Happy Doomsday Ch121

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 121: Before the Confluence

Gong Siyi sighed slowly and poked the light screen floating above the table. So far, the Order Supervisors side still hadn’t returned any information about “Ruan Lijie”.

Looking at the response of the Order Supervisors, most of the above cases weren’t taken seriously. This meant that he had to take the initiative to submit a report.

Although the procedure was reasonable, Gong Siyi still had a headache. No one liked to clean up a mess that lacked any gains.

If this Mr. Ruan had been a well-behaved citizen before, then his disappearance should have been noticed immediately. Since there was no news yet, this pretty young man probably belonged to the bottom of the city.

Emotion detection devices all over the city could accurately locate murderous intent, overly strong excitement, anger, and fear. The cost of violent crime had become extremely high that there weren’t many murders each year. However, as long as it was taken from nature, even clear water would precipitate some impurities after a long time.

Even with careful screening by prevention agencies and reproductive constraints on genetically disadvantaged individuals, some “low-quality” residents would still be born. These people were still young and wouldn’t cause much impact for the time being. The trouble came in those who were already adults—many people had successfully passed the screening of prevention agencies, but they had begun to become abnormal and violent towards other individuals, inexplicably.

Phenomena such as theft, assault, and bullying still existed, but they had become more hidden. In less serious cases, once these “degenerate residents” were discovered, they would usually be reduced to the lowest-paid positions in the city and live in a small apartment uniformly allocated by the Mainbrain.

It essentially changed them from hunters to prey.

This part of the population had relatively few rights, and few people could afford remote-controlled humanoids or android assistants. They shuttled through the darkest and the most remote corners of the city, but the security measures allocated were worse than those of ordinary citizens.

There have been several previous cases of imprisonment before. In order to circumvent the city’s emotion detection devices, the offender usually chose to drug their target, let them “disappear” relatively cooperatively, and then use drugs for continuous control.

The young man in front of him fully fit the image description of this kind of person—abnormal personality and top-notch appearance. However, since the system didn’t identify him in the first place, it was highly likely that his outstanding looks had been artificially adjusted. “Ruan Lijie” may not be a real name either.

He could only wait for the other side to recover their memories and see if he could find any useful clues. If the perpetrator was capable of getting a powerful memory cocktail, the memories recovered by this person may not be credible.

After all, crude memory manipulation would invalidate people’s testimony. Unless out of interest, cases of silencing people due to fear of exposing their identity have not appeared for many years.

How troublesome.

Gong Siyi sighed again and picked up the somewhat cold tea. Calculating the time, this kid started to hook up with a staff member before he recovered his memory. Most likely, he was a repeat offender who had been at the bottom for quite some time.

Tang Yibu was right. The value he could extract from this troublesome matter was probably the other party’s ability to evade the emotion detection device.

Assuming that the young man in front of him really had this ability, he would be able to submit a patch application report to MUL-01. If he got the recognition of the Mainbrain, the reward he could get was enough for him to watch The Android Show for free until he died of old age, or even buy a “replica” of the memory and body that was no different from the androids in the field, so that it could serve him.

…All he had to do was create some conflict between patients.

That kid surnamed Tang must have also seen this opportunity and enjoyed a wave of sex, but in vain. Unfortunately, he was still too young and not shrewd enough that he wasn’t able to take this piece of exposed fat for himself.

“Doctor Gong?” After a few minutes of silence, the beautiful young man on the opposite side couldn’t help but speak. Gong Siyi glanced at the empty teacup, only to realize that it had been four minutes since he asked his question to the other party.

“Sorry, I am considering a case similar to yours.” Gong Siyi smiled and finally poured a cup of tea for the patient. “His name is Luo Jian. He happens to be in the same ward as you. Have you ever come into contact with him?”

“Sort of.” The young man, surnamed Ruan, hesitated for a second and gave a fluttering answer.

“He started in the same condition as you, but he didn’t have symptoms of amnesia. Now that he’s recovering well and is not an aggressive patient himself, you can communicate with him more.”

“I will consider it.”

“Okay, I will ask him about his wishes. If things go well, you can let him participate in part of your treatment next. Now let’s start a formal conversation… Are you ready, Mr. Ruan? “

“Of course.” This time the young man opposite showed a bright smile.

Although he wasn’t interested in men, Gong Siyi probably understood what Tang Yibu was attracted to. The young man in front of him had a peculiar and dangerous temperament, and an inexplicable attraction.

If this kid was used as a model to make an android and then put that android in the Android Show, he might have become a popular character in Struggler II.

Gong Siyi shook his head slightly, threw these distractions out of his mind, and turned on the treatment-assisted light screen in front of him.

It was quite draining to put on an act in front of the counselor. It could also be because of the excessive amount of exercise performed that night and the unsightly breakfast that had long been digested. During the period when the counseling session was about to end, there were even a few more fluttering silver stars in Ruan Xian’s vision.

Fortunately, he ran into Tang Yibu as soon as he went out.

Now that the two of them have a physical relationship that was no different from the public, their meeting wouldn’t look too suspicious at this moment. Seeing Ruan Xian walking out the door, Tang Yibu stood by it like a sculpture, as if he was abruptly frozen in the air and his expression was extremely deep.

“Baby, you’re here.” Ruan Xian leaned forward generously and bit the tip of the other party’s nose.

For some reason, Tang Yibu’s expression sank deeper. He pondered for a while, and finally seemed to be mentally prepared—the android took out a honey sack from his pocket and peeled off the package.

“According to calculations, you need a little energy, Mr. Ruan,” Tang Yibu glanced around, making sure there was no one else nearby, then whispered. “If π send you too much breakfast, it will cause suspicion. Time is limited, so I couldn’t think of any other way for the time being.”

“Very considerate.” Ruan Xian stretched out his hand to catch the small snack.

Tang Yibu didn’t hand it to him. He observed Ruan Xian for a while, as if observing a new species, and then slowly delivered the candied treat to his own mouth…

Ruan Xian: “……”

…Then the android held the treat in his mouth and gestured for Ruan Xian to step forward with a complicated expression.

Coupled with Tang Yibu’s face, this should be a particularly provocative action. Unfortunately, the other party’s expression resembled more of a person preparing to announce an experiment report. Ruan Xian paused for a moment, not knowing whether he should react with his mouth or not.

Tang Yibu pointed at the snack in his mouth solemnly.

Holding back the sudden smile, Ruan Xian grabbed the other party’s collar, bit the treat in his mouth, and took advantage of the situation by giving a deep kiss that was filled with sweetness.

‘Tang Yibu was still Tang Yibu in the end,’ Ruan Xian thought helplessly. Even with such ambiguous behavior, the android still bit off a piece of the snack aggressively and swallowed a small piece for himself.

“I told you…”

“Before we fought, you said you got the information.” Tang Yibu quickly changed the subject. “I know you wanted to distract me and prevent me from activating the earring first, but that doesn’t seem like a lie. What did you get from Luo Jian?”

“Ruan Xian’s diary is in Pear Blossom.” Ruan Xian didn’t hide it. “Ruan Xian has indeed been here, but so far I have only asked a few questions. Speaking of this, Gong Siyi just put me and Luo Jian together. I believe this is credited to you?”

“Gong Siyi likes to watch the android show Struggler II and keeps throwing money at it. He also owes a lot of loans to the Mainbrain and would not let go of any opportunities to make money. You attacked him in the previous consultation—”

“And it didn’t trigger the emotion monitoring alert of the Mainbrain. He plans to submit my details as a bug sample and make a serious profit?”

“Well… Regarding our relationship, I also explained it by ‘being interested in your performance’.”

“This statement is really cruel, and it sounds a bit like a fact.” Ruan Xian’s tone was extremely relaxed.

Tang Yibu probably took advantage of the small conflict when they first met in the cafeteria and implied that he and Luo Jian were at odds. Gong Siyi, who was anxious to make some extra money, was estimated to deliberately increase their time spent together, quietly create trouble, and wait for him to act aggressively again.

It wasn’t a bad emergency countermeasure.

“I hope Dr. Gong moves quickly.” Ruan Xian raised his hand and touched Tang Yibu’s soft hair—since he had been with the other party all night, he liked the feeling of stroking the soft black hair.

Tang Yibu hummed as if in a daze. After the two walked halfway down the corridor, the android turned his head again.

“In your… Ruan Xian’s memory, did you keep a diary?” His voice was as soft as talking to himself.

“I don’t write it. I remember it all.” Ruan Xian shrugged. “But I will write the day’s summary, mainly summarizing some project ideas and inspiration.”

“For example?”

“Follow ups on a project.” Ruan Xian didn’t understand the meaning of Tang Yibu’s question, but this wasn’t sensitive information, so he answered obediently. “When you checked my physical condition, you should know that I was in something similar to a dormant warehouse. Before that, I was documenting a project about NUL-00.”

Ruan Xian couldn’t help showing a nostalgic expression. “I guess not many people know about that project now.”

If Ruan Xian hadn’t been immersed in his memories of the past, he would have found that Tang Yibu, who was about to turn the corner smoothly, broke his movement back a little stiffly.

“But judging from Luo Jian’s statement, Professor Ruan’s diary seems more like a normal diary. If we’re lucky, we might be able to find clues about his whereabouts from it.” Ruan Xian retracted his gaze from the void and naturally pulled the topic back.

These days, memories could be faked, not to mention the authenticity of his own memories. He was a little curious about what was in the head of the other Professor Ruan.

“You continue to make contact with Luo Jian. I’ll go out a little bit after work and meet those other two.” Tang Yibu turned his head away, avoiding looking at Ruan Xian’s face. “Ji Xiaoman’s skills are good enough. She can investigate Pear Blossom simultaneously.”

Having said that, Tang Yibu touched his nose and turned his head a little stiffly. “I will be back soon, really soon.”

“I really won’t disappear in place.” Ruan Xian laughed. “There was a fire just now and security is very tight. If I want to escape, I won’t choose a time like this.”

“…So you specifically observed the security situation.” Tang Yibu’s face was a little green.

Without the mandatory constraints of the earring, Tang Yibu’s anxiety level soared visibly to the naked eye.

Ruan Xian didn’t suppress himself this time and laughed softly—his life was a bit comical. His closest loved one wanted to push him away, but now there was a nervous android who wanted to handcuff him to his side.

“Yeah, what are you going to do?”

Ruan Xian regretted it as soon as he finished asking.

Considering the extremely fragile trust between them, this question was like a spark that was connected to a powder keg. However, Tang Yibu didn’t explode or threaten. The previously incomparably android stopped in his tracks and, for the first time, showed a completely distressed and helpless look.

It was the first time Ruan Xian saw Tang Yibu show such an expression.

“I don’t know,” Tang Yibu said. “For the time being, I won’t destroy your thinking ability. Assuming you really ran away, the most feasible solution is to find you. The way to prevent it… I can’t think of it yet.”

The android’s face wrinkled in distress.

“‘Not for the time being’.” Ruan Xian replied with a smile.

“I have to complete the analysis of the relationship between the two of us to draw a firm conclusion, but now—”

Tang Yibu took a breath and continued with great frustration.

“I haven’t been able to find anything in you that I don’t like.”

The author has something to say:

Tang: Analysis of the relationship between the two of us (refers to pseudo-father and son)

Tang: Oh, relationship analysis (Refers to his “cannon”. Friend)

Tang happiness strategy. I never thought about what I will face in the future (?

Kinky Thoughts:

How can Tang Yibu be this cute? How! How?! Even when flirting, he still managed to always put his love for food at top priority (well, a little less now since Ruan Xian has taken that place).

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