Happy Doomsday Ch116

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 116: Confession

The rhythm of breathing was disturbed, and the healing of his ribs brought overwhelming pain. Ruan Xian’s limbs were cold, and he tried to insert his fingers into Tang Yibu’s soft hair to absorb the high heat radiated by the other party.

This was a long kiss.

The battle came to an abrupt end, but the joy and excitement brought about by fighting each other didn’t immediately subside. They collided in his heart and brain, gradually changing their flavor. His opponent’s chest was undulating because of shortness of breath, and the heart close at hand was like a trembling cub.

Ruan Xian liked this feeling.

Perhaps it was frequent injuries that accelerated his body’s metabolism, or perhaps death and depression eventually led to chaos. His headache seemed to explode, and his mind, which was barely quiet, was now like boiled water.

His memory was recovering quickly, but he ignored all the side effects that came with it. His body was shaking instinctively, like the ground behind him. He wanted to vomit and faint, but he was so exhilarated.

So he could only continue to devour Tang Yibu’s lips, frantically plundering the breath and heat from his opponent’s mouth. They had never kissed so deeply, with the momentum of tearing each other apart in the next second.

Ruan Xian remembered everything. The darkest memories burst into the depths of his mind, like the first crack in a dam, and all the memories after that gushed out.

There weren’t many emotional factors behind this incident—he just got an opportunity, and then moved in the direction of maximizing his benefits.

In order to come into contact with Luo Jian, one of them had to pretend to be a patient to get in. According to Tang Yibu’s cautious temperament, he most likely was unwilling to surrender his dominance. Ruan Xian himself had no standing reason to refuse, and blindly rejecting it would only arouse suspicion.

To put it another way, even if Tang Yibu was willing to sneak in as a patient, he might not be willing to believe the second-hand information from him. The android wasn’t only mysterious but also extremely cunning, so the information he relayed may not be credible.

After figuring this out, the rest was how to take advantage of this delicate situation.

Admission to the hospital required testing of the concentration of drugs in one’s blood, and memory inhibitors for people could well prove whether he had a human brain. These kinds of advanced inhibitors seemed to be only available here. This was a rare opportunity.

There was only one problem—once he really found out he had a human brain and lost his memory due to drugs, Tang Yibu was likely to find this flaw.

He basically concealed himself from the other party. Not to mention, Tang Yibu had always been unwilling to get close to humans, as an android looking for Ruan Xian had a completely different meaning than a human looking for Ruan Xian.

If he was human, it would be difficult for the whole rhetoric of “Professor Ruan destroyed the S-type Prototype” to hold water. If he was in Tang Yibu’s position, Ruan Xian wouldn’t have put such a guy of unknown origin by his side.

After all, there were still humans standing on the side of MUL-01. There was also Fan Linsong, who was familiar with Professor Ruan, and whose fate was currently unknown, though most likely had fallen into the hands of the Mainbrain—MUL-01 had the resources to forge Ruan Xian’s memory.

As for whether this body belonged to “Professor Ruan” himself, Ruan Xian couldn’t be sure.

Therefore, even if Yu Le once said that the Mainbrain wouldn’t easily place Order Supervisors in places of low utilization, they all knew nothing about the forces behind Tang Yibu. Maybe it was worth it for this excruciating work. With the example of Duan Lili set in front of him and the technology of memory manipulation behind him, he couldn’t prove that he wasn’t some plan from the Mainbrain.

Once the matter was exposed, Tang Yibu was very likely to make a move. Preparation was necessary.

If Ruan Xian knew himself best, the answer was bound to be himself. He dissected and analyzed himself countless times and inferred as carefully as he analyzed a set of programs. He knew all the reactions he might make.

He successfully gave himself a weapon, which gave him the opportunity to take Tang Yibu head-on.

But he still lost; lost to a small detail. He had analyzed the deadly earring and thought that a machine of that size wouldn’t automatically attack if it was cut away.

With the convenience of cutting-edge mechanical design, Tang Yibu’s final chess piece moved.

Ruan Xian didn’t end the kiss. He let out a comfortable sigh from his throat. This deep kiss would make Tang Yibu recover faster, but it didn’t matter anymore.

Everything didn’t matter anymore. He had one foot on the edge of death, and that sense of falling made his hair stand upside down.

This was undoubtedly a carnival before death. Even if he died, he would inevitably exit as the dominator. Ruan Xian stretched out his arms and pulled off Tang Yibu’s white coat, which had been almost destroyed by blood and gunfire. He deliberately squeezed the wounds that had not had time to heal, feeling the warm blood sliding across the skin.

“Asshole.” Ruan Xian took the initiative to escape the kiss, muttering with a smile in a low voice. He hadn’t died yet, but his whole body already had the burning sensation of falling into magma.

However, Tang Yibu had no plans to end it yet. Perhaps the android intended to wait for his injuries to fully heal before doing it. This was also in line with Tang Yibu’s character…

However, in just a few seconds when he was distracted, Tang Yibu’s slender fingers slid over the metal device on his restraint clothes, and with the black restraint belt curled up in a roll, Ruan Xian’s wrist was tightly clamped in an instant. Tang Yibu’s hand, which was wrapped around his throat, was finally released. He stood up and looked down at Ruan Xian from top to bottom; his expression somewhat incomprehensible.

“You’re human,” he said. His tone was a bit weird, and he pressed Ruan Xian’s bound wrist hard.

“Sort of.” Ruan Xian licked the blood and bruises at the corners of his mouth.

He activated all his own sensors. The small pain became maddening, and the other party’s heat and smell instantly pinned him to the ground.

Ruan Xian raised his head and made sure that he smelled the other party’s scent… Mechanical life was ultimately still life. Not to mention Tang Yibu, who had a pure human shell, the concentration of hormones in that android’s blood was increasing just like his own.

The two looked at each other in silence, and the magnified senses made Ruan Xian think of the day he just woke up in this era.

It wasn’t bad to end like this.

The other party wanted to kill him, and at the same time he desired him, and he was even shaken as a result of it. The battle between them was only about profit and survival, as natural as a lion hunting an antelope, but the android actually faltered.

His own odds of winning had become zero, and he didn’t need to think about survival anymore. Ruan Xian had a lot more room to observe Tang Yibu. The confused appearance of the other party almost made him twist with pleasure, as well as a hint of subtle sadness.

He gradually couldn’t control the growing smile on his face, even if it made his injured lips more painful. Ruan Xian struggled to arc his body, causing Tang Yibu to frown and press him tighter.

“I haven’t seen you hesitate so much,” Ruan Xian said softly in a hoarse voice. “You know what to do.”

“I do know what I should do, but I can’t figure out the reason.” Tang Yibu seemed seriously distressed.

Ruan Xian let out a low laugh. The dying fish was flopping to the side and the starry sky flickered in front of him. That trace of sadness also disappeared, and under the influence of hormones, only a fluttering sense of pleasure was left in his heart, as if he was drunk.

“Observe the subtle movements of the enemy.” Ruan Xian repeated the words in his memory. “Don’t think about their reactions, don’t make detailed plans in your mind—observe, and then move.”

“…This is what you taught me, Yibu. Now it seems that you yourself…”

Ruan Xian couldn’t finish speaking. He was kissed again. Tang Yibu didn’t say a word. His hands, which could tear apart metal sheets, easily tore open the extremely strong sutures of the restraint clothes.

Ruan Xian moved his gaze from the starry sky back to Tang Yibu’s eyes. He cooperated with his opponent’s movements. While the tip of Tang Yibu’s nose rubbed against his cheek, he caught him and kissed those eyes.

“That’s right.” Ruan Xian’s breathing became more erratic, and he didn’t retract his fully open senses.

Including death, everything that followed was unknown and couldn’t be inferred. Ruan Xian no longer spoke. He just tried his best to respond to the other party. His overpowering perception almost scorched his mind into white ashes, and he could no longer hear the death throes of the fish, the friction of the bushes, or the sound of skin touching.

There was only one person left in his world again.

Death was approaching, and the heavy defense he had built for himself was completely shattered. The whole world flipped and trembled in his vision, and his brain gradually couldn’t think. This time, Ruan Xian didn’t suppress his voice.

Tang Yibu was very sober.

It was better to say that he had never been so sober. His shoulders and chest were bloody from bullets, with his left shoulder being hit the hardest, and the pain burned his scalp. A hideous wound ruptured from his neck, barely missing his vital blood vessels, and blood kept gushing, seemingly nonstop.

But he was still very sober.

He didn’t understand why his Mr. Ruan suddenly kissed him, just as he didn’t understand why he why he stopped his plan to kill the other man because of his physical impulses. Ultimately, he didn’t even understand why he had the impulse to do so.

However, according to the data, creatures that lack its same kind would develop courtship behavior towards those that are different species. However, as the only mechanical life in the world, Tang Yibu couldn’t understand why this behavior would appear in him.

He had no need to reproduce, nor did he need to deal with physiological problems at such fatal moments. Then there was only one conclusion left. According to the information he had, he had more than the usual degree of affection for his murder target.

‘It made no sense,Tang Yibu thought to himself. Without adequate analysis and forethought, this conclusion hit him head-on before he could figure out what was going on.

He couldn’t even tell what he liked about the other party. Perhaps if given another hour, he could have written an analysis on it, but now it was hard to take his mind off of his opponent. With just one thought, Tang Yibu could adjust the hormones in his blood to normal levels, but he unexpectedly didn’t want to do it.

His appetite had returned, but this time the form was a bit strange.

It was like being hungry and thirsty in the desert for a month, and now suddenly there was a feast of the highest caliber in front of him. In theory, he had the ability to refuse, but no matter how he looked at it, that would be such a huge waste.

Tang Yibu thought deeply for less than half a second and decided to let the hormones in his body soared for a while. This was a perfect opportunity for observation, likely to become precious material for his subject matter, and he was sure that he would enjoy the process very much.

The blood gun was kicked away, the opponent’s mobility was plundered, and he seemed willing to cooperate.

All he needed to do then was calculate the replacement time of the video prepared in advance, and they could squander their time here for as long as they wanted.

Tang Yibu had never really practiced it, but his huge knowledge reserve came in handy at this time. Judging from the reaction of the other party, there should be no problem with his approach. Seeing his opponent’s consciousness slowly fading, Tang Yibu stopped moving and poked his opponent’s sweaty side face with his hand.

Whether as an observer or as a participant in this absurd behavior, it was necessary for him to tell the other party his conclusion.

No, that wasn’t right. He himself “wanted” to tell the other party.

“You like me, right?”

Tang Yibu touched the other party’s newborn left ear that didn’t have the earring stud.

“I like you too.”

He paused for a while and pinched the soft earlobe.

“…I don’t want to let go yet, Mr. Ruan,” he said softly.

The author has something to say:

Tang is a sweetie that doesn’t confess normally.

Even if it’s a confession, he has to tell the truth seriously → I think you like me, I think I like you too √

Ruan: …

Kinky Thoughts:

Fuck, this is even better than make-up sex. Now do the make-up sex.

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