Bu Tian Gang Ch110

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 110

According to Chen Guoliang, after Qi Rui went to Hong Kong, she quickly clung onto a wealthy businessman and became his kept mistress. She abandoned her original identity and changed her name. With the help of her gold master, she applied for a new ID and appeared in the social scene of high society under the name of Martha. Her face was also different from the photos that Dong Zhi had shown Chen Guoliang. Most likely, she had extensive plastic surgery. Chen Guoliang also said that there would be a charity dinner in two days. The wealthy businessman he knew would be on the guest list, but he didn’t know whether the man would bring his wife or his mistress.

This was indeed a valuable piece of information. When Dong Zhi let Chen Guoliang off the hook, he expected that the other party would hide away and wouldn’t make big splashes, but he didn’t think he would be so capable and provide him with such an important clue.

Dong Zhi hung up the phone and relayed what he had learned.

Long Shen asked, “Can this Chen Guoliang get us an invitation to this banquet?”

Dong Zhi said, “He should be able to. On such occasions, he would usually bring an assistant or a female companion. I can ask him to give us the invitation for his plus one, but in this case, there’s only one.”

Long Shen shook his head. “You go. I won’t. I don’t know if Qi Rui has also been cursed. You investigate first, and I’ll come forward in due course.”

Since he said that, Long Shen probably had a comprehensive plan so Dong Zhi naturally agreed.

Their rare leisure time was interrupted again. Long Shen was concerned about Dong Zhi’s curse and didn’t want to delay any more time. The two went back to take a short break, then took a flight directly to Hong Kong in the evening.

The history of Hong Kong wasn’t long, but this century was enough to make it world-famous. Due to some complicated factors, the Special Administration Bureau hadn’t set up an office here. Later, it was managed by the Pengcheng office across the river. It was precisely because of the high degree of liberalization in the city that people like Chen Guoliang, who were just ordinary and liked to flaunt, were so sought after and respected by the rich, and there was no Special Administration Bureau to interfere with him.

However, after suffering a great blow from them, this Master Chen had become much more low-key. Nine out of ten banquets couldn’t get his attendance, and it was even more difficult to meet him. Dong Zhi didn’t know what he had learned during his ideological education trip on the mainland, but speaking of him now, he seemed more sophisticated and respected.

Hearing that Dong Zhi was coming, Chen Guoliang personally brought his assistant to the airport to pick him up. The assistant had followed them to the hotel the previous time and witnessed the bloody and fierce battle, but that didn’t deter him from resigning. This time, he didn’t feel that Chen Guoliang was making a mountain out of a molehill, and instead, he followed in his boss’ footsteps and looked at Dong Zhi with respect and admiration, not daring to be neglectful at all.

Dong Zhi didn’t elaborate on Long Shen’s position in the Special Administration Bureau, only saying that he was his master, but this title alone was enough to make Chen Guoliang’s eyes straighten as he stretched out his hands in a dreamy expression to greet him. “It turns out you are Mr. Dong’s master. Hello, hello. I have heard so much about you. How should I address you?”

Long Shen shook his hands lightly. “My surname’s Long.”

Despite not revealing his full name, Chen Guoliang didn’t care but actually felt that this was the panache of a true master.

Thinking about how powerful Mr. Dong was, it naturally didn’t need to be said regarding his master.

Chen Guoliang stretched out a thumb that had a jade ring on it, and, like many enthusiastic Hong Kong people, he exclaimed repeatedly, “Long is a good surname. Only such an elegant name like that could be worthy of a master like you! No wonder, when I saw you from a distance, I thought you were very different. Now it’s even more amazing looking at you up close. It’s just like…”

The assistant finished the sentence for him. “An immortal! A person of wonder!”

Chen Guoliang: “Yes, yes. An immortal hidden among the mundane world.”

Dong Zhi: ……

After a wave of touting, Chen Guoliang thought he had ignored Dong Zhi, so he opened his mouth to prepare for the next wave. Dong Zhi seemed to sense this and quickly interrupted him. “When will the banquet start?”

Cheng Guoliang: “Tomorrow night! I have two invitations. You two…”

Dong Zhi said, “I’ll go with you. My master has other arrangements.”

Chen Guoliang was a little disappointed. He felt that having a master like Long Shen present would have a strong effect on his performance, but given that Dong Zhi was looking at him, he didn’t dare protest. He hurriedly said with a smile, “I have arranged a hotel for the two of you. How about the Four Seasons Hotel? It’s the best hotel in Hong Kong!”

They didn’t intend to play on this trip, so it didn’t matter where they were staying. Naturally, they had no opinions. Dong Zhi didn’t want Chen Guoliang to pay so they asked him for the cost and reimbursed him for the expense. Chen Guoliang didn’t expect that his flattery had rubbed them the wrong way, which made him a little annoyed for a while. He resolved to do everything he could next time to satisfy Dong Zhi.

Early the next morning, Long Shen left, saying that he had to make other arrangements. Chen Guoliang waited downstairs in the lobby on time at 8. He thought he would see Long Shen again, but when he learned the other party wasn’t there, he couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “Master Chen, did you see a thicker thigh, so you no longer want my arm?”

Chen Guoliang was a slick person. When he heard this, he smiled and said, “How dare I? Your arm can stand up to dozens of others. You can take me down with just a finger. Besides, Mr. Long is a thigh, and you’re an arm. It’s a perfect match for you two father and son to fight a tiger*!”

*Referring to the idiom (打虎还得亲兄弟,上阵须教父子兵) which means regarding matters of life and death, only people who are as close to brothers and sons can do it together.

Naturally, he didn’t know the relationship between Long Shen and Dong Zhi, but hearing that they were a perfect match made Dong Zhi happy.

“Master Chen came here so early. Where are you taking me?”

Chen Guoliang asked, “Did you bring a suit?”


Chen Guoliang seemed to have expected this answer, as he showed a confident smile. “Tonight’s dinner is dominated by people from the financial sector, the rich and powerful, and those from the entertainment industry. If you don’t have status, you can’t enter the venue, so you need to wear more formal clothing. I will take you to buy a suit.”

Dong Zhi didn’t expect that Chen Guoliang would be so mindful about this matter, so he thanked him. The two then went out together as Chen Guoliang’s assistant drove them to their destination.

On the way, Chen Guoliang asked how Dong Zhi’s stay last night went.

“I wonder if you have heard of the reputation of the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong? This is known as the Swiss Bank of Hong Kong. As long as you enter this hotel, all your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. No matter what your identity is outside, at the hotel it will be absolutely safe. I know you two came to do business and certainly wanted to keep it low-key, so I arranged this place for you. Are you and Mr. Long satisfied?”

The words were asked with respect and modesty, but his face showed a look that begged for praise.

Dong Zhi raised his eyebrows. “How do you know that we wanted to keep a low profile this time?”

Cheng Guoliang was stunned and thought, ‘Did my flattery rub him the wrong way again?’

Dong Zhi lowered his voice and said mysteriously, “Actually, did you know? With the confidentiality of this hotel, mixed with fish and dragons, also means that there’s likely someone who’s not human among us. Even if it kills someone, changes into their skin, and re-assumes their identity, no one will know.”

All of Chen Guoliang’s hair stood up. He immediately recalled that day when he followed Dong Zhi and saw Han Qi covered in blood, as well as her magic fetus.

“Stop, stop. Don’t say any more!”

Dong Zhi couldn’t hold it in and said happily, “I’m just teasing you. I can’t believe you fell for it!”

Chen Guoliang: ……

He wanted to get angry, but he didn’t dare, so he could only hold back his grievances.

Dong Zhi patted him on the shoulder. “Okay, you provided us with a good clue this time. If we can really find Qi Rui tonight, you’ll be rewarded for your contribution.”

Chen Guoliang immediately became excited. “What kind of reward?”

“What do you want?”

Chen Guoliang tentatively said, “Why don’t you teach me a move so that I can become someone like you?”

Dong Zhi glanced at him. Chen Guoliang immediately understood and pressed a button. A barrier rose between the driver’s seat and the back seat, blocking the front from hearing their conversation.

“Master Chen is very skilled in this business, just like an agent in a spy movie!” Dong Zhi joked.

Chen Guoliang smiled bitterly. “You joke. Those rich people come to me for help, so privacy is often required. I have no choice but to do so.”

Dong Zhi stopped harping on the issue and returned to the original topic.

“For those of us who cultivate, you either have a teacher or you have to join the Special Administration Bureau to get relevant training.”

Cheng Guoliang hesitated. “The requirements for the Special Administration are very strict, right? Since I took that ideology class, I should be able to pass the test. I still remember the words I was taught last time.”

“Then, can you recite the core values?”

When Chen Guoliang heard this, he straightened up his waist. “Prosperity, strength, democracy, civilized, harmony, patriotic, dedication, honesty, and friendliness!”

Dong Zhi was slightly impressed. “Do you really remember it in your heart?”

Chen Guoliang said proudly, “Of course. You have to be sincere!”

Dong Zhi said, “We plan to set up a liaison office in Hong Kong. After all, this is an international city where many forces converge. Once something happens, it’ll usually be one step late to get feedback from Pengcheng.”

Chen Guoliang’s eyes lit up, and he quickly agreed. “Yes, yes. It’s more convenient to have a liaison office!”

Dong Zhi said, “However, we are still investigating the liaison personnel. If Master Chen is interested, you can sign up.”

“What’s the main responsibility of this liaison officer?”

“The liaison officer is a non-staff member, so they are not considered part of the Special Administration Bureau, which means their task won’t be as heavy. The main purpose is for us to have a direct channel of contact. If something happens, you can contact us directly.”

Of course, such a liaison also wouldn’t be privy to too many things about the Special Administration Bureau to prevent secrets from leaking.

Chen Guoliang was really interested.

In fact, this position was tailored for him. Being who he was, Chen Guoliang wasn’t qualified to enter the Special Administration Bureau, but he wasn’t a bad person. He had a firm position and a bottom line. At best, he could be regarded as a not-so-bad person, but he did have extensive contacts in the three religions and a wide network in Hong Kong. This was very in line with the needs of the Special Administration Bureau. Therefore, after discussing it with Long Shen, Dong Zhi decided to give him a shot. The contact point in Hong Kong wouldn’t be affiliated with a branch office but would be directly under the jurisdiction of the General Administration Bureau.

Chen Guoliang hesitated for a moment, then smiled. “Then, may I ask, do non-staff also get paid?”

Dong Zhi smiled. “How about authentic talismans from a Taoist sect?”

Chen Guoliang’s eyes widened.

“There are exorcism talismans from Mount Longhu, Maoshan, Qingcheng, Yuanming Palace, and Mount Wusha. Wearing them can calm your nerves and dispel evil spirits, but I can’t give you much. Within the scope of my authority, I can only give you one every month. Don’t think this amount is too small. Although they are the most common exorcism talismans, fakes are rampant outside. I dare say that you can’t get an authentic Taoist talisman like this in all of Hong Kong!”

Chen Guoliang smiled hurriedly. “It’s enough. It’s enough!”

If he had these real goods in hand, he wouldn’t need to use tricks in the future. Not to mention he would develop a connection with the Special Administration as a result, which meant he would also have a big backer!

Dong Zhi seemed to see through his mind and said, “Don’t be too preemptively happy. Non-staff members also need to take a test before joining. The Special Administration Bureau is a law enforcement department, not a tool for you to show off your identity to the outside world. You must not disclose them to the public, and you must never use their names to deceive others, let alone do things that violate the law and national interests.”

“Understood, understood!” Chen Guoliang said it repeatedly with a bitter face. “Oh, Dong Ge, you look down on me. Although I’m native to Hong Kong, I’m also Chinese. How can I do anything that goes against national interests? Moreover, since I hadn’t formally entered a Taoist sect before, I could only rely on lip service. Now, in the future, I can really help others!”

“That would depend on actions rather than words. If you want to join, I will send you a form later. You can fill out your personal information. If you sign up, I’ll let you know if there’s news later.”

Chen Guoliang smiled.

Dong Zhi reminded him, “I know you have a close relationship with many rich people, but the most important thing in cultivation is to do good and accumulate virtue. This kindness is not only for the rich but also for the poor. We treat everyone equally. Don’t just make money and connections and forget about the important foundations of life. Otherwise, sooner or later, it will come back to bite you.”

Chen Guoliang hurriedly responded, “I now donate to charities every year, and in the future I will regularly go to welfare homes to distribute cold clothes and food to the elderly and actively participate in volunteer work!”

As they were talking, they had arrived at the mall, which was just opening. There was no one inside the store. Dong Zhi quickly picked out a suit and refused Chen Guoliang’s offer to pay. He took out a black card that Long Shen gave him, which shocked Chen Guoliang, who no longer dared rush to the checkout.

Long Shen hadn’t contacted Dong Zhi, nor did he tell him what he was planning, but Dong Zhi knew that the other party had his own business, most likely related to work, so he didn’t bother him. He went to lunch with Chen Guoliang.

After lunch, Chen Guoliang had an appointment, but he pushed it off because of Dong Zhi’s arrival. However, the other party kept calling, saying that it was an urgent matter. When Dong Zhi saw his predicament, he offered to go with Chen Guoliang to have a look. Naturally, Chen Guoliang was happy and hurriedly drove him to the client’s home.

The villa was located on a hillside. It was said that in the colonial era, only those bestowed the title of peacemakers by the British and the Queen of England were eligible to buy homes here. Naturally, there was no such rule now, but the price of these villas was still high, especially in Hong Kong.

The other party’s name was Nie Gui, the head of the Nie family. The Nie family was engaged in real estate and the jewelry business in Hong Kong. The family’s business was not publicly listed, but according to a gossip newspaper, their assets should be within the top ten in Hong Kong. However, none of this was earned by Nie Gui, who was your typical second-generation dandy. He had been eating, drinking, and having fun since returning from studying abroad. However, his parents suddenly died, and the huge industry fell into his hands. It was said a while ago that Nie Gui went to court with his uncles and brothers and fought several lawsuits before finally getting most of the business, but the Nie family didn’t continue to flourish under his hands. Recently, there had been rumors that Nie Gui had been lingering in nightclubs, chasing women all night long. Everyone said that the Nie family would sooner or later end in his hands.

And it was this Mr. Nie who contacted Chen Guoliang at this time. As soon as Dong Zhi saw him, he felt that this person hadn’t slept for a few days, as his eyes were sunken and there were heavy bags under them.

Nie Gui’s temper was also a bit impatient. When he saw Dong Zhi come in, he thought he was Chen Guoliang’s assistant, so he waved his hand and said, “Master Chen, just the two of us today. Let your assistant go outside and wait!”

Chen Guoliang said hurriedly, “This is Master Dong, who is a very powerful practitioner. Today, he happened to be visiting Hong Kong to do business. To give me face, he came specially with me. With multiple people, we can help Mr. Nie much better!”

Dong Zhi looked too young, and his baby face was cute and harmless. When Chen Guoliang introduced him like this, Nie Gui looked at Dong Zhi suspiciously for a while before he extended a hand.

“Master Dong, right? It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Dong Zhi didn’t mind his attitude. Since entering the Special Administration Bureau, he had seen such attitudes before, including Chen Guoliang, and later, without exception, such attitudes would change 180°.

Nie Gui began to talk about his own affairs. In fact, it was simple. It was nothing more than that he had recently lost energy. He always felt that he didn’t sleep enough, which made him more tired during the day. He had drunk many traditional Chinese medicines and taken various supplements, but they weren’t effective. He always felt that someone was whispering in his ears, so he went to the hospital for an examination. The result came back that there was nothing wrong with him; no auditory hallucinations, no mental illness—so Nie Gui had to turn from science to metaphysics and ask for Chen Guoliang’s help.

Chen Guoliang asked him if he had encountered any strange people or things recently. Naturally, he said no, but his expression was weird, making it easy to doubt his words.

“I haven’t been in good health recently, so I haven’t even gone to nightclubs!” Speaking of this, Nie Gui lowered his voice. “Master Chen, do you think I’m being haunted by a vixen?”

Chen Guoliang: “I don’t think so? You said you always hear someone talking in your ear. Do you remember what they said?”

Nie Gui scratched his head and said, “It seems to be my mother talking, but I don’t remember exactly what she said. When she’s still alive, she always nags me, saying I’m the only child, and they’re worried I’ll be bullied by my uncles and brothers after they leave, but I’m fine, aren’t I? Master Chen, do you think it’s my mother’s ghost that has not moved on? Do we need to do a ritual or something?”

The corner of Chen Guoliang’s mouth twitched. He wanted to say, “It wasn’t you who killed your mother, so why would her spirit haunt you?” but he heard Dong Zhi say, “I saw it.”

Nie Gui was puzzled. “What did you see?”

Dong Zhi: “Your mother. She came down from the stairs and is now standing at the bottom looking at you.”

Nie Gui suddenly turned around and saw no one at the stairway. Soon his scalp exploded, and he had goosebumps all over his body.

Dong Zhi said slowly, “She’s wearing a bright yellow skirt and a top hat, and she seems unhappy. Oh, she started talking. She said that you are alone, with no one to care about you now. All you do is go pick up girls all day long. Given that your business has already shrunk by half, you will lose all of the Nie family’s business sooner or later, even if you don’t have relatives fighting with you.”

Nie Gui’s face turned pale. He was about to open his mouth to retort but was interrupted by Dong Zhi. “Oh, she’s speaking again. She said that she always wanted you to start a family before she died, but you didn’t want to. At this rate, it’s better that you have erectile dysfunction so you don’t go out all night and catch something.”

Nie Gui’s face turned even paler.

“Mom! You can’t treat me like this. Aren’t you cursing your own son? If I get erectile dysfunction, who will take over the Nie family!”

Dong Zhi said coldly, “You can adopt, or it can be directly inherited by your uncle and others when you get sick and die.”

Nie Gui looked angry, as if he were about to attack something, but Dong Zhi’s next sentence, “Your mother is waiting for you to speak,” immediately shut him up.

Chen Guoliang was secretly happy when he saw this. He had long heard that the Nie family was headed by a woman. When Nie Gui’s mother was alive, the affairs of the company were basically decided by her. Under the standard style of a strong woman, children would either be cowardly and incompetent or rebellious and debauched. Nie Gui was obviously a combination of the two. He wasn’t afraid of heaven and earth, but only his mother.

It was indeed an effective move by his mother. Nie Gui promised that he wouldn’t go out and mess around in the future. He would reform himself and learn how to run the family business, and he wouldn’t lose the business that his grandfather and mother had built and left behind for him.

Dong Zhi also gave him a talisman.

“This is a soothing talisman. After you wear it, your body and sleep will gradually improve. If you do more good deeds and accumulate virtue, the previous unhappiness will naturally disappear, but the ghost will continue to live here. If you relapse, even the gods may not be able to save you, let alone Master Chen.”

Nie Gui looked at the talisman suspiciously. “Is this really useful?”

Dong Zhi drew back his hand. “Then I’ll just take it back.”

Nie Gui hurriedly snatched the talisman back. “I was just speaking casually!”

Dong Zhi said, “Don’t move. I will help regulate your body now.”

In fact, Nie Gui didn’t initially put Dong Zhi in his sights at first, but he discovered that it was Dong Zhi who did everything from beginning to end. Chen Guoliang rarely interrupted, and it could be seen that his attitude towards Dong Zhi was also very respectful. It didn’t take a smart man to realize who was the dominant of the two, let alone Nie Gui.

However, he was uneasy about how young Dong Zhi looked. At this time, he saw the other party flick him on both sides of the shoulders, asked him to sit down again, and pressed on his baihui point.

“Wake up!”

In Chen Guoliang’s ears, Dong Zhi’s volume was about the same as usual, but in Nie Gui’s ears, the sound was nothing short of a jackhammer. With a sudden ringing in his eardrums, his mind was suddenly awakened by a deafening wake-up call.

Nie Gui’s eyes suddenly changed when he looked at Dong Zhi.

“Master, Master, what divine art did you use on me? Why do I feel as if my spirit has all of a sudden improved?”

“This is called a Lion’s Roar.” Dong Zhi’s expression became more profound in Nie Gui’s eyes.

He didn’t explain much, but Nie Gui felt that this was how things should be. A master should be arrogant and temperamental.

“Master, can you,” Nie Gui leaned closer and lowered his voice, “send my mother away. With her here, I’m under a lot of pressure!”

Dong Zhi said, “She hasn’t had her wish fulfilled, so I can’t forcibly send her away. This is against the harmony of heaven, understand? And it’s useless to whisper to me. She heard everything and has been staring at you this whole time.”

Nie Gui’s face turned pale.

Dong Zhi said, “When you get married, have children, and turn to the path of righteousness, she will naturally leave as soon as her wish is fulfilled. Remember what I said. Otherwise, no matter how much you try, it’ll be useless even for me to help you.”

Nie Gui responded with a bitter face.

Chen Guoliang finally spoke. “Mr. Nie, you are also attending tonight’s dinner, right?”

Nie Gui nodded. “Yes, why? Is Master Cheng going too?”

Chen Guoliang smiled and said, “Mr. Dong wants to find Mr. An. Can you help with the introduction, Mr. Nie?”

Mr. An was the gold master of Qi Rui. The An family was also a famous and powerful family in Hong Kong. Mr. An was also recognized as a peacekeeper, so his family background was a bit deeper than the Nie’s. Chen Guoliang hoped to make a good impression on Dong Zhi, so naturally he had to do his best, but he had no friendship with the An family and was worried he would be treated coldly. If Nie Gui was there, the scene would be much better.

Nie Guo agreed. “No problem. I’ll take care of it!”

Now that he had witnessed Dong Zhi’s abilities with his own eyes, he no longer had any doubts.

“Master, can you give me your contact information? If there’s anything wrong, would it be convenient for me to contact you?” Nie Gui’s Mandarin wasn’t very good, so he often speaks sloppily and bluntly.

Dong Zhi gave him his number. Nie Gui wanted to give him a red envelope, but he was rejected. Nie Gui regarded him as a respectable master and enthusiastically retained them for afternoon tea. Chen Guoliang felt that this was a good opportunity to get closer and kept making eye contact with Dong Zhi, but Dong Zhi didn’t seem to notice his “ogles” and inferred that they had something to do, so they left the Nie villa shortly after.

Nie Gui felt reluctant to let them go. “Master, see you tonight!”

Sitting in the car, Chen Guoliang looked puzzled.

“Dong Ge, do we have something else to do?”

This form of address was confusing as he was older than Dong Zhi, but Dong Zhi didn’t bother to correct him.

Dong Zhi said casually, “No, but if we stay any longer, he will definitely ask me to ask his mother about business matters and pass on the information to him. I can’t just make things up on the fly. Of 36 strategies, the best is to get away at once*!”

*(三十六计走为上计) Idiom referring to once you reach an irreversible point, there’s no other way but to run away. This comes from the original saying that refers to if you’re unable to resist the enemy, the best policy is to escape.

Chen Guoliang was speechless. “Did you lie to him just now?”

Dong Zhi blinked. “Of course. Do you think there are that many monsters and ghosts out there that you can just run into them so casually? He’s not sick at all. It’s just that he’s been overindulging in sex, leading to dysfunction, mental fatigue, and hallucinations.”

Chen Guoliang felt that his brain seemed to have rusted, and he was left speechless for a while.

“Then how did you describe what Madam Nie’s clothes were?”

Dong Zhi said, “That’s easy. There’s information online. I just checked on the way there. His mother’s photo is also on the internet, so I just picked an outfit.”

Chen Guoliang was at a loss. “And what’s the point of pressing his baihu just now?”

“He’s been upside down day and night for a long time. His yang was declining and his yin growing. After so long, he wouldn’t be able to raise it, so I raised his yang fire on his shoulder a little higher, then used the Lion’s Roar to restore his sanity. As long as he doesn’t go to sleep drunk, he’ll slowly get better.”

“The truth mingles with the false, what’s false is true, and what’s true is false. You have great skills, just like a master in the art of war!” Chen Guoliang stood in awe and gave him a thumbs up. “Dong Ge, you are really born to do business. You’re simply talented and have deep wisdom. Why don’t we start a company together? I’m sure that within a few years, we’ll take over the world!”

Dong Zhi didn’t know how to reply to this and could only say, “I’m a public official. Unless there are special work needs, I’m not allowed to take on private work.”

Chen Guoliang’s face was full of regret. “Then it’s not a problem with money?”

Dong Zhi gave him a look.

Chen Guoliang laughed. “Yes, yes. I know public officials in Hong Kong are also like this, so how could I not be aware of the rules in the mainland?”

Dong Zhi: “Then shall we find some time to participate in ideological education again?”

Chen Guoliang immediately shut up.

This episode didn’t delay them too much. At this time, it was about two hours before the banquet. Many people would arrive in advance. Chen Guoliang took Dong Zhi to get his hair styled. Seeing that the time was getting closer, the two of them arrived at the Peninsula Hotel and presented the invitation letter at the door. The waiter then led them into the banquet hall.

Recently, an international financial forum was held in Hong Kong, so the banquet was also hosted for these guests. When Dong Zhi and Chen Guoliang arrived, there were already many people present. Naturally, there were those who liked to flaunt and would arrive late to show off their status.

The author has something to say:

A small theater that has nothing to do with the text:

He Yu: Boss, look at Dong Zhi. Now he’s more deceitful than anyone else. I don’t know where he got it from.

Long Shen: From you.

He Yu: … No, according to the script, you should ask me what’s wrong.

Long Shen: What’s wrong?

He Yu: Last time I saw a man named Nie Gui calling him and saying that he has changed and asking if Dong Zhi could send his mother away. Later, I asked Dong Zhi what was going on. Boss, be careful when you’re sold by him to help count money.

Long Shen: It’s okay. He has a black card and a secondary card, so he’s not short of money.

He Yu: According to the script, you should say that you’re willing to be sold by him… Wait, no. Why does he have a black and a secondary card? I want one too!!! I want to recharge my game packs and buy a new character! Hey, wait, Boss, where are you going?!

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