Criminal Psychology Ch60

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 60

Just as Lin Chen looked out the window and watched the scenery of Jun Mountain a few kilometers away, at the same time, someone else was also looking out at the same scenery from their window.

In a small octagonal building, located near the highest point of the entire Tianren Club, a window surrounded by plum blossoms was half open. An old man was standing at the window.

The air in the afternoon was good. The spring breeze was soft, and the birds were chirping on the branches. The bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain was dotted with rows of small buildings. The people who had been partying all night had long since dispersed. The afternoon was almost the most peaceful time of day for Tianren Club, and such a moment was, of course, suitable for napping.

But Xing Fu didn’t sleep.

To be precise, he was awakened after lying down. After all, for an old man like him who needed his sleep, if there wasn’t a major matter, his subordinates wouldn’t deliberately wake him up, but after hearing the problem described by the young man, he only felt surprised.

“The Chen family has repeatedly put pressure on the police to obstruct the investigation of the suicide case at the university. Is that it?”

The old man’s tone was very relaxed, and he even prolonged the end of his voice as if he felt this issue wasn’t worth interrupting his sleep for.

Hearing these words, the young man’s mood also changed from anxiety to panic.

After all, he did take the initiative to send someone to follow the gentlemen without the old man’s order. When he learned that the Chen family was about to do something, he also thought about whether he should disturb the old man for this, but in the end, he still used the excuse of the suicide case at Yongchuan University and mentioned to the old man the obstacles that the gentleman might encounter because of the Chen family’s meddling. However, just looking at the attitude of the old man, he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.

The young man felt he couldn’t figure out what the relationship was between the two.

However, thinking about the plate of peanuts that the old man had rolled up his cuffs and personally fried up last night, he felt that his analysis wasn’t wrong. The gentleman who loved to drink cold beer and eat fried peanuts should be very important, or even noble, so he could only bite the bullet and continue, “But that gentleman and his friend have encountered obstacles in their investigation. Do you think it’s necessary that I should go say something?”

“Huh? Say what?” The old man lightly fastened the button on his front lapel. He was still overlooking the verdant bamboo forest outside the building and hadn’t once diverted his gaze from it.

“Well…” The young man hesitated.

After the old man buttoned the last button, he turned around. His voice remained flat, almost languid. He said, “Saying something is nothing more than pressing people or asking for help. These are two things that we, the Xings, never do.”

When the young man heard this, he was taken aback, and bowed to the old man earnestly, expressing his gratitude for the lesson.


To suppress people with power, one must first gain power or take advantage of it and then use it to suppress others. These things weren’t always upright, so the Xing family wouldn’t do it. This was a kind of natural pride.

But things like pride couldn’t be eaten like food, so most people would complain if they wanted revenge. After being provoked, they would naturally want to scold them back.

This was probably Chen Ping’s current state.

He had a belly full of anger and wanted to release it. After being refuted, naturally anyone would get angry, let alone he was humiliated mercilessly by Lin Chen, of all people, in front of everyone. He had been in this high position for a long time and had seniority because of his age. Except for the elites of the Chen family, no one in Yongchuan would dare snub him, yet right now he was being slapped in the face by a young man. Of course he wanted to pound on the table and scold him until he was black and blue.

However, the room was quiet. Lin Chen’s eyes were clear and sober. Everyone present was looking at them with complicated emotions, but full of trust.

Psychologists were indeed extremely good at compelling people.

Chen Ping once again sneered. It was inappropriate to touch a person who had swayed the hearts of people, so he raised his hand and looked at his watch.

The time was 1:20 PM.

The sun was getting brighter, dazzling the lake in the afternoon.

Because it was now a public holiday, the entrance of the Cohen May hotel was extremely busy, bustling with people coming and going.

Most of the guests were middle-aged couples with families or young couples who were making intimate gestures. They were beautifully dressed and looked either rich or famous.

Because this was the best hotel in Yongchuan, they naturally had the best food, rooms, and, of course, service.

A bellhop wearing a bow tie bowed down and picked up the luggage from the trunk of the taxi for an old couple and put it in the luggage cart.

After the two people paid for their taxi, they helped each other and were about to walk through the revolving door. When the bellhop saw this, he rushed over and held the door for them.

This was an act of goodwill, and goodwill would often bring good luck.

The bellhop stood there watching as the two elderly people walked smoothly through the revolving door, then he let it turn again. Just as he released his hand, there was a loud noise of a vehicle crashing behind him.

He turned his head suddenly and saw a mess in front of him.

The vehicle alarm blared all over the sky. The taxi had hit a guardrail, and the front hood was lifted up. The lights were broken and fell to the ground, and the luggage cart he had just loaded next to the taxi was also smashed to pieces. The culprit was a black SUV that suddenly rushed up the slope.

What made it strange was that it was obvious the driver of the SUV was the cause of the accident, yet there didn’t seem to be any intention from the driver to get out of the car and check.

The security guards in the lobby quickly reacted. About five people pressed their walkie-talkies and rushed from everywhere, but before they could go out, the door of the SUV slammed open.

With just one look, the security guards stayed in place and didn’t dare move anymore. Not only the security guards, but also the front desk attendants, who were originally shocked by the accident, all stopped what they were doing.

Because they saw a gun.

Dozens of heavily armed special forces rushed out of the car. They seemed to be even better equipped than ordinary special forces. The leader, who looked like a captain, gave a tactical order, and a group of nine people rushed directly into the executive suite on the 28th floor. The last person to leave slowly walked to the front desk of the hotel as if to say hello.

In the hotel corridor, a hotel manager well dressed in a suit was holding onto the iron railing, looking at what was happening downstairs, but he didn’t mean to go down to stop it.

He raised his head and looked at the hotel executives with a wry smile on his face.

Not only at the entrance of the Cohen May Hotel, but under the white marble arch of Yongchuan University with the words “Peaceful and Calm”, there was also another black SUV and a group of special forces with loaded guns appeared.

The students wandering around the school gate were stunned, but perhaps it was because of the recent incidents at the school that many of the students’ emotions were calm. They watched the police officers rush to the administrative building, then yawned.

The conference room at Yongchuan University was still smoky.

A strange cry suddenly sounded, as if it were an electronic sound from a game that was close to the sound of an alarm. In short, it sounded very strange and harsh.

Since they were discussing important matters, all cellphones should have been put on silent, so the sudden sound made everyone frown, and they all cast their eyes at Vice Captain Jiang first.

Under their scorching gaze, Jiang Chao raised his hand, indicating that he wasn’t to blame.

The ringing sound kept going non-stop, and following the sound, everyone’s eyes moved to the corner of the conference room.

There was a young man who had been sitting on the ground and was clacking on his laptop.

Wang Chao became frantic.

After all, he was a computer expert, but he didn’t know why his laptop was making such a strange noise. He quickly screened the running program and seemed to see something incredible. He raised his head and looked for Xing Conglian’s figure, then gently called, “Captain…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Our room seems to have been broken into…”

Xing Conglian didn’t react for a while. “What room?”

“Our hotel room. There’s an alarm device on the door lock, and it’s ringing. It’s really strange. Wait let me show you.”


Upstairs in the octagonal building around Jun Mountain, the old man was drinking tea. He had just set it down when he spoke with surprise. “What’s wrong?”

After being interrupted during his lunch break, he had finally settled down and was drinking tea, but not long after he sat down, the door of his room was knocked on again. The young man whom he just saw ran back again.

The young man bent down, and the look on his face was more uneasy than before.

“Hotel…” After the young man said this, he stopped talking again, as if he didn’t know if he should go on.

“If you’re working under me, you should know that no matter what, you should never be hesitant, even if Mount Tai collapses. There are not so many things in the world worth being nervous about…” the old man continued to educate.

“But that gentleman booked a room at our Cohen May Hotel, and just now special forces raided it. Is this not important?”

Hearing this, the old man’s hand that was holding the teacup shook, spilling most of the tea. The tea was hot, but the old man didn’t care about the pain in his hand. He said anxiously, “What are you doing in a daze? Go and find out what’s going on!”

The young man immediately ran away in response.

“Wait!” The old man suddenly stopped him, and his tone became cold.

The hotel guest room was broken into by the police. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that this was a Xing’s hotel and not some ordinary fast-food chain. If this wasn’t a major case and they had sufficient evidence, how could the Yongchuan police dare to be so arrogant as to break into an executive suite at the top of the hotel?

But the question was, why did the police raid the hotel room?

They obviously wanted to search for something, and since the police dared to act with such great fanfare, it meant that they were sure they would be able to find something.

The old man feared that there would be some inexplicably dirty things.

“I’m going too.” Thinking of this, the old man stood up as he spoke.

Xing Fu was just an old servant, but the fact that he had served the Xing family for so long and also managed some of the family business for his master meant that his brain was quite good.

So all the things he had thought about in his mind were roughly correct.

The conference room of the Administrative Building of Yongchuan University was a mess.

The door that had been kicked open before was still shaking gently. Three guns were aimed at the three residents of the executive suite 2801 of the Cohen May Hotel.

The rest of the people in the conference room were silent, except for the three residents, who were still calm and relaxed.

A pair of leather boots stepped on the oak floor, reading out the contents of the arrest warrant.

The teenager sitting on the ground dug his ear and repeated what he had just heard after hearing the righteous words. “You mean, when the cleaner was cleaning our hotel room, she found a suspicious white powder and then called the police? The police suspect it’s a drug, so they sent someone to search our room, and now they want to arrest us so they can investigate?”


“Are you mentally retarded?” the young man asked incredulously.

The author has something to say:

The scene switching in this chapter is relatively fast. I don’t know if everyone feels that it is not smooth enough.

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