Happy Doomsday Ch115

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 115: Kiss

The concentration of Ruan Xian’s mind was unprecedented.

He knew his body well. Although his coordination was different from his memory, he still wasn’t a qualified soldier. What he could do was very limited. He could calculate, infer, and predict, just like all breathing creatures, and he tried to keep himself alive.

Oddly enough, he didn’t have much interest in survival itself, but that obsession with survival seemed to be carved into his bones, pushing him to keep moving forward.

Tang Yibu stood in the dim night; the light from the transparent glass dome flickered.

Ruan Xian could see every hair of his opponent clearly and hear every sound of leaves colliding or petals falling. The android stood in place, his expression like a child at a funeral—vaguely aware of what had happened and what was about to happen, but there was a subtle sense of freedom. The small machine didn’t run far away. It shivered for a while, staggered into the nearby bushes, and rattled urgently.

“Mr. Ruan,” Tang Yibu called softly. There was no extra expression on his face, and his voice was still soft.

The moment he realized that he was distracted, Ruan Xian raised his hand and fired.

He was ready for anything.

The first thing he could do was make a preemptive strike, attracting Tang Yibu’s attention and delaying the other side from activating his earring as soon as they met. Then he used the pre-mixed drugs to make his opponent lose his mobility for a moment and took the opportunity to get rid of the deadly earring. Judging from Tang Yibu’s follow-up reaction, there should be no cumbersome double insurance in his body.

It seemed that his opponent was very confident in his own strength.

Tang Yibu must have changed the surveillance in order to ensure that the meeting or killing went properly. He needed to kill the android as soon as possible, and then try to modify the surveillance on his return trip.

As long as he stripped himself of this attempted murder and had the exact weapons, it was only a matter of time before he could leave.

So far, it had gone well. He and his weapons were in excellent condition. Ruan Xian adjusted his breathing, felt the subtle flow of air, and rolled away from his original position in a lopsided manner.

The spot where he was standing before had a few stout branches that were deeply embedded in the soil.

The bullet didn’t hit Tang Yibu. The android lowered his body, propped one hand on the ground, and moved as fast as a hungry leopard. He broke the stout branches like cookies and used them like a dart gun.

The speed was not much slower than that of Ruan Xian as they rushed straight in his direction.

Tang Yibu was slightly taller than he was, with a beautiful and strong body. At this moment, he was as light as a feather, extremely dexterous as he could move in the air, and his movements were unpredictable.

‘Tang Yibu knew his disadvantage very well,’ Ruan Xian thought.

The drug trick had been used once, and there were only two emergency homemade drug bombs left in his hand. He couldn’t consume them casually in the early stages. He had to avoid being approached by Tang Yibu as much as possible.

Ruan Xian focused almost all his attention on Tang Yibu. Air, plants, light, smell; everything no longer existed naturally in space but rotated with one person as the core.

The feeling was amazing. The other party was like a grain of suspended ink in a transparent glass bottle. The colors were tumbling and spreading in boiling water, and he needed to avoid those parts that would be swallowed by the colors in the next moment.

Ruan Xian’s heart had never beat so vigorously. His blood turned into boiling molten iron, and a strange pleasure slowly seeped from his limbs and bones.

No one spoke, and a strong killing intent was churning in the air.

Countless possible trajectories unfolded in the dark as Ruan Xian began to shoot into the void. Before the bullet reached its destination, it hit Tang Yibu, who was approaching like a ghost. He could hear the sound of bullets drilling into the flesh, but it was a pity that there was always a price when slowing down to shoot—the stone thrown by Tang Yibu directly pierced his upper left arm, causing blood to spray all over his white restraint clothes, dyeing it dark red.

Ruan Xian forcibly swallowed the pain stuck in his throat. He felt the subtle flow of the wind and kept moving.

After a few seconds, the severe pain in his left arm that seemed to be splashed with acid finally eased a little. Ruan Xian jumped over the exceptionally lush bushes, plunged into the more complex terrain of shrubbery, and ventured to look at the wound.

The wound healed faster than he thought.

It was a different situation on Tang Yibu’s side. He could smell the gradually thickening blood on his opponent’s body. His bullets didn’t successfully hit Tang Yibu’s key points, but many of them passed through his body.

For some reason, his own resilience was far above that of the other party. Then, as long as he maintained this rhythm, he could slowly consume his opponent to death. Ruan Xian subconsciously touched the earlobe of his left ear to make sure he had touched the entire ear.

However, this superfluous action almost killed him.

While Ruan Xian was distracted, a bloody hand came from behind. The speed was so fast that the air made a slight burst like it was being penetrated. The target was the back of Ruan Xian’s neck.

Ruan Xian immediately kicked in the opposite direction and smashed a drug bomb. The smoke full of medicine exploded, causing Tang Yibu’s movement to freeze for half a second. Ruan Xian took this opportunity to hide himself in the darkness and ran to an area with the most interference.

As a scout, he knew how to avoid the opponent’s reconnaissance.

Unfortunately, Tang Yibu was too close this time. The android used his fingers and left a bloody hole in his arm, intending to use the new pain to keep him stimulated. The bomb didn’t delay him for long—Tang Yibu stretched out his hand and grabbed Ruan Xian’s left forearm.

Then he broke it mercilessly.

This fracture was no longer just a simple injury. This time, Ruan Xian screamed. Despite his brain burning with severe pain, he still didn’t let go of this opportunity.

Within the few seconds after breaking his arm, the android wouldn’t move. His own subconscious screams could also have a little distracting effect. Ruan Xian made a quick decision. He twisted his body, used the lush shrubs around him to stabilize his center of gravity, and fired several shots at Tang Yibu’s head.

One bullet shot in the air, one bullet left deep blood marks on the handsome and abnormal face, and another almost hit his throat. Tang Yibu dodged quickly, but it still pierced the edge of his neck. The blood rushed out like a stream and Ruan Xian could see his reflection in the collarbone wetted by blood.

A snow-white petal was stuck to the side of Tang Yibu’s face. Those golden eyes gleamed in the night. He didn’t know if it was because of pain or some other reason, but they seemed a little wet.

“Mr. Ruan.” He gently mouthed without making a sound.

Even in such a situation, those beautiful eyes were still pure. This made Ruan Xian only more irritable.

However, the hand holding his arm tightly showed no sign of relaxing. Ruan Xian didn’t hesitate to shoot a few more shots at his opponent’s wrist, and finally broke free.

Even Tang Yibu couldn’t let such a serious wound go unattended. His opponent was bound to do simple treatment of the wound, and he could use this time to further attack and distance himself.

He wasn’t prey, he couldn’t be prey.

But something was different. Tang Yibu had killing intent for him, and there was no doubt that he wanted to kill the other party. It was amazing how things had come to this point, and there was no semblance of related negative emotions between them.

Such as hatred, rejection, or outright denial…

There was a sudden stabbing pain in his temples that made Ruan Xian trip. The familiar smell behind him was pursuing him. Ruan Xian grabbed a vine full of thorns, forcibly stabilizing his body, and turned his head and fired a few more shots.

The shoes the ward provided him weren’t sturdy. The soles of his feet were covered with blood, and he had already been paralyzed by the pain. Ruan Xian didn’t calculate how long the battle had lasted until now. The night was getting darker, and the huge botanical garden seemed to have turned into a rotting corpse of a giant monster, burying all conflict and bloodshed under the glass dome.

After a brief glance, he saw Tang Yibu’s face clearly. Tang Yibu’s hands were empty, his white coat was covered with blood, and he was torn by the bombardment of bullets, revealing his black lining. The slightly longer, soft black hair was covered with blood, and there was a strange emotion in his eyes, mixed with doubt and reluctance.

“Mr. Ruan.” He called for the third time.

Ruan Xian groaned.

Another wave of memories tumbled up. He had expected this situation, but he didn’t expect the memories tumbling up to be so… suffocating.

[Xianxian, come here.]

It was a sultry summer. He remembered very well that his mother had paid the last of her savings to a removal company to move everything out of the small apartment. Ruan Xian thought they were moving away—the water and electricity had been shut off, the air circulation and temperature balance functions had been turned off, and the house had been cleaned, with basically nothing left except two cardboard boxes.

After he found his way home again and again, his mother seemed to have temporarily given up the plan to abandon him.

She would give him some food and give him some basic painkillers. Without special drug control, Ruan Xian’s condition deteriorated rapidly, but he didn’t say a word, and most of the time he locked himself in a narrow room, silently waiting for death to come.

At that moment, his mother suddenly planned to move out. She cleaned very carefully, and even the rusty iron wire stuck in the water pipe was clamped down and thrown away. The whole room was so empty that it was a little surreal.

He squatted in the corner of the empty bedroom. The scorching air made him sweat uncontrollably, and the sweat pressed his clothes to his festering skin, which hurt like sandpaper was rubbing against him.

He held back his voice that was about to reach its limit. Ruan Xian didn’t know why his mother called him out specifically.

His mother touched his head, just like the day she brought him home from the hospital.

However, in the next second, Ruan Xian saw the rope hanging from the ceiling pipe, as well as the cardboard box below as a footing.

[The doors and windows have been locked, and the keys were thrown into the trash disposal by me. It stands to reason that there is still one month left in the time limit.] His mother’s tone was full of creepy despair. [I love you, child, but you are a demon… I have to prove this. I’m not wrong… I have to prove this to everyone. I love you. I tried my best…]

[Don’t you always win at hide and seek? Then let’s change this to a new game.]

As a sick child, he couldn’t stop anything from happening next. The cardboard was trampled down, and in the end, he could barely support his mother’s floating legs. He couldn’t even hold on for more than three seconds.

In the end, he only saw fear and hatred in his mother’s eyes. Her expression was forever frozen in that moment and doomed to rot in the heat.

There was no water or food. The doors and windows were tightly closed, and the glass was a bulletproof design with one-sided transmission. There was only one way to last as long as possible—he knew it, and so did his mother.

Maybe this was what she wanted to prove to the world.

Ruan Xian shrank up in the corner of the living room. The shadow of his mother’s feet swayed in the moonlight.

The moonlight that day was as bright as it was now.

Ruan Xian held back the dizziness caused by the rapid upwelling of memory and trembled as he shot a few shots in the direction of Tang Yibu. His broken arm healed with a crack. He still had a chance of winning. He wouldn’t be killed, just like back then…

However, Tang Yibu didn’t let go of his trance for these few seconds.

After a loud sound, Ruan Xian suddenly hit by something head-on.

The heavy decorative fish tank was directly pulled up by Tang Yibu and slammed into Ruan Xian. The glass was so strong that it smashed Ruan Xian straight into the tree trunk behind him. Ruan Xian was sure he had broken a few ribs. Even after landing on the ground, the thing only had some minor cracks.

Under the huge impact, he loosened the grip on his blood gun momentarily.


Almost the next moment this thought flashed, Tang Yibu had held him down. Before his ribs could recover, Ruan Xian coughed up a few sips of blood and was pressed to the ground by his opponent. He glanced sideways slightly, saw a fish falling out of the fish tank, struggling not far from him.

Like him, it was destined to die.

He lost in the end, but he didn’t have much regret. It was his failure to consider the edge of the situation that led to such an accident—Tang Yibu wasn’t an opponent who would allow too many flaws.

Tang Yibu kicked away the blood gun first; the massive blood loss made his movements look feeble. He tightly grabbed Ruan Xian’s throat, pressed his forehead against the other, and nailed Ruan Xian to the ground with his own weight.

Their faces were extremely close to each other. Warm blood dripped from the wound on Tang Yibu’s neck, wetting the collar of Ruan Xian’s restraint clothes.

Ruan Xian had no intention of speaking. He just stared at the familiar face quietly.

He knew what would happen next. Tang Yibu’s hand on his forehead became stronger, as if he was going to crush his skull. He didn’t struggle. He lay there obediently, with a calm mood that he couldn’t understand.

The fish was still struggling, making a small slapping sound nearby.

“I must confirm,” Tang Yibu said. “You cut it off, but the earring’s defense system failed to destroy your brain, Mr. Ruan.”

He stared at Ruan Xian without blinking. “Did you do something, or is there no cybernetic brain in your head at all?”

The android’s warm breath sprayed on Ruan Xian’s face with a good smell.

Ruan Xian didn’t answer.

“Don’t you remember? I told you that it would not be useful to take it off—this defense program is my original creation and doesn’t require me to start it manually.”

“Why are you procrastinating?” Ruan Xian finally spoke and successfully found a trace of confusion and panic in the other party’s eyes.

“You can kill me, stop me, whatever… Why are you procrastinating, Yibu? I don’t need to know this.”

Tang Yibu’s blood was still flowing. He didn’t know if it was because of this that he looked very pale. The hand that struck his throat was tightening, but the speed was abnormally slow.

Ruan Xian couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, and he stretched out his blood-stained hands—After losing his weapon, Tang Yibu didn’t even restrain his hands.

The tension left by the battle hadn’t dissipated, and his blood was still burning.

Ruan Xian hooked Tang Yibu’s neck, used his last strength to press down on the back of his opponent’s head, and kissed the blood-stained lips.

At that moment, Ruan Xian couldn’t clarify his motivation.

Leaving the other party with an unsolvable puzzle as a form of retaliation, yearning for the last bit of warmth, or remembering the nostalgia he never expressed… He didn’t know. He only knew that he was about to die, and this was the last thing he could do.

The development of things got out of control.

His neck wasn’t broken, and his skull wasn’t crushed.

Tang Yibu kissed him back, with a little hesitation, a little blood, and a high temperature that could almost ignite the plants.

 The author has something to say:

Okay, I’m cool (…)

π is still watching. π says this is the most incomprehensible(?) species it has ever been around √

Fish: Look at me!!!

Kinky Thoughts:

Wow, this chapter is better than hate sex. Well, now make up and have actual hate sex.

My heart aches for child Ruan Xian.

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  1. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 i can’t believe his mom wanted to prove he was a monster by betting on starving ruan xian and locking him up with her dead body……

    if he weren’t fucked up already, what “normal” child would still be okay after that experience…..


  2. Best mom ever :))) She’s even more fucked up than him…
    I can imagine the little Ruan Xian curved up in the house corner for days while looking at his mom corpse hanging there for days… I can’t… even the child is a psychopath, he’s still a human! The mom is the real monster here…


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