Happy Doomsday Ch129

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 129: Early Morning Date

When Tang Yibu successfully returned to the prevention shelter, it was nearly an hour before 5 AM. After they had finished exchanging information, he started to become nervous again.

In order to calm these unnecessary emotions, Tang Yibu decided to observe the other party’s movements first. The joint treatment had been over almost a few hours ago, and Mr. Ruan was probably in his own ward.

He specially chose bed No. 231 for the other party, and this approach to tagging his property made him happy.

Unfortunately, after avoiding all the surveillance and arriving at the room, he found the bed was empty.

The blanket was neatly folded by the assistant robot, and the iron bead stood blankly by the bed. The moment it saw Tang Yibu, it rushed over at a speed almost comparable to a cannon. Tang Yibu darted decisively, popped open the lid, and held down the iron bead’s mouth in a fluster of actions that were executed in one go. If he had been a second slower, the aggrieved bark of the iron bead would have resounded through the corridors.

“Mr. Ruan never came back?”

The iron bead whined agitatedly. Tang Yibu petted it soothingly, then checked out all the surveillance videos in the prevention shelter. The whereabouts of the other party weren’t difficult to find—his Mr. Ruan was surrounded by a group of mechanical assistants and was taken to the most remote corner of the shelter.

The confinement area.

Tang Yibu knew that the treatment methods there were cruder than the relatively mild procedures of editing memories here.

Tang Yibu was deep in thought about his difficult decision. Now that they have seen Ruan Xian’s diary, their purpose for coming here has been achieved. Should he go ahead and see Mr. Ruan in advance and get him out of that terrible place… Or should he go to the kitchen to steal some hot milk for a meal and then attend the date as scheduled?

After all, this was their first date. If he didn’t prepare a suitable gift, it would be easy to trigger the other party’s dissatisfaction. The original prepared schematics for the blood gun were already given in advance. Considering that Mr. Ruan might still have strong hostility towards him, he had thought about a backup plan in case he didn’t send out those design drawings.

For example, some exquisite snacks served with warm milk also sounded quite appropriate.

Tang Yibu rolled on the empty bed, spread out his limbs comfortably, and calculated carefully in his mind—being there on time was an important part of human etiquette. On top of that, hot milk and walnut crisps and vegetable cookies after a day spent in the freezing snow was very much on point for gifts given the setting. However, if he went in advance, he could spend more time with the other party and maybe observe reactions that he normally didn’t see.

But without the hot milk, they could only use distilled water with the walnut crisps, which didn’t sound very good.

The iron bead jumped anxiously by the bed, hitting Tang Yibu’s heel that was dangling down. Tang Yibu struggled for a while and decided to go observe the situation. Although hot milk was scarce, it wasn’t something that could only be obtained here. It was better to collect more data.

Seeing Tang Yibu get out of the bed, the iron bead finally stopped bouncing and rattled wearily.

After 4 AM, there wasn’t a figure in sight along the corridors. Tang Yibu quickly revised the surveillance along the way and walked to the confinement area with the iron bead. Unfortunately, Mr. Ruan wasn’t alone at the moment.

Tang Yibu arrived at his destination quickly. He didn’t immediately enter after confirming the condition of the room, but instead carried the walnut crisps and the iron bead and deftly climbed on the door.

A door away.

The straps on the bound clothes were connected to a mechanical table beneath him. Ruan Xian was firmly fixed to the mechanical platform. There was a familiar-looking machine parked above his head, but it was more refined, and the ends of its slender metal feet weren’t stained with black and red blood.

The one in the Underground City was a machine that removed brains, and the one he was currently facing must be something similar in function. It hadn’t started yet, as it was working on something else—four long metal needles pierced into his legs and shoulder, puncturing the parts where his nerves were densest and avoiding his internal organs.

Gong Siyi was operating the light screen by the mechanical table; his expression was extremely relaxed.

“You’ll be fine. It’ll only hurt a little at most,” he said. “This is a professional device, so the damage done to the human body is actually very small. It also comes with healing-related medication, so it won’t leave any sequelae, including scars. Please feel free to vent any of your emotions. I won’t mind.”

“But this treatment doesn’t look very formal.”

The needle should have done some tampering as it was injecting pain into his body in a simple and crude way. Ruan Xian instinctively became short of breath, but his voice remained steady.

Fortunately, Gong Siyi was now focusing on his emotional index and not his physical body. Before the other party found something strange, he could stall a little longer and find an appropriate way to deal with this.

The pain became more intense, and his muscles started spasming. Ruan Xian didn’t make a sound. He looked up and down at the small confinement room, focusing on the humming machinery, and finally his eyes swept over the small round window on the far side of the door.

Before he had time to think about whether it was suitable for escape, he couldn’t help but let out a puff.

Tang Yibu was outside the door, and Ruan Xian could see those iconic golden eyes. The doorway could have pressure monitoring installed on it, as Tang Yibu’s eyes were upside down. The bangs that normally covered most of his forehead had drooped down and were hanging softly towards the ground.

His beast-like golden eyes bent slightly as he noticed Ruan Xian looking over. Ruan Xian could see from those eyes that the android was smiling.

Tang Yibu even took out a delicate packaging box without any tension and shook it at him happily. The iron bead that occupied the other round window shivered as its breath of anxiety almost broke through the glass.

Hearing the stifled laugh, Gong Siyi turned around and frowned as it didn’t match the current scene they were in.

He was following the process, trying to use pain stimulation to amplify Ruan Lijie’s emotions, but the other party’s emotional index was like a pool of stagnant water. He almost suspected that this person had dementia, but he finally fluctuated a bit, but it went in a positive direction.

It was clear that everything was going well before—Ruan Lijie and Luo Jian clashed, and he successfully reproduced the other party’s undetectable hostility. Next, he only needed to take advantage of the opportunity of the other party being locked up in the confinement area and justifiably test Ruan Lijie’s emotional condition to obtain first-hand information.

Gong Siyi made sufficient preparations.

When Ruan Lijie was stimulated to the limit by the pain and became extremely hostile to him, he would open the other party’s skull and insert a detection probe into his brain for state sampling. With sufficient medicine and assistant machinery at hand, he was confident he would restore the other party’s state to its original condition before sunrise.

It was just that, in order to ensure the other party was sane, he couldn’t use anesthesia during the entire process. The craniotomy process may be a bit troublesome, but as long as Ruan Lijie’s memory was eliminated with no traces left, the other party wouldn’t experience any loss at all and he himself wouldn’t violate any rules set by the Mainbrain.

But contrary to the joint therapy, he had hit a wall right from the beginning—Ruan Lijie’s emotions were completely out of his control. Being stared at by the other party’s beautiful but dim black eyes, Gong Siyi felt like he had a poisonous stinger stuck in his back.

Unlike what he had expected, all the elements used to exert mental pressure didn’t have any effect. Instead of escaping the terrible scene of being pierced, Ruan Lijie carefully observed the machine that was inflicting pain on him.

‘It didn’t matter,’ Gong Siyi thought as he increased the dose of pain.

His real body wasn’t here. This was just a remote-controlled humanoid, so it was impossible for the other party to hurt him. Everything was fine.

This time the pain increase took effect. The young man who was tied up turned pale and began to whisper in a low voice. His brows were tightly locked as sweat kept flowing down.

“Don’t force it.” Gong Siyi tried to make himself sound gentle, and slowly turned around. “It’s okay, just let it out. Mr. Ruan, this isn’t joint therapy. If you endure it, you will only suffer longer. You…”

He was halfway through speaking before he couldn’t go on.

The man on the mechanical table was smiling. It wasn’t a sneer, nor a fake smile, or even an angry cackle. The young man, who was currently being pierced by a metal needle, smiled sincerely with a hint of cunningness attached to it.

“You’re not good enough to hear me scream,” he said. His black hair was soaked in sweat that clung to his skin. “I addition, I don’t like being called ‘Mr. Ruan’ by you.”

The scene in front of him had a cruel beauty. A pang went through Gong Siyi’s heart. He knew what kind of pain the other party was suffering.


It stood to reason that this level of pain was enough to make most people lose consciousness, and he would have gotten a few blurry, hate-filled screams instead of rational words. ‘This person is very dangerous,’ Gong Siyi thought. After obtaining the data, he would hand him over to the Order Supervisors and get rid of this hot potato.

Even if his behavioral score was deducted, he would admit to it.

He had dealt with many patients with mental problems, and no one had ever come to his level of abnormality. At this moment, the other party was baring his fangs at him unreservedly. He might have even prepared for this in advance, and this thought only made Gong Siyi’s internal organs churn.

Gong Siyi took a deep breath and raised the pain by another level.

However, the emotional value monitoring system seemed to be broken as it continued to maintain a positive index. There was no anger, hatred, or hostility. If he wanted to define the state of this patient, his attitude towards him was… Ridiculous.

Gong Siyi’s heart sank and became colder. He was obviously the one in charge, but he was so flustered that he became a little scared.

“Don’t force it, Doctor Gong. It’s better to let me go.”

Seeing that the other party’s face quickly turned to the same color as the wall, Ruan Xian slowly spat out his words one by one. While Gong Siyi was repeatedly trying to confirm the emotional index, he would look outside the door from time to time.

There was a little light from the light screen on the other side of the round window. It seemed that Tang Yibu was busy cracking something. The android occasionally poked his head out and squinted his eyes at him.

“I promise I won’t get angry again. You see, I’m doing well right now, right?” Ruan Xian smiled back at Tang Yibu and continued to add fuel to the fire.

The pain wandered all over his body. It was like the blood in his veins had turned into boiling oil. Unexpectedly, Ruan Xian didn’t feel much pain but felt relaxed. Compared to the pain caused by the wound on his wrist, this current pain wasn’t worth mentioning.

Tang Yibu’s hypothesis was correct. This was the first time he had accurately captured the “pain” that really belonged to him, not anger.

Ruan Xian was really in a good mood. Poor Gong Siyi, who was next to him, was about to have a nervous breakdown.

“I didn’t want to go this far.” Dr. Gong murmured quickly. “There’s no other way. It seems we can only switch the order. Honestly, why do I bother.”

A shaking shadow passed across his face. Ruan Xian raised his head and saw the brain-taking machine start to move.

“I have to make a small incision in your head. You’d better not move.” Gong Siyi seemed to have made up his mind. “I should have been more direct. People like you… Who can contribute nothing to society, this is considered the best way to make use of you.”

Ruan Xian didn’t respond. From the corner of his eyes, he looked in the direction of Tang Yibu.

The light from the light screen had disappeared. Tang Yibu leaned against the window, pointing to the gun in his hand.

“I only have one question.” Seeing those thin metal limbs getting closer, Ruan Xian spoke again.

Gong Siyi stopped his movement and tightly pursed his lips.

“…What time is it now?”

“Around 5,” Gong Siyi gritted his teeth and replied.

“Thank you.” Ruan Xian twitched his fingers twice, turned his face in the direction of the door, nodded vigorously, and the smile on his face became brighter.

Gong Siyi turned around abruptly, but it was too late.

The door slid open silently, and at the same time, the program restraints malfunctioned. Ruan Xian broke free as the long needles that pierced his body slowly withdrew. Ruan Xian didn’t even wait for them to completely withdraw as he forcibly sat up from the mechanical table and let the needle cut into his flesh. Tang Yibu jumped into the room lightly, grabbed Gong Siyi’s head and pressed him directly against the wall.

Ruan Xian flashed past tacitly as the iron bead rushed in while whining, circling around Ruan Xian’s ankles at high speed.

“Done observing?” Tang Yibu asked softly.


Ruan Xian rushed to the console, imitated Gong Siyi’s operation just now, and summoned countless light screens. Knowing the activation method was like opening the door to a room, it was only a matter of time before he could take the contents inside. Since Gong Siyi intended to store his brain state in this machine, it was likely that it wasn’t equipped with strict data monitoring or was simply offline to prevent others from accidentally discovering it.

It turned out that his speculation was correct.

“What about you? Have you observed enough?” After confirming that this thing wasn’t connected to the network, Ruan Xian successfully called up its assembly structure diagram with a smile in his voice.

“Not enough.” Tang Yibu’s tone had a hint of regret, which made Ruan Xian’s fingers stop.

“I have a guess. It was the same during the joint therapy, and also now. You seem to like watching me get messed up.” Ruan Xian raised his eyebrows and flicked the light screen containing drawings in Tang Yibu’s direction.

“Because your reaction is always very special and worth recording, but if I want to do it myself, in case I don’t grasp the right degree, our cooperative relationship won’t be stable again.” Tang Yibu looked at the light screen solemnly and directly tore off one of Gong Siyi’s arms with his other hand. Fine parts of the remote-controlled humanoid were scattered all over the place, but Gong Siyi didn’t scream and only shivered frantically.

“You two…”

“Oh.” Ruan Xian took the robotic arm thrown by Tang Yibu and began to organize the parts inside calmly, completely ignoring the restraint clothing that was soaked in blood from being cut by the steel needles. “Indeed, under normal circumstances, pain isn’t a good thing.”

“Right.” Tang Yibu also had a smile in his voice as he casually removed Gong Siyi’s arm. “This date is a bit different from what I thought, but it’s also quite interesting. Speaking of this, Mr. Ruan, I brought you a very delicious snack.”

“You guys…” Gong Siyi cried weakly, trying to add a sense of existence to himself.

“Mm-hmm,” Ruan Xian responded half-heartedly. Not waiting for him to continue, he changed the subject. “Yibu, give me the gun.”

However, Tang Yibu didn’t have any intention of throwing over the gun. He looked at Ruan Xian in horror, as if his worldview had been shaken. “Where’s my gift?”

Ruan Xian almost laughed out loud again. He pushed away the iron bead that was drooling on the table, turned around, and asked back with bad intention. “What gift?”

“I gave you the schematics and even brought you walnut crisps.” Tang Yibu grabbed the snack bag aggrievedly. “According to the information, shouldn’t the first date be like this? Even if you brought some kind of plant, that’s still fine with me. This kind of cooperation is unequal, so I hereby protest.”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. Actually, I prepared it. I confirmed it just now. I think you will like it.”

Tang Yibu hid his pericardium and shook the blood gun in his hand again. “Tell me about it?”

“Don’t worry about our partnership. You can make a mess of me on certain occasions. I don’t mind.” Ruan Xian took a few steps forward, kissed Tang Yibu’s lips teasingly, and took the blood gun out of his hand. “Sometimes pain isn’t so bad.”

“Well—” Tang Yibu deliberately lengthened his voice, “According to the degree to which a particular someone seemed to be endless, I’m not the only one who likes this kind of thing. Isn’t it inappropriate to treat this as a one-sided gift*?”

*Clarity: In case you’re missing it, Tang Yibu is unhappy that the gift Ruan Xian is preparing for him is sex because to him, Ruan Xian also enjoys it as well, so this would be just as much of a gift to him as to himself.

This cunning android almost rebuked what he had said, and the worst thing was that he wasn’t good at fighting back. Ruan Xian finally laughed. He dipped his thumb in the remaining blood on his clothes and gently wiped Tang Yibu’s soft lower lip.

He suddenly understood the other party’s obsession with writing his name on things.

“I didn’t think about it thoroughly enough.” Ruan Xian kissed Tang Yibu again and stole some of the other party’s body heat. “I’ll prepare some more gifts to compensate you.”

“You two!” Gong Siyi was almost roaring this time. “What do you want to do? Why can’t my consciousness go back? Who are you guys?”

“Bad people,” Ruan Xian replied indifferently.

Gong Siyi: “……”

“You know the answer yourself,” Tang Yibu’s response was solemn; so serious that it seemed to be straight up sarcastic. “I must disconnect you from the outside in advance. If I let you go back, you’ll attract the attention of the Order Supervisors.”

“I know!” He didn’t know if it was their intention, but these two people weren’t answering the main point at all.

They were really together, and everything had been calculated. This idea raced through Gong Siyi’s mind, and he could hardly think about it. “No one can do this. The remote-controlled humanoid was designed and developed by the Mainbrain… No, what the hell are you trying to do?!”

As soon as he was about to start explaining, the two demons turned their heads with an obvious lack of interest, leaving Gong Siyi dumbfounded.

“Isn’t it obvious? Robbery.” Ruan Xian quickly disassembled the blood gun and began to install parts inside. “Yibu, the drawing number PT-0871 helped me process it, but the size is a bit different.”

Under Gong Siyi’s horrified gaze, Tang Yibu glanced at the schematics from Ruan Xian, peeled off the heavy shell of the emotion detector like a chestnut, took out a part, and began to mold it into another shape with his fingertips.

The iron bead took the opportunity to lean forward and quickly ate the parts that were broken by Tang Yibu.

He had no idea what was going on. Fear accumulated to its peak and began to transform into numbness. Gong Siyi’s remote-controlled humanoid was missing a leg, its two arms, and had a small cavity in its chest. He stopped making sounds and shrank silently against the wall, like a broken piece of machinery.

A few steps away, Ruan Xian finally assembled his new blood gun. He moved his sore fingers and gently kissed the barrel of the gun.

“I forgot to say, I like this gift very much. Thank you.”

A puffed-up Tang Yibu finally exhaled some air and took out the snack. “Is the matter with Luo Jian over? Can we leave tonight? There are still too many restrictions on activities here.”

“Tomorrow. There’s something wrong in the joint dreamland, and I still have information to collect.” For example, Luo Jian’s backup plan. It wasn’t a bad thing to know more about ways to deal with the Order Supervisors. He was taken away in front of Luo Jian and didn’t have time to communicate with him. Considering the previous situation, the other party probably had a lot of questions to ask.

“It’s too vague. I want to hear a more detailed explanation, including things about the diary.” Tang Yibu took the blood gun and checked it carefully while protesting.

“It’s still not even 6 yet. I’m going to have breakfast at 9 at the latest.” Ruan Xian smoothed out Tang Yibu’s hair, then picked up a piece of walnut crisps. “We can go back to the room first. Let me give my gift sincerely, and slowly explain things—Remember to leave me some strength so I can speak normally.”

“Don’t leave me here!” Seeing that the two of them were leaving, Gong Siyi panicked. There had never been a case of a consciousness trapped in a remote-controlled machine before, and the unknown made him panic like crazy. “What if I don’t arrive on time tomorrow. The Order Supervisors will start to become suspicious. If you can’t escape by then, let me go. I won’t say anything. I definitely won’t say anything—”

Ruan Xian sighed and squatted in front of the broken remote-controlled humanoid.

The original handsome humanoid appearance of this machine had completely disappeared, and the fine parts under the simulated skin were hideously exposed. The only intact mechanical eyeball was spinning in circles, full of panic, but not even a drop of tear could be shed.

“You have a point.” He smiled at Gong Siyi. “But I don’t believe your promise.”

“I apologize. Can’t I apologize!” Gong Siyi panicked. “I’m just an ordinary person who wants to make a little money. I didn’t break any rules… You can’t do this to me. I obviously didn’t intend to hurt you. Don’t leave me here…”

“I don’t care about the rules set by the Mainbrain.”

Ruan Xian shook his head gently.

“Here, let me tell you what’s going to happen. According to the hospital’s data, you sent me back to my room in the middle of the night, and then I had a good time with my boyfriend while you returned to this room. Due to some mishandling, the offline equipment exploded.”


“You will return to your body and remember the real facts. However, considering security concerns, before we let you go back, we need to blur certain information… Like our appearance, voice, and conversation. After all, we still need to fuck.”

Having said that, Ruan Xian stood up, put one hand around Tang Yibu’s waist, and squinted his eyes as he enjoyed the heat radiating from the other party’s body.

For the real human brain, this operation was quite difficult, but for the consciousness projected into the remote-controlled humanoid, memories were nothing more than pure data… And Dr. Gong never used his real body to work.

Gong Siyi couldn’t move anymore and remained silent, as if he had lost consciousness. Dr. Gong’s brain wasn’t bad, so Ruan Xian suspected he knew whatthis meant…

Either he knocked out his own teeth and swallowed the blood and honestly bore the responsibility of blowing up the Mainbrain’s property, or he would make trouble for the Order Supervisors without any real evidence to prove his case and get rid of all his guilt.

“Why make it so complicated. Just delete all my memories.” A few minutes later, Gong Siyi spoke again. His tone was mixed with resignation.

“In fact, wouldn’t it be a pity to delete it?” Ruan Xian said softly. “In case someone gets your account, this is also a good opportunity for publicity.”

Gong Siyi raised his head with difficulty.

“Tell them that this was all done by the ‘Red Ghost‘.” 

The author has something to say:

The anxious iron bead, despairing over Daddy Tang’s ability to capture the key points.√

Dr. Gong who rushed into the Order Supervisor’s office: Don’t be afraid of what I’m going to say. (Omitted) 

Kinky Thoughts:

Can I just say how much I love Tang Yibu. Best gong ever. I also love the dynamic in their relationship. Ruan Xian ain’t no fragile shou. He knows what he wants, and he takes it. Tang Yibu had better step up to the plate and last more than 2 hours.

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