Bu Tian Gang Ch86

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 86

Early the next morning, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo met Hui Yiguang on the set.

This woman had depression some time ago, but now her entire face was radiant, and she seemed to be doing very well.

Hui Yiguang greeted them very warmly and politely and told them about the news with an apologetic face.

“I told the director in advance yesterday, but I didn’t expect management to find three people from each side.”

Liu Qingbo frowned. “They’re also from the Special Administration Bureau?”

“No, no. They’re feng shui masters!” Hui Yiguang said apologetically. “I know that my colleagues are jealous of each other, so this must be very disrespectful to you, but I really didn’t know beforehand However, I won’t let you two come in vain for today.”

Dong Zhi smiled. “We’re not colleagues. There’s no situation where this is taboo. Instead, I’m worried that they will be afraid when they see us.”

Hui Yiguang was stunned and puzzled.

Liu Qingbo understood what he meant and snorted.

They belong to the Special Administration Bureau, while these so-called feng shui masters and psychics were full of people fishing in troubled waters. Just like thieves, they have to be afraid when they see the police.

Of the three people found by the investor, two came earlier than Dong Zhi, and one hadn’t yet arrived.

Of the two who had arrived, one was an old man holding a compass in his hand, looking very friendly, while the other was a middle-aged man with a short beard on his chin. He was dressed in casual clothing and had an inscrutable smile on his face.

The two of them also brought their assistants over, and at first glance, they looked more stylish than Dong Zhi.

Upon seeing this, Dong Zhi whispered to Liu Qingbo, “Is it too late for you to pretend to be my assistant?”

Liu Qingbo snorted coldly, indicating that he would not talk.

They were looking at each other, and the other party was also looking at them.

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo were too young, so young that they didn’t look like they were in this business at all, but more like young actors who were here to act.

The old man and the others were invited over by one of the investors who introduced them. “This is Master Luo Nanfang, a famous feng shui master in the south, and also a visiting professor at several universities. He often gives lectures. You’re very busy most of the time, so it’s hard to make an appointment with you at ordinary times.”

The old man who was holding the compass smiled and nodded to everyone. “I heard that I could compete with other experts, so I came. Pleasure to meet everyone.”

The investor also introduced the middle-aged man. “This is Master Zhang Han of the Zhang Family. Master Zhang is a direct descendant of Mount Longhu. He’s very capable and can’t be invited by ordinary people. This time, he also took time out of his busy schedule.”

Zhang Han seemed to have a good personal relationship with him as he gave the investor quite a bit of face. When he heard this, he said politely, “Oh stop. Where’s our friendship? If you need help, I couldn’t possibly refuse!”

Some of the people who were present had heard of the names Luo Nanfang and Zhang Han, so they stepped forward to greet them.

For actors who filmed all over the world, it was inevitable that they would encounter some strange and unexplainable things. Just choose any actor who had been in the industry for some years and they may be able to tell you about a supernatural experience. Therefore, people in the circle were more inclined to believe in these kinds of strange things than ordinary people, and their pursuit and desire for fame and fortune also made them always hope to achieve their goals faster through some shortcuts. Feng shui masters and psychics had become one of the most popular routes.

In contrast, the nameless Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo had already earned the reputation of being charlatans.

However, the investor still gave Hui Yiguang’s face. When he heard that she invited them over, he said, “This person’s name is surnamed Dong, and this person’s name is surname Liu.”

That’s it?

No introduction to origins or teacher?

Luo Nanfang frowned and glanced at Zhang Han.

Many industries required young people. The younger you were, the more energetic. However, in some industries, the opposite was true. For example, doctors and feng shui masters. Dong Zhi’s and Liu Qingbo’s ages gave people the impression that they were too green and didn’t know much.

According to the rules of the industry, they should’ve taken the initiative to come forward to Luo Nanfeng and salute him and the others, but since the two of them didn’t do anything but just smile at them, Luo Nanfang’s and Zhang Han’s immediate opinion became even worse.

Zhang Yan couldn’t help frowning. “I wonder which of your master did you learn from?”

Liu Qingbo said lightly, “Liu Yongjia.”

That was his grandfather’s name.

Dong Zhi was polite, but the name he said was also very strange. “My master’s name is Long Shen.”

If he had said he was from the Hezao Sect, maybe the other party would still know, but Long Shen and Liu Yongjia were names that Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan had never heard of.

They all had their own judgement, and they became more certain that most likely these two were charlatans, so they didn’t bother to talk to them anymore.

Dong Zhi didn’t really care about their attitudes. Anyway, they were split into two groups, and they weren’t here to fight. With Liu Qingbo’s temperament, since he had nothing to do, he decided to speak up. “Mr. Zhang, what is your Taoist name and which generation of Mount Longhu did you learn under?”

Zhang Han raised his eyebrows. “Do you know the previous generations of Mount Longhu? It doesn’t hurt to tell you. I’m from the Xing generation.”

Who knew that Liu Qingbo not only didn’t show the reaction of admiration that he was used to, but he also scanned him up and down. “I heard that the youngest member of the Xing generation is now at least seventy years old. It seems that Mr. Zhang has skills in aging!”

How outrageous that before he was questioned by the other party, they had questioned him first. Zhang Han grew angry. “When Master Zhang moved to Taiwan, I was the orthodox direct descendant from him. Don’t compare me with those fake masters of cats and dogs!”

The Zhang family of Mount Longhu has been prosperous since Zhang Daoling* of the Han Dynasty. In the fourth generation of Celestial Masters, the Zhang family moved from Shaanxi to Mount Longhu. Since then, it had been passed down from generation to generation and had even been sealed by successive dynasties. Their status was very transcendent. There was a saying among people that the Zhang family, like the Confucian family, was a family that had not changed for thousands of years, which showed how distinguished they were. In the Republic of China, which was the darkest and most chaotic era in China, the Zhang family moved to Taiwan with the defeated national army. What remained were the lineages and branches. Since then, there have been long debates about which side was authentically Taoist, though outsiders weren’t privy to these feuds.

*Was a Chinese religious leader who lived during the Eastern Han Dynasty credited with founding the Way of the Celestial Masters sect of Taoism, which is also known as the Way of the Five Pecks of Rice. He was the founder of Taoism.

Liu Qingbo chuckled and wanted to say something, but Dong Zhi jabbed him with his elbow, motioning him to stop.

They were here to solve a problem, not pick fights. These two people relied on their identity and put on airs, but they haven’t done anything excessive.

Liu Qingbo glared at him and finally gave him face.

Interlaced like mountains*, the investor was like a duck listening to thunder. They only heard what was said, but they felt the conversation went over their heads, so they didn’t rashly interrupt.

*(隔行如隔山) Saying which means people who aren’t in the industry won’t understand. || In this context, all the passersby are just listening but don’t say anything because they have no clue what Liu Qingbo and Zhang Han are talking about.

At that moment, the third expert he invited arrived.

The person was about forty years old and was wearing a mandarin jacket. He was very imposing, with a red face and a tall figure. He looked more like a successful man than a spiritual practitioner.

However, the investor was obviously more concerned about this one. Not only did he greet the other party as soon as he got out of the car, he also personally invited the person in.

“Welcome, Master Chen. I’m so happy that you could make it! Let me introduce you. This is Master Chen Guoliang, a master who is known to everyone in Hong Kong, and a guest of Mr. Li and Ms. Gong, the top tycoons in Hong Kong!”

Chen Guoliang nodded modestly, didn’t even bother to say anything, and only glanced at his assistant.

His assistant immediately understood what he meant and immediately understood the investor’s displeasure. “Boss Zhao, what do you mean by this? You invited us and others as well? Do you not trust Master Chen?”

The investor didn’t dare to offend, and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. When I contacted Lao Sun yesterday, he said that Master Chen might not be free. At that time, he couldn’t give me a letter of approval. You see, I’m in a rush, so…”

As soon as these words came out, Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan became unhappy again.

They were the replacement for the spare tire?

The investor didn’t want to offend these experts, so he hurriedly smiled and said, “Look at what I said. In fact, this matter is really urgent. Even our male lead has gone to the hospital. The crew really can’t help it…”

Chen Guoliang waved his hand and finally opened his mouth. “Forget it, let’s take a look at the place first.”

The investor who was just granted amnesty quickly said, “I’ll take you over!”

Liu Qingbo gave a snort, but there was little movement. The others were looking in front of the place, so they didn’t pay any attention to him, but Dong Zhi, who was next to him, heard it.

“What’s the matter?”

Liu Qingbo said, “I have heard of this person before. If others want to ask him for feng shui advice, they have to make an appointment at least a month in advance. The cost of inviting him out is more than 500,000 yuan, and he’s very difficult to invite. This crew certainly has money. It’s estimated it took a lot of contacts and money to invite him over!”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “It goes without saying that if Han Qi and Su Fan can be hired as the leads, how could they not have money? I heard that they’re paying a lot of rent per day on this house alone. If the matter could be resolved smoothly, half a million yuan will be worth it.”

The investor accompanied Chen Guoliang to the front, Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan followed with their assistants, while Hui Yiguang accompanied Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo at the end, drawing an obvious distance.

In response to the arrival of Chen Guoliang and them, Hui Yiguang expressed her apologies again to Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo.

Dong Zhi said, “Those who don’t know are not guilty. Miss Hui, you don’t need to keep apologizing.”

Hui Yiguang apologized and said, “I have already described the general situation on the phone. I don’t know if you two have any questions?”

Dong Zhi shook his head. “Not for the time being. Let’s take a look at the crew before going to the hotel, but I have always had a question in my heart. It has nothing to do with this matter. It has something to do with you, Miss Hui.”

Hui Yiguang reacted quickly. “Not all questions in this world can be answered.”

Dong Zhi: “Do you know what I want to ask?”

Hui Yiguang’s expression was calm. “No matter what I say, you can’t let go of your doubts, so why do you have to ask more questions?”

After she finished speaking, she sighed softly.

“Since the last incident, I have woken up in the dead of night, and I often have the illusion of identity confusion. I don’t know if I am Hui Yiguang or Wang Qi, but it seems that the two of us are one. I even went to see a psychiatrist, but the doctor said I didn’t have any problems. Later, it took a long time before I accepted my current situation. For me, everything is over. I am Hui Yiguang, and Hui Yiguang is me. Do you think there are any traces of being possessed by evil things on my body?”


The current Hui Yiguang was too normal to be normal, as if she were the most ordinary person among all living beings.

Dong Zhi was speechless.

Hui Yiguang: “I now donate a portion of the money I earn from every project to disaster areas and poor mountainous areas. I don’t want to say how many people have benefited from this, but at least this Hui Yiguang now contributes to the surroundings and society. Do you cling to an answer from the past? Does it make sense? No matter what the answer is, there’s no way to go back in time. I remember you saying that the cycle of cause and effect is unpleasant. Isn’t the result now conforming to heaven? Otherwise, the one who survived the heavenly lightning last time wouldn’t be who the me now.”

Dong Zhi looked at her for a while before he said, “I hope you remember what you said. If there is any mistake in your behavior, I will definitely take action.”

Hui Yiguang smiled. “I will.”

Liu Qingbo knew what they were talking about because he was also involved in the last incident, but he didn’t participate in the conversation. Instead, he kept his head down and texted on his phone. Dong Zhi didn’t know who he was busy communicating with.

The villa had a total of three floors. It didn’t take them very long to tour the area.

After visiting the house, the investor, Boss Zhao, asked them what they found.

Luo Nanfang said that the house was a bit gloomy, but it was purely because there were too many trees outside and not enough sunlight. It wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t a residential place. Since it was a tourist attraction, with tourists coming and going every day, the lack of yang energy was fine.

Mr. Zhang didn’t make any long remarks, but it probably meant that there was nothing wrong with the house.

Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo looked at each other, feeling that these two did have some real skills.

They didn’t specialize in feng shui, and they haven’t opened their eyes to the heavens. However, with the acumen as a practitioner, they could still feel the balance of yin and yang in this house, and there was an endless supply of vitality. Although the light was a little darker, as Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan said, this house was normal.

“We also agree with the opinions of Master Luo and Master Zhang,” Dong Zhi said.

Picking up people’s wisdom. They were probably afraid of revealing their ineptitude. Zhang Han glanced at them and had already classified Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo into the ranks of cheats under the banner of feng shui.

Luo Nanfang also shook his head secretly. It was precisely because there were liars mixed in that this business varied greatly.

Boss Zhao actually valued Chen Guoliang the most. Seeing the other party hadn’t spoken, he politely said, “Master Chen, I wonder if you have any ideas?”

Chen Guoliang glanced at them and said, “There is a problem with the house. Not only is there a problem with the house, but people also have problems. It is people who affect the house.”

Boss Zhao was taken aback. “There are no residents in this house anymore. It’s now a tourist attraction…”

Chen Guoliang said, “It’s not the original owner of the house. It’s a person on the crew. Are all of you here?”

Boss Zhao hurriedly said, “It’s all there, except…”

The staff member next to him added: “Several people have been injured and hospitalized, including the male lead. There is also the female lead, Miss Han, and the second male lead, who hasn’t come yet!”

Chen Guoliang waved his hand eloquently. “Then go to the hospital first!”

Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan also saw that although Boss Zhao invited them over, among the three of them, they believed in Chen Guoliang the most. When they heard what Chen Guoliang said, they immediately asked someone to prepare a car to go to the hospital, but Boss Zhao didn’t snub Luo Nanfang and others, and also politely asked if they wanted to go over and have a look together.

Neither Zhang Yan nor Luo Nanfang had an opinion.

To be honest, when they heard Boss Zhao say that they were in a rush and were very anxious and said that accidents kept happening one after another and never stopped, they couldn’t help but think in strange directions. However, after coming, they found that everything was normal here and there wasn’t a problem with the villa or the people. Of course, everyone in the crew was still nervous, which also showed that Boss Zhao hadn’t exaggerated things.

Although they didn’t get along well with Chen Guoliang and there were also two “liars” on the side, Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan also wanted to figure out what was going on.

Dong Zhi said, “Let’s go to the hotel where the actors are staying first. We won’t go to the hospital.”

This was because Hui Yiguang said before that she suspected that the problem might be Han Qi, so they were now going to find Han Qi.

Zhang Han teased, “What’s the hurry, you two children? We’ll go to the hospital first, then the hotel. Is it possible that the two of them have something urgent and want to go first?”

Liu Qingbo sniped back. “Why can’t we go to the hotel first and then we’ll go to the hospital after?”

Although Boss Zhao also felt that Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo weren’t capable of anything, he didn’t show it on his face. He smiled and said, “Well, how about going to the hospital first and then the hotel? It just so happens that a few people will not be able to go back today. I have booked a room at the hotel for you.”

Dong Zhi: “We live in this city. We don’t need to stay in a hotel. I heard Miss Hui say that yesterday, Miss Han watched the actor fall down the stairs with her own eyes and was almost hit. Then something happened to her own assistant. Maybe Miss Han found something, so I think it’s better to go to the hotel first and talk to Miss Han.”

Boss Zhao thought it was reasonable when he heard it, so he looked at Chen Guoliang.

Chen Guoliang put his hands behind his back and said displeasingly, “Who is in charge here? Lao Zhao, you invited me here just to let me listen to the nonsense of two people of unknown origin? Are you inviting me or them? If it’s them, I’m sorry, but I won’t be accompanying them.”

He raised his foot to leave, but Boss Zhao quickly stopped. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Master Chen. I didn’t think about it well, so we can do whatever you say!”

Liu Qingbo sneered: “I’m afraid there’s someone else talking nonsense! Master Chen Guoliang, which sect did you study under that you dare say our origins are unknown?”

Zhang Yan and Luo Nanfang were having a good time. They didn’t like Chen Guoliang, Liu Qingbo, or Dong Zhi. As a result, they hadn’t done anything yet when the two sides quarreled, so they were happy to watch the show.

Chen Guoliang snorted, disdaining to talk to him at all. The assistant next to him lowered his face and scolded. “You dare to talk to the master like this? The master did not expose you and let you stay here. It’s already a face-saving thing for you. Do you dare to make trouble?!”

The master put on big airs, even bringing bodyguards with him when he came. The assistant called them in to escort them away.

The two bodyguards were tall and burly, wearing suits and sunglasses. At first glance, they looked like that, but before they could put their hands on Liu Qingbo’s shoulders, they were already in a daze. Before anyone could see what Liu Qingbo had done, the two bodyguards were already lying on the ground, clutching their arms and screaming in pain.

Of course, this wasn’t because the bodyguards were too weak. Chen Guoliang knew very well that these bodyguards were good at fighting opponents one against two. Now, against two scrawny, thin young men, they were actually put down with one move. It meant that his opponent was extremely strong.

His face changed slightly. He didn’t expect that after walking outside for so many years, he would lose sight of his kung fu. It was clear that these two guys were pretending to be pigs and eating tigers.

Chen Guoliang settled down. “Why are young people so quick to get angry? If you have something to say, you might as well say it.”

Liu Qingbo shook his phone. “Master Chen, I checked your information online. It says that you studied with Guo Yushan, a famous overseas master, in your early years. Unfortunately, Mr. Guo is a family friend. I asked Mr. Guo through my father. He said that he had never accepted a disciple named Chen Guoliang. Tell me, is the information published on the Internet wrong, or is Mr. Guo so old that he doesn’t even remember his apprentice?”

Chen Guoliang barely squeezed out a smile. “The information on the Internet is wrong.”

Liu Qingbo snorted coldly. “Then which famous master did Mr. Chen study under? Can you tell me so that I can follow him for long-term insight?”

From just now, he and Dong Zhi, after seeing Chen Guoliang appear, had felt that this person was too strange. Bluntly put, he was more like a successful boss than a hidden expert. In contrast, Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan were a bit more authentic.

Unexpectedly, they didn’t provoke each other, and the other party actually came to provoke them.

Boss Zhao felt like he was having a headache. He had now begun to regret that he shouldn’t have forgotten the rules of peers being jealous of each other. He invited three people at once and couldn’t help but secretly complain about Hui Yiguang. How did she find these two people? Chen Guoliang walked among giants because of his fortune-telling and feng shui, and had a large network of people in Hong Kong. Boss Zhao had asked Chen Gualiang not only to solve the current problem, but to facilitate business in the future.

As a result, now that this had happened, the other party would definitely be angry with him.

Thinking of this, Boss Zhao couldn’t help but glare at Hui Yiguang.

But Hui Yiguang’s expression was calm, and she didn’t seem panicked because the person she invited had offended Chen Guoliang.

Boss Zhao deserved to be a flexible-minded businessman. Seeing her like this, his heart moved. He felt that Hui Yiguang was relying on him. He thought he would find a chance to talk to her and clear things up later. Thinking like this, he wasn’t as angry as before.

So he hurriedly said that the situation couldn’t be resolved. “Well, several actors are still in the hotel. I remember that Master Chen also liked watching Miss Han’s work very much. Why don’t we go to the hotel first and just talk to Miss Han?”

Chen Guoliang’s face didn’t look good, but he became amicable. “Very well.”

Liu Qingbo wanted to say more but was held down by Dong Zhi.

“Let’s get down to business first. This person won’t run away,” Dong Zhi whispered.

Liu Qingbo was quite obedient this time, mainly because he felt that the two bodyguards were too weak. Chen Guoliang was probably a man who only paid lip service. He didn’t even need to make a single move or even use a sword to bring him down. That would be too unchallenging.

The group of people got into the car in several groups. Chen Guoliang had his own car. Boss Zhao specially called Hui Yiguang to sit with him while Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo joined Luo Nanfang and Zhang Yan. The three cars drove in the direction of the hotel not far away.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to be in the same car, Boss Zhao asked Hui Yiguang, “What are the origins of these two people you invited?”

Hui Yiguang smiled. “Don’t ask, I can’t talk nonsense without their consent, but there’s a big story behind them. I can only say that whether it’s Master Chen or Master Luo, when they come to Lucheng, they all must be under Mr. Dong.”

The difference between her and Boss Zhao was that she had dealt with the Special Administration Bureau and was also friends with Chi Banxia. She had some understanding of them and knew that these people had dual identities as cultivators and law enforcers. Although ordinary people may not know it, they have great powers. Let alone Boss Zhao, even those who had even more money may not have been able to hire them.

There was more room for imagination in this sentence. Boss Zhao had an active mind, and he immediately developed a wealth of imagination. Hui Yiguang didn’t say anymore and left him guessing.

When they arrived at their destination, Boss Zhao’s attitude towards Hui Yiguang was obviously much closer and he was much more amiable to the younger generation.

He also regretted that he wasn’t enthusiastic about Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo just now. While taking everyone to the hotel, he thought about how to make up for it.

The author has something to say:

The dispute between Daoism in Mount Longhu is real. One is in Jiangxi and the other is in Taiwan. There are some historical factors, but the other contents are fictitious. It is inconvenient to write too much here. Interested friends can search the Internet for themselves~~

Kinky Thoughts:

Is Hui Yiguang a red herring?

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