Happy Doomsday Ch230

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 230: Flying Sand and The Walking Stones

The injected potion gradually took effect as Yu Le started to feel the power of this thing. At first, it just made him energetic and his mind extremely clear, but as time passed, he discovered its horror—it made him completely lose his sleepiness.

His body had already begun to feel tired and weak, and his heart started beating faster. His hands and feet were cold and numb, but his brain felt awake like it never had before, as if it was quenched by ice water. Even if he closed his eyes forcibly, he couldn’t fall asleep.

He should have been here for more than 24 hours since he woke up, but he hadn’t even yawned.

It seemed the Mainbrain had given him a very hard drug. He felt a burning inside and his brain was in its most excited state.

This was really a bit like juicing. Yu Le was dealing with the problem of the projection in front of him while thinking widely—the method of obtaining living memory in the Underground City was very crude, like covering fruit with a tarp in order to capture some of its fragrance. Later, Qian Yigeng gained access to more proficient technology, but knew that crushing fresh people’s heads was at best squeezing out already cut lemons.

The Mainbrain’s approach should be more sophisticated. It was preparing them carefully, like ingredients as it cooks. When their brains reached their most mature state, they could be juiced and crushed completely without wasting a slight bit of data.

When he thought of this, Yu Le felt even worse.

The projection of his sister knew his situation well. The pace of questioning was getting faster and the coverage of the questions was getting wider. Yu Le had a rather bad premonition—he could only roughly estimate the time since he had been locked up and he didn’t know the detailed process of how the Mainbrain crush human brains. The more he and Ji Xiaoman fully recollected their memories, the less time they had.

Under the pretext of persuading Yu Le to obey and cooperate, Ji Xiaoman stopped this painful interrogation several times. Unfortunately, there was surveillance in all directions, and she could only utter meaningless words at most to buy Yu Le a short respite.

He felt that his brain was turning faster and opening up wider. This abnormal state of excitement was eroding his stamina and adding to his fatigue. When the conversation was interrupted for the last time, Ji Xiaoman gave Yu Le a hug, buried her face in Yu Le’s shoulder, and spoke to him in a very low voice.

They both knew that the Mainbrain could still hear them.

“Tang Yibu and the others won’t come save us.” She carefully chose her words. “We’re running a low fever, Yu Le. We’ve passed the most suitable state for escape. The Order Supervisors are right. Even if they come, they are more likely to come and kill us before we are crushed. It’s not worth it to them to spend effort trying to save us.”

She wasn’t even sure if that was a lie, as that statement almost convinced herself. She prepared for the worst in her heart—even if she was crushed and remade, her love for her mother should still exist in her memory. Then, the next “her” would continue to take care of her mother, so the situation wasn’t at the point of despair.

Looking at the current situation, they could only hope that the reinforcements they had arranged would arrive on time.

Yu Le smiled but didn’t answer. For the first time in his life, he wanted to dig out his brain. His brain became more active, but his body couldn’t keep up with the speed of thought. It felt like he was stuck in wet cement, and every move brought uncomfortable stagnation and dizziness.

Suddenly, the whole room trembled and fell into darkness. Silence filled the ears of the two.

Was this a test? Or was it someone coming to pick them up?

In short, if this continued, they would lose their mobility sooner or later, so it was better to just fight now.

“Little Profiteer, do it.”

Without saying a word, Ji Xiaoman touched her prosthetic limbs. After a gentle click, the corrosive liquid melted the shackles around Yu Le. However, because the environment was too dark, a bit of the mixture also splashed onto the back of Yu Le’s left hand, corroding a piece of skin.

Yu Le held back his groan from the pain and tired standing up. Unfortunately, he wasn’t good at hand-to-hand combat like Ji Xiaoman. The excessive sensitivity in his brain also made him unable to coordinate his limbs well, so when he stood up, he fell flat on his ass.

“Our lock structure is similar.” Ji Xiaoman pulled Yu Le up. “I have checked the alarm. Melting it will buy us about 30 seconds. The next thing is to watch—”

The room suddenly exploded and covered them with countless pieces of rubble.

“…Wait, what did you instruct Tu Rui to do?” Ji Xiaoman carried Yu Le and dodged a large metal plate in horror. “Does he know what you did to the car?”

“Lao Tu isn’t that much of an asshole. Let’s escape first!” Yu Le was doused with gray dust and ash from head to toe.

The originally sealed room collapsed with a big hole. Ji Xiaoman gritted her teeth and supported Yu Le as they ran out of the room. At this moment, the uniform of the Order Supervisor she was wearing had taken effect. The other Order Supervisors were busy dealing with the current crisis. All she needed to do was say she was “transferring important people”.

While they didn’t know the situation outside, it was stupid for them to just sit still.

As the building collapsed, the lights went out and a gradual fire ignited around it. Ji Xiaoman took a deep breath and ran towards the dark ruins, trying to avoid all the still intact surveillance cameras.

“Lao Yu, hold on. Don’t fall asleep,” she repeated sharply.

“I would like to sleep… Don’t panic, Little Profiteer. Laozi is still far from death.” Yu Le rolled his eyes. “You see, I’m really fucking prescient. Don’t mention flickering grass or fireflies, just this active drug from the Mainbrain can turn me into a sandbag.”

Right now, smoke was rising, and sirens were blaring. This was Yu Le’s favorite kind of battlefield. Unfortunately, he was now like a tortoise that had been turned over. He couldn’t do anything except pull his limbs while being supported by a little girl as they ran for their lives. Yu Le exhaled sadly and began to pray that Tu Rui would come a little late—at least until he could move normally again before their meeting.

Otherwise, he would definitely be ridiculed by that surnamed Tu for the rest of his life.

Ji Xiaoman was obviously very good at hiding and escaping. Even with Lao Yu, she successfully melted herself into the shadows. The explosions all around us were getting louder. The two of them looked around but saw no signs of the ruins pirate ship nearby. To say that the instigator of this chaos wanted to save them wasn’t quite right either—the ceiling above their heads had collapsed. Ji Xiaoman had to drag Yu Le to narrowly dodge its impact, barely managing to avoid getting their legs crushed.

“According to the plan, we will first go to the scheduled landing site of the Walking Stones and wait.” Ji Xiaoman was in shock. She pulled Yu Le’s arms around her neck. However, they were both sweating profusely, enough that Yu Le’s arms became slippery. The little girl thought for a moment, then put Yu Le down and decided on a different course of action.

A few seconds later, Yu Le’s suppressed screams sounded in the narrow space.

Dozens of meters away.

“How’s it going?” Tang Yibu said happily while asking Ruan Xian, who was riding on a hoverbike. When he said this, he was still holding a bomb the size of a small drawer.

“They’re still alive and have no missing arms or legs either. I don’t smell their blood.” Ruan Xian drove at the maximum speed and circled above the stronghold with Tang Yibu. “I saw the Walking Stones. It’s flying here… At this speed, they’ll arrive in at most fifty seconds. They must have modified the catapult mechanism of the ejection net.”

“Then I’ll continue,” Tang Yibu said happily.

“You’re throwing that down? Wait… Hey, it’s me. We don’t need ammunition support anymore. Consider your safety and back off.”

Ruan Xian gave Tang Yibu a hand signal and casually shot down two small sniping machines that tried to approach him with his blood gun. He turned to the electronic wristband and spoke to the supply team from the Glass Conservatory in the distance—they just happened to be helping deliver a batch of supplies to Professor Ruan, so they also delivered his portion along the way.

“…When you return to the Glass Conservatory, please give my thanks to Mr. Luo for his support.”

“Throw it?” Seeing Ruan Xian hang up the communication, Tang Yibu dropped the bomb.

The bomb’s target was the stronghold’s arsenal. The defensive dome protecting it had been hacked by Tang Yibu. The giant bomb successfully broke through the barrier and created a dazzling explosion, turning all the mechanical robots in the area into scrap metal. Thick smoke obscured the sky, and the scorching wind almost overturned Ruan Xian’s hoverbike.

“Let’s welcome Mr. Tu, who we haven’t seen in a while.” Ruan Xian stabilized the motorcycle, released the handlebar, and maintained his balance beside Tang Yibu. He then took out the items he had mixed on the road and threw them into the fire beneath them.

A dazzling red light soared into the sky, forming a huge red smiley face in the air.

In the next second, the bow of the Walking Stones hit the mark. The giant ship continued to move forward due to inertia and stopped on the open sand next to the stronghold.

Tang Yibu didn’t let gravity pull him back. He tilted his body, got on Ruan Xian’s hoverbike, and hugged the waist of the person in front of him tightly. Ruan Xian adjusted his angle and rushed straight to the deck of the Walking Stones. After landing, the bottom of the bike rubbed against the desk, creating a harsh scratching sound, and stopped just in front of a person.

“You scratched my deck.” Tu Rui pushed up his glasses and looked at the blackened marks on the deck.

“Well, I helped rescue your captain, so we’re even.” Ruan Xian titled the semi-scrapped hoverbike to the side.

Tu Rui looked suspiciously at the sea of fire in front of him—the main strength of the stronghold was armed machines. Now, the arsenal was completely destroyed and the Order Supervisors were in a state of chaos. The ruins pirates of the Walking Stones saw the fresh ruins of the stronghold and their eyes turned red. Ignoring the smoke, they rushed into the ruins and began to scavenge for supplies that were still usable.

“Rescue? Where’s Lao Yu?” Tu Rui glanced around. Except for the ruins pirates and Order Supervisors, he didn’t see anyone else.

Ruan Xian pointed to the place where the fog was the thickest, which wasn’t far away. Tu Rui raised his chin, and several young pirates on deck lifted an air pump used to disperse poisonous gas and sprayed it straight towards that direction.

“Fuck, Tu Rui, stop spraying!” Lao Yu’s roar came from the other end, a bit out of tune. “Give me a sec. I’ll be there in a bit. Don’t spray, don’t spray, don’t fucking spray—!”

“Increase the wind.” Tu Rui pushed up his glasses.

The gray-black smoke was finally blown away, and two figures appeared, but there was something wrong with their posture.

Yu Le, who was tall and big, was being princess carried by Ji Xiaoman. It seemed she didn’t think there was anything wrong with this action, as her expression was solemn, while Yu Le could only smack his face and exuded an aura of complete despair.

“Please pick him up.” Tu Rui nodded solemnly. “I’ll go and get some medicine.”

This lie was quite out of place. Tang Yibu and Ruan Xian watched as Tu Rui walked into the cabin with a sullen look. In less than five seconds, there was an uncontrollable burst of laughter coming out of it.

“It seems that Mr. Tu will be laughing for a while.” Tang Yibu pointed this out seriously. “Let’s pick Yu Le up first—someone has to drive the ship to escape.”

“Yeah, but don’t mention this matter for a while, Yibu. We will need those two’s help next.”

Ruan Xian had already begun to untie the ladder used for rescue on the deck as a smile glinted across his face.

“…Our Mr. Yu still has a chance to show off.”

The author has something to say:

Lao Yu was carried by the princess.jpg

Tu Rui: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

However, Ji Xiaoman’s resistance to the drug is true √

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