Happy Doomsday Ch151

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 151: New Body

The iron bead π’s heart was extremely excited at this moment.

It could be said that it had suffered for nearly a day—tracking the car was fine at first, but then it started to twist and turn. In order to find the right way, once it started to reach fork points, it had to put its face in the grass and slowly distinguish the traces in the soil under the grass. This was a time-consuming and physical task, so it didn’t take long for the iron bead to get hungry again.

This time it learned to be shrewder. When it got hungry, it looked tired and yelled in place to attract predators. If the opponent was too scary, it would get out of dodge. If the visitor wasn’t too big, it would kill it and devour the predator in its stomach.

In this way, the iron bead hunted and followed the car for a whole afternoon. Since it started foraging, its drowsy state had improved a lot, but its mood had become more depressed.

Throughout the day, no one stroked its shell or let it nap on their lap. Although it had lived this kind of life for a long time, it wasn’t very used to it now.

How outrageous.

Just when iron bead’s resentment was about to reach its peak, the familiar sound of the engine came from the front. The armored off-roader’s window was closed tightly, but there was a figure on the roof of the car, exuding a familiar smell.

Tears also filled the iron bead’s eyes in that moment.

It jumped up and rushed towards the figure aggrieved, contentedly waiting for the soft embrace and delicious snacks.

In the next second, Ji Xiaoman, who was fighting on the roof of the car, only felt that she had been hit by a cannonball or was severely punched in the stomach.

She blacked out for a moment and instantly fell into the recess of the car roof, using the last of her strength to retain the weapon in her hand. However, the “cannonball” that hit her didn’t explode, but instead rubbed itself hard against her side.

Seeing that Ji Xiaoman didn’t respond, the thing even began to jump around her, making a rattling sound from its mouth.

Ji Xiaoman: “…” She recognized what this thing was, but she hadn’t regained the strength to speak.

Yu Le, who was driving, noticed the abnormality on the roof of the car almost immediately, and he roared anxiously in the car. Ji Xiaoman raised the corner of her mouth weakly, trying to respond, but unfortunately, she could only make a faint guh sound at this moment.

“Lao Yu, I’m fine, I just got hit by…” After a five-minute delay, Ji Xiaoman finally spoke again.

The enemy was still attacking, and several bullets hit the new shell of the iron bead. With no embrace and no snacks, the iron beads jumped for a while and began to rattle and scream in dissatisfaction.

“Good boy, don’t make trouble yet.” Ji Xiaoman propped up and began to aim at the enemy in front of the car while Yu Le increased the speed again. The fast pace of the battle was about to resume. “We have to take care of those people first.”


Ji Xiaoman swallowed her spit and plopped back down into the alcove again.

Their enemies obviously realized that, as opponents, their side had a clear mobility advantage—if they didn’t find a way to stop Lao Yu’s armored off-roader, they would only be beaten passively. In the blurred afterimage, Ji Xiaoman recognized the heavy rocket launcher and a figure of a muscular man carrying it. The muzzle was pointed at them.

“π, go and knock the muzzle askew, then jump back immediately.” Ji Xiaoman made a quick decision.


“Half a pound of parts.”


“Add another 30 minutes of oil polishing.” Ji Xiaoman blasted her gun into the enemy’s team again. “Hurry up!”

“Gwah!” The iron bead jumped off the top of the car beaming and headed straight for the heavy rocket launcher. It didn’t knock the muzzle askew as Ji Xiaoman had instructed, but skillfully cracked its shell, opened its huge new mouth, and directly bit off a large part of the muzzle. After it was done, it took several bites along the barrel. The original smooth and strong metal parts were now covered in potholes with several pieces missing.

Ji Xiaoman: “……”

“What the hell is this!” The muscular man who was carrying the rocket launcher shouted in a horrified voice. In the next second, he was hit in the face by the bouncing iron bead and was knocked backwards.

After the destruction, the iron bead jumped back to the top of the car again. Ji Xiaoman always had a feeling that if this thing had a tail, it would wag it so fiercely at this moment that it would leave afterimages behind.

After that incomprehensible strange attack, they were completely unable to gain the upper hand. The attitude of the opposite side was very clear—they changed their formation, took the wounded, and withdrew directly into the bushes, where they soon disappeared. The mechanical pursuers that were chasing after them also withdrew at some point. The entire forest had returned to quietness to the point that they could hear the insects chirping in the grass.

“I—fuck.” Yu Le sighed loudly in the car, quickly opened the car window, and knocked on the roof with his fist. “Little profiteer, come in! Did you see that thing just now? I’m scared. If it comes back, we’ll be finished… Ow!”

The iron bead rushed into the car and angrily slammed into Yu Le’s head.

Ji Xiaoman immediately returned to the car. The iron bead immediately laid on her thighs when it saw this and stuck out its four legs so that Ji Xiaoman could clearly see the position of its belly. Seeing that the situation had stabilized, the two children hiding under the car seat slowly sat back up, ignorant of what was happening outside.

“But this is also quite strange.” Yu Le rubbed the part of his head that had been hit for a while. “There shouldn’t be anyone around here. Why did they bump into us?”

“And those things that were chasing us quietly withdrew.” Ji Xiaoman took out the parts box very honestly, wiped the shell on the abdomen of the iron bead, and fed it parts one by one. “…It’s like they drove us here specifically.”

“That’s right. And having said that, what the hell is going on with this thing?” Yu Le squinted at the iron bead that was paralyzed on Ji Xiaoman’s leg.

“It seems to have grown up. I haven’t studied their colony in depth, so I need to ask Tang Yibu about this. As far as I know, the Grove R-660 lifeforms shouldn’t have such strong combat ability.”

“It shouldn’t be able to eat that much.” Yu Le tutted. “With such a big thing, where did all the food go?”

“They vomit out impurities that their body can’t decompose and use, and only absorb… π!”

The iron bead demonstrated it to Yu Le physically—it opened its mouth and vomited on the side of Yu Le’s seat.


The front row was in a commotion while the two children in the back row watched silently while holding hands.

Management area.

“He can really act with humans, and his companions are of good quality.” The man moved his finger away from the light screen. “You have grown up, NUL-00.”

The catch was that, as the only AI that could match MUL-01 in strength, its body was still too fragile. Just against a human who was experienced in combat, it let its shell suffer so many injuries.

And the companion next to him was also very interesting. That face was outstanding, a bit inexplicably familiar, and he didn’t know for a while whether it was an artificial product or a human being who had corrected his appearance. The body language of the two was very intimate. Except for the occasional display of defensiveness, they were very much like a couple in love.

Was it exploitation? Or was it an act shown to the outside world?

He had carefully studied the basic code of NUL-00 and didn’t find such a strange setting in it. That powerful AI didn’t have a “heart” at the beginning of its birth, and the emotional module was so dangerously blank that it wasn’t much different from the usual lower animals.

He didn’t think it was “love”.

So what kind of relationship have these two people built? How did it escape the destruction process in the first place?

The countless answers he was pursuing were approaching on their own. The man picked up the cup and drank the bitter content in it, and his excitement finally calmed down a little.

Seeing his own plan unfold accurately and gradually with his own eyes, there was nothing more gratifying in the world than this.

“Come and see me.” The man sat back in his seat and extinguished the light screen. The curtains were closed tightly, and only the sticky darkness was left in the house. “After all these years of hard work, it’s time for you to settle down, NUL-00.”

Something gradually lit up in the darkness. First it was a circular light similar to a spider’s eyes, followed by a projection light for illumination. The man was leaning on top of an aisle that resembled a steel bridge, except there was no flowing water under it; only strange machinery that emitted red lights. The orange-red light illuminated a smoke-filled area, and at first glance, it looked as if it was the entrance to hell.

The mechanical shape was a bit close to the phage, with a diameter of more than five meters. The structure at the top of the mechanical column was similar to some kind of crystal, surrounded by countless lines and twisted mechanical structures. It was like a mixture of corpses from mechanical beings that were compressed and spliced together to finalize this hybrid column. It was just that the lights on it were flashing, and the delicate mechanical parts were still pulsating.

“…I will perfect your body.”

“Professor Ruan.” A humanoid machine came over and lowered its head slightly. “Today’s tests have all been completed.”

“Simulate the diffusion model again to make sure it is foolproof.”

“About those four special targets…”

“They performed well today. Let them rest for a while.”

Near the doll’s head.

“The chocolate bar is finished,” Tang Yibu said sadly.

“Like I said, you didn’t have to give me a share.” Ruan Xian shrugged and magically pulled out the remaining bit of chocolate. “I didn’t eat much of it earlier. Here.”

“Aren’t you hungry?” Tang Yibu seemed to be using a lot of self-control to hold himself back from snatching it away.

“You’re pretty sure that Xiao Zhao and Kang Ge will agree to cooperate. As people who have accumulated resources, they have to show a little sincerity in cooperation, such as food.” Ruan Xian stuffed the remaining chocolate bars between Tang Yibu’s lips. “As I said, you’re the main combat power.”

Tang Yibu’s eyes flickered. It took him some time before he took out the remaining chocolate bar and broke it in half.

“Half each,” he said reluctantly.

Ruan Xian was amused by the other party’s actions. The android always liked caring about such peculiarities. “I still have canned food, so you can eat it.”

There was still no news from Xiao Zhao and Kang Ge. People in the distance were still fighting. The burning fire had not been extinguished, and the air was full of blood and guts. The two of them hid in the darkness on the edge of the doll’s head, dividing the last bit of sweets with their blood-stained hands—how weird this scene looked.

But Tang Yibu’s appetite was obviously not affected by the bad environment. He ate the broken chocolate bar sweetly but stared at the last one for a long time and refused to put it in his mouth.

“You know, I’m not in bad condition to this point,” Tang Yibu whispered.

“I like the way you eat.” Ruan Xian admitted calmly. “How about this reason?”

“I still think you should eat something. Even if you can’t eat enough, it’s still… good for the spirit.”

“I’m used to it.” Ruan Xian pinched Tang Yibu’s soft earlobe. “Isn’t that good? Even if I want to escape from you, I don’t have the strength to escape too far.”

Tang Yibu was startled.

After a while, he finally stuffed the only chocolate left in his mouth, then grabbed Ruan Xian’s collar tightly and forcefully used his tongue to pass it over.

Ruan Xian was a little surprised. He didn’t resist and swallowed it obediently. Then he raised his brows at Tang Yibu, waiting for the android to give a serious explanation.

But Tang Yibu said nothing.

The author has something to say:

When you look for Professor Ruan, Professor Ruan also look at you (?

Ruan: I like to watch Tang eat (sincerely)

π finally successfully rolled out of its shell. Congratulations.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Doomsday Ch151

  1. Hmmmm… Será que el falso Ruan es el cerebro principal (Main Brain) usando un cuerpo artificial con su apariencia…!?
    Thanks for translate!


  2. don’t tell me rather than the mainbrain and its people, that professor ruan is the final boss of this novel? because he seems like it! i just know that tang yibu would be put in a tight position because of this fake and real ruan xian situation, especially when his mr ruan didn’t even know what exactly he is

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  3. feeling a lot of resentment towards this faker! whoever this man is, stay away from our tang yibu — he only shares his snacks with his Mr. Ruan


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