Happy Doomsday Ch231

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 231: Before Landing

Tu Rui walked out of the cabin with tears of laughter in the corners of his eyes.

Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman were carried on the ship by Tang Yibu, one at a time. Ji Xiaoman was fine; just sweating a little. The young pirates waiting on the deck handed her clean water and towels. At this moment, while she was wiping the sweat and dust from her body, Yu Le was still affected by the drug. He leaned on the edge of the deck and was rolling his eyes hard.

“This stuff is similar to a neuroleptic agent. I’ve developed a tolerance for it.” Seeing Yu Le’s complicated expression, she explained to Tu Rui in a low voice. “Lao Yu’s condition is normal.”

“No, no, girl. That’s not the point.” Tu Rui grinned and threw a steaming towel directly on Yu Le’s face. “This guy is so powerful before. The Great Captain Yu was always bragging that the head can be cut off, and blood can shed*. During a drinking party, he bragged tens of thousands of times, saying that he was the world’s top hot-blooded man, preferring to die standing up, rather than being half-dead—”

*”The head can be cut off, blood can be shed, and work can never be resumed!” (头可断,血可流,工不可复!) Said by Lin Xiangqian when he was arrested for striking during the Beijing-Hanzhou strike due to terrible labor conditions. When questioned if he would resume work, he categorically said this. A similar line was also said by Li Yusheng, a Chinese revolutionary martyr. “The head can be cut off, the blood can be shed, but the (communist) will is unyielding!” He was eventually arrested, imprisoned, and later executed. || Overall, Tu Rui is basically describing Yu Le’s persona as heroic, fearless, powerful, ect. (like the people who said these quote).

“Bah, fuck your mother, Lao Tu. Can being dragged out half-dead and being carried by a beautiful girl still be considered the same?” Lao Yu swallowed a few sips of water fed by the pirates around him and took a breath. “Aren’t you jealous of this kind of treatment, ah? I know you envy it.”

Ji Xiaoman’s face flushed.

“Neutralize the drug.” She lowered her head and grabbed the medicine box that Tu Rui had brought out. She rummaged hard through it, as if she wanted to divert her attention. “And drink plenty to replenish electrolytes, and preferably…”

While Ji Xiaoman was still rummaging through things, Tang Yibu took a sharp scalpel from the medicine box. He walked up to Yu Le, poked a hole in the other party’s finger, and carefully licked the blood on the blade.

“The effect of the medicine can last for about 40 hours.” Tang Yibu frowned as he smacked his lips. “Miss Ji, Mr. Yu, I suggest you don’t take the neutralizing medicine yet.”


“Gave me a cut when we first meet?”

Ji Xiaoman and Yu Le spoke at almost the same time.

“I don’t want to do an oral sample on you. Your blood is fine.” Tang Yibu’s face wrinkled even more severely. “Or do you actually want me to do that?”

Yu Le reacted quickly as his face turned blue. “Do you have enough blood? If not, give me another cut.”

“Enough. Don’t be nervous. Even if that’s what you want, I won’t agree to it.” Tang Yibu sighed heavily before turning to Ji Xiaoman. “The Mainbrain’s drug can keep your minds in a high state of excitement, which is good for our future plans. Yu Le’s physique is good. As long as he keeps up with the other drugs, it’ll quickly restore his ability to move.”

“I suppose.” Yu Le waved his hand. “I haven’t slept yet, and I have to send the ship back first.”

“Send it back?” Ruan Xian, who was observing the battlefield, suddenly spoke.

“God knows who will come join in the fun so early. I had discussed it with Lao Tu—when we’re about to get arrested, if there’s no response from Professor Ruan, he’ll come and rescue us. This stronghold is near the Sea of Ruins. We didn’t pick just any random place to be arrested.” Yu Le stumbled to his feet and drank the drink Ji Xiaoman had thrown over.

“That’s right,” Tu Rui said. “I estimated the time was almost up, so I took advantage of the chaos over at the Sea of Ruins and rushed over. I brought a year’s worth of shuttle agent, so if you guys didn’t show up, we were going to wear this stronghold out until we found the Captain.”

Having said that, he glanced at the time again. His fingers flickered from the light screen—the main ship of the Walking Stones made a dull whistle.

“Return if you’re done. The Mainbrain’s reinforcements are on the way!” Tu Rui’s voice blared through the loudspeaker. “Five minutes. I won’t wait for any exception—!”

The pirates no longer looted the stronghold. They rushed to the huge, dilapidated ship one after another. The hull of the Walking Stones trembled and rumbled.

In order to prevent the enemy from emerging silently from the shadows again, Ruan Xian leaned on the deck with the best view and kept his eye on the battlefield. This stronghold wasn’t large and had no valuable resources or strategic value. Most likely, it was mainly used as a transit station for supplies. Now it had been dessimated by bombs. Flames engulfed the ground while the hull of the ship crushed it to pieces. The Order Supervisors stationed there had no intention of fighting for their lives. They got on hoverbikes and quickly retreated.

As Tu Rui said, there was no reason for them to stay—there was an attack far beyond the accepted range of this small stronghold. The Mainbrain would deploy manpower from nearby strongholds as soon as possible to eliminate the scourge. The ruins pirates could at most perform a surprise attack on a small stronghold, but in front of the Mainbrain’s regular army, they could only scatter like birds and beasts.

Once a former rebel, Tu Rui was obviously familiar with the management methods of the Mainbrain. The deputy captain propped his hands on the deck railing; the worn glasses reflected the monstrous fire.

‘Just like well-trained and seasoned robbers,’ Ruan Xian thought. He did hear movement in the distance. The flying troops of the Mainbrain were rushing towards them quickly and would reach the scene in five minutes.

“Lao Tu, I said, get a ship to save us.” Yu Le opened his voice in a deafening rumble. “Did you need to fucking drive the main ship?”

“What else can I do!” Tu Rui, who was observing the situation at the bow of the ship, roared back. “If this side was more troublesome than we thought, an average ship can’t save you!”

“Help me to the cockpit!” Yu Le grabbed Tu Rui. “Cut the land travel mode. I’ll sail the ship—the enemy is about to slap our faces, how can this ship be handed over to young people!”

“Then I’m afraid you have to wait a bit.” Tu Rui took off his glasses and put them in their case. “Almost there. Find a place to lie down! All of you, hurry!”

The rumbling of the hull became louder. Ruan Xian quickly reacted and grabbed Tang Yibu, who was still watching the excitement, and got down on the ground. Tang Yibu slammed to the ground and was squeezed between Ruan Xian’s arms and the deck railing. He looked around as he happily clung to Ruan Xian’s waist.

Ji Xiaoman also quickly slipped to the edge of the railing. She cuffed the railing tightly with one mechanical arm, while the other extended out, spinning around Yu Le’s and Tu Rui’s waists, leaving a wide nylon lock.

Except for the few who insisted on observing the situation, all the other pirates rushed into the cabin.

There was another series of steam whistles.

Something was ejected from the bottom of the ship with such a force that Ruan Xian almost mistook it as an explosion. In an instant, the entire giant ship swayed and floated in the air. Then there was a roar so loud from the stern that it could pierce a human eardrum. The main ship of the Walking Stones seemed to have turned into a hovering jetboat, pointing diagonally towards the sky.

“…This scene is a bit familiar.” Yu Le’s face was blown by the wind so hard that he could bare spat out a word.

When he had initially attempted to die during the “disinfection”, he had also done something similar. Yu Le thought that the scene he made was big enough, but he didn’t expect Tu Rui to think even bigger than him.

“Thank you, Captain Yu, for your inspiration.” Tu Rui clenched the railing tightly, keeping his feet away from the gap at the lower end of the railing. The entire ship rushed straight into the sky with a roar, crossed the high dead wall, and rushed back to the endless wasteland of the Sea of Ruins. “But after this, our resources have almost bottomed out—set sail!”

When the Walking Stones rose to its apex, the side of the ship opened, and exaggerated metal gliding sails stretched out. Coupled with the gray hull, the entire Walking Stones looked like a giant manta ray. After entering the gliding state, the vibration on the hull finally stopped, and the bumps became a lot smaller. Only then did people start to stagger to stand up; some leaning on the railing and panting.

“Yibu, let go.”

Ruan Xian patted Tang Yibu’s arm—the android looked like he hadn’t played enough, as he still happily hugged Ruan Xian’s waist and lay comfortably on the ground. Instead of looking at the wasteland that was retreating under the ship, he turned his face sideways and looked at the magnificent starry sky above the Sea of Ruins.

Seeing that the other party was in a surprisingly good mood, Ruan Xian maintained his lying posture and turned his head very naturally. “Go directly to the Sea of Ruins? I can see it, but it’s still far away. I’m afraid we’ll still need to walk for a bit after we land.”

“Yeah, we don’t have as much energy as the Mainbrain, so that’s it at most.” Tu Rui stared at the two of them who were lying on the ground speechlessly. “When we land, we’ll switch to land travel mode, which will take about a few hours to get there, in order to save energy. To return to the Sea of Ruins, we needed to use the jet device. Otherwise, if the ship is stranded outside, we’ll be beaten thoroughly by the Order Supervisors.”

“Most likely, the Mainbrain won’t just let us go like this.” Yu Le interjected. “I’ll sail the boat for a while and send you guys back. Lao Tu, what’s the situation in the Sea of Ruins now?”

“There’s a new guy named Duan Feng, who claims to be Duan Lili’s younger brother. He persuaded Feng Jiang to rebuild Elysium.” Tu Rui sneered. “You haven’t been there for a few months. I’ve been fighting a good fight with them. Knowing that Duan Feng is an Order Supervisor, things are easy—just give them the illusion that we’re ‘evenly match’. Isn’t this convenient?”

“You picked a fight in the Sea of Ruins?” Seeing that it was business as usual, Yu Le put away his angry expression.

“Well, the opposite side thought we would fight them to the death. The entire Sea of Ruins was in chaos, attracting the attention of the Order Supervisors, so I was able to sneak out… But now that the stronghold is destroyed, the Mainbrain will be able to determine what’s going on.” Tu Rui looked at the ground that they were getting closer to. “I have already thought about it. This ship is the best way. When we get to the Sea of Ruins, everyone…”

“Everyone will separate into smaller ships and take down Elysium while taking the main ship to the annihilation point. In this way, unless they kill everyone in the Sea of Ruins, the Mainbrain cannot quickly confirm the target.”

Ruan Xian lay across the floor while taking in Tu Rui’s words.

Tu Rui’s plan wasn’t difficult to guess. One ship for another. Since this ship was exposed to the Order Supervisors of the stronghold, it was destined to embark on the road of destruction. However, Yu Le may not like the way of dealing with this, so the bad news was more suitable for Tu Rui to say.

Tu Rui glanced at Ruan Xian deeply.

Sure enough, Yu Le’s face became a bit ugly. However, considering he was the rescued party, he didn’t lose his temper and just sighed heavily. Ji Xiaoman had never seen the night in the Sea of Ruins. She was busy looking around but suddenly closed her eyes, worried about looking at the companion beside her.

“Tell me about your plan, Xiao Ruan.” Yu Le turned his back to everyone and stood alone against the wind. His voice was a little hoarse. “The ship is about to land, and I have to sail for a while. The Mainbrain’s flying pursuers are behind us and will definitely catch up. Most likely it won’t be safe for a while.”

This time, Ruan Xian broke away from Tang Yibu’s arm, stood up, and took a few breaths of the dry and cold night breeze.

“If our plan is successful, this ship may not need to be destroyed.” Ruan Xian chose a tempting opening. “It’s almost the same as when you were disinfected. As long as Mr. Tu can last for one day, he won’t need to worry about the Order Supervisors anymore.”

Yu Le squinted his eyes. “You just told me and the Little Profiteer not to take neutralizers. Is it for this? What are you planning to do? Does Professor Ruan know?”

“One question at a time.” Tang Yibu also stood up. He finally glanced at the bright milky way and hugged Ruan Xian’s neck from behind. “Let’s start with ‘What are you planning to do’—Mr. Yu, we plan to beat the Mainbrain within 30 hours.”

“I see. You’ve gone completely crazy,” Yu Le stated in a deep voice. Ji Xiaoman, on the other hand, stood frozen in place and almost lost her balance as she wasn’t paying attention.

“The next part, we will need Mr. Tu to recuse himself.” Ruan Xian pretended not to hear Yu Le’s response.

“Tu Rui, stand there and listen. He’s my brother.” Yu Le grinned.

“Are you sure?”

Ruan Xian bent his eyes unhappily. At this moment, the Walking Stones was quite close to the ground, and he could clearly see the dust hitting the withered grass.

“I hear the sound of engines, kind of like the armored off-roader.”

“Lao Tu, go to the cockpit first,” Yu Le said solemnly. “I’m worried about those youngsters driving the boat.”

Tu Rui glanced at Yu Le meaningfully and waved his hand. “See you later, brother.”

“Can we talk now?” When Tu Rui’s figure disappeared from the deck, Yu Le squinted at Ruan Xian. “What are you guys trying to do? 30 hours? Are you fucking dreaming…?”

“Mr. Ruan and I have determined the plan.” Tang Yibu rested his chin on Ruan Xian’s shoulder and stated in a serious manner, “I think the win rate is quite high.”

“…As long as we have the best pilot and the best mechanic.”

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  1. These two are stage playing Titanic… Standing together on a giant ship, under the starry night sky, and planning for a war… how romantic~


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