Bu Tian Gang Ch94

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 94

Xiang Mu was afraid that Dong Zhi and others would be hungry, so he asked the chef to cook their dishes personally. They ate in the VIP room. Xiang Mu had a lot of worries, and it was rare that he didn’t use his exquisite strengths to chat with everyone. Chen Guoliang breathed a sigh of relief. In front of experts, he was afraid to crack jokes and cause more blunders.

After the reception, there was an hour and a half lecture on feng shui. Chen Guoliang was the keynote speaker. Liu Qingbo was very interested. He dragged Dong Zhi to listen to it. Originally, this occasion was Chen Guoliang’s specialty, and he could talk for hours without any problems. Now, with Liu Qingbo staring him down, he had broken out in a cold sweat and had stumbled several times before finishing his lecture. Fortunately, it had little impact, and he still won a full round of applause.

In fact, although Chen Guoliang had no real ability, his eloquence was indeed good, and it was estimated that he had read a lot of feng shui books. The theories were already set, so it was really easy to fool the laymen. Liu Qingbo saw that he was being honest and couldn’t help feeling bored and didn’t bother to find faults any longer.

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo didn’t participate in the auction. Although Xiang Mu was the organizer, he didn’t need to be there personally, so he invited the three of them to his house, took out the box from the bedroom, and opened it in front of them.

A green bracelet caught everyone’s eyes.

Chen Guoliang had seen a lot of good imperial green, so he recognized it at a glance.

On the market, such water could be sold for at least millions. Of course, for Xiang Mu, it was only a drop in a bucket.

“You said before, this bracelet was passed down from your wife’s family? Is there any origin?” Dong Zhi picked it up and held it to the sun and found that the jade quality was almost perfect. It was crystal clear and had a thrilling green.

Xiang Mu said, “I don’t know the origin, but in their family, it should have been passed down for more than four generations. I have asked someone to identify it, and they all said that this is Laokeng Emperor green*, the best variety in jade. “

*According to basic research, to determine the jade value, one looks at the condition of its texture and color. It is believed that the greener the color, the more expensive it is. Laokeng Emperor green is considered one of the top colors in jade, and sometimes the color can also be called emerald.

Dong Zhi handed the bracelet to Liu Qingbo. “It feels a bit strange. “

Liu Qingbo took the bracelet and nodded. “There seems to be an aura around it.”

He handed the bracelet to Chen Guoliang again.

Chen Guoliang had to bite the bullet and take it and look at it seriously for a while.

“My opinion is the same as the two of them.”

In fact, he didn’t notice any aura, but he couldn’t say that he didn’t feel anything. Chen Guoliang’s heart was about to collapse when he looked at Liu Qingbo’s teasing eyes, thinking that he would not come to the mainland again lest he would be killed.

Dong Zhi said, “Well, Mr. Xiang, if you don’t mind, we will stay here for one night, and I will set up an array in your bedroom. If there’s anything at night, we’ll find out as soon as possible.”

Xiang Mu said anxiously, “Then will my wife lose her soul?”

Dong Zhi: “Assuming it’s your wife, of course we’ll be polite and then fight.”

Xiang Mu breathed a sigh of relief and said gratefully, “Then thank you so much. When we left the venue, I had already refunded the deposit. I will also have the “The Travel Map of Shaohua” packed and delivered soon.”

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo looked at each other. The other party’s direct and refreshing attitude made them feel very good.

Xiang Mu was well versed in business rules and such things usually didn’t proceed so smoothly. However, since he was so happy about the bracelet matter, they naturally dealt with this issue solemnly and helped Xiang Mu resolve his problem.

Dong Zhi had never deployed a soul-summoning array, but he had heard He Yu talk about it. He still understood the general rules and taboos, but the soul summoning talisman had to be written now. When he came over, he only carried his sword but didn’t bring anything else. However, these materials were a cinch for someone as rich as Xiang Mu. As long as a call was made, someone would deliver it within half an hour.

When drawing talismans, concentration was needed. Dong Zhi didn’t intend to avoid the eyes of others, as what he was doing wasn’t an unspoken secret that was passed down.

He washed his hands and face, then stood still for a moment with his sleeves rolled up. The tip of his brush rolled on the adjusted cinnabar a few times before he dipped it in ink and began copying the strokes of the soul summoning talisman in his mind. He exhaled and concentrated as the brush began to move.

Chen Guoliang and Xiang Mu held their breath and stood far away, not daring to disturb him. Even Liu Qingbo, who usually liked to quarrel with Dong Zhi, sat quietly drinking tea and looking at his phone without making a sound.

Xiang Mu witnessed how skillful Dong Zhi was as several pieces of talisman paper were drawn one after another. He couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled. Chen Guoliang whispered to him, “Painting talisman is not a matter of painting successfully in one go. It depends on each person’s skill. Those with deep skill have a high success rate, like Mr. Dong. It’s already pretty amazing that he’s able to succeed with five or six out of ten.”

Chen Guoliang had been an “entertainer” for many years, so he knew a little bit about the way of doing things. Otherwise those rich people who weren’t complete fools couldn’t be easily coaxed by him.

As if separated by a mountain, Xiang Mu suddenly realized that he had added a layer of awe for Dong Zhi.

The young man stared at the talisman paper in front of him. With his pen-like movements, Chen Guoliang and Xiang Mu vaguely felt that there seemed to be an invisible air flowing slowly all over him, but in Liu Qingbo’s eyes, this air flow had turned into substance, and the mist-like white air circled around Dong Zhi and gradually spread away.

In the beginning of the universe, the great ultimate of yin and yang tai chi, with the three powers*, creation was infinite and life was endless.

*Refers to heaven, earth, and man. Note: this whole sentence is basically like a chant so that’s why it’s like broken with incomplete sentences.

Liu Qingbo still remembered that during the training period, he was particularly uncomfortable watching Dong Zhi. He wanted to cause some trouble for the other party quite a few times. At that point, he saw that this guy had no foundation at all. Everything he learned was a half-way monk. He felt embarrassed when he lost and didn’t look glorious when he won, so he never used his true style.

After Dong Zhi became Long Shen’s apprentice, he thought about it for several days but couldn’t figure it out. Now it seems that the other party’s qualifications may rival even his.

As soon as he got into the water, he turned into a dragon. With the training and teaching of a famous teacher, the strength of Dong Zhi had gradually emerged, and now he could partner with him without holding him back. Although Liu Qingbo couldn’t draw talismans, he knew very well that although painting talismans required talent, it was more important to practice hundreds of times in repeated cycles. It could be seen that Dong Zhi put a lot of sweat and tears into it.

If a person had talent and was willing to work hard, his future wouldn’t be too bad. Liu Qingbo himself was such a person. While his impression of Dong Zhi had greatly improved, he also became more sympathetic towards him.

Suddenly, Liu Qingbo frowned and almost made a sound.

He must’ve seen it wrong just now, but he saw a wisp of black air mixed with the white air, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if he was hallucinating.

A few talismans had been painted, and more than an hour had passed, but this was already much faster than when Dong Zhi first learned to draw talismans. His spirit was completely relaxed when his eyes suddenly darkened. If he hadn’t held onto the edge of the table, it was very likely he would have fallen to his feet.

“Okay,” Dong Zhi said to the client. “I will arrange these talismans in your bedroom. You will put the bracelet in the place I designated later. Don’t move it. Go to bed at night. Don’t worry. We will guard in the living room and go in as soon as there’s a situation.”

Xiang Mu naturally agreed to everything, and it was up to him to arrange it.

Dong Zhi raised his chin slightly and nodded to Chen Guoliang: “Master Chen, come and help me set up the formation.”

Chen Guoliang pointed to himself. “Me?”

Dong Zhi: “Is it inconvenient?”

Chen Guoliang didn’t dare to respond and said hurriedly. “It’s very convenient, very convenient!”

His attitude towards Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo was unconsciously a little flattering and fearful, and Xiang Mu naturally saw it.

Although Xiang Mu felt strange, he didn’t ask much. His experience in the business world over the years told him that the less he knew about these things that had nothing to do with him, the better.

Painting talismans was a very energy-consuming thing. Dong Zhi originally felt that he was easily tired recently. After more than an hour, he was dizzy, and his hands and feet were soft. He simply found a chair to sit on and instructed Chen Guoliang to set up in the bedroom.

Poor Chen Guoliang, a famous master of feng shui, had been held high by the rich people of Hong Kong over the years, but when Dong Zhi arrived, he was commanded like he was his grandchild, but he didn’t dare resist.

He glanced at Dong Zhi plaintively, wiped a handful of sweat, and accepted his fate and got busy.

Liu Qingbo also followed, but he wasn’t interested in arranging the array and instead only stared at Dong Zhi.

Seeing this, Dong Zhi felt inexplicable. “Is my face blushing?”

Unusually, Liu Qingbo didn’t quip back but said solemnly, “Have you felt uncomfortable recently?”

Dong Zhi thought for a while. “After the last fight with Yamamoto, my injuries haven’t healed, but I didn’t get hurt much fighting with the demonic energy at Han Qi’s place… If it had to be said, the moment the demonic energy was eliminated, I felt a cold feeling between my brows, as if something had entered my body, but afterwards, except for being tired easily, there was no other discomfort, and my injuries are slowly healing.”

Liu Qingbo told him about the black wisp he had just seen.

“It’s definitely not that I’m seeing things this time. When you see Boss Tang, you’d better tell him the situation and have him take a look.”

Dong Zhi nodded. “Actually, now that you mention it, I also think it’s a bit strange. Do you remember the nightmare I had on the plane? I suspect someone may have marked me so they could track me at any time.”

“I don’t know much about the technique. If Boss Tang can’t solve it, you can find Boss Long. Anyway, you must solve the matter. I don’t want to take an oath in front of your tombstone when the newcomers come to the Special Administrative Bureau in the future!” In the end, his tone wasn’t very good.

Dong Zhi joked. “Then you have to burn me more money. I heard that if you don’t have enough money, you will be bullied if you are poor!”

Seeing Liu Qingbo’s face getting uglier, he hurriedly raised his hand in surrender. “Okay, I’ll stop talking!”

Chen Guoliang interjected at the right time and said weakly, “Master Dong, I have arranged it according to the direction you said. What do you think I should do next?”

Next, Dong Zhi placed a bagua mirror in the array, and small bells were tied with red ropes around it. One by one, they were hung on the surrounding walls, and the box containing the jade bracelet was taken out and placed at the end of the bed.

After arranging all this, Xiang Mu was finally allowed to enter the bedroom.

He looked at the talisman and the bells with a wry smile. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep.”

Dong Zhi comforted him. “Don’t be afraid, I will give you two drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow to make sure you sleep well tonight.”

As night fell, Dong Zhi looked at his watch.

“It’s cloudy at eight today, which is suitable for evoking spirits. There are still a few minutes left. Go to bed quickly, boss.”

Xiang Mu went to bed while they waited outside.

Chen Guoliang was a little restless. The current scene could only be regarded as a small case compared to the horror of bloodshed last time, but he didn’t know what would happen, and the feeling of unpredictable good or bad was simply nerve-wracking.

Upon seeing this, Dong Zhi took the initiative to start a conversation. “Chen Guoliang, in fact, you know quite a lot. Why don’t you go to a teacher to learn rather than rely on your mouth to deceive people?”

Chen Guoliang smiled bitterly. “It’s easy for you to say, but it’s not that easy to worship a teacher. I met a Taoist master many years ago. It’s a pity that people think I have no talent and refuse to accept it. This time… You saved me face, thank you.”

He arched his hands at the two of them.

In the bedroom, Xiang Mu didn’t say anything, but he was still a little nervous. He felt that it was impossible to sleep, but within a few minutes, he didn’t know if the essential oil worked or the effect of the array. As soon as he touched the pillow, he closed his eyes, and after a while, he really fell asleep.

Xiang Mu had already given leave to all the servants in the household. Except for the bodyguards outside the villa, only the three of them were guarding him in the living room.

The bell rang suddenly, and the three of them subconsciously shuddered, then got up and rushed to the bedroom.

Xiang Mu lay on the bed with his eyes closed tightly.

Unlike ordinary people who are trapped by nightmares, he looked relaxed and had a smile at the corner of his mouth, as if immersed in a wonderful dream.

The jade bracelet at the end of the bed was quietly placed in the box, no different from before.

But both Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo frowned.

Because in their eyes, the jade bracelet had changed, and the color had become more intense. Against the background of the dim table lamp, a ray of black air curled up from the jade bracelet, and then slowly floated towards the door. Beside his bedside pillow, faintly, there was a thick green mist.

In the mist, a human form was looming, and it could almost be seen that it was a woman.

Chen Guoliang took in a deep breath.

Dong Zhi no longer hesitated, and the long-prepared sunlight talisman in his hand was thrown directly at the green mist.

The talisman came into contact with the green mist, and suddenly a female scream resounded in the air, causing Xiang Mu to wake up and sit up abruptly!

The green mist moved back quickly, as if to float back into the jade bracelet, but it was Liu Qingbo who was faster than it. He quickly picked up the jade bracelet and retreated directly to the outside of the array. The green mist was bounced by the red line in the array and fell back. It then actually split into two and turned into the figure of two women.

Xiang Mu lost his voice. “Xiao Jun!”

The two women were translucent. The green light was floating, trembling constantly, as if they would dissipate at any moment, but their figures and appearance could be seen.

The strange thing was that both of them looked exactly the same.

Dong Zhi didn’t expect that by waiting for a rabbit, they would catch two souls and couldn’t help but look at Xiang Mu.

“Which one is your wife?”

Xiang Mu was also dumbfounded.

“Husband, I miss you so much!” The young woman looked at Xiang Mu with tears in her eyes.

The other one didn’t speak, frowning tightly, even more sad.

Chen Guoliang was speechless and couldn’t help but say, “Could it be that your wife’s soul was divided into two halves?”

Xiang Mu murmured, “I don’t know…”

The sad one said, “After I died, I saw you sad every day, and I didn’t know what to do, so I went into the jade bracelet. In fact, I was with you every night. It was not my will. It was the spirit in the jade bracelet that coerced me!”

The other woman shook her head, tears streaming across her cheeks: “This jade bracelet was passed down by my grandmother. When I was a child, I heard my elders say that this jade bracelet has a spirit. I didn’t believe it before. Until I died, my soul was trapped in the jade bracelet. I watched this woman grow into me day by day, until she looked like before I died. Then she forced me to go into your dreams… and sucked out all the yang energy from you… Husband, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you for a long time but she placed a restraint on me that wouldn’t allow me to speak about it in your dreams!”

One was Mrs. Xiang, and the other was the jade bracelet that had become an essence. The jade bracelet had been soaked in popularity for a long time and now had a soul with its own consciousness. It also envied the love of Xiang Mu and his wife, so it took on the appearance of Mrs. Xiang and seduced her husband in his dreams all night long, sucking his energy and making it difficult for him to extricate himself.

Of course, this was all inferred by Dong Zhi based on the dialogue between the two of them.

Being born human was blessed by nature. He didn’t know how much effort other species needed to make if they wanted to cultivate into a human body. The soul of this jade bracelet could be transformed into a human form, so it could be seen that it had reached the last step in its cultivation. As long as it cultivated for a few more years, it may be able to stand under the sun, just like Long Shen, like Liu Si, and the others, and walk among the world of humans.

But this step may be a few years, decades, or even hundreds of years, depending on the individual’s cultivation and fortune, but this jade bracelet obviously didn’t want to wait that long, so it chose a shortcut.

Liu Qingbo sneered, “Although you can be transformed into a human form now, you can only appear in the dead of night. When you truly become a human, you have to experience a calamity. Do you think you can survive a calamity safely like this?”

Two identical women spoke at the same time.

One said, “Husband, break the jade bracelet so that the monster has no place to go. I would rather lose my soul than harm you!”

The other said, “Husband, let the master take care of this evil. If you continue like this, your spirit will be sucked dry by it!”

Listening to their tone, they both thought of Xiang Mu more than themselves, so he couldn’t tell which one was his real wife.

“Xiao Yun, if I tell these two masters to exorcise the monster in the jade bracelet, will it affect you?”

Dong Zhi answered on his behalf, “Mr. Xiang, in this situation, your wife’s soul is probably already integrated with the jade bracelet. No matter what you do to the jade bracelet, it will hurt your wife. The best way is to distinguish them. I will send your wife away, and then subdue the monster.”

Xiang Mu understood Dong Zhi’s meaning. He gazed back and forth between the two women, thought for a moment, then asked, “When is our wedding anniversary?”

“June 16th!”

“June 16th!”

The two women spoke almost in unison.

Xiang Mu: “Do you remember what I said? When our daughter gets married, what will I give her?”

One of them spoke first, “You said that you would give her the villa on the other side of Dongjiang to let her use as a wedding room, and you also said you hoped that she would find someone who’s Chinese so as not be separated between mountains and rivers in the future.”

The other also said, “This jade bracelet was originally planned to be given to her. You also said that you have taken a lot of jewelry over the years, as you have to use it as her dowry to let her marry in a beautiful way.”

Xiang Mu was troubled and said to Dong Zhi, “They are both right.”

Liu Qingbo said impatiently, “Can’t you ask something more difficult?”

The two women looked at Xiang Mu with the same eager and expectant eyes, as if they also hoped that he would ask more difficult questions.

Xiang Mu sighed: “Xiao Yun, in fact, after you passed away, I found it boring to do anything. Although business is getting better, no matter how much money I make, without you, my life will be like this. Others have persuaded me to remarry. Even our daughter is also very open-minded. It’s me who can’t get through the difficulties in my heart. Sometimes, I really hope that like other men, where I see the one I like, marry her, and keep others outside, so that you won’t have to worry about me after you die. But I miss you and want you to stay here.”

“Do you remember, when we were young, we had no money. When you gave birth to our daughter, we couldn’t afford to buy even a can of milk powder. I begged my grandfather to ask my grandmother, and finally begged your parent’s house. Your father finally lent me the money, but he also spoke out and told me that a daughter who is married is water that has been spilled*, so I can’t go back to them even if anything happens in the future. I was afraid to make you feel uncomfortable so I have never told you about it, but since then, I swore to myself that I must let you live a good life so that your family will never dare to look down on you again.”

*(你是嫁出去的女儿泼出去的水) Proverb that means as soon as a girl gets married, she is like water that’s already been spilled, and her parents aren’t allowed to intervene.

“Later, in order to do business, I often went out to socialize. Everything at home was left to you to take care of. Thanks to your care, my parents were able to live so long. I also know that some people talk nonsense in front of you, saying that I have a lover outside, and that I go out to socialize so much that I must be messing around, but you have never questioned me. I took the initiative to ask, and you said that if you hadn’t believed in my character, you wouldn’t have married me. For this, I will never do anything to wrong you in my life.”

His two “wives” blushed when they heard the words.

One stared at him in a daze, speechless.

One said, “Thank you, husband.”

Xiang Mu shook his head. “I should thank you.”

Dong Zhi looked closely at them, but their expression towards Xiang Mu seemed to come from the heart, without revealing the slightest flaw.

Not only him, but Liu Qingbo and Chen Guoliang didn’t see anything either.

In the past, they disagreed over a single word, and they fought each other at every turn. This was the first time they had encountered a situation where they both agreed with each other. It was more of a test of decision than force.

Xiang Mu looked at Dong Zhi for help, “Master, I can’t tell which one is the real and which is the fake.”

Dong Zhi thought for a moment, “Then there is only one way now. Just break the jade bracelet.”

The jade bracelet was the original body of the spirit. As long as it was broken, it would be greatly affected. At that time, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo would be able to quickly distinguish them and subdue the jade bracelet spirit. The disadvantage was that Mrs. Xiang’s soul may also have been damaged as a result.

Xiang Mu said without thinking, “No, don’t break the jade bracelet. I’m afraid I’ll hurt my wife!”

Hearing these words, both women’s expressions changed.

One was moved.

The other was mostly happy.

Although the difference between the two emotions was not as great as between joy and anger, there were always subtle differences.

It was fast and fleeting, but they quickly moved. Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo shot out separately. One drew his sword out of its sheath and stabbed one of them, and the other threw out a talisman.

The talisman fell onto the green mist and fixed on one of the women.

At this time, Liu Qingbo’s sword had already pierced into the body of the other woman. The woman screamed fiercely, and the sword light completely shattered the green mist, turning it into green stars and scattering it all over the room. That little soul that had cultivated this far for so long was reduced to this fleeting moment in the end.

Liu Qingbo was a little dazed when he saw Dong Zhi, thinking that he felt that his hands were hot, and he said angrily, “It was self-inflicted. There’s no good end to abusing compassion!”

Dong Zhi recovered and shook his head.

He just suddenly remembered Long Shen, and it hurt him.

In the process of deepening his dragon form, he must’ve experienced unimaginable difficulties and temptations. The top of the snow-capped mountains, the far reaches of the polar regions, and under the stars were all past experiences that he had not participated in. No one knew how much a sword needed to go through from its birth to its rebirth and whether it was more difficult than the things refined by Taishang Laojun’s1 Liuding Shenhuo2.

1Also known as Daode Tianzun, he’s a high Taoist god and one of the Three Pure Ones.
2This is the divine fire of the gossip furnace owned by Taishang Laojun in “Journey to the West”. Magic weapons such as the golden hoop rods, the nine-tooth nail rake, and the purple gold bells were all forged using the gossip furnace with the divine fire. || The context here is that these weapons were extremely powerful, forged by divine fire, while compared to them, Long Shen was much more ordinary, so the amount of effort it took to cultivate to where he is today must be incredible.

But despite such a thorny cliff road, Long Shen walked step by step. The jade essence in front of him had only got a chance, but it wanted to achieve its goal through harmful shortcuts. How could it compare with Long Shen?

It was precisely because he had met Long Shen, Liu Si, and others that he believed this jade essence had only itself to blame.

After seeing Long Shen’s past in the illusion, he always wanted to call the other party and say, ‘Master, no matter how difficult the road is in the future, I am willing to walk with you. Even if I can’t keep up with you and fall far behind, I’m willing to keep going. At least when you look back, you can always see someone there, proving that you’re not alone.’

But how many times, after he opened the phone’s address book, he didn’t have the courage to follow through.

Long Shen’s previous words were still ringing in his ears, repeatedly, so that he could no longer add more trouble to the other party in the name of love. If he were to walk to his door, he would raise his hand to knock, but would freeze and stand there for a long time before leaving silently.

Love was companionship, restraint, willingness not to regard the other’s time as your own, and the willingness to dedicate the best of your life to each other.

But he didn’t want to make the other party unhappy and awkward.

When he was a child, he liked flowers, so he always picked them and took them home to raise, but then he learned that after the flowers were picked, life would only pass faster, so when he grew up, even if he liked those numerous branches, he would restrain his desire to pick them and not interfere with their life trajectory. He would let the flowers continue to bloom on their own branches.

Long Shen wasn’t a flower. He was more precious than any flower in the world.

Thinking of this, Dong Zhi sighed softly in his heart as he watched Xiang Mu walk towards the remaining woman and told her his long-lost affection.

The slender figure wrapped in the green mist trembled, but brilliance continued to flow. It was dazzling and graceful, as if the jade beads were glowing, adding a bit of amazement to the woman, but both Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo knew that this kind of beauty was short-lived and dangerous. Now that the jade essence was gone, the aura of the jade bracelet had disappeared, and it had become a dead object. He still didn’t know if there was an opportunity to continue to cultivate into a human form, but the jade bracelet was no longer suitable for the other woman to stay in. There was only one way left, and that was for ashes to return to ashes and dust to return to dust.

“Mr. Xiang, I’m afraid you have to hurry up. The time limit for the talisman is only two hours. After the time has passed, your wife must go back to the jade bracelet,” he reminded.

Xiang Mu’s eyes reddened. “Then will she go to the underworld to reincarnate?”

Dong Zhi said, “As I said, it doesn’t matter whether she’s reincarnated or not, but everyone has their own places to go after death. Your wife has already passed. She should have a place that she needs to return to. If she continues to stay, even if she could live in the jade bracelet, her soul will gradually decline, so she must be sent away as soon as possible.”

In the language of science, the soul was a kind of magnetic field that existed in a space that was a different dimension from them. That space also had its own rules and laws, as well as its own law enforcers, whether it was the underworld or the afterlife. They were all just different names for another world.

Xiang Mu nodded, expressing understanding.

Dong Zhi said, “Neither Lao Liu nor I are good at sending souls to the beyond, but don’t worry. After I go back, I’ll find the right master to come and help, and I’ll help you get it done.”

Xiang Mu could now also see that Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo were the ones with real abilities. As for Chen Guoliang, he may have had some ability, but definitely not as much as the other two, so he was completely inclined to listen to Dong Zhi’s words.

“Then please, master.”

He removed the talisman, causing the woman to turn into a cloud of green mist and slowly return to the jade bracelet. Xiang Mu carefully closed the box and held it in his arms like a treasure.

There were many rich and powerful people in this world, but few were as deeply in love as they were. Xiang Mu was an exception, and even Liu Qingbo felt a little moved.

Dong Zhi promised Xiang Mu to help him with this matter within a week. The three of them politely declined Xiang Mu’s invitation to stay the night, so Xiang Mu could only present them with the “Travel Map of Shaohua” and give Chen Gualiang a big red envelope and send them on their way.

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