Happy Doomsday Ch136

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 136: Burns

Ruan Xian was excited.

It wasn’t because he liked to fight. Although he was able to recover some of the blood loss, the fragments that hadn’t been pulled out made the wound unable to heal smoothly. The loss of blood made him weaker. Even if he knew that his life wasn’t affected, the breath of death made him sober like never before.

Tang Yibu was avoiding the fight. He could see it, and he understood the motivation very well.

On the opposite side was the Commander-in-Chief of the Order Supervisors, and he came alone, seemingly confident in his own strength. In the eyes of the other party, these few people were nothing more than coins on the side of the road that could be picked up casually by bending over. Facing an opponent of this level, if he went all out and let go, Tang Yibu’s A-type Prototype was likely to get exposed.

And the possibility of his abnormalities being revealed was extremely high due to him being “seriously injured”.

Without words, when Tang Yibu quietly raised his fingers, Ruan Xian guessed what the android had in mind. If they successfully escaped, they were bound to expose something, so it was better to expose the most “harmless” item.


When he turned his back to Zhuo Muran, Tang Yibu’s golden eyes glowed slightly, and his face was expressionless. Ruan Xian stretched out his hand that had not been hit by the bullet and gently pressed Tang Yibu’s chest.

“Give me some data,” he said while remotely activating the wristband that Ji Xiaoman was still holding, using all possible resources to calculate.

Tang Yibu looked at him and smiled slightly.

“Stop at the right time.” Ruan Xian wiped the corners of the other party’s bent mouth with his blood-stained fingers and mouthed his words. “Don’t fight too much. I’ll support you—you’re just an ordinary non-combat android, and I’m the technician of this team.”

There was also a price. If they followed the “most reasonable” script, they would suffer a little bit.

Ruan Xian knew this, as did Tang Yibu, but neither of them said anything. After all, this was the least costly way for them. The android didn’t deplore or be senselessly humble like ordinary people, but accepted this premise bluntly, with an almost cruel and natural calmness.

‘Like I predicted,’ Ruan Xian thought.

A rational partner, a suitable bedmate, and a little bit of body heat that didn’t belong to him. They had a relationship of taking what the other needed.

“My chest pocket,” during the heavy calculation process, Tang Yibu said suddenly.

Ruan Xian was taken aback. He subconsciously touched it with his hand and felt a thin square box.

“When the program starts, press the red switch above,” Tang Yibu whispered.

He didn’t know what this guy was planning, and now wasn’t the right time to ask. Seeing that the calculation was about to end, Ruan Xian clenched it tightly with his right hand, which hadn’t been blown up.

“Gwah—!” There was a scream from the iron bead behind him, and the sound of a metal shell being kicked and deformed.

Tang Yibu slammed on the brakes and put Ruan Xian on the ground.

The android simply gave instructions to Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman. The other two were smart, and there shouldn’t be any problems. Ruan Xian fell to the ground obediently, continued to pretend to be unconscious, and curled up slightly because of the blood loss. One hand continued to hold the square box that Tang Yibu handed him, while the other took out a blood gun.

“Give me the technician by your side,” Zhuo Muran demanded. “I’ll at least keep him alive.”

“No.” Tang Yibu’s voice was colder than ever before. “He’s my personal property.”

Zhuo Muran didn’t talk nonsense anymore. He immediately rushed up. Tang Yibu deliberately staggered his steps and made a look as though he could dodge. His fair cheeks were slashed, and a little blood flowed down.

However, Zhuo Muran didn’t mean to continue chasing Tang Yibu. His target was Ruan Xian, who was lying on the ground from the start. Tang Yibu easily grabbed a sharp piece of explosives from the ground and stabbed it towards Zhuo Muran’s neck.

The explosion just now didn’t hurt his opponent in the slightest. Tang Yibu knew exactly what the other side was. He didn’t intend to kill Zhuo Muran from the start. He just needed…

The explosive piece stuck deeply into Zhuo Muran’s exoskeleton. A sizzling noise of electric current sounded in the air, followed by a burning smell. Zhuo Muran’s movements stagnated as he paused and turned back with an elbow strike.

In order to play the role of a non-combat robot, Tang Yibu abruptly took the blow and flew back a few meters. Ruan Xian could hear the sound of the other party’s ribs cracking.

How long will it take?

There seemed to be something burning in his abdomen. It wasn’t a pitch-black involuntary anger but a purer, fresher anger. Before the Commander-in-Chief of the Order Supervisors could turn around, Ruan Xian put the muzzle of the blood gun against the back of Zhuo Muran’s head.

“Don’t move,” he said hoarsely, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

“It’s useless.” Zhuo Muran didn’t look nervous at all. “You’re still conscious with his kind of injury. Truly admirable.”

Seeing that the other party was about to turn his head, Ruan Xian quickly switched the hand that was holding the gun to his right, which was still intact, while holding the square box with his left, which he hid behind his back.

“You’re obviously Ruan Xian’s men. Why are you protecting that android?” Zhuo Muran turned his head and pushed the muzzle of the blood gun away like a toy. He grabbed Ruan Xian’s neck and pressed him to the ground easily. “…Forget it. I’ll just take your head.”

After that, he exerted force in his hands, and one of the arms of the exoskeleton that looked like an insect’s leg opened up like it was intending to twist off Ruan Xian’s head. Ruan Xian narrowed his eyes and was about to shoot when he caught a glimpse of the android who fell not far away from the corner of his eyes.

With a smile on his face, Tang Yibu used his hand to form a gun gesture.

It was as if he knew in advance that Ruan Xian would look over there.

“Bang.” The android mouthed.

‘How strange,’ Ruan Xian thought. Their cooperation was cold but extremely tacit, as if they truly trusted each other.

He pressed the switch on the cold metal box.

With a sharp cracking sound, his vision was swallowed by fire in the next second.

With Ruan Xian as the center of the circle, a flame engulfed everything around him. The flame failed to hurt Zhuo Muran, but it made him take a step back vigilantly—it was more than just flames that rose up and they both knew it.

The protective wall surrounding The Glass Conservatory was melting.

The virtual guardrail that should have required a huge number of calculations was invaded, and the real surrounding scenery of the city was gradually being revealed. The always blue and clear sky was slowly fading and disappearing.

From a distance, it looked like a slowly bursting bubble.

Around the flame, the sandy yellow ruins were slowly revealing themselves. Several waves of beeps indicating contact suddenly sounded on Zhuo Muran’s body. However, he narrowed his eyes and kept staring at Ruan Xian, whose small body was beginning to burn, without the intention of leaving.

The android fell to the ground, motionless, as one arm caught on fire, as if it had stopped functioning.

“Did you hear…the sound that’s breaking through the air?”

Ruan Xian smiled reluctantly, staring straight at Zhuo Muran with dull black eyes, like a wraith in the fire.

“That’s… A destructive drone flying to the city center… Everything here can be faked, but you really came… There are… Important people…”

Zhuo Muran’s scalp tightened.

This person was determined to die, as if he had made up his mind not to let him seize the information in his head. He quickly brought up the heat map and something was indeed flying towards the city center, extremely fast, but it didn’t trigger the air defense system.

It was too late to inform the others, Zhuo Muran thought. The other party had calculated this—on one hand was the threat that was about to disappear, while on the other was a person who the Mainbrain asked to protect. He knew what he had to choose.

And even if he saved Fan Linsong, the disappearance of the protective wall couldn’t be explained by “today’s surprise”. The most stabilizing thing to do was to step in immediately, not to mention the large amount of contact and work that came with it…

The exaggerated attempt to escape just now was to stall for time as this person cracked the city’s protective wall. The other two people lying on the side didn’t make any strange movements. It was all 100% this person.

Did he know from the beginning that he couldn’t escape, so he deliberately misled him by putting on an act of “I don’t care about my companions” to ensure that his two teammates could successfully run away? …Why did this person take the initiative to protect that android?

However, he was destined to be unable to confirm these thoughts.

Zhuo Muran gritted his teeth, activated the exoskeleton, and chased after the abnormal trajectory on the heat map. The dying young man in front of him continued to burn. With such a serious injury and burns, the other party wouldn’t be able to survive, not to mention that his android was hit hard by him and was completely incapacitated.

This situation wasn’t without remedy. He could send someone to search for the whereabouts of the other two.

As soon as Zhuo Muran flew away, Tang Yibu sat up.

He quickly extinguished the fire on his body and crawled in the direction of Ruan Xian with a grin. Ruan Xian was relatively better. He directly pulled out the burning debris from his body and neatly rolled away from the medium-sized fire. The burns on his body quickly recovered.

Ji Xiaoman rushed over, holding the iron bead that was quaking and crying, while Yu Le’s actions were much simpler. He picked up a whole can of rapid recovery spray, rushed to the burning body and sprayed Ruan Xian, whose clothes had mostly burned off.

“You guys…” Seeing that Ruan Xian was still conscious and didn’t look like he was going to have a violent death, he thought for a while but couldn’t find the right words. “Really tough. I’m convinced. Listen to me. Even if you have those nanobots to improve resilience, you shouldn’t play like this.”

“It’s just a special effect.” Ruan Xian raised the corner of his mouth. “Similar to magic. Don’t mind.”

Ji Xiaoman didn’t seem to want to say anything, but π was screaming too much. She could only console the iron bead hurriedly while desperately trying to feed it parts.

After briefly misleading the two of them, Ruan Xian said nothing.

This script was different from what he had imagined. Tang Yibu didn’t need to pull himself into the water.

The destruction of the city’s barriers was bound to cause riots, and Zhuo Muran, as the leader, wouldn’t have the leisure time to spend with them. Next, he just had to let Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman flee outside the city at the first opportunity while Tang Yibu pretended to perform a secret mission, hit himself hard on the head, and then run away as before.

The android didn’t even need to attack Zhuo Muran and specifically get injured. When Tang Yibu raised the explosive debris, Ruan Xian was even ready to be stabbed in the head…

Seeing that his head had lost its research value and the three people who ran away were relatively worthless, with the situation Zhuo Muran was in at the time, he wouldn’t wrap up this mess in person. He would go to the city to stabilize the people’s hearts while letting other Order Supervisors handle the aftermath here.

But Tang Yibu didn’t follow this script.

He chose to hurt himself too, weakening Zhuo Muran’s vigilance, in exchange for Ruan Xian’s not having his skull broken… Although this worked as the difference in results wasn’t too big, Ruan Xian couldn’t quite understand the other party’s action for doing this.

Tang Yibu’s first choice was always “self-preservation”. Ruan Xian once judged this way.

“It hurts, Mr. Ruan.” The android squirmed towards Ruan Xian in a somewhat familiar way, his golden eyes watery.

Before the other party spoke further, Ruan Xian cupped the blood-stained face, bit his tongue, and then kissed him deeply. Tang Yibu first greedily sucked up the blood, and then the kiss turned into a simple kiss.

“Your tongue is a bit cold.” After the long kiss, the android gave honest feedback.

…Were they really in a relationship where they took what they wanted?

If not, then what did this relationship mean? It was clear that Tang Yibu could watch, as he did when he was fighting the scanning program before or was being tortured by Gong Siyi. He almost conceded that the android would choose the most logical and convenient way to collect data.

For the first time, Ruan Xian felt a little confused. He stroked Tang Yibu’s hair and watched the other party’s curl his eyes comfortably.

“If you two want to do it, can you wait until things settle down, yeah?” Yu Le rolled his eyes. “You two didn’t really abandon us while trying to escape. I’m quite moved… Tsk.”

“π’s injury isn’t serious, but it also needs to be dealt with in a quiet place,” Ji Xiaoman said in a low voice. The iron bead whimpered in cooperation, as its voice was full of condemnation. “The follow-up troops of the Order Supervisors will be coming soon. We have to go.”

“Go, go, go. Find my car.” Yu Le was full of energy as he unloaded his luggage from the damaged hoverbike, and then his expression became serious. “Like I said before, ah. If you two dare do it in laozi’s car, I’ll definitely kill you with my bare hands.”

Tang Yibu didn’t show an immediate recovery. He rubbed Ruan Xian’s cheek with the tip of his nose affectionately as the two helped each other stand up.

“What’s flying towards the city center just now?” Ruan Xian asked Tang Yibu in a low voice.

“You will know soon.” Tang Yibu still had a bright smile. He didn’t know if he was just seeing things, but Ruan Xian felt that smile was different. “Your improvisation is good, Mr. Ruan. Commander Zhuo was completely deceived. It’s a bit of a shame. That was one of the treasures I would need to use to escape in case of an emergency—”

Soft music fell from the sky.

“It will create a high-temperature flame that emits thick smoke and is enough to destroy traces of the scene, and it will launch a flying machine into the most heavily guarded areas on its own, specially designed for deceiving people.” Tang Yibu was obviously very satisfied with his work. “Unfortunately, it will take a long time to make another.”

“Can’t it be stopped?”

“It won’t be stopped. It’s harmless, so the system won’t be deceived, but humans will.” Tang Yibu shook his head. “If it starts and I haven’t managed to escape… Well, that’s usually not the case.”

After a prelude drifted through like a drizzle, Carol Young’s “I’m With You” resounded through the sky.

“Before, it was equipped with ‘Step by Step’. I recently changed the songs, but they’re all banned tracks here, so it shouldn’t be much different.”

Ruan Xian laughed. The more he laughed, the harder it became, and finally he couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.

“Even I feel bad. Zhuo Muran is probably furious.” Ruan Xian wiped away the tears of laughter. “You’re really… really…”

He shook his head for a long time before calming down. “Speaking of Zhuo Muran, why did you—”

“Let’s stop the sweet talk for a bit, yeah? Xiao Tang, you said before that Luo Fei would keep his end of the bargain. So where are we going to find Ruan Xian?” Yu Le was carrying a large bag of luggage that took a lot of effort to turn around. “Are you going to tell us?”

“The Android Show,” Tang Yibu replied solemnly. “The specifics can be discussed in the car.”

Ruan Xian didn’t continue the question. He retracted his gaze and looked at the ground.

“And the question you just wanted to ask, Mr. Ruan.” Tang Yibu didn’t give up so easily. Although Ruan Xian didn’t ask, the android seemed to know the content in advance.

“You said ‘pain isn’t that bad sometimes’ and the occasion that sentence refers to is very special.” Tang Yibu blinked. “That is to say, under normal circumstances, you don’t care about ‘pain’ and have relatively negative feelings towards it.”

Amongst the beautiful and ethereal female singing, Ruan Xian’s blood-stained hand was slightly raised by the android. This time, it was Tang Yibu who bit his knuckles lightly, with a thoughtful expression.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

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  1. Oh my lord… the development of our Yibu~~~~ He doesn’t want his love one to be hurt even though Ruan Xian has the ability to heal and doesn’t care about pain.
    An android that wasn’t injected any emotional program is now in love…


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