Stray Ch236

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 236: Inhuman Things

Oliver didn’t bring everyone back to Return Town.

Nemo’s casting was terminated for some unknown reason, and the temporarily opened space passage quickly collapsed. Oliver, who had rushed to the front, seemed to have found a certain coordinate, and he rushed straight forward, forcibly tearing the almost unbreakable space in front of him with the gray mist.

Godwin opened his eyes as his painful burns were treated urgently by Debby. A cold liquid hit his skin along with a gust of wind that was scarlet and viscous.

With the complete loss of the Nemo Light’s support and since the rest of them weren’t strong enough to tear space, the leader of Tumbleweed rushed forward alone; the gray mist’s actions became more disordered.

But he didn’t look back even once. He didn’t know if it was out of worry or pain, but Oliver kept rushing forward faster, which only made his wounds bleed more.

Godwin gritted his teeth, inserted the sword into the stone platform, and forcibly propped up his body.

Barely maintaining the spell, Debby cried until she almost suffocated. She clenched the rod tremblingly with one hand and almost scratched the hem of the robe with the other. Tears couldn’t stop gushing from her eyes. Godwin hesitated for a moment, sighed softly, pressed her head gently on his chest, and took over the defensive array.

Debby grasped Godwin’s broken cloak with both hands, choking in exhaustion and pain.

Some time later, they finally saw light.

In a frantic burst, Oliver directly took everyone to the surface closest to the Abyss. With a sound of eruption, the stone platform rose from the ground and landed firmly under the guard of a defensive spell.

Oliver glanced around to make sure that everyone was okay, then turned around and walked in a certain direction.

Even if Nemo had endured part of the pressure to tear apart the space in advance, forcibly passing through the boundary between the surface and the Abyss was still an extremely crazy thing—Oliver’s body was barely intact, but he still stood, expressionlessly, allowing blood to drip onto the slightly withered grass.

He staggered forward, slowly and hopelessly, like a dying warrior on the battlefield, heading in the direction of his hometown.

The gray mist around Oliver began to spiral out of control and, instead of exploding, it flew across his skin, bringing up wounds after wounds.

“Stop, Ramon.” Godwin’s voice was hoarse. “You need treatment.”

“I need to find Bagelmaurus,” Oliver whispered dreamily, stopping, but he didn’t look back. “Its connection with Nemo should still be there. It should be able to feel Nemo’s situation. I can feel it. It’s nearby. I have to go…”

After just a moment’s pause, a bleak pool of blood accumulated under his feet.

The gray mist swirled crazier.

Godwin didn’t say much. He patted Debby on the back and stood up, ignoring the wound in his abdomen that had reopened.

In the next second, he flashed behind Oliver, raising his hand like a sharp knife. The out-of-control gray mist exploded, leaving several deep wounds on Godwin’s body, and then finally subsided.

“You can’t go now!” A member of the reconnaissance team subconsciously made a sound, supporting the red dragon, who was lying on the ground panting frantically, and stood up. “The escort is not over yet—”

“Shut up.” The Preceptor coughed violently. “It’s safe here. Let them…”

“Debby, gather Horizon and escort these people back to where they should go. I’ll pay for the operation.” Godwin neatly painted a hemostatic spell on Oliver’s black armor and took out a few sheets of healing spell parchments from his pocket, ignited them, and pressed them on his newly added wound.

Then he picked up Oliver. “I’ll take him to his companions. There’s a place nearby that has a clear demonic aura. Ramon’s situation isn’t good. He… needs his companions.”

Debby sobbed and nodded. Her throat seemed to be swollen, and she couldn’t make a sound for a long time.

She took out a golden communication crystal and smashed it directly with magic. The young mage’s legs trembled with excessive grief, but she forced herself to straighten her back and continue to cast the soothing and healing spell.

She was extremely cruel to herself, which was really… like her eldest brother, whom she wasn’t even related to by blood.

Godwin sighed again from the bottom of his heart, turned his head in silence, and carried Oliver towards the familiar demonic aura. This was probably the only good thing—that parrot had returned to the surface, so there was a high probability that the other reconnaissance team was safe.

“Hold on,” Godwin whispered.

His last blood relative was still unconscious behind him, his face full of blood and tears. Compared with a cold relative, Oliver Ramon needed a companion who he could thoroughly trust.

Unfortunately, fate was always capable of becoming crueler.

The Pale Hive half an hour ago.

Since they were surrounded, the reconnaissance team no longer had the need to discreetly hide their tracks. All the magic lamps lit up and fluttered around the team like bees.

Adrian quickly treated several of the more fatal wounds on his lower body and didn’t bother to care about the minor injuries that weren’t deep. He picked up a silver sword that had lost its owner from the stone platform and straightened his back.

“Jesse.” His voice was still clear. “Can you still hold on?”

Adrian knew that although Jesse Dylan was in poor condition at the moment, if the opponent wanted to escape alone, the chance of survival would definitely be much higher than it was now.

Jesse stood up straight and gathered the slightly scattered blond hair. He still had a smirk that one couldn’t see the emotion behind, and his voice was frivolous and rambling. “Like I said, I don’t like to lose. Not to mention losing to a bunch of brainless insects.”

Under the gaze of countless demons, people huddled together, despair and panic spreading like a fierce plague. The blond young man stretched out his hand and grabbed the broken collar of Adrian’s uniform and pulled him in to kiss the other party’s blood-stained lips without hesitation.

The knight commander frowned slightly but didn’t push him away.

“Let’s play something crazier,” he whispered ambiguously, wiping the dry blood marks on the side of Adrian’s face with his fingertips. “You can use all the moves you want, my love. Don’t worry about me. On the opposite side is just a group of demons who can’t even make it to the top. You are the ‘Shining Morning Star’.”

“You’re already very weak.”

“Well, that’s a problem. After all, I have been given a little ‘special treatment’ here, and I have to complain to Mr. Light about it.”

Jesse rubbed his lower lip with his fingers while muttering inexplicable words. The bloodstains left by the kiss were rubbed away a little.

“The situation is special. If my powers are completely drained, I may temporarily pass out.” In the roar of the demons, Jesse Dylan’s voice was very soft. “Once I get to that point, my appearance may change a little… Well, rather peculiarly. Don’t worry about me then, just take me back to the surface and I will wake up after I recover.”

“I understand.” Adrian separated his feet slightly and lowered his center of gravity. “I can do whatever I want, right?”

“Oh, if you are willing to say this on other occasions—”

“I’ll make it quick.” Adrian interrupted as calmly as always.

“Of course, I’ll join you in something this exciting, baby.” Jesse showed a bright smile and turned his back.

He raised his hands. This time, there was no longer a dagger between his fingers, but pure brilliance. Jesse raised his hand casually, and the white shield firmly covered the remaining members of the reconnaissance team.

Bagelmaurus originally wanted to try to rush out to fight, but it hit the shield with its head, and most of the feathers on its head were directly burned. It shouted expletives, flew back the same way bitterly, and protected the fuller goat again.

Feeling the breath of another person behind him, Adrian subconsciously bent the corner of his mouth.

Then the destructive surface magic fluctuations suddenly spread out. The amazing killing and fighting intent condensed into a ball, turning into an invisible, sharp blade. They stabbed at the gathered demons in a very targeted manner, and the huge monsters subconsciously retracted into the cave.

Since losing his power, the title “Shining Morning Star” had rarely been mentioned again. It wasn’t that the Laddism Church didn’t try to retain Adrian Cross, but the reticent genius refused the choir entourage assigned to him by the Church and willingly became an ordinary inspector.

His power showed no signs of recovery, and over time, the brilliance that had made countless enemies afraid turned into the dust of rumors.

A traitor who wags his tail to the Demon King and begs for mercy, how much credibility does that exaggerated strength have?

But at this moment, the former commander of the Knights of Judgement exploded into full strength without any scruples, and the rumors in the corner of those memories instantly turned into reality.

“Get lost.” The ordinary silver sword in Adrian Cross’ hand was full of brilliance at this moment, and his eyes were burning to the point that it was impossible to see straight. “This is the final warning.”

Not to mention the real target of the killing intent, several reconnaissance members who were affected softened their feet on the spot.

The demons twisted their bodies angrily, causing the Pale Hive to tremble with their movements and began to collapse. Some of the smaller demons pulled their heads back into the cave—after all, they had just gained freedom. Although they were hungry, it was more important to keep their lives.

Besides, there were only a few morsels of prey and it smelled extremely dangerous.

The rest of them stuck their heads out again, opened their saliva-filled mouth pieces, and rushed towards them with magic.

“I warned you.” Adrian’s voice was very calm. “Pardon my rudeness.”

Almost in the next second, countless star-like spheres of light lit up above their heads with shining trails of light attached to them, which at first glance looked like a sky full of stars. No one could see the movement of the former knight commander clearly. They could only see the ball of light hovering in the dark for a moment before exploding all at once.

A foul-smelling rain of blood suddenly fell in the large hollows of the Pale Hive. The fuchsia flesh and blood slapped on the protective shield above the head of the reconnaissance team, making an unpleasant sizzling sound.

Adrian didn’t stop there, he jumped back to the stone platform.

“Activate the dragon breath stone prop and get the dragon ready!” He directly commanded. “They are going to blow themselves up. Get ready to retreat!”

His judgment was accurate.

The thoughts of these demons were very simple. When they found that they were seriously injured and had no hope of healing, they would instinctively remove this danger to their own race—

A rich abyssal magic fluctuation suddenly swayed away.

The reconnaissance team climbed onto the back of the blue dragon one after another, and the gray parrot laboriously grabbed the leash of the fuller goat and pulled it up. Unfortunately, the Moonies who operated the dragon breath stone flying props hands were shaking so badly that they were half a beat slower.

The abyssal magic mixed together and suddenly exploded.

Adrian swallowed the blood rushing to his throat. As an experienced fighter, he knew his physical condition well. He himself had used more spells than he had ever used at his peak, and the power Jesse had supplied him with was purer than anything he ever had.

Excessive purity wasn’t something that a normal human body could withstand, and it could also cause damage.

Although it seemed okay on the surface, his internal organs were rupturing. If he didn’t leave in time…

Adrian gritted his teeth and activated the advanced guard spell again.

A heavy hostility surged from the depths of the Abyss and enveloped him in an instant. Adrian’s scalp was numb, and he almost thought he had been crushed into a meat puree by the hostility.

Jesse’s reaction became stronger, and the blond young man grunted and suddenly lost consciousness. Everyone had no time to take care of themselves, and no one bothered to tie extra ropes to this annoying Black Chapter.

Adrian grabbed Jesse, who almost fell from the dragon’s back with one hand. The force of hostility was so strong that he almost broke all his teeth from gritting. He barely held onto the protective spell, but there was still a lot of Abyssal magic mixed with demon flesh that kept pouring in, splashing the entire reconnaissance team’s face.

The dragon breath stone prop was finally successfully activated.

Adrian held the unconscious Jesse Dylan in his arms, lest the other party fall back into the abyss. Ignoring the pain spreading all over his body, he closed his eyes in the dazzling white light. Although his whole body was covered with demon flesh and blood, they were undoubtedly rising rapidly.

They were about to leave.

When he saw the sun again, Adrian landed on his knees and couldn’t stand up for a long time.

The excessive use of power gave him a splitting headache. His ears were ringing so badly that it was maddening, and his brain was dizzy due to a lack of oxygen. He vomited a few sips of dirty blood, and the silver sword in his hand was pitted and full of scratches.

His eyes were full of flying spots, and it took a long time to see the face of the person in his arms clearly.

In the next second, Adrian woke up instantly.

Jesse Dylan’s almost perfect face no longer has anything to do with the word “beautiful” at this moment. His face was horribly distorted, half of it barely maintaining its human form, and the other half was twisted into the form of a beast. An alien horn poked out of his head and the distortion continued.

The other party unconsciously opened five fingers turned into sharp claws, and long snow-white hairs appeared in the wide cuffs, stained with purple-black blood stains.

Adrian stretched out his hand groggily and gently touched the other party’s paw.

That’s it.

Sour emotions blocked his throat, and he opened his mouth, but he couldn’t make a sound.

“Routine inspection.” Rugo, the dwarf who finally recovered, said in a sharp voice. “Large contamination of demon flesh and blood, with the possibility of the presence of an injured superior demon. Please cooperate with the inspection—once you find traces of alienation, dispose of it immediately. It needs to be completely destroyed and thrown back into the abyss.”

‘No,’  Adrian thought to himself, and now he knew very well. No matter what Jesse Dylan was, there was absolutely no way he belonged to the Abyss. But the way he looked now…

He hugged the other party tightly in his arms, hiding the other’s terrifying face.

They returned to the surface, and now they could only wait for Dylan to wake up. If he fails to wake up in time… Adrian glanced at the silver swords wrapped around the spells in the hands of the Knights of Judgment.

As Jesse’s appearance changed, the spiritual sacrifice that connected them became more fragile. Not to mention that his physical condition didn’t not allow him to continue fighting; he could no longer use any spells.

He didn’t even have enough strength to stand up.

“Check.” Although hating traitors, the residual power of the former Chief Justice was still there. The tone of the approaching Knights of Judgement was dry, but it wasn’t rude.

“Please wait for us for a while,” Adrian said in a hoarse voice, holding Jesse’s head with his bloodstained hand. “My companion is not in good condition; he needs to recover.”

“Check.” The fanatic holding the sword frowned and clenched the hilt of the sword.

“Is there something wrong with you?!” The gray parrot spit out the leash in his mouth and scolded directly. “The two of them just saved your lives!”

“That’s what they should do.” The fanatical mage’s voice was cold. “The Pope paid, didn’t he? It’s their job to save our lives. Our greatest indulgence to him was to allow a dirty demon like you to wander in front of us.”

The gray parrot seemed to want to spray a few abyssal magic spells on the mage’s face, but it glanced at Adrian, who was in trouble, and swallowed it back abruptly.

Just now, the outbreak of surface magic was too intense, and it hadn’t recovered.

Compared with Adrian Cross and Jesse Dylan, who had fed him, Bagelmaurus undoubtedly hated the fanatics even more. It flew strongly to Adrian’s side, raised its chest, and stared at the sword, dissatisfied.

The Knights of Judgement didn’t wait because of Adrian’s plea. He took out a page of paper full of complex runes and quickly lit it in front of them.

“Jesse Dylan’s condition is not right.” The knight reported in a flat voice. “No aura of abyssal magic has been detected, but his magic fluctuations at the moment aren’t human and don’t match any information. There’s no record of such fluctuations on the surface.”

Adrian lowered his gaze.

“Wait a few more minutes and give us some time. I believe he can explain.”

He needed to stall, even for a second longer—Jesse Dylan always had a great mouth, and when he woke up, he’d be able to resolve this dilemma with the gibberish he was so good at most of the time.

One second, another second.

“Although I would love to say ’vote’, this is not a question of being able to vote.”

The commander said flatly, tugging at his blood-stained beard.

“Thank you for your dedication, Cross. As a commander, I must eliminate all threats to the surface. As a believer, I have to maintain the majesty of Vulcan Mansfield. Your companion is out of luck, I hope you can understand.”

He made a gesture and cut the air with his thin palm.

“May Zenni’s glory last forever.” With the consent of the commander, the Knight of Judgement simply prayed and swung his sword down.

However, the blade failed to connect—another sword stopped its trajectory.

Adrian resisted the attack with his sword and printed a light kiss on Jesse’s twisted forehead. He let go of the arm holding him and forced himself to stand up again.

“Cross, forget it, Cross!” Bagelmaurus hurriedly shouted. “You know him… You know he won’t die! He said he wouldn’t die! He—”

It had to tell the other party the identity of Jesse Dylan. This battle was meaningless. Bagelmaurus tried its best to fly with the last of its strength—even if the other party wouldn’t believe it, even such “disrespectful” remarks would cause trouble. It must…

A scorching white light bombarded down, and it couldn’t say anything, but fell weakly to the ground.

“The testimony of a demon.” The fanatic cast his eyes. “Adrian Cross. Back off now or it’ll be a capital crime.”

“He likes to lie.”

Adrian barely resisted the shock. He ignored the ramblings of the fanatic in front of him but looked seriously at the direction of the gray parrot.

“Thank you, Bagelmaurus. But I can’t watch him be thrown into the Abyss.”

A magical power slowly surged in his exhausted and bleeding internal organs, and Adrian turned his head with difficulty and smiled gratefully at the young choir member hidden among the fanatics.

It’s a pity that Hamlin Elmer couldn’t see it, he thought regretfully.

“I know he is stronger than me. I know he may not die. I know he may not be human… But I promised him below that I would protect him.”

The former judgment knight was covered in blood, but with a smile on his face. He stood firmly in front of Jesse Dylan, holding the silver sword in both hands.

“May Zenni’s glory last forever,” Adrian said softly.

His ears were still ringing badly, and the loss of blood had blurred his vision, but this wasn’t the first time he had teetered on the edge of death.

Counting the initial encounter, how many times did “Jesse Dylan” save him? He thought in a daze.

And when he was struggling to find information, this one was snoring next to him.

…A guy with an extremely bad personality.

“…And,” the pain gradually turned to numbness. He raised his silver sword that was about to break, and the arc of his mouth became wider.

“The cake tasted good.”

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