Happy Doomsday Ch207

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 207: First confrontation

Tang Yibu’s mood was extremely complicated.

Ruan Xian’s location wasn’t too far from the city. If it was based on the speed of an A-type Prototype, if he walked in a straight line the distance between the two, he would reach his destination in less than a day.

The difficulty was finding Ruan Xian.

Leaving the Mainbrain’s city limits, there was no trace of artificial buildings. He had to go through dense woods, track the weak signal changes in the air, and find the most reasonable path forward, little by little. Tang Yibu looked around for possible places for the Mainbrain’s stronghold, tracing Ruan Xian’s possible whereabouts through various clues. Fortunately, his thoughts were similar to the Mainbrain, so he wouldn’t be too indecisive in his judgement.

Even so, Tang Yibu still circled around several big areas, and it took him three and a half days to find Ruan Xian’s location. The dried fruit was almost finished, but he still had a small bag of persimmon cookies for Ruan Xian. It was the most successful thing Lao Yu had made; sweet and delicious.

He wanted Mr. Ruan to try it too.

The canned food that Ruan Xian had left him occupied a hidden pocket in his coat, which was where he also carefully stored the permission cookies. A few bags of dried fruit couldn’t meet the caloric requirements for an A-type Prototype, so he had to start hunting—there were many wild animals in the forest, so it wasn’t an issue filling his stomach. However, for fear of being discovered by the Mainbrain if he made a fire, Tang Yibu had to rip apart the bodies of his prey and eat their meat raw like a wild beast.

Every now and then, he would sniff the bag of sweet-smelling persimmon cookies, and surprisingly, the desire to share them overcame his appetite for them. Tang Yibu was surprised to find he had no urge to eat it.

Tang Yibu didn’t sleep. He ran around non-stop for several days and finally found a stronghold where the visitor’s log was interesting. After hacking into the system, he compared the number of people recorded and the distribution of personnel in the past two years and determined that there was a “guest” located here that couldn’t move freely.

Thus, he spent a long time analyzing the security situation of the stronghold and finally managed to find the building where Ruan Xian was located with less than 30 hours left before the deadline.

He patted the iron bead that was flopping around in the net pocket before sticking himself to the wall like a gecko and began to climb to the top of the building. From time to time, flying patrol machines would fly over. He had to tighten every nerve and devote most of his energy to dealing with those unlucky things.

In this way, after four long days, he finally reached his destination.

Tang Yibu was strangely excited. He climbed the glass and stuck his face against it. He was just about to check the situation in the room…

Then he saw it. A naked Mr. Ruan was sitting in a liquid tank, hugging “himself” vigorously.

The strange excitement in his heart was suddenly crushed by shock. Tang Yibu slipped, and his feet slid down an entire floor, and he was almost caught by the patrolling machine.

Mr. Ruan could definitely sense him as Tang Yibu felt the other party’s gaze. When he first arrived, his Mr. Ruan seemed to be talking to a fake him. Unfortunately, the sound insulation of the glass layer was so good that he couldn’t hear what Ruan Xian was saying, and he couldn’t make out Ruan Xian’s lips.

However, if the Mainbrain was using “him” to deal with Ruan Xian, it meant that his Mr. Ruan hadn’t betrayed him yet. No matter what tricks the Mainbrain was playing, Mr. Ruan could definitely sniff out and tell if he was real or not. Tang Yibu thought solemnly and began to climb up with great difficulty again.

Ruan Xian’s nerves were about to break.

He wasn’t arrogant enough to think that the Mainbrain was an enemy that he could handle being in a distracted state. If he missed something, although the two of them wouldn’t easily be killed, in case they were completely surrounded by enemies, the S-type Prototype trump card they were holding would likely be exposed. To make matters worse, they would immediately lose their small intelligence advantage.

He tightened his arms and hugged “Tang Yibu” as tightly as possible, resting his chin on his shoulder. He gently pressed the back of “Tang Yibu’s” neck with one hand to make sure the Mainbrain wouldn’t suddenly look back.

Ruan Xian himself was staring at the glass wall in front of him.

Like a sea otter slowly surfacing from the waters, Tang Yibu slowly emerged with a solemn face and stared back at him. Ruan Xian wanted nothing more in the world than to push him back, but unfortunately, time was limited. He didn’t dare hold the fake in front of him for too long.

Tang Yibu had a good grasp on the surveillance, but even if the surveillance didn’t catch him, many were focused on Ruan Xian. Ruan Xian couldn’t even mouth the words and could only secretly blink, then quickly returned to the state of dealing with the Mainbrain.

However, Tang Yibu continued to stick to the glass wall with both hands, pressing his face against the glass with a serious expression, as if telling him he made up his mind to watch this scene. The android even moved his position to a better angle so he could see Ruan Xian’s mouth movements clearly.

Ruan Xian resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“It’s like this,” Ruan Xian said to the Mainbrain “affectionately” while giving him a weak look while speaking panickily. “I was thrown into a dreamworld which the Mainbrain used to try and break my spirit. I’m still a little confused… but I’ve pulled out information from those records that can increase the power of the assassination machine.”

“Your heart is beating very fast.” “Tang Yibu” sighed without moving his gun. “We still have some time. You can relax for a bit, Mr. Ruan.”

Bullshit. His heart was about to pop out of his throat.

Outside, Tang Yibu had changed from sticking to the wall with two hands to only one. He used his free hand to pull out a bag of what seemed like snacks and was shaking it invitingly. The iron bead seized this opportunity to break free from the net pocket and used its little legs to crawl on Tang Yibu’s head, actively watching him together with the android.

God knew how many floors there were in this building. Ruan Xian couldn’t help but secretly curse in his heart. When he left this shithole, he would be sure to beat up those two fuckers outside.

“Fixed templates are popular among illegal memory operators, of which several are popular worldwide. They don’t operate with a registered machine, so there aren’t too many official detailed records.”

Ruan Xian had a sad and relieved look on his face.

“In order to trade those memory data, they came up with a set of strange algorithms to avoid the Mainbrain’s monitoring. I still remember a few of them, and I can show them to you…”

Although the reason was something random that he managed to come up with, there was no doubt about its authenticity. As long as the existence of an assassination machine was exposed, it was enough for the Mainbrain to take the bait. It didn’t seem to want to execute him now. Seeing his “affectionate” appearance, Ruan Xian didn’t believe it could hold back the urge to tap him for more information.

After all, in a sense, it was carved out of the same mold as Tang Yibu.

Sure enough, the Mainbrain showed a somewhat struggling appearance.

“I understand.” Ruan Xian smiled wryly. “Even if I won’t betray you, sooner or later the Mainbrain will find a way to extract the information in my head. Do it, Yibu. Just give me a little more time. At least let me tell you what I know.”

He grabbed “Tang Yibu’s” hands and looked directly into his eyes sincerely.

“My ability is still useful. The Mainbrain won’t be harsh all at once. I’ll pretend to obey at first, stall it, and try to dig out more information. When it shows the first signs of action, you can do it… Okay?”

Ruan Xian tried his best to act—once successful, this could buy him a period of relative peace. The Mainbrain would pretend to be Tang Yibu to get more information about Professor Ruan, while he would selectively leak out some truths. As long as it took long enough, he could reach the outside world and continue to the next part of his plans.

He grabbed the Mainbrain’s hand and trembled slightly. The firmness and hope in his eyes didn’t look fake. “Tang Yibu” remained silent. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

The expression on Tang Yibu’s face outside the window became stiffer. He glanced at the clasped hands of the two in the room, took out a persimmon cookie from the small cloth bag and started to eat it in dissatisfaction.

“…Okay.” “Tang Yibu” took a deep breath. He leaned forward, intending to kiss Ruan Xian’s forehead. “You’re amazing. I also want to keep seeing you. You’re really the most special human I have ever seen, Mr. Ruan.”

Outside the window, the speed at which Tang Yibu was consuming the persimmon cookies increased dramatically, to the point where his cheeks were bulging.

Goosebumps appeared on Ruan Xian’s back. He thought this was good. He resisted the intimacy with all his heart, even though the other party had the same face as Tang Yibu. It was as if his body had stiffened in that second.

Thankfully, the mixture of the liquid tank made his skin wet, so it didn’t make his cold sweat obvious.

“I’ll come see you again.” “Tang Yibu” nodded at him. “They probably have found that you’re awake now… Wait for someone to come later. You just have to pretend to collapse, and they will deal with it as if you had a mental and physical breakdown.”

“Nn.” Ruan Xian smiled at the Mainbrain; his facial muscles twitched a little.

He prayed that the Mainbrain would leave some loophole for him to communicate with Tang Yibu.

Tang Yibu should be sure that he wasn’t fooled by this person in front of him, then he must also know that this was just an act. But what they were facing was ultimately the Mainbrain, and everything had just started. It was impossible for Tang Yibu to walk in here with nothing planned. Ruan Xian knew what the android wanted—it was definitely here to inquire about his plans.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t communicate smoothly right now.

Seeing that the situation was stable, Tang Yibu finally began to mouthed his speech, whispering questions inaudibly. It wasn’t easy to send away the Mainbrain—as soon as “Tang Yibu” stood up, Ruan Xian heard the alarms go off.

MUL-01 really didn’t want to leave any gaps.

“I have to go,” “Tang Yibu” said. “I’ll come see you again, Mr. Ruan.”

Unfortunately, the poor, unlucky guy outside the building couldn’t escape this catastrophe either. The alarm was real as an army of patrolling machines was approaching. His NUL-00 curled his mouth regretfully at him, slid down the glass wall, and left Ruan Xian’s vision.

Ruan Xian sat alone in the warm liquid tank in an extremely complicated mood.

There was good and bad news.

The good news was simple. He managed to barely survive the confrontation with the Mainbrain and wasn’t shot in the chest. This meant his identity wasn’t exposed. The bad news…

There seemed to be something wrong with his NUL-00.

Within those short few seconds, Ruan Xian thought Tang Yibu would give some warnings or express dissatisfaction with his unauthorized actions. He didn’t think the android would simply eat dried persimmon cookies, then stuff the rest back into his pocket.

“I’m in love,” Tang Yibu said solemnly to the iron bead that was rattling to the alarm.

“Mr. Ruan, when did you fall in love with me? When did you think I fell in love with you? I want as detailed data for reference as possible—”

For the first time in his life, Ruan Xian couldn’t wait for the patrol machine of the Mainbrain to come even faster.

The author has something to say:

Tang: Began officially learning what jealousy is

Ruan: There’s no love in life

Being jealous tastes like persimmons (?

Kinky Thoughts:

Interesting, Tang Yibu’s last dialogue is very similar to a line in my newest project’s summary: Criminal Psychology. I always wanted to do a mystery danmei, so I decided to pick this one up. You can read the summary, and if it’s to your liking, do check it out.

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  1. Uh oh… His Mr. Ruan is not only hugging ‘another TYB’, but also naked :))))))))) Poor Yibu almost had a heart attack and fell off the building :))))
    Btw, Mainbrain ver of TYB: soaked in blood and looked tired.
    Real TYB: Clean, smell like fruits, cookies and desserts, a whole body is decorated like Christmas tree XD


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