Happy Doomsday Ch63

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 63: Flying over the Dead Wall

Yu Le slept for twelve hours.

It wasn’t until Tang Yibu started eating self-heating risotto in the car that Captain Yu twitched his nose and got up from the pile of food.

“Oh, it’s good to be alone.” The former captain of the Walking Stones stretched his shoulders and bit open the bag of hardtacks* with his teeth. “Let’s go. There are still a few days to go.”

*It’s basically a biscuit that is compressed with a bunch of nutrients and is non-perishable, normally used as rations for many militaries. Something like BP-5 Compact Biscuit could also be what he’s eating.

In the next few days, Tang Yibu became a lot more honest.

He tried his best to avoid direct communication with Yu Le. He sat in front of the food pile cautiously while holding Ruan Xian tightly. If it weren’t for the fact that this android didn’t eat humans, Ruan Xian would almost think that he was part of the food pile.

Ruan Xian took over the heavy task of negotiating with Yu Le, and also successfully won the opportunity for the android to choose songs every day. The night watch became a fair shift system, and Yu Le no longer made protests.

Except for occasionally looking at the two young people in the back seat through the rearview mirror, Yu Le rarely even spoke.

It was hard to call this journey interesting. Perhaps compared with the Sea of Ruins, the first two or three days were relaxing, and then there was only boredom.

A scene that repeated forever with only a small space for activity. Yu Le no longer deliberately provoked them, and the route he chose was extremely smooth—There was only the circulating dark yellow sand and brown boulders that were constantly moving outside the window, and they no longer ran into any bandits.

Finally, when Yu Le, who liked to get out of the car and go for a walk, was about to smell like pickled salted fish, he slammed on the steering wheel and went straight in the direction of the dead wall.

“The bandits here are very loosely organized. Small gangs will attack on the way; the more distinguished ones are waiting in front. From here, crossing the dead wall is the territory of the Underground United City. They will guard this area to death.” There was heavy wind and sand outside. Yu Le closed the window tightly and stopped smoking. He put a piece of mint candy in his mouth.

“The main base of the bandits.” Ruan Xian extracted the key information while Tang Yibu leaned on his right arm and observed Yu Le with interest.

“Yes.” Yu Le nodded, “We have to break through at night.”

“What about bypassing this area?” Ruan Xian pondered for a moment. “The number of bandits can’t be as high to cover the entire area of the dead wall. The wilderness is dry and rainy. With solar cells to withstand it, there won’t be a shortage of energy.”

“We can use their arsenal.” Yu Le tilted his head slightly. “After all, we have to get this big guy to the other side of the wall. This car weighs at least ten tons, so it’s impossible to just simply get it over.”

“I can hack into the vehicle system or just throw it over the dead wall,” Tang Yibu whispered in Ruan Xian’s ear. “The problem lies in Yu Le’s handling…”

“Follow his idea first.” Ruan Xian’s lips didn’t move. “He’s already suspicious of us, so he’ll probably be on guard against us.”

Tang Yibu smacked his lips and bit Ruan Xian’s earlobe affectionately, causing Ruan Xian’s ears to turn bright red.

“Now is not the time to flirt,” Yu Le snorted. “Their arsenal is divided into two places—the sunny one stores guns and ammunition, while the one in the shade leans against the dead wall and stores explosives. There was a bandit on my ship. He’s been at the Sea of Ruins for only half a year, so the bandits shouldn’t have changed their layout quite yet.”

Yu Le took out a pen from the glove box, pulled out a piece of food wrapping paper, and began to draw a schematic diagram. “There are too many people on the opposite side. We need to split up.”

“Split up?” Tang Yibu repeated it vigilantly.

“Someone needs to pretend to be a pirate to carry out a sneak attack, make a commotion, and attract the attention of most of the bandits. They cannot discover our true purpose.”

Ruan Xian frowned.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I don’t have a better idea.”

“The shuttle agent can pass through solids. Have you tested it on the dead wall?” Tang Yibu obviously didn’t like the idea of splitting up.

“The shuttle agent will trigger the highest alarm of the dead wall. Someone has tried it.” Yu Le shook his head. “To be honest, you heard Duan Lili leave that message on those amplifiers. Most likely, the flickering grass was introduced by the Order Supervisors, so they wouldn’t let this kind of thing threaten them.”

“I know, but we can escape before the Mainbrain arrives.”

“That’s a top-level alert, and in the best-case scenario, the car would have to be abandoned. Without this car, we could be easily killed by the people of the Underground City.” Yu Le coldly rejected Tang Yibu’s proposal. “What’s more, I don’t know the distribution of buildings on the other side of the wall. We may not even have a place to hide. The risk is too great.”

Tang Yibu held back his words a little, aggrieved.

“…You want to ignite the arsenal,” Ruan Xian said what he thought was the most likely guess, but even he thought this idea was a bit crazy.

“Yes.” Yu Le grinned. “The electronic system close to the dead wall will fail, and we can’t rely on the car’s own jetting ability to pass, but if we jet the car first and then rely on the explosion to make up for the momentum, we can fly the car and the people inside over the dead wall.”

“The Mainbrain allows the flow of people to a certain extent. When the Order Supervisor finds that the object crossing the wall is a car that’s only holding a few people, it won’t ping us too much. Unlike sensitive contraptions like shuttle agents, the degree of alarm of an explosion isn’t that high.” Yu Le glanced at Tang Yibu as he added.

“But the person who is used as a diversion will be trapped over here.” Ruan Xian frowned even tighter.

“It’s inevitable.” Yu Le shrugged indifferently. “The two of you are very capable that you could cross the dead wall on Petri Dish No. 1036. It should be fine for you to do it again. Either that or you can just stay here alone.”

Yu Le seemed to be very good at clearly calculating people—he pinched their intelligence sources, and they couldn’t exclude him now. Even if they follow Yu Le’s plan, after crossing the dead wall, Yu Le only needed to deal with one of them temporarily and he didn’t need to bear any responsibility in facing the enemy. Regardless of whether he intended to betray them or not, the deal was guaranteed to be profitable.

But Yu Le was right. Even if they didn’t care if Tu Rui would really beat Yu Le, an armored off-road vehicle was a good camouflage method.

If he and Tang Yibu were really an ordinary human couple, maybe they would take a step back and choose this plan.

However, this involved the issue of trust between them.

Unlike at the time when the Annihilation Point was modified, their activities in the Sea of Ruins were limited and he wouldn’t leave Tang Yibu, a life-saving reliance, in the face of an increasingly chaotic situation; it was also different when they saved Yu Le. Even if he wanted to escape, there was only wasteland, and he had no means or supplies.

At the moment, there was an unknown large-scale human city on the other side of the wall, and on this side was the base camp of the bandits with sufficient supplies. No matter which one of them went with Yu Le, he would have the sufficient capital needed to escape.

Ruan Xian touched the lower earlobe with his left hand and looked sideways at Tang Yibu.

Tang Yibu held the iron bead in his arms and stared at the rice-shaped cracks in the bulletproof glass, without responding to his gaze.

Yes, they could find individual excuses to fool Yu Le, and they don’t have to really separate. Although it was very likely to arouse Yu Le’s vigilance, they also had other methods to obtain information… Less friendly methods. After all, there was never a shortage of interrogation skills in this world.

And Tang Yibu must have thought of this too.

Ruan Xian didn’t say a word. He looked at the android’s beautiful face. Unfortunately, he had no real right to decide, whether it was from combat ability or considering the invisible collar around his neck.

Moreover, looking for “Ruan Xian” wasn’t something that Tang Yibu needed.

The sun was about to set. Blood-red light shone in and mixed together with those golden eyes into orange. Tang Yibu quietly clung to the iron bead like a wax figure.

“If I want to give up finding clues about Ruan Xian, will you stop communicating with me?” After a while, Tang Yibu finally spoke.

“No, this is mainly my business. I understand.”

Tang Yibu turned his head sideways, with his back to the slowly sinking sunset outside the car window. His expression was a little dark and unclear. He paused for a few more seconds, and said without thinking, “This is the same applicable scenario, right?”


Tang Yibu leaned closer. His lips almost touched Ruan Xian’s ear. “Just like Yu Le and I a few days ago. I can control and crush you, so I can completely ignore your needs. There’s no trust between us. It’s purely a transactional relationship.”

Ruan Xian tightened his body subconsciously.

“…Then I will hurt you, even if I’m logically correct.” Tang Yibu let out a small sigh. “It’s like you could use ‘communication with me’ to negotiate and get what you wanted, but you didn’t.”

The android moved his face away, and the vivid smile that was especially used to deal with Yu Le disappeared. The rest of the expression was a bit awkward and uneasy, even mixed with a little anxiety. “I really hate foreseeable risks, Mr. Ruan. It’s like looking at an electrical machine with less than 1% of the power remaining.”

Before Ruan Xian could answer, Tang Yibu turned his head and gestured to Yu Le.

“I’ll go,” he said. “Mr. Ruan stays here. You guys can go first.”

After that, he squirmed painfully for a while before solemnly turning back to Ruan Xian’s direction. “But as a guarantee, I’ll take π.”

The iron bead was dawdling lazily in Tang Yibu’s arms, ignorant about its spherical identity.


Although he was ruthless, Ruan Xian didn’t think this was considered a real threat. Compared to this, he was surprised by Tang Yibu’s decision—it was more advantageous for Tang Yibu to stay in the car. Even if he could find other intelligence sources, he would also have to take a lot of risks. If he stayed in the car to control Yu Le, it would be a greater deterrent to Ruan Xian.

“Don’t leave me, okay?” The android became more serious. “I know what you think, but in terms of combat skills, I’m more suitable. I also know what you want. If you really leave, I’ll always find you.”

Yu Le watched the two of them bite their ears in silence through the rearview mirror.

“Will you leave me?” Without Ruan Xian’s response, Tang Yibu’s anxiety became more obvious. It seemed that he was dealing with such emotions for the first time, and he was entirely befuddled.

“No.” Ruan Xian stretched out a hand and straightened the tip of the other party’s somewhat scattered hair. “I don’t have this plan yet.”

“Then this is a promise.” Tang Yibu rubbed the hand with his cheek.

Tang Yibu got two guns and pinned them on his belt along with the cleaned sai that he had picked up. He hung the iron bead like a kettle on his side and began to stare at Ruan Xian again, as if he was watching some kind of newly discovered creature.

“If you two are finished with your sweet whispering,” Yu Le threw another piece of candy into his mouth, “It’s time for us to come up with a plan.”

“Okay.” Tang Yibu sat upright.

“Yibu.” Ruan Xian suddenly opened his mouth.


“Be careful.”

As soon as he spoke, Ruan Xian realized that his tone of voice was equally weird. He should have been able to say this naturally. He had maintained a gentle image for more than 20 years and had countless similar conversations before.

But his tongue seemed to be frozen, causing his tone to sound awkward and distant.

“…I’ll wait for you on the other side of the wall.”

He still insisted on finishing it.

The author has something to say:

Tang is the kind of type that will always ensure that the battery of his phone is always above 20%, and carry countless power banks with him (???

Tang: Anxiety.jpg

Kinky Thoughts:

I cannot get over how cute Tang Yibu is. These two are just so cute. A different kind of cute from Nemo and Oliver.

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  1. I keep scrolling down my list looking for “Stray” updates when I start reading at night. Its only been a few days and I miss those guys.

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    Don’t worry Yibu, your Mr.Ruan is back and he won’t leave you this time.


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