Happy Doomsday Ch171

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 171: Information Transfer

Professor Ruan was sitting at an iron table near the floating bridge. While eating breakfast, he looked at the giant machinery wrapped in smoke and light. Hearing the footsteps of others on the other end of the bridge, he turned his head and looked at the visitor.

“Breakfast.” Tang Yibu made a serious request. “Two people… No, four people. Have meat, eggs, and enough sugar.”

The android was dressed differently from yesterday. His slightly long black hair was wet. It seemed he disliked those close-fitting combat uniforms with buckles everywhere that weren’t easy to put on or take off. Tang Yibu simply wore Ruan Xian’s shirt. His figure was sturdier than Ruan Xian’s, making the shirt look tight on him, so he simply left it unbuttoned, exposing the lines of his collarbone and muscles.

However, in addition to being troublesome, Professor Ruan sensed a bit of a declaration of ownership.

“That… Where is Mr. Ruan?” Professor Ruan calmly retracted his gaze.

“In bed, sleeping.”

“I see.” Professor Ruan cracked open a boiled egg on the table. “As for breakfast, I remember you brought dry food.”

Tang Yibu’s eyes widened slightly. There was a hint of genuine shock that appeared on his face. “You have packed me up and sold me to MUL-01, so the least you can do is take care of this meal.”

“I’m kidding. I’ll have it delivered to your room later.” Professor Ruan smiled. “You especially came to see me behind his back. You should have other things to talk about, NUL-00. The sound insulation measures here are perfect. Please feel free.”

“Nn.” Tang Yibu bounced casually and sat on the railing of the floating bridge, balancing dangerously on it. “You lied to us yesterday. Letting MUL-01 take Fan Linsong wasn’t a test of ‘whether an AI will kill its own creator’… You just needed to make MUL-01 mistakenly think the rebels are at a disadvantage.”

Professor Ruan had no intention of interrupting Tang Yibu. He carefully peeled the eggshell from the boiled egg with a smile.

“As the person who built the core program, you are the true creator of MUL-01. Fan Linsong is the manager in charge of the project, but on a technical scale, he’s far behind. Humans have a way of defining humans, and we have our own way of defining them.”

Tang Yibu turned his back to the sleeping giant machine while still sitting on the railing, swinging one leg absentmindedly. Professor Ruan still didn’t respond. His eyes were calm, as if he was looking at a cat that was flicking its tail back and forth.

“Fan Linsong has taken a DNA jammer, so once he’s killed, he can’t be replicated. You should have kept an extra sample of your own genes at the start.”

Tang Yibu didn’t care about Professor Ruan’s reaction and continued quite bluntly.

“You know that in order to get information from Fan Linsong, MUL-01 will not kill him immediately. You also wouldn’t be careless to expose your whereabouts to people who are bound to be captured sooner or later. MUL-01 is also equally aware of this—so instead of directly crushing Fan Linsong’s brain to obtain information at once, it’s better to raise him first as a material for indirect research on you, and if necessary, it can be used to disrupt the morale of the rebel army.”

“Good guess.” Professor Ruan answered noncommittally. “But there’s no need to hide this from Mr. Ruan.”

Tang Yibu smiled. “If you really didn’t care, you shouldn’t have made a point of telling this lie yesterday. ‘An AI won’t kill its creator’ is simply a false proposition.”

Professor Ruan sighed. “…Yes.”

“You hope to postpone the possible conflict between me and Mr. Ruan. After all, no matter which one is missing, your plan’s chance of winning will be reduced.” Tang Yibu touched his shirt with a soft emotion on his face that looked completely inconsistent with what he was saying.

“You and MUL-01 are really alike… No, it should be said that MUL-01 is like you.”

Professor Ruan stood up. “You want to crush him completely, don’t you?”

“It’s just an idea now.” Tang Yibu didn’t deny it. “When did you find out?”

“The way you looked at the light screens before you two met. I want to know the reason. You and him aren’t in a hostile position.” Professor Ruan spoke crisply. “Please tell me. This will help me understand the behavior pattern of MUL-01, and it won’t cost you anything.”

“Unfortunately, I think my reasons can’t be used as a reference.”

Tang Yibu jumped back from the railing onto the bridge deck.

“Father is the most spectacular puzzle I have ever seen. Before, and especially now, that kind of attraction is hard to resist. He has a far more than average influence on me, and it’s deepening in ways I can’t control.”

Tang Yibu took a deep breath.

“At this moment, he never abandoned me, without any flaws… I want him.”

It was like seeing a unique flower or a fleeting natural phenomenon. Knowing that they were destined to die, people would try their best to preserve them. Language narratives, paintings, pictures, data specimens, and the like; as time evolved, the practices were different, but the purpose remained similar.

Tang Yibu didn’t think there was any logical problem with his ideas.

The desire for knowledge and growth was engraved in his instinct, and the perfect research object existed by his side. After tasting the feeling of being abandoned once, and after a false alarm, this urge to completely possess the other party for himself only became more obvious.

People could change. He had seen countless examples. At this moment, his father was perfect, but as time passed, Ruan Xian could disappear by accident or become someone he didn’t know. There was also the subtle possibility of being betrayed… Based on this moment, “Ruan Xian” had countless possibilities.

If nothing was done and the other side was allowed to continue like this, his father would eventually only come out one way in the end, and that way may not be the most suitable…

Flowers that faded would naturally still be beautiful, but if they lost their water and dried up, were crushed by a car, or were infected with mold, they would become irreparable waste.

But he had a solution. As long as he crushed the other party, he could record everything about him in his own mind. As long as he had the right equipment, he could create countless “perfect Ruan Xian” and bring the most beautiful flowers back to the world.

“I want him.” He repeated. He wanted to record the other party from head to toe. This was the most perfect solution he could think of.

It was just such a simple purpose.

But for some reason, Tang Yibu always felt that something was wrong. It stood to reason that after a night of intimacy, this morning should be perfect—he could pull out a bunch of parts from this place, create a scanning shredder to completely record that beautiful collection of puzzles.

However, his feet dragged him to Professor Ruan, and for some unknown emotion, was preventing him from doing that.

Out of curiosity about the unknown, Tang Yibu complied. The result was the current situation—he clearly stated his thoughts while Professor Ruan’s face began to turn grave, obviously understanding what he meant.

“Do you really not know what ‘fear of life’ means?” The bitterness in Professor Ruan’s voice was getting heavier.

“Life is just a natural phenomenon. Like most creatures, I live by my own instincts, and I won’t get entangled by this issue.” Tang Yibu shrugged. “And most humans just ‘selectively fear life’ or are too afraid that the ecosystem will collapse too quickly. At least I haven’t seen many people fear pathogenic bacteria.”

As Tang Yibu said, it wasn’t about the phenomenon of life. He could cross out one of the guesses about the unknown emotions in his heart.

How troublesome. It seemed that Professor Ruan wouldn’t have an answer here. As long as there was this strong unknown feeling, he would not be able to function smoothly.

Professor Ruan didn’t respond anymore, but instead just looked a little sad.

“So for now, I have my own questions to think about.” Tang Yibu’s expression collapsed as he wilted and turned around. He decided to go back to his room and wait for his meal. “Remember to bring our companions down as well. There’s no point in continuing the perception interference.”

“Like you, I also have my questions that need to be confirmed.” Professor Ruan didn’t immediately agree. “Of course, I certainly won’t really make things difficult for Mr. Yu and Miss Ji—”

“I mean that Grove R-660 lifeform.”


Yu Le was cursing loudly from the bottom of his heart.

They seemed to be trapped in a cycle of time. From Tang Yibu gaining his body, to Tang Yibu breaking through the barriers of the Android Show, to Tang Yibu falling at the door of the burning research institute, these scenes had replayed for three times now. Ji Xiaoman once wanted to try to enter the Institute, but the providers of the memory, Kang Ziyan and Su Zhao, had never entered it, so there was only a cloud of darkness inside, like a procedural error.

By now, Yu Le had no idea what Professor Ruan wanted to do. If this was a test, then this test was too boring. It looked more like a stall tactic.

But it didn’t make sense to stall. Neither he nor Ji Xiaoman were strategic weapons, so there was no need to detour and block them. It was better to knock them out and throw them into a corner.

The long period of mental tension made him exhausted, but he didn’t dare let his guard down. He had just dozed off a few minutes ago when he saw a shrapnel cross his calf and subconsciously took it as real. In the next second, a sharp pain spread from his calf, followed by the sticky feeling that was characteristic of blood stained clothes.

The young Ji Xiaoman still had a bit of energy. She quickly took out the bandage in her waist bag and made a simple bandage for Yu Le. Her movements were a bit hasty as several huge parts popped out from her waist bag and fell to the ground. She didn’t have time to pick them up.

Despite the looping scene, Kang Ziyan and Su Zhao didn’t let go of the ventral cockroach. This time they happily killed it and were lighting a fire to barbeque its gaiters. Given that this ventral cockroach most likely didn’t exist in reality, Yu Le was unwilling to think about what they were actually eating.

“Little profiteer, we have to find a place to sleep for a while. This won’t work.” He lowered his voice.

“Nn.” Ji Xiaoman turned pale and nodded. “Each person will take turns for half an hour.”

“I don’t know how Xiao Ruan and Xiao Tang are doing. It’s damn hard to guess when nothing has changed here, but I don’t think Professor Ruan will be too rough on us two small characters. Looking at this situation, they are probably jumping happily around.”

Yu Le took out a piece of packaged jerky from his pocket and threw it to Ji Xiaoman.

“But recycling this scene is also quite meaningless. What’s he trying to do?”

“I don’t know.” Ji Xiaoman had a higher favorability for Professor Ruan than Yu Le, and even she looked particularly frustrated. After taking the jerky, Ji Xiaoman freed up on hand and groped for parts that had been accidently dropped in the dark. As a result, she didn’t touch parts but something round.

“Gwah!” That thing cried aggrievedly.

“π?!” Yu Le jolted awake all of a sudden. “Where’s your father Ruan? Where did he go?”

The iron bead swallowed the parts in its mouth and rattled off a long string of sounds hurriedly. However, the two pure humans didn’t have the ability to communicate with mechanical life. Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman looked at each other. It was difficult to say whose expression was more confused.

π buried its face in the ground angrily.

After a while, it stretched out its legs with difficulty and gnawed on a stone into a pair of rough human shape. Then it tried to make a vicious look, put the small stones in its mouth in one bite, and ran into the bush.

Then it rolled back listlessly, spat out the stones, and repeated what it had just done. It repeated over and over again, until Ji Xiaoman’s face turned pale, and she let out a sigh. The iron bead lay on the ground, turning over its belly with aggravation.

“Xiao Ruan has been taken away, I think…” Yu Le scratched his head.

“This isn’t the point. I understand why the scene here is being repeated.” Ji Xiaoman’s face turned a few shades paler. “It’s an explanatory signal.”

“A what signal?”

“Tang Yibu has never concealed his android characteristics, right?”

The young mechanic’s voice trembled a bit.

“Except for The Glass Conservatory, there aren’t many androids who can freely move in other places. No matter what happens, with those eyes, he’s easier to remember than us. Not to mention that we just confronted the big boss of the Order Supervisors not long ago. At that time… he didn’t cover his face either.”

Yu Le’s expression gradually became solemn.

“The detection birds here have the ability to transmit visual interference information, and they can convey these scenes to the Mainbrain. If… I mean, if someone wants to prove to MUL-01 that ‘an AI on the same level as you is still around and active’, isn’t this the best evidence?”

Ji Xiaoman picked up the iron bead, bit her lip, and had no intention of touching the jerky again.

“…Lao Yu, I’m afraid the Order Supervisors will come here soon. We’re out of time.”

The author has something to say:

Tang is really not ready for love (?) He just want to get rid of Ruan. His brain circuit is completely different from humans. XD

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