Stray Ch271

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 271: A Summer Day

Nemo, who was lying on Oliver’s lap, stopped poking the tip of his lover’s nose. He spread the five fingers of his right hand and rubbed Oliver’s cheek.

The cacophony of cicadas came from the trees above their heads, and the air was filled with the scent of fresh bark and ferns after being exposed to the sun.

Feeling the heat from that hand, Oliver moved the palm of his hand covering his eyes away, revealing little red circles around his eyes.

Nemo’s body temperature had always been slightly higher than his own, and he liked it very much. Oliver opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his choked throat couldn’t squeeze out the slightest sound.

Under the sun, Nemo stared at him seriously and intently. The familiar yet unfamiliar pupils maintained the inhuman demon-shaped cross, and the warm eyes were full of smiles.

Oliver subconsciously grabbed the gold pendant hanging close to his chest, but the hand that was reaching for it suddenly changed direction halfway.

A cleansing spell removed the sweat, blood, and dirt from the two of them. Oliver then opened the pendant on his chest and took out the ring.

His Demon King blinked, turned his head, and his scattered black hair rubbed against his legs, without the slightest intention of sitting up.

Oliver twitched his nose and grabbed the hand that was still stroking his cheek. However, the freshly baked Mr. Hero grabbed an empty space and instead his wrist was squeezed.

Nemo curved his eyes with a smile. He released his right hand and finally propped up his upper body—the great Demon King propped up Oliver’s thigh and his right hand spread out with his palm pointed upward.

On top of the fair skin, two simple and generous rings were lying quietly together. One of those rings was just on his ring finger a few seconds ago. Oliver didn’t even notice how the other party managed to snatch it.

“Do it again.” The noon sun was extremely strong, and a spot of light swept across his eyes as Nemo narrowed them slightly.

“Your Majesty, you’re pressing on my leg. I can’t get down on one knee.” Oliver’s voice was still a little muffled.

“Who said I wanted you to propose? You have already asked, so now it’s my response.” Nemo’s face got closer. “Give me your hand, Ollie.”

Oliver raised his left hand obediently. The hand armor had been completely shattered in the fierce battle a while ago and was missing. His slender fingers were full of small blood gashes that were healing—concentrating all his energy to heal Nemo, he completely forgot the small pain between his fingers.

Nemo grabbed the hand and imprinted his lips on the fingers. The tip of his tongue poked out slightly, and the hot and humid touch brushed against his wounds and made Oliver’s back numb.

Then his Demon King kissed the back of his hand, and slowly and solemnly put the ring on the ring finger of his left hand, as if it was the most important thing in the world.

At this angle, Oliver could see his lover’s drooping eyelashes, and the top of Nemo’s hair was also very close. The subtle scent of that heartwarming smell once again burrowed into his nostrils.

“Okay, my fiancé.” Making sure the ring was in place, Nemo raised his head.

Since they met, Oliver had never heard Nemo speak in such a tone—it was smooth and bold, with reassuring confidence and power, but strangely mixed with a lot of restraint and shyness that belonged to “Nemo Light” alone.

Oliver grabbed the other party’s hand. His right hand, which was holding the ring, slightly trembled. This hand never deviated halfway when holding a sword, but now it took several tries to put the ring on his lover’s finger.

The black gem embedded in the ring had been carefully processed and polished to a pleasant roundness. The simple and elegant ring shape, complimented by Nemo’s slightly pale skin, made the scene perfect. His lover cocked the corners of his mouth. Nothing in this world could hurt them anymore.

Oliver’s eyes were a little sour again.

It was just that this time, rather than covering it with the palm of his hand, he chose to hug Nemo abruptly and kissed him fiercely.

Nemo didn’t force himself to maintain his balance. His back fell to the soft moss, his fingers dug into Oliver’s soft light brown hair, and he responded to the kiss with all his strength.

The warmth and shudder brought by the tongue sweeping across the gums was tantalizing, causing Nemo to press the other person tighter into his arms. His black robe that was turned into a cloak became tattered in the battle, and he didn’t have time to repair it, and now it was making an unbearable tearing sound, but he didn’t worry about it. He simply tore off the broken armor behind Oliver with his fingertips and rubbed his fingers slowly on his lover’s smooth and strong back.

Just sticking skin on skin and exchanging their body heat induced a trance—bringing with it a sense of satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the passionate lovers didn’t get to do anything further, so they had to stop moving.

“There’s a carriage coming towards us.” Nemo clearly heard the creaking of the spokes and the rustle of semi-dry leaves being run over.

Something flew out of the carriage and flew straight towards Nemo’s face. Nemo didn’t stand up but stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

It was a worn-out water bag, bulging inside, shaking and clanking.

“I arrived earlier than planned, and it seems that this decision was correct.”

A familiar voice sounded. Ann Savage, dressed as a warrior, jumped out of the carriage and waved to Marshal Gallagher, who was driving the carriage. Standing firmly on the ground, Ann’s sharp gaze swept past the two people who were not neatly dressed, and she tsked loudly.

“If I had come a little later, I probably would have seen something I shouldn’t have… And then have to go to a nearby inn with Mr. Mad Dog for a few days and wait until you two are done with your ‘long awaited reunion’ before we get down to business.”

She aggravated the pronunciation of “long awaited reunion” and made a lewd gesture from an angle that her knight couldn’t see.

Oliver’s face was a little red, compared to Nemo’s, who was much calmer.


His robe was full of holes and one shoulder was exposed, revealing the beautifully shaped clavicle, but this obviously didn’t weaken the majesty of the Pillar of the World.

“Now you can settle accounts with me,” Nemo said softly.

“Oh, the thing about Abbas.” The smile on Ann’s face disappeared, and then she cleared her throat. “I do plan to deal with it. As I said before, I can’t just laugh it off… Even for you now, a human judgement may be just small and ridiculous.”

Nemo didn’t make a sound but looked seriously at the female warrior standing opposite of him.

Ann closed her eyes. “Nemo, as Andrea Alastair, my verdict is as follows—according to Alban’s law, prisoners who kill important members of the royal family need to be beheaded and all property confiscated. Relatives within three generations will be deprived of their citizenship and exiled abroad as refugees, and their heirs aren’t allowed to enter Alban. Once found, if they return, they will be punished according to the severity of the situation and expelled again.”

“The beheading part, per ‘Ulysses’ has already been done. As for Alban’s citizenship, you and Oliver have long since disappeared. In the end, your mimicry is perfect, and I don’t think you and Oliver will have any heirs. Then under the laws implemented by humans, I decree—Nemo Light and his fiancé Oliver Ramon will be banished from Alban and will not be allowed to do any work in Alban.”

“Ann…” Oliver was just about to say something but was stopped by Nemo’s raised hand.

“Just now you said, ‘as Andrea Alastair’, what about as Ann Savage?” Nemo nodded and asked calmly.

Ann took a long breath and looked at the woods around her with nostalgic eyes.

“As Ann Savage, let me see… You helped me save my lovely niece, stopped the prince’s comprehensive war plan for Alban and Willard, ended the expedition so that we no longer have to worry about the bone jade being further weaponized. These are great kindnesses to me, and my answer is already in that water bag. Don’t worry, I will give you a large remuneration, which will be paid out of my private account.”

Hearing this, Nemo untied the water bag, poured out the copper cylinder inside, and carefully unscrewed it. Oliver leaned over quickly, put his chin on Nemo’s shoulder, and stared at the small print on the parchment.

“…This is the proof of citizenship of Noer,” Oliver said softly.

“Nemo Light and Oliver Ramon. I didn’t change your names.” Ann shrugged. “Of course, this thing comes from, uh, my channel as a Black Chapter, which is not very formal, but I guess you two don’t want to go off and be some kind of big shot.”

Having said that, she didn’t hold herself tight, and laughed without any irony.

“What everyone knows these days is Oliver Lopez. No one cares about proof of identity for the little guy, do they?”

“I accept.” Nemo lowered his head a little and saluted.

“Ann, I’m sorry. ……This is not an apology for killing your brother. A fight is a fight. But as a friend, I’m sorry for the sad memories you have.”

“Okay, okay, I’ve already dealt with you two.”

Ann snorted softly and twitched the corners of her mouth.

“It’s not like I’m the one that wants to live with you. What else can I do next but to secretly scold you a few times in my heart and then think about how stupid you are starting to look. That is until I wake up one morning and no longer actively think about it.”

The Queen of Alban approached with great strides and patted Nemo on the head.

“Oh, don’t forget, remember to call me… Mr. Light of Garland at the wedding.”

Then she sprinted neatly and jumped into the carriage.

“See you in Noer!” The carriage began to rumble forward again as Ann put her hand to her mouth and shouted loudly. “Cross and Dylan are probably almost on the surface. I’ll go and see what’s going on over there! Next, please feel free to—”

“Let’s go to Noer.”” Watching the carriage disappear among the trees, Oliver weighed the worn out water bag with a lot of emotion in his tone. “First check in, and then—”

But before he finished speaking, he was tossed to the ground by his fiancé.


“Staying at an inn won’t do.” With black hair hanging down his cheeks, Nemo looked down at Oliver from top to bottom and spoke solemnly. “We haven’t seen each other for a very long time, right? I’m afraid I can’t control my power well. Noer is a small place. If it attracts attention too early, the identity Ann arranged for us will be in vain.”

“Uh, it’s still daytime—” Oliver swallowed, his tone uncertain. His shame as a human in the face of the happiness that almost burned his brain, inexplicably weakened.

“I like the sun.” Nemo lowered his head, put his lips to Oliver’s ears and breathed on his lover’s ear, which was getting redder. “…Your eyes look the best in the sun.”

Oliver held his breath for a moment.

His Demon King was flirting raw and awkwardly, and he found that this approach was really effective on him.

In the next second, Nemo’s back slammed into the leafy grass behind him, and the emerald eyes that had just been shrouded in the shadow of the Demon King looked down from above—Oliver wrapped his legs around Nemo’s legs, his arms exerted force, and pressed his lover under his body.

“If you think about it this way, it is indeed better during the day.” Oliver lowered his head and put his hand into the severely damaged black robe. “I haven’t seen your expression in the sun for a long time, Your Majesty.”

“And we have an agreement, right? I need to help you get your shame back,” he added in a low voice.

At first it was a soft kiss like a feather, like a butterfly perching at one’s fingertips. Then there was lingering licking and sucking, and finally it turned into a crazy eagerness to bite.

Nemo raised his head, letting the sweet pain flow through his nerves. His fingertips moved dexterously on the other party’s skin, from his arms to his back, to his thin and sturdy waist. From smooth and flat skin to raised scars, Oliver’s skin gradually became damp, and his muscles gradually tightened.

He relaxed his body, his chest fluctuated violently, letting his knight tear the remnants of the black robe. The tips of his black hair were wet with sweat and swept across his shoulders. The left hand wearing the ring was tightly held by Oliver’s right hand, with ten fingers clasped, firmly pressed against the grass.

The sun swept across the shiny sweat on Oliver’s cheeks, and his emerald eyes were incredibly green.

In the midst of scorching gasps and frantic mutual demands, Nemo licked the corners of his mouth, stretched out his arms, and exerted a little force—he sat up, wrapped his arms around his lover’s shoulders, and maintained a dangerous sitting position.

“Is that okay?” Oliver chuckled. “I heard the sound of a carriage.”

“It’s a caravan.” Nemo’s voice habitually brought out a little discomfort. “But don’t worry, they won’t see or hear anything—”

However, his hand that was about to cast a spell was suddenly clasped by Oliver.

“At this distance and forward trajectory, even if they don’t cast a spell, they can’t see us.” Oliver bit Nemo’s earlobes lightly, without pausing in his body movements. “As for the sound… I think it’s fine.”

“Nice try.”

Nemo tensed his back, and in the gradually increasing pleasure, the blood seemed to turn into magma. His ears buzzed, and his voice let out soft moans.

“But Ollie, you… That’s a big caravan. They brought… hunting wolves…”

“I don’t think they can beat Your Majesty.” Oliver’s voice was also intermittent.

Nemo chuckled a few times, leaving an ambiguous bite mark on the other party’s shrugging shoulder.

“Of course.” The pale cheeks were slightly red, but the calmness in Nemo’s voice wasn’t broken. He kissed those emerald eyes and moved cooperatively. “If you want to ‘dominate’ me, you still have a long way to go… my Sir Knight.”

The eyes and smell of wolves were countless times sharper than those of humans, and the one guarding the caravan was naturally no exception.

It lifted its nose and was pretty sure it smelled something similar to a human. The wolf stopped hesitantly, focused its magic on its eyes, and looked at the source of the smell…

It looked like two humans. They had almost no clothes left on them, and they were busy with… something it couldn’t understand. The young man with a darker complexion was facing him with his sweaty back full of deep scars, posing at an angle suitable for attacking.

And the other young man sitting on him had pale skin and black hair scattered on his shoulders.

The black-haired young man held the other man’s shoulder tightly with one hand, pressing his fingertips into the strong muscles, while the other hand was slightly raised. His index finger was pressed to his lips, which looked like a human gesture of ‘be quiet’.

The silver eyes were like melted silver in the sun, and the cross-eyed pupils were particularly dazzling.

The sense of oppression suddenly slammed into its head, and the tail of the wolf suddenly drooped down. Anyway, these two humans weren’t planning to come over, so it turned its heads with limited capacity and decided to pretend that it hadn’t seen anything.

The driver tugged at his beard and smacked his mouth.

“Just now, that wolf stopped for a while. Will it…”

“It’s daytime now. Why care so much? I heard that the expeditionary force is coming back. This is a good opportunity. If we get there late, the good items will be robbed by those old foxes—when the time comes, everyone will come over, and there will be nothing to sell. Then we’ll be hung by the boss in front of the store.”

That’s right. The driver glanced at the wolf again. Except for the tail sandwiched behind it, it didn’t show much abnormality. Thus, he just shrugged, yawned, and sped up the carriage.

The sun was shining, and there was no trace of clouds in the sky.

This was just an ordinary summer day, no different from the past.

The author has something to say:

Let me turn off the lights for the two newlyweds on the last day of 2018*—·*·: ε(ε:)

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, this was much more descriptive than the previous scenes, so worth it.

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