Happy Doomsday Ch204

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 204: The Suburbs

Tang Yibu temporarily set up a small recliner for himself on the roof of the car. He straightened his legs and seemingly pulled out a piece of interlining cloth from nowhere to use as an eye mask while he lazily basked in the sun. The humidity in the air was just right that it made him so comfortable that he felt as if all his pores were opened.

After lying comfortably for a while, he went to touch the fruit at hand, but only touched an empty plate.

Tang Yibu’s mood suddenly turned from sunny to cloudy, and then cloudy to gloomy.

Since Ruan Xian left his side, he began to subconsciously look for ways to relax. The initial excitement lasted for up to twelve hours, but after half a day, the sense of loss gradually took over. Warm sunlight and sweet fruits couldn’t relieve troubles—unfortunately their effect was fleeting.


Seeing Tang Yibu walking around like a cat that had a thorn stuck to its side and an aggrieved expression, Yu Le, who had a mouthful of fruit, clicked his tongue and explained to Ji Xiaoman.

“At first, I was pressed by a little missy to quit smoking. Just like that, it’s the same thing.”

Ji Xiaoman’s gaze floated over to the cigarettes in Yu Le’s pocket and frowned. Tang Yibu heard the comments of his two peers but ignored them and continued to pace melancholy.

They didn’t immediately leave the city but stopped on the outskirts. Ji Xiaoman made another remote-control car that interfered with perception while Yu Le was excitedly maneuvering it towards an undetectable dense forest area to distract the Order Supervisors.

After making a scene on the edge of the city, the Mainbrain would be inclined to assume they were in a rush to escape and look for their destination. Tang Yibu decided to stop, and Professor Ruan didn’t object.

This approach was quite like a murderer fleeing the scene of the crime. No matter how one looked at it, it wasn’t decent. Fortunately, except for Professor Ruan, no one else in the group was anything close to resembling decency.

In addition to misleading the Mainbrain, they also had a sad reason—they were running out of food.

All the snacks that could be eaten were swept away—mainly by Tang Yibu—and all that was left was nutritious stuff that didn’t taste good. Unless there was no choice, no one wanted to eat them. Even the iron bead didn’t want to chew on the packaging.

Professor Ruan, who had only one brain left, didn’t need to eat, but the remaining four had to. After breaking through the encirclement, they didn’t actually drive too far—Zhong Qing’s memories were more useful than they thought. His family had vacationed here. It was an emerging architectural area that resembled an idyllic style.

With the Mainbrain watching, they didn’t sneak into the homes to get food, but rather gathered fruits and vegetables in the fields.

Tang Yibu could see that Ji Xiaoman had been quite worried about her status in the team for some time, but now she probably didn’t think much about it. She dismantled a few weapons and receivers and converted them into fruit and vegetable processing equipment. They would be changed back in a few days.

In this more remote field, he and Professor Ruan could only provide theoretical support, but Ji Xiaoman herself was enough.

Zhong Qing was also happy. He wandered around the garden like a rat, and brought back a lot of food every time. Yu Le was responsible for cutting them up and processing them so they could be dried and wouldn’t take up too much space.

According to Professor Ruan, they would have to stay here for a while before the Mainbrain reduces the level of martial law.

These hours were enough time for Tang Yibu to figure out what was wrong with him.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t been separated from Ruan Xian before. Twelve years ago, Ruan Xian would be absent from the computer room for over ten hours a day. Tang Yibu was too familiar with this feeling of separation, as “dependence” was one of the first emotions he understood.

Then they were separated by the murder.

After that, he would think of Ruan Xian from time to time, reminiscing about the past. At that time, he didn’t have many special feelings. Perhaps there was some regret, but he didn’t miss him too much.

What had happened had already transpired, and history couldn’t be rewritten. There was no value in missing—at least he once thought so, and he lived quite arbitrarily. He was clear; Ruan Xian’s decision to leave was reasonable—if there was no definitive answer, the suspicion and concern between the two of them would burn out sooner or later.

But now he missed him dearly, without any reason or benefit.

He understood all the reasoning, but he couldn’t control his mind. He liked the heat from Mr. Ruan when he leaned against him, the breath of the other person when they fell asleep, and even the antagonistic emotions in that person’s eyes. Tang Yibu originally thought that what he was asking for was the peace of mind of the S-type Prototype by his side, but now that he had sufficient substitutes, his heart was still empty.


Tang Yibu kicked a stone with the edge of his shoe.

It was truly uncomfortable.

While he kicked the stone, the iron bead was fetching it with interest and bringing it back to him. Tang Yibu kicked the stone away again.

What if Mr. Ruan didn’t plan to betray him and was discovered by the Mainbrain? What should he do if his identity as the S-type Prototype was exposed? He wasn’t very good at fighting. The only thing he could do was shoot, but he left the blood gun behind…

The iron bead thought this was some kind of game as it kept fetching the stone that Tang Yibu was kicking. Tang Yibu bent over and touched its shell as he felt desperately depressed.

Only God knew what emotions were in his heart at this moment. This emotion was boiling in his stomach like a soup full of poisonous ingredients. The corrosive steam passed through his internal organs and seeped into his brain. Tang Yibu could even hear his bones cracking. He was uncomfortable all over and was too restless to do anything.

Is this love?

Tang Yibu tried to analyze the emotional model by comparing data. This should have been an exact question from scratch, but he couldn’t even determine where it started.

Thus, he could only become more aggrieved, not to mention that he had done this subject before and a faint trace of it appeared in his grievances.

Professor Ruan watched Tang Yibu move his feet from side to side. He would stomp the ground, sigh, and scratch his head, and finally act disgruntled—Professor Ruan was pretty sure that no matter what that AI was thinking, it had nothing to do with the war that they were facing.

“I need to contact Guan Haiming,” Professor Ruan said.

Tang Yibu, who finally found a distraction, suddenly became energetic. “You want to contact him? Now?”

“According to the original plan, I need to reach the forest petri dish,” Professor Ruan said. “I can’t make too much movement in the Mainbrain’s territory, and the wilderness is too suspicious. You guys guessed it correctly. The assassination machine is indeed in that petri dish.”

“Uh huh.” Tang Yibu wasn’t surprised by this revelation.

“This plan can’t be used anymore. I have considered the situation—the petri dish may be cleaned up and the assassination machine would create temporary problems. Although the probability is quite small, it’s still not zero.” Professor Ruan moved his three metal feet, flexibly avoiding the iron bead that was staring at him.

“…Don’t tell me you have another spare.” Tang Yibu’s expression became a bit complicated.

“I don’t have that many resources.”

Professor Ruan guessed what he was thinking.

“The one in the Android Show was a perception amplifier—it’s just a gimmick. Seven years since the start of the Great Rebellion, I made such an assassination machine. There is a spare, and I’ve stored it near the dead wall. It’s portable, but…”


“The winning rate is much lower with that assassination machine. The external conditions are more demanding, and you will have to take more stress. Without the support of everyone’s brains, its power is much less powerful,” Professor Ruan said. “To be honest, I don’t know what Ruan Xian wants. Forcing me to use a backup plan will only decrease your survival rate.”

Tang Yibu’s expression remained normal.

“Contacting Guan Haiming will make it easier for us to get it.”

Seeing that Tang Yibu said nothing, Professor Ruan continued.

“And then… I’m afraid we have to contact a few more people.”

“I have only one question.” Tang Yibu thought for a bit. “How much does Ruan Xian know about the principle of the assassination machine?”

“He can be regarded as the true creator of the core logic you and MUL-01 possess. When I made MUL-01, I added a lot of special algorithms, while Fan Linsong was responsible for the deduction restriction part. The virus program installed in the assassination machine targets the core logic, so he should be able to deduce a thing or two. The design of the hardware comes from my… No, his previous project accumulation. Overall, he can probably guess about half.”

“I understand.” Tang Yibu smiled.

“If you know something I don’t know, I suggest sharing your intelligence.”

“I don’t know what he wants to do. It’s just that now I know that he at least has something in mind.”

Professor Ruan looked at him for a while. “No matter how many people he knows, it’s impossible to conjure a virus program that can destroy the Mainbrain out of thin air.”

This made his departure feel more like a betrayal. If Ruan Xian really submitted to the Mainbrain, they would fall into an unprecedented disadvantage.

“That’s why it’s interesting.” Tang Yibu grinned again. “I will fully support you, Professor Ruan.”

That smile didn’t seem fake.

The communication with Guan Haiming was quickly connected. Dr. Guan was drinking soup when he almost choked on his spoon.

“231?” He put the spoon down in fear. “What is that next to you? I saw it in the car last time…”

“It’s the person you’re looking for,” Tang Yibu said happily. He picked up the iron bead to prevent it from taking the opportunity to bite Professor Ruan. “He has something to tell you.”

Guan Haiming swallowed; his eyes seemingly hadn’t returned to their senses. He looked up and down at the small machine for a long time while making a disbelieving expression. Finally, after half a minute, he calmed down. Tang Yibu suspected that he might have mistaken it for some kind of communication device.

“Haiming”. Professor Ruan got straight to the point. “Sorry for not contacting you for so long. I will explain the details later. In two days, someone will go to the dead wall on your side to pick something up. You need to help cover them. This matter is very important and cannot be lost.”

“Understood.” Guan Haiming looked serious. “I will arrange it.”

They didn’t exchange any specifics, which caused Tang Yibu to raise his eyebrows.

“Now that you have started your activities again… Have you found a suitable place?” Guan Haiming asked vaguely. Tang Yibu thought that was easy to decipher. This was asking if he had found a new command center.

“Nn,” Professor Ruan replied calmly. “The place I’m staying at now is pretty good.”

With a bang, Tang Yibu dropped the iron bead that hit the ground with a dull thud.

“Are you sure?” He asked suspiciously. Establishing a new rebel command center on the outskirts of the Mainbrain’s city; Tang Yibu wasn’t sure if this was a manifestation of Professor Ruan’s self-abandonment.

For a while, the three-legged little machine was silent.

“I’m sure,” Professor Ruan said. “I don’t need too many people anyway.”

Tang Yibu took a deep breath slowly, glanced at the two who were baking pumpkin slices in the distance and at Zhong Qing, who was eating grapes, and then turned his gaze to Professor Ruan. From a certain point of view, this person really resembled a bit like “Ruan Xian”.

In terms of strategy that was outside of the box, these two were really alike.

Tang Yibu convinced himself that this was a good thing—if even he couldn’t figure them out, the Mainbrain would have a hard time guessing as well. They might be safer than they thought.

He had a hunch that this war was likely to go in a fantastically unprecedented direction.

The author has something to say:

Farmhouse resistance center (×

Not being able to expose Ruan’s thoughts makes it hard to write from Ruan’s perspective. Ahhh—

Tang is really anxious, from coconut sugar to coconut caramel.

This is love, Tang.

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  1. ngl this part is making me a bit sleepy maybe because I don’t understand what’s happening hahahahahah

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  2. Everyone: Prepare for war, nervous and stressed
    Yibu: I miss my father sooo muchh~
    Prof Ruan: Really :))) are you really be like that :))) This is war… stop being lovesick! I’m glad I wasn’t his real father…


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