Happy Doomsday Ch51

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 51: Falling Corpses

The air in the entire commercial building became scorching. The lights were mixed with fire and flickered ghostly. The explosion calmed the crazy people a little. They were like sleepwalkers who had just been awakened, and they began to subconsciously crowd the upper floors.

Except for a few people who had just joined and maintained their sanity, no one else was left.

“I hope you hurt Fan Baiyan severely.” Duan Lili stood up slowly, her messy hair hanging down her cheeks. “Tang Yibu promised me you wouldn’t destroy Elysium… Fan Baiyan isn’t a good leader, so it’s good to teach him a lesson, but you… You are going to destroy this entire ship…”

“What are you trying to express, Miss Duan?” The demon-like young man leaned on the edge of the railing. “It seems that you’re very keen on putting the blame on us. We should come up with the best solution for you, think about the problem from your standpoint, and understand all your difficulties. Even despite the fact that we were tricked into getting on the ship by your people and forced to take drugs.”

“Why?” He ended the passage with a question. “I remember you are the vice-captain of this ship.”

“Then you should remember that I came forward in time to save you! Is this about revenge?” Duan Lili screamed, ignoring the question. “I can see that you’re all very smart and ambitious. I know the operating mode of the entire ship very well. If you were willing to tell me about this in advance, I could give you all the information you need, and you could even become the leader here! But what did you choose? How many homes have you destroyed here, directly killing all the lives that depend on them for survival just to please the soon to be terminated Walking Stones!”

She took in two breaths.

“Now, it’s still not too late to remedy it, as long as you want…”

“Remedy?” Ruan Xian held the blood gun in his hand. His voice was very soft. “Let’s look at it from a different angle.”

He looked back at Tang Yibu and quickly retracted his gaze.

“If I want this attack to sound more legitimate, it can be said that this is a forced detoxification— I’ve seen people from the west in the Walking Stones, and I know that Yu Le will not execute the pirates of Elysium for no reason. Here in Elysium, it’s all voluntary, but in my opinion, many people aren’t aware of the toxicity of fireflies, and thus are completely deceived. There may be a day when these people will recover from the flickering grass and at least then they will have the right to choose again after knowing the truth. As for things like home, I don’t think it’s necessary to rely on psychedelics.”

Duan Li took a step back. The entire commercial building began to shake. The finely embossed rubble smashed into it, and dust covered the polished floor.

“The above statement sounds good, but I have to admit, this is not my intention.”

The smile on Ruan Xian’s face became bigger.

“There are only two truths. First, I do want to use this to make a deal with the Walking Stones. Second, I don’t like to kill strangers indiscriminately. Otherwise, I just need to hold the intelligence until the ‘disinfection’ begins, and then destroy the molecular printer… Do you think Fan Baiyan can control the entire ship alone without any labor assistance?”

He could no longer feel the pain of the demon scratching around in his heart. It melted, melted into his bones, and rushed into his heart and brain through his bloodstream. Ruan Xian was sober like never before. The current destruction didn’t make him feel happy, but there was no pain, only a faint regret.

Just like every day in his life, but he didn’t need to look sad anymore.

“Regarding the matter of ‘repaying kindness with revenge’… Of course I remember your reminder, which is why you’re still alive.” Ruan Xian sighed. “Your acting skills are very good.”

Duan Lili opened her eyes wide and gave a confused look.

“Yibu told me that he once went to you to ask for information about Fan Baiyan’s room. At that time, you were sorting out the contribution evaluation report of the entire ship.” Ruan Xian turned the gun in his hand. “Fan Baiyan has to consider the distribution of fireflies based on the so-called contribution.”

This time Duan Lili raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

“You tried to persuade us, as well as Feng Jiang, who was once a rebel. This shouldn’t be the first time. I also have doubts about your so-called ‘my lover was killed, so I want revenge’— If you really loved Hu Jian, who was sent to die, you could have lowered his contribution or reminded him in advance. You have always been the vice-captain, and it’s impossible not to know Fan Baiyan’s methods. Why are you lying? Because it sounds more tragic?”

Ruan Xian raised his gun.

“You and Fan Baiyan may have the same motivation to send away people who may threaten the system in Elysium. It’s just that you still need the goodwill of these people, which is quite interesting.”

“You’re crazy.” Duan Lili’s lower lip trembled, her eyes were full of tears, and her whole body quivered with anger. “I just mean well. What else can I do…”

“You’re willing to take the risk of giving Fan Baiyan’s room information to the enemy, but you have no means to hurt an old man who gets along with you day and night. In order to make this matter more natural, you chose a very clever disguise—obedient and capable, cowardly and pitiful, with an obvious sense of resistance, but your behavior isn’t very smart. There’s no chess piece that can be controlled better than such a person, and Fan Baiyan probably thinks the same.”

Duan Lili stopped trembling, and she stared at Ruan Xian tightly.

“Tang Yibu, I’ll leave the rest to you.” Ignoring Duan Lili’s ugly face, Ruan Xian used the hook rope wrapped around the railing and aimed at the exposed open space on the fifth floor. The patrol had been transferred away, and there was no one there right now. “It’s time to start the next plan.”

Tang Yibu stopped looking at the crowd that was knocked out by the medical machinery using anesthetics. He turned over and jumped back onto the railing, staring at Duan Lili who was biting her lips.

“Wait!” Duan Lili screamed. Ruan Xian turned his head and grabbed the bulging backpack beside him.

“I don’t understand!” She pulled her hair. “That’s all your imagination! I admit that I’m not perfect, so what? Are you going to convict me of guesswork? When you’re desperate, everyone will do something stupid…”

“The problem is here.” Ruan Xian turned his head. “I have seen truly desperate people, and your eyes don’t look hopeless at all. I don’t think you are the vase of Elysium, Miss Duan. Perhaps to Fan Baiyan you are.”

From an angle that Ruan Xian couldn’t see, Duan Lili’s eyes became cold for a moment. Tang Yibu hugged the iron bead tightly and didn’t miss that moment.

At the same time, the commercial building finally moved and slowly rose.

Just like a snail holding up its shell, under the light of the explosion and fire, the outline of a ship appeared around it. A huge robotic arm stretched out, firmly fixing the ruins of the entire commercial building on the ship, and the entirety of Elysium finally appeared.

The explosion caused the giant ship to let out a creak, and the dimmed lights became brighter again.

“Distribute the fireflies made by the molecular printer to patrol soldiers and weapon operators.” Fan Baiyan’s voice was hoarse. He desperately turned the steering wheel, composed of light, and gave a loud order. “Stop all electricity to all facilities except for navigation and weapons and turn off all unnecessary lights. Keep electricity going to the molecular printer. Figure out if there are others who are still sober. God is still on our side. Everyone stabilize!”

However, another series of explosions sounded.

There was little movement in this explosion, and not many flames ignited, but it clearly happened indoors. The shielding wall on the fifth floor was like a biscuit knocked by a hammer, and it shattered to the ground in an instant. The people gathered in the hall looked at the fifth floor in horror…

A body was falling from the fifth floor.

These corpses were thin and shriveled, with many animal corpses and stumps stuck to them, but they could vaguely see what they looked like when they were alive. They fell to the ground like soft cloth bags, covered with green grass. It was like some kind of weird flowerpot. They spread out their limbs on the smooth floor, and the bright grass was still flickering on it.

The crowd stirred.

They recognized the faces of their relatives, the faces of their former companions, and Jiang Lin and Liang Yilan who had just appeared on the screen not long ago. There was also a small corpse, which was far more decayed than the others. It was very close to Jiang Lin, curled up on all fours, and almost lost its human form.

The strong smell of corpses made time stand still for a moment.

“It’s too late to surrender now.” A young voice with an enlarged loudspeaker came from the fifth floor, “Firefly’s drug addiction will be very painful and last for a long time, but you’re still alive, indicating that the concentration of drugs in the body has not yet reached an irreversible peak.”

An explosion sounded again, and more bodies fell from the fifth floor. They covered the clean floor, spilling out rancid liquid into the blood that was left by the riot. Everything was crazy and gray, filled with explosions that illuminated the darkness.

First it was the men who had just joined. Then the girls who were being used as “service items”. The young people, who still looked healthy, rushed out the door and waved their arms at the attacking fleet.

“We surrender!” they screamed.

But most of them still remained. They stared at the corpse quietly, with terrible numbness and emptiness on their faces.

“Who is on the fifth floor? Kill them!” Fan Baiyan yelled while controlling the main ship of Elysium. “Those who surrender will also be shot! This is all fake, a cover-up! Don’t be deceived. It’s the Walking Stones that are targeting us—”

The people in the hall finally felt a little alive. They seemed to have obtained motivation and dared to move again, as if the corpses in front of them were simply props in a horror movie. The patrolmen rushed to the fifth floor and sprayed their bullets. Ruan Xian hid in the bushes in a dilapidated corner and raised his blood gun.

“Go. Throw down all those ineffective fireflies that were stored before. Even a little effect still counts!” The anesthetics had finally reached their limit. Seeing that people who had recovered were faintly beginning to riot again, Fan Baiyan roared out his orders. “Where’s Lili? Duan Lili! Come here!”

But the person he called had no intention of responding.

Duan Lili took out a small gun from the side of her leg. The gun was aimed at the center of Tang Yibu’s eyebrows. At the same time, several mechanical police dogs jumped out from near Fan Baiyan’s room, stopped obediently at Duan Lili’s feet, and attacked Tang Yibu.

“How much do you know?” Her voice was still trembling, but it was a lot colder. “Your boyfriend made a terrible mistake. You know, girls always have a little bit of a lethal secret in them. He shouldn’t have left you, a researcher, behind.”

The iron bead rattled and screamed, desperately drilling into Tang Yibu’s arms.

Tang Yibu slowly put the iron bead on the ground, and it whizzed into a trashcan nearby as he slowly raised his hands. The floor was shaking, but Duan Lili stood very firmly.

“I see,” Tang Yibu didn’t show much fear as he looked straight into Duan Lili’s eyes. “But unfortunately, he’s not the only one who ‘made a terrible mistake’.”

The author has something to say:

In fact, many people guessed right that Miss Duan has a problem XDDD

Kinky Thoughts:

Ah, I was right. Seems like Duan Lili is on the Mainbrain’s side.

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