Happy Doomsday Ch102

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 102: Pear Blossom and Porridge

“If you talk about crises and conflicts, there have been several times before, but they are all under control. At present, the world situation is developing in a stable direction, and environmental issues are gradually being resolved. MUL-01 does exist, but it’s operating normally under the supervision of the world’s top teams.”

Gong Siyi’s tone was light and careful, and he turned the light screen in front of him in the direction of Ruan Xian.

“There’s no Sea of Ruins or Underground City. You see, I just checked and there are no search results. If you give a random date, I can try to find news about that day for you… Mr. Ruan?”

Ruan Xian pressed his temple again.

A deep sense of contradiction was suppressed from the top of his head, and he could vaguely perceive the order in his memory. He didn’t seem to have lived in troubled times for a long time, but he did have a vague impression of those “non-existent” places.

And his companion was only a dim shadow in his mind. It was just that a pair of golden eyes seem to be imprinted in his mind and he couldn’t erase them.

Maybe he had a cat or something. Ruan Xian touched his left earlobe unconsciously with his fingertips, a little distracted.

“Mr. Ruan.” Gong Siyi raised his voice.


“If you are not feeling well, go back and rest today.” Gong Siyi smiled and comforted. “After all, we also found a lot of signs of repair in your brain. At first, the verification machine almost recognized you as an android. No matter what happens, you must have suffered a lot, so it’s good to sleep more.”

“I don’t like it here.” Ruan Xian raised his eyes. “When can I leave?”

“We have to wait until your memory recovers. The complete recovery will be in a week. You may remember some fragments in the next few days. If you’re uncomfortable, you can always…”

“Then can I go out for a walk?” Seeing that the topic was going off the rails, Ruan Xian interrupted the other party bluntly.

Although Ruan Xian had a little judgment on his possible identity, information was limited. The environment here was too biased and what he could observe was really limited. In addition, it also made him more uncomfortable. Before he found the source of the stress, perhaps a different perspective could have provided some new ideas.

Gong Siyi showed a somewhat embarrassed expression. “I’m afraid…”

“My body is fine.” Ruan Xian stood up and politely put the water cup back on the table. “I just want to walk around, Mr. Gong.”

“Sorry, I can’t promise you that.” Gong Siyi shook his head. The smile on his face became more anxious. “I’m afraid you need to stay here until your memory recovers and your delusional symptoms must be treated as well.”

For some unknown reason, Ruan Xian became more irritable, and the sense of emptiness was devouring him, moving upwards from the bottom of his toes. It wasn’t the panic caused by memory loss, but it was more like forgetting valuable belongings outdoors. Before reaction, people would always dig out a little sense of dissonance from the subconscious.

Only retaining the memory of knowledge and common sense, as well as a single name, Ruan Xian couldn’t determine his identity, but he was very sure that he didn’t like it here and wasn’t used to being alone.

“It’s just going out for a walk.” Ruan Xian’s voice became cold. “Mr. Gong, I can’t breathe here. Even if you don’t agree, I still want to—”

Before he could finish speaking, a harsh mechanical sound rang out in the room.

“Warning, patient Ruan Lijie’s emotional index is abnormal. The intensity of negative emotions and hostility exceeded the standard. Please pay attention to safety. Please pay attention to safety.”

Ruan Xian subconsciously retreated to the corner, holding a pen that he had hidden this morning in his hand, planning to use it as a weapon. He didn’t know how long it had been since the last time he ate, and the violent movement made him a little dizzy.

“Aggressive behavior detected. Protection activated.”

His legs and arms were suddenly tightened. A metal device lit up with red light as black straps that had been curled up in rolls all over his clothes suddenly stretched out and firmly bound Ruan Xian’s entire body. It didn’t simply tie up his wrists and ankles, as it didn’t miss any important joints, leaving him little room for movement.

It only allowed him enough room for his up and down heaves and blood circulation.

Ruan Xian smashed his whole body onto the ground, unable to move. Now he realized what this was—he was wearing a restraint suit for patients. This was probably some sort of preventive facility.

This was probably not what a “normal person” should know. After all, in his impression, prevention agencies tend to evaluate school-age children. They contain and control people with mental or personality abnormalities. “Ordinary people” may never have any intersection with them in their lives.

“For people who have overdosed on drugs, isn’t this method of control a bit too much?” Ruan Xian adjusted his breathing for a while and directed his speech at Gong Siyi a few steps away. “I just want to breathe some fresh air…”

“Sorry, we found a lesion during a precision test in your brain. It will affect your personality to a certain extent, not to mention that your brain has suffered damage.” Gong Siyi was still polite, but he didn’t hear any real apologies in his words. “Considering your situation, we have to do this.”

“Oh, in short, you saved me, then found out that I was probably a lunatic who had just been stimulated, or—”

“The situation is very complicated, Mr. Ruan.”

Gong Siyi didn’t seem to have much fear. He slowly poured himself a glass of lemonade.

“Your case is still with the police, and the Order Supervisors have tentatively designated you as a victim. But if you make too many dangerous moves, this conclusion is likely to be overturned… You will still stay here at that time, but I am afraid your room will be downgraded by several levels.”

As he spoke, he snapped his fingers, and the shackles on Ruan Xian’s legs loosened in response. Ruan Xian leaned against the wall, barely standing up, staring straight at Gong Siyi.

Even if there was such a big movement in the room, the other party’s breathing rate and heartbeat basically didn’t change. The handsome counselor just looked at him, as if observing a trapped beast in an iron cage.

Wait, should humans be able to hear the heartbeats of others at this distance?

“I see,” Ruan Xian responded, desperately adjusting his breathing and emotions. Those inexplicable anxieties and anger were all skillfully suppressed by him, and after a while, the shackles on his arms slowly loosened.

Gong Siyi smiled with relief. “That’s right.”

“When it comes to violent behavior, it is recommended to clear the patient’s memory fragments from 8:03 to 8:07.” The mechanical sound came from the PA device on the ceiling.

“No, Mr. Ruan is a smart man. It’s better for him to remember.” Gong Siyi wiped the water stains on the table. “Now you can go to breakfast, Mr. Ruan. Taking medicine normally and getting a lot of rest can metabolize those inhibitors faster and restore your memory. Personally—”

Ruan Xian moved again.

He went straight over the table, his movements extremely neat. When Ruan Xian came to his senses, he was already crouching on the edge of the table like a beast. His muscles were tense, and the tip of the pen in his hand was less than half a centimeter from Gong Siyi’s left eye.

“Inexplicably familiar,’ he thought.

The alarm didn’t sound this time, and Gong Siyi was stunned for a moment.

The young counselor didn’t blink instinctively like a normal person—his left eye, which was being aimed at, was wide open and twitching oddly, creating a momentarily terrifying scene. The next second, he fell back softly, paralyzed in a soft armchair with his eyes still open, but his heartbeat and breathing suddenly stagnated.

“Mr. Gong Siyi went offline. PES-A 665s-290 has entered a dormant state.” The mechanical voice sounded again. “The table is not within the range of activities. It is recommended that the patient leave the table and go to the cafeteria for breakfast.”

Sure enough.

The young and beautiful counselor in front of him was an android from the start, or a humanoid device, remotely controlled by the real Gong Siyi. Although he had a lot of relevant knowledge, he had no impression of this style of mechanical device. It seemed that not only his memory, but also his common sense was faulty.

In addition, it seemed that as long as there was “no intent to kill or hostility”, the warning device wouldn’t be activated. He only needed to control his emotions well, and attribute all the exposed behaviors to the emotion of “curiosity”.

Ruan Xian straightened his clothes, hid the pen back in his sleeve, and began to walk towards the restaurant.

Now he only needed to figure out three questions— Why was he here, where was his companion, and whether he was…crazy or not.

Based on his knowledge reserve, he was likely a researcher in a certain field. His hands had no traces of long-term labor work, and his brain was high functioning. Looking at his emotional response after amnesia, it didn’t seem to be the type that needed medication to suppress his emotions.

The data in the electronic wristband was artificially emptied, leaving only a pseudonym. His body didn’t seem to have been seriously injured, but the senses were too keen. Considering his instinctive aversion to this place, he should try to avoid coming in as much as possible instead of taking medicine to escape.

Maybe he didn’t “have an accident and was taken in”. Ruan Xian was more inclined to believe that this was part of an arrangement.

But he couldn’t remember more things.

Anxiety and emptiness burned in his heart. No matter what the purpose of his coming was, it should be important enough.

If he wasn’t crazy and the idea of doomsday and his companion was true, then his companion should be waiting for him somewhere at this moment. Even just the thought of attacking would cause him to be tightly bound and would make it even more difficult to escape. If this was part of some plan, it was more reasonable to arrange to observe individuals closely and respond with appropriate actions.

If he was really crazy…

Ruan Xian pursed his lips and sat down in the corner of the cafeteria. He still had a week left, which was theoretically enough to figure out these three questions. The most important thing right now was to fill himself up.

The porridge in front of him smelled warm and sweet, and there was soft-boiled pumpkin in it. As soon as Ruan Xian picked up the spoon, a figure blocked the projected light.

A man with a white beard and hair was standing at the table with a standard Chinese face and frowning eyebrows. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood. He was holding a bowl of porridge and staring at Ruan Xian.

The weird thing was that although his hair and beard looked like an old man’s, there weren’t many wrinkles on his face. There were a few metal devices on his sick uniform, with light blue stripes, which was far from the style of pure white restraint clothes on himself.

“That’s my spot,” the man whispered. “Can you move over?”

“I thought this was a free to sit anywhere cafeteria.” Ruan Xian had no intention of being polite. The location was quite safe, and the view was good. He could see a few pear trees full of pear blossoms outside the window.

“I have been here for four years, and I have been eating breakfast in this location.” The man raised his voice, sounding as if he didn’t intend to give up. “Young man, don’t make things too unpleasant. That’s a high-end restraint suit, isn’t it? It’ll be bad luck for you if you really make trouble.”

Ruan Xian stared at the other person gloomily.

“Luo Jian, don’t bully the newcomers!” A little girl with a round face not far away smiled. Without looking at the sick uniform, she was amazingly normal, even a little livelier than most people. “Come and sit down. You can also see the pear trees here.”

The expression of the man named “Luo Jian” softened a bit. He snorted at Ruan Xian and walked over with his porridge. “I’m just a little…Oh, you know. Xiao Han, have you taken your medicine today?”

“I did.” The little girl had long hair that was tied up into a simple ponytail. Though her appearance may not be considered beautiful, it was a type that looked comforting and kind. “…Hey, it’s so beautiful outside. It’s a pity that the pear blossoms will finish blooming after May.”

Luo Jian no longer paid attention to Ruan Xian. He looked at the little girl in front of him a little pettishly.

“That’s right,” he said. “When the time comes, the flowers will always bloom.”

The author has something to say:

The source of Ruan Xian’s familiarity, guess where it is (≧▽≦)

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  1. petri dish 2217? that luo jian is the ‘rebel infiltrator’ guan haiming was talking about in his ‘dream’ right? the one who infiltrated the 2217 but aside from the fact that he was still alive inside, no other information was leaked on what happened to him. i wonder if he was ‘caught’ there deliberately and part of his plan to infiltrate, to use a memory suppresant to be more ‘believable’ or something. is this arc going to be ruan xian alone???


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