Happy Doomsday Ch109

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 109: Death Invitation

Before the scourge surnamed Tang appeared, Gong Siyi’s life could be said to be smooth sailing.

During his adolescence, he was evaluated dozens of times, and the Mainbrain decided the most suitable career for him. Gong Siyi had been a doctor—or “counselor”—in a prevention shelter for many years. After all, many patients didn’t consider themselves patients, and the latter title sounded a lot better.

He was indeed suitable for this business, and everything was in order.

Today, as usual, Gong Siyi manipulated the remote-controlled humanoid device and enjoyed lunch during his lunch break, to replenish the energy of the shell and to satiate his appetite. The perception function of the remote-controlled humanoid allowed people to eat without feeling guilty while avoiding the negative effects of overeating. After the appetite was satisfied, most people were willing to eat healthy food with their real bodies.

Gong Siyi had forgotten how long his real body hadn’t been out of his residence.

If he wanted to look around, virtual reality technology could instantly bring a person to any corner of the world. When it was time to work, he only needed to project his consciousness into the humanoid device placed in the shelter office. Even if the patient was extremely aggressive, he was absolutely safe.

As long as he didn’t look, listen, or meddle, and obeyed every rule set by MUL-01, this was paradise. Not to mention that after being promoted to senior citizen, he could set aside some of his pay to watch The Android Show.

He must say that there was a reason why this thing had been so hot for more than ten years.

Gong Siyi scooped a spoonful of greasy beef rice, and the melt-in-your-mouth high-grade beef mixed with the faint aroma of rosemary and a bit of butter hit his nose. A unique and tempting taste. He slowly swallowed it, sighed, and had another glass of wine—this remote-controlled humanoid wouldn’t get drunk anyway.

The first thing he did was finish Li Han’s counseling before his meal, and there was nothing scheduled in the afternoon. Gong Siyi picked up dessert after his meal and turned on The Android Show stream to watch with interest—he especially liked the doomsday survival type. The most popular series recently was said to be the restoration of Struggler, which aired more than two decades ago.

It was a world set to be destroyed by war.

The stage was set in a huge, abandoned city. High-rise buildings had collapsed, covered with vines and grass, and monsters called ventral cockroaches crawled everywhere, and even more dangerous radiation aliens lurked in the shadows. The survivors, who didn’t know their identities were androids, were struggling to survive, and every day they would play several exciting scenes of life and death.

There was no fixed protagonist in this kind of android show. It was true that the producers would put many handsome men and beautiful women with outstanding abilities in, but reality was always cruel. In addition to strength, people who survive more or less need some luck. No matter how outstanding the ability was, anyone could suddenly exit, and that unpredictability created a sense of authenticity that made people sweat.

What was even more exciting was that this thing was played in real time, 24 hours a day, basically filming every “character”.

If you were willing to pay extra, viewers could select specific targets for continuous observation. There was nothing more refreshing than condescending to appreciate the chaotic lives of others in the midst of order—not to mention, the objects they observed weren’t even humans, so they didn’t need to feel a sense of guilt.

In the afternoon sun, Gong Siyi was eating ice cream as the dry and fragrant wind blew from outside. A few snow-white petals fluttered like butterflies in the air. He occasionally smacked his tongue, intermittently wiped his tears, and watched intently as the man and woman on the screen desperately embraced and kissed.

It was a pity that Dr. Gong’s good time didn’t last. Seeing that the situation on the other side of the screen was at its most tense and touching, his wristband buzzed.

“Violation detected. Please deal with them at your discretion.” The cold electronic sound broke the sentimental atmosphere in the room, causing Dr. Gong to twitch his nose and switch the light screen.

On the other side of the light screen, another pair were making out in the shadows. A beautiful boy who hadn’t recovered his memories had made his move, and a newcomer surnamed Tang seemed completely captivated. Thinking how stupid it was, Gong Siyi rolled his eyes and groaned secretly.

Newcomers were unreliable.

Although the patients here did have a sense of distortion that couldn’t be found elsewhere, just like himself, who was attracted to The Android Show, many people would also find such strange distortions extremely attractive. Now that he thought about it, that kid surnamed Tang probably applied here not because this was the first recommended occupation but probably due to his fetish.

He had to talk to the other side as well. It was Ruan Lijie who took the initiative for the embrace, while Tang Yibu, incidentally, just took advantage of the situation. However, if Tang Yibu was really moved and really helped that neurotic guy do something stupid, then it would create a lot of issues.

Gong Siyi immediately sent a communication request to Tang Yibu as he watched the two people separate under the surveillance. He was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the patient surnamed Ruan defiantly glanced at the empty corridor and kissed Tang Yibu directly. Dr. Gong was forced to watch them stick together for some time before the Tang Yibu quickly left and connected the communication request.

“My office, right away.” Gong Siyi felt a little tired.

In less than ten minutes, Tang Yibu stood in front of him. The handsome and beautiful young man hung his head with guilt, while his ears were a little red.

Although he knew that the exquisite shell in front of him was most likely not the original appearance of the other party, Gong Siyi softened his tone subconsciously. He put aside the light screen that was playing his show and muted it.

“I just told you not long before lunch, don’t invest any feelings in these people. It’s only been a few hours?” Gong Siyi knocked on the table. “Xiao Tang, I’ll just give it to you straight. It’s normal for young people to be passionate, and it’s none of my business what kind of physical relationship you develop, but you’re not allowed to damage the shelter in any way for him.”

“I understand, Mr. Gong.” The young man on the opposite side quickly flashed his eyes at the light screen playing The Android Show, lowered his head knowingly, and his face gradually reddened.

‘Forget it, he’s just an innocent young man.’ Gong Siyi shook his head. His tone became serious. “Young people are still too easily influenced. You don’t have to be too nervous; I get it. After you stay here for a while and see more things, you’ll understand everything… Take that little girl I just finished watching. Li Han, you should have seen her?”

“There is a little impression.”

“Her condition is improving, so you’ll take over from now on. It’s okay to talk about it—Li Han’s problem is very typical. Before she came here, she was doing cleaning management at the city park. However, she wasn’t very good. Most likely, her ability was limited.”

Gong Siyi put down the dessert cup and pointed his fingers gracefully.

“Her citizenship level doesn’t go up, and she can only have a mechanical companion allocated by MUL-01. If she wants to have children, she must obtain sperm designated by the Mainbrain that would maximize the improvement of the genes for her offspring. But other than that, she can live freely—as long as she doesn’t make trouble.”

“But she’s here now,” Tang Yibu responded very cooperatively.

“That’s right.” Gong Siyi sighed heavily. “She tried to commit suicide.”

Tang Yibu blinked.

“Suicidal tendencies are a big problem. She should be happy—with a partner, a stable job, and a warm residence, everything was tailored for her. There wouldn’t be abuse these days and vicious crimes are so rare that they could be considered non-existent, yet she almost jumped off the roof of a building.”

“If you just want to commit suicide, you shouldn’t be forcibly taken in by a shelter, right?” Tang Yibu asked carefully.

“Usually, as long as it is properly analyzed, memory therapy can be used to correct psychological problems.” Gong Siyi picked up his water cup and took a sip of the iced tea. “But her situation is more complicated. She claims that something went wrong with her companion robot, and it induced her to commit suicide. You know that’s nonsense—the companion robot assigned is customized according to the personality of the person to whom they are assigned and would never behave in a harmful way. Accusing a companion robot is no different than accusing the Mainbrain.”

He paused for a moment and slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Public hostility to the Mainbrain is a big problem. She must stay here until we find out what’s wrong with her.”

Tang Yibu’s smile was flawless, and before hearing a certain key word, his heart was almost cold and calm. However, as soon as Gong Siyi’s words came out, he couldn’t help but take the initiative to ask questions.

“What did it do to her?”

“What else can I do? It has strict restrictions and will never beat or abuse her and talk calmly at most. To put it bluntly, she has been exposed to too many bad thoughts. She’s not good enough, and coupled with her mental fragility… Young people are more likely to be compelled and misled, so you should also pay attention. Don’t really be brainwashed by that boy, Ruan Lijie.”

“Do you have her detailed consultation information here?” Tang Yibu’s tone was softer. Although he could get it without much effort, he still went through the notion. “Since you plan to put me in charge of her case, I need to know more about her situation in advance. And… And I want to find something else to divert my attention, you get it.”

“This is the correct work attitude. Alright, I’ll send it to you.” Gong Siyi nodded in satisfaction. “Ruan Lijie, I will arrange an assistant robot for him. It’s better for you to meet less first.”

“I know.”

After receiving all the data, Tang Yibu left the office and closed the door. Before the door was about to close, he could clearly see the scene of Gong Siyi’s light screen through the crack.

Even with just a few pictures, Tang Yibu could tell the above content.

Remaking Struggler in this kind of place, MUL-01 could be regarded as having an almost distorted sense of humor.

At this time, his Mr. Ruan should have finished exchanging information with Luo Jian. Tang Yibu didn’t think that he could get all the information in one exchange. He walked along the snow-white corridor while thinking and then walked straight to his room.

In theory, it was also possible that his logic module refuted it, but he didn’t want to ask. Even if the feeling that filled his heart was strange, Tang Yibu didn’t intend to escape it—he knew the reason for his deliberate procrastination.

Once Mr. Ruan really got the key information from Luo Jian, judging from his increasing fatal attraction to him, the next moment he got the information was the time to do it.

Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman were in a distant urban area, and they couldn’t communicate with others, so they couldn’t expose anything. He wasn’t sure if there was a cybernetic brain in “Ruan Lijie’s” skull. Blindly activating the earring would only arouse the other party’s vigilance. He had to find a suitable place to create some chaos, then take the other party to a secret place and kill him.

If his Mr. Ruan was really just an android, he could terminate the other party’s cybernetic brain; if Mr. Ruan was a human… then he had the recovery function of the S-type Prototype. As long as he removed a specific part of the brain and filled it with something else, he could destroy the other party’s thinking ability.

The other party was a patient who had overdosed on psychotropic drugs while he was a staff member. At best, Gong Siyi would think that “Ruan Lijie” had suffered drug damage to his brain and wouldn’t think much about it.

The next step was to ignore Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman and directly take Mr. Ruan, who had no independent thought, out of here.

He even made a careful plan and chose a good place to start. Next, it only depended on when “Ruan Lijie” would get all the information from Luo Jian.

Tang Yibu strode into the staff room assigned to him, sat on a chair, and was stunned for a long time.

What he was facing today was a typical priority judgement problem. It stood to reason that “one’s own safety” should always be at the top of the priority pyramid.

When they first met, “Mr. Ruan’s autonomous thinking” wasn’t even as important as a pack of hardtack.

Then his priority rose slowly but firmly. More than hardtacks, it surpassed the carefully prepared canned meats and sweet potatoes, then surpassed cherry soda and his favorite candy… And finally, more than his curiosity about other humans.

Right now, it was threatening the “self” at the top of the pyramid.

He wanted to erase that dangerous consciousness; he had to erase it before it released more attraction. This wasn’t a matter of choice.

Tang Yibu squeezed the electronic wristband on his wrist, suddenly a little irritable. He decided to find something else for him to do, such as watching Li Han’s medical records…

It sounded very helpful for his subject, and maybe he could dig up a little useful information from it.

At least in this way, when he issued a death invitation to his Mr. Ruan, he could have a beautiful enough excuse.

The author has something to say:

This is love~?

But at the current level, “like” may be more appropriate XD

This is first love, Tang!

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