Bu Tian Gang Ch91

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 91

When Liu Qingbo sneezed, it caused Dong Zhi to slightly curl up subconsciously in the blanket. Liu Qingbo glanced at him and, seeing that the other party was still in a deep sleep, he didn’t wake him up and continued to read his book.

They wanted to book a high-speed train, but the time was too tight and there weren’t any seats available, so they had to fly instead.

As soon as the two sat down, Dong Zhi began to doze off without saying a word, but he didn’t sleep well.

His dreams had many shadows in them. Countless pictures passed like lanterns, chaotic and confusing. He reached out to them but was unable to catch any frames. While in a trance, it seemed that he was on a familiar street with dim lights. He walked side by side with Long Shen as they headed to a place in front of them.

And he hoped the road would never end.

Neither person spoke. If no one started a topic, they would both remain silent forever.

Dong Zhi couldn’t help but speak up. “Master, please walk slower. I have something to say to you.”

The person by him gave a hum in a low voice and slowed down his pace.

Dong Zhi smiled slightly and confessed the feelings in reality that couldn’t easily be revealed. “Master, I like you.”

“Like me?” the other party repeated in confusion.

“Yes, like the… romantic kind.”

“How much do you like me?” the other party asked.

“I don’t know, but it can be called love.” Dong Zhi mustered up the courage to say.

The other party asked again, “Then are you willing to sacrifice your life for me?”

Dong Zhi was taken aback, trying to say that he would, but he faintly felt something was wrong. His master, even when he heard the word “like” told him to give up. He wouldn’t ask such a thing.

Was this really his master?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help turning his head and trying to see the face of the person in front of him. The other party also happened to look at him and smiled slightly. The appearance was almost enchanting, but…

It wasn’t Long Shen!

Dong Zhi was so startled that he subconsciously wanted to retreat, but his neck was grabbed tightly by his opponent.

“Didn’t you say that I’m your master?”

The strength of the person holding his neck was getting stronger. He placed his other hand on Dong Zhi’s side so forcefully that Dong Zhi couldn’t break away. He stretched out his hand to touch the Changshou Sword but found that it wasn’t there and the talisman in his pockets was missing. He could only watch the face of the beautiful but strange face as it approached him gradually, showing a gentle but extreme smile.

With nowhere to escape or retreat, his breathing gradually became difficult. His face changed from red to purple, and his hands involuntarily clung to his opponent’s wrist. He sank his fingers deeply into them, but his struggles felt as if he was trying to break a stone with an egg, so weak that it was negligible.

“Your master is gone, so it’s better for me to replace him.” The other party’s breath sprayed on his face, and it felt as real as if this wasn’t a dream. “I promise that I will treat you well and refine your soul into a part of my body.”


The shackles on his neck slowly tightened, and the opponent enjoyed the pleasure of playing with his prey. He wasn’t in a hurry to kill him immediately as he continued to watch him sink in pain little by little.

What should I do without my sword or talismans?

Dong Zhi closed his eyes and recited a mantra, praying to God in his heart.

Dong Zhi, disciple of the Hezao Sect, sincerely implores if there are any spirits of the yin gods from the heavens to help this disciple.

Dong Zhi, disciple of the Hezao Sect, sincerely implores if there are any spirits of the yin gods from the heavens to help this disciple…

This time he didn’t try to find a righteous God anymore, as he didn’t know who would answer his call, just as long as they could dispel the enemy first.

Blood rushed up from his throat and he resisted until the mantra was completely recited. Then he stopped suppressing himself and spurted out the blood.

His chest was empty, and he vomited like a boulder. Bright red dots splashed on the opponent’s face. The man’s strange smile stagnated for a short time, and Dong Zhi took that opportunity to smack his handprint on the opponent!

The light in front of him suddenly became so dazzling that he couldn’t open his eyes. In a daze, he seemed to see the shadow of the Changshou Sword flying past his head.

In the strong light, the man’s face was shaken and distorted, and there seemed to be a little surprise, which was immediately obscured by the light.

The strength the man used to choke Dong Zhi’s neck loosened and involuntarily caused him to drop Dong Zhi’s body.

Within sight, between heaven and earth, there was no end to the pale snow that was boundless.

Whether the enemy was dead or alive, he could no longer threaten him. Realizing this, Dong Zhi felt slightly relieved, letting his body fall sharply.

Far away in Beijing, Long Shen, who originally had his eyes closed and was sitting cross-legged as he meditated, suddenly opened his eyes!

He looked at the wall in front of him steadily, and it seemed as if he could see through the wall, looking into the distant void.

On the plane, Liu Qingbo was taken aback when he saw the blood slowly overflowing from the corners of Dong Zhi’s mouth and the choke marks on his neck had suddenly appeared at some point.

He wanted to wake up the other party but remembered that he had heard of a kind of sorcery that could attack enemies in their sleep. Waking up the other party rashly might cause them to die suddenly. He didn’t dare to move when he thought about it. He was anxiously thinking about what to do when Dong Zhi suddenly opened his eyes and woke up.

“Fuck…” He couldn’t help but swear.

“Are you okay?!” Compared to Dong Zhi’s injury, Liu Qingbo was even more shocked that he couldn’t help but yell at him and was wondering if that was still the same person. “Tell me, what’s my name?”

Dong Zhi couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “Liu Bobo!”

Liu Qingbo frowned and became more suspicious.

Dong Zhi patted his hand away and coughed a few times. “Feijing Sword and the three-headed python, I haven’t lost my memory and I’m not possessed…”

Liu Qingbo’s face turned blue and white for a while as he pinched Dong Zhi’s wrist and restrained the desire to kick this person out of the plane.

His pulse felt a little faster, but it was still normal.

Dong Zhi felt a pain in his neck, so he couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

“I was almost strangled to death in my dream.” His voice was hoarse and sounded like a completely different person than before he went to sleep.

“There is indeed a circle of bruises on your neck.” Liu Qingbo looked solemn. “Did you see the other person’s face clearly?”

Dong Zhi said, “I did, but it’s strange. I have never seen this person before.”

“The last time you dealt with that Yamamoto, didn’t you let the opponent run away in the end? Could it be that he came back to seek revenge? What kind of spell did the other party use in the dream that you weren’t able to fight back and let them flatten you like this!” Liu Qingbo became angrier as he spoke, as if he couldn’t wait to jump into his dream just now and strangle the other party.

Dong Zhi said weakly, “Brother, if I didn’t put up a fight, do you think I’d be waking up right now? The opponent seemed to have been injured by the light from my Changshou Sword, but I don’t know how bad the injury is.”

Liu Qingbo gritted his teeth. “Shit, he’s really ballsey* daring to attack a member of the Special Administration Bureau. If I ever meet him, I’ll lop off his head and chop it into eighteen pieces!”

*Eating a bear’s heart and leopard’s gallbladder. It comes from the drama “The Orphan of the Zhao Family” and is a metaphor referring to being very bold.

Dong Zhi tilted his head: “…I’ll close my eyes for a bit. Wake me up when we land!”

“Are you a pig? You can still sleep at this time?!”

Liu Qingbo couldn’t help but raise his voice, which attracted the attention of everyone around him. He lowered his volume and said, “What if they plot against you again!”

Dong Zhi comforted. “It’s okay. I’m not going to fall asleep. I’m just closing my eyes to refresh my mind and regulate my breath.”

Having said that, he already closed his eyes.

Liu Qingbo couldn’t help it, so he started recounting all their opponents who could be plotting against Dong Zhi. Although they had just entered the Special Administration Bureau, there were quite a few enemies already.

There was the matter of Dong Zhi killing Yamamoto Kiyoshi and stopping his conspiracy in time, but he was cunning and was able to escape with his soul, leaving no clues behind. Although he was alive now, his life was certainly worse than death. He probably hated Dong Zhi to the bone and would probably be ranked second—not first.

There was also the matter of Han Qi. Although they killed the demon and Han Qi died, the matter should have been resolved, but Hong Rui and Dong Qiaolan were also related to this matter, and they disappeared without a trace. These two people weren’t small, so they were a hidden danger. Who knew what kind of things they would plot in the dark?

Besides this, last time, under Liang Weiqi’s tomb, they used a cruel method on the three-headed giant python. Could the giant python also… Forget it. Skipping that thought there was the group of Japanese. Could someone from there escape alive and come back to seek revenge? But at the same time, a large number of them were there, and they shouldn’t just specifically target Dong Zhi to seek revenge. That would be acting rashly and alerting the enemy…

When they finally landed, he didn’t know if it was due to the meditation or if he had recuperated, but Dong Zhi’s face looked a lot better, except for the choke marks on his neck. Dong Zhi took out a scarf from his backpack and covered it up so as not to scare passersby.

On the other hand, Liu Qingbo thought hard the entire trip and didn’t come up with a reason, which only caused his spirit to wilt a little.

This time they took a special passage so they could bring their weapons on the plane, but in order to not scare other passengers, Dong Zhi put his sword away and hid it in the qin box.

At that moment, Dong Zhi took out the Changshou Sword and stroked it gently.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

The sword Long Shen gave him was, naturally, not ordinary. In his vision, he had seen Long Shen climb to the top of a snow-capped mountain to take the heart of the mountain and refine it into the Changshou Sword. Even if this sword wasn’t as good as Long Shen’s, it was more of a spiritual thing.

As expected, he was rescued by it just now.

“If this person can plot against you once, then he’ll plot against you a second time,” Liu Qingbo warned.

Dong Zhi stretched his waist. “I know, but I have to figure out what the other party is before I can trace it back to who is plotting against me…”

As he was talking, someone called as soon as he turned on his phone. The words “Master” lit up on the phone screen and suddenly jumped into his eyes. His heart thumped and his fingers moved faster than his brain as he pressed the answer button.


“Did you invite God again?” the other end asked directly.

“Yes, I was in a dream…” Dong Zhi honestly confessed to the dream just now, and he was ready to be scolded.

However, Long Shen didn’t scold him and only asked if he was feeling unwell.

Dong Zhi said he recently felt lethargic and was easily sleepy, but there were no other problems.

Long Shen listened and then said, “After you go to Shencheng, take whatever Tang Jing gives you. After a while, I will go to Shencheng and take a look at you.”

Dong Zhi became a little excited, but he didn’t dare act too happy. He could only pretend and respond calmly. Seeing that the other party had nothing else to say, he hung up the phone.

Despite being thousands of miles away, Long Shen knew he had invited God. He wasn’t surprised, but since the other party didn’t mention it, there was probably a reason why, so he presumably didn’t ask anything.

However, what made Dong Zhi feel even more strange was that in the past, Long Shen had repeatedly ordered him to never invite God again, but this time he didn’t scold him. Was Long Shen also aware of the unusualness of the enemy?

Doubts circled his heart as he recalled the scene of the dream over and over again. Except for the man’s appearance, which left a deep impression of him, there were no other clues.

The Branch Office had already learned of their arrival and had prepared a hotel that was next to them. The environment and facilities were at the level of an ordinary express hotel, but they couldn’t be picky. It was just two members from their small office coming to report to the branch leader, so it was impossible for them to be set up in a five-star hotel. It was already pretty good that they were able to have their expenses reimbursed, but young master Liu Qingbo frowned when he saw the express hotel and insisted on going to a nearby five-star hotel and spending his own money. Dong Zhi was too lazy to quarrel with him on such trivial matters, so he agreed.

The people at the branch office never showed up. Only one person named Shu He called and welcomed their arrival, then said that they had worked hard on this trip. They should have a good rest tomorrow, and then go to the branch office to report the day after tomorrow.

He hung up the phone after a few pleasantries, like a wave of his sleeve in farewell, not taking a single wisp of cloud with him*.

*Line from the poem “Farewell to Cambridge” by Xu Zhimo. As for its meaning, most likely it’s saying Shu He’s call came and went quietly, leaving no lasting impression. You can follow the link to read the entire poem (translated).

Liu Qingbo was a little dissatisfied, feeling that even if they came to report, the branch wouldn’t take them seriously.

Dong Zhi knew a little more than he did, so he said, “This Shu He is Boss Tang’s assistant, an assistant to a director of a branch office. He has higher seniority and level than us. It’s not simple for him to just call and greet us. If he really comes over, we won’t be at ease. Since we have tomorrow off, why don’t we think about where to go play?”

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes. “I don’t even know how many times I’ve been to Shencheng. What’s so fun?”

Dong Zhi picked up the event brochure in the hotel and flipped it over.

“There are quite a lot of activities in Shencheng this month. There will be an anime convention tomorrow and a private art museum with an exhibition of the Tang and Song Dynasty cultural relics. Huh, there’s also an auction there. Which one do you want to go to?”

Liu Qingbo looked at the brochure, but he lacked interest. He wanted to mention the anime convention casually, but then he saw a familiar name and couldn’t help but smile. “Let’s go to the auction!”

The auction was connected to the classical Chinese culture exhibition, which mainly exhibited some jewelry and cultural relics. It seemed to be a relatively private event, and Dong Zhi wasn’t sure why Liu Qingbo suddenly became interested in it.

Taking another look at the special guest, he saw the name Chen Guoliang. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he suddenly understood.

Speaking of Chen Guoliang, in the eyes of Dong Zhi, he was just a charlatan with no real abilities and only made money by his mouth alone. Even Luo Nanfang and Zhang Han weren’t as good as him, since compared to them, his eloquence was much more refined, which made the rich people of Hong Kong eat him up. They regarded him as a master and were willing to deliver money right to his door, waiting for him to give them guidance.

After what happened with Han Qi last time, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo took Chen Guoliang back and planned to teach him a good lesson, but found that when they walked in the industry of quacks, it turned out that they didn’t use the name of a Daoist master. Instead, they set up a front under the guise of “home environment consultation” that offered services to transform people’s homes into feng shui, which was a business that wasn’t illegal. Bluntly stated, one was willing to fight, and the other was willing to suffer*. If people had too much money to burn and were willing to send it to Chen Guoliang, then that was something they couldn’t prevent.

*This is saying that Chen Guoliang set up a business front so he could conduct his scheme rather than himself (think shell company), so when they came after him, they could only go after the shell company he set up (the one willing to suffer).

However, after Han Qi’s incident, Chen Guoliang became a lot more honest after being frightened by Dong Zhi and them. He didn’t dare put on the title of a master any longer. This time, he appeared as a special guest under the title of a senior antique master instead of a feng shui master, which was both quite infuriating and laughable.

It seemed Chen Guoliang was quite unlucky. When he was in Lucheng, he encountered Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo, and now he was invited to Shencheng, and they had followed him. Liu Qingbo didn’t like him, so he wouldn’t give up this opportunity to torment him some more.

The next day.

Just as Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo were heading to the auction, on the other side of the city, the anime convention was in full swing.

Today was the last day of the exhibition, which also drew the largest crowd. It seemed that everyone wanted to take advantage of the activities at the end of the holiday and go all out.

The number of exhibitors at the Shencheng Anime Convention this year hit an all-time high, and the number of people in attendance naturally broke the record as well. The organizers attached great importance to it and specially dispatched additional personnel to carry out security work.

Ming Xian watched anime and read comics, but he had never participated in an anime convention. For him, this kind of occasion was generally a sea of people. Instead of fighting for his life and sweating all over just trying to get in line to buy merch, he preferred to stay home and watch more anime. However, considering Tang Jing’s long hands and feet and his beautiful appearance as Yu Ji, he was still a bit fascinated, so he resolutely contributed for the “first time”.

Holding the ticket given to him by Tang Jing, Ming Xian was struggling to move forward in the sea of people. He tried looking around for traces of Tang Jing and had already started to feel regret faintly in his heart.

He turned over the ticket and saw his own handwritten notes on it. C606, the booth of the “Great Wasteland” game.

The number was auspicious*, but…

*Clarity: In China, 6 is considered a lucky number.

Ming Xian glanced at the booth closest to him. It showed 208. In other words, it was still at least half the distance from C606.

Looking from his position, he couldn’t help but dread it as it seemed like a black ocean with no end. Ming Xian’s eyes almost rolled over, and he couldn’t help but wish he was like a kung fu master in those martial arts novels. He could directly leap up and use the heads of people as steppingstones as he flew over to his destination in one swoop.

In despair, he took a deep breath and shouted, “Oh my god, who dropped this wallet. There’s still 10,000 yuan of cash in it!”

He originally wanted to say 100,000, but after thinking about it, that number would be too exaggerated, and 10,000 yuan was more in line with the actual situation.

The voice was enough for everyone around to hear it in the bustling and noisy venue. As a result, the people around remained unmoved. They didn’t even bother to turn their heads. Ming Xian thought to himself, ‘Is it possible that he encountered a group of people who regard money as dirt?’

At this time, someone sneered, “Your trick has been used countless times. Who would be fooled? The exhibition is so crowded. Move slowly! If you want quiet, go to a library. It’s pretty quiet there!”

Ming Xian: ……

The distance he could usually walk in a few minutes took dozens of minutes before he finally squeezed into the booth that Tang Jing mentioned.

The game “The Great Wasteland” was very popular. The company had a lot of money and rented an amazing booth that looked very conspicuous in the venue. Due to this, there were so many people around that it was impossible to take even a single step. Ming Xian stretched his neck and looked around. There were already several cosplayers dressed as ancient mythical or historical figures in the booth, all of them with heavy makeup, so that he couldn’t tell whether they were originally male or female, let alone recognize which one was Tang Jing.

He was suddenly patted lightly on the shoulder. Ming Xian turned his head, showing a look of surprise. “You’re here. Why didn’t you go up?”

Tang Jing was the same as when they met last time, white and clean. He was wearing a black shirt and trousers that made his figure look slender. It attracted the attention of many young girls. Of course, it wasn’t just Tang Jing who they were looking at, but also Ming Xian.

Ming Xian touched his sweaty hair and looked at the wrinkles on his clothes, which were a far cry from looking neat and chic.

“I just came here, and I haven’t had time to put on my makeup, but I’m not in a rush. Anyway, I just came to help. I just show up and stand there for a while.”

Tang Jing took out a pack of paper towels for him and then took him to the backstage lounge. Seeing him sweating profusely, he couldn’t help laughing, “It seems like this is the first time you’re participating in this kind of exhibition!”

Ming Xian was embarrassed. “Is it so obvious?”

Tang Jing pointed to his clothes. “This kind of exhibition is crowded with people. You’re wearing white clothes that won’t be easily washed when you go back. Also, you drank most of your water. When you really need to use the bathroom, do you think you can endure the wait?”

Ming Xian thought about the miserable process he had to go through to reach this area and couldn’t help but turn pale.

“Fortunately, you ran into me. There’s a bathroom in the lounge, so you don’t have to run a big circle,” Tang Jing said with a smile.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have come to this place, Ming Xian muttered in his heart.

“You can go ahead and work. I’ll just rest here for a bit.”

Tang Jing had to put on his makeup and change into a costume, so he didn’t have much time to entertain him. Ming Xian didn’t want to go out and face the waves of people. No matter how small the lounge was, it was still better than what was waiting for him outside.

Holding on to their cellphones and preparing to play a game, two staff members hurriedly came in from outside.

“He said he’s not coming? Didn’t he ask for leave yesterday?”

“Yesterday he said that Xiao Nong was here, so he wouldn’t come. I thought he was joking. Who knew he really wouldn’t come and now we can’t get through to him!”

The conversation was interrupted abruptly when the girl saw Ming Xian. She asked suspiciously, “Who are you? This is the backstage lounge of ‘The Great Wasteland’. It’s not for outsiders to enter.”

Ming Xian hurriedly got up and said, “Tang Jing asked me to wait for him here.”

The girl was relieved. “It turns out to be a friend of Tang Ge…”

Her eyes lit up immediately as she looked Ming Xian up and down, then said to her companion, “How about it?”

The companion nodded. “I think it’ll work.”

Ming Xian felt his hair stand up and was uncomfortable seeing this.

The girl smiled and said, “This little brother, we just happened to be short of an immortal today. Would you like to try? You can make some money. How about 200 yuan an hour?”

Ming Xian shook his head. “Sorry, I came to see a friend, not to be a professional cosplayer.”

Girl: “Then, three hundred?”

Ming Xian laughed. “It’s not about the money. I haven’t done it before. I don’t know how to pose when I go to the front of the showroom. Besides, I have to stand for so long.”

The other party hurriedly said, “No standing! There are chairs outside. You can just sit as you like. If someone wants to take a photo, just take a picture with them. It only takes two hours. Please help us. Your appearance is good, so you must look good. How about I invite you to milk tea afterwards?”

 He was still trying to find an excuse to shirk away when a voice floated over from outside the room.

“He’s a friend I brought. He doesn’t cosplay, so don’t bother him.”

Ming Xian turned his head subconsciously and was stunned in an instant.

The lapel was fluttering, and he was dressed in a wide sleeve updo.

The appearance of Tang Jing in women’s clothing was too much…

He was like a fairy.

In fact, while he didn’t look like a woman, at most he could only be regarded as gentle and handsome, but after putting on makeup, he immediately became dignified and elegant, which complemented well with his cold temperament.

Ming Xian suddenly remembered that the other party was dressed as Yu Ji in “The Great Wasteland”. Although it may not be similar to the real Yu Ji* in history, with such a look and temperament, even if the real overlord of Western Chu was here, he was afraid even he would bow down.

*Also known as “Yu the beauty” was the wife of warlord Xiang Yu, who competed with Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty, for supremacy over China in the Chu-Han Contention.

Not to mention Ming Xian, even the two girls who had seen Tang Jing in his costume several times couldn’t help but still stare.

“It’s right to invite Tang Ge here. With you here, our booth will definitely be the top one today. I’ll let the security guards know to pay careful attention, lest people rush over and knock you down!”

Tang Jing watched the two girls run out again and smiled at Ming Xian. “Don’t mind. They are probably short of people today, but I have to go out. Do you want to continue to rest here or go out with me?”

If he went back outside, Tang Jing would now be a cosplayer working the booth. Ming Xian couldn’t be close to him anymore. He would have to join the crowd and become an ordinary onlooker.

“Actually, it’s not too bad to try it out,” he murmured.

“What?” Tang Jing didn’t hear him clearly.

Ming Xian felt a little embarrassed. His eyes darted around. “I said, I can also help cosplay and fill in the role of the person missing.”

Tang Jing raised his eyebrows. “Do you think it’ll be fun?”

‘No. I was impressed by your beauty and wanted to enjoy it up close for a while.’ But Ming Xian wouldn’t admit to that, so he simply nodded.

Tang Jing smiled inexplicably, but he didn’t expose him.

“Then change your clothes first, then I’ll have the makeup artist put on your makeup.”

To play the real Taiyi* immortal, Ming Xian had to wear a white wig. The outfit was also very troublesome to wear. Ming Xiang had never cosplayed before, so he didn’t even know how to tie his laces properly. Tang Jing had to help him, all the while teasing him.

*Was originally a philosophical concept but later develop into a star name (the North Star) and later became the highest god of pre-qin era (Taiyishen) who’s regarded as the emperor of heaven (equivalent to God).

“I really couldn’t tell, but you’re in really good shape!”

Ming Xian felt a little proud. “Since you say so, I’ll keep working out when I’m free!”

Tang Jing deliberately patted his soft lower abdomen. “When are you free?”

Ming Xian suddenly deflated. “Just… once a month.”

After helping him put on his wig and outfit, Tang Jing said, “I have to go out. You can ask the makeup artist to put on your makeup and then just come out after it’s done.”

After that, he turned around and left, his sleeves fluttering. Unlike the concubine who loved and hated the worlds of mortals, he was like an immortal who wasn’t smeared by the smell of fire*.

*Clarity: He’s saying that, unlike the actual Yu Ji in history, Tang Jing is more like an untouchable godly being (fairy/immortal).

Ming Xian was also playing a virtuous immortal, but he felt that even if he did eat the elixir, he probably wouldn’t have Tang Jing’s temperament.

But that was just his own feelings.

Many eyes immediately flocked to him when he walked to the front desk with top-quality makeup. Ming Xian also heard others exclaim in a low voice, saying that the quality of the cosplayer in the booth of “The Great Wasteland” this time was really high. The Taiyi he dressed up as was so handsome that even Tang Jing had a look of surprise on his face.

When he saw it, Ming Xian became even more nervous. Just after taking a few steps, he accidently stepped on the hem of his costume, and his entire body flew forward. Fortunately, he was stopped by an arm halfway in his descent and was saved from his fate of eating the ground.

“This kind of throwing yourself into the arms of others* is very old fashion, Mr. Ming.”

*(投怀送抱) Refers to throwing yourself into the arms of others to gain favor. The joke here is that it should be Tang Jing (playing as Yu Ji, who’s a consort) who should be doing this, not him.

Hearing the sound of the other party’s laughter, Ming Xian’s face became hot, and he couldn’t help but reply, “Yu Ji held a male immortal, and suddenly a collection of such dog-blooded dramas such as time travel, love triangle, fantasy immortal cultivation, a beauty rescuing the hero, and the likes aren’t so cliché anymore.”

But having said that, Ming Xian didn’t expect Tang Jing, who looked lanky, to have such strength. When he tripped, most of his weight was heading towards the ground, but Tang Jing held him without trembling and still looked as if he was at ease.

With Tang Jing and Ming Xian here, the booth gained immense popularity. Fans of the game, as well as visitors passing by, had come to ask for photos. All Ming Xian had to do was sit cross-legged and pose in a meditative posture, but even so he felt tired after a while. When there were fewer people around, he couldn’t help but stand up and stretch out his waist, expressing admiration for Tang Jing, who looked quite relaxed.

“Doing this for an entire day, how do you persevere? It’s so tiring!”

Tang Jing smiled and said, “I just came to help my friends. I don’t charge money and am doing this purely out of interest. This isn’t a job for me, but if they want to give me money later, I won’t refuse it.”

Ming Xian was curious. “Then what is your job?”

Tang Jing smiled mysteriously. “Do you want to know so much about me? Do you like me?”

Ming Xian spread his hands. “I feel like I have nothing to hide in front of you, but I don’t know anything about you.”

“Sometimes not knowing is better.”

Tang Jing stretched out his hand and stroked the white hair on his shoulder. The scene of Yuji and Taiyi talking in low voices and their heads being so close was too ambiguous. Many people picked up their phones and started taking pictures.

Ming Xian curled his lips disapprovingly. “I think you’re more of a novelist than me!”

Seeing that he looked tired and boneless, Tang Jing said, “Go for a walk. Don’t go too far.”

Ming Xian came back to life at that and decided to wander around for a bit. As a result, because he was so well dressed, many people came to take pictures with him and asked him where he was cosplaying. After Ming Xian pointed them in the direction, he suddenly realized that this might be a “conspiracy” set up by Tang Jing, who was treating him as a younger brother to try and solicit more customers. Wouldn’t this add more popularity to the booth?

He couldn’t laugh or cry and let out a sigh, thinking that Tang Jing was too cunning. He thought about putting such a character in his own novel next time, but would definitely make him the villain.

Unknowingly, Ming Xian wandered a little too far, and when he raised his eyes, he saw an anime booth that happened to use the image of Yu Ji. On closer inspection, the appearance of that cosplayer was far inferior to that of Tang Jing, and the booth didn’t seem very popular. Several cosplayers sat there unnoticed, and the entire scene felt rather desolated.

The “Yu Ji” was bored and was looking around as she fanned herself. Next to her was the “Overlord of Western Chu*” who was wearing a golden armor and was just sitting there with his head motionless and in a daze, which made quite a funny scene.

*Xiang Yu. Was a Hegemon-King of Western Chu during the Chu-Han contention period in China. He was Yu Ji’s husband.

Ming Xian couldn’t help stepping forward, wanting to touch the two long trembling whiskers on the helmet of the Overlord of Western Chu.

The “Yu Ji” probably couldn’t bear to see the “Overlord” being looked down upon, so she stretched out her hand and nudged him without much force, but the “Overlord” fell straight to the side, causing his heavy helmet to come tumbling off his head. The heavy helmet rolled on the ground several times, creating a loud noise.

Even though the venue was chaotic, this scene still caused many people to turn their heads to look.

The cosplayer who was playing Yu Ji was also taken aback for a moment before she hurriedly stepped forward to help the person up and found that the “Overlord” was soft all over. She thought the other party had fainted from the heat and hurriedly called her companions to help, until Ming Xian came over and probed the other party’s breath and pulse and said to her, “He seems to be dead.”

Yu Ji was stunned for three seconds, then suddenly screamed!

Kinky Thoughts:

Do I sense a side CP?

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4 thoughts on “Bu Tian Gang Ch91

  1. I certainly do…mortal and immortal again. If there are two handsome guys, they have to be cp!
    On side note…I really like LQB


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