Happy Doomsday Ch16

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 16: Deadly Earring

Ruan Xian didn’t look at Tang Yibu’s expression.

Tang Yibu didn’t react, and only a terrifying silence remained. If it weren’t for the steady and powerful heartbeat of the other party, he would almost think that Tang Yibu had suddenly disappeared from the room. There was no objection, no action; it was probably a silent approval.

Perhaps the android had already started timing.

Ruan Xian focused all his energy on the pile of parts in front of him; his fingers were flying. He didn’t know most of the parts, but it didn’t matter. They would always have a suitable location that would fit. As long as he could understand the principle, the whole process would change from simple mechanical assembly to some kind of breathing and rhythmic creation…

First pull out its bones, leaving the steel muscles and metal internal organs. The perceptual ability of the S-Type Prototype was really powerful. Ruan Xian no longer needed to use sophisticated equipment for observation and listening. Just by looking at the semi-finished products under his hand, he could imagine their normal function.

He completed it in twenty-nine minutes and forty seconds—or rather, they did.

Ruan Xian held two freshly made guns in both hands.

Visually, they didn’t look much different from before they were disassembled, and they were extremely similar to each other. The dim black body of the gun, the faint blue light shining around the flattened barrel, and the aura of killing did not decrease.

He closed his eyes, adjusted his breathing to calm himself, and finally turned around.

Tang Yibu still maintained the posture of crossing his arms. The healed wound on his right arm was still slowly seeping blood. There was no expression on the android’s face—no expectation, no tension; he just stared intently at him.

A false sunset was glued to the fake window, casting its reddish-orange artificial sunlight into the room. Between the two of them was a long table full of parts in boxes and tools. The metal utensils on the table reflected a bit of broken light, casting black shadows on the table.

Tang Yibu glanced at the gun in Ruan Xian’s hand, then slowly moved his gaze back to his face.

That inexplicable sense of detachment reappeared.

‘It’s a bit like facing off with a beast in the wilderness at night,’ Ruan Xian thought. The fear that came when your life was on the line couldn’t be suppressed. It stung the soles of his feet, entangled his skin like thorns, and finally penetrated into his lungs, making him unable to help but speed up his breathing. Ruan Xian tried his best to keep his hand that was holding the gun steady.

It’s okay. He repeated it in his heart over and over again.

The S-Type Prototype was hidden in the ruins of the laboratory, and depending on the hiding method, it was highly likely the person was probably Professor Ruan who was in the wheelchair.

Ignoring the motivation of his other “self” for now, in order to ensure that the S-Type Prototype wasn’t taken away by outsiders, just in case, the old android with human tissue was the most suitable prop. As long as the prototype was successfully contaminated, the rest would be easy to handle.

Tang Yibu probably regarded himself as an old android used to destroy the prototype.

The idea wasn’t much different from the facts. With his body about to collapse, he stumbled across it by mistake and encountered the S-Type Prototype. The dilapidated body inside was repaired inside from head to toe. In a sense, the S-Type Prototype was indeed “destroyed” by him.

[The natural brain is human, but the cybernetic brain isn’t.]

Not to mention the body that was completely mixed with the S-Type Prototype, was the brain that has been fully repaired and mixed with artificial cells still considered a “natural brain”? According to the definition of Professor Ruan, he wasn’t considered a “human”.

He didn’t need to continue to pretend. No matter what Tang Yibu tests, he was an “android” in the physical sense.

As long as this point held true, as a “similar kind”, Tang Yibu had no reason to kill him.

You’ll be fine.

“You’re not standing on MUL-01’s side.” Ruan Xian cleared his throat and began his first sentence of the negotiation.

Tang Yibu didn’t give any response but continued looking at him.

“First, if MUL-01 needed to use me, I would be taken away already, instead of dawdling on the human side to cause more trouble. With the technology of the Mainbrain, it shouldn’t be difficult to replace me with an obedient cybernetic brain.” Ruan Xian clenched the handle of the gun he was holding. His fingertips and the barrel were equally cold. “Second, even if it has other purposes, it wouldn’t send an ‘old model’. You haven’t received preferential treatment because of your human appearance, and the use of your abilities leads to a higher risk of exposure.”

Tang Yibu finally moved. He loosened his arms that were crossed tightly and hung his hands on his side.

“You shouldn’t have the means to control the cybernetic brain, and for some reason, prefer that I voluntarily cooperate with you. Considering your abilities and needs, I tend to think that you belong to a third party other than MUL-01 and the Refuge, and have or had quite strong technical support, but are limited in resources.”

Ruan Xian continued as calmly as possible.

Tang Yibu frowned slightly and didn’t deny it.

“Here is my personal guess. In addition to investigating the S-Type Prototype, the reason why you have been here for two full years… It seems that there are two possibilities. To hide yourself and to observe humans for some purpose, or both.”

The metal parts collided with a crash, and the corner of the table scrapped against the floor, making a sharp noise.

The clanging parts were swept to the floor. Tang Yibu lay on the table like a panther; his muscles were taut. The slightly long black hair was still sweaty, clinging to his neck, with a few strands hanging down his collarbone. The beautiful fingers stretched out straight; his thumb pressed on Ruan Xian’s carotid artery, and the rest of his fingers wrapped around his throat.

The beast-like sharp golden pupils stared straight at him with their pupils shrinking slightly.

The whole process took no more than half a second—Ruan Xian had just said the word “both” and didn’t even have time to close his lips.

With a slight movement of his Adam’s apple, Ruan Xian could feel cold sweat oozing out of his pores. He didn’t dare to breathe out, and his eyes looked at Tang Yibu without blinking, without avoiding the party’s hawk-like gaze.

“Reason.” Tang Yibu finally opened his mouth, which didn’t sound very pleasant. Ruan Xian moved his left hand, which was holding a gun.

“Now it seems that what Ruan Xian has prepared for you wasn’t ordinary intelligence and personality. If you saw through this, then you should be clear…” The tone of the android was devoid of joy or anger.

“It was a better choice to continue to play dumb in front of you and silently collect information.” Ruan Xian swallowed and continued to the other party.

“That’s why I need a reason,” Tang Yibu repeated.

“I don’t want much. Just a small favor, please.” Ruan Xian shrank his shoulders and moved back. “But it’s a long story—”

Tang Yibu’s posture was invulnerable. He was curled up and protecting all the key points of his body. The left hand that was stuck on Ruan Xian’s neck also ensured the safety of his head. If Ruan Xian wanted to shoot him in the head, his throat would be strangled before he could successfully raise his arms.

However, Ruan Xian didn’t attack the vitals.

Facing the tense Tang Yibu, Ruan Xian concentrated all his energy and poked out his gun as fast as he could. The muzzle of the modified gun poked the android’s right shoulder. He pulled the trigger decisively, leaving no reaction time for the opponent.

The gunshot wasn’t loud, like a fingertip hitting a soft cloth surface. It made a soft thud.

There was no sound of explosion or physical tearing. The wound on Tang Yibu’s right arm closed up visibly to the naked eye and recovered completely. Except for a few more blood spots on the clothes on the shoulder that was shot, there was nothing abnormal.

Tang Yibu’s frowning brows stretched out, and there was a trace of simple surprise on his face.

He loosened Ruan Xian’s throat, clasped Ruan Xian’s wrist holding the gun with his backhand and licked the muzzle with the tip of his tongue.

In the next second, Ruan Xian’s two guns all slipped into his hands. Tang Yibu fiddled with them half vigilantly and half curiously, like a cat who had just gotten a new toy.

“The smell of the muzzle… This is a fresh blood gun.” In less than ten seconds, he came to a conclusion. “The blood bullet you shot was destroyed by the heat, but the healing ability is still there. There is no pain at all. I have never seen such a design. The range is, um, about a kilometer?”

“If there are suitable parts, this range can be expanded. That way, you can be treated remotely.” Of course, efficiency issues aside, he didn’t want to kiss a male android at all.

Ruan Xian spoke while raising his empty hands, indicating he had no other dangerous plans.

“And the blood bullet of this one is stimulated and condensed by micro-current. It has no therapeutic effect, but it can be used as an ordinary firearm.” Tang Yibu threw another gun in the air. “Beautiful work. If it’s you who uses it…”

“As long as the recovery ability of the S-Type Prototype doesn’t fail, I will never lack ammunition.” Ruan Xian took the words out of his mouth. “In the future, I can provide more designs like this—killing me may guarantee your current safety, but if we cooperate, your survival rate can be greatly improved.”

This was the limit of what he could expose at the moment. The information he had on Tang Yibu was too limited. As a third-party force, Tang Yibu’s attitude towards humans and the Mainbrain wasn’t yet clear. Ruan Xian thought that he had tossed all his chips into the security category, so if he continued to blindly explain, he wasn’t sure which red line he would cross.

“This is your price tag.” Tang Yibu’s tone was brisk, but he didn’t seem to have any plans to return the gun.

“…But I don’t trust you,” he said.

“I understand.” Ruan Xian finally squeezed out a smile. “I’m the same way.”

The two looked at each other for a few seconds. Just when Ruan Xian’s smile was about to stop, Tang Yibu made a stroke with his empty hand, and a small operation screen appeared in the air. He grabbed the two guns in his left hand and quickly tapped the screen with his right hand.

The stud earrings in Ruan Xian’s left ear suddenly became hot, and he took a deep breath and shivered in place.

“Don’t try to take it off. It’s useless to cut off your ears.” Tang Yibu stopped the movement of his hands and explained with a stern face. “If I find that you do anything against me, the electric current it releases can instantly destroy your brain. I originally didn’t want to add such dangerous constraints to cooperation, but now that you have taken the initiative to expose your strength, you should be mentally prepared.”

“Indeed, small dogs can be held in your arms and petted, but wolves need to be properly locked in cages.” Ruan Xian wasn’t surprised. Before, Tang Yibu probably counted him as a mobile medical kit and combat aid at most, but now he had exposed some of his abilities. If the other party agreed to cooperate without any defenses, things would look suspicious.

They were far from the point of talking about “trust”.

“No, I haven’t activated it yet. You still have time to refuse.”

To his surprise, Tang Yibu shook his head. The android looked at Ruan Xian seriously, his fingers hanging on the operation light screen.

“On the contrary, I will find a way to erase your memory. There are memory elimination treatment services in the shelter. You should know.”

Ruan Xian touched the still hot earlobes with his hand. “If I agree to wear this… Well, a collar, are you willing to help me?”

“Of course, as long as it’s not harmful to me.” Tang Yibu nodded. “Declare it in advance. This does not mean that I’ll be completely honest with you.”

“As will I.” Ruan Xian stretched out his hand. “Give me back my gun.”

“……You’re willing?”

“I’m willing.”

Tang Yibu threw the two guns back to Ruan Xian and sat cross-legged on the table, with a little confusion between his eyebrows. “What do you want?”

Ruan Xian took out the food cannister from his close-fitting pocket and slid it against the desktop into Tang Yibu’s hand.

“Give it to Tian He. Just say it was the food cannister you picked up from the ruins. The label belongs to Zhang Yazhe, which conflicts with Zhang Yazhe’s report. Tian He wouldn’t suspect an android whose cybernetic brain was destroyed.”

“After all that trouble, it’s still just for those humans.” Tang Yibu shook his head. “I just need to do this for you?”

“I also need equipment that can access the database here.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Consider my subjective intentions when fighting. Don’t veto it. We should discuss it together.”

“Is there anything else?”

“…Don’t kiss me casually.”

“…If you insist.” Tang Yibu picked up the food cannister. “Let’s go, I think you would like to hear Tian He’s reaction outside the door.”

“Hmm. I need to clean up. You go out and wait for me first.” Ruan Xian pulled out a pair of underarm holsters from the mess and tied them to his shoulders.

Tang Yibu nodded. “Okay, I’ll clean up the blood stains on my clothes.”

As soon as the android left the room, Ruan Xian softened his legs and sat on the floor flat on his ass. The long period of tightness made him eager to lie down on the spot, and his heartbeat almost cracked his ribs. If he still had his previous physique, he would have passed out readily and rewarded himself with a coma.

Ruan Xian inserted the two guns into the holsters and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeves. Then he beat his chest and breathed out in fear.

A few minutes later, Mr. Ruan, who survived the catastrophe, still showed a little smile on his face…

He succeeded. He bought himself a little bit of room to play, a small crack.

And he will use it to open an exit.

The author has something to say:

Tang: On how it feels to raise a hamster to become a wolf←

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  1. So RX infected an S prototype with his human tissue before his body could break down after being rebuilt by those alpha nanobots and thus he like sucked all the vitality out from it and…became it?

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    • Yeah, I think that’s it too.

      I have the feeling I’ll need to reread this novel front to back more than once to figure out how things work…


    • I know right….. it seems a bit complicated because of the jargons… I had to read the prototype explanation part more than once just to understand


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