Happy Doomsday Ch169

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 169: Winning Percentage

Professor Ruan still showed no signs of panic. He calmly looked at Tang Yibu, who was holding Ruan Xian, and didn’t start preaching impassionedly as Ruan Xian thought. He didn’t even show an expression of condemnation.

“That’s it,” he said. “What a pity. It seems we won’t get along well in the future.”

Ruan Xian narrowed his eyes.

Although he was emotionally unstable, he didn’t let his guard down. Professor Ruan wouldn’t let Tang Yibu in unprepared. In fact, this was one of the reasons why they didn’t leave immediately—since Professor Ruan dared to see Tang Yibu, who had an unclear attitude, he should have had a way to restrain him.

Therefore, even if his doubts were resolved and Tang Yibu no longer needed to seek any answers from this “clone”, they still couldn’t leave with confidence.

In theory, the opponent’s intelligence was not below his own. Although his personality was very different, they were still more or less similar in nature. Ruan Xian allowed Tang Yibu to put his arms around his neck and let him act coquettish, while cleverly using his body to separate him from Professor Ruan.

“Let’s talk.”

After confirming that the situation around him was temporarily safe, Ruan Xian began to talk as planned.

“At first, you treated me as Yibu’s companion, or an undercover agent from the Mainbrain. You can also use that opportunity to observe Yibu’s reaction to determine his position. After all, compared to Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman, I have a stronger intimate relationship with him.”

He and Tang Yibu had guessed this when they were pursuing the off-roader. Regardless of whether it was true or not, Professor Ruan would inevitably try the “excessive” emotion card first to make a preliminary probe into the android’s emotional state.

In order to make the results more accurate, it was impossible to limit the object of the probe to Tang Yibu. Whether it was due to emotional research or safety concerns, Professor Ruan would undoubtedly cause some trouble for himself as “NUL-00’s partner”.

“Regardless of my identity… If you see that I am in danger and Yibu shaken, then it means that his emotions have become rich to the point of ‘understandable and speculative’. You won’t really do anything to me, but instead bring me over properly and use the emotional card to win him over, while secretly investigating the details.”

Tang Yibu buried the tip of his nose on the side of Ruan Xian’s neck and sniffed carefully. ‘It’s a bit itchy,’ Ruan Xian thought.

“…But if Yibu doesn’t react too obviously, then whether I am with the Mainbrain or not, I’m just a pawn used by NUL-00. You’ll then kill me, show your own value and means, and finally add a touch of the emotional card. A rational NUL-00 will tend to cooperate with you.”

Ruan Xian held the knife in one hand and rubbed Tang Yibu’s hair with the other.

Until now, Ruan Xian wasn’t even sure whether the defeated rebel army was the real main force of the rebel army. After all, the fight with Fan Linsong was also a scene made by the person in front of him, and it could even be said to be an experiment to see the attitude of an AI towards its creator.

This bureau was set up when Professor Ruan discovered that NUL-00 still existed. He left clues in each petri dish, guided NUL-00 to the S-type Prototype, and finally led it to himself.

On the surface, he let the Order Supervisors and the Mainbrain relax their vigilance, then secretly used breadcrumbs sprinkled with clues to guide the way for NUL-00.

For this reason, Professor Ruan didn’t seem to mind deceiving the world.

Even if Professor Ruan wasn’t the original “Ruan Xian”, he was the closest person that came close to Ruan Xian in this world. Even if the real Ruan Xian had died, even if NUL-00 was a colder guy than the Mainbrain, he would still leave him alive just for the sake of possessing him.

But there was a hole in this speculation.

Judging from Tang Yibu’s memory, the android hadn’t had a pleasant experience before. If it weren’t for luck, Tang Yibu would most likely have died on the original Android Show. In the case that Tang Yibu had died a long time ago, these actions were tantamount to tossing clues to a blind man and wouldn’t be of any use.

On the other hand, now that his identity was exposed and his attitude was very determined, Professor Ruan still had a calm attitude. That calmness didn’t seem to come from external strength, but more like a long preparation.

“Not bad.”

Sure enough, Professor Ruan admitted frankly.

“Unfortunately, human calculations are never as good as God’s. It seems that you have almost figured out this matter. We might as well cut out all the falsehoods and talk about the price directly—since you guessed what I did, you still insisted on coming over. Except for the confirmation of identity, the rest is also ‘why did I dare see NUL-00’.”

He smiled at Ruan Xian. “If I have the means to guard against NUL-00, I can learn more about it on one hand, and ensure that NUL-00 won’t be a threat to me. On the other hand, I can use it to defend against MUL-01. That’s the plan, right?”

“Indeed.” Ruan Xian returned an insincere smile.

“If it’s you, you should be able to guess most of it. Can you let me go first? I will take you there.”

Professor Ruan struggled with the metal arm wrapped around his body.

“The price is also very simple. You just need to consider the transaction.”

Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu looked at each other but didn’t see retreat in each other’s eyes—they could indeed leave regardless of things now. Considering the issue of strength, even if Professor Ruan made plans to stop them, it wouldn’t prevent them for long.

[…And the details of the destruction of the A-type Prototype. I also want to know. We have to walk for a while. Tell me properly, Yibu.] He asked Tang Yibu not long ago.

At that time, Tang Yibu explained in great detail that Professor Ruan should have been unaware of his accidental acquisition of the A-type Prototype. Even if he made defenses against the S-type Prototype, their strength would most likely be above those defenses.

The plan continued.

However, Ruan Xian always felt that something was wrong, and everything seemed to be going too well.

It was like forgetting something that should have been remembered, but before the head could react, the body reacted faster. But after Ruan Xian thought about it, he didn’t find a possible danger. He looked at Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman, who were still spinning in the illusory world on the screen, and decided to go ahead with the plan.

Tang Yibu also nodded at him, indicating that he had no other ideas.

The android didn’t remove the robotic arm politely. He didn’t go easy on Professor Ruan because of his status as “Ruan Xian’s clone”. Professor Ruan nodded briefly to thank them, then made an “after you” gesture to them.

“Don’t worry about your companions. I won’t do anything to them. However, Kang Ziyan and Su Zhao are not under my control. Mr. Yu and Miss Ji should be able to handle two ordinary androids.” Professor Ruan sorted out his collar and opened the door in front of him.

They were walking deeper underground. The bottomless pit rumbled with muffled sounds, like the noise of drums from hell. Professor Ruan casually called a mechanical assistant to support him, took them to several elevators, and walked in the dark.

Except for the darkness around, it was steel ruins left over from when the artificial island was first established. In addition to sporadic machines coming and going, Ruan Xian didn’t see a shadow of a human being.

Professor Ruan was walking in front of them, and Ruan Xian stared suspiciously at the man’s back—not to mention a relatively normal person, even if it was himself, he needed certain channels of external communication. This wasn’t a working environment conducive to physical and mental health at all.

Here it is.

Professor Ruan knew nothing about Ruan Xian’s doubts. He led the two of them onto the metal bridge and turned on the lights. The yellowish light illuminated the giant sleeping underground.

It was a bit like a phage formed by the corpses of mechanical creatures. This was Ruan Xian’s first impression. He raised his eyes, and sure enough, he found a structure similar to a signal amplifier on the top of the monster.

…Although he had conjectured before, Ruan Xian was still shocked when he really saw it.

“Just like you guessed.” Professor Ruan held onto the railing by the floating bridge with both hands. His tone relaxed. “This is the device I will use to assassinate MUL-01.”

Tang Yibu’s expression was blank. Ruan Xian turned his head, and his facial muscles were a little distorted.

“You…” He adjusted his breathing for a while. “Is it really for this kind of thing that you left the so-called spark?”

“Only NUL-00 with the same level of computing can more safely break through the firewall of MUL-01. As long as the cybernetic brain of NUL-00 is transferred in, it will have hardware that is not inferior to MUL-01.”

Professor Ruan did not respond to Ruan Xian’s gaze as he looked doggedly at the mechanical monster sleeping in the darkness.

“However, in addition to its own almost perfect hardware, MUL-01 also has a lot of mechanical processors as auxiliary resources. It’s not feasible to fight alone, and we must also have similar computing resources—”

“Computing resources?” Ruan Xian couldn’t control the irony in his tone. “You mean the ‘human brain’?”

“Ah.” Tang Yibu reacted quickly, but his mood swings weren’t as obvious as Ruan Xian’s. Since Ruan Xian’s condition was determined, the android exuded an atmosphere like he was on an outing. “…Regarding the perception of the truth of the doomsday, this information is the ‘activation command’.”

Professor Ruan nodded.

To put it bluntly, the human brain could be regarded as some kind of organic computer. As long as you possessed enough theoretical knowledge, you could also “hack” into it.

However, the human brain itself was naturally much more complicated than a computer. If you wanted absolute control, in addition to the powerful invasion ability, you also needed a precise start-up instruction, so as to achieve the purpose of getting control of the master’s consciousness.

Looking at the current situation, this activation command was the ‘truth about the doomsday’.

“After the activation command takes effect, those human brains can be used as our computing resources. Of course, this process will cause a huge burden on the human mind, so I also have to be selective. People who are too fragile won’t be able to withstand the outreach of NUL-00 and will only consume resources in vain.”

“Even if they can bear it, after the invasion battle with MUL-01, even if they aren’t dead, they will definitely go crazy.”

Ruan Xian stared at Professor Ruan as he spoke slowly. The human brain couldn’t bear too much information flow. If such a thing happened, a mental disorder could be said to be the best result.

All the rebels, plus those in the know that were spread throughout various petri dishes; the moment the machine in front of them was officially activated, it would become a one-time flesh-and-blood computer. This included Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman, who were not far away.

Ruan Xian’s own brain was repaired by the S-type Prototype. Mixed with mechanical components, it wouldn’t be disturbed by such complex and precise targeted instructions.

While he and Tang Yibu would be safe…

“If we use it, our winning chance is more than 90%. I intervened in the design of MUL-01. I have prepared a virus model specifically for it. The virus can completely destroy it, making it unable to repair itself.”

Professor Ruan continued calmly.

“The Order Supervisors cannot make a second Mainbrain, and the current petri dish model will completely collapse. All mechanical life controlled by the Mainbrain would no longer be a threat… I know that quite a lot of people will die, but more will survive.”

“This is my plan.”

Professor Ruan finally turned his head sideways and responded to Ruan Xian’s gaze.

“Of course, I have also considered the possibility of NUL-00 being unfortunately damaged. If I install this hardware by myself, the winning rate is only about 40%.”

‘That’s right,’ Ruan Xian thought.

Even without Tang Yibu, Professor Ruan could have done this before. In this way, he could obtain an absolutely safe and confidential research environment without drawing attention to himself.

To be fair, if one wanted to deal with the Mainbrain, Ruan Xian couldn’t think of a more effective way than this, but whether it was survivors or rebels, people may not all be willing to sacrifice themselves for this 40% probability. Once this plan was leaked, it would inevitably cause great controversy and finally be noticed by the Mainbrain.

As for the arrangement of NUL-00, it was just a subsidiary of this plan. If NUL-00 still existed, he could have increased his winning rate from about 40% to more than 90%. That was all.

“No wonder you want to give me the S-type Protype.” Tang Yibu grabbed the railing by the bridge and leaned forward.”…This process will also cause loss to my cybernetic brain. If I have the S-type Prototype, I can survive normally after the victory.”

NUL-00 had no feelings for humans and would never make a loss-profit decision. Professor Ruan had expected this.

“That’s right. We have a more than 90% chance of destroying the Mainbrain, and both of you can survive normally.” Professor Ruan glanced at Ruan Xian. “If NUL-00 doesn’t have the S-type Prototype, it may have to work you hard to supply it with your blood. If neither of you got it, the 90% win rate would probably drop to about 74%.”

“At the beginning, you were lucky to survive because of the α-092 variant, but that wasn’t enough to support your body. Then there are only two possibilities—one, you got the S-type Prototype and then were discovered by NUL-00. Two, NUL-00, who had obtained the Prototype, found you in the ruins of the institute and decided to save your life for your intelligence.”

Professor Ruan turned to Ruan Xian.

“I leaned towards the first possibility. After all, the S-type Prototype was made by me. It will recognize ‘a lifeform that is bonded to itself and is severely damaged’… and it was precisely developed on the basis of the α-092-30 sample you left behind.”

“So it recognized that there was an α-092 variant in my body and that it was collapsing and mistook me for an object that needed to be repaired.” Ruan Xian didn’t avoid the other party’s examination. “It is indeed a possibility.”

“Anyway, I don’t believe that any of you didn’t get it.” Professor Ruan raised his eyebrows. “That’s it. With a win rate of more than 90%, do you want to trade?”

“No,” Tang Yibu happily replied. “There’s about a 10% chance of failure, isn’t there? My father and I can live well. There’s no need to intervene in the troubles between humans and the Mainbrain.”

“I’m not interested either. The decision on this matter is up to Yibu. After all, he has to take the biggest risk.” Ruan Xian glanced at the mechanical giant in the smoke. “I also prefer his current body.”

As soon as the voice fell, he finally realized the sense of dissonance that was haunting him. Ruan Xian only felt his internal organs sink. He held his breath and slowly turned his head to look in the direction of Professor Ruan.

How could he forget? This person was regarded as his “brother” in a sense, the closest person to him in the world.

Professor Ruan was also a lunatic.

…This wasn’t the opponent’s biggest bargaining chip.

They were misled by Professor Ruan from the beginning, thinking that this was a well-managed hiding place for the other party. As the number one enemy of the Mainbrain, Professor Ruan wouldn’t easily expose himself. However, this was a game. Unless the gap between the two sides was unusually wide, there was no game in this world that wouldn’t lose some pieces. If he thought about it from this perspective…

Ruan Xian’s blood almost ran cold. He looked at the opponent’s calm and smiling face, waved his arm out without hesitation, and directly cut Professor Ruan’s throat.

Red blood sprayed all over him, and the body fell backwards, rolled down the gap on the edge of the bridge, and fell into the unfathomable darkness. Ruan Xian didn’t bother to dry the blood from his body. He grabbed Tang Yibu and subconsciously wanted to leave…

Clap. Clap.

Someone applauded at the other end of the bridge, and at the same time, the entrance and exit at both ends of the bridge were sealed. The man stopped in the shadows for a while, and finally approached.

He looked exactly the same as Professor Ruan, who had just fallen.

“I thought you would find out a little later,” Professor Ruan said. “It seems that even if I have lived twelve years longer than you, I can’t let go of too much vigilance against you, Mr. Ruan. You are more dangerous than I thought.”

“But as a result, we were still fooled.” Ruan Xian hung up a smirk. “You’re also crazier than I thought.”

Right now, the current sense of violation could be explained.

Why did Professor Ruan dare to face Tang Yibu in person from the beginning, and why did he give a so-called “defensive measure” that they might refuse. The machines here came and went, but he took them on foot…

“You snitched to the Mainbrain. If I guessed correctly, you told him that NUL-00 is still there.” Ruan Xian breathed slowly, squeezing words out from between his teeth. “Those messy things before were just stalling for time.”

Professor Ruan didn’t deny it. He touched his chin. “Yes, I also gave the specific area. Order Supervisors should be on the way here. If you leave this island, you’ll soon be discovered. You know me, just as I know you—moral restraint won’t be useful. I have to cut off all your escape routes.”

“That was your plan from the start.” Ruan Xian gritted his teeth.

“You are all very rational people, and you won’t rush out and let this place be destroyed. I have been fighting the Mainbrain for twelve years and now I’m your best chance of winning.” Professor Ruan patted his clean white coat. “If you really can’t get over it in your heart, it’s fine to kill me a few more times. I can feel all the pain.”

He thought for a while, and then added, “But I suggest you do it later. Now it’s sealed here, and it’s very difficult to transfer another body…”

As a result, as soon as his voice fell, Ruan Xian fired. Tang Yibu’s modified blood gun was so powerful that it directly smashed Professor Ruan’s head to pieces. There was no brain matter flowing out of the shattered skull. Only a gel-like filling and a chestnut-sized metal cube, which looked a bit like some kind of receiver.

Sure enough.

In order to complete his plan, Professor Ruan put in a lot of effort. His main body should be somewhere, remotely controlling these realistic puppets made of flesh—they have no brains and could only receive signals from the body. Because of their lack of brains, they couldn’t survive for too long.

“Unfortunately, I’m really angry,” Ruan Xian said stiffly. “You just added a 10% mortality rate to my NUL-00.”

“Sorry.” This time the sound came from near the phage-like mechanical monster; it was closer to an electronic sound than the human voice. “We must win.”

“It doesn’t mean you can justify—”

“There’s no justification.”

The voice seemed to be sighing. Although it was synthetic, Ruan Xian still heard some bitterness from it. “The people who will be sacrificed is my sin, and it’s also my fault for dragging you in. I’m not going to defend myself. This is war.”

“Even if I know that some practices are cruel and unethical, I must consider… the most survivors. I’m the commander of mankind in this war, so these are responsibilities I have to bear. If I lose, no one can stop the Mainbrain. Not even you.”

Tang Yibu didn’t interrupt, he just looked around, as if the two were arguing about something that had nothing to do with him.

“You are really more obsessed with the survival of humanity than me,” Ruan Xian sneered.

“I have no choice.” Professor Ruan’s voice was still steady. “…I have no choice.”

“Really, if I say… Yibu?!”

Tang Yibu suddenly turned over the floating steel bridge and jumped lightly onto the huge mechanical monster. His climbing movements were fast and neat, and he quickly climbed to the top of the phage-like mechanical monster.

“I found him!” Tang Yibu waved his hand happily at Ruan Xian and pointed to a small steel door above. “The transmitter that controls those bodies is here! Professor Ruan, it’s proper etiquette to talk face-to-face during negotiations. We…”

Tang Yibu easily opened the steel door and then fell silent.


“…Wait for me, Mr. Ruan.”

Tang Yibu carefully took something from the steel gate, then climbed back the same way and stood in front of Ruan Xian. His expression was a bit rare and complicated.

“Then let’s talk face to face.” There was a little more fatigue in the electronic sound. “Now that things have reached this point, that’s fine.”

This time the voice came from Tang Yibu, who was silently holding a black cube machine in front of Ruan Xian. Its surface was dim and dull, with only a few neatly arranged interfaces. The length, width, and height didn’t exceed that of a little girl’s arm.

This obviously wasn’t a complete person.

“I’m ready,” Professor Ruan’s voice continued. “Carrying a complete body will only reduce the success rate. This is the most utilized solution. There is no way.””

Ruan Xian didn’t speak.

“As you guessed, this is my brain. Whether the winning rate is 40% or 90%, my mortality rate is 100%.”

Professor Ruan’s tone remained calm.

The author has something to say:

Professor Ruan is indeed very cruel (?His approach… In any case of a matter of opinion, it’s hard for him to say whether it’s good or bad. _(:””∠)_

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  1. Are you happy now Fan Linsong?
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    Clone RX: Created an army of himself, trying to save the world with the sacrifice of many people… and is obsessed with the idea of being an ideal human leader.


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