Happy Doomsday Ch219

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 219: Mother’s Data

Zhuo Muran was busier than usual since he got the relevant information about Professor Ruan. He stared at the complete map of the world floating in the center of the room, densely marked with dots and icons of different colors, with countless numbers and text changing in real time. There were also more than thirty analysts in the room, sitting around the map, each of whom was monitoring the calculations and reports on a large number of light screens.

After quickly browsing through the possible combat analysis, Zhuo Muran pinched his brows and breathed a sigh of relief.

When the Mainbrain discovered Professor Ruan’s possible resistance plan, it almost immediately began to deduce all possible situations. Zhuo Muran’s mind was hit with all kinds of assumptions and names of places all day, and now it was time to slow down. After dismissing a couple of inferences that were too flawed, Zhuo Muran grabbed his cup and walked out of the room.

The projection of MUL-01 was standing barefoot in the corridor, still in his familiar appearance.

All the information in the room would be synchronized to the MUL-01 database in real time, so Zhuo Muran skipped the reporting step. It was three in the morning, and he needed a cup of black coffee. The projection of MUL-01 was as fresh and beautiful as ever, without the slightest trace of fatigue.

As the commander-in-chief of the Order Supervisors, Zhuo Muran knew what he was facing.

Behind this figure was a mechanical god comparable in size to St. Peter’s Basilica. The Mainbrain was constantly calculating the data of every petri dish and the details of every city. Countless calculations and judgments were taking place in that mechanical behemoth at all hours of the day and night. The one standing in front of him, at best, was one of the smallest out of hundreds of millions of parallel programs.

It never rest, never made mistakes, and would never cause scandals due to factors like aging and desire. And it would always maintain a friendly state—the Mainbrain could give them notification through text instructions, but it preferred to use projections to communicate with them.

“What’s wrong? Zhuo Muran poured himself a cup of coffee. His tone couldn’t help but soften a bit.

“Ruan Lijie.” The projection’s fair fingers crossed the air, and a real-time monitoring page was displayed in front of the two of them.

The carefully arranged residence was dark. Ruan Lijie and Tang Yibu, whom the Mainbrain had sent, were lying side by side, stiffly moving. Ruan Lijie kept a certain distance from it, while staring at the ceiling blankly. Except for the intermittent blinking and the rise and fall of his chest, the young researcher was not much different from a corpse.

“Normal situation.” Zhuo Muran observed. “It’s normal for him not to get close to it immediately. Researchers are more rational than ordinary people. Just wait a while—if he can make a relatively rational choice, there’s still value in communication.”

“I understand it’s normal.” The Mainbrain smiled at him. “The information provided by this person is also quite interesting. Those plans are Ruan Xian’s style. There’s just one thing I care about—until now, I still can’t determine the true identity of that person, ‘Ruan Lijie’.”

Zhuo Muran was slightly startled.

“We all know that ‘Ruan Lijie’ is a fake identity. The information about this person is in my database, but I have done more analysis. It should be one of the ghost identities that Ruan Xian forged. A social profile cultivated by Ruan Xian himself. In fact, Ruan Lijie doesn’t exist… Not to mention, the resume of ‘Ruan Lijie’ on file is quite ordinary. The most recent recorded job is a café waiter.”

“Of course, ‘Ruan Lijie’ might be a fake identity given to him by Ruan Xian, but after uncovering this layer, I still can’t find any records about this person. Based on his physical age, I’ve checked the information on men who should be between 25 and 45 this year, but I found nothing.”

It was like he was truly a ghost. Zhuo Muran frowned.

“Hm, it seems you found a problem. If he has undergone comprehensive plastic surgery, then there should be relevant records in the medical system or accident system. If he’s the type to have his file sealed for some special reason, he shouldn’t be able to become a mechanical life expert at such a young age—it’s impossible for his family to give him resources for such an education.”

The Mainbrain tucked its long black hair behind its head.

“Except for his unusually vague identity, he is otherwise perfect, but this is enough to keep us suspicious. Remember to take this into account when you project Ruan Xian’s plans. The possibility that ‘Ruan Lijie is a spy’ can’t be ruled out yet, so have Hu Shuli’s team keep a close eye on him once he starts working.”

“Yes,” Zhuo Muran said, then took a sip of coffee. “I’ll also tell Hu Shuli…”

“Don’t let anyone conduct any kind of trial, or he’ll find out our suspicions. There is no room for deviation in this matter. He may lead us to Ruan Xian.”

“I know.” Zhuo Muran nodded.

It was an insignificant suspicion, so Zhuo Muran had subconsciously ignored it. After all, the information given by Ruan Lijie was true and now seemed quite accurate. If someone were to take the lead in this matter, most likely they would cling to the clues given with all their strength.

Interesting. Zhuo Muran took another sip of coffee, swallowed another replenishing potion, and rubbed his heavy eyelids.

If Ruan Xian was really bold enough to throw an unarmed technician here as a smokescreen, then naturally Zhuo Muran would make the other party regret making that decision from the very bottom of their heart.

In fact, he, Tang Yibu, and Ruan Lijie were all sinners, so it was very fitting.

In order to ensure a clear mind, Ruan Xian slept for three hours. It stood to reason this should be his first day working under the Mainbrain, but they only had 63 hours left.

Tang Yibu’s actual body was outside, and it was impossible for the android created by the Mainbrain to accompany him 24 hours a day, so they agreed on a silly code…

“I want to eat boiled eggs.” Ruan Xian’s voice was clear.

“Got it, baby.” The “Tang Yibu” in front of him was just an assistant robot. If he were to ask Tang Yibu this question…

[I would say, “I want to eat it too”.] Was what Tang Yibu said last night. [When I come back… “You look tired. Would you like something to eat? Such as sweet potatoes”, I’ll ask you a similar question like that. You must remember everything we have eaten.]

It was a very Tang Yibu-style codeword. Ruan Xian smiled and agreed with him, then took a high-quality nap.

To make sure that the real Tang Yibu was no longer here, Ruan Xian had to continue acting. He was organizing the information given by Tang Yibu while trying to look at the “Tang Yibu” in front of him with a sad gaze.

Today’s breakfast was a soft-boiled egg cooked to perfection, with fragrant porridge and a careful arrangement of side dishes. The ingredients were probably carefully selected, unlike the boiled eggs from the Underground City, which smelled like dried mushrooms.

“Don’t be nervous,” “Tang Yibu” said. “You’ll be fine.”

No. If he looked at “Tang Yibu” again, Ruan Xian might really collapse. It was painful trying to hold back his laughter. Ruan Xian had only seen Tang Yibu eating like this in the shade refuge. When it was just the two of them, the android would even play games like throwing pieces of bread in the air and trying to catch them with his mouth.

If it was his own Tang Yibu that was here…

Ruan Xian looked at the chopsticks in his hands. The android would peel three or four eggs in a row, then skewer them on a chopstick to eat.

“I’m full.” Ruan Xian tried his best to eat the highest calorie yolk and left the table as soon as possible. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold back his laughter.

“No appetite?”

“Nn,” Ruan Xian responded quickly. “I want to find something to distract me first, sorry.”

As he guessed, Hu Shuli didn’t want to overwhelm him too much on the first day. He just opened up a database that didn’t have sensitive information so that Ruan Xian could familiarize himself with the basic information of the S-type advanced products. Hu Shuli was quite good. He thoughtfully arranged a secluded location for Ruan Xian that was close to the soothing green glass pillars.

In order not to put too much pressure, Tang Yibu, the assistant robot, stood behind the glass column.

Ruan Xian spent ten minutes stuffing all the information into his mind, and then decided to spend the remaining time in a daze. He scrolled the information slowly while making a trance expression from time to time. His thinking had already run to cloud nine—he communicated with Tang Yibu for a long time last night. In terms of identifying Fan Linsong’s image data, the android was much better than him.

[This building is in the Glass Conservatory.] Tang Yibu seemed quite certain. [In order to investigate the environment, I entered the model of the entire city into my own system.]

[Fan Linsong is locked up in the Glass Conservatory?]

If he thought about it carefully, it was a perfect environment. The security measures of that petri dish were stricter than the other cities of the Mainbrain with the Glass Conservatory being the best among them. It also had the most advanced memory operation equipment. Placing Fan Linsong at the highest level of the city, it was difficult to say whether the Mainbrain was being considerate or ruthless.

[I am 100% sure. Do you remember the device I used to distract Zhuo Muran? At that time, it flew to the most heavily guarded place—the rooftop of a high-rise building. Based on the comparison and calculations of the floor height and the city model, the security there should be set up for Fan Linsong. We used to be very close to him.]

[If it’s the Glass Conservatory, it may be a bit troublesome to make contact.] Unlike Fu Yu and K6 in the Underground City, the ones in the Glass Conservatory didn’t owe them a favor. Now that Luo Fei had become the leader, it would be nice if he didn’t hate Professor Ruan. It was hard to say if he would be willing to lend a hand.

[We do have a contact channel, so let’s put this question aside first. Luo Fei’s side isn’t really good. I can still intimidate or tempt them… but it’s best to make a deal.]

[If I can contact him, I am confident I can convince Fan Linsong. The world has become like this, and he has been isolated by the Mainbrain for so long. I can probably guess his state.] Ruan Xian nodded.

[In other words, we can obtain the hardware weaknesses of the Mainbrain, and you also know the specific location of the Mainbrain’s hardware.] Tang Yibu smiled with satisfaction. [According to Professor Ruan’s mechanical information, I can probably guess a bit about how he plans to attack the Mainbrain.]

[But that requires a large amount of external resource support.] Ruan Xian pointed out mercilessly.

[Yes, I will think of a way.] Tang Yibu smacked his lips. [In other words, there are two things that are certain at the moment—contact Fan Linsong, and finally use Yu Le’s escape to start a series of chaos…]

[Finally, go save Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman.] Ruan Xian chuckled as he corrected Tang Yibu’s statement. [You don’t hate them, do you?]

[…Nn. The meals Yu Le promised to cook for me haven’t been cooked yet, and Miss Ji is also very good to π.] Tang Yibu murmured for a while before speaking solemnly.

[The details have been discussed, so for the time being, first you must examine the situation of this stronghold and determine the escape plan. I’ll try to get more information from inside.]

Now was the time to practice this plan. Ruan Xian ended his walk through memory lane and looked around. Then he stood up, pretended to stretch his body, maximized his perception, and began to peek and eavesdrop in a dignified manner.

“Are you tired, Mr. Ruan?” The Tang Yibu assistant robot said mechanically. “…You ate too little this morning. Do you want some high-calorie food? Butter biscuits and chocolates are good.”

It seemed that Tang Yibu was back.

“No need.” Ruan Xian twitched the corners of his mouth and patted the other’s arm “probingly”. “I just haven’t sat down to work like this in a long time, so I’ve become unaccustomed.”

Tang Yibu narrowed his eyes at him.

“Sweets can make you feel better.” He turned around and asked again.

Most likely, this guy just wanted it for himself. Ruan Xian wiped his face. “Alright, thank you… Yibu.”

“I want some too.” The person sitting not far from Ruan Xian had heard their conversation and chimed in. This action made the light screen previously covered by his body exposed. Ruan Xian took the opportunity to capture the data in his mind.

Then he was stunned.

The light screen was full of genetic information that he was extremely familiar with.

In order to treat his illness, Ruan Xian knew all the DNA-related characteristics of himself and his mother. Although the information on the screen in front of the man was complicated and incomprehensible, and there were a lot of long-winded comments around it, he could still recognize its owner.

That was part of his mother’s genetic data.

…It seemed the person he saw in the Mainbrain’s city was indeed not an illusion.

The author has something to say:

Tang: Mr. Ruan, you look a little weak. Why don’t you have some of the highest-grade beef for lunch, with the best wine and some snacks that you can’t get outside?

Ruan: … (For a while, I can’t be sure if the core has changed, or Tang just wants to eat with the Mainbrain)

Ruan: Okay. (Anyway, promise first)

Tang: Plan succesful.jpg

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