Bu Tian Gang Ch87

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 87

Han Qi was a big star with status. With such a large group of people, he couldn’t rush everyone in. Boss Zhao asked the drama crew to call and inquire first.

Who knew that the drama department couldn’t get through to Han Qi’s phone and no one answered when he went to knock on the door? Then he called her agent, and the agent said she hadn’t been in contact with her since last night.

Han Qi’s assistant had just been injured and hospitalized, and the new assistant hadn’t been sent over yet. The agent couldn’t get through to Han Qi’s phone, which meant no one knew what was going on with her situation.

They asked Han Qi’s driver again, and the other party said he hadn’t received any notice today, which indicated that she was probably still at the hotel.

Since Boss Zhao couldn’t figure it out, he simply said, “Then I’ll take you up there directly?”

Everyone had no opinion. Since the episode just now, Chen Guoliang had also kept a much lower profile and dared not be standoffish any longer.

The presidential suite was on the 32nd floor, which was the top floor of the hotel. It overlooked the sea and had a panoramic view of most of Lucheng. The cost was naturally expensive, but most big stars in the circle were treated like this. Some may not mind if the configuration wasn’t grand, but others were quite haughty, so they had to try to do their best.

Boss Zhao communicated with the hotel, and a lobby manager took everyone to the 32nd floor.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, Luo Nanfang let out a scream and stopped. Not only him, Dong Zhi, Liu Qingbo, and Zhang Han all frowned slightly at the same time.


When Boss Zhao saw them stop, he hurriedly stopped.

Luo Nanfang looked at the compass in his hand and said nothing.

Zhang Yan said, “Very heavy in yin qi.”

He took out his money sword from his cloth bag and looked like he was about to enter a battle.

Boss Zhao and the lobby manager looked at each other. They didn’t feel any yin at all.

“Where is Miss Han’s room?” Dong Zhi asked.

“Please follow me,” the lobby manager said politely, leading the way in front. Occasionally, guests passed by, seeing such a large group of people that they couldn’t help but give curious glances.

Luo Nanfang’s footsteps were getting slower, and he had already fallen from the front to the back, and the compass pointer in his hand was also turning frantically, which gradually made his face a little more solemn.

He couldn’t help but grab the corner of Zhang Han’s shirt, handed him the compass, and whispered, “It’s very evil. I’m afraid it’s hard to deal with!”

The two of them were actually not very familiar with each other. This was the first time they had met and had a few chats on the road, but Luo Nanfang was more willing to be with Zhang Han than Chen Guoliang and Dong Zhi.

Zhang Han wasn’t as scared as Luo Nanfang. The main reason was that he relied on his abilities and didn’t put ordinary demons and ghosts in his eyes. On the contrary, he was very calm. When he heard Luo Nanfang say this, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

When the group came to the door of Han Qi’s room, Luo Nanfang looked at the compass in his hand, and his heart sank more.

He usually showed people feng shui divinations, so he was considered to have seen the world, but he had never encountered such an unpredictable situation. How could such a great evil spirit come from a female star’s room and rush at them when they exited the elevator? What does this mean?

It meant that there would only be a more dangerous situation in the room.

Luo Nanfang regretted that he had agreed to Boss Zhao’s request, and he was also annoyed by his own curiosity, but now it was too late to say anything. Since he was here, it was too late to turn around, lest he damage his own reputation.

There were several people present, and he knew very well how much weight he had. It was fine if it was just feng shui, but he was an amateur when it came to exorcising and hunting demons. Chen Guoliang was just a showoff and wasn’t even as good as him. The other two young people may have some kung fu, but if there were evil things here, even the best kung fu wouldn’t work. Counting on this, the strongest of them all may be Zhang Han.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but get a little closer to Zhang Han as the lobby manager knocked on the door. Before that, the hotel called Han Qi’s room landline, but no one answered.

“Miss Han? Are you inside? Would you please open the door?”

After knocking for a long time, there was still no response inside. Unless Han Qi took sleeping pills, it was impossible not to hear.

In other words, something must’ve happened inside.

Since no one opened the door, the lobby manager had to take out the room keycard and open it. He told everyone, “If there’s any situation, don’t go in and destroy the scene. We’ll directly call the police.”

With a clicking sound, he pressed the doorknob with his hand and twisted it down.

A strong smell of blood came, and the lobby manager was so scared that he let go and almost closed the door again.

Zhang Yan pushed him away, took a step forward, and pushed the door open.


All they saw was red.

Carpets, walls, ceilings… Bloodstains everywhere.

Everyone was stunned.

Boss Zhao took two steps back in fright and accidentally stepped on Chen Guoliang’s foot. The latter didn’t even get furious because he was completely speechless.

The blood was blooming on the gray walls, and there were five finger marks that were deeply scratched in them. It could be seen how fiercely Han Qi was struggling at that time.

How much blood does a person have?

Is Han Qi already dead?

Questions flashed in everyone’s minds, and then they heard a low roar inside. It was like the last warning before an animal attacked. Sound waves vibrate the eardrums, making people dizzy and nauseous.

The living room was already in a mess and the furniture was in tatters. The sheets in the bedroom were scattered everywhere, and most of them were stained with blood.

Compared to the entrance, the smell of blood here lingered even more, like thick blood that turned into a substance and was suspended in the air, covering the nose and eyes, suffocating everyone and inducing nausea.

The sound insulation of the presidential suite was good, and the bottom floor may not be full, so the hotel hadn’t received any noise complaints since last night.

“I’m going to puke!” Chen Guoliang’s assistant and bodyguards had already bent over against the wall and vomited.

The others weren’t much better.

After everyone came in, they discovered that the movement came from the master bedroom.

Boss Zhao’s hands and feet were already soft. His face was pale, but because there was blood on the wall, he didn’t dare touch it to support himself.

Resisting the urge to faint, he and the lobby manager turned around and were about to escape, but just as they thought about it, with a loud bang, the door suddenly closed on its own, locking everyone in the room.

The lobby manager reached out to turn the doorknob, but found that he couldn’t open it, and his face turned pale.

Then he took out the walkie-talkie and wanted to contact the outside, but there was no noise or signal.

In the bedroom, blood was everywhere.

A cloud of gray-black mist about one meter in diameter was slowly circling over the big bed.

The circling speed wasn’t fast, but there was an inexplicable force that sucked everything around it in, like a black hole. When Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo walked to the door of the master bedroom, they were attracted to this powerful force and involuntarily wanted to go in. Dong Zhi’s old injuries weren’t healed yet, and his chest was churning. He felt his nose was a little wet and subconsciously reached out to wipe the blood from it with one hand.

As Chen Guoliang walked in next to him, he yelled in horror, “Help! Help!”

Liu Qingbo drew out the long sword behind his back and inserted it into the floor. He grabbed his back collar with one hand and pulled him back vigorously away from the dangerous situation.

Chen Guoliang staggered back a few steps and sat down on the ground.

“Han Qi!” Hui Yiguang cried out in a daze.

Only then did everyone see a person sitting in the corner of the master bedroom near the bathroom.

Han Qi’s eyes widened slightly. They couldn’t tell what the original color of the bathrobe she was wearing was, as all they could see was a lot of blood flowing from her abdomen and lower body. She remained motionless, and they didn’t know if she was still breathing.

“What the hell is going on here?” Boss Zhao shivered.

No one answered him.

The gray-black mist was getting thicker, but a closer look shows that the gray and black mist were actually two forces. They were at a stalemate. The black mist had the upper hand, while the gray mist was being swallowed up little by little, but its struggle was getting more intense. The air current spread out with this mass of things like a vortex and swept the entire room with a bloody aura, whistling towards everyone.

The violent wind and suction swept everything in the room to the ground, and then rolled it up and blew it into the air. Everyone had to hold on to the wall to stabilize themselves. Boss Zhao was smashed with fragments of a table lamp and screamed.

Zhang Yan gritted his teeth, clenched the bronze money sword, rushed up, stepped on the bed, holding a talisman in one hand and a sword in the other, he pierced the gray mist.

“The four great enlightened ones, heaven and the earth are eternal, water extinguished fire, gold cuts off water, and those who see demons and monsters will be destroyed, as hastily as I decree, break!”

“Don’t!” As soon as Liu Qingbo’s voice fell, there was a loud noise, like an air mass being pierced, and the airflow suddenly spread out. Everyone fell back to the ground, and Zhang Han hit the wall heavily.

The black mist and the gray mist were suddenly separated. The gray mist suffered double the damage from the talisman and bronze money sword. Its color suddenly became lighter. On the contrary, the volume of the black air mass skyrocketed several times over, flying towards Zhang Han, who was still dizzy and hadn’t recovered from the fall!

Zhang Han reluctantly raised the bronze money sword to resist, but under the pressure of the black mist, the Five Emperors money sword he had worked so hard to collect broke, scattering cooper coins everywhere.

The Five Emperors’ money1 was divided into different sizes. The small Five Emperors’ money2 refers to coins of the five emperors of Shunzhi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, and Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty. Because the Five Emperors’ money at that time was made of brass, and society was relatively peaceful, the copper money passed through the hands of tens of millions of people. With sufficient qi, it had the ability to exorcise evil spirits. The money of the Great Five Emperors3 was very difficult to find. It referred to Qin five-baht, the Han five-baht, and the bronze coins of Emperor Taizong or Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, the coins from the Song Dynasty, and the Yong Tongbao of the Ming Dyansty. It was really difficult to gather that many people together, so the ministry replaced it with the five-baht money of the Han Dynasty, which also knows as the five-baht money sword4.

1Refers to copper coins with round square holes in them. Ancient copper coins were cast according to the “outer circle and inner square” and “the unity of heaven and man”, which is like heaven, law, and earth. With heavy cultural attributes, in traditional culture, the money of the Five Emperors has the function of warding off evil spirits and bringing blessings. The five emperors, in the original sense, refer to the five heavenly emperors of the east, south, west, north, and middle.
2Refers to the copper coins cast by the five emperors of the Qing Dynasty, including ShunzhiKangxiYongzhengQianlong and Jiaqing.
3Refers to Qin BanliangHan WuzhuKaiyuan TongbaoSongyuan Tongbao, and Yongle Tongbao.
4So the takeaway of this whole paragraph is basically a money coin sword that looks like this comprises of coins from ancient China. This 
chart shows you what the coins look like. The top two rows show the 5 great emperors’ coins, while the bottom row is the five small emperors’ coins.

But Zhang Yan’s copper money sword was different from the small Five Emperors money or five-baht money swords on the market. This was a veritable Great Five Emperors money sword, and only a famous disciple of his background could get it. Who would have expected that this evil thing turned out to be so powerful that even his rare Great Five Emperors money sword couldn’t withstand it.

Zhang Han’s eyes widened. Unable to believe it, he could only hurriedly take out the talisman from his pocket and throw it at the black mist.

Although he was a direct descendant of the Zhang family, his qualifications were average, but for ordinary people, his ability to divine and ask questions was more than enough. In addition, he hadn’t experienced any thorny issues since being outside for decades, so it was inevitable that he was negligent in his technical skills. Unexpectedly, he had gone too far at night and finally found a nut that was hard to crack.

The talisman collided with the black mist, and suddenly a cloud of flames burst out.

Zhang Han’s talisman wasn’t some charm that could be bought for dozens of yuan online, but generally was an evil-warding talisman from Mount Longhu. Although for historical reasons, the Zhang family of Mount Longhu was split into two branches—one went to Taiwan, while the other stayed on the mainland—the things passed down by Master Zhang Tianshi, the one from Taiwan, he naturally inherited. This evil-suppressing talisman was painted by the Zhang family from Taiwan, so its effectiveness was naturally extraordinary.

The black mist exploded in an instant, but before Zhang Han had time to be happy, the exploded black mist immediately condensed again and swept towards him.

Zhang Han was dumbfounded.

All the changes happened within a few seconds, and it was too late for him to get up and dodge, so he could only pick up the lamp that fell next to him and throw it at the black mist.

The lamp passed through the black mist and fell on the bed, unable to cause any harm at all, while the black mist was close at hand!

My life is over! Zhang Yan thought. Like everyone’s reaction when facing irresistible danger, he closed his eyes subconsciously.

The fishy smell came to his face, but his body didn’t suffer from the pain of being torn and wrapped in the black mist as he imagined. Zhang Han thought it was strange, so he slowly opened his eyes and felt joy that he had escaped death. He saw the glint of a sword passing through the black mist and splitting it in half and inserting it into the bedroom wall!

Dong Zhi jumped up and ran to draw his sword.

The black mist that had been split in half trembled, and slowly showed signs of reforming again.

“Lao Liu! “

Dong Zhi shouted to Liu Qingbo, who had already reached out his hand to grab the sword. Without answering, Liu Qingbo took the sword out of his scabbard, and the sword’s light glowed endlessly, covering the black mist.

While the two hadn’t practiced in advance, after their partnership dealing with the three-headed python together, the two seemed to have a tacit understanding on the battlefield, and they could immediately understand each other’s meaning, especially at critical moments where things were rapidly changing, no opportunity could be missed.

Time reversed back ten minutes ago.

After coming in just now, although the black mist looked tricky and difficult to deal with, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo felt that Zhang Han, as a descendant of the Zhang family in Taiwan should be able to withstand it for a while, so they went to check on Han Qi’s situation first.

Han Qi was seriously injured and was dying, but fortunately, she was still breathing. Liu Qingbo had learned first aid and stopped her bleeding first.

There were also pools of blood in the bathroom, and pieces of flesh were hanging next to the bathtub. Only by carefully distingushing it did Dong Zhi recognize that it was actually an unformed baby.

How could Han Qi’s miscarriage cause such a big thing? Where did the evil black and gray things come from? So many mysteries lingered overhead, but Han Qi had fallen into a semi-coma and couldn’t give an answer.

The gray mist slowly approached Han Qi and seemed to want to drill into her stomach. Dong Zhi threw a sunlight talisman over, which seemed to anger the gray mist even more. The opponent suddenly swelled and shattered the sunlight talisman. The gray mist shook slightly and gradually turned into the form of a baby.


Delicate and tender, it didn’t look like a cloud of fierce gray mist.

If Han Qi heard this voice, she would definitely think she was having hallucinations, but Dong Zhi knew that it wasn’t one. The voice was actually equivalent to sound waves. Bluntly put, it was transmitted by the soul to the human body. Because the two side were located in different dimension, they may not be able to hear it.


It seemed to want to wake up Han Qi, and with a crying sound, the gray baby became a toddler; timid, adoring but not daring to approach.

Dong Zhi said solemnly, “Why did you attack your mother? What is that black mist?”

Mom… don’t want me anymore…

She found someone to lock me up… It hurts…

Mom is pregnant with my brother…

But my brother wants to kill me, and he wants to kill my mother…

When the gray mist died, he was still a baby spirit. At this time, his ability to express himself was limited. He could only stumble and convey some messages. What Dong Zhi heard was like a fog, and he could only roughly piece together a little truth.

“Why did she lock you up?”

Dark room… There is a person… It’s terrible…

I don’t want to stay inside…

I want my mom…

Dong Zhi asked, “Where are you locked up?!”

The gray infant spirit body trembled violently, as if it wanted to say something but it couldn’t express it.



Dong Zhi was confused, and after listening to it several times, he realized that it was saying jade. With a flash of inspiration, he turned his head and searched for Han Qi, and sure enough, he found a jade pendant on her neck.

The rectangular jade pendant was about a thumb’s length and wasn’t of high quality. There were black spots and impurities, but there was a child carved on the jade. Below was the text in Thai. The branding of the jade was indescribably weird. When he first touched it, he felt a chill seeping into the palm of his hand from the jade, and it almost made Dong Zhi subconsciously withdraw his hand, causing the jade to fall to the ground. The jade pendant didn’t smash to pieces, but another crack was formed.

Liu Qingbo stopped Han Qi’s blood, took the time to take a look at the branding on the jade, and said, “This should be a sorcery in Southeast Asia. A witch forcibly imprisoned the infant’s spirit in the yin charm through magic, implicating the owner’s luck with it. It influences and nurtures each other. As the infant spirit grows up, it can serve the host and bless the other’s wealth and career.”

In other words, Han Qi had been pregnant with a child before with this gray infant spirit, but later miscarried and the child wasn’t born. She found a witch and locked her child’s soul into a jade charm to improve her luck. Now that Han Qi was pregnant again, there was another change this time. The mass of flesh in the bathroom was the fetus in her abdomen and the black mist was the soul of the fetus?

Between the electric lights flickering, Dong Zhi could only think of so much, but he always felt that there was something wrong.

Before he could figure out a reason, Zhang Han couldn’t withstand it any longer.

The black mist was unexpectedly powerful. From Dong Zhi’s view, although Zhang Han’s ability wasn’t as good as that of Li Ying, who was also from the same family, it was only slightly inferior. It wasn’t a world of difference, but even he couldn’t suppress the black mist, let alone Luo Nanfang and Chen Guoliang. Just moments away from being killed, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo worked together to deal with the black mist.

Under the shadow of light from Liu Qingbo’s sword, the black mist not only didn’t flinch and show weakness, but became even stronger and even gradually turned into the form of an adult man. The lights fell on its head, and the black mist trembled violently, scattered but not broken, and it seemed like it was about to collapse.

Liu Qingbo increased his strength and pressed the sword forward another inch; the tip of the sword slightly pierced the black mist’s head.

At this time, Dong Zhi drew out the Changshou Sword and attacked from behind.

With a bang, the black mist suddenly exploded, and the powerful air current blasted the two of them away. The black mist opened its mouth and sucked the gray baby spirit directly into its mouth.

Only then did Dong Zhi understood that the black mist had only shown weakness to devour the infant spirit while they were distracted!

The two of them looked at each other in surprise from a distance, and a chill rose from the bottom of their hearts.

Before the black mist had completed its form, it was cunning and insidious. How difficult would it be to deal with it after it completes its form and grows?

Dong Zhi was even more reminiscent of the cunning and changeable Xu Wan, the Archfiend who was finally killed by the two deputy directors of the Special Administration Bureau. The black mist in front of him may still be lacking in strength and spiritual wisdom, but in time, would it eventually become something similar to an Archfiend?

They must absolutely kill it here! Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo thought at the same time.

The body of the man who swallowed the infant spirit was much clearer, and there was a cackling sound in his throat, as if he wanted to convey something to them.

Dong Zhi seemed to see the vague blackness of his face that evoked a strange smile for him.

He didn’t have time to think about it, and together with Liu Qingbo, the two of them moved at the same time.

One pounced on the black mist, and the other quickly took out a talisman and formed an array around it.

This series of changes stunned everyone else.

Zhang Han was a little ashamed. He didn’t expect that he had regarded himself too highly before, and in the end, he had to wait for others to save his life.

Luo Nanfang held his breath and secretly prayed that they could successfully eliminate the black mist; otherwise, his old bones would be buried here today.

Chen Guoliang sat limp and trembling by the wall, unable to say anything.

Hui Yiguang had experienced the incident on the rooftop of the hospital last time, so she was calmer, while Boss Zhao and the lobby manager fainted in shock and were unconscious.

Zhang Han quickly recognized the array Dong Zhi was forming. It was a confinement formation designed to trap the black mist and prevent the opponent from escaping. It wasn’t that Dong Zhi didn’t want to summon thunder, but he was injured and wasn’t sure if he would be successful. It was better to choose a simpler and more effective way—Zhang Han quickly took out all the evil-suppressing talismans from his pocket and helped Dong Zhi set up the formation. His evil-suppressing talisman could play an auxiliary role in the eight trigrams array. In other ways, it could strengthen the effect, so Dong Zhi didn’t stop him.

The black mist actively stretched out its hand towards the sword light, but it was instantly crushed. The man’s body was shattered, and it scattered. Before Dong Zhi had time to toss the sunlight talisman, the black powder in the air began to quickly condense and assemble again.

“Damn, it’s over!”

Liu Qingbo yelled and raised his sword to pounce on the black mist that had just condensed. White light was entangled with the black mist for a moment before Liu Qingbo angrily shouted, “Dong Zhi, fuck your uncle*! Hurry up and help!”

*(你大爷) Beijing dialect that’s used to express dissatisfaction among friends.

Before he finished shouting, Dong Zhi completed the formation!

“Go!” Dong Zhi shouted. Liu Qingbo understood, and directly applied his strength to the sword. The sword light suddenly brightened, almost covering the blackness.

The Changshou Sword rushed in at the same time, passing through Liu Qingbo’s sword light and the fine bits of black mist, directly piercing the core of the black mist. The sunlight talisman turned into a bright talisman fire and caused the core to suddenly explode.


There was a loud explosion in Zhang Han’s ears that shook his eardrums, and for a while, his entire auditory world fell silent, leaving only a buzzing aftertaste.

The dazzling light made him unable to open his eyes. Under the impact of the huge airflow, he smashed into the wall a second time. His back was in so much pain that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

Will let you taste the wrath of destruction…

In a daze, Zhang Han seemed to hear such a sentence.

He coughed a few times, resisted the tingling of his eyes, and slowly opened them.

The room was even more messy and chaotic than before. The door finally opened, and the hotel staff who rushed in from outside looked at them dumbfounded, not knowing what happened.

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo also fell to the ground. The black mist had completely disappeared without a trace. It should have been completely wiped out by them. Zhang Han thought they seemed fine and weren’t in such an embarrassed state as he and the rest were.

“It’s still alive! It’s still alive! Destroy it soon!” Chen Guoliang yelled suddenly, and everyone’s nerves that had just been relaxed tightened again in an instant.

Looking in the direction he pointed, Dong Zhi saw a cloud of black mist slowly separating from the fetus in the bathroom. It was much smaller than before. It must have been a fish that slipped through the net. He thought about it and pinched a talisman with his two fingers and threw it.

“The heavens give birth to water, the earth gives birth to fire, the heavens give birth to wood, the earth gives birth to gold. The five central palaces, subdue malignity, overcome disasters, and eliminate all traces of evil!”

The sunlight talisman turned into flames and wrapped the black mist and burned it fiercely. Everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing that the black mist was about to be completely wiped out, Dong Zhi suddenly felt a chill in the center of his eyebrows. It seemed that something jumped out of the flame, shot over quickly, and touched his brows again, but there was nothing unusual.

“Did you see anything just now?” he asked Liu Qingbo.

“See what?” Liu Qingbo asked blankly.

Dong Zhi felt relieved thinking that it seemed to be just an illusion.

Zhang Han was both shocked and ashamed. He didn’t expect that the two people he had secretly despised before and thought were charlatans had saved everyone’s lives at a critical time.

“Dare to ask my friends*, is your talisman kung fu also taught by your master?” Zhang Han’s address to Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo had been directly upgraded from “little friends” to “Taoist friends.”

*(道友) Specific term referring to friends who practice Taoism together.

The use of talismans needed to be inherited from a school. Without a school, the talisman wouldn’t take effect, but the name Long Shen was strange to Zhang Han, which was why he asked.

Dong Zhi said, “I inherited my talisman skills from the Hezao Sect, which I’m part of and in whom there was another master that I worshipped.”

A burst of heat flushed through his ears and onto Zhang Han’s face. He really wanted to go back dozens of minutes ago and drag his eyes that were higher from the top so as not to embarrass himself now.

“The Hezao Sect is one of the three major sects that’s on par with Mount Longhu. Although I grew up on the other side of the river, I have also heard of them. I didn’t expect to see two fellow worshippers now. If I have the opportunity in the future, I’ll invite you to the Zhang family in Taiwan as guests!”

Luo Nanfang also smiled bitterly. “Thanks to the help of you two today. Otherwise, an explanation would have to be made for my old bones here!”

As they were busy buddying up, the people outside the hotel were fruitlessly trying to open the door. They had to call the police after they heard a loud noise coming from inside.

When the police rushed over, the events on the inside had just come to an end. The door opened smoothly, and everyone was stunned by all the blood in the room.

Since Dong Zhi had dealt with the Lucheng police because of Yamamoto’s affairs, he was no stranger to them. He said, “Don’t be nervous. Something happened here. The Special Administration Bureau has solved it. You can give it to Deputy Song of the criminal investigation unit, or directly tell Boss Zheng.”

He took out his work permit. The little policeman who came had been in the industry for less than a year. He had never seen such a bloody and chaotic crime scene. His mind was confused for a moment. Seeing that the work permit said he was also a policeman, he was even more confused, but he didn’t dare let his guard down. He hurriedly asked his colleagues to take care of Han Qi, who was seriously injured and unconscious, to the hospital, and reported to the higher ups. In the end, he got a personal call from Director Zheng confirming that what Dong Zhi said was true, but for the sake of safety, Director Zheng still had to come in person to take a look.

Dong Zhi also called for Mu Duo to come over. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Chen Guoliang, who was trying to sneak away, and he couldn’t help but shout, “Stop!”

The police quickly caught Chen Guoliang. “What are you doing? Where do you want to go?!”

Chen Guoliang showed a smile that was uglier than crying. As soon as he was about to speak, he couldn’t help retching. “I, I can’t stand the smell here!”

Liu Qingbo showed a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Aren’t you a master from Hong Kong? Aren’t you a guest of honor of Mr. Li and Ms. Gong? You’re much more knowledgeable than we are. How can you not withstand a little smell? Chen Guoliang, you’re suspected of cheating and spreading feudal superstitions. Now I want to take you back to assist in the investigation. First think about what you should tell us first!”

Chen Guoliang wept, and his hands and feet grew soft, but he didn’t dare resist anymore.

Upon seeing this, Boss Zhao couldn’t help but feel a pain in his heart when he remembered the large feng shui fee he had paid before.

Kinky Thoughts:

Christ, I spent too long researching that one paragraph on ancient Chinese money.

Five Emperors Money

Refers to copper coins with round square holes in them. Ancient copper coins are cast according to the “outer circle and inner square” and “the unity of heaven and man”, which is like heaven, law, and earth. With heavy cultural attributes, in traditional culture, the money of the Five Emperors has the function of warding off evil spirits and bringing blessings. The five emperors, in the original sense, refer to the five heavenly emperors of the east, south, west, north, and middle.

The Small Five Emperor Coins refer to the copper coins cast by the five emperors of the Qing Dynasty, including ShunzhiKangxiYongzhengQianlong, and Jiaqing. They are the coins in the last row, represented in the picture above.

The Great Five Emperor coins refers to Qin BanliangHan WuzhuKaiyuan TongbaoSongyuan Tongbao, and Yongle Tongbao. They are the coins in the first two rows represented in the picture above.

Overall, these coins can be used to make a “sword” that can ward off evil spirits and bring blessings.

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