Happy Doomsday Ch220

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 220: Preliminary Idea

Even if he knew in advance that the S-type advanced products used his mother’s DNA, there was still a difference between knowing it and being exposed to it. Everything at the moment only confirmed Tang Yibu’s inference. Ruan Xian found himself calmer than he had imagined.

Tang Yibu had already gone to pick up their meals. Ruan Xian retracted his gaze without leaving a trace and continued to survey the hall.

When they first encountered them, the high-level D-type products caused them a lot of trouble. He was familiar with the characteristics related to the S-type. If the Mainbrain was armed with R-α and R-β, he would be fine, but Tang Yibu might actually die.

Time was passing by minute by minute.

Ruan Xian looked around. The external architectural structure could be handled by Tang Yibu. In fact, he didn’t really need to do anything, and Tang Yibu would still be able to carry out his destruction by himself. The problem was, how was he going to scrape up as much information as possible before escaping and causing maximum trouble for the enemy’s pursuit.

What about combining the two aspects?

By cleverly controlling the physical destruction and paralyzing the corresponding systems at the same time, they could escape silently. Before the Mainbrain found out that they had disappeared, they would already be gone. In this way, even if the S-type and A-type advanced products attacked together, they wouldn’t be able to find them.

Ruan Xian retracted his gaze and peered around. He acted as if he was studying the light screen in front of him.

Tang Yibu was now outside. The risk of infiltrating too deeply was too high. Perhaps Ruan Xian could find a way to do it… In short, first, Ruan Xian needed more permission. Ruan Xian touched his chin, then put his fingers close to the light screen.

Tang Yibu quickly brought the food back, and after dividing the portion with the staff member in front of them, he ate half of the food and gave Ruan Xian the rest. Ruan Xian didn’t even know if the shell was equipped with taste sensors, but perhaps it was just the thought that counted for Tang Yibu.

Ruan Xian didn’t touch the desserts, leaving them to stay in the box quietly. He couldn’t really become an expert in mechanical life in just a few hours, but he could cheat a bit—at least he was familiar with the information about the S-type Prototype.

“Analyzing the viral destructive ability of the S-type advanced products.” Tang Yibu stood carelessly behind Ruan Xian’s chair while staring at the words on the screen. “Good idea.”

This was the inspiration from their battle against Z-α and Z-β in the Android Show. Tang Yibu instantly understood Ruan Xian’s plan.

If Ruan Xian gave them enough information, he could obtain higher authority and, with it, more information. Then he would find the opportunity to give this system a blow, and with their own abilities, they could escape cleanly.

It seemed that several of the escape routes Tang Yibu planned were useless.

Tang Yibu had never felt this way before. Compared to calculations, this was more like real-time creation, or an impromptu dance—two people adjusting their strategies at any time, dancing together in a dark room, stumbling and avoiding those ill-intentioned obstacles. With too many possibilities, he stopped making complicated calculations and tried to summarize the logical results.

Now, it was more like he was happily exploring more possibilities… and enjoying them.

Perhaps this was why people had always liked gift boxes. Tang Yibu solemnly wiped the crumbs from his hands. He bent down and wrapped his arms around Ruan Xian’s neck from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Very good. Mr. Ruan, continue like this. You really are useful.”

Ruan Xian glanced at him angrily and amusingly. This was definitely not the first time he had heard this statement. Tang Yibu definitely did this on purpose.

“Don’t worry about things outside. I’ll take care of everything for you, just like before.” Tang Yibu continued to use subtext to convey information. “I’ll be there whenever you want me to.”

It seemed that Tang Yibu was ready.

“I still need a little more time to adapt,” Ruan Xian said as he continued to enter information on the light screen with both hands. “Don’t bother me yet… In 3 hours, I want to meet Mr. Hu Shuli. Can you make the appointment for me?”

Tang Yibu stroked Ruan Xian’s cheek with one hand, then smiled and narrowed his eyes. “Of course.”

…It seemed that he was having a good time. Ruan Xian tried to accumulate some tension but failed miserably. Even so, he still didn’t plan to waste the slightest time—as prisoners, the situation of Lao Yu and Ji Xiaoman was difficult to tell.

“Professor Ruan once told me that the first 24 hours of work are crucial. If you feel good during this period of time, it means that you haven’t chosen the wrong path.” Ruan Xian grabbed Tang Yibu’s hand and pretended to sigh. “I know I made a bad choice, but it feels so… How do I put it? Very ‘appropriate’, which is ironic.”

Tang Yibu kissed the top of Ruan Xian’s hair as if to comfort him.

However, they all knew that Professor Ruan never said anything of that nature.

“24 hours is too short to make a judgement. Don’t be too impatient,” Tang Yibu hinted.

“This is not an environment where I can linger and make decisions, Yibu. The Mainbrain isn’t so tolerant.” Ruan Xian smiled bitterly.

There were only 62 hours left, and it was impossible for them to escape silently in broad daylight. If they leave tomorrow night, the rest of their time remaining would be quite tight.

Ruan Xian successfully met with Hu Shuli during his lunch break.

Coincidentally, Hu Shuli had the same idea…

“Ruan Lijie could be Ruan Xian’s spy?” Hu Shuli scratched his head at the light screen. “How can you take such a risk with a technician!”

“Maybe for the surprise element. After all, your project team has information on S-type advanced products, and the projects under development are enough to affect the current war situation,” Zhuo Muran said from the other end of the light screen. “We will analyze the assistant machine here. All information will be passed over. Just in case, you should keep an eye on him.”

“Haa… how troublesome.” Hu Shuli sighed. “Bluntly put, Ruan Xian and I have no hatred, and the project side is also busy. Can’t you send someone to watch him? As a junior, Xiao Ruan is quite cute.”

“You can’t spook the snake,” Zhuo Muran replied coldly. “This afternoon, you will need to transfer R-α and M-α to the vicinity of the stronghold in the name of research. Once there is an abnormality, they are more useful than an army of tens of thousands of people.”

“Isn’t this a bit much to deal with a technician?”

“This technician has already deceived me once with NUL-00. Ruan Lijie isn’t as harmless as he seems. On the other hand, it’s not certain that NUL-00 isn’t lurking nearby—he’s carrying the A-type Prototype. If we don’t take proper precaution, he can destroy this entire stronghold by himself.”

“I see. I’ll talk with him during my lunch break and suss out the situation. I’ll frame it as being concerned for a subordinate.” Hu Shuli shrugged. “If you ask me, if those feelings are just acting, then he must be a very skilled liar… Since he’s so young and has a deep understanding of the pathology of mechanical life, he wouldn’t have much time to hone his acting skills.”

Zhuo Muran didn’t answer.

Lunch wasn’t served uniformly but in an made-to-order format. Tang Yibu didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to take more. He ordered a meal for two according to Ruan Xian’s taste and sat opposite Ruan Xian in the dining hall.

Ruan Xian thought this feeling felt familiar. They seemed to have returned to the underground canteen in the shade refuge.

Fortunately, the surveillance here was looser than in Ruan Xian’s room. Tang Yibu was able to have a brief exchange with Ruan Xian by fooling the surveillance system installed in the mechanical shell.

However, considering the security, they still chose a relatively secret form.

They were like a middle school couple in love. Tang Yibu ate with his left hand while his right held Ruan Xian’s right hand tightly. From an angle that the camera couldn’t see, he wrote lightly on the back of Ruan Xian’s hand.

[What do you think now?] He wrote extremely fast. [I originally considered breaking you out of here directly, but there’s nothing wrong with just escaping either. You don’t need to rush the time so much.]

[I don’t think the Mainbrain will believe me so quickly.] Ruan Xian wrote back. For a second, he missed that earring a little. [But whether it thinks I’m a spy or a true surrender—according to normal logic, I will stay here for a long time and won’t run away. We can use this judgment to buy more time.]

He glanced at Tang Yibu and then assessed carelessly. [I don’t want you to take risks.]

[What about the specific plan?] Tang Yibu showed a strange jerky smile.

[In fact, Professor Ruan’s thinking is similar to the Mainbrain. Whether it’s the assassination machine or the assistance of human brains or the current back-up alternatives plus mechanical support, the essence is to increase the spread of the virus and give the Mainbrain the strongest blow.]

Ruan Xian used chopsticks to pick up a piece of boiled beef.

[On the Mainbrain side, it hopes to use the S-type advanced products as the core and expand the perception range of R-α and R-β so it could catch Professor Ruan as soon as possible. This is also related to the scope of information dissemination. Now that Professor Ruan has the mechanical structure, we can combine the plans of both sides.]

[Professor Ruan’s spare equipment? I thought about it, but it’s too late to make another one.] In public, Tang Yibu maintained a relatively good eating appearance.

[First, focus on theoretical resources.] Ruan Xian went back to the topic. [I want the technology that Hu Shuli said could “expand the perception ability of the S-type advanced products”.]

Tang Yibu bit the tip of his chopsticks and thought for a moment, cleaning a space on his plate.

[This is the center used for offense.] He dug a spoonful of mashed potatoes and covered the side of the plate.

[Assuming that we get the Mainbrain’s technology, as the superior S-type advanced product, you can directly use it. Then this is the channel used to spread the message.] He put a circle of shredded onion around the mash potatoes. [This is your role.]

Ruan Xian: “……”

[This is me. I must be responsible for the attack.] Tang Yibu put a candied cherry on top of the mashed potatoes.

[This is the Mainbrain.] Then he picked up a big bone that had been eaten clean and placed it on the opposite side of the mashed potatoes. [To carry out an independent attack, we still lack key things.]

Finally, the android scooped a spoonful of green beans and scattered them around the mashed potatoes. [Even in Professor Ruan’s ideal plan, auxiliary resources can’t be omitted. Otherwise, we won’t be able to resist the massive defense of the Mainbrain. And my guess is, you don’t want to use human brains.]

[We lack auxiliary resources that can be linked.] Ruan Xian glanced at the soft shredded onions. [I understand, but you misunderstood a little, Yibu.]

Tang Yibu gave a questioning look.

[Professor Ruan’s tactics are the most logically reasonable, but I don’t plan to copy his ideas.] Ruan Xian smiled. He picked up the cherry and put it in his mouth. Then he pressed the mased potatoes with a spoon and pushed it directly onto the big bone.

Tang Yibu’s eyes flashed. [I don’t understand.]

[I haven’t figured out the details yet. It depends on the harvest this afternoon.] Ruan Xian swallowed the cherry and spat out the seed. [We’ll talk about it in detail then.]

A stronghold near the Sea of Ruins.

Yu Le shook his head and woke up from a long coma. He blinked laboriously. It took a while for his gaze to regain its focus. He was sitting in a pure white room. His hands and feet were tightly locked on a chair, and someone in a white coat was sitting opposite of him.

The moment he saw the person’s face clearly, Yu Le stopped breathing.

…It was his long-dead sister.

“How arrogant.” Yu Le moved his lips a few times before he succeeded in making a sound. “Don’t fuck with me like this.”

“Long time no see, Lazy Fish.” The woman opposite smiled lightly.

“Piss off!”

“You’ve been in a coma for a day or two. It’s not good to get too angry. Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine for the time being. That’s just a necessary preparation. You and the girl were injected with a brain-stimulating drug to ensure that you’d enter the best condition. The initial coma was the most intense reaction, but you’ll become more and more awake.”

It was as if the woman hadn’t heard Yu Le’s scolding.

“In less than three days, your brain will reach its best condition. The Mainbrain will then take it out and crush it directly to get all your information without any leakage… If you’re willing to explain before then, we can save all the trouble and skip the crushing your brain step.”

Yu Le stared at the unfamiliar sister in front of him. His eyes were flushed, and he gritted his teeth.

“Since you have followed Ruan Xian, I don’t think you’ll like having your brain crush and stored as data, so sister is here to help you. After all, the fresher the information, the better.”

The woman’s expression softened.

“Lazy Fish, think about it. This is a good opportunity… The girl you’re with is next door. You can give her her freedom if you just tell everything.”

“You idiots think we’ll believe your nonsense.” Yu Le spat. “You won’t give up until you get information from both of us to compare. I’ve done torture before, so I’m very familiar with this routine.”

The woman stood up with a sad expression on her face.

“Sorry, then I’m afraid something bad will happen next… I’ll come see you again, and by then, I hope you’ll make the right choice.

She sighed and left the room, slowly closing the door.

The author has something to say:

Ruan: (Staring at the shredded onion)

Ruan: (Keeps staring at the shredded onion)

Ruan: (Ate the cherry)

Tang: …I really can’t find any other filamentous objects! ε-(°ω° ; )

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  1. This is evil… don’t play around with dead people appearances like that! Especially the important family members, or the love one! So disrespectful.
    Yu Le, please stay strong and bear with it, the couples is coming to save you soon!


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