Stray Ch202

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 202: Ride the Dust

At this moment, the heart of Turner, a demon worshipper, was full of joy.

Alban’s attitude towards devil worshippers had always been extremely strict, and capital punishment was often imposed. However, taking into account the special abilities of some demons, there were still many people who weren’t as firm in their faith and would secretly cooperate with subordinate and intermediate-level demons. They use abyssal magic to manage farms and dispose of waste and other unmotivating aspects, or do serious work like guarding against thieves, and they keep demons under their beds as pets.

Turner had never looked down on this group of people. He firmly believed that demons are called demons for a reason.

They were tools.

Since people could smear poison on their blades, it wasn’t a big deal to use demons. It was nothing more than old diehards of the Laddism Church who insisted on this for the sake of bullshit doctrines and stable rule. What they really wanted was just the silver coins that represent piety in the pockets of their believers.

People were truly stupid. The upper echelons of various countries were clamoring not to cooperate with demons while they held the strongest source of abyssal magic, jade bombs, in their own hands.

Abyssal magic was unique in its effect of destruction and damage. It consumed the same power and often gained much better effects than the same surface magic. The wounds they caused were difficult to heal, and they were extremely difficult to deal with in battle. There were no weapon more suitable for thugs than this.

Since there was a shortcut, only fools wouldn’t take it. There are so many who would agree only in face but disagree deeply. As a notorious bandit, Turner didn’t think he would be troubled by so-called “morality”.

Well, those idiots who were using demons to diligently do stupid things had no chance. In order to eradicate the ungrateful rebels, the emperor of Alban issued a temporary amnesty order, allowing “people with special skills” to join the army. Dissolving slop with abyssal magic wasn’t considered a combat skill. What the army clearly wanted was people who could “really use” abyssal magic.

It’s just that Emperor Ettram had always been old-fashioned, and this sudden amnesty order was destined to cause an uproar.

The people of the Laddism Church had made a lot of noise, so much so that Turner had caught wind of it. Prince Eldric even spoke up for the Laddists, hoping to advise his brother, who “has something wrong with his head”.

However, the emperor’s attitude was very determined.

But this had nothing to do with him as a bandit. As long as someone was willing to give him gold, even if it was the Demon King himself, he would dare to stuff those golden little treasures into his pockets.

Demon worshippers were easy to find, but Turner never thought that there was a veritable demon warlock in this army. Looking at the remaining human parts, the host should be about fifty or sixty.

Countless bulging and stout flesh tubes stretched out from the shriveled body of the old human, and vines wrapped around him like he was a tree—the demon warlock didn’t even need to wear clothes. The black and red flesh tubes wrapped around his body tightly, looking like a strange heavy armor from a distance.

Dozens of flesh vines had flower-like organs overgrown with tiny sharp teeth at the end. Viscous liquid dripped down from the sharp teeth, making people’s breathing numb and their spines tingle.

Just looking at the degree of deformation and aura, this demon warlock was definitely considered strong.

The old man was usually silent and didn’t bother talking to them. Before, a demon worshiper who didn’t believe in his strength and directly went to challenge him was stabbed in the head by one of the strange fleshy vines, which directly sucked out his brains. Even his subordinate demon wasn’t spared.

Through the horribly dead body, Turner saw the flash of gold coins. With the help of such a monster, they would be able to happily kill all of the army of the Mad Dog Marshall; a rare legal opportunity to kill…

It would be a carnival.

At least, that was what he thought until he set foot on the battlefield. The shield bearers took the lead, and many demon worshippers marched forward with the only demon warlock, while the heavily armed cavalry and mage regiments followed in the back.

They would use the power of the abyss to deliver a merciless blow to the opposite side, and then let the army behind them clean up the remnants.

Even if Gallagher Salter’s army looked impressive and imposing, in Turner’s eyes, they were no different from the meat that was ready for grilling. The more regular the army looked, the less flexible they would be to deal with enemies related to the abyss.

After receiving instructions, the demon worshippers took the lead. Spells and poison glowed ominously as they flew towards the opposite side.

Then it was gone.

For a moment, Turner thought he was hallucinating.

It was as if an invisible wall had swallowed everything, as various groups of smell disappeared in the blink of an eye. The demon worshippers looked at each other as if no one knew what was happening.

Even if the opposite side had a dragon breath stone defense to block, at least there should be some big explosions caused by the impact, but…

“There’s really no color. Well done, Nemo.” Oliver quietly applauded a few times.

He was riding on a horse, following the general. The general obviously didn’t really plan to let them go to the battlefield. Instead of letting them fight, it was more like leaving them in the safest position to give Ann some face.

The general even left only one horse for them.

But Nemo wouldn’t be dissatisfied with this as he wouldn’t be able to ride a horse anyway.

The Great Demon King was sitting nervously behind Oliver. One arm was tightly wrapped around Oliver’s waist, while the other hand stretched out the staff nervously. It wasn’t so much that he was concentrating on the shadow shield, which should have filled his entire field of vision, but he was struggling to control its color.

“Actually, I want to turn it white,” Nemo muttered, a little lost. “Does it look okay?”

“I can see a little bit, but those on the opposite side shouldn’t be able to see it. That’s enough. At least it’s not pink.”

Oliver clenched the reins with his left hand and pulled out the Rest in Peace from his ukulele with his right hand. He was hesitant to scabbard the sword again because of some sweet attachment in his heart. The leader of Tumbleweed added a concealed slot in the back of his armor and carried the ukulele directly behind his back as a substitute for a scabbard.

But now Nemo was sticking to his back, so Oliver had to hang the ukulele on the saddle.

“If it’s white, maybe they’ll misunderstand and think it’s some kind of powerful surface magic… But it’s almost impossible in effect.” Nemo couldn’t stop talking, obviously still worried about the color of the shadow shield matching its surroundings.

The general glanced at the mage who had the wrong focus without saying a word.

The experienced general was a little confused by this sudden change. Before the impact of the opposite spell arrived, they had actually let the shield bearers in the front row burn protective scrolls at the same time. As a result, the parchment had barely had time to burn when the pile of ominous spells flew halfway and disappeared like sparks falling into water.


The general had always prided himself on his ability to read people well. After all their periods of contact, he had a good impression of the two young sidekicks of the princess. The two young men didn’t rely on their connection with the Alban princess. On the contrary, they were well-behaved and polite, well-educated, and didn’t cause any trouble for the army.

The marshal didn’t mention Tumbleweed, but after knowing Ann Savage’s true identity, most of them thought that the rumors were used as a cover-up and didn’t think these young people were truly terrifying. The general didn’t intend to let these two beautiful young people enter the battlefield, where they would only be defeated, so he placed them both directly behind him and facilitated the guards of the army to protect them.

Now he was beginning to be unsure of what exactly he was protecting. He didn’t understand what was going on in the young mage’s hand from start to finish.

Who was the backer behind the princess?

“How about you let out some momentum? It should be useful to dampen their energy… Uh, can you put the momentum at a fixed point?” Oliver pulled the reins and lowered his voice.

“If there’s no demon warlock on the opposite side.” Noticing the shocked eyes cast by the general, Nemo cautiously lowered his volume. “I’m not quite sure what his knowledge reserve is… If my identity as a superior demon is recognized too early and word gets out, it’ll only cause trouble for Marshal Gallagher.”

“Well, you just make sure that the abyssal magic won’t disrupt the situation, and I’ll be the army.” From this angle, Nemo couldn’t see Oliver’s face clearly, but he could hear the tension in his voice. The tension was mixed with an eagerness to try.

Nemo tilted his head slightly and looked at the densely packed enemy forces on the opposite side. He took a breath and decided to let Oliver’s head continue to block his vision, leaving himself a few more minutes to calm down.

Even if the expeditionary force at the bottom of the abyss was much larger than the number of people on the ground, at least most of the people in the expeditionary force were hidden by the darkness. After all, perceiving and seeing were still two different things. Nemo’s heartbeat accelerated for an instant because of the tension, and he swallowed with difficulty.

“It’s starting,” Oliver whispered. “I may need your assistance then, Nemo.”

“Anytime,” Nemo said, burying his face in Oliver’s armor.

“What are you two doing?” Perceiving the restlessness of Oliver’s horse, the general’s voice was a bit broken.

“We’re going to drive away the opposite side.” Oliver let out a long exhale. “Thank you for your care, sir. If you can, can you leave us for half an hour?”

“What are you talking about. The opposite site has already started to attack—”

The young leader of Tumbleweed showed a slightly restrained but bright enough smile, and directly broke through the guards in front of him. The horses crossed the heavy shields of the shield bearers and ran straight to the opposite side.

Turner, the demon worshipper, almost thought that Gallagher’s army had gone crazy—Even if it was a move to show off a strong play, this wasn’t the way to fight.

The horse was even holding two people on it. It was impossible to tell whether they had come to fight or to defect.

“Go!” the commander behind him ordered discontentedly, obviously very dissatisfied with the inaction of the group of demon worshippers. Even if the emperor’s amnesty order was there, it would be difficult for the general of Alban, who was accustomed to the old days, to accept this group of people who were involved with demons.

For the sake of gold coins, Turner readily shot again…

The spell was interrupted again, but this time the distance of the interruption was much closer than last time.

It was done by the two people on the horse.

The person who was controlling the mount looked like a swordsman, and behind him was a mage holding a staff. Although he didn’t see any magic brilliance, even now, everyone could guess there was something fishy with the mage.

The magic of the demon worshippers had a clear goal. The grotesque intermediate demons shifted their focus and began to attack the lone horse running over. This provocation was so arrogant that even demon worshippers, who were used to being arrogant, got angry this time. However…

Ineffective, ineffective, ineffective.

Sweat began to pour from Turner’s forehead, and he subconsciously looked behind him. Finally, the demon warlock who was standing in the middle, surrounded by them, sneered. He raised his hands and set up a spell-casting posture.

In fact, their target was far less powerful than they seemed.

“Too fast!” Nemo yelled. “Ollie, Ollie, slow down this horse—I’m getting nauseous and I’m going to puke!”

“It’s out of control!” Oliver shouted desperately in the violent wind that rose from its movement. “Hold tight, Nemo. You won’t puke over this little thing—the enemy is right in front! My god.”

“We’ll run into the opposite shield bearer!” Nemo’s eyes were already dead shut, although he was still holding his staff up. He didn’t know whether to be helpless or thankful. The chaotic battle in front of him made him completely unable to match the battlefield in Ulysses’ memories.

“We won’t!” Oliver clenched his sword tightly and hugged the horse’s neck with both hands. “Buddy, please, calm down—”

A dim light flashed, and the horse calmed down inexplicably. Its speed gradually slowed down, and it stopped in front of the enemy shield soldiers, with a little doubt in its big eyes.

Oliver trembled and exhaled, just in time to stare wide-eyed at the enemy’s shield bearers.

“Uh.” Oliver shook the Rest in Peace in his hand. His expression was a little embarrassed. “Good afternoon?”

Nemo hugged Oliver’s waist tightly and took a few deep breaths to suppress his puke and almost broke his lover’s waist.

The two of them were too close, and most of the demon worshippers didn’t dare to continue shooting, for fear of hurting the friendly force. It was just that they didn’t need to do it now…

A black light suddenly bloomed.

The demon warlock leaned on the flesh vine to support his body and moved to the front of the formation like an insect with long feet. The spell was wrapped in sharp arrows and rushed towards the two of them. Everyone watched as the two not-so-sturdy figures were completely engulfed.

Turner’s spirit was shocked, and the other demon worshippers, who were confused and bewildered, also raised their heads. Indeed, even if the other side really used some strange protective prop, they couldn’t resist the power of the flesh of a superior demon. Although their trump card wasn’t pleasing, he had more than enough power to destroy a city, let alone two young boys who broke away from the army.

Suddenly, a new change occurred.

A weird gray mist filled the air and the spell disappeared. The sharp arrows made a hissing sound, turning into fragments before falling to the ground. The gray mist completely blocked the army’s path forward and dryly separated the two armies.

“I don’t know how to say this more appropriately, but please withdraw your troops.”

Ignoring the approaching demon warlock, Oliver raised his voice, and the gray mist wrapped around the Rest in Peace. “Your allegiance is not with the Emperor of Alban—he’s already dead!”

He knew it was useless, but he still had to say what needed to be said.

“Arrogant boy.” The elderly demon warlock batted away a shield bearer to create an opening for himself. “It’s you who should stand down, but since we are here, there’s no need to do such a thing.”

A piece of flesh vine shot towards Oliver and was caught by Nemo, who snapped out his hand.

“You deal with the army.” Nemo pulled the flesh vine in his hand and jumped off his horse, forcing a smile. “Leave this to me.”

“Don’t take the enemy lightly!” The commander of the enemy raised his sword and shouted loudly. “Kill these two first!”

It was a pity that his order wasn’t implemented.

The demon warlock was dragged directly in front of him by the young mage, who was extremely angry. The clear sky was suddenly overcast with clouds as dark magic arrays descended from the clouds one by one, looking like they were about to blast this young man who didn’t know better.

But the black-haired mage only did one thing.

After the shadow that obscured his vision rose, Nemo’s fingers pinched directly into the shoulder of the demon warlock, deep into the flesh and blood. Then something screamed across the sky. The scream didn’t come from the mouth of the demon warlock, but from inside the shriveled and deformed body.

The old demon warlock opened his eyes wide and stared at the cross-shaped pupils on the opposite side in horror.

“Shh.” Nemo used his spare hand to make a silent gesture in front of his lips, his expression more nervous than that of the demon warlock himself. “Sorry, but I have to put a silence curse on you.”

This absurd war, which was later recorded in the annals of history, had officially begun.

The author has something to say:

Demon worshipper: Betraying mankind is nothing. Even if the one who gave me the gold coins was the Demon King, I dare to take it!

Nemo: (Bleakly) …No, I don’t have any gold coins.

Ollie: No, baby, I don’t think that’s the point…


In fact, Ann’s task is over. They theoretically… aren’t so poor! ……Theoretically.

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