Happy Doomsday Ch114

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 114: Going to War

The day before the meeting.

The feeling of loss of appetite came back less than half a day before the operation. Despite possessing the power to tear apart steel plates with his bare hands, Tang Yibu looked at the hot muffin in front of him, unable to even pick up his fork.

With a grumbling stomach, Tang Yibu sniffed the warm buttery scent of the muffin, trying to arouse his appetite. But whether it was sweet milk or fresh berries that accompanied the meal, nothing made his appetite better.

The more he experienced this bitter and viscous emotion, the more Tang Yibu affirmed the necessity of “taking away Mr. Ruan’s thinking ability”. The more he thought about it, the darker and heavier the unknown emotion became. It was a perfect vicious circle.

Tang Yibu suddenly became a little angry. He used his fork to poke the muffin into a mess, forced it into his mouth, and reluctantly swallowed it. The staff meals here were first-class, but he only felt like he was chewing on dirt.

His emotions were abnormal, but the reconnaissance still had to be done. He buckled the collar of his white uniform and turned on the live surveillance from the patient’s cafeteria.

In order not to arouse suspicion from the other party, he specially revised Gong Siyi’s schedule today and sent Li Han away. The decision was up to him, and he had to make sure that there would be no unexpected situations—such as “Ruan Lijie” perceiving something in advance.

Arrogance and self-righteousness could easily lead to failure, and he had to calculate all possibilities himself.

The “Ruan Lijie” on the light screen seemed to be unaware of his murderous intent. After discovering that Li Han wasn’t there, he picked up the plate with an extremely natural expression and sat down beside Luo Jian.

Tang Yibu thought for half a second and pulled up two separate perspectives to see their lip movements.

A few hundred meters away, Ruan Xian naturally pulled the folds of his restraint clothes.

Li Han wasn’t there, as Luo Jian was a little surprised when he first entered. From Ruan Xian’s perspective, it was very likely that Li Han’s treatment wasn’t arranged in advance but was an “opportunity” created for him by Tang Yibu.

The other party was very cautious every step of the way. With Tang Yibu’s hand alone, Ruan Xian couldn’t tell the other party’s motives—the android may be racing against time to create opportunities for him, or he may use this logic so that he would further let go of his vigilance.

Then he should behave as usual. He must not only inquire but also use all his strength to explore.

Luo Jian had been comforting Li Han from the perspective of an elder and didn’t show any impatience. He could take advantage of this.

Ruan Xian politely took a seat diagonally opposite Luo Jian. “I have some questions I want to ask you.”

Luo Jian didn’t have a good impression of him, but as the saying goes, once reached out, don’t hit the smiling person*. Luo Jian just let out a sigh and slowly chewed the food in his mouth.

*(伸手不打笑脸人) Idiom referring to the fact that if you raise your hand to hit the wrong party and the other party acknowledges your mistake with a smile on their face, you can’t stand it and will be too embarrassed to hit them again.

Ruan Xian knew that although he had a bad temper, Luo Jian wasn’t the irritable, vicious type. Typically, he eats soft but not hard. As long as he was sincere enough and lowered himself, he still had a chance to dig something out.

But correspondingly, he needed time to gradually soften the other party, and time was precisely what he lacked most at the moment.

“Here’s the thing. I have recovered some of my memories, but there are key things I still can’t remember… The doomsday related things in my head are particularly vivid. Even if I know it’s fake, I still can’t convince myself and it’s driving me crazy.”

Ruan Xian behaved sincerely and helplessly. In order to be more realistic, he added a little bit of a young man’s depression of “I have to ask you as a last resort” to his tone.

“How many days have you been here? I hate softies.” Luo Jian didn’t seem to immediately buy it, and Li Han’s absence had obviously put him in a bad mood. “A few days in and you’re already going crazy? Let’s put it this way, I guess you can’t leave either. When your memory is restored, it’s not too late for us to talk about this.”

As expected, Luo Jian rejected him.

However, he may not have a chance to recover all his memories. His life may very well end tonight. Ruan Xian pursed his spoon, showing only the right degree of chagrin, didn’t yell nonsense, and ate all of his lunch quietly.

He even took a few seconds to imagine what his last supper would be. Unfortunately, with these unlucky monitors, it would become suspicious if he savored his dinner carefully.

This was an ordinary day, and he couldn’t do anything beyond the routine. He should act relaxed when trying to fish for a big fish. This should be what Tang Yibu wanted to see.

Regardless of whether the android was watching or not.

‘…I hope there’s something scrumptious for dinner,’ Ruan Xian thought. Before leaving, he briefly calculated the trajectory of each person’s activities and successfully bumped into a patient holding soup when he got up. The half bowl of potato soup shook on the tray, leaving a bit of sticky residue in his hair.

In the afternoon, Ruan Xian locked himself in his ward as usual, but this time he stayed in the bathroom longer—During non-night washing times, there would be a warning to take off restraint clothes completely, so he could touch his body inch by inch through the fabric, looking for possible restraining devices.

If possible, it was best for him to exclude all factors with uncertainty.

How could Tang Yibu threaten him? Ruan Xian didn’t think that he would be easily restrained by information; a threat with real lethality was more effective. For example, a bomb buried near his heart, a highly toxic container swimming in his blood vessels, or……

Ruan Xian looked at himself in the mirror, raised his hand, and touched the stud on his left ear. He stared at the small and exquisite earring in the mirror, still unable to find any clues from his memory.

But he had another way.

The size of this thing wasn’t large, and it could also escape what could be considered perverted monitoring here. It shouldn’t have too many complicated functions. If his own inference was correct, it could at most achieve short-range signal transmission, remote control, and a certain degree of physiological detection at short range.

After all, functions such as monitoring or tracking last too long and may be detected abnormally by other machines.

There were also verification methods. Ruan Xian touched his hair, wet from the soup, and pulled the corner of his mouth.

He simply washed his head and covered his wet black hair with a towel. Taking the opportunity to dry his hair, he quietly stretched out his hand to pinch the earring and pulled them down abruptly.

Ruan Xian’s movements were slow and concealed. The pain in his earlobes became more intense, and warm blood flowed down his fingers, which were quickly absorbed by his skin. Just when the stud earring was about to loosen, an invisible electric current suddenly hit him in his body. Ruan Xian was electrocuted for two seconds and almost lost his footing.

The fingers that had just pinched the earring twitched, and for a while they didn’t listen to his instructions at all.

Sure enough, it was this thing. It was like a collar…

[Originally, I didn’t want to add such disturbing constraints to our cooperation, but now that you’ve taken the initiative to expose your strength, you should be prepared for this.]

[Yes, small dogs can be held in one’s arms and petted, but wolves have to be kept in cages. If I agree to wear this… Well, the collar. Would you like to give me the necessary information and help?]

[Of course, as long as there is no harm to me… Are you willing?]

[I am.]

The fragmented memory finally resurfaced again.

Ruan Xian stared at his hand in the mirror, watching the blood on his fingers slowly disappear under the cover of the towel.

This reality was crazier than he remembered, but he was surprisingly used to it. The blood gun was well hidden in his restraint clothes, and the threat that the other party buried in him had already been figured out.

Next, he only needed to create an opportunity to get rid of his opponent.

Before coming to this place, he should have thought about this possibility, and he shouldn’t have left himself with a situation similar to “figure it out”. If he wanted to get some props without anyone noticing, he could still pass the inspection safely and wouldn’t make Tang Yibu suspicious…

Ruan Xian turned around and walked to the little machine that was staggering around the room. He opened the lid of the shell it used for camouflage, pretended to communicate with it, and then used the space to inspect the blood gun privately.

The weapons he personally made have his personal style almost everywhere, and it wasn’t difficult to dismantle them by hand.

Sure enough, Ruan Xian found several small bottles of medicine in the empty tank used by the blood gun to hold blood. On the small bottle, the words “Memory Inhibitors for Cybernetic Brain” were clearly visible.

Ruan Xian took out the medicine and put the gun away. He sat back on the bed, pulled out a small light screen, and began to look for information about this drug from a database.

[…For subcutaneous injection. It’s not effective for people. If the drug is accidentally administered through the mucous membrane, the android may experience a brief coma and cannot protect its existing memory. If this state occurs, please do not forcibly read or change the memory data in the cybernetic brain…]

It seemed that he had prepared everything before he lost his memory. It looked like when he took the memory inhibitor that was effective for humans, he easily got something else.

He was prepared. He was sure that he had a good impression of the android. They had kissed each other, fought together, embraced each other, and slept together, but he still… was well prepared, and didn’t intend to give up this plan.

He may never change. As his mother once said, feeding unfamiliar dogs, a demon hidden under human skin, and so on.

Ruan Xian handled the liquid medicine quietly. The afternoon sun was clear and translucent, like honey had mixed in. There were no strong winds, dark clouds, or heavy rain as a precursor. The atmosphere wasn’t depressing at all, but Ruan Xian’s mood wasn’t relaxed.

He didn’t know what he would think if he had all his memories back, but he was indeed a little sad.

Ruan Xian completed the final preparations. It was still early for the meeting. The silver-white fake guide robot was still circling happily in the room. He thought for a while, sat in the sunlight cast by the window, and held the little thing in his arms.

“I’m sorry.”

Ruan Xian didn’t know why he was apologizing or why he apologized to it. He couldn’t help but want to say these words to someone as they made him feel better.

“…I’m sorry,” he murmured in a low voice.

Tang Yibu stood near a few pear trees.

He stood for a long time, watching the blue sky above the glass dome burn into the sunset and then extinguish into the night sky. The snow-white flowers turned into an uncomfortable blue gray in the night. Tang Yibu looked at them sullenly, grabbed a few petals, and unconsciously stuffed them into his mouth and chewed on them.

Time was almost up.

Just like they agreed, π would bring that person in the middle of the night. There was no one else in the botanical garden at this time, and it was very easy to act. He had arranged the nearby surveillance in advance.

Tang Yibu could see two shadows approaching; one big and one small. He chewed out a bit of bitterness from the petals in his mouth.

“Mr. Ruan,” he greeted in a low voice. “I’m here.”

Starlight and moonlight trickled down from above the glass dome. Tang Yibu could clearly see the smile of the man, as usual. The iron bead in the shell of the assistant robot jumped happily in the air.

“In the afternoon, I compared the information you gave me and found a very unnatural thing.” Before the other party approached, he opened his mouth first. He didn’t give Tang Yibu the chance to speak, and directly turned on the light screen on his wristband. “Yibu, look at this.”

Tang Yibu turned his head slightly. At this angle, he could only see a string of garbled codes.

No one knew that he had fused with an A-type Prototype, and his Mr. Ruan had no possibility of restraining him. In order not to arouse the suspicion of the other party, Tang Yibu skillfully made a puzzled appearance and took two steps forward.

“Mr. Ruan, I—”

There was a soft snort.

The opponent moved extremely fast, and he only had time to see a vague shadow. Something moist sprayed on his face, and he didn’t have time to hold his breath.

The moment he felt dizzy, Tang Yibu suddenly retreated a few meters. No matter what the opponent sprayed, his body wouldn’t collapse so easily. As long as he survived these few seconds, he could regain his initiative…

As if anticipating Tang Yibu’s action, a glint from a knife followed, but not towards the android who was dazed, but towards “Ruan Lijie” himself.

Half of a bloody ear fell to the ground. The black earring stud on it shimmered in the night. Blood instantly wetted one side of Mr. Ruan’s neck, dyeing his snow-white restraint clothes red.

Finally, the pitch-black muzzle of a gun aimed straight at his head. The other party’s dark eye almost became part of the night, and his face was horribly pale.

Tang Yibu smiled.

His emotions became messier, and there was even a little joy and satisfaction in the heavy depression, which was simply unreasonable.

The iron bead a few steps away was stunned in place. It turned to “Ruan Lijie” for a while, then turned to Tang Yibu and let out a small quizzical rattling sound.

“Good evening, my Mr. Ruan,” Tang Yibu whispered. “…π, go outside and be the lookout. We’ll pick you up later.”


“…No, I’ll pick you up later.”

The author has something to say:

Fight! Get up! Come on, la!

Even fighting in front of their child (x) Truly very unreliable parents.

I’m so relieved that the fight finally started (……

Kinky Thoughts:

The author is relieved while all I feel is angst.

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