation here for a while longer. After all, once the firewall was repaired, it would directly tell the person who was behind the scenes that they already knew what they were doing. Deep down, Lin Chen even suspected that Xing Conglian wanted to contain the live broadcast of death on the campus of Yongchuan University. If the surveillance cameras were no longer accessible, god knew where those crazy kids would go to commit suicide.

At that moment, Lin Chen suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and he turned his head sideways.

Xing Conglian was sitting in the backlight. The warm sunshine gave him a shaggy golden edge, which blurred his face so that even his eyes looked a little darker green.

Lin Chen thought that Xing Conglian was really good at dealing with complex situations, and his focus was oftentimes a bit scary. For example, sacrificing some small things to take care of the overall situation. Such a similar decision was likely to have happened before.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen suddenly turned his head and asked Xing Conglian in a low voice, “How on earth did you see that?”

Based on their tactical actions alone, Xing Conglian was able to tell the origin of these officers. This was obviously an unreliable answer. Most tactical movements around the world were more or less the same, so how could there be such a big difference?

In order to whisper, Lin Chen had to get close to Xing Conglian. When he heard this question, he inadvertently leaned his head a little closer.

“Because the ICPO are very good at bullying.” He spoke in such a low voice that Lin Chen had to focus hard in order to make out what he was saying. “They are limited to international treaties. Among all people who have the right to carry out their official duties, ICPO tends to pay more attention to the bylaws. If I were to arrest someone, I wouldn’t talk that much nonsense.” Xing Conglian slightly exhaled, and Lin Chen could smell a light tobacco scent from him.

It was an experienced answer.

Wang Chao, who was eavesdropping on the side, couldn’t help but sneer and laugh out loud.

As the time passed, the sun gradually moved westward, drawing the shadow of the trees a little longer.

The door of the slightly old conference room finally opened again. The squeaking sound made everyone inside who was starting to get drowsy jolt awake.

Walking in the forefront was a heavily armed special forces officer with a calm temperament and cold eyes. Lin Chen could tell from the way all the special forces officers in the room stood up in awe that this was their leader. Behind him, another group of officers stood upright like tall trees, and they filled the small room to the brim.

Lin Chen looked at the two people beside him. Xing Conglian remained silent, apparently not ready to talk. Instead, Wang Chao sat up straight and raised the brim of his hat, afraid the visitors couldn’t see his face.

As a result, when the special forces leader looked around the room, his eyes paused on the teenager’s face, and he let out a very soft “huh”.

Time seemed as if it slowed at this very moment, like a slowmo in an action movie.

Everyone had their eyes wide open and looked at the cold and arrogant Interpol leader. He straightened his combat uniform, stood up straight, and put his hands together, giving a standard military salute in the direction of where the teenager was sitting.

Then they heard a cold and arrogant voice coming from the leader’s mouth.

“Good day, instructor.”

This seemed like a strange plot that only happened in TV dramas. A mid-ranking Interpol officer, obviously not young, saluted and addressed an extremely young boy as instructor.

The teenager smiled triumphantly and didn’t try to hide it at all. He pretended to cough seriously, raised his eyebrows at Mr. Butler, and then waved his hand like he was a big brother and said, “All here. What are you doing in a daze? Sit down.”

Chen Ping’s face was so gloomy that it seemed like it was dripping water.

Obviously, there weren’t 12 extra seats in the room. Ren Xian walked to the conference table, pulled out an empty chair, and sat down. He waved his hand, and the officers behind him naturally walked to the wall one by one.


Ren Xian gave instructions, and all the officers sat down on the ground.

Naturally, Ren Xian never thought he would meet the teenager here. When he saw Wang Chao as part of the residents of room 2801, he didn’t make the association that it was the same underage instructor who had mercilessly crushed him in the cyber security training course.

That was two years ago. In order to accept the final assessment before being promoted to team leader, he came to the Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. A group of 50 of them were dragged into a shitty wilderness village where they were subjected to a variety of cruel training and never-ending assessments. Among them, the one in charge of network security training was a 16-year-old juvenile instructor. He still remembered that boy having a really pure smile on his face as he played with them like they were in the palm of his hands.

If his promotion training two years ago was a nightmare, then his unfinished arrest right now would also be one. Ren Xian took off his tactical gloves and had already begun to calculate what he was going to write in his report for their actions today in order to not look too humiliated.

With the special forces officers moving aside, Lin Chen looked up and saw three figures standing behind them.

Zheng Dongdong’s chubby face, which was originally pale, was now even paler, as if it had turned into a transparent film that could break at any moment when poked.

The exchange between Wang Chao and Ren Xian was short and concise, but anyone who heard it would understand that the situation in the conference room had now flipped 180 degrees.

Behind Zheng Dongdong, there were two other people, as if they were master and subordinate. Lin Chen could clearly see that when the old man entered the room, Butler Chen’s body trembled and Xing Conglian’s expression changed slightly.

The change in expression was fleeting. The original four-sided situation had now become more chaotic because of the new arrivals.

After everyone was seated, Xing Conglian finally made his move. He patted Wang Chao on the shoulder, and the teenager stood up aggressively, grabbed his red backpack, and poured out all the bits and pieces inside.

As if to reflect his status, he grabbed two things specifically and threw them at the Team Leader Ren. With his head held high, he said, “It’ll fit, right? Load it up.”

Ren Xian glanced at the parts in front of him and found that it was a signal blocker that could block cellphone signals, wireless signals, and even monitor signals… But looking at the degree of damage on that thing, it seemed like it was a toy used by a boy and carelessly thrown into a backpack. This made him quite speechless.

However, Wang Chao’s movements didn’t stop there. He pulled out a broken camera that was held together with some duct tape from his backpack, found an angle where it could take a panoramic view of the conference room, and installed it.

When he did all this, Ren Xian had finished installing the signal blocker.

The teenager returned to the laptop, confirmed that everything was working, and then nodded to Xing Conglian.

Finally, the captain of the criminal division, who hadn’t said a single word, moved. He leaned forward slightly, causing many people in the room to take a deep breath.

Indeed, humans were truly creatures that were sensitive to authority and order.

“Vice President Xu and a few deans who are present, today has been hard on you. I hope that the police will still get your cooperation from Yongchuan University in the future,” Xing Conglian said, making a gesture of invitation, indicating that the people who were just addressed could leave.

Xu Guoqing was relieved. He didn’t know why he could leave the room so easily, but looking at the situation with the police, special forces, and camera, could he still wait for dinner if he didn’t run away? When he opened the door, he turned around and looked at Lin Chen with a little more awe.

After Xu Guoqing’s group hurriedly left, the door panel shook again. Lin Chen was very clear about Xing Conglian’s intention.

He purposefully let them stay so the executives of the school could witness the interaction between Wang Chao and the Interpol leader and then let them go at the right time. This was naturally intended to hammer the school executives and the dog legs of the Chen family. Xing Conglian was making it clear that he hoped the investigation would now continue smoothly in the future.

To come up with something like this, such a mind had to be quite deep and delicate to the extreme.

As if he had a hunch that the real drama was about to start, Chen Ping also moved. He put his hand on the armchair and began to preemptively get up. “Captain Xing, what great official authority. Am I to take it that people can only leave with your consent?”

Chen ping expected Xing Conglian to be polite, but instead heard a very calm voice responding from the other end of the room.

“That’s right.”

“May I assume that you’re restricting my personal freedom?”

“That’s the truth.” Xing Conglian lightly supported his hands against his chin as he spoke casually.

Chen Ping only felt anger rushing to the top of his head. He slammed the table and scolded, “Now the police are investigating for drugs. Why do I have to stay here? Am I also a suspect? Can the police detain people so casually without evidence?”

“I certainly can, and I have evidence.” Xing Conglian smiled. He knocked on the table, signaling to Wang Chao, who naturally turned the laptop screen around.

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