Happy Doomsday Ch130

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 130: Emergency Situation

The next day, sunshine sprinkled in. Ruan Xian considered for a while whether he should backtrack and pretended to forget that he still owed Tang Yibu a gift.

Famine and cold, blood and fire; everything appeared to have vanished. The room was clean as a refreshing wind poured in from the window and the sky was particularly dazzling. Tang Yibu was sleeping on his pillow, breathing evenly and deeply. His slightly long hair slid along the pillow’s depression, and a bit of sunlight fell on his handsome face.

A gentle and harmless appearance.

It was a pity that Ruan Xian was pretty sure that the calculations in this guy’s heart were louder than anyone else’s. During the date, he was able to coax him with a few sentences and promised that he would pick him up another gift. As a result, judging from the situation last night, he had absolutely paid back the other party for the blood gun schematics with interest. For the first time, Ruan Xian realized that his understanding of a certain field was extremely lacking.

Although he had the support of the S-type Prototype, his entire body still felt like it was falling apart. The intense sensory impact was so great that he couldn’t even close his eyes for most of the night. At this moment, Tang Yibu hurriedly took the time to take a nap while maintaining his innocent expression.

Ruan Xian stretched out his index and middle fingers, making them into the shape of a gun, and tapped Tang Yibu’s forehead.

“Bang,” he said.

“Mr. Ruan.” Tang Yibu opened his eyes, yawned, and wrapped the blanket comfortably around his body. “Good morning to you too.”

“The battle last night didn’t ‘leave me with the strength to speak normally’.” Ruan Xian took the lead and sat up, turned on the light screen, and checked today’s news. Although all the information had been carefully modified by the Mainbrain, a little effect could still pluck out some useful information.

“We have finished exchanging information properly, and you still have the strength to speak afterwards.” Tang Yibu moved his body lazily as he crawled to Ruan Xian’s side without hesitation and reached for a glass of water by the bed. Ruan Xian clicked his tongue and handed him the half-drunk glass.

Tang Yibu propped up his body and leisurely drank the water without any intention of crawling back. Ruan Xian stroked his hair soothingly. “Then do you remember what I said?”

“Remember. The diary records of Ruan Xian’s route and what happened on the road. He concealed a lot of key points and mentioned the matter of sending the elderly rebels into The Glass Conservatory, but he didn’t write about his conflict with Fan Linsong.”

As they guessed, since the information could be exposed to the Mainbrain, there wasn’t any sensitive content in the diary. It could even be said that it was biased towards the sentimental side. There wasn’t much information worth taking out, but it proved that there was nothing wrong with their search route.

But putting aside the intelligence perspective, it made Ruan Xian uncomfortable.

The words contained a person’s will, and Ruan Xian could sense that the diary’s writer was almost the exact opposite of himself. He could tell from reading the content that the writer, the other Professor Ruan, was passionate, had a love and care for life beyond the norm, and was unusually pure in his emotions. The joy and anger were extremely clean, and even the sadness was very typical.

It was like an overly clear ocean in the tropics.

Ruan Xian understood why people were infected by him. The other Professor Ruan had the qualities to become a leader and the mind to use them freely. There was only one hidden problem—that person was too stubborn in some ways, to the point of near paranoia.

At the end of the diary, he did discover the loss described by Luo Jian and the others.

It was a very deep and sincere disappointment and sadness. Professor Ruan didn’t write the reason, but just let the emotions filled the words slowly overflowing between the lines. The records in the diary were indeed trivial matters, and at a later stage, Professor Ruan’s mentions of others gradually became less frequent, and his descriptions of dead things became more frequent.

The diary after that was blank. According to the information obtained by the two of them, Professor Ruan rarely had contact with the people in The Glass Conservatory until he lost contact completely. At this point in time, they were a lot closer to him than when they first met Guan Haiming, but they still didn’t know his specific whereabouts.

This was also one of the reasons why they had to talk to Luo Jian. Ruan Xian moved his body and continued to look at the light screen that was reporting the latest news.

[Mr. Zhuo Muran, Commander-in-Chief of the Order Supervisors, arrived in our city yesterday and delivered a speech on crime prevention…]

“This is why the scanning system became stricter yesterday?” Tang Yibu seemed to treat Ruan Xian like a pillow as he lazily stretched his limbs.

“It seems so.” Ruan Xian stared at the man with a straight face and a cold expression on the screen. “The security level in various regions will also rise by 80%. I don’t know when he will leave.”

“Mr. Ruan, when you find Ruan Xian and get an answer, do you have any other plans?” Tang Yibu didn’t respond but instead changed the subject.

“No,” Ruan Xian replied quickly.

“If it makes no difference to you whether you are Ruan Xian or not, why do you have to go to so much effort to confirm?” Tang Yibu rolled over, lay on Ruan Xian’s lap with a blanket, and looked at Ruan Xian’s face curiously.

“I didn’t have any goals at all.” Ruan Xian looked at the bright green plants on the light screen and the dazzling sunlight that sprinkled on them. “So I just try to solve the problem that interests me the most.”

He had always lived like this and that had never changed. It wasn’t for a certain dream, or for satisfaction after success, but simply to get used to doing so.

After all, as long as there was plenty of food, water, and a place to sleep, people could live, and it was too boring not to do anything for the rest of the time.

“What about the second most interesting thing?”

“It depends on the answer I get.” Ruan Xian easily avoided this question. “Get up. You need to go to work as usual. I have to go see Luo Jian.”

“Then I’ll continue to look at the guards outside. You’re still resisting here as you failed to relax completely last night.” Tang Yibu stepped up and bit Ruan Xian’s earlobe.

Tang Yibu should have guessed something about his past, but he didn’t ask, and Ruan Xian didn’t take the initiative to mention it. They continued the conversation tacitly, pretending that the other party already knew themselves.

“If I relax a little more, I’ll be torn apart.” Ruan Xian quickly put on his clothes. “…Go.”

When the light screen was turned off, the camera was still facing Zhuo Muran’s direction. The sound of reporting continued.

[…Recently, there have been small conflicts in the border area of Country B. There are suspicious people wandering nearby. Please be vigilant and actively report abnormal behavior in the near future…]

Luo Jian was really waiting for him near the cafeteria.

“There was an accident yesterday, probably because of Zhuo Muran’s visit.” Luo Jian obviously also watched the news this morning. Seeing Ruan Xian coming over, Li Han walked behind Luo Jian, as if she wanted to say something.

“I saw it.” Ruan Xian nodded, found that the other party was still looking at him anxiously, and simply continued, “Gong Siyi only did basic emotional tests on me, nothing happened. Mr. Luo, I want to talk to you again, I wonder if you have time?”

Luo Jian nodded very lightly and sat down in his fixed position. This time it was like there were three people having breakfast together while the rest of the other patients whispered, laughed loudly, or talked about random topics like usual. The cacophony of voices drowned them out like clouds.

“About last night—” As a result, Luo Jian hadn’t had time to finish speaking when a sudden change occurred.

There was a noise outside the window, as many aircraft slowly landed. The verdant grass and leaves were swept around by the wind. The cafeteria was closest to the gate of the prevention shelter. From this perspective, Ruan Xian could barely see more than a dozen people being taken off the aircraft. Most of them were about 30 years old, well-dressed, and with angry expressions.

Among them was an acquaintance of his own.

Yu Le curled his mouth and rolled his eyes. His ruffian aura was incompatible with the people around him. Ruan Xian rubbed his temples. He and Tang Yibu hadn’t slipped out yet, but one of their own came in.

Luo Jian’s reaction was much more intense.

At first glance, the man sitting opposite him didn’t react excessively. However, Ruan Xian could hear his heartbeat beat several times faster, and his hand holding the fork trembled, causing the bottom of the plate to clatter. Li Han almost dropped her chopsticks but still held on firmly and didn’t lose her temper.

“Acquaintances?” Ruan Xian lowered his voice.

“People from Snow Blossom.” Amidst the laughter of the surrounding patients, Luo Jian mouthed his reply.

“Rebel army? If the rebel army is there, it would be more appropriate to send them to the Order Supervisors.” Ruan Xian bit into his beef pie. “Is the situation serious?”

“No, that’s the problem. All of the people there aren’t core members.”

Ruan Xian glanced again but didn’t see Auntie Yan but only found a very dazzling young man. The young man’s eyebrows and eyes were a bit like Luo Jian’s, and his back was straight, revealing the arrogance unique to young people.

“It seems that you don’t have the mind to continue chatting with me.” Seeing Luo Jian speeding up his eating speed, Ruan Xian shrugged. “Keep in touch?”

“Keep in touch.” After finishing the meal quickly, Luo Jian quickly stood up and left the cafeteria.

He himself had new things to deal with. Ruan Xian sorted out the restraint clothes on his body and walked straight to the staff area.

Gong Siyi was collapsed on the chair.

The single room in the confinement room was blown up by the two bastards, and he had to carry all the blame. His social debt had almost doubled.

Not to mention the failure to successfully get Ruan Lijie’s abnormal report, he also provoked two additional calamities who claimed to be the Red Ghost. The other party must have manipulated his remote-controlled humanoid. He only remembered the words of those two people, but their faces and voices had been disguised.

As soon as he sent Ruan Lijie away with his front foot, he got entangled with two figures with his back foot. The one surname Ruan was also quite suspicious. Gong Siyi specially called up the surveillance record of bed 231, but as a result, he was hit head on with hot restricted-level X-rated content. When he was being torn apart by two unknown figures, the person surnamed Ruan was getting hot and heavy with the person surnamed Tang again.

Looking at the concentration and dedication of those two people, as well as all the tricks that could make people’s blood boil, Gong Siyi dispelled most of his doubts—this time, Tang Yibu almost ate that poor young man surnamed Ruan alive. The madness and cruelty of those two were many times more than any kind of tenderness he’d ever seen. He didn’t know how many times they went at it, but it was completely unlike any tacit intimate relationship.

As an employee of the prevention shelter, Tang Yibu had also undergone an extremely rigorous systematic review and shouldn’t be involved in this kind of thing.

On the other hand, Tang Yibu manipulated a humanoid machine, so it was still fine, but Ruan Lijie was a real person in the flesh. Assuming that he was related to the Red Ghost but allowed himself to be tossed to the point where he could make that kind of look… If something really happened and there wasn’t any supply of advanced medication, he might not be able to escape.

The two Red Ghosts were still wandering around in the prevention shelter, and he was helpless to do anything about it.

Gong Siyi anxiously confirmed the inventory of recovery medication and asked the assistant robot to take two pictures. Then he asked another robot to go to Ruan Xian’s ward to find traces to make sure that the records he saw weren’t deliberately altered. Other than that, he could hardly do anything. Even if he used his memory as a basis to infer the identities of the two, his memory was completely unreliable.

This feeling made him inexplicably nauseous. Gong Siyi faintly felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

Even now, the two lurking ghosts refused to let him go.

They didn’t appear again, but left a light screen note in his office, claiming that his remote-controlled device would stop working at a specific time, so that he could be prepared in advance so he wouldn’t collapse in an inappropriate place.

There was also an annoying blood-red smiley face at the end of the message.

‘Impossible,’ he thought. The Red Ghost had captured his weakness, so he didn’t dare take these things to report to the Order Supervisors. In case he was judged to be mentally disturbed, he may be changed from an employee to a resident here.

Gong Siyi lowered the back of the chair sadly, leaned back on it, closed his eyes resignedly, took a nap, and allowed his consciousness to be kicked away from the remote-controlled device.

The next second, the handsome humanoid sat up and moved his hands.

When Yu Le approached the consultation room of the prevention shelter, his eyes were still rolling.

“If you got something to say, spit it out.” Yu Le dug in his ears while staring at the strange doctor in front of him. “I’m in a bad mood.”

“Tell me what’s going on.” The doctor’s expression was subtly familiar. Yu Le frowned and stared at him for a while. “I have your record here—Yu Le, 36 years old, abnormal behavior… Let’s see, privately creating erotica books. After reviewing the content, it was determined that you have a serious degree of psychological abnormality and was hereby sent to a prevention shelter for correction.”

The doctor turned a few more pages. “Luo Fei in the back was also charged with a similar crime. Did the Order Supervisors bust an illegal assembly?”

“So you still want me to tell you what’s going on? Should I recite the contents of the book to you?”

“I’m even more curious why Miss Ji is not here.” The doctor smiled like a fox.

Yu Le suddenly stiffened. He squinted his eyes and looked at the doctor in front of him again, focusing on the name tag on the doctor’s chest. “Tang Yibu? When did you get a face-lift and change your name to Gong Siyi?”

Having said that, he raised his chin towards the surveillance in the corner.

“It’s just a remote-controlled humanoid. Don’t worry about surveillance. I know your personality well, so I have replaced our dialogue with a simulated one in advance.” Tang Yibu, who was manipulating Gong Siyi’s shell, replied. “Mr. Ruan informed me that Pear Blossom was directly caught. What went wrong?”

“Most likely it’s an inside job.” Yu Le then relaxed his body. “Yesterday, after we left, Luo Fei came out and Auntie Yan woke up, but her state wasn’t right. I guess something happened inside. This morning we just went out and bumped into Luo Fei, who told us to turn ourselves in quickly—he’s afraid that there was a mole in Pear Blossom, and they had reported our names.”

“…And you quickly surrendered?”

“Well he thought we couldn’t escape. In fact, he isn’t wrong. It’s not easy to run away from here.” Yu Le rubbed his chin, clearly dissatisfied. “Xiaoman is nominally my android, so I asked her to go home and get something, and then pretend to malfunction so she could escape this predicament.”

“In order to earn themselves more points for their meritorious service, it’s estimated that in the past, the informants only reported the dissemination of illegal text. It just so happens that the wind has been tight in the city recently, so they managed to round up everyone.”

Tang Yibu suddenly thought of the conflict in the spiritual world.

“I don’t know the specific details. You can just ask Luo Fei. Damn, thinking about it, laozi came in because of your book. What will happen to us? Do you know?”

“At least you’re not dead.”


“Let me check… According to the way Gong Siyi usually handles it, you can take the initiative to admit that you are crazy like Luo Jian and your abnormal memories are all false, so you’ll actively undergo transformation here. If you refuse to receive treatment, your memory will be forcibly erased and filled with standard law-abiding memories.”

Tang Yibu quickly counted the cases in front of him.

“But there is a very troublesome place.”


“When Mr. Ruan came in, he took memory inhibitors to avoid possible memory screening in the test. He knew that we would definitely leave before the theoretical efficacy expired, but those people are different. Not to mention whether they have time to prepare memory inhibitors, even if they are taken in time, it will be difficult to escape from here. They can only hide for a while with no means.”

“From another point of view, the average age of you, Luo Fei, and those other people isn’t too old. I guess that those that were reported are all members who are unaware of the situation in the rebel army.”

“Internal conflict. Kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey.” Yu Le reacted quickly.

“I’m a little curious.” Tang Yibu’s reaction was elsewhere.


“If the rebels themselves are so taboo about memory screening of the prevention shelter and had no countermeasures for it, how did Luo Jian get in?”

Kinky Thoughts:

Despite what he may think, Gong Siyi is the luckiest character in this novel… He gets to watch the adult channel for free, while we readers have to just imagine what’s going on.

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