Happy Doomsday Ch57

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 57: Body Heat

Yu Le gulped in the net.

From here, he could see the Sea of Ruins in the distance, and the distance was indeed within the fishing range of the net. However, the strange thing was that he couldn’t figure out how this young man, surnamed Ruan, managed to get himself out.

With the momentum and cushion of the net casting tool, it was feasible to throw a set of nets over people. While the calculation time was barely feasible, the problem lies in other factors…

Let’s not talk about how the other party was able to lock onto him from such a long distance. If his car door wasn’t knocked open by a stone, the net would fix itself around the car and pull him together with the car. Even if the smoke from the bombs covered the view, the Order Supervisors were close at hand and would surely find him. The route to the impact of the aircraft from him was also temporarily planned, and it was impossible even for someone as smart as Tu Rui to send the bombs to the designated place… This was still under the premise that Tu Rui even knew what he was planning.

In other words, this newcomer and the forces behind him—no matter what force it was—determined his intentions in just ten minutes, and threw equipment and manpower to this location and detonated the explosion at the right time and place. Along with that, they made sure that his car flew into the range where the net could catch him.

Everything just sounded like one big joke.

Yu Le irritably broke free from the big net stuck to his body and looked around vigilantly, but he didn’t find the support troops he had imagined. There was only Ruan Lijie and the screaming iron bead in front of him. Tang Yibu, who was usually stuck to him, wasn’t there.

“Where’s the kid surnamed Tang?”

“He has to ensure the Order Supervisors confirms that you’re dead and throw the body of an adult male into the car. Fortunately, there are quite a few on Elysium. The explosion caused by the shuttle agent will completely destroy human tissue, so don’t worry.” Ruan Xian opened the net of the mouth and Yu Le awkwardly crawled out.

The captain of the Walking Stones still carried fragments of the porn magazine on his body. He still subconsciously hugged the bottle of wine that hadn’t break in his arms.

“How many people are behind you? Where did you get this information from?” Yu Le obviously didn’t have much joy despite being alive. He immediately lowered his face and stared at Ruan Xian’s eyes. “What are you planning on by saving me? There’s a bunch of useless ordinary people in the Walking Stones, including me.”

“There’s only the two of us. As for the information… Tu Rui knows that there are modified off-road vehicles in the warehouse on the top of the ship, and you don’t seem to be the type who would escape in embarrassment. In addition to taking the car to stick it to the Order Supervisors, you could also rush directly to the Annihilation Point to commit suicide. But when you started the car and raised the front of it, there was only one possibility left.”

Ruan Xian packed up the net and dragged Yu Le into the wreckage of a ship from Elysium that was torn to pieces by Tang Yibu.

“As for our purpose, someone will help me explain it.”

“Two loopholes.” Yu Le’s face was still tense. He narrowed his eyes at Ruan Xian, who was deliberately staying away from the corpse, and sat down next to the honeycomb corpse nonchalantly. “Unlike the Order Supervisors, we can’t scan the Sea of Ruins to track specific people. You don’t know that I would enter the warehouse, and it’s impossible for Tang Yibu to quickly arrange bombs in the right place to blow up the car.”

Ruan Xian twitched the corners of his mouth.

Although he could fully use the ability of the S-type Prototype to detect everything, he still had to pretend enough on the surface to not reveal this. Yu Le was very shrewd, so they weren’t stupid enough to expose all their abilities from the very beginning.

“That’s why Tu Rui will call you. Without a powerful scanning system like the Mainbrain, a simple call could locate your position. Tang Yibu, on the other hand… Considering that we won’t be in contact with you again, you don’t need to know the status of our equipment.”

“Equipment?” Yu Le hummed, noncommittal.

“You don’t have to thank us. I understand.” Ruan Xian hugged the iron bead that was still yelping at Yu Le in his arms and petted the shell to appease it. “I also have no obligation to explain my lover’s background.”

Yu Le reluctantly smiled. He stretched out his hand and rubbed the dirt next to the corpse, and his whole being fell silent. Ruan Xian had no intention of extending the conversation. He was enjoying the rare peace comfortably.

Just when the air began to thicken because of the endless silence, there was another noise not far away. Yu Le stood up cautiously while Ruan Xian just sighed—The android who would mess everything up had just arrived.

“The cushion is leaking a bit.” Tang Yibu’s entire body was smeared with smoke, and his hands were covered with blood. He squeezed into the wreckage and sat down beside Ruan Xian without hesitation, instantly dirtying Ruan Xian’s white coat.

The vigilance in Yu Le’s eyes increased a bit.

“Hurt your hand?” Ruan Xian glanced at Tang Yibu’s blood-stained hands.

“If I said yes, would you kiss me?”

The vigilance in Yu Le’s eyes changed a bit.

“…No,” Ruan Xian responded dryly.

“Okay, this is not my blood. It was just stained when I was moving the body.” Tang Yibu glanced at Yu Le, who was a few steps away, and admitted with a little loss. “But I did get a lot of corrosion damage from the exploding shuttle agent… Well, I’m not in a good mood. Are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

“Enough.” Yu Le decisively interrupted the conversation. “I’m waiting for your explanation, Ruan Lijie. I don’t want to be left here. If the Order Supervisors find out that I’m not dead…”

“I won’t put the corpse in the wrong place. Besides, to them, you’re just a bigger bug, and they will not be too concerned about the corpses destroyed by the shuttle agent,” Tang Yibu responded impartially.

“Then I need to know the status of the Walking Stones.” Yu Le narrowed his eyes. “Tu Rui’s involved in this matter, right?”

“Of course.” Tang Yibu took out a canned food from his backpack, opened it carefully, and then solemnly placed it on Ruan Xian’s thigh. “This is peaches in sugar water, Mr. Ruan. You can kiss me after eating…”

“Enough!” Yu Le couldn’t bear it. “Fuck, are you in such a rush to make out? I want to get down to business!”

Ruan Xian fed the lid of the can to the iron bead. Seeing the little thing happily chewing on the metal, he unceremoniously ate the peaches and nodded towards Tang Yibu.

“Okay, I’ll tell you the status of the Walking Stones.”

Time turned back to a little while ago.

Thirty minutes ago, on the main ship of Elysium.

The scarlet light screen that received the vote disappeared in front of Feng Jiang. His heart was pounding, and his fingertips were still stuck in the position of Yu Le’s name. Elysium, which was being dragged behind by the Walking Stones, was even more unstable during the trip causing Feng Jiang to injure his arm. He stuck himself to a shelf in front of a window to avoid the deterioration of his injury.

He originally planned to vote for Zhou Dahui in accordance with the instructions. But Duan Lili’s voice lingered in his ears, and he just couldn’t press the name in front of the light screen.

Duan Lili was too friendly, so he had never doubted her, but now she had proven it with her life—In the turbulence, the poor girl’s body slipped to the first floor. The beautiful eyes that had lost their vitality were wide open, and her face was full of fear. There was a big hole in her chest, and he wasn’t sure if the mob had done it.

He shouldn’t have doubted. What kind of Order Supervisor would die with such fear on their face?

Duan Lili was just an unfortunate girl, and he didn’t have time to take her away from this terrible ship, even if she saved his life. Feng Jiang felt sour in his heart. Not long after he joined the rebel army, they suffered the biggest defeat in history, and he seemed destined to be unable to protect anyone.

The man standing in front of him in the queue was swearing loudly as he picked Yu Le’s name. Feng Jiang closed his eyes in pain, lowered his hands, and crawled in the direction of Duan Lili’s body while the hull became stable.

“I’m sorry,” he said to her as he tremblingly stretched out his hand and closed her eyes, which were still wide open.

“Do you know my sister?” A voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

Feng Jiang turned his head abruptly.

A thin and handsome young man was standing a few steps away from him. His face was full of fatigue and sadness. The red light screen was still floating next to him, indicating this person hadn’t yet voted.

“Duan Lili is your sister?” Feng Jiang’s voice became dry.

“Yes, I have been looking for her for a long time, and I only arrived at the Sea of Ruins yesterday.” The young man sounded helpless and at a loss. His eyes flushed, and tears were about to fall. “They told me my sister was here. I thought… she would be safe…”

He cleared his throat and suppressed the cry in his voice.

“My name is Duan Feng.” The young man’s eyebrows were very similar to Duan Lili’s. “I was a pharmacist before the end of the world. I originally thought that when I came, I could use my skills to make my sister live a better life…”

He finally burst into tears.

“Feng Jiang. Just returned from the rebel army.” Feng Jiang stretched out his uninjured hand and shook hands with the young man. “Your sister is a very kind girl. She saved my life.”

Hearing the “rebel army”, Duan Feng, who still had tears on his face, became a little surprised.

“I should have saved her. I could’ve persuaded her to leave with me.” Feng Jiang’s voice became hoarse. “I am responsible for this matter.”

Feng Jiang was silent for a few minutes, and finally opened his mouth. “What should we do now? After voting for Zhou Dahui, we all have to go to the Walking Stones, right?”

Duan Feng wiped the tears from his face. “But… the Walking Stone is my sister’s enemy, right?”

“……Sort of.”

Duan Feng quickly chose Yu Le’s name, numbly watching the light screen disappear in front of him.

“Whether Yu Le is dead or not, I won’t go to the Walking Stones.” His voice was soft but firm. “This is the place my sister wants to protect, and I will… find a way to rebuild it.”

Feng Jiang clenched his fists and sighed slowly.

“I’m with you. Are you willing?” He said. “I’ll definitely repay your sister’s kindness. There’s no humanity at all on the Walking Stones, and these people will go through very painful rehab treatment, but if we intervene in time, I think we will get more support… There are not so many people loyal to the Walking Stones.”

As he said it, he aimed his sight in the direction of Lei Ge.

“Really?” Duan Feng was taken aback. He twitched his nose, and the tip of his nose was slightly red. “Of course, I am! Thank you, thank you… Sister, she would be very happy.”

“Just like you are good at managing drugs, I am good at managing people.” Feng Jiang smiled reluctantly. “The captain has the risk of being voted to death, so you’ll be the deputy captain.”

“I like the position of deputy captain.” Duan Feng scratched his nose. “Just like my sister.”

He stepped forward and gave Feng Jiang a big hug. Feng Jiang patted the young man on the back, but from an angle he couldn’t see, his future deputy captain instantly put away all emotions and was expressionless.

Five minutes ago, on the main ship of the Walking Stones.

After receiving the news of the success of Tang Yibu’s action, Tu Rui collapsed on the chair. He buried his face in his hands and made a few sounds that he didn’t know whether he was laughing or crying. The ups and downs of his mood made him sweat all over and his body was still shaking.

“We fulfilled our promise.” Tang Yibu, standing in front of him, wrinkled his nose, as if he didn’t like what he said. “Mr. Tu, before I leave here, it’s time to tell us the agreed information. If you lie to us…”

“No, I will give you a hostage.” Tu Rui waved his hand weakly.


“Go southeast and cross the dead wall. It’s Petri Dish No. 1315. We’re used to calling it the Underground United City. It’s one of the most stable petri dishes with the largest number of people under the Mainbrain.” Tu Rui unscrewed a bottle of water and gulped down half the water inside before he could completely calm down. “There is a wilderness all around here. It’s impossible for Yu Le to survive outside for a long time, and if he comes back, he’s likely to be discovered again. There’s an anti-scanning machine in the Underground United City that can perform full-body plastic surgery. He can choose to come back after a while, or he can settle there.”

Having said that, Tu Rui glanced at Tang Yibu, who was covered in soot. The latter simply hummed, indicating that he was still listening.

“Yu Le’s funeral will be held tomorrow, and I will find a way to send you transportation. 20 months ago, the general headquarters of the rebel army was near the Underground United City. This is the information you want.”

“According to you, this is a petri dish that occupies a huge area. I have heard that large petri dishes have an area that can be the size of a small province.” Tang Yibu raised his arms. “This range is quite large, so the information isn’t anything exclusive.”

“I talked to Yu Le about this. When you send him to the Underground United City, he can take you there.” Tu Rui wiped his glasses, and his voice was still steady. “Sorry, I have to consider the possibility of you leaving him halfway. Yes, I know that this approach may cause unhappiness between the two of you… I will try my best to provide the materials you want as compensation.”

A series of sirens sounded from the main ship of Elysium, and Tu Rui frowned. “For the rest of the questions, I’ll answer tomorrow. I have to deal with an emergency.”


“When I left, the situation of the Walking Stones was like this.”

Tang Yibu, whose stomach was grumbling, snatched the last two peaches in the can and drank all the sugar water. Ruan Xian pouted and acquiesced to the other party’s behavior.

“The Underground United City.” Yu Le glanced at the big bag behind Tang Yibu and touched his chin habitually.

“I have no opinion,” Tang Yibu said with a muffled voice as he threw the empty can at the iron bead circling at his feet. “What about you, Mr. Ruan?”

“How long will it take to go to the Underground United City?” Ruan Xian tapped his thigh quickly with his fingers.

“On foot will be half a month, but my deputy captain won’t let us walk. I guess it’ll be about a week.” Yu Le raised his chin towards Tang Yibu. “Kid, you brought a lot of food? I’m hungry. Give me some.”

Tang Yibu stiffened his face and pretended not to hear.


“Give him some, Tang Yibu.” Ruan Xian rubbed his forehead. “Tu Rui will send supplies tomorrow.”

“Our appetites are bigger than the average person, and I still have injuries. We must consider the allocation of resources.” Tang Yibu guarded the backpack behind him very solemnly. “Besides, an adult can go hungry…”

Ruan Xian held the android’s cheeks with both hands and took the initiative to kiss him.

“What about now?” After a deep kiss, Ruan Xian asked calmly.

“…Oh.” Tang Yibu opened his backpack solemnly and threw Yu Le a small bag of dried fish.

Yu Le: “……”

The expression of the captain of the Walking Stones turned blue, and he didn’t seem to have much appetite right now.

Ruan Xian shook his head in amusement. He took out a bag of candy from Tang Yibu’s backpack and began to comfort his hungry body. “It’s just routine,’ he thought.

A relaxing, moist, and warm routine.

It would be nice if the iron bead had body heat. He threw Tang Yibu a piece of candy while Ruan Xian threw another piece into his mouth.

…Perhaps in that way, the thirst for body heat could be relieved in an alternative manner.

The author has something to say:

Yu Le: I’m full on dog food. Thanks. (……

Kinky Thoughts:

End of arc 2. It seems Feng Jiang will become the next Fan Baiyan, or at the very least, the captain of Elysium, and “Duan Feng” is the Order Supervisor sent to replace Duan Lili.

Ahhh, Ruan Xian is slowly falling for Tang Yibu. I can’t get over how cute Tang Yibu is.

Arc summary below:

After leaving the refuge, Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu stumbled upon the Sea of Ruins. A floating ruin filled with ruins of city landscapes and pirates. They were captured by one group of pirates, the Walking Stones, and sent to work.

After integrating with the Walking Stones, they met Yu Le, the captain of that ship, and his deputy captain, Tu Rui, who was part of the rebel army. They also encountered another group of pirates, Elysium, who were the Walking Stones’ enemies.

A few days before the voting commences, they were sent to the Annihilation Point, a sort of blackhole in the Sea of Ruins, to gather items so they could earn points to stay in the Walking Stones. Taking this time, they decided to infiltrate Elysium to observe more of the Sea of Ruins.

While the Walking Stones used a points system, Elysium seemed to be a paradise that welcomed all. However, it was quickly discovered that the captain of Elysium, Fan Baiyan, tricks his crew into consuming the fruit of the flickering grass, which is essentially an addictive drug, and uses the promise of a peaceful life if they contribute hard enough to control his ship.

Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu did some experimental work to get to the bottom of the drug that Fan Baiyan uses and discovered that the fruit of the flickering grass not only generated shuttle agent (fuel used by the ships in the Sea of Ruins), but also an addictive psychedelic. Fan Baiyan had been using his people as essentially fertilizer to grow more fruit in order to keep producing the drug, however, his homemade version had a fatal flaw in that it didn’t have enough of the psychedelic compound. Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu discovered that the psychedelic compound was naturally produced from radiation from the Annihilation Point and resolved to basically fix the wavelength so it no longer emitted radiation that would enhance the psychedelic component of the fruit.

It is then discovered that a voting system was about to take place where all the populace of the Sea of Ruins would have to vote for the top 10 captains that the Order Supervisors of the Mainbrain deemed “unstable” and the one with the most votes would be sacrificed. This was to ensure that the Sea of Ruin remained free of the Mainbrain’s control (or else the Mainbrain would just bomb the entire area, blowing all the population to bits).

However, things weren’t so simple as the Mainbrain wouldn’t let this area of human life remain unchecked. It had sent its spies to infiltrate the area to keep tabs and influence the actions of the humans there. Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu’s goals became two-fold: first to remove the spy, thus the threat of them being exposed to the Mainbrain, and second to find out more information about “Ruan Xian” from Tu Rui.

Things came to a head when Elysium broke out in chaos as Fan Baiyan’s drugs were no longer effective due to Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu’s actions, and the people of Elysium went through a withdrawal. Elysium was then attacked by the Walking Stones and eventually suffered defeat while Tang Yibu and Ruan Xian figured out who the Order Supervisor was and killed her while not exposing their identities.

When the voting came to an end, the captain of the Walking Stones, Yu Le, garnered the most votes and was sent to his death. To go out in style, Yu Le planned to make as much chaos as possible for the Order Supervisors and go out in blazing glory, but was saved by Tang Yibu and Ruan Xuan, who cut a deal with Tu Rui. In return for saving Yu Le, Tu Rui would reveal the whereabouts of the rebel army headquarters, which is where they plan to head to next.

That’s it for this summary.

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