Stray Mini Extra Collection

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Stray: Mini Extra Collection

Note: These are mini extras that the author has written on her blog. It is not on jjwxc. She intermittently updates them, usually on Valentine’s Day and other holidays for her CPs. The translation will be updated when the author updates her blog. Below is a ton of dog food.


Tanabata, Tanabata, everyone’s outfit special edition~

[Oliver × Nemo]

~Golden Century Period~


[Loose and comfortable cloth shirt] Undyed original color with light yellow in the white. Although Mr. Ramon is no longer so strapped for cash, he’s still used to going to the market and buying the most ordinary handicrafts.

[Pants with the same fabric] The most common style. Dyed with plant sap, making it a dull gray-green color. The color will fade after washing too much, but magic can solve this small problem very well.

[Simple style sheepskin shoes] Dark brown. Breathable and easy to wear, but the appearance is lackluster and looks gray. Anyway, an innkeeper has to step on dust as he goes in and out, so whatever.

※Lord Demon King may have put 100,000 protection curses on his clothes, although they all know it is not necessary.


[Gray-black linen robe] There’s no embroidery or decoration, and the fabric is very soft. Just by looking at the robe, it is completely impossible to see that the owner is a “mage”.

[Oliver’s pants of the same style] Dyed a darker charcoal black. They occasionally wear the wrong clothes when they are in a hurry, but no one minds.

[Comfortable long-cloth boots] They were originally charcoal black, but they faded a little bit when they were worn too much. It’s not as wear-resistant as sheepskin shoes, but fortunately, Lord Demon King doesn’t like to physically run around.

※Oliver secretly embroiders the words “My Love” on the back of Nemo’s neckline.



[Clean linen shirt] The shape is good and durable. Oliver is used to rolling up his cuffs and the touch always reminds him of the past.

[Jeans that are not close-fitting] Dark army green color that’s not too tight. Oliver likes it very much.

[Slightly expensive sneakers] Thick-soled, very comfortable to wear. Oliver doesn’t have a hobby of collecting shoes.  He just bought two pairs in his favorite style.

※Nemo bought him two extra pairs.


[Black sweater printed with “Final Boss”] The font has been specially designed. Nemo stored two dozen, each with a different font color. Lord Demon King likes to catch his lover and play the game of “spot the difference” very much.

[Warm gray overalls that are too loose] There are many pockets, no logo, and they are comfortable and easy to wear. Nemo occasionally takes out small things from his pockets that shouldn’t belong in this world.

[Printed canvas shoes with a sense of design] They’re not as comfortable as sneakers, but fortunately, someone can just directly split space to travel.

※Recently, there has been a trend to wear sneakers with Oliver.

[Jesse × Adrian]

~Golden Century Period~

The two have been wearing the monk clothes of the Laddism Church.

※Although Adrian thinks it’s unnecessary, Jesse insists that this is a very fun game.



[A navy-blue windbreaker that has no brand but fits very well] Made by someone. It will match with different styles depending on the weather.

[Black straight-leg pants] Made by someone. It highlights the leg lines when walking.

[Bright and clean leather boots] Made by someone. Mr. Cross expressed helplessness about it.

※A certain Mr. Dylan, who did not want to be named, said that Adrian’s work uniform is the best.


[A loose T-shirt that is a bit exaggerated but looks expensive at first glance] The style is over-the-top and cynical, paired with sunglasses and multiple necklaces, giving off a bad vibe.

[Sea blue wide-leg pants] Has messy straps hanging, and the embroidery on the straps is unexpectedly exquisite.

[Limited edition sneakers] With a special devil pattern. Giving off very bad vibes.

※When standing with Mr. Cross, he will always be mistaken for a criminal who has just been captured.


Valentine’s Day Album, Inexplicable Nightmare Feature

[Oliver × Nemo]

The holiday that belonged to lovers was coming. Oliver got up early, filled all the vases in the room with roses, and hung a large golden wreath at the door. Although they knew Zenni himself and firmly believed that there was no need to pray to this person for a smooth relationship, Oliver always found this custom very cute.

After all, this was a good time to show “I am forever in love with the love of my life”.

Yet, after all his work, His Majesty still had himself rolled up under the covers, his eyes tightly closed, and a rare frown on his face. Oliver took a deep breath and approached gingerly. Nemo seemed to detect his scent and opened his eyes in a daze.

“The scent of roses is so good,” Nemo murmured. He spread his arms, put his arms around Oliver’s waist, and buried his face in his lover’s abdomen.

Before Nemo had time to tie up his hair, his long black hair hung down on his shoulders. Oliver touched a few handfuls of warm hair and sat down on the edge of the bed cooperatively. “What happened to you just now?”

“Had a nightmare.”

Nemo let go of his arm and slowly retreated back to the bed.

“Thanks to it, now I’m thinking about something really atrocious. Are you sure you want to know?”

“Of course.”

“Lower your head. Yes, that’s it.” Nemo stretched out his hand and pointed his index finger at Oliver’s brow. Oliver slowly exhaled and closed his eyes.

The Demon King’s dream was very vivid, no different from reality. In the surging memory, he was standing at the door of the back kitchen of the Dawn Tavern, looking… looking at the surging ocean of cockroaches.

‘Oh,’ Oliver thought numbly. Yesterday such a thing happened—the person next door came to deliver goods yesterday and a cockroach fell out of it. It was half dead, and Nemo, who had come to steal chestnuts, had stepped on it.

The “crunching” sound was extremely clear. Nemo’s movement froze in an instant, and Mr. Hero, who was baking chestnuts, was fortunate to witness the whole process.

Oliver’s ankles were flooded with cockroaches in his dream, and he couldn’t help frowning, showing the same painful expression as Nemo.

“You just said ‘cruel things’… I can guess a general idea.”

“Yes, it’s time to create a new abyssal magic.”

Nemo retracted his hand. He covered his head with a quilt, his voice a little muffled.

“It must be cruel enough, vicious enough, and able to operate around the clock. If those things dare to approach my territory, I promise to leave them with nothing left.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Of course there is. Now, give me a good morning kiss.”

[Jesse × Adrian]

With the holiday approaching, Jesse sprayed more rose perfume on the pillow.

…It was a pity that tonight’s dream wasn’t as wonderful as the fragrance.

He dreamed of the young Adrian Cross. The other party looked to be in his early twenties, wearing the magnificent uniform of the Chief Justice of the Knights of Judgement. Adrian stood beside Pope Dawn Quinn, holding a hairless cat in his arms.

Jesse approached with a grin as usual, but the young knight commander took a half step back at the same time, his face showing some despondency and apology.

Something’s wrong. Jesse stopped. He had many dreams about Adrian Cross, but whether in a dream or in reality, Adrian had never shown such an expression.

Could it be some kind of omen?

Just as Jesse was thinking about himself, the young knight sighed. “Mr. Dylan, I have been hiding something from you.”


“I respect Pope Quinn, and it has something to do with his ‘no hair’. The same is true of animals. ‘No hair’ has a kind of orderly beauty.”

Adrian stroked the hairless cat in his arms and looked directly into Jesse’s eyes.

“Actually, for what you look like, I—”

Jesse jumped out of bed as soon as he heard these words.

After living for tens of thousands of years, this was the first time Jesse woke up from his dream. The development of the dream made him cry and laugh. It shouldn’t be a bad sign, that is to say…

Mr. Dylan tightened his face, and the aftertaste lasted for a long time. “A legendary ‘nightmare’?”

The morning light was shining outside the window, and Adrian was lying next to Jesse. He was sleeping very heavily, and his facial features were much more mature than in Jesse’s dream. Jesse looked at Adrian for a while, then slowly put his head on the other’s pillow. The long blonde hair pressed against Adrian’s face, making the latter unconsciously mewl; his expression relaxed a lot.

Jesse breathed contentedly.

He knew that Adrian would never hate his hair—no matter what form of hair it was-it was estimated that the world had been peaceful for too long for him to have that inexplicable troubling dream.

“Baby, do you think I’m better suited with short hair?”

“Maybe,” Adrian replied, very seriously. “Speaking of this, I do have a suggestion.”

“…Hmm, what?”

“Don’t spray too much perfume on the pillow. You’re getting a lot of the smell in your hair.”

“You don’t like the smell of roses?”

“I like it, but it covers up your smell.”


Chinese New Year Extra, Everyone’s Specialty ♪

Once again, I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Tiger—! 

[Oliver × Nemo]

~Oliver Ramon’s Specialties~

Knight Montblanc: Nemo likes chestnut cakes very much, and Oliver especially found the best pastry master to study under. This Montblanc has extremely high requirements for ingredients, has a refreshing and delicate taste, and the aroma of chestnuts is particularly rich. Someone once persuaded Mr. Ramon to reduce costs by using lower quality ingredients, but he rejected them all.

“Actually, this was originally not for sale,” he said with a smile, “But Nemo wants to share it with you.”

※Sold at a higher price, in limited quantities, to be eaten with a silver sword-shaped fork.

Special Baked Potatoes: The signature dish of the Ramon Inn. Oliver learned it at the age of ten. Cheese, bacon, and black pepper are served with mashed potatoes, which are loved by people of all ages. Later, at the request of a certain Demon King, Oliver specially added sweet, minced caramelized onions.

※To this day, this dish is still one of the signature dishes of Tumbleweed Bar.

~Nemo Light’s Specialties~

Demon King’s Veal Chop: Fresh veal chops cooked on the Demon’s King’s fire. Oliver’s favorite texture is medium rare. The veal is served with rosemary butter, and Oliver orders it four or five times a week. Ordinary flames won’t do it justice.

Mr. Light will always make some new attempts at the sauce, and there will be different surprises every time.

※The Tumbleweed Bar has a hidden menu, and Nemo opens it up for order when he’s in an extraordinarily good mood.

Alban Traditional Baked Meatloaf: Baked meatloaf with a lot of coarsely ground pepper and crushed chili. The skin is crispy. With one bite, the delicious and slightly scalded gravy will overflow instantly, suitable for large mouthfuls. The classic dishes of Tumbleweed Bar are often sold with beer or spirits.

※It is said to be the favorite food of Alban’s “Blood Queen”.

[Jesse × Adrian]

~Jesse Dylan’s Specialties~

Thick Creamy Stew: Chicken thighs with vegetables and milk, unexpectedly simple in appearance. Not only delicious and mellow in the mouth, it’s rare that it’s also refreshing and palatable. It’s especially suitable for stewing in a small pot in the cold winter, which will make people sweat, as if guarding a hot fireplace.

If you eat a bowl, you won’t be hungry for a long time. Adrian likes this dish very much.

※Mr. Dylan claims that he’s good at all recipes and only makes this often (ten times a month) out of interest.

Pope’s Cookies: The shape is much like the butter cookies distributed by the Clementine Cathedral, round and thick. The cookies are filled with extra sugar, but they aren’t greasy to eat. This is really a miracle. Mr. Dylan occasionally supplies it to Tumbleweed Bar to make some extra money.

※Mr. Dylan originally planned to call it “Old Baldy Cookies”, but under Adrian’s watch, he finally wrote the name “Pope’s Cookies” on the label.

~Adrian Cross’ Specialties~

Yogurt Cheesecake: The cheesecake made with yogurt has a soft and dense taste and just the right amount of humidity. After it’s done, Mr. Cross will apply a thin layer of white cream to the cake and serve it with fresh berries. He doesn’t know how to make delicate accessories, but such simple decorations don’t have a sense of beauty. A certain large beast can eat half in just a bite.

※Mr. Dylan, who claims to be “good at all recipes”, found that he couldn’t make the same taste.

Marching Soft Cake: A soft cake with vegetables, eggs, and cream. It has a mild taste after being sprinkled with granulated sugar. It’s very convenient to carry, and the taste will not deteriorate after it’s cold. It’s said that it was once a popular high-grade marching food in Alban.

※Mr. Cross will cook some when he’s on vacation, and it’s eaten with a creamy stew. It tastes very good.


Halloween Extra Struggling to Fish at Work

[Oliver × Nemo]

At night, a high-rise apartment.

The lights were turned off in the apartment. Two young people huddled in a thin blanket, watching a horror movie projected on a large screen. The projector was of good quality, and the gloomy picture cast was extremely clear.

Nemo swallowed the chocolate popcorn and went to grab more from Oliver’s side. As soon as he grabbed it, the Demon King noticed something was wrong—Oliver held his breath. His whole body was tight, and the popcorn bucket in his arms didn’t move.

Nemo: “……”

Nemo glanced at the distorted ghost on the screen in confusion. This movie had just been released, and the psychological horror plot was outstanding and widely praised. The two of them specially saved it for Halloween, intending to create a festive atmosphere. Now it seems that they created too much of a festive atmosphere.

“Ollie, are you scared?”

“Demons are at least creatures. This, this kind of thing that can’t be explained logically, I’m a little bit…”

“It’s okay,” Nemo announced solemnly. “I have a good solution.”

For the next half hour, whenever there was any depressing scene in the movie, Nemo would turn his head and kiss Oliver’s ear.

Mr. Ramon never managed to hold his breath again.

It turned out that Nemo’s method was very effective—the movie was about to end, the screen was swarming with demons and very weird images, but Oliver could no longer tense up.

“I’ll get two glasses of mulled wine and watch a comedy later.” Oliver rubbed his flushed ears, got up, and went to the kitchen.

“Tsk, someone really resurrected.” Bagelmaurus began to steal Oliver’s popcorn. “Isn’t this kind of thing just a stimulus? It’s been many years, and Ramon isn’t that fragile.”

“I really don’t like to see him scared. Even if I’m afraid, it has to be me first.” Nemo grimaced at the ghost at the end of the film.

“…You have a weird angle of being jealous.”

“Shut up.”

[Jesse × Adrian]

At night, a bar in lower town Doru.

In order to celebrate Halloween, the shops on the streets were somewhat decorated. This bar was the most exaggerated of them all—they hung life-size zombies at the door.

Adrian Cross stepped into the bar with two colleagues.

Today’s captured target was quite dangerous. If the information was correct, the target would meet at this store tonight for a deal.

…It turned out to be this store.

“Uh, we didn’t order these.” His police officer colleague was tongue-tied for the first time.

“Holiday gifts, gentlemen,” Jesse Dylan replied, holding the tray.

Jesse was still dressed up as the usual bartender, with a face that was too beautiful to be real. As if to increase the festive atmosphere, he had two white pointed ears on top of his head and a long hairy tail behind his waist. In the gap between the two police officers looking away, Adrian saw the pair of ears twitching at him.

Adrian: “…” Sure enough, he grew them himself.

“Three drinks, no alcohol added, all improvised,” Jesse continued with a grin and began to distribute tall glasses. “This one is ‘all the best’, this one is ‘good health’. And this last one…”

He pushed a dark-red drink in front of Adrian.

“It’s called ‘Kiss of God’.”

After dividing the drinks, Jesse narrowed his eyes at the three of them and happily returned to the back of the bar to mix drinks.

“Do you want to switch, Cross? My cup is juice and I want to drink something with bubbles,” one of the police officers came back to his senses and said with a smile.

Inconsistent with that serious appearance, Chief Cross was easy to talk to. Whether it was to change lunch breaks or duty dates, as long as there was a reasonable excuse, he would never refuse. However…

“No.” Adrian Cross laughed with a rare smile and took a sip of his drink.

Unlike thousands of years ago, wine-marinated gooseberry sauce with sparkling water had just the right taste.


How can you miss Tanabata! Write about everyone in the eyes of passersby (?)

Time is jam-packed with work, keep looking for time to code ʕ ; ᴥ ; ʔ

[Oliver × Nemo]

@Tumbleweed Bar Bouncer/Male/43 years old

“Me? I worked in the Tumbleweed Bar for two years.”

“I was originally a homeless man nearby, and the bosses kindly recruited me as a bouncer… Yes, it was those two young people. If you ask me, they must all be children of rich families. The bar doesn’t make much money at all. It uses all good things. There’s not a drop of water in the wine, and I don’t know what the full picture is.”

“Partner? No, no, they are married. They would run out of the stores for three days. Usually, no one causes trouble. My job is similar to a shopkeeper watching a store. Hey, the work is easy, and the treatment is good. Maybe Zenni finally gave this old man some blessing.”

“Yeah, I thought the two men weren’t mature enough. As a result, the bosses never quarrel. Every day I could see one sending flowers to the other, and they never seemed to get tired of each other. Okay, gotta stop talking. I have to go back to work… Girlfriend? What are you talking about, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you’re asking about the smell of roses? Forget it, one of the bosses ordered a new variety of roses and typed the wrong quantity… Because of this, I fucking ate rose-flavored snacks for a week. The whole bar is rose-flavored, and they also plan to develop a rose beer.”

“Which boss typed the wrong quantity? How did I know? Someone in the store asked. They just laughed, and neither of them would admit it. Yes, you guessed it right, they both bought it and wanted to give it to each other as soon as possible. Yes, yes, it’s just that expensive variety, so let me just say, they are definitely very rich.”


“I used to believe that living alone was beneficial, but after seeing them laugh there, I can probably see the benefit of being with someone…”

“…After all, I have lived for more than forty years, and I have been wandering the streets for more than ten years, and I have never seen such happy faces.”

[Jesse × Adrian]

@Chain Dessert Shop Clerk/Female/28 years old

“That beautiful guest came again last week! This time I specifically said hello and took a picture. Look, isn’t it scary beautiful? The first time he came back, I thought I was hallucinating. Hey, is he really not an actor?”

“Yes, he comes to buy desserts every week, and he buys a lot. It’s a miracle that he’s not fat.”

“Looking frivolous? Hi, I think so too. To be honest, he doesn’t give me a very comfortable feeling. The smile is charming, but there’s always a subtle sense of indifference… I can’t say, but in short, it feels very inhuman.”

“I’m not going to strike up a conversation, but Jane wanted to ask for his contact information. After all, that guy wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Jane, who has always been easy to get serious, and I wanted to persuade her. Guess what, that guy can read his mind, and he came with a man the next day.”

“Not a friend, I saw him kiss the man in the corner. Jane also saw it. She was sad for a long time… But it’s a good thing. If she’s really stuck, she would be depressed for at least a month.”

“Coincidence? ……Well, it may be a coincidence. When he bought snacks before, he would always pick something that wasn’t too sweet and pack it separately. I thought he wasn’t single before. It is not surprising that he pulled his boyfriend to pick the new products that came out of the store that day. Mr. Boyfriend looks quite serious but gives people a very down-to-earth feeling.”

“Now that I think about it, I should have gone back at that time to take pictures. Why? Let me think about what I wanted to say… When he was with his boyfriend, that guy’s behavior didn’t change much, but there was a more human touch in his eyes.”

“No! It’s not that I’m over-thinking things… Forget it, just call it a woman’s intuition.”


A small, uneventful routine, Everyone’s Day Routine ♪

[Oliver × Nemo]

~Nemo Light’s Day Routine~

08:00-10:00 Wakes up and has breakfast with Oliver. After his lover leaves, Nemo watches the news for the day while holding an ice cream tub in his arms.

10:00-14:00 Go to the Tumbleweed Bar, change shifts with Oliver, and rush his lover to rest. He also stopped by to buy a flower to give to him and, when they meet, greet him with a kiss.

14:00 to 20:00, Go to the exorcism school with Oliver to pretend to be a student. Will sleep in most of the classes and only dutifully eat dinner at school. Anti-counterfeiting technology is improving day by day, and the two of them will have to get a legal certificate every 30 years. Unfortunately, no one has discovered Nemo’s Demon King identity so far.

20:00-23:00 Back to the Tumbleweed Bar. He casually cleans up two ungrateful devil worshippers. Tonight, there was Oliver’s famous fruit pie. Jesse attempted to come and eat and drink it, and Nemo ate the last piece in front of him. Perfect.

23:00-00:00 Midnight management is left to Telaranea and Bagelmaurus. The two study the world map at home for a while, determined to go to the rainforest for a little adventure. Nemo’s spells were used very carefully and were not noticed by the monitoring department, which is really gratifying.

~Oliver Ramon’s Day Routine~

07:00-08:00 Get up to prepare breakfast and wake up His Majesty with a kiss. After breakfast, Oliver goes to the Tumbleweed Bar first.

08:00-14:00 To prepare for work, Nemo will come to change shifts at around 11:00. He would get a flower and a kiss, as well as a happy lunch break. Today, Nemo gave a magic-dyed green rose, and Oliver inserted it in the most conspicuous place in the store.

14:00-20:00 Go to the exorcist school with Nemo to pretend to be a student. Out of interest, he will listen carefully and take notes, but he won’t wake up Nemo, who’s asleep.

20:00-23:00 Back to the Tumbleweed Bar, Nemo’s favorite fruit pie was specially prepared. It’s a pity that most of the fruit bought was stolen by the gray parrot. Oliver had to temporarily buy more ingredients and decided to only give ordinary bird food to Bagelmaurus tomorrow.

23:00-00:00 The rainforest is lined with tall trees, and the two sat on the top of the tree and watched the starry sky for a while. It’s off the beaten track, and Oliver can’t help but think of what happened a long time ago. Nemo was also full of emotion and almost changed back to the appearance of Ulysses again. If it weren’t for Oliver’s timely discovery of a researcher’s camera, his lover would be in the news sooner or later.

“Next time you can choose a more partial place, such as the snowy mountains,” Mr. Ramon suggested so. “But today is good enough.”

“Yes, it’s good enough.”

[Jesse × Adrian]

~Adrian Cross’s Day Routine~

06:00-09:00 Get up for morning exercises and morning prayers, then drive to the police station. Keep quiet throughout the process so as not to wake up Jesse, who’s sleeping soundly.

09:00-12:00 Work incidentally identifies which cases are related to demons and need to be handled separately. There will be a short break between work for a light lunch and a cup of black coffee.

12:00-17:00 Continue to work, replying to Jesse’s rambling messages every half hour. Everything is normal today, and there’s no need to go out in the field.

17:00-20:00 Drive to lower town to pick up Jesse. Jesse will carefully select the restaurant for dinner. The man also chose an expensive shop today, and Adrian didn’t refuse. After all, today is a weekday, and they can only have such a meal together.

20:00-21:00 As usual, go to Tumbleweed to say hello. Jesse tried to take Nemo’s share of fruit pie with a spell and was caught. Adrian dragged his lover away, who was flipping off the bar, and asked Oliver for the recipe for the fruit pie.

21:00-23:00 Tries to make fruit pies while praying at night. Jesse was highly dissatisfied with not being able to interrupt and expressed his “dissatisfaction” with practical actions. Near 23:00, Adrian struggled to take a bath, laid back on the bed exhausted, and decided to try making it again on the weekend.

~Jesse Dylan’s Day Routine~

12:00-17:00 Get up and go to the bar in lower town, yawning while at work. There are few customers during the day, which is suitable for screening restaurants all over the world while harassing his lover at work.

17:00-20:00 Change into formal clothes and wait for Adrian to pick him up. The two eat and talk in a carefully selected restaurant, and Jesse added three dessert packages.

20:00-21:00 Exchanged messages with the two at the Tumbleweed Bar, but it’s a pity that they didn’t get any fruit pie.

21:00-23:00 His knight commander was wearing an apron and fiddling with milk and granulated sugar while doing evening prayers with a cold face. This scene was a bit weird and pleasing to the eye. It’s not difficult to make the choice between eating a pie or having a lover, but even if there’s a cleansing spell, Adrian will always take a bath habitually. Next time he won’t leave him any stamina. Jesse resolutely squeezed into the bathtub.

23:00-04:00 Adrian falls asleep, and Jesse returns to work in the bar. Lower town is in chaos. As a bartender here, he can always hear all kinds of bad news. To be Chief Cross’s informant, he has to have a job that makes sense.

“No one can compare to the sweets you make. Why do you have to steal Mr. Light’s?”

“Tsk, they taught you too rigid at the beginning. Darling Adri, it’s more delicious when you steal it.” …Especially with your “own” hands.


Valentine’s Day Chocolate Special 

[Oliver × Nemo]

[Hand-Made Boxed Chocolate × 1]

Made by: Nemo Wright

Item description:

Hand-made chocolate according to the most popular method on the market. The best raw materials were specially selected. During the production process, His Majesty the Demon King was too focused, and one of them became a new breed of demon that tittered and tried to escape from the gift box.

Nemo apologized and said that the taste wouldn’t be affected as a result. Oliver still raised it with interest.

[Bedtime Marshmallow Hot Chocolate x 2]

Made by: Oliver Ramon

Item description:

The sweet and warm hot chocolate had just the right sweetness, which was much more palatable than the ones on the market. Prepared by Oliver Ramon, the owner of Tumbleweed Bar. Nemo had always liked the unique taste in the world.

Before going to bed, have a cup. The good night kiss also had a sweet taste.

[Jesse × Adrian]

[Black Forest Cake x 1]

Made by: Jesse Dylan

Item description:

The gods themselves were most satisfied with the work. The taste surpassed the existing Black Forest Cake on the market. In order to obtain the perfect taste, Jesse tried four times and finally resisted not eating it in advance.

People who don’t like sweets can happily eat it.

[Chocolate Flavored Bath Bomb × 1]

Purchased by: Adrian Cross

Item description:

The product of a certain luxury brand was very expensive. After turning to knowledgeable colleagues, the honest Mr. Cross spent an entire quarter of his salary. He wrapped it carefully and put it on the edge of the bathtub at home.

For a full half month afterwards, both of them smelled faintly of chocolate.


There’s no holiday today, but I thought about it and wrote something. Let’s sleep together. _(:D”∠)_

[Oliver × Nemo]

The cheese in the shop was eaten cleanly by the grey parrot. In order to operate normally, Oliver had to go buy additional premium cheese.

“If I leave now, I can be back before lunch tomorrow.” Oliver reconfirmed the ticket. “Earlier Mr. Cross said…”

“I remember—Your teleportation magic is too strong and frequent use will alarm the exorcism agency. It’s a good thing to keep a low profile. Just spend the night apart.” Nemo scratched his hair. “What do you want to eat for lunch tomorrow?”

“Parrot stew.”


His Majesty the Demon King overestimated his adaptability. That night, Nemo drank a whole pot of honey milk and lay upright on the bed until two in the morning, sadly declaring insomnia. The bedroom was too quiet and empty, and the flying snow outside the window wasn’t pleasing to the eye.

Nemo tightened his pajamas, turned on his phone, and began to find the latitude and longitude of Oliver’s hotel.

Unlike Oliver, he didn’t need to teleport using magic, but going to an unfamiliar destination, splitting space could easily cause accidents. In order to avoid the hotel building and the staff from being torn apart, Nemo calculated carefully for half a minute.

Late at night, on the roof of a hotel. There was a sharp roar in the air, and a dark shadow crashed to the ground. It deftly avoided the surveillance, stopped for a moment in front of an open window, and then sneaked in.

The next day, Oliver looked at the sleeping person in his arms and blinked. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Nemo yawned. “Ollie, if I didn’t come, are you going to keep the window open all night on a snowy day?”

“I guess that you would come.” Oliver’s ears became a little red. “The room is too quiet, and I can’t sleep.”


[Jesse × Adrian]

For many years, whenever he spent the night in beast form, Jesse made sure to ball up into a perfect oval. The tip of his tail perfectly covered the nose, leaving a gap in his abdomen for Adrian to spend the night. The whole set of actions were done in one go, which was extremely elegant.

As one of the strongest living creatures in existence, the behemoth’s sleeping position was too cautious.

However, after the two of them suspended their travels, bought a home, and settled down, Jesse’s habits changed subtly.

One winter night.

Adrian walked into the bedroom and saw Jesse lying on the bed at a glance. The behemoth straightened his body, resting his four legs casually as he lay diagonally across the bed.

Their homes had no special protection and were no different from ordinary hotels, but the behemoth slept quite relaxed—its tail hung to the ground, a little pink tongue appeared from its mouth, and the soothing sound of breathing filled the room.

Adrian moved lightly and sat on the side of the bed. The behemoth seemed to be aware of it. It hummed twice, rolled over and made room, then went to sleep peacefully again. The place where it had lain was very warm, and the familiar and soft smell lingered in the nose. Everything was just right.

Adrian turned around and put his arm on the back of the behemoth.

“I locked the windows, so the house is safe,” he said. “Good night and sweet dream.”

For God, this was complete nonsense, and Adrian couldn’t help smiling. The concept of “home” was still a bit fresh, and it always made people do stupid things unknowingly.

But at present, it seemed that a little change wasn’t bad.


Late Tanabata Extra, Pet Special

[Oliver × Nemo]

There was an extra gray parrot in the Tumbleweed Bar. It was bouncing happily at the bar. Lord Bagelmaurus, who stayed at the bar on weekdays, was moved into the back kitchen.

“Why?!” There were tears in Bagelmaurus’ eyes, and its voice was an octave higher than usual.

“A few days ago, someone complained that he was insulted by the parrot in the store for half an hour with unsightly swearing, which caused him great mental damage.” Nemo’s smile was quite kind. “If Ollie hadn’t said everything, the man would have gone to a lawyer.”

“I’m right! He wouldn’t leave after closing time, and I didn’t do anything!” The gray parrot curled its neck.

“The problem isn’t here. He recorded it, and you didn’t notice. If it’s known by someone who shouldn’t know—”

“Are you joking? Are you two still afraid of the exorcists?” All the parrot feathers exploded. “And didn’t that guy say he would delete the recording?”

“Ollie and I happen to be planning a vacation. If we are closed for investigation at this moment because of this kind of frivolousness…” Nemo smile became more genial.

“…” The feathers of the gray parrot quickly deflated, and the entire bird froze on the bird stand.

“I’m sorry,” it muttered in a low voice. “Just…I apologize. Can you send that stupid bird away? That garbage can only say a few alcohol names…”

“I will let it stay for two days to see your performance.” Nemo’s smile was extremely bright.



“I mean, I’m sorry.”

“Aren’t you going to tell it the truth?” Ollie, who was doing accounts at the bar, raised his eyes. “Tammy at the store asked us to help take care of her parrot, and we’ll return it in a few days.”

“No.” Nemo kissed his lover’s ear. “Mr. Hero, do you want to be in cahoots with evil and help keep my secret?”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” Oliver bent his eyes.

“And I don’t like to see you bow your head to rude guests,” Nemo said in a whisper.

“Let me guess,” Oliver couldn’t restrain the smile in his voice. “You tampered with his recording?”

 “…How did you know?”

“I guessed?”

On the other side, Mr. Duff was satisfied that the backup of the recording was dumped to his computer and ready to be uploaded. He opened the audio file and found that the first half of the thing was an eerie sound that made people uncomfortable, and the second half was a breakfast cookie commercial music.

He deleted it unhappily.

[Jesse x Adrian]

Adrian had a cat.

He was unexpectedly gentle with the white cat, cooking fresh fish and chicken for it every day, grooming it, and allowing it to sleep in his bed at night.

“I can’t figure it out.” Jesse balled up at the Tumbleweed Bar and lapped up the fruit wine with discontent. “So much for over-loving like you two. In all these years, Adri’s never been interested in that kind of stuff.”

“It’s just a cat. People change.” Nemo ruffled the long hairs on the bar in disgust. “To be honest, I think Mr. Cross came to the party a little late.”

“He’s starting to change?” Jesse twitched his ears. “No, because it’s okay for big things to falter. A beast in the district—”

“What, are you starting to worry about him faltering? A little change and you’re nervous like this?”

“Nonsense, I’ve been waiting for him to waver for a long time.” The beast bared its fangs. “…Oh, bring me two schnitzels. Adri likes them.”

Jesse drained his drink and ate the rest of his schnitzel. He was determined to scare the cat more in the dead of night. As a result, he alertly moved away from the door and found no sign of the white cat.

“Where’s the cat?”

“Returned it.”

“…Returned it?”

“The neighbor just asked me to take care of it for a few days.” Adrian took out two bottles of soda from the refrigerator. “I work in the police department, and there’s no children at home, so she’s more at ease.”

“You should have told me,” Jesse happily rolled up his sleeves and started working on the schnitzel. “Besides, it’s only cat sitting. Darling, you’re going to too much trouble.”

“Mrs. Fay treasures that cat, and it has to be taken care of carefully.” Adrian pulled out an envelope and carefully placed it on the table. “So I’ve asked for the appropriate cat sitting fee as well.”

Jesse raised an eyebrow. The envelope was frighteningly thin and not a bill by any stretch of the imagination. “A cat sitting fee?”

“A new recipe that’s from her family’s. It’s a snack that won’t start selling in the store until half a month from now.” Adrian lifted the corner of his mouth. “You’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve read it five times in the last week.”

Jesse sniffed the butter scent on the envelope, kissed the back of the other man’s neck, and narrowed his eyes contentedly.

‘A reassuring smell,’ he thought.


520 small paragraph, Bathroom Special (. ・ω・.)♡

[Oliver x Nemo]

Every time, after a shower, Nemo enjoyed having Oliver slowly dry his hair. This way he can surprise the other, lightly kiss the tip of the nose, in return for a few burning kisses.

He also liked to dig his fingers into Oliver’s hair, with a drying spell with a little combing, and lightly press the other’s scalp. Oliver’s hair was very soft, like touching wet silk.

The parrot thought sadly that new lovers would make out when they had nothing to do, but these two bastards did it every day, which made it want to go blind.

Thus, it secretly ordered magic heaters and put them in the most conspicuous place in the bathroom.

“I see what you mean.” It finally dawned on Nemo. “I’m sorry, Bagelmaurus. I haven’t been thinking about your feelings.”

Later that night, a screaming gray parrot came from the bathroom—Nemo sincerely held it down and rinsed it all over, blowing it dry vigorously with a hair dryer. Then he pushed and tossed the hair dryer and the gray parrot out the door and shared a bath with his lover as usual.

The gray parrot angrily pecked the hair dryer and patched itself up.

‘…Truly worthy of a Demon King,’ it thought sadly.

[Jesse x Adrian]

The two of them usually cast a drying spell after each bath. After listening to the grey parrot’s complaint of blood and tears, Jesse rubbed his chin and felt good about this kind of play.

“Love, tonight you can dry my hair.” In the large bathtub, Jesse kissed his lover’s spine and suggested pleasantly.

“Okay.” Adrian clutched a strand of blonde hair and didn’t refuse.

To enjoy the touch of his lover’s fingers more, Jesse decided to make himself bigger. He had mischief in mind—Adrian had just brushed his fingers on it, and Jesse suddenly transformed into his behemoth form. The knight commander’s hand slipped and made the drying spell too powerful. The behemoth’s long hair instantly dried and fluffed into a snow-white ball, revealing only the tips of his ears, mouth, and dark nose.

Jesse: “……”

Adrian: “……”

A soft chuckle escaped from the ever-smiling knight commander. “Want a do-over?” He stroked the soft fluffy fur in front of him.

He was then dragged into the tub again by the sad beast.


Valentine’s Day for Everyone 

[Oliver × Nemo]

Oliver booked the most popular restaurant in the neighborhood three months in advance and decided to give Nemo a surprise.

As a result, the holiday had just arrived, and he found that Nemo had quietly booked the same one.

In order to live up to each other’s feelings. They happily switched tables and ate two dinners under the complicated eyes of the clerk.

Neither ordered wine. They drank all six cans of grape juice, pretended to be drunk, and decided to split the difference in gift-giving.

The gray parrot stayed home all night, and neither of the two jerk-off owners returned.

Bagelmaurus: (expletive)

[Jesse x Adrian]

On holidays belonging to lovers, lovers in Alban hung wreaths woven with golden flowers on their doorsteps and prayed to Zenni for a smooth relationship.

Jesse decided to observe Adrian.

Adrian didn’t hang a wreath in the morning, and Adrian didn’t hang a wreath at noon.

Jesse wilted on top of the church all afternoon, bought the wreath, and carried it, only to see a rose wreath hanging on his doorstep.

“No one uses this kind of wreath, so it was difficult to find and was delivered late. Anyway, it’s for you, so it’s not customary,” Adrian said.

The star didn’t flicker today either.

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  1. Thank you so much for choosing to translate and post this novel, it’s much appreciated. The translations are good and the story (and the extras) were a lot of fun to read!


  2. these extras are super duper cute and I feel all the author’s love and care!!! ✋🏼😭 + the translators care too

    +1 same, going to start doomsday next as well!!! but for now, I sleep HAHA

    thank u so much for updating us with the extras too!!


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