Happy Doomsday Ch217

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 217: Before the Reunion

After listening to Tang Yibu’s little plan, Zhong Qing only had contempt and even a trace of pity in his eyes. Tang Yibu looked down at the little boy, who was only as tall as his chest, and bared his teeth in a kind of threatening way.

“Your brain is broken.” Zhong Qing stretched out his arm sympathetically and patted Tang Yibu on the shoulder.

Tang Yibu squatted down, stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhong Qing’s ear, twisting it lightly. “Hurry up and get down to business.”

“You have no love for children!” Zhong Qing screamed exaggeratedly, trying to attract the attention of his peers—unfortunately, A’Qiao sat quietly on the side, using the fainted man as a stool while cleaning her soiled cuffs.

“We’re not the same kind of creature at all.” Tang Yibu patted the box. “Get started.”

Four minutes later, with an expression of extreme dissatisfaction, Zhong Qing ate a memory spray on his face. A’Qiao dragged the man who was unconscious and aligned their bodies in resting positions with their hands crossed.

“Are you leaving?” After this, she turned and looked at Tang Yibu.


“I’ll tell Fu Yu and K6,” she said as she walked up to Tang Yibu. She eyed Tang Yibu up and down, focused her gaze, and gave a long snort. “This environment… you look a bit familiar.”

Tang Yibu was putting the box back in place, making it appear as if no one had touched it. Hearing this, he turned his face and responded to the other’s gaze.

“Forget it,” she said calmly, looking in a good mood without the helplessness and panic that was once Tiantian-Q2. The girl who used to tremble inside her cell stretched her hand towards Tang Yibu, who frowned but didn’t avoid it.

“I’m familiar with this feeling. You’re related to my past, but I’ve forgotten all about it. Since I chose to erase my memory at that time, there must be a good reason. To be honest, I don’t know if it was an operation error. I still remember a bit of information—to retain the underlying logic, it must have been something beneficial related to my cybernetic brain or the key to my survival.”

A’Qiao tapped Tang Yibu’s face with one hand and ran her fingers across his eyes and mouth. Tang Yibu tasted the strong smell of blood, but it didn’t belong to A’Qiao’s. Tang Yibu glanced at the unlucky guy who was used as a stool for a few minutes and decided not to investigate the origin of the blood.

“Since I’ve shared this valuable information with you as a fellow android, it might be useful to you,” she said. “I wish you the best of luck and come back soon to pick up this troublesome guy. If you break the agreement, I’ll start to hate you.”

Tang Yibu recognized the pattern drawn by the other party—A’Qiao drew a blood-red cross over both his eyes and added a clown-like “smile” on the side of his face.

It was the blood-red smiley faces they had left behind to confuse the public.

The smell of blood was getting stronger.

“You didn’t question my goal of defeating the Mainbrain,” Tang Yibu asked curiously, without erasing the blood on his face.

“Because I have no advice I can provide you. My questioning will not change anything,” she said while buttoning on her gas mask. “They are about to wake up. Go.”

Tang Yibu didn’t bother to continue the conversation. He put on his gas mask and let the blood slowly dry on his face. Before leaving the area, Tang Yibu looked back at the dim space. A’Qiao stood on top of the open land, as quiet as a mannequin used to display costumes in the olden days.

She continued to look in the direction he left, unsure whether she was watching or saying goodbye.

Once born and twice cooked*, the second time was much smoother than the first.

*(一回生二回熟) Idiom referring to the more times people meet, the more familiar they are naturally.

Tang Yibu made sure that he had brought everything. Ruan Xian’s two blood guns were carefully hidden by him. The iron bead was attached to the water bottle and clanged against it at every turn. Tang Yibu’s small belongings were kept safely in his backpack while the structure of Professor Ruan’s counterattack equipment was kept in his mind.

Sneaking in was one thing, and normal contact with Ruan Xian was another.

Ruan Xian’s room was protected by the highest-standard defense system. Although the previous approach was feasible, the efficiency of information transmission was quite low, and there was always a risk of exposure. He had limited time and didn’t have time to dawdle around words with Mr. Ruan.

Tang Yibu sat melancholy behind the base of a certain scanning light scanner in a stronghold. It was slowly rotating its large beam of light constantly.

The sky was already dark. While Tang Yibu played merry-go-round with the light scanner, Ruan Xian had already returned to his room. His nerves had worn thin for the day, and it made his brain hurt. He breathed a long sigh of relief and slowly drank a glass of iced water to calm himself.

A whole day of deceiving others was exciting enough. Added to this, he had to dig up what little information he could find—Ruan Xian recalled the data he read in his mind and ordered the assistant robot to project images of Fan Linsong’s life.

From the images, Fan Linsong seemed to be doing well.

The old man was beautifully dressed and the furnishings in his residence were exquisite. In the video, he was slowly enjoying a hearty breakfast. Except for a little bit of inexplicable numbness in his expression, which made him look ten years older, it was indeed the Fan Linsong that Ruan Xian knew.

But Ruan Xian’s purpose wasn’t this.

The image revealed a corner of the floor-to-ceiling window. Although it was only a flash, Ruan Xian still captured it—he saw the tops of countless buildings, which meant Fan Linsong should be located at the top of a high building. With just the top of the exposed building that was smaller than a grain of rice, it was difficult to distinguish their characteristics.

He could use Fan Linsong’s height, field of vision, and horizon position to briefly estimate. Ruan Xian stared unblinkingly at Fan Linsong, who was still eating, calculating silently in his mind until an uninvited guest broke in.

“Tang Yibu” chose the windowsill. Ruan Xian had to admit that his appearance was quite handsome, but unfortunately, Ruan Xian had no intention of rushing to the window to be his Juliet*. He took a deep breath, slowly closed the images of Fan Linsong, and adjusted his emotions for a few seconds.

*Referencing Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare.

“Yibu,” he called out “affectionately”, missing the real one that liked to hide under the bed.

“You look torn,” the fake said.

“No, just nervous. I’ll never betray you.” Ruan Xian deliberately gave a look of restlessness, and the nerves that had just been relaxed tightened again. He smiled reluctantly at the other party as a thin layer of sweat appeared on his palm.

His own behavior had to be 100% in line with the expectations of the Mainbrain.

Ruan Xian had to admit that the Mainbrain was very good at choosing the terms of the deal. Looking at the loyalty of Hu Shuli and the others, Ruan Xian didn’t think that the price tag offered was just to deceive him. The proposal to ensure Tang Yibu’s survival was quite attractive. He had even seriously considered something similar as an alternative—the goal of the plan was to survive. The difference lay only in the Mainbrain’s degree of surveillance.

Now he must guess the intentions of the Mainbrain correctly in order to anticipate its preconceptions.

Since it was acting as Tang Yibu, Ruan Xian’s “unsuspecting” self had two choices. Either continue to persevere faithfully, wait for enough information, and sacrifice for the so-called righteousness, or be submissive and try to get rid of “Tang Yibu”, and then agree to the Mainbrain’s proposal to completely ensnare his lover after his betrayal.

No matter which he chose, he had to exchange information with this “Tang Yibu” to show loyalty. The key lay in those subtle emotional deviations…

Ruan Xian had never acted like this before, but he had to succeed.

Ruan Xian raised his eyes and looked at the familiar beautiful eyes opposite of him. Needless to say, since they were nestled in the wrong person, they didn’t incite any feeling of beauty for him in the slightest.

Calm down, Ruan Xian told himself.

The core systems of NUL-00 and MUL-01 were the same. They should be like twins, and they all followed the iron rule. Just like all creatures in the world, they all had strong “survival instinct”. As a young and unsociable researcher who was also desperate for love…

Suppressing the surging tension in his stomach, Ruan Xian made a decision.

He decided to choose the one that was closest to reality, and he was confident he could play the scene well. After all, he really thought about giving up defeating the Mainbrain and only protecting Tang Yibu, and now he really had something to hide from the “person” in front of him.

The feeling of toeing the line of death almost opened every pore in Ruan Xian’s body. He took a few deep breaths in front of “Tang Yibu” and spoke.

“I look torn?” Ruan Xian tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Just like Professor Ruan guessed, the Mainbrain is very good at convincing people. Yibu, come here. Let me see your eyes.”

“Tang Yibu” cautiously took two steps forward.

Then he saw the researcher surnamed Ruan’s eyes reddened, and he started to cry. After a short silence, the young researcher wiped away his tears and quickly regained his composure. “I went around their lab today and got some information. They are now strengthening the S-type products to try and break through Professor Ruan’s perceptual camouflage… You must convey this message back.”


“And…” Ruan Lijie hesitated. “The Mainbrain wants me to be in charge of part of the research. Yibu, can you give me two more days? I want to pretend to agree first to get more information. I know this may sound greedy… But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—”

“Maybe the Mainbrain is deliberately giving you this opportunity.” “Tang Yibu’s” face was expressionless. “You have to think carefully. If you betray…”

“You can enter my room at any time and have the ability to assassinate me.” The young researcher wiped away the tears on his face. “I won’t… I won’t do anything against your will, Yibu.”

It seemed that the induction in the past few days had been somewhat effective, and the sub-program of the Mainbrain had made a judgement.

Ruan Xian was completely thinking about other things. He recalled Tang Yibu’s suffering on the Android Show over and over again and pressed down the surging emotions that were bubbling out. He had done all he could do and could only wait for the Mainbrain’s judgement…

His heart was beating frantically under his ribs, and he didn’t need to hide this.

If the Mainbrain stopped the scene at this moment, if he didn’t hurry to remedy the situation, all he had done up to this point would be washed away. On the other hand, if the Mainbrain continued to play along, things could still turn around.

“I have something else to do this time.” After a long pause, “Tang Yibu” continued.

His nerves continued to tighten and relax. Ruan Xian could almost hear the sound of them snapping. Fortunately, Tang Yibu didn’t come to disrupt the situation this time. Otherwise, he didn’t know if he could hide it—

As a result, before the thought had the chance to completely disappear from his mind, an assistant robot a few steps away suddenly turned slowly and rushed all its surveillance camera on them. The Mainbrain was focusing all its attention on Ruan Xian, so it didn’t notice this strange action for the time being.

Ruan Xian suddenly had a bad premonition.

“What is it?” Ruan Xian immediately tried to grab the Mainbrain’s attention.

“After you left, there was a bottleneck in Professor Ruan’s plan. Although I can help him solve the hardware design, special areas still need experts,” “Tang Yibu” said. “We analyzed the principle of the confidential algorithm you gave me last time, but in terms of software adaptation…”

“To be honest, I haven’t been exposed to many assassination machines before.” Ruan Xian glanced at the suspicious assistant robot from the corner of his eyes. “If it’s about the algorithm that spreads the attack program virally and effectively fights against the Mainbrain’s algorithm, I can help. Yibu, this is an opportunity sent to my door—the Mainbrain has given me a job very similar in nature. I can use its resources to do things for us.”

Ruan Xian threw out two sweet baits by using “assassination machine” and “attack program”.

The fake Tang Yibu sighed softly. “I’ll be watching you.”

You don’t say. The guy you’re pretending to be is probably watching right now. Ruan Xian’s face twisted for a moment, but he tried his best to end the performance.

“Believe me, no matter what, I’ll let you live,” he said rather bitterly.

“Tang Yibu” gave him a soothing smile, leaned forward, and was about to kiss him. The hairs on the back of Ruan Xian’s neck all exploded. He took a deep breath and stopped the other party’s movement in time.

While ordinary people couldn’t see it, with his S-type Prototype, Ruan Xian could tell the assistant robot was stretching its camera lens and quietly moving closer to adjust its focal length.

…Tang Yibu was definitely watching.

“Sorry, Yibu.” Ruan Xian held back his smile while trying to keep his tone sad. “When it’s all over, we’ll kiss then.”

“Tang Yibu” gave him a meaningful look.

“As far as our current hardware conditions are concerned, I need the diffusion model for the most ideal attack program.” The Mainbrain resumed its sitting posture. “We want you to put aside the foundation of established programs and calculate them according to perfect condition.”

“I see.”

The Mainbrain nodded. “Mr. Ruan, it’s time to say goodbye… I hope you won’t make the wrong decision.”

After the Mainbrain left, Ruan Xian ignored the inexplicable and aggrieved peeping of the assistant robot and lay on the bed. Ten minutes later, he pressed the communication device in the room and contacted Hu Shuli.

“I accept the conditions of MUL-01,” Ruan Xian said with great difficulty. “But I have a request.”

“What are your requirements?” Hu Shuli seemed to be in a good mood.

“Since you betrayed the person you love, you know how it feels! I want the Mainbrain to give me a mechanical assistant just like him. Please, I really… I need him by my side now, just like when you pulled me into those doomsday memory…”

“No problem,” Hu Shuli said. “The Mainbrain has considered your needs and will deliver it in an hour.”

Ruan Xian twitched his nose and kept shaking…

When the assistant robot sneaked over, he quietly made an “OK” gesture.

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