Happy Doomsday Ch127

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 127: Wish

For most people in The Glass Conservatory, it was a clear and peaceful morning. Under the purification of regulating machinery, the air was fresh and pleasant, and the greenery inside the city was just right. There was no annoying mechanical sound, and only pleasant birdsong could be heard.

There was an extremely tall building in the center of the city. From the topmost room, one could see the entire city and its surrounding lush forests.

The indoor electronic fireplace was burning, and a hearty breakfast was placed on the adjacent table. A well-dressed android attendant left the table and began to choose the music and indoor fragrance for the morning.

Perfect temperature and humidity, a well-organized, spotless space, and an elegant style without the slightest accumulation of the elements. This luxurious residence had more than one floor, with an indoor pool and other recreational facilities on the lower floors and an open garden on the roof.

In terms of living conditions, no matter how discerning people were, they wouldn’t be able to spot an issue here.

There was a visitor here today.

Looking at the appearance, it was a handsome man in his thirties. His short black hair was neatly trimmed, and his gaze was like a falcon. Although the visitor wasn’t very old, his gestures faintly revealed a heavy majesty.

He walked into the door, took off his gloves neatly, and was guided by the attendant to the table.

There was no expression on the man’s face. From entering the door to sitting down at the table, there was no extra movement.

As soon as he sat down, countless light screens were automatically turned around him. The man drank hot tea and quickly reviewed the images and text on the light screen. Just by looking at his actions, it seemed that he was the owner of this luxurious space.

Five minutes, ten minutes. He was still the only one sitting at the dining table. Finally, the man raised his eyes. “Where is he?”

“Mr. Fan isn’t in good condition.” The android leaned slightly. “Please wait a moment, Commander Zhuo.”

“Nn,” The man known as Commander Zhuo replied coldly. “What kind of death did that old man think of again?”

“Mr. Fan Linsong hasn’t made dangerous moves for a while. He just drastically reduced his activity frequency and spent most of his time lying in bed.”

“Gave up?” Commander Zhuo slid the light screen in front of him twice and continued to deal with his affairs. “Then he should at least have a minimal courtesy.”

“…Zhuo Muran.”

At that moment, an old voice sounded from the door.

An old man, who was not much different from the living skeleton, stood at the entrance of the dining room in standard clothing, supported by an attendant. His voice was full of sadness.

“Mr. Fan Linsong.” Zhuo Muran greeted politely. “How are you doing lately?”

“You should already know.” Fan Linsong’s voice was hoarse, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Zhuo Muran took a sip of tea and glanced at Fan Linsong, who looked like a mummified corpse. He didn’t speak, but there was a bit more irony in his smile.

“Today’s not a scheduled meeting day.”

Fan Linsong stumbled to the table, not touching any of the tableware.

“As the Commander-in-Chief of the Order Supervisors, you are also quite busy. Cough, and now that you’ve seen my situation, I won’t see you off.”

“The scheduled meeting has been changed.” Zhuo Muran had no intention of leaving his seat. “The Mainbrain should’ve notified you.”

Hearing the word Mainbrain, Fan Linsong’s hand shook.

“You should feel honored to be supported by the Mainbrain like this. Or do you have any dissatisfaction with your current life?” Zhuo Muran put down the teacup. “It will meet all your needs, you know that. Now you live in the best place in the world to survive, enjoy the most advanced medical treatment, and don’t even have to do anything.”

Having said that, Zhuo Muran waved his hand and motioned to the attendant to pour himself another cup of tea.

Taking advantage of the attendant turning away, Fan Linsong somehow mustered up the strength and suddenly grabbed a fork on the table and stabbed viciously towards his throat.

The attendant who was pouring tea for Zhuo Muran tilted its head slightly before one hand came off its wrist. The slender hand popped out like a bullet, connected to the body by a metal tube, and in the next moment firmly grabbed Fan Linsong’s wrist.

Everything happened within an instant.

When he was stopped, Fan Linsong hadn’t had time to exert his strength. The tip of the fork was more than two centimeters away from his throat. A few steps away, the female attendant restrained him from a distance with just one hand as she poured tea steadily with the other.

“It’s useless.” Zhuo Muran took a sip of tea. “Like I said, you’re being looked after by the most intelligent creature in the world.”

“Bullshit,” Fan Linsong gasped. “Since it meets my every need, why won’t it let me die, huh?”

“It determined that you have no reason to seek death. This is just an impulse. Speaking of this, isn’t it you who took the first step, Professor Fan?” Zhuo Muran raised his eyes. “The person who understands us best should obviously be you, yet you went and joined the rebel army with Ruan Xian.”

“Because this is not normal, this is not normal…”

“MUL-01 has passed all tests. It won’t apply unacceptable practices by human standards to humans. This is one of the basic restrictions you have written yourself.”

“I didn’t build the core program. As I have said many times, it’s Ruan Xian… Xiao Ruan… I don’t know what the consequences of a small error can cause after repeated calculations.”

“There is no error.”

“It’s impossible to be error-free!”

Fan Linsong looked like he was half dead. There was no brilliance in his eyes, his face was sallow, closely resembling a ghost that was imprisoned in its grave. He pulled his short gray hair, disregarding all his former academic temperament, and his mouth babbled nonsensically.

“…There’s definitely something wrong somewhere. There has to be a guidance error in our daily inspection…”

“It’s a pity. You could’ve been our hero and fought Ruan Xian. What you call the ‘Great Rebellion of the 22nd Century’ may be crude, but it was the most efficient and reasonable approach. You cannot deny that.”

Zhuo Muran seemed to be accustomed to this scene.

“You are indeed our inspiration. But now I have to say that I am very disappointed in you. Mr. Fan, I’m sorry. Sooner or later, we will execute Ruan Xian and let this farce end quickly… He’s alive and kicking and it’s all thanks to you when I think about it.”

Fan Linsong calmed down. He stared at the still steaming milk in his cup without looking at Zhuo Muran.

“I told you about Xiao Ruan, and I also told you that it was one of the things I regretted most in my life. Thanks to me? How many times do you want me to correct this statement?”

Fan Linsong’s voice suddenly became a little empty.

“After all, I didn’t treat him at all. That’s…”

“This is one of the reasons why I came here early this time. The Mainbrain believes that this isn’t a question worth asking repeatedly. You did treat Ruan Xian properly, but there was a deviation in his thoughts and opinions. Since you have been struggling with this issue, the Mainbrain is willing to give you more information.”

Fan Linsong finally turned his gaze to Zhuo Muran.

“On April 21, 2095, Professor Ruan Xian fell into a coma due to the deterioration of his physical condition. After a month of treatment, as a collaborator, you successfully found a way to stabilize his condition and took the opportunity to use personality correction-related treatment as well. After that, Professor Ruan Xian quickly recovered and devoted himself to research again.”

“According to the feedback from people who have been in contact with Ruan Xian, Professor Ruan has talked a lot. Afterwards, the prevention agency re-measured his personality, and his mental abnormality index had been significantly reduced. His mental health far exceeded that of an ordinary person—this was the most widely circulated statement.”

Muddy tears welled up around Fan Linsong’s eyes, and his shriveled lips shook. “…No.”

“Do you think we believe this statement and regard you as our inspiration?”

Zhuo Muran shook his head.

“Ruan Xian was studying a variant of the nanobot α-092 at the time, and he had the habit of recording work summaries.”

“…I know that every day after he gets off work, he would always go back and record some details and analysis related to the experiment. I know this.”

“Judging from the medical records during that time, his health deteriorated further. NUL-00 should be aware of this matter.”

“At that time, NUL-00 was still under development, and we strictly prohibited it from actively contacting external information. What does this have to do with it?”

“NUL-00 exploited the rule. It really didn’t have permission to ‘see’ the content of those materials. In order to reduce the burden on Ruan Xian’s recording, it just added a simple synchronization log externally. It distinguished the research image records under Ruan Xian’s name and synchronized them with Ruan Xian’s personal computer in real time, then automatically classified them into auxiliary research materials.”

“Ruan Xian originally had permission to call this data. This logic wasn’t complicated, nor did it violate any regulations. It succeeded.”

Fan Linsong froze in his seat.

“Mr. Fan, you did modify the part of the image stored in the official database, but you didn’t modify the backup stored on Ruan Xian’s personal computer. After that, you were too obsessed with Ruan Xian’s talents and kept all the data on that computer. And after completing MUL-01, entered them all into MUL-01 as a research reference.”

“The above is the data analyzed by MUL-01. Now that we have seen the original image, we all know what happened that day and how you ‘treated’ Ruan Xian.”

“It never told me—” Fan Linsong’s voice became high-pitched.

“Because the Mainbrain thinks your approach is logical, there’s no need to tell you specifically. This incident is enough to prove that the instability of NUL-00 is quite large. Combined with the personality report of the original prevention shelter, its designer, Ruan Xian, most likely had a plan.”

Fan Linsong’s tears dripped down the wrinkles on his face.

“I repeat, we agree that you did treat Ruan Xian properly at the beginning. As for why you and he embarked on the current path, I can’t understand, and the Mainbrain is also very curious. If you are willing to provide information in this regard, we would be very grateful.”

Fan Linsong’s attention was not on him. The old man slowly covered his face and murmured quickly, as if trying to explain something to a non-existent person.

“He only had a few years left to live and he was slow in his progress of NUL-00, which passed the basic test and could be put to use. One person dragged out the entire project by himself… As his collaborator, I know how dangerous he is and have seen his abilities… If he was a healthy and mentally sound person, I clearly know what kind of well-being he could bring to humanity…”

Fan Linsong staggered to his feet, and the familiar pain overwhelmed him again.

Why couldn’t God give talent to the right people? Regardless of whether he gave it to him, there was no shortage of young people in that institute who could show a real smile and still live a long life.

But it gave that talent to a cold-blooded and short-lived lunatic.

The prevention agency signed a surveillance agreement with him, asking him to carefully monitor Ruan Xian, who was like a ticking timebomb. It was through this terrible agreement that he found out about Ruan Xian’s past. After that, every time he saw his terrifying collaborator, he always felt a chill from the bottom of his heart.

Ruan Xian smiled kindly to everyone and behaved in an unobtrusive manner. People were most frightened by the corroding disease, but only he knew the real abnormality of that young man.

The “normal” on the surface was matched by the “abnormal”, which was particularly creepy.

“…I thought I could fix that problem,” he said to himself. “I was wrong, I was wrong.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.” Zhuo Muran acted as if he didn’t seem to see Fan Linsong’s tears. He sighed and clapped his hands. “Fan Linsong’s current mental index?”

“On the verge of collapse.” The android attendant standing next to Zhuo Muran spoke in a flat tone.

“Well, erase his memory data for the last 30 minutes, and remember to pass the backup to the Mainbrain.”

“Yes.” The other attendant nodded, and a needle pierced directly into the back of Fan Linsong’s head.

When the expression on the old man’s face disappeared, they stretched out a handkerchief, gently wiped the tears from the old man’s face, and then sprayed some medicine spray.

Fan Linsong’s red and swollen eyes immediately returned to normal.

“If it weren’t for MUL-01’s insistence on keeping this person alive, it would be enough to just forcibly crack his brain.” Zhuo Muran folded his hands; his expression didn’t fluctuate at all.

“Cracking can only obtain memory data and personality patterns. It cannot determine the thoughts of a particular time—”

“I know. I’m just too lazy to watch him cry over and over again.” Zhuo Muran didn’t bother to look at the vocal attendant. “How much longer?”

“Nine seconds.”

“Remember to adjust the time display in this building and don’t let him find that his memory is missing.”

As soon as Zhuo Muran’s voice fell, Fan Linsong woke up from a trance.

He frowned. “Zhuo Muran, the meeting date hasn’t yet arrived.”

“The Mainbrain has changed the meeting time, I’m just here to make a routine report.”

Too lazy to repeat the same set of conversations again, before Fan Linsong spoke again, Zhuo Muran interrupted him first.

“There is only one problem to be determined—the Sea of Ruins, where waste is disposed of, and the Underground United City in 1315. Recently, interesting changes have occurred in those two regions in succession, and these two petri dishes are very close to each other. There are also traces of technological manipulation beyond the level of a local civilization. We suspect there are remnants of the rebel army still active. Have you heard of the organization called the ‘Red Ghost’?”

“No.” Fan Linsong’s tone was cold and hard, and the appearance of collapse not long ago seemed to be just an illusion.

The other party showed no signs of lying. Zhuo Muran glanced at the real-time physiological data on the screen and sighed.

“Understood. Next is the ecological briefing of each petri dish…”

“Even if MUL-01 insists that I know this.” Fan Linsong’s tone was a bit rough as he quivered a little. “Video, text, any form is fine. Whether it’s making a report or inquiring about problems, there’s no need to trouble you to come here in person for these trivial matters, Commander-in-Chief Zhuo.”

The old man aggravated the pronunciation of those last words.

“I also don’t think it’s necessary.”

Zhuo Muran smiled detachedly and scooped the sweet porridge in front of him.

“But the Mainbrain believes that regular contact with real humans is good for your psychological condition, and I obey its arrangements.”

Luo Jian’s memory world.

Ruan Xian scooped some canned beans with a spoon, hesitated for a while, then put it in his mouth, and tried not to think about what the spoon had poked not long ago.

A few steps away, Li Han failed to build for the third time.

Relying on a painter’s solid structural understanding, she seemed to be trying to imagine a small carriage that could hold four people out of thin air, but Ruan Xian could feel that the girl’s gaze swept over in horror from time to time. With this level of concentration, no one could succeed.

He went through half the canned beans, but there were only four horseshoes and two wheels on the ground.

“Xiao Han, don’t panic.” Even Luo Jian, who had slowed down, began to explain to her. “It’s possible to change his appearance due to changes in his mental state.”

Ruan Xian also knew that his image wasn’t good right now. It wasn’t easy to add an underarm holster to his winter clothes, so the blood gun was directly pinned to his waist. The wound had disappeared, but blood and debris remained on his clothes. His face had no expression as he was too lazy to put on a disguise, making him look completely like a thug.

“Thank you for your help.”

He didn’t know if it was to distract him or relieve some pressure off of Li Han as Luo Jian pulled Ruan Xian aside. Auntie Yan cooperatively walked to Li Han’s side and began to comfort her softly.

“If you didn’t make a move, I would probably have become a lunatic by now and everyone else would be in danger of mental traumatization.” Luo Jian didn’t seem to be the type that’s good at thanking people. His voice was still a bit stiff. “Earlier, Xiao Yan met with a child who was behaving abnormally. He should have gone to see you. You two…?”

“Not familiar.” Ruan Xian spoke as he chewed the beans.

“He claimed to work for the Red Ghost. I have never heard of this organization.”

Luo Jian patted the snow on his body. “What about you? Why did you save us?”

Ruan Xian almost instantly understood the cunning android’s intention and couldn’t help tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“He and I belong to two departments, each performing our own duties.” He lied fluently. “He wasn’t very willing to take action before, right? He doesn’t have to be responsible for my safety.”

Tang Yibu was making smoke, a smoke bomb.

They had done a lot of unconventional things along the way, and no one could guarantee that there would be no clues left behind. If MUL-01 was really made based off of NUL-00, its filtering and processing power was by no means bad. There would be no good consequences if they took the enemy lightly, and it was also good to add more stumbling blocks to their opponent.

Chaotic, illogical, crazy behavior, mixed with some misinformation, was good. Besides, they had no ambition to change the world, and they had no intention of deliberately leaving an impact.

On this basis, it was feasible to increase the difficulty for the Mainbrain to extract information by lacing it with confusing, counter-reconnaissance intelligence.

Luo Jian frowned and glanced at Auntie Yan. “Sorry, human sympathy is one thing, but I have to and should ask. If you want information from us—”

“We know that Ruan Xian has been here, and we also know that he has had contact with you.” Ruan Xian put down half of the canned beans he had eaten. “You mentioned Ruan Xian’s diary.”

“I was talking nonsense,” Luo Jian replied decisively.

“Looking at your reaction at the beginning, I don’t think so. Just relying on pure lies, you can’t stay in a place like a prevention shelter for too long… The next step is just our guess. You can listen to it.”

Ruan Xian looked at Luo Jian.

“Ruan Xian did leave a diary as a ‘charm’ for Pear Blossom—I’m afraid the Mainbrain has already asked the Order Supervisor to investigate that diary. There shouldn’t be too many technical-related things recorded in it, but it’s true.”

“People who really don’t know anything about the doomsday wouldn’t be aware of the hostility between Professor Ruan and the Mainbrain. I guess it’s not difficult to obtain the diary. When a person like Mr. Luo who needs to ‘break free’ from Pear Blossom appears, giving this information can minimize the suspicion of the outside world. A real insider will hear those words and just think you’re nothing but ordinary people who know nothing and are just swaggering around with works banned by the Mainbrain.”

Luo Jian’s expression became more vigilant.

“But there is a danger in this approach. Once you’re caught and exposed, you will immediately be targeted by the Mainbrain, so you organize small offline gatherings with a lack of disguise to promote forbidden text. This method is so clumsy that everyone knows about it… After all, in this city, the Order Supervisors monitor all abnormal behavior, so it was better to just play dumb.”

“In order to give a little more sweetness, you will even organize a small-scale ‘Joint Dreamland’ book club to give the Order Supervisors the information they want. If our investigation isn’t wrong, there should be many people in Pear Blossom that are really unaware of what it truly is. Hiding the woods in the forest, it’s a good technique.”

Luo Jian moved his arm, and Auntie Yan pulled him back. Ruan Xian pretended he didn’t see. He casually held the loose snow that quickly melted into a pool in his hand.

“Those small gatherings won’t make them too vigilant. They are too unstable and will be scattered by the scanning program after a few times. To achieve regular communication between multiple people, it was necessary to cooperate with real-world meetings and communication, but that was too easy to be exposed by the Mainbrain.”

Then he grasped a small snowball close to the ice core and kept wrapping snow around it.

“…If they can quietly access a sufficiently stable spiritual world, this problem will no longer be an issue. Mr. Luo’s memory is like a hidden lighthouse. When it appears, those temporary small spiritual spaces can directly access it. As long as you can avoid the scanning programs, this is the safest place to be.”

Ruan Xian stopped moving, and the snowball lay quietly in his palm. Although it was still melting slowly, there was no sign of cracking.

“The above is just our conjecture. There is only one piece of information we want to know… He established an intelligence network here, and then left you without contact and disappeared on his own. What are Ruan Xian’s plans?”

“You didn’t immediately take off our heads and analyze them for the Mainbrain. Let me just believe that you are not with them.” After half a minute of silence, Luo Jian spoke again. “Why do you want to know this?”

“Only after I know will I decide if I want to cooperate or not,” Ruan Xian said solemnly, as if such a thing was even on the table.

“Everyone knows that the rebels were overwhelmed by the Order Supervisors, and Ruan Xian and Fan Linsong broke out into conflict, and their whereabouts are still unknown. Nowadays, even if there’s fresh blood that wants to resist the Mainbrain, you have to weigh them before letting them into the rebel army. We also think that the Mainbrain isn’t very pleasing to the eye. Before, you guys were in the forefront, so we simply hid and watched how things would develop. Now is a good time.”

After speaking, he specifically paused. Luo Jian just looked at him and realized that he was caught.

The kid hadn’t mentioned the rebel army before, but now he suddenly talked about it and then replaced “rebel army” with “you”. The conversation was moving too fast, and his energy was focused on other aspects that he missed the most suitable time to deny it.

“Of course, if Ruan Xian just gives up like this, or plans to break the jar*, it’s fine not to cooperate.”

*(破罐子破摔) Metaphor referring to after having shortcomings, mistakes, or setbacks, allow the progress to flow without correction or contrary, and intentionally let it develop into a worse direction.

After getting the desired reaction, the snake-like young man continued to narrate with a steady tone.

“If he is still wavering, you can help us by letting him know that there’s an opportunity. That’s pretty much it.”

“Unfortunately, you asked the wrong person.” Luo Jian breathed heavily, “If this is what you want, it’s fine to tell you. Here. This is Ruan Xian’s diary. I remember every sentence. You should also be able to write it down.”

He took out a book with a pale gold cover from his backpack and threw it at Ruan Xian.

“Professor Ruan’s approach has never changed. No matter what the situation of the rebels is, we must leave a ‘spark’ in each petri dish. Where there are pure humans, there must be people who know, so that everyone won’t forget the true definition of being human.”

But Luo Jian’s expression didn’t seem to be excited or uplifted.

“I infiltrated to complete this work and stayed here for four years. Because there’s no way to contact the outside world, I could only set up an organization like Pear Blossom as the base. About two years ago, Professor Ruan came here and brought Xiao Yan…”

“I’m a survivor, wandering outside. I’m older and the environment here is more stable. Professor Ruan brought me in along the way and got me an identity.”

Auntie Yan interjected and patted Li Han on the head. “This kid is a local. This is one of the areas where the Mainbrain focuses on management, and there are not as many rebels as you think.”

Luo Jian sighed again.

“The rest is similar to what you investigated. Professor Ruan personally created this system. At first, he would occasionally bring some people in, telling us to be vigilant at all times and try to absorb good seedlings with independent ideas. But then something happened… How to put it, everyone’s thoughts are not the same.”

Ruan Xian was quickly memorizing the contents of the book, and when he heard this, he stopped flipping the pages. “What do you mean?”

“It’s too comfortable here and there are… Well, replicas of our relatives. A perfect replica; the kind that even their personality flaws are repaired. You get it, right? On the other hand, you also see the level of surveillance here. Except for a few stubborn people like me, many people want to quit. After all, most of the people who are still resisting aren’t young…”

“To be honest, when Professor Ruan first arrived here, there was something wrong with his mood. Disappointed? Lost? At least, that’s how it felt. Later, after this incident, he no longer lives in the city and will only contact us when he has the intention.”

The more Luo Jian spoke, the more unpleasant it became.

“It’s true that we haven’t heard from him for a long time. That’s all I know. To be honest, I want to find him more than you guys. I don’t think he’s the one who will give up, but… Haa, I’ll still wait for him.”

“Got it.” Ruan Xian nodded solemnly. “Thank you for your information.”

Not far away, behind a tree, Tang Yibu looked up at the sky where the snow was still falling. He slowly stretched out his fingers and clasped them together, fiercely clenching them.

He had complicated feelings for the human individual “Ruan Xian”, so complicated that he couldn’t completely sort it out himself. If there must be a definition, that feeling was more like a mixture of grievances, rejection, and persistence after being abandoned.

In that silent computer room, he and his maker had five years.

Ruan Xian appeared as a teacher most of the time, and even when he talked about his own affairs, he mostly avoided topics that were too in-depth. Tang Yibu didn’t know how that person usually got along with others. He only knew that most of the time, that person came to him alone.

Quiet and lonely, like a tombstone full of snow.

He could occasionally catch a glimpse of Ruan Xian’s relatively cold part, but the other party seemed to be consciously hiding it. Even when he was most relaxed, he wouldn’t let the negative emotions show too obviously.

That person used to take care of himself so carefully. Most of the time, he was very strict, occasionally a little jerky and clumsy. Tang Yibu really liked the feeling of being taken seriously.

Tang Yibu once thought that he was the same kind as the other party.

But on the other hand, Ruan Xian didn’t want to involve himself too much. It seemed that he didn’t want to establish too many emotional connections with him.

It didn’t matter. There were no rules in this world now. He learned quickly, thought even faster, and always found a way to achieve his goals. Tang Yibu once hoped that that person would stay by his side for a long time. He used to enjoy the time they communicated with each other.

On the day Ruan Xian saw him for the last time, the skin on his fingers was completely swollen and festering. At that time, he played a clever trick and quietly stuffed a simple synchronization command into the monitoring system.

In the small talk that day, Ruan Xian once complained with a smile that typing was troublesome, voice input was too slow, and the daily work summary was getting harder to organize. Maybe this little gift could surprise the other party, so that Ruan Xian won’t be too disappointed when he found out that he failed to complete the task successfully…

He had made progress. At least he understood the meaning of “active concern”, Tang Yibu thought.

But Ruan Xian never came back.

He narrowly escaped being destroyed. Hearing what happened in The Glass Conservatory, Tang Yibu didn’t seem surprised.

Luo Jian and the others were not much different from his abandoned self at the time.

Tang Yibu slowly exhaled white steam and turned his gaze to his Mr. Ruan again.

To be honest, he didn’t buy much of Mr. Ruan’s claim that he was Ruan Xian. His Mr. Ruan was indeed similar to Ruan Xian in his memory, but it wasn’t the same.

Tang Yibu liked the other’s unpredictability and madness. The most important thing was that his Mr. Ruan had never reneged on his agreement with him, nor had he firmly drawn a line between them.

That human being exposed him to complex and novel emotions for the first time. It was like brushing off the dust on a painting; the whole world became a little brighter.

He could see a lot of things that he had never noticed before, and he could throw some information into that unfinished subject every day. As long as he completed it, he would be able to gain true freedom, and would no longer have such a heavy problem.

He was getting better every day, he thought.

After this subject was over, he could change his next subject to study Mr. Ruan. Observe him, touch him, kill him, or live with him.

Tang Yibu found himself wishing for a rare moment…

For the first time, he hoped to be able to define his emotions as soon as possible so that he could find the best way to deal with them.

For the first time, he hoped to complete the project completely before his Mr. Ruan found Ruan Xian.

For the first time, he hoped that his Mr. Ruan was just his Mr. Ruan.

After all, statistically speaking, once a person committed an act similar to betrayal, there was a great probability that there would be a second time.

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  1. Okay, so…They keep describing Fan Linsong as being old and wrinkley, but Ruan Xian was 28 years old 12 years ago, aka he be 40 now if he’d kept aging. and according to the press that Fan Linsong and the alternate Ruan Xian released, they were supposedly childhood friends. To make that narrative work, they’d have to be similar ages. Aka, Fan Linsong should at most be in his mid 40’s… This bothers me.

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    • I mean, stress can make you age extremely fast and given that they went through a doomsday and are fighting for humanity with their lives constantly being threatened… anyone would develop wrinkles at that age. Just look at Volodymyr Zelenskyy before and after the Russian invasion as a real life example.

      Also Fan Linsong is not Ruan Xian childhood friend. He is a guardian figure in Ruan Xian’s childhood so he’s much older than him.

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      • Ah. Found it. On Chapter 60 Guan Haiming said “I can’t figure out why my teacher and Professor Fan had a falling out. They had a lifelong friendship. Professor Fan watched my teacher grow up from childhood…” I guess at the time of reading it, the “lifelong friendship” part made me misunderstand that Fan Linsong pretended with the alternate Ruan Xian that were childhood friends. Whoops.


  2. ok well idk why i thought this fan linsong would disguise himself as ruan xian previously (probably read too many dogblood novels lately…) but it does seem confirmed that the public-facing ruan xian was tampered w by fan linsong! still confused about this ruan xian though. did he get memory therapy or smth? why is he still at large? who even is he? ive thought all along that mc ruan xian is the real one but honestly wouldnt it be interesting if he wasnt? how exciting!!


  3. I don’t really know how to feel about FLS, on one hand he created the apocalypse, but I don’t think he actually meant to it though. With the way he’s bwing treated by MUL I’m not sure what he wants either.

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