Happy Doomsday Ch211

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 211: Persimmon Cookies

Hu Shuli left in a daze. Knowing the Mainbrain wouldn’t relax its surveillance, Ruan Xian took a hot bath, put on his pajamas, wearing them loosely, and sat down on the side of the bed again. He stared blankly out into the night outside the window.

Now it seemed that only three or four days had passed. In the dream, he stayed in the minds of others for several months. It had been too long since he had taken any action that when regaining control, his fingers felt weird. The upside was that during that long period of imprisonment, he laid out his plans and polished them repeatedly.

The preferred plan, the backup plan, the backup to the backup plan, and any improvised action he might take if given the opportunity; these were all calculated in detail over and over again, just to achieve his goal—he wanted Tang Yibu to survive and then get him.

In the best case, he could prompt Professor Ruan to defeat and completely obliterate the Mainbrain. This was the best scenario. After everything was over, they would have time to deal with each other’s emotional problems.

The worst case scenario was that the Mainbrain had too much of an advantage and defeated Professor Ruan. He would then need to find a DNA jammer to completely cut off the possibility of the Mainbrain cloning him and then use the resources he could get to create the illusion that Tang Yibu was dead. He was the creator of NUL-00. Although it was impossible to forge an identical instrument with extreme precision, all he needed was some damaged pieces of wreckage. If it was to this extent, it was still possible for him to do it.

Immediately, he would rebuild parts of the core programs and the algorithms that were the same as NUL-00 and leave that necessary data in the mechanical wreckage. The Mainbrain would then get a corpse of “NUL-00”, which would fulfill the purpose of learning and naturally wouldn’t be suspicious to continue to track them.

To do this, he himself needed to stay in the Mainbrain’s camp and contribute to the hunt, so as to achieve the purpose of intervening in “tracking NUL-00”.

However, to be extra cautious, he wouldn’t tell Tang Yibu this. This was enough to be considered a betrayal.

He knew that Tang Yibu wouldn’t agree to his approach. The Mainbrain would become stronger as a result; fundamentally stronger than Tang Yibu. If he were exposed again, the android’s situation would be in an even more precarious state with zero chance of winning.

Ruan Xian positioned this plan as his trump card if he was cornered. Everything depended on which direction the wind of war blew.

When considering this plan, he did feel a bit uncomfortable. Tang Yibu’s crying face still lingered in front of him. At that time, it wasn’t the joy of successfully capturing the other’s feelings that he felt, but a slight panic.

Perhaps that was an omen.

Ruan Xian laughed. He suddenly felt that the current situation was comical—he had drawn up plans for the purpose of getting Tang Yibu and had already taken many steps, but on a whim, he went barefoot, stepping on the thorns on the side of the road out of some unknown impulse.

Truly amazing. When he was immersed in the dreamland of an orderly society, he was busy calculating the feasibility and risks of each action without considering other things, but now that he had returned to reality, because of a whimsical emotional analysis, he was ready to personally overthrow that beautiful sandcastle that he worked hard to build all day.

Ruan Xian’s gaze at the void softened a little. The sweetness of persimmons wafted around and held him up, giving him warmth.

Although adjusting his plan at this juncture could be considered reckless and chaotic, throwing caution to the wind… he felt it was the right choice.

Besides, there was no harm done. Screw his original plan. He now only had one purpose—to win, whether it was reasonable or not.

Order had ceased to exist, so he could do whatever he wanted.

Ruan Xian suddenly understood Tang Yibu’s mood. After he had piled up the feasibility of his personal plan, he suddenly found the preconditions a bit problematic. There was no more awkward situation than this. He gathered his slightly damp hair, kept his feet on the ground, and lay directly backwards on the edge of the bed.

The broken emotions slowly landed, and he finally managed to open his heart.

Ruan Xian had found that subtle familiarity before. He almost did the same thing as his mother. He did love Tang Yibu, and he cherished the warmth brought by NUL-00. In order to hold everything firmly in his hands, he tried to ignore the sharp, dangerous parts of Tang Yibu and insisted on recognizing him only in his image.

Just like his mother, who wanted a normal child.

Ruan Xian raised a hand and looked at the healthy skin and freely moved his fingers. His mother was a normal person, so he probably couldn’t be categorized in the same way as her, yet they made the same mistake. He thought he could see clearly.

An unprecedented sense of ease suddenly grabbed Ruan Xian. At this moment, he obviously wasn’t pretending but was truly “normal”. While being deep in the enemy’s line, he was still so calm that he could sleep at any moment.

Perhaps his N… Tang Yibu had already seen through this.

Happily putting the labels “selfish” and “slow” on himself, Ruan Xian shook his feet. The sky had completely darkened, and the sound outside the window had disappeared. Tang Yibu began to poke his heel again.

God knew how much he wanted to hug Tang Yibu at this moment, but Ruan Xian desperately held back the impulse and stopped swinging his feet.

[Can you answer my questions now?] Seeing that Ruan Xian hadn’t responded for a while, Tang Yibu wrote on his feet.

Without the earring, Ruan Xian thought for a while, but didn’t respond.

[I interfered with the surveillance here. The defense system of the Mainbrain is very advanced, so we only have ten minutes each hour.] Tang Yibu realized this and immediately added. [Just in case, I won’t come out.]

“The question about love?”

[√] Tang Yibu made a tick behind his ankle.

“The first time my heart was moved was when we danced in the Sea of Ruins,” Ruan Xian replied frankly. “As for falling in love with you… Now that I think about it, I’m not sure, but it should have been before you cried your eyes out.”

[……] The android poked at his heels six times.

“Poking me is useless. If I can’t clearly tell, I can’t,” Ruan Xian replied with a straight face this time, with a laugh in his voice.

Then there was a tingling pain in his heel. Ruan Xian highly suspected that Tang Yibu had replaced his hand with the iron bead’s mouth, which almost made him laugh out loud.

[What about your plans?] Tang Yibu wrote again after taking away the iron bead that was biting bitterly.

“I haven’t thought about it yet. It turns out that I might have pitted you, love. But I don’t have that idea anymore—anyway, I’ll find a way to win. Let’s look forward to it together.”

[???] Tang Yibu seemed like he was in shock. The fingers writing the question marks trembled a little. [No details. Improvisation I can understand. If the general idea is good, I can try to calculate. We must increase our winning rate.]

“I don’t care about the winning percentages. I only care about you,” Ruan Xian said. “There’s no general idea—I just rejected at least a dozen backup plans, and I must reconceive a new one.”

Tang Yibu seemed stunned. He hadn’t moved for a long time.

[Can I check your brain?] After a while, he wrote tactfully.

“Can’t,” Ruan Xian said. “I’m fine. I was just suppressed by the Mainbrain for a few months at the end of December 2100. I’m not so weak to breakdown because of this. You, on the other hand, it’s much too dangerous for you to stay here.”

[But you don’t sound right.]

“I figured something out,” Ruan Xian said. “Something that I haven’t figured out for a long time, and now I’m better than all my previous states combined.”

Although he didn’t agree with his mother’s approach, those emotions she had were no longer incomprehensible and out of reach. He was embracing his own love, trying to embark on a different path. Perhaps everything wasn’t as complicated as he thought. There was no unified theory to explain why people always did stupid things—as mortals they just did.

Tang Yibu, who hadn’t moved, was frustrated. Ruan Xian could hear soft chewing sounds from under the bed. The android was eating again.

“Don’t leave crumbs,” Ruan Xian reminded carefully.

[You can’t hide everything from me.] Tang Yibu poked him on the heel. [My subject has to continue. It’s hard for me to have such an opportunity to study emotions so up close.]

“I can share some of my findings,” Ruan Xian said calmly. “For example, I don’t love NUL-00 but Tang Yibu. For example, I don’t want to be your father—I wasn’t before, I’m not now, and I won’t be in the future.”

“NUL-00” and “the creator of NUL-00″—this was the relationship that tied them together, but now it became the biggest obstacle in front of him.

What did Tang Yibu think?

Did he really “love” him? Or was it that he just saw a unique and cherished specimen and wanted to completely possess it? He wasn’t the only one affected by their entanglement twelve years ago, and he wasn’t the only one who brought that paranoia to today.

Fortunately, Ruan Xian knew how to catch the answer.

Ruan Xian couldn’t hide the smile on his face. He guessed it must be a pretty wicked one.

Interestingly, he did everything he could to keep Tang Yibu by his side. Ruan Xian wanted to know everything about him and preserved them. Now, he didn’t want that anymore. It was just interesting for Tang Yibu to keep poking him in the heel.

He didn’t want to lock up the wind anymore. He wanted the wind to pounce on him.

[I don’t understand.] Tang Yibu pulled on his heel aggrievedly, expecting “father” to answer patiently as before.

“What a pity.” Ruan Xian’s tone became brisker. “When you call me by my name, you’ll most likely understand.”

[Will you tell me tomorrow?]


Then he heard Tang Yibu huffing dissatisfiedly under the bed. Ruan Xian had never laughed so freely.

[Time is limited. I’ll go back first.] Seeing that Ruan Xian had no intention of softening, Tang Yibu resentfully responded. [I’ll keep thinking about it myself, Mr. Ruan.]

The android got out from under the bed while holding the iron bead in his arms with a puffed-up look. Ruan Xian sat up and examined Tang Yibu carefully. He had never looked at him so closely before.

Tang Yibu obviously misunderstood his gaze. He whizzed out the small cloth bag and stuffed the last persimmon cookie into his mouth and swallowed it. Then he glared at Ruan Xian. “I was going to give it to you,” he emphasized.

“…I originally planned to stay under the bed for a night.” After a pause, Tang Yibu mumbled.

Ruan Xian stretched out a hand and carefully stroked Tang Yibu’s cheek. He then stood up and kissed the android by surprise.

He tasted the rich sweetness of the persimmon cookies.

“I still stole it.” Ruan Xian curved his eyes. “Go, Yibu.”

“Also, pay attention to safety—if you’re caught by the Mainbrain now, it’ll make things very difficult for me.”

The author has something to say:

Ruan: I came up with plans ABCDEFG……

Ruan: ……

Ruan: Forget it. The situation has changed. I’ll come up with another temporary one.

Professor Ruan & the Mainbrain who’s trying to predict: ???

Tang: ????? Ruan is broken (in a broken voice)

Kinky Thoughts:

Love tastes like persimmons.

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