Happy Doomsday Ch61

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 61: Sadness

Yu Le parked his car behind a granite stone that was about one person’s length.

Ruan Xian casually grabbed two ordinary handguns and jumped out of the car with Tang Yibu. The latter weighed the long gun in his hand and waved it like a stick.

“For a scientist who doesn’t have much actual combat experience, this may be a bit difficult.” They quietly walked around the rock, making sure that Yu Le couldn’t hear him before Tang Yibu spoke again. “Even if it is an S-type Prototype, it may not be able to adapt to multi-person close-range combat immediately—the opponents will not come up one by one but will attack in a disorderly manner.”

“Understood.” Ruan Xian nodded indifferently.

Tang Yibu looked at him for a while. “I will be responsible for the attack, but Yu Le is watching…”

“We don’t have clothes to change here. Even if your wound can be healed after being injured, the bloodstains and tears will remain. It’s best not to get hit.” Ruan Xian took over Tang Yibu’s sentence, still thinking about Guan Haiming’s words.

“Indeed, watch out for stray bullets.” Tang Yibu turned his head a little off the edge and glanced at the opposite side. “But we have a reconnaissance advantage. Are all our enemies in front of us?”

“Yes. They are discussing how much supplies would be in the car, how many people, and whether to kill them all. There’s no intention of attacking for the time being.”

“It’s still too late.” Tang Yibu flashed behind Ruan Xian. The cool air behind him became warm, and Ruan Xian’s body stiffened.

“Whether it’s attacking or defending, it’s actually similar to dancing.” Tang Yibu supported his arm with one hand from behind and slid his palm from his upper arm to his forehead through his clothes, guiding Ruan Xian to move his gun. “I have observed before that you have a lot of extra movements when attacking… You first think, formulate action strategies, and then command your body movements. Isn’t that right?”

Ruan Xian’s joints seemed to be rusty, and his movements were stiff and rigid. He answered the question with a rhetorical question. “Is there a problem?”

Tang Yibu seemed to notice his nervousness and moved a little lighter.

“If you don’t feel too much guilt, this is an advantage. You won’t hesitate at critical moments because of unnecessary pity or doubt. You just do it—just like this, intuitively. There’s a rhythm to any movement, so you need to grab it and pull the trigger. Too much thinking will disrupt this rhythm.”

Tang Yibu was a little taller than him, dressed in tight clothes. A steady stream of heat was radiating from behind him. Ruan Xian let out a long exhale and could only feel the corners of his mouth stiffen.

“An AI without any human habits is telling me to act according to ‘intuition’.” After a few attempts, he succeeded in showing a wry smile.

“The human brain is also an organic computer, so the difference isn’t that big.” Tang Yibu exerted a slight force in his hand and adjusted Ruan Xian’s posture with the gun. “Most people are aware of their own consciousness manipulation, but they don’t know why. According to my observations, the subconscious mind is the cause. Thinking and emotions are the inductive results of coordinated calculations, and behavior is the secondary result. Now you have to follow the guidance of the root cause and omit the intermediate steps, which is the most efficient.”

He paused. “In human terms, this approach is called following your intuition. You need to abandon your logical habits.”

Ruan Xian mumbled, noncommittal.

“It just so happened that we’re being attacked, so let me demonstrate.” Tang Yibu bent his eyes. “You don’t need to give me any auxiliary instructions this time. Just watch.”

There were four people in the first wave of attacks. They were wearing tattered and dirty armor, but they were also fully armed. They rushed straight in the direction of the car. Yu Le kept the car on with the intention of slamming on the gas at any moment.

This gang of robbers were experienced. One of them threw an EMP bomb at the off-road vehicle, attempting to freeze it.

Tang Yibu shot his gun.

He destroyed the bomb in a single shot, then he suddenly appeared alone in front of the four robbers. There was no communication, no intimidation. The experienced robbers directly mounted their firepower to meet the attack, and a hail of bullets rushed towards Tang Yibu.

The latter avoided gracefully, as if time had slowed. Tang Yibu moved naturally. Air columns from the bullets rubbed against the android, adding a little gunpowder to his clothes. This, however, didn’t stun the bandits. They began to concentrate all their firepower on where Tang Yibu was going to land. The parched land was hit with a cloud of dust, but bullets didn’t pass through Tang Yibu as they wished.

“Observe the subtle movements of the enemy.” Tang Yibu flashed behind one of the robbers, used the gun in his hand like it was a crowbar, and directly knocked one down. His voice was neither loud nor low, but Ruan Xian could hear it clearly. “Don’t think about their reactions. Don’t make detailed plans in our mind—watch, and then move.”

The remaining three bandits weren’t sad because their companion had fallen. They were frighteningly quiet as they attacked Tang Yibu nonstop, like hungry hyenas. They rushed at Tang Yibu at the same time. One of them tried to hug his legs tightly and tried to drag him to the ground while the other carefully aimed his gun, and the third clenched a sai tightly in his hand, stabbing at Tang Yibu, trying to aim for his heart.

“This is a siege situation.” Tang Yibu took advantage of him falling down to kick the shackler’s throat.

As a result, the android dropped his gun, turned around in a half circle, and grabbed the gunner that had lost his balance and used him as a meat shield against the third attacker with the sai. The stab went through the man’s chest and went deep into his lungs.

The strength of the injured suddenly decreased drastically, allowing Tang Yibu to break free. The third attacker showed a little anger and suddenly pulled out the sai from his companion’s chest and slashed at Tang Yibu again. The latter tilted his head slightly to dodge, grabbed the man’s wrist, and abruptly twisted it.

Following a brief scream, Tang Yibu turned half a circle again and slashed the enemy’s throat with a hand knife that almost looked invisible.

With commentary, the whole process took less than half a minute. Tang Yibu’s movements were like flowing water, or a beast that was highly skilled in predation—The whole process was smooth and beautiful, without any stagnation or redundancy. He seemed to have anticipated the opponent’s trajectory in advance. Rather than attacking, it looked as if the enemy was actively embracing death.

“Your scientist way of thinking is very typical. With too much information, it’s easy to overthink things.” Wiping the blood from his face casually, Tang Yibu stepped over a few lifeless bodies of the bandits and walked back to Ruan Xian. “It’s fine if you’re location is long-ranged, but if attacked at close range, you can easily suffer.”

Ruan Xian was in a trance, thinking what he saw was an illusion. It was like an experienced beast teaching its young to hunt… But the object that was hunted was humans.

He suddenly felt funny.

In the first half of his life, those who knew him were faintly afraid that he would become a vicious criminal, a serial killer, or an evil scientist intent on destroying the world, so Ruan Xian wrapped himself in cellophane and tried to look gentle and harmless.

Before he successfully deceived them, but those cautions were so heavy that it was as if no matter what happened, as long as someone died at his hands, his life would immediately collapse.

Such examples were not uncommon.

Even if it was because of the recklessness and arrogance of tourists, beasts that knew the taste of human flesh would be executed—even if it was the humans themselves who put them in cages. People needed to protect the visitors who came later. They weren’t sure if the beast would continue to love the taste; they only knew that it was theoretically bloodthirsty and people wouldn’t be able to resist its attack*.

*Clarity: For those confused, it’s saying that due to his psychological evaluation as a kid, Ruan Xian is categorized as highly psychotic and, thus, with this label, people will never treat him normally. Despite his best to act harmless and gentle, if anything were to happen that would cause human death related to him, they would immediately think it’s because of his psychotic nature. It’s compared to that of a wild animal. If a wild animal shows that it has the tendency to attack humans, it will be put down, even if humans were the ones that captured and caged it to put it on exhibition.

And now someone was teaching him how to protect himself by killing people.

“Is this okay?” Seeing another group of bandits rushing towards him, Ruan Xian asked lightly. “You have to observe humans, and this would make it easier for me to…”

Easier for me to leave you.

He wouldn’t die because of this injury. If it became more troublesome, they could also find other ways to fool Yu Le. If Tang Yibu wanted to control him fundamentally, he didn’t need to teach him how to resist.

The android should corrode him and trap him in a tower with nothing. He should hide his combat skills tightly, preferably make him not be able to do anything, then use the guise of ‘protection’ to control him.

“One earring is enough.” Tang Yibu raised his eyebrows in surprise, as if he saw through his thoughts. “Aren’t we partners? Giving you a collar isn’t already conducive to our cooperation. If I cut off your claws, how are you going to approve of me?”

“I may never approve of you.” Ruan Xian relaxed. As he spoke, columns of air shot out from Tang Yibu and killed three people who were rushing to them in front.

“Humans can still divorce when they get married.”

Tang Yibu curled his lips. He threw his long gun casually and nailed one of the robbers straight in the heart, then he took the sai from the robber’s corpse.

“There’s no permanent relationship in the world, and no cooperation without risk.”

A light grenade that was about to explode was thrown at the feet of the two of them. Tang Yibu instantly picked it up and threw it back. The next second, when it exploded, he flashed out from behind a boulder and lifted the sai and rushed over. Ruan Xian jumped onto the boulder immediately, emptied his thoughts, and fired several shots at the dust in the darkness.

The ground didn’t crack, and the sky didn’t collapse. His life was the same as before. Every second was still so ordinary.

[This is wrong.]

Countless voices echoed in his ears. Like his mother, like the doctors, like many people.

[You should be ashamed, you should be afraid. You have a better way to solve all this. You have this ability because you are much stronger than them. This is your responsibility.]

But he felt an unprecedented ease.

“Very good.” Tang Yibu stepped out of the smoke and dust. His bare skin and the sai were stained with blood. “I didn’t catch a few of them. Your intuition is good.”

“It seems that I’m more suitable to be a serial killer than a scientist.” Ruan Xian put the gun away, his tone undulating. “There is a lot of movement over there. They’re driving a car over. It’s a convertible. There’s—”

Tang Yibu stretched out his blood-stained hands and held Ruan Xian’s face. Ruan Xian stopped talking and frowned.

“You look sad.” Those pale golden eyes were softened by the night, and they even looked a little gentle. “Why? Because you killed some people?”

After a moment of silence, Ruan Xian replied, “Because I killed those people and didn’t feel bad about it.”

“I don’t know what’s in your memory,” Tang Yibu got closer, “But you know, humans also kill other humans. There are many reasons. Accidents, self-preservation, selfish desires, hatred, power, or religion.”

“I know.”

“Heroes, soldiers, or criminals. People who kill can have many identities, and I think purpose and action are where the value is.”

“But this is wrong,” Ruan Xian continued. “…I mean, this feeling is…”

“I don’t judge,” Tang Yibu replied. “At least I don’t think I did anything wrong, nor do I think I did the right thing. I just want to deal with the incoming enemy and live better. You don’t feel bad about this fight, and neither do I.”

The tips of their noses almost touched.

“This kind of feeling can easily bring a sense of threat to other individuals.” Ruan Xian’s voice became flat, “It is impossible to establish an effective emotional connection for survival—”

“Oh, you didn’t make me feel threatened. As for effective emotional connection…”

Tang Yibu shook the blood off the sai.

“You already have me.”

Kinky Thoughts:

Apparently, the weapon Tang Yibu stole is a “sensitive word”, so the author had to censor it, but the weapon is basically a three-pronged dagger type weapon. Sai or trident dagger, is probably what that robber was wielding, so I just went with sai. Chinese censorship is so weird.

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  1. As long as Ruan Xian is being with Tang Yibu, he can be himself, doesn’t need to put on any act and hide his own thoughts… Awwww this is so sweet~~
    Anyway, China’s censorship is weird, if it’s explicit contents I can understand, but a weapon? It’s just a weapon, what do they expect people to hold when fighting? A frying pan?


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