Happy Doomsday Ch26

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 26: Tactile Exercises

The texture of the dead wall was dark and dense, cold to the touch, which made it difficult to distinguish whether the materials were metal or stone. It was about five meters wide. Tang Yibu took a few steps forward, jumped off the wall, and landed in the sand with Ruan Xian.

The Sea of Ruins, composed of long buildings, was still some distance away from them.

Tang Yibu returned to his usual expressionless face. Seeing Ruan Xian standing firmly on the wasteland, he took Ruan Xian’s backpack and carried it, and walked straight to the long building floating in the distance. Ruan Xian glanced behind him, and the high, dark wall behind him sucked away all the light, and the space seemed to be cut off, revealing the nothingness behind it.

He could still smell the forests and grasslands on the other side of the wall, but the vibrant smell was muted a lot.

“We’re just going to walk over like this?” According to their current speed estimate, it would take at least until dawn. The ground under their feet was rugged, which wasn’t suitable for driving.

“The closer you get to that place, the higher the security and surveillance,” Tang Yibu explained patiently. “Intense exercise also consumes a lot of calories, and our supplies are insufficient.”

“You just said that MUL-01 has more relaxed management here.”

“Those surveillance belongs to humans,” Tang Yibu added.

Ruan Xian stopped. He frowned, closed his eyes, and began to listen—The wind blew through the dry grass stems, insects and mice rustled over the sand. A little further away, there was an electronic sound, the squeak of metal friction, and…

Once again, the sounds in his ears became like a rumbling flood. His eardrum was pierced like a needle, and the severe pain caused him to squat down instinctively. This time, Ruan Xian was more experienced. He immediately covered his ears with both hands and reduced the volume of the sound that was brain-shattering, leaving only the sound he heard was blood flowing through his blood vessels.

“You listen too hard.” When he opened his eyes again, Tang Yibu had already sat down opposite of him. “The perception ability of the S-type Prototype is indeed powerful, but your information processing power is limited.”

“Information processing power?” Ruan Xian put his hands down. His eardrums were still aching faintly.

“Yes. Pictures, sounds, and smells all contain a lot of information. This is a typical reaction to information overload. Come on, add some calories.” Tang Yibu turned Ruan Xian’s bag to his body, took out the small package containing food, broke half of a salt bean cake, and handed it over.

Ruan Xian took the salt bean cake and didn’t move. “Last time when something went wrong, I didn’t have much to listen to.”

“Your brain is gradually adapting.” Tang Yibu chewed up the remaining half of the cake. “This is a good phenomenon. Your electronic brain has good performance, at least better than the human brain. This level of information is enough to make the human brain lose function.”

After eating the salt bean cake in his hand, the android clapped his hands and stood up. He reached out to pull up Ruan Xian.

Ruan Xian didn’t plan to stand up. He quickly extracted the information he wanted. “I can consciously train it to adapt faster.”

Tang Yibu retracted his hand. “Why? I can protect you. This information is enough for us.”

After thinking for a moment, Ruan Xian stood up. He had obtained useful information and had to put the brakes on the car before the conversation slid into a more dangerous direction. He wasn’t in a rush to train at that moment.

“I’m just talking casually.” He smiled.

Tang Yibu, however, didn’t intend to let it go and instead looked at him with interest. His golden eyes were particularly conspicuous in the dark. “You’re lying.”

The smile on Ruan Xian’s face froze. He thought that his response was perfect, but the android must have noticed something.

“I lied to you.” Tang Yibu looked serious. “Your reaction just now tells me you were indeed lying previously.”


“You want to train your abilities, gain more information advantages, and find a way to get rid of this earring. right?” Tang Yibu pointed to Ruan Xian’s stud earring while Ruan Xian still remained frozen like a dummy. “No problem. I can help you train your abilities.”

“Why?” The smile on Ruan Xian’s face completely disappeared.

“Because no matter whether I intervene or not, you will always find a way to do it.” Tang Yibu spread his hands. “‘Helping you’ can reduce the possibility of you falling into danger as a result, and it can also increase the probability of gaining your goodwill.”

Ruan Xian began to consider whether there was something wrong with the design of this android in front of him.

“Saying this out loud won’t help your plan,” he responded dryly.

“You can think of this yourself. There’s no difference between saying it or not.”

“…No, I never thought you wanted me to have a favorable impression of you.” For some reason, Ruan Xian felt a little uncomfortable. He thought perhaps it was because the earring was still emitting a foreign body sensation on the earlobe.

Tang Yibu widened his eyes slightly. “But you obviously did the same—choosing the most acceptable personality among humans and even increasing your own risks for them. You want the humans in the refuge to agree with you, even if those good feelings are of no practical use.”

He paused, took a step closer, and stared into Ruan Xian’s eyes. “You have had emotions similar to anger towards me a few times before, and you suppressed them all. At that time, our conflict was indeed disadvantageous for you… But your disguise was so proficient that I thought it was because you wanted ‘no conflict’.”

Ruan Xian secretly squeezed the salt bean cake in his hand, almost crushing the poor cake.

“Now you are pretending again.” Tang Yibu shook his head. “We’re already in a partnership. You—”

“I don’t need to please you. You’re right. I shouldn’t make unnecessary disguises.” Ruan Xian hissed, and his voice became cold. “It was my mistake in judgement. After all, your appearance is too close to human beings.”

Maybe he should lose his temper. After throwing out the response, Ruan Xian felt a little dazed. Tang Yibu’s straightforward explanation brought a certain pain, like being stripped. Those disguises had long become an essential part of his life, and he never thought they would be a problem that needed to be addressed.

[Well done.] His foster mother would always praise him like this. [Xianxian is so smart, he can definitely act as a gentle person. As long as you behave like this, there is no danger. Everyone will not be afraid of you. Remember?]

Anger was dangerous, indifference was dangerous, and dissatisfaction was also dangerous. He must hide them well; hide them behind a smile, and even if he wanted to show them, he couldn’t vent in person. Everyone knew that although the ugly “wheelchair monster” in the institute had terrible intelligence, his personality was extremely good-tempered.

Now, he wanted to lose his temper at Tang Yibu but found that he had long forgotten how to vent his anger. As usual, after a brief appearance, it sank into his heart again and became part of the dark torrent. His emotions quickly cooled down.

And Tang Yibu just stood in front of him, waiting for him to lose his temper, which only made this more frustrating for Ruan Xian.

“Forget it, let’s keep going.” He took a few deep breaths and took the first step.

“Okay.” Tang Yibu blinked. “Now give me your hand.”


“I said I will help you practice.” Tang Yibu picked up a piece of broken gravel from the ground, used it to draw something in the palm of his hand, and then went around to Ruan Xian’s right side. He reached out and grabbed his right hand. “Including that piece of salt bean cake. If you don’t have an appetite, I can also help you eat some.”

“What do I need to do?” Ruan Xian stuffed the cake into his mouth, causing him to cough a few times as he almost choked on it.

“Feel.” Tang Yibu let out a small sigh and moved his fingers. “Don’t look, listen, or smell. Focus on your right hand and feel the touch.”

The two just walked forward hand in hand that Ruan Xian suddenly felt that the scene was a bit silly, but before he had time to laugh bitterly in his heart, the touch of his hand took away all his attention.

He had never been hugged before because of skin lesions caused by his genetic diseases, and no one had ever held his hand. Although the one next to him wasn’t considered a person, that hand felt very warm. Fate was indeed crazy. When the world was functioning normally, he seemed to be living in a space that no one else could touch. Now the wreckage of the human world was tumbling before his eyes, and he had touched human skin for the first time.

“…To what extent do I need to feel?” Concentration was fruitless. Ruan Xian had to ask for clarity.

“I wrote a sentence in the palm of your hand, and the traces of dust are still there. When you can parse that sentence accurately, the basic tactile training will be completed. With the foundation, other training will be much better.”

Ruan Xian shook his head and tried to concentrate on his right hand…

The friction between the skin quickly turned into severe pain, and cold sweat instantly wetted his back. Ruan Xian suppressed his scream and hissed.

“You’re overloading. Adjust the concentration level.” Tang Yibu reminded.

However, the adjustment of concentration was futile. What Tang Yibu just said was equivalent to when trying to cook and the instructions just said, “add the right amount of water”. Ruan Xian wiped the sweat from his forehead with his left hand and continued walking forward at Tang Yibu’s pace.

The severe pain turned into a tingle and then into a gentle numbness with a slight itch. He felt something in it, but the feeling of skin-to-skin contact was too beautiful, and the layer of dust was too small. He was in a trance for a while, trying to identify the rough impurities from the warmth, until Tang Yibu released his hand.

“It scattered.” The android regretfully retracted his hand and wrote in the palm of his hand again. “Try again.”

But before Ruan Xian had time to stretch out his hand, Tang Yibu changed his posture. The android stopped vigilantly and stood in front of him. Ruan Xian was stunned for half a second, and quickly pulled out his pair of guns. His mind that was originally concentrated on the right hand dispersed.

It seemed that it was not humans that Tang Yibu was wary of.

Making sure that there was really nothing approaching. Ruan Xian raised his head and looked in the direction of the Sea of Ruins.

A dark red light illuminated half of the night sky. The surface of the long line of buildings suddenly ignited with a raging fire, mixed with many huge electric arcs. Ruan Xian narrowed his eyes. He could barely distinguish what it was through the smoke and flames…

It was two ships.

Two large ships floated near the long line of the building, frantically attacking each other. Without having to specifically strengthen his hearing, Ruan Xian could also hear the rumble of the battle. One of them had clearly fallen behind. It changed direction, dragging billowing smoke and fire, and rushed straight in the direction of where they were, like a plane that was about to crash.

“…” Ruan Xian calculated its falling orbit. Even if he was sure that it would not really hit them, he still grabbed Tang Yibu and moved back.

“It’s similar to what I heard.” Tang Yibu stared at the rushing ship. “Mr. Ruan, welcome to the Sea of Ruins.”

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