Bu Tian Gang Ch88

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 88

The police noticed the seriousness of the matter. Director Zheng came in person, and Mu Duo and Zhang Chong also arrived afterwards.

Dong Zhi was now the person in charge of the Special Administration Bureau in Lucheng. Although there was still the word “temporary” in front of the title, even so, he could make decisions on all matters under the jurisdiction of the Bureau in Lucheng. After consultation, both parties decided to cooperate in this case.

The scene was blocked, including the blood mass born from Han Qi’s abortion. Due to the unconventional aspects involved, it was brought back to the Special Administration Bureau for investigation.

On the other hand, they took statements from unrelated personnel, the focus being on Han Qi, since everything was related to her. Unfortunately, she was now in a serious coma and had to be transported to the hospital for rescue. If they wanted to ask her about the case, they needed to wait until the danger period had passed. Other people in the crew, including Han Qi’s assistant, were all key figures who may know more about the case. The ministry had to ask again for Mu Duo and the others to cooperate with the police to conduct a joint investigation.

Chen Guoliang was also taken away by the police for ideological education.

Zhang Han, Luo Nanfang, Boss Zhao, Hui Yiguang, and others were personally questioned by Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo.

The Lucheng office was so dilapidated that it was too embarrassing to bring them over, and for fear of damaging the country’s image, Director Zheng empathetically lent them a conference room with bright windows at the police office.

Boss Zhao was so rich and magnanimous that he immediately opened a room for them all and asked his subordinates to buy everyone new sets of clothing according to each person’s size, so that everyone could wash off the blood from their bodies and change into nice fresh outfits.

Two hours later, everyone finally washed up and gathered in the conference room.

Boss Zhao was impatient, and after holding back his curiosity for a long time, he couldn’t resist any longer. “Master, what the hell is going on?!”

Dong Zhi asked rhetorically, “Has Han Qi been pregnant once before?”

Boss Zhao shook his head blankly.

Hui Yiguang thought for a moment and said, “Three years ago, I seemed to have heard such rumors, and I also heard that this child seemed to belong to Zhong Huan.”

Zhong Huan was also a well-known male artist, but not as famous as Han Qi. He was on the rise, and his popularity was very high. Male stars generally had a longer shelf life, so it was conceivable that if there were no accidents, he would spend a long time in the circle in the future.

Hearing the name, Boss Zhao let out a long, gossipy tone. Seeing Liu Qingbo give him the stink eye, he quickly covered his mouth with his hand and indicated that he wasn’t making trouble.

Hui Yiguang said, “But you also know that there are many such rumors in the circles, some of which are false accusations mixed with truths and lies, so many people didn’t take it seriously, but her assistant and agent should know better.”

Dong Zhi nodded. “We will confirm this matter. I invited you here mainly to ask you one thing. Do you remember what you said before the black mist was wiped out by us?”

Zhang Han hesitated for a moment. “Yes! I thought I was just hearing things at first, but it seems to say… that it will make you—”

“Will taste the anger of destruction!” Although Luo Nanfang was old, he still had a very good memory.”

Zhang Yan: “Yes, that’s it, but there was also a string of notes in front of it. It was too long to remember!”

Dong Zhi said, “I hope you can recall the transliteration of that string of notes as much as possible. Even if you only remember a few characters.”

He and Liu Qingbo had a good memory, but they were busy at that time, and the notes were very long. They weren’t in English or Chinese, so even Dong Zhi wasn’t exactly sure he could remember them clearly, so he invited everyone present to come over to help recall them together.

Everyone began to rack their brains to recall at least one or two characters of what they heard.

But Mu Duo’s side had the echo first.

Han Qi was still under the operating table. The amount of bleeding was so great that it took a whole night for her to be discovered. It was unknown whether she would survive. Han Qi’s assistant fell to the ground last time and had glass shards embedded in her face. One of her eyes was almost blinded by it. After the operation, she was currently recuperating in the hospital, but she was still sane and could accept inquiries.

After asking, Mu Duo really found that Han Qi’s assistant had some inside information.

Three years ago, Han Qi really had an underground love affair with Zhong Huan. Later, the two broke up, and Han Qi miscarried the child. During that time, she was in a bad mood and was always suspicious. She felt that the child’s grievances were still lingering around her, so she became violent and lashed out a lot. Even her assistant wasn’t spared. Han Qi’s career had dropped into a downward spiral until she was introduced by a friend to a master named Songen in Thailand.

At that time, only Han Qi and her friend were there. The assistant didn’t follow. It wasn’t clear what they said when they met the master. She only knew that Han Qi was in a much better mood after she came back. She started talking and laughing, and her attitude towards her assistant was no longer harsh and irritable as before. After returning home, Han Qi’s career improved again, and she rose up the ladder, eventually meeting Mr. Hong.

“Wait, you said Mr. Hong?” When she heard this, Mu Duo couldn’t help but interrupt her.

The assistant nodded. “Hong Rui, the boss of Renhe International.”

This person was well-known, had invested a lot in real estate in the entertainment industry, and his industry net worth had attracted many people’s attention, which was why Mu Duo had naturally heard of him.

“How did Mr. Hong meet Han Qi?”

The assistant said, “Through the introduction of a friend. She met him at a dinner party. Oh, that’s right, that friend was also the same one who took Han Jie to Thailand. Her name is Dong Qiaolan, and she’s Han Jie’s former agent. I heard that the two had a good personal relationship, and they have been in contact since the termination of her contract.”

“What happened later?” Mu Duo subconsciously felt that everything was inseparable from Dong Qiaolan and even Hong Rui.

Assistant: “Later, Han Jie told me privately that Master Songen was really powerful. What he said would come true. She was able to walk with Mr. Hong and her pregnancy came earlier than expected. Thanks to the blessing of the master and the protection charm, her career became smooth sailing.”

Mu Duo: “So she was pregnant for a second time and the child belongs to Mr. Hong?”

The assistant nodded. “But recently, Han Jie has become suspicious again. She said that the dead child came back and that the master couldn’t calm the child. She was very scared. On the plane we were on that was flying to Lucheng, something almost happened.”

Mu Duo: “Does Mr. Hong plan to marry Han Qi?”

Assistant: “I don’t know about this, but Han Jie wasn’t in a good mood. Maybe she encountered something unpleasant on Mr. Hong’s side… I remember! She also said that the master said that the child she was now pregnant with was a blessing and would bring her good luck, fortune, and fame. The other child from before was unwilling to let go and wanted to come back to harm both mother and son.”

When she spoke of this, the assistant had a look of fear on her face. “I think Han Jie may have gone crazy.”

Seeing that Mu Duo couldn’t get any more information, she asked the police’s help to find Dong Qiolan and Hong Rui, while reporting what she found out from the assistant to Dong Zhi.

At that moment, Dong Zhi put down the phone and said to Boss Zhao, who was sitting to his right, “Do you remember?”

Boss Zhao nodded. “It seemed to be saying something like… Pasha Maha!”

Dong Zhi frowned. “Are you sure?”

Boss Zhao said aggrievedly, “That syllable is too long, and it fluctuates and is strange. I was so scared at that moment that I really couldn’t remember it.”

Liu Qingbo: “What I heard was, Saha Vima, but the ending was jumping too fast, so I couldn’t hear it clearly.”

Zhang Yan and Luo Nanfang also recalled the musical notes they had heard separately, and Dong Zhi recorded what they said one by one.

Finally, it was Hui Yiguang. She said, “I’m the opposite of you. I don’t remember the previous one, but the last part seems to be Bhatti.”

“Pasha, Saha, Vima, Maha, Bhatti.” Dong Zhi dotted his handwriting with a pen.

Liu Qingbo asked, “Then what did you hear?”

Dong Zhi hesitated. “What I heard seemed to be polo…ty, it was too fast in the middle, that I forgot.”

Boss Zhao said, “It’s not like English. Is it French or something?”

Liu Qingbo shook his head. “I’m sure it’s not French, German, or Spanish.”

Dong Zhi said, “Well, everyone, read what you heard accurately. I will record it for you and then ask a linguist later. It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember it well, but you have to speak clearly.”

Boss Zhao suddenly raised his hand and said, “Master, I know a linguist, but in Beijing. If it’s convenient for you, I will contact him right now. We can do a remote video?”

Since the battle at the hotel, Boss Zhao had also seen among these people in the flower stand who really had true ability. For example, Liu Qingbo and Dong Zhi who killed such a ferocious evil thing. Even the police were polite to them. They seemed to have deep backgrounds, so he wanted to chummy up with them. It was estimated that if Dong Zhi wanted the stars in the sky, he would be the first to rush up to buy a rocket for him.

Liu Qingbo said, “We want real linguistics experts, not fakers!”

Boss Zhao laughed, “Of course, of course!”

He met this expert, whom he mentioned, during a cultural lecture that he attended. Although a businessman like Boss Zhao was involved in the entertainment industry, there was still a large gap between them and the real cultural world. Coincidentally, the lecture happened to be sponsored by him. As such, he had a meal with the scholars and had to endure a painful conversation that made no sense to him. Finally, he got the scholars’ numbers, which he thought he would never dial.

However, life was indeed wonderful, and now that number came in handy today. Boss Zhao got through the phone and gave a brief overview—Of course he was smart and omitted all the sections about demons and monsters and only said that he heard something, but it was difficult to recognize what language the other party was speaking. He wanted to ask some experts and scholars for help. The scholars naturally agreed in light of his previous sponsorship, so he connected immediately to a remote video conference.

Dong Zhi and the people there took turns saying the notes that they heard. The four experts at the end of the video lowered their heads and thought for a while, and then each gave their own opinions.

Three of them thought the language was Sanskrit, and only one thought it might be ancient Hebrew.

Among the three people who thought it was Sanskrit, an old expert who specializes in Sanskrit lowered the volume of the video with the help of his assistant and said to Dong Zhi, “What you just said isn’t a sentence. It’s probably just a word.”

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo actually had faint guesses in their hearts. However, guesses are one thing and still need to be verified by the authorities. The words of the old expert undoubtedly further verified their guesses.

The old expert said, “If I guessed correctly, the correct pronunciation should be Pa^pi^yas.”

He paused and read very slowly.

Boss Zhao yelled first, “Yes, that’s right. That’s how I heard it; I remember it!”

Old expert: “This is a god in ancient India. Transliterated, it is Brahavima Vasavati.”

Liu Qingbo curled his lips: “It’s definitely not a good god, is it?”

The old expert said slowly, “This god, translated into Chinese, is Bo Xun*, also known as Mara, is the demon king of the six desires. According to Buddhist scriptures, it likes to obstruct Buddha’s practice the most, and its heart is always full of violent desires and evil thoughts, like thinking it’s fun to destroy the world. So yes, it’s also known as a heavenly demon.”

*Known as Mara, is a celestial king who tempted Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) by trying to seduce him with visions of beautiful women who, in various legends, are often said to be Mara’s daughters. He tries to stop Prince Siddhartha’s path to enlightenment, proclaiming that the seat belongs to him, but in the end fails. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara is associated with death, rebirth, and desire.

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo looked at each other at the same time, and they both saw undisguised shock in each other’s expressions.

At that moment, the phone rang, and Dong Zhi answered it.

“Mu Duo.”

“Bad news.” Mu Duo seemed to be out of breath. It seems she had been running.

“Tell me,” Dong Zhi said.

His composure seemed to infect Mu Duo. The other party gasped for a moment before she calmed down.

“Hong Rui and Dong Qiaolan have disappeared. The entry and exit records show that they took the same flight to Thailand three days ago. We don’t know where they went!”

The Thai-Myanmar border was densely forested.

There was a vast tropical rainforest area with diverse biology, changeable climate, and steep terrain. Even the most experienced outdoor backpackers wouldn’t dare set foot here easily, because entering this area meant it was easy to get lost and sick, or buried under the claws of beasts. However, the most dangerous thing was the complex and interlaced forces here. Human trafficking, the production and trade of drugs, illegal armed organizations, and unimaginable dangers and chaos within the peaceful world was staged here every day. The locals would turn pale and weren’t willing to take a step in.

Unknown flying insects skimmed the dense and thick forest leaves, flew low along the dirt road ahead, buzzing past the heads of the three people below.

In front were dark-skinned men and behind them were two well-dressed middle-aged man and woman, who looked out of place. The man was thin and tall, while the women was short and fat. It seemed they had walked for a long time as they were panting currently, and their legs felt as if it had been tied to lead as each step became heavier.

If Han Qi or her assistant were here, they would be quite surprised, as the two people had a very deep relationship with Han Qi.

“Dong, did you bring water? Give me a sip.” Hong Rui swallowed his saliva and felt the burning pain in his throat. Sweat continued to flow out from under their hats, and the poisonous sun seemed to dry out every drop before it even fell.

Dong Qiaolan took out a bottle of mineral water from her satchel, unscrewed the bottle, raised it to her head and drank what little remained, then shook the empty bottle to signal that there was no more water.

“You didn’t even leave me a sip!” Hong Rui said angrily.

If he was still in the city, let alone a bottle of water, he wouldn’t even put ten crates of it in his eyes.

“If I don’t drink water, I will die of thirst!” Dong Qioalan was obese, and she was most afraid of walking a long distance. Unexpectedly, they got off at some unknown small village and had walked for nearly two hours. Before they reached their destination, she was already close to her limits as she was panting more severely than Hong Rui.

“I have water here!”

When the guide heard what they said, he turned his head and handed over his water bottle.

Hong Rui looked at the stains on the bottle in disgust, but in the end, he couldn’t resist his thirst, so he took it and raised his head and took a big sip.

“What did you put in the water?” he asked the guide.

The guide explained in broken English that there was a kind of herbal medicine in it, which was used to quench thirst and cool off, and that it could also prevent mosquitoes.

Hong Rui felt that the water was sweet and delicious, so he asked him when they returned to give him some herbs, and the guide happily agreed.

“Is that the master’s stockade?” Dong Qiaolan suddenly yelled.

“Yes, we’re almost there!”

A word from the guide made them all happy. The two temporarily let go of their fatigue, accelerated their steps, followed the guide, and quickly walked into the stockade.

Hong Rui quenched his thirst and found that after they entered the range of the stockade, the disturbing flying insects above his head seemed to disappear.

Counting this time, he had only been to this stockade twice, and he still felt strange, and there was a faint sense of fear.

Dong Qiaolan should have come more often than he did. He wasn’t sure if he was hallucinating, but he felt that Dong Qiaolan’s footsteps seemed to have slowed down, and the expression on her face was more cautious.

Hong Rui ran an emporium, so he had met countless people. It stood to reason that he should have cultivated some kung fu on Mount Taishan, but he still had an extraordinary fear here. This feeling was purely derived from the weakness and helplessness of humans in the face of the powerful abilities of the mysterious and unknown realm.

Every time he met with the master, Hong Rui would taste this kind of helplessness and timidity. He couldn’t even have the slightest idea of resisting, so he would only be at his mercy. Of course, this was also something he was willing to do because Master Songen was indeed powerful and could give Hong Rui anything he wanted.

When they stepped into the stockade, they smelled a strange fragrance.

It seemed to permeate everywhere. It wasn’t the smell of sandalwood, but something more intense than that. It made people feel happy and light in their bodies and minds.

There were several stockades scattered around, with the middle being the largest. Around the complex, male and female servants in square skirts could be seen everywhere. They turned a blind eye to Hong Rui and continued doing their own thing. A maid was kneeling outside the stockade, motioning the three of them to take off their shoes and go upstairs.

Hong Rui followed Dong Qiaolan and the guide upstairs. He was a little nervous and wanted to find some clues to reassure him from Dong Qiaolan’s expression, but the other party kept her head down and didn’t give him this opportunity.

The guide opened the bead curtain and entered the hall. Hong Rui followed, and the light suddenly dimmed.

There were two people in the hall.

One person sat cross-legged in the middle, while the other knelt behind him.

The guide knelt down first, then threw himself to the ground as he pounded his head harshly on the floor. His body movements revealed extreme respect and piety.

Both Hong Rui and Dong Qiaolan knew him, and they bowed respectfully. “Greetings, Master Songen.”

Songen’s English was much more fluent than Dong Qiaolan’s stumbles, and his voice was also very low, with an undiscernible charm.

He held the incense in his hand and looked at the two uninvited guests, as if he hadn’t expected them.

“It’s not the agreed time yet.”

The house was cool and even a little cold, but Dong Qiaolan sweated more here than outside the house.

She knocked her head first, and then said, “Yes, but it’s like this. Everything was going well on Han Qi’s side, so we came to report to Master and have something to ask Master for guidance.”

Songen: “What?”

Hong Rui hurriedly said, “I originally wanted to coax Han Qi to give birth to the child first, but she insisted on getting married. But if she gave birth… and I marry her, wouldn’t that be a big disrespect? But Han Qi has been unstable lately. I’m afraid it will affect the fetus in her womb. What should I do?”

Songen’s eyes narrowed and when he looked down at them, it was more like he was talking with his eyes closed, but what took Hong Rui and the others by surprise was what he said.

“The fetus has died, and Han Qi is useless.”

Hong Rui’s face changed drastically. “This, this is impossible! I contacted her when I came here three days ago!”

Songen said lightly, “The child she was pregnant with before was locked into a jade charm by me to nourish her current fetus, but the infant spirit kept trying to resist, and this time even joined together with outsiders and strangled the container that nurtured Lord Mara’s demonic energy.”

“Then, what should I do…”

Hong Rui’s face was pale, like a dead man, and he didn’t have the slightest aura of being an all-powerful boss.

Songen closed his eyes. “My loyal tool has landed on the person who destroyed the container, and it will surely cause him to suffer serious consequences, but if it weren’t for your fault, these things wouldn’t have happened.”

Hong Rui kowtowed desperately. “Asking Master for forgiveness! I know I was wrong, and I’ll definitely find a better container for the Lordship again this time!”

Songen: “No, I have found one.”

He opened his eyes and showed a kind smile to Hong Rui and Dong Qiaolan.

“Do you want to see it?”

Dong Qiaolan wanted to say no, but she was afraid of offending the master. She glanced at the disorientated Hong Rui and said cautiously, “If Master wants us to open our eyes, we are naturally very honored!”

“Then come with me.” Songen got up and walked in.

“Keep up.” The disciple behind him turned his head and said coldly to the two of them.

Seeing that Hong Rui couldn’t get up, Dong Qiaolan stretched out her hand and pulled him up.

Passing through a walkway, several people came to another room.

The interior of the house was airtight. All the windows were closed, and a layer of black gauze was used to cover them. A row of candles was lit in the surrounding corners, and the reddish candlelight trembled and swayed, like the fire of life would be cut off at any moment, which made people feel suffocated.

Dong Qiaolan was taken aback as soon as she entered the house.

Because the woman facing her was standing in a glass coffin with an unknown yellow liquid flowing inside, wrapping the naked woman inside. She had blond hair and snow-white skin and a perfect body that Dong Qiolan couldn’t help but look a few more times. The more she looked at it, the more she felt that this woman’s beauty didn’t look as if she was a real person. She had been in the entertainment industry for many years and had seen hundreds, if not thousands, of beauties, but no one could match the beauty of this woman. It was so stunning that she couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh.

After sighing, she suddenly realized her gaffe and quickly knelt down and said, “Master, I’m sorry, I just lost my manners. It’s really, really…”

“It’s because she’s beautiful, right?” Songen smiled slightly, as if accustomed to her reaction.

Hong Rui also stared, but hearing Songen’s words, he hurriedly forced himself to avert his eyes with difficulty.

Dong Qiaolan nodded hurriedly. “Yes, yes! She’s so beautiful that I’m dumbfounded. Truly worthy of your title, as Master can find such a great beauty!”

Songen’s expression was also very satisfied. Looking at the woman’s gaze was like looking at an unblemished work of art.

“I also think that she will be the best vessel to give birth to Lord Mara. A hundred times better than Han Qi.”

Hong Rui wished that the other party would forget about Han Qi and quickly agreed with him. However, Dong Qiaolan couldn’t hear his thoughts and said inappropriately, “That woman Han Qi, is it fine to just leave her alone?”

Songen didn’t answer her question. At this time, there was a low groan from the side. Dong Qiaolan and Hong Rui looked at the source, and their faces suddenly changed in fright. Dong Qiaolan even staggered back a few steps subconsciously and fell heavily to the ground as her fat body couldn’t support the sudden movement.

Hong Rui didn’t have the mind to help the other party because his own reaction was not much worse than Dong Qiaolan’s.

The two of them, one a successful businessman and the other a well-known broker, had seen countless people all over the world. Outside, many people even come to them every day and beg them for things. These two people lived at the top of the pyramid.

But now, they opened their mouths, like frogs on the surface, staring at a certain point in the room without any demeanor at all.

Hong Rui needed to mobilize his own self-control in order to control his urge to run away.

There was a human head on the table.

The other party had an Asian face with slightly long hair and somewhat drooping cheeks. Under normal circumstances, it should look like a charming and handsome face.

But if it was just a simple head, it wouldn’t make Hong Rui and the others, who had seen a lot of the world, so scared.

The eyes on the head were open slightly at this moment, and it was approaching Hong Rui with a strange smile and greeted them.

Under a closer look, the other party’s eyes still rotated, and his face would twitch slightly as if he was no different from a living person…

With the exception that he had no body.

If Dong Zhi and Mu Duo were here, they would recognize this old acquaintance right away.

“Is it better?”

Songen was accustomed to the existence of this human head, and his tone was kind, as if he was greeting an old friend.

Yamamoto Kiyoshi didn’t appreciate it but said viciously, “Do you think I can be well like this? Why don’t you give it a try!”

Kinky Thoughts:


Is a celestial king who tempted Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) by trying to seduce him with visions of beautiful women who, in various legends, are often said to be Mara’s daughters. He tries to stop Prince Siddhartha’s path to enlightenment, proclaiming that the seat belongs to him, but in the end fails. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara is associated with death, rebirth, and desire.

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