Happy Doomsday Ch124

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 124: Virtual Natural Disaster

Ruan Xian spent all afternoon preparing.

He once again switched the scene in the room to the beach. The time of the augmented reality system was the same as in reality. This time he was no longer greeted by the dark sea at midnight, but a turquoise blue that almost connected to the sky.

Countless light screens floated around him, and formally dressed men and women on the screens were reporting on major events or anecdotes that had occurred all over the world. The virtual waves rolled over the golden sandy beach, leaving a tan wet mark. The development of science and technology hadn’t stopped. Ruan Xian himself once liked to use this type of technology to make up for the regret of not being able to go out—the augmented reality effect at that time wasn’t so realistic.

In the light screen floating around, the world was very stable. Although conflict hadn’t completely disappeared, it was much less than in his own time. The scene was bright, the sun was shining, or rather the lights were bright. People came and went on the street that should no longer exist, mostly with calmness and hope on their faces.

It was like a finely woven, huge dream.

Ruan Xian spent more than ten minutes looking at the trivial news, and soon, he found a loophole in the fast-surging flow of information. Posing to kill time while recalling the data obtained from the shelter data room, he connected to the outermost layer of the system and began to explore the key word “joint memory therapy”.

As a formal treatment method, information on joint therapy wasn’t difficult to find.

The operability of memory could cause some problems. Joint therapy was usually only used in three ways—to replace missing memories, falsify memories, or purely for demonstration.

It required a person to be the subject of the memory, which was processed and then projected onto others through augmented reality. People’s perception of the world relied on stimulating various signals in the brain, and the interference and simulation of these signals could probably “send people into the minds of others” to such an extent.

It was like the immune system of the human mind. Ruan Xian smiled slightly in his illusory world.

Although he wasn’t at risk of exposing his memories, such a treatment would put him in an unsuspecting state. He didn’t like being in a passive situation very much, but since Gong Siyi was counting on making a sum of money off him, he probably had his own set of plans for this scenario.

It would be too stupid if he died due to medical malpractice. According to the set of rules from the Mainbrain, not to mention whether Gong Siyi would still get money, it was hard to say if he could even continue being a doctor.

Ruan Xian raised his head, feeling the sea breeze in the illusion.

Cautious preparation was needed. He must admit that he had a tendency to deliberately walk on the edge of death before. Those crazy behaviors weren’t out of self-confidence but something much darker.

He always felt that he wouldn’t die so easily due to a certain kind of blind and gloomy optimism, coupled with a little morbid sense of humor that he had. It was like playing Russian roulette with fate—he had lived through despair and the disgust of others, and he wouldn’t die so easily and make the world a little better.

However, Ruan Xian hesitated this time.

He thought of Tang Yibu, the android who was shrewd and cold in some ways, but in others was like a puppy chasing his tail. He enjoyed every mutual test, every game, and every hug with the other party. Unlike his previous life that existed only for survival, he hadn’t grown tired of all this.

This was the first time he had an emotional aversion to death, which wasn’t a good sign.

Ruan Xian touched the iron bead wandering by the bed and sighed softly.

As before, he wouldn’t ignore or deliberately distort his feelings.

He wanted Tang Yibu to stay by his side longer, wanted to embrace the warm body as much as possible… Wanted to take the other party for himself. This kind of selfish and greedy thought may not be “love”, but it still burned in his heart, making him unable to remain calm.

But in the face of the current situation, this was probably a good thing. Under the effects of the S-type Prototype, he wouldn’t die easily, but if Gong Siyi perceived something strange as a result, things would become more troublesome. A stronger survival mentality would make his mind stronger and wouldn’t be too disturbed by joint therapy.

Time flew by quickly.

Based on all the knowledge he obtained about joint therapy, it was within a safe range. The time for treatment was approaching as night fell. Ruan Xian stopped in front of the semi-open sleeping compartment, subconsciously still a bit resistant.

Luo Jian and Li Han had already laid down, floating in a capsule-like dormant warehouse. The two of them were wearing simple undergarments. Their mouths were covered with breathing masks, and there were many patches connected to wires on their bodies. The liquid that engulfed the bodies of the two was slightly yellow. If it weren’t for their chests slowly rising and falling, they wouldn’t be much different from human specimens at first glance.

Ruan Xian sighed, slowly took off his clothes, and slowly lay down in the liquid. The cold liquid gradually swallowed him with the strong smell of medicine, and then everything sank into darkness.

‘This sucks,’ he thought to himself. He hoped that he would have time to dry his body before meeting the android.

The sense of floating lasted only for a moment.

In the next second, his feet stepped onto the thick snow. The oncoming snowflakes mixed with the dry wind turned into a biting chill like a blade. Ruan Xian subconsciously clung to his arms and looked around…

A large-scale steel city stood in his field of vision, and a huge chimney in the middle of the city kept spewing out thick smoke. Sparse dead trees poked out in the snow, and the sky was a dark smoky gray.

It was Luo Jian’s memory.

Luo Jian himself was standing not far away. He looked at least ten years younger. There weren’t many wrinkles on his face, his chin was smooth and clean-shaven, looking obviously less than 40 years old. Standing next to him, Li Han looked not so much different from what she looked like in the shelter.

After all, there was a gap between spirituality and reality. A strong physique wasn’t useful here. After entering the spiritual world, the human brain would automatically adjust the cognition of appearance and age to the period when the “will was strongest”, so as to have a positive stimulation of the consciousness.

It seemed that Luo Jian’s willpower was at its peak in his thirties. What was a bit surprising was that Li Han was now at the peak of her willpower with her current life.

There was a circle of dazzling red text fluttering on the wrists of the two people, which was probably a mark used to distinguish the characters in memory from outsiders. They simply mark their identity.

[Bed 10, Luo Jian]

[Bed 176, Li Han]

When he looked at the other two people, they were also observing himself. Their expressions were a little weird.

Ruan Xian frowned. It stood to reason that in order to protect oneself, the brain removed a few characteristics that could positively stimulate the spirit and usually didn’t bring in negative factors related to disease or injury. Right now he was standing in the snow, and his appearance should be very different from that of “Professor Ruan”.

He quickly retracted his gaze, looked at his hand, and then instantly understood the reason for the strange expressions on the two of them.

Those hands were small, belonging to a child. There were the scars on his left wrist—a fresh cut across that wasn’t too deep but enough to bleed. The blood seemed to be some kind of tattoo as it flowed from his left wrist and hand, but not a drop spilled onto the white blinding snow.

Accompanied by the effect of the circle that was constantly rotating [Bed 231, Ruan Lijie], the effect was a bit terrifying.

“…Ruan Lijie?” The young version of Luo Jian’s voice still held doubts. He was wearing a relatively lightweight thermal suit, and the tip of his nose was red from the cold.

“It’s me,” Ruan Xian responded. Even his voice was no different from what he remembered. Based on the scars, it was deduced that he should be around twelve years old.

Li Han moved one step ahead. She stepped on the thick snow and walked over, took out a roll of bandage from her bag, and motioned to Ruan Xian to stretch out his hand.

“Don’t worry about him. Although this kind of situation is rare… Xiao Han, he’s not a real child.” Luo Jian didn’t move a step. “Those injuries are just the ‘characteristics’ in his memories and will not affect him. At most, it just hurts a little.”

Not misled by the appearance of a child, he looked at Ruan Xian vigilantly.

“But…” Li Han held the bandage stiffly and stopped hesitantly.

“Since he brought them in subconsciously, they should have a positive effect on him, so it’s not good to wrap them up.” Luo Jian exhaled a white breath. “Come on, let’s go into the town. Ruan Lijie, if you feel cold, imagine the winter clothes you wear the most often.”

As he became shorter, his steps were also smaller. Ruan Xian followed the two of them, one foot deep and one foot shallow, walking with extreme difficulty. Fortunately, this wasn’t the real world. Though it wasn’t an environment that a child’s physical strength could cope with, Ruan Xian didn’t feel tired except for having trouble walking.

Luo Jian didn’t explain, and Ruan Xian didn’t ask any questions. Only the rampage of snow and the creaking sound of walking on it were left in this oppressive world. The three of them walked silently towards the lifeless steel city.

From time to time, there were frozen corpses lying across the road, mostly buried by the snow, with only bits and pieces exposed. Li Han followed Luo Jian closely, without looking away, while Ruan Xian slowed down and scanned around to scrape some clues from the corpses as much as possible.

“Don’t look.” It seemed that Ruan Xian was walking too slowly as Luo Jian finally spoke.

“If you really have doomsday-related memories, you should have heard of this place—this is Petri Dish No. 1024, the city of natural disasters.”

The other side at night.

When Luo Fei arrived at the meeting place, Yu Le was still studying Tang Yibu’s work seriously, with the posture of wanting to recite it. Seeing that the original two-person group had become a three, Luo Fei became more vigilant.

“Oh, that’s also my android. Don’t mind.” Yu Le put the medium-sized book into his pocket while maintaining a natural tone.

“You can you afford two?”

“Saving money. What else can you do? I have been living a tight life, so I don’t even buy remote-controlled humanoid devices.” Yu Le leaned forward and lowered his voice. “After all, if you really want to get married, the Mainbrain will match you with the best partner. For someone like me, who likes to play with both the left and right, it’s better to play ball on the side like this.”

The outstanding appearances of Tang Yibu and Ji Xiaoman obviously dispelled some of Luo Fei’s doubts. Luo Fei thought for a moment, then sat down opposite Yu Le. “You said you want a more exciting memory cocktail, Mr. Yu, but that would require a charge—”

“Let’s not talk about this yet.” Yu Le put away his playful appearance, though he still maintained that carefree look that had a slightly diffused sharpness. “I’m here to talk business. I guess I won’t be able to drink for a while, so how about we go out for a walk?”

Luo Fei glanced at the two “androids” sitting around Yu Le, with a little more reluctance in his expression.

“Xiaoman, you stay here and look at the table. We’ll be back soon.” Trying to guess the other party’s scruples, Yu Le casually added to Ji Xiaoman. “Your android is also waiting for you outside, right? I’ll bring a bodyguard to follow me as well. Are there any more issues, Mr. Luo?”

Tang Yibu showed a timely standard smile.

Luo Fei looked at Yu Le up and down, but he still didn’t move. “Mr. Yu, don’t whet my appetite. Let’s discuss some news first. What kind of business do you want to talk about? I’m afraid I can’t make decisions.”

Yu Le took Tang Yibu’s masterpiece out of his pocket again and flipped to the two pages that were the bloodiest and waved them in front of Luo Fei.

“About this.”

“…” Luo Fei seemed to have forgotten how to speak for a while, as his face blushed a bit. “Put it away!”

“How about it? Business or not?”

“…Let’s go, Mr. Yu. We’ll talk outside.”

The author has something to say:

Ruan’s trumpet* debut—

*Buzzword for basically an alt account.

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