Happy Doomsday Ch135

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 135: Confrontation

The Glass Conservatory wasn’t without accidents, but under the management of the Mainbrain, the probability of them happening was almost zero.

From the airship, one could see the thick rising smoke from the forest on the outskirts of the city. Red smiley faces densely blocked the sky. Most likely, something went wrong inside the prevention shelter. The alert level wasn’t high, and there was no sign of data being compromised. Except for the projection of the signature of the troublemakers, there was no further expansion of damage.

It stood to reason that he really didn’t need to intervene. If it was a simple fire or a childish destruction, Zhuo Muran wouldn’t take it seriously. However, this incident made him feel particularly uncomfortable…

This wasn’t the resistance of “normal people”.

The error correction program was already running. The blood-red smiley faces lasted less than ten minutes before they started to disappear one by one. So far, there had been no reports of casualties at the scene of the incident. Purely by nature, the danger level of this rebellion was surprisingly low.

Later, they could just take some measures to embellish this short-term chaos as a surprise for the day.

The birth of distorted ideas required soil, and most people living in this city didn’t even know the concept of “rebellion”. Just as there would be no well-made daggers in a primitive cave, relatively advanced forms of resistance needed to learn from past experience, so it was impossible for people here to be exposed to such knowledge.

For those people, bleeding and injury were probably the most exciting things in their lives.

A perfect life without worry. There would be no illness or accidents, no poverty or ignorance that burrowed deep into the bones. According to differences in individual abilities, everyone could receive the most appropriate education. Although it was still in the experimental stage, there was already a shadow of the future world here.

Zhuo Muran silently boarded the aircraft.

He wanted to see what the rebels looked like, and then personally send them to hell.

The aircraft detached from the airship and turned its head to fly in the direction of The Glass Conservatory.

“Reconnaissance of the communication situation and volatility index near the protective wall. The person who made such a mess can’t be local,” Zhuo Muran ordered coldly. “Turn the detection level to the maximum. The other party has technicians and is likely using disguised encrypted communication or short-range instant messaging.”

“Yes,” a sweet-sounding mechanical voice replied.

“Send me the last 30 minutes of airborne heat changes as well.”

‘…But they were all just self-righteous stuff,’ he thought.

Short-sighted, arrogant, and egotistical. They never looked at the bigger picture and saw the sacrifices necessary to achieve humanity. Although under the banner of freedom, what they wanted was only temporary benefits and stability. Just like his former self. As long as he could eat a mouthful of food that wasn’t spoiled, he would feel satisfied. When the Mainbrain’s messenger appeared in front of him, he didn’t even understand half of what they were saying.

He wasn’t yet an adult when he met the Mainbrain. His spine was distorted from working all day. The light from grace of scientific and technological development could never illuminate real poverty. At that time, all he had in life was to complete the day’s work so that he had enough to eat.

He didn’t understand the other party’s words about IQ, talent, and the most suitable path. The only things he could touch were stone and soil. He had never even been to the elementary school in the town once.

Zhuo Muran let out a chuckle.

If the Mainbrain brain didn’t dominate the world, his fate wouldn’t be too different from his father’s—working endlessly in the mountains, finding a local woman to marry and have children with, and working until his body completely collapsed. He wouldn’t have the name Zhuo Muran, but rather be “Zhuo Xiao Zi*” before becoming “Lao Zhuo”, and his children would grow up just like him to repeat the cycle.

*(小子) Term used by seniors to address their juniors, basically equivalent to like young man.

But he was sitting here now.

He thought it was an artificial god. Fair to the point of cruelty and wasn’t swayed by human emotions. The so-called rebels were just idlers who were dissatisfied with the loss of human privileges and were entangled in the romanticism of fighting for freedom.

The Mainbrain showed him everything impartially. The relevant historical data in the Order Supervisors’ headquarters was completely public. Regarding the rebellion 22 years ago, any Order Supervisor could find out the details they wanted to see, no matter how bloody and cruel.

But no one left.

This was a necessary change in the course of human development. If such a rebellion came out of other regions, he wouldn’t mind, but not here. This should be the true utopia.

Finally, he caught an anomaly on the heat map—there was a line of heat change trajectory that was a bit weird. Although it was within the scope of error of system management, it couldn’t fool him. Zhuo Muran drove the aircraft to the left and rushed to a certain place on the edge of the city.

“It seems that that kid Gong Siyi really didn’t run away immediately. You guessed it accurately enough.”

After finally stopping the temporarily assembled hoverbike, Yu Le cracked his neck and looked up at the other two people who were slowly falling. “Has Luo Fei contacted you yet? What did he say? If he breaks the contract—”

“No.” Tang Yibu jumped off the single-person aircraft with Ruan Xian in his arms.

The space of the single-person aircraft was limited. Ruan Xian’s back ached terribly after being squished tightly as if he was inside a pocket. He straightened his waist, intending to continue from where Tang Yibu left off, but what he spit out was something entirely different.

“Be careful!” Ruan Xian subconsciously protected Tang Yibu.

Yu Le got closer to the edge and reacted quickly—as soon as he heard a strange sound in the air, he quickly turned the hoverbike around and pulled Ji Xiaoman down from a tree.

A huge explosion blew up the tree. If it weren’t for the hoverbike being strong enough, the two of them would’ve been hit by the tree trunk. The other two people without shelter fared worse. Several pieces of arm-length metal fragments punctured directly into Ruan Xian’s body, and his back was instantly dyed blood red. Tang Yibu, who was protected, only had a few abrasions. The android no longer looked innocent as he frowned, looking as if his face could kill flies.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t cautious of the aircraft in the sky, but the speed of this one was too fast. It was estimated that it didn’t plan to land well in the first place. Only Ruan Xian, who had fused with the S-type Prototype, could react in advance.

Was it an accident? The Mainbrain wouldn’t use such a crude attack method. This time, Tang Yibu turned around, shielding Ruan Xian behind him, and looked towards the thick blaze and black smoke in the impact crater in front of him.

“There’s someone inside,” Ruan Xian said in a low voice.

He didn’t immediately pull out the huge pieces of debris stuck in his body. This visitor was nothing good, and he didn’t want the other party to see his rapid recovery. As for the blood, it could be covered up by his clothes, so it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

“With that impact force, even if the driver is you, they wouldn’t be able to restore their vital functions immediately.” Tang Yibu stared at the burning mechanical ruins in front of him like a wolf. “Here comes a rather troublesome guy.”

“What luck,” a voice said.

A man walked out of the blazing fire, surrounded by protective shields that they couldn’t see clearly. There was no trace of smoke on the man’s clothes. As for the face, everyone present recognized it.

“…Shit, Zhuo Muran.” Yu Le swallowed. “This isn’t a big fucking fish. It’s the sea monster that’s stalking it.”

Ji Xiaoman instinctively held her breath and hid herself in the shadow of the tree. The iron bead didn’t dare to come out and continued to pretend to be dead.

“Android.” Zhuo Muran glanced at Tang Yibu. “Interesting, it seems that our Mr. Ruan hasn’t given up yet.”

“I guess it’s time for Xiao Tang to show us how capable he really is.” Yu Le didn’t immediately climb up. He lay down with Ji Xiaoman to minimize his sense of existence. “Fuck, it’s so hard to make a profit in this goddamn place…”

Zhuo Muran glanced in Yu Le’s direction, retracted his gaze as if he had lost interest, and continued to gaze at Tang Yibu in front of him.

“What happened just now, I don’t think it was mere luck.” He stretched out a hand. “Surrender obediently, explain the situation, the Mainbrain will—”

However, before Zhuo Muran finished speaking, he saw a sight that he would never forget.

The android looked serious. When he was halfway through speaking, without a care for his teammates lying on the side, the android picked up the person behind him and ran away.

Zhuo Muran had never seen an enemy who fled so straightforwardly.

Truly capable,” Ji Xiaoman murmured while repeating Yu Le’s words.

“…” Yu Le wiped his face with one hand and made no comment.

However, Zhuo Muran didn’t waste his time on his surprise. He casually crossed the light screen, and an assisted exoskeleton rose from his black coat, like scales erected by reptiles. In almost the next moment, he caught up with Tang Yibu, who was trying to escape.

“It’s useless to escape.” The exoskeleton stretched out its electromagnetic gun and blasted the android several times. The disgraced android barely managed to avoid them. Zhuo Muran frowned, accelerated slightly, and stopped in front of the android.

The android, who had the appearance of a human male, slammed on the brakes. There was no panic or anxiousness in his expression, but rather a solemn look with an expression of “why are you like this” shock.

Then he turned a corner and continued to run.

Zhuo Muran had seen many rebels, some begging for mercy in front of him, some fleeing in a panic, and many who were unafraid of dying, but only the one in front of him had such a look as if he was participating in a sports competition.

It didn’t look like his head was working very well. Was this a non-combat android with enhanced guard functions? Then that person he was protecting should be an important technical staff member of this team.

Zhuo Muran tried to use the cybernetic brain isolator to incapacitate the other party, but he didn’t know whether it was due to bad luck or whether his opponent did it deliberately. Every time he wanted to activate it, the android would run towards the isolation wall. The electromagnetic interference of the wall silenced machines and prevented them from operating normally. What was even more irritating was that the android found he couldn’t outrun and throw him off, so he simply just started running in circles in the area.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Order Supervisors felt like a fool.

He ignored the two rebels who were lying on the ground watching the excitement as he continued to chase. The android didn’t hesitate to run away, and the person he was protecting didn’t stop him. However he looked at it, it didn’t look like the android was the teammate-caring-type, so the person this android was protecting in his arms must be important. If he stopped attacking the target, the important person might be able to escape successfully.

This entire scene had become increasingly embarrassing.

“I ordered some raspberry biscuits from the kitchen.” Yu Le turned his head and asked Ji Xiaoman, “Would you like a piece, little profiteer? At least we can eat something good before we die. It’s a pity we don’t have popcorn here.”

Ji Xiaoman didn’t have such an easy-going attitude like Yu Le. She still maintained an attacking posture like an aggravated cat and pursed her lips tightly. Seeing that the environment had settled down, the iron bead shivered and loosened its little feet that were clinging on to Ji Xiaoman’s backpack. It slowly leaned over to the two of them and began to observe the situation in the distance with them.

“Tang Yibu is up to something,” she said. “He has a plan. We’d better not make any extra moves.”

“Yo, how do you know?”

“Ruan Lijie’s wristband is still with me,” she said. “It’s running at full speed under remote control.”

When he ran his fifth lap, Zhuo Muran was tired of chasing. All this seemed like a joke. He originally wanted to capture the opponents alive and take the talent that could hack into The Glass Conservatory for himself. However, this thought wasn’t too strong. Killing everyone and bringing back their heads for analysis was also good.

He began to attack mercilessly.

This time the person being held showed extremely abnormal behavior—just when the homing bullet was about to hit the android, the person in the android’s arms broke free for some reason, and a shell exploded over his left hand.

The man let out a scream of pain and held his left hand tightly, as if he had lost consciousness. The android only stopped for a moment before picking up the young man, who didn’t look too strong and was covered in blood and continued to run.

How boring.

Zhuo Muran stopped, made a gesture, and more homing bullets lased out, but when he was about to adjust the target parameters, his wrist was hit hard.

A Grove R-660 quickly ejected from nowhere and was barking at him.

Zhuo Muran didn’t think much about it and kicked it away casually. Under the strengthening of the exoskeleton’s attack, the round mechanical life suddenly deflated and let out a scream.

Insignificant whelp. He continued to correct the data. However, when he raised his head again, he found something had changed…

The android stopped.

“Lao Yu, can the hoverbike still be used? Miss Ji, I’ll leave π in your care,” he said fluently, his golden eyes fixed on Zhuo Muran.

Then the android put the unconscious young man in his arms on the ground and let him lie with his back to Zhuo Muran.

“Not running away anymore?” Zhuo Muran raised his eyebrows.

“No more.” The other side shook his head and sighed. “Although… But this point in time isn’t bad.”

Zhuo Muran didn’t understand where the other party’s ease came from. He didn’t think that there was a weapon comparable to the explosive power of an aircraft explosion, nor did he think his opponent could call for reinforcements from The Glass Conservatory. Counting the android, there were only four people on the opposite side, and one was delirious. Their odds of winning were exactly 0.

Maybe there was really a problem with the logic circuit in this android’s head.

But he didn’t intend to take the enemy lightly. Zhuo Muran exhaled and decided to end the farce within five minutes. He thought he could meet a good opponent, but now he was only reaping disappointment.

Was there something wrong with his intuition?

However, from an angle he couldn’t see, the seriously injured and unconscious young man stretched out his hand that should have been blown up and quietly took out a gun.

The author has something to say:

Commander Zhuo, you shouldn’t have kicked the cat (?)

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