Stray Ch169

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 169: Professional Rescue

“The two of them are more like the kinds of people who can’t take care of themselves, and they care about each other at most. I think the last test has fully proven this.” Leonard raised his broad sword, warding off possible attacks around him, but his mouth didn’t stop. “So, what exactly do you two want to do?”

Nemo scratched his nose and turned his gaze to Oliver.

What they had to do was actually pretty clear. Send these passionate peers to a relatively safe place, or even a safe area in the center of the maze. Until now, Nemo didn’t think they could continue to hide their identities. After they escape, Horizon would definitely find the wonderful hiding place of Tumbleweed. It was only a matter of time before Clementine Academy learned of this.

Anyway, these young people were unable to get in touch with the outside world right now. They have no reason to hide it, and there was no need to tell them in good faith, so they could just let it be.

Oliver’s thoughts were obviously in line with his. Facing Leonard’s questioning, he laughed a little embarrassedly. He untied the big bag on his shoulders and started to dig out his modified light armor.

So Nemo took over the conversation. “We couldn’t watch it, so we came to help.”

This was the hard truth. The second Quentin Leonard fell into the vortex; Nemo discovered the location of the noble warrior. The unlucky nobleman fell in the deepest part of the labyrinth, and there were several powerful auras that were moving in this area. According to Leonard’s strength, let alone waiting for the school’s rescue, he wouldn’t even make it out through the night.

At that time, their team was operating on the outermost layer of the Isamel Labyrinth. The professors and other combatants in the academy were able to arrive quickly, but it was undoubtedly a stupid thing to expose their strength and identity of a Black Chapter back then. Nemo and Oliver originally planned to come to a relatively reasonable place, hiding in the middle-level area of the maze for a while, and then, when the time came, they would rush to the center of the labyrinth and leave the academy.

Clementine Academy would detect their traces, but by that time, they would’ve left the city long ago— Assuming that they could eliminate the threat of Horizon along the way in time.

According to Godwin’s Lopez’s cautious style, they would only have such a chance once, so they’d better hold the initiative in their hands, but…

Leonard wasn’t stupid enough to ask for trouble. Although the young nobleman had an unflattering personality, at the end of the day, he didn’t really have bad intentions. What’s more, after several hot-blooded young people followed without thinking and took the initiative to throw themselves into this terrible place. Under the premise of being able to be rescued easily, they matched their momentum as well. To see these young people die—Nemo didn’t think he could do such a thing.

It was a pity that Leonard obviously took that explanation as a mere bluff. His eyebrows rose in an instant and went straight to his hairline. After more than ten seconds of silence, the noble soldier snorted coldly, and his face had disbelief written all over it. “Wilhelm… Er, Hayden and Elmer came to help. I can still believe, but you guys?”

Elmer was keenly aware of the contempt in the air. The burly young man hurriedly stepped forward, trying to change the subject. “Now’s not the time to chat, Mr. Leonard. Of course, it’s important to relax, but it’s also necessary to scout the surrounding situation… Miss Lawler, you seem to know the Isamel Labyrinth well? Do you know where we are now?”

After that, Elmer hesitated for a moment, put down the backpack behind him, and drew a long, sharp hunting knife from it. He touched the knife painfully and held it tightly in his hand.

Nemo stopped talking cooperatively.

He knew the answer.

The vortex had already closed behind them. At present, the area where they were located was very close to the center of the maze, and the magic fluctuations in the air were powerful and weird, making people feel uncomfortable, like they couldn’t breathe. According to this depth, it would take at least half a month for the people in the academy to find them.

All means of communication belonging to surface magic wouldn’t work here. The academy could only track the locator on the student’s uniform. It was sewn from the hard skin of a special subordinate demon, which could leave a little trace under the powerful magic fluctuations.

However, there was Bagelmaurus by Ann’s side and Nemo was by Oliver’s. Naturally, they could use the communication line dominated by abyssal magic. As for Jesse Dylan and the knight commander—Nemo didn’t believe that this matter could really cut off Jesse’s communication. That annoying shiny creature couldn’t wait to put a permanent communication array on their heads to ensure that not a word of their chatter would be missed.

If there was a mage student among them with rich knowledge, perhaps they would be able to find a clue, but the Isamel Labyrinth was still too complicated for students of other majors.

“I don’t know.” Marilyn really shook her head quietly and admitted generously. “My knowledge is limited to paper. I only learned this from reading in the library.”

On the other side, Oliver finally took off the logistics uniform and fastened the last buckle on his black light armor. He grabbed the ukulele that Nemo had given him and slowly drew out the Rest in Peace and pinned it to his waist.

Leonard wasn’t distracted by Elmer. He looked up and down at Oliver’s outfit, and his face was getting darker.

It may be that he felt the hostile gaze from the other party; Oliver scratched his head and prepared to explain, “We’re really just here to help…”

“Even if you’re kind enough to do bad things?” Leonard narrowed his eyes and cut through the tangle of wet creeping vines in front of him. “You have ‘good intentions’, so I should be grateful even if I sacrifice my life for your trouble. Is that what you mean?”

“Actually I—”

“I can see that your sword isn’t made by a serious blacksmith, right? The whole thing is very rough.” The noble warrior pointed out mercilessly. “As for the armor… The materials are pretty good, but they have been reduced to half-useless. The defensive magic pattern is completely broken and the protection covering the key points was roughly broken off, as if a dragon had chewed it out. You’re embarrassed by the desertion last time, I understand very well, Mr. Borne, but this is not a joke.”

At the end of his sarcasm, Leonard turned around beautifully, and his broad sword split another bunch of squirming vines approaching.

“Brainless courage can’t clear your reputation. On the contrary, this kind of foolhardy behavior will only make things worse.”

“…” Oliver’s explanation got stuck in his throat. He thought deeply for a few seconds, then poked Nemo’s waist and lowered his voice. “Did I really change the armor and make it look ugly?”

“It’s okay. I think it’s very handsome.” Nemo comforted in a whisper. “Relax, Ollie—if everyone can still see what it originally was, you’ll be taken away from the street as soon as you get out.”

“Don’t say that.” Seeing Leonard’s tone getting worse and worse, Hayden finally spoke. The short male nurse grabbed a piece of the truncated creeping vine and skillfully squeezed the juice into the glass bottle around his waist. “In fact, in front of the labyrinth, everyone’s power gap may be negligible. One more person is one more way, and Nemo’s level is still very good.” He glanced at Oliver a little coldly.

Oliver swallowed and chose to remain silent. He and Nemo guarded the left side of the team, but unfortunately, the carnivorous plants frequently attacked from the right, tacitly ignoring them. These things weren’t strong, so they had no intention of interfering in the battle of their companions.

This was a real battlefield. When there was no deadly danger that the strength gap wasn’t too wide, having these young people battle was good for them.

Elmer and Leonard became the main combat power. The cold light of the broadsword and hunting knife split the air, and all the ill-intentioned vines were cut into dark green mud. Their efforts paid off. They quickly found a dry stone platform close to a rock wall. There were no weird snakes or colorful hypertrophic poisonous insects entrenched on it, so it looked very suitable for camping.

The six people climbed up the stone platform in silence and retreated into the connection between the stone platform and the stone wall. Elmer put down his hunting knife, rubbed his wide hands, and began to pull out the tent cloth embroidered with a camouflage array from his backpack. Leonard thrust his broad sword into the stone platform, and the blade lightly broke through the stone platform, as if what was under their feet was not a hard slate but a large piece of hard cheese.

“Get a sword and put on the armor, and you think you’re really a warrior?” Leonard sat cross-legged, moving his shoulders. His gaze was still fixed on Oliver. It seemed that he was extremely dissatisfied with his behavior for not doing much along the way.

Nemo finally couldn’t help sighing. Now the members of this temporary team were emotionally stable, the environment was comfortable, and there was nothing too powerful nearby. Maybe it was time for them to share their thoughts—

“A true swordsman will not cling to armor or weapons,” Leonard said before he could finish. “Since you have studied Tumbleweed, then you should know that they stopped a war in Vincent Town. The leader didn’t wear any armor or even wield a decent weapon. The sword collapsed at the end of the war, but they still won. That’s a real swordsman.”

“How do you know?” Nemo swallowed the explanation with difficulty and asked in shock. He almost choked on his own saliva. “No, that’s not right. What do you mean, ‘You studied tumbleweed’, Ollie?”

“…It’s a long story.” Oliver’s voice drifted a bit. In a sense, Leonard was right. He didn’t wear any armor at that time, and his weapon was a standard silver sword taken from a Knight of Judgment, but the reason wasn’t because it was his style as a swordsman, but just the simple word “poor”.

Oliver was a little speechless and didn’t even dare to look at Leonard.

He felt guilty.

“My chef has always liked to order smoked fish from Vincent Town. When it happened, the grocer who delivered the goods to my house happened to be there,” Leonard sneered. “All that came out was a mess of fake news. That team is the real deal, a group of heroes. They took gossip in stride, no fame, contrary to some people—Yes, Mr. White, your lover claims to know a lot about Tumbleweed and is trying to make a small fortune gambling, but if you ask me, with all that disinformation…”

“Have you said enough? Your blabbering is endless.” Marilyn simply cleaned her hands and interrupted the little nobleman impatiently. “Everyone needs a quiet environment to rest, not to listen to your speech. No matter what the motivation is, Oliver Borne is here now. You can’t just stir up a vortex with your tongue and throw him back, can you?”

She glanced in Oliver’s direction casually, and her gaze stayed puzzled for a few seconds. The deserter, who was notorious among freshmen, actually reserved his attitude and blushed a little strangely.

His handsome lover pinched his chin with his fingers, pondered for a moment, and leaned over. He was whispering about something.

“Gambling? Anyway, it’s impossible for us to go back and get the money. Are you…” Nemo said, almost angrily, raising his chin at Elmer.

“Uh-huh.” Oliver nodded very slightly. “Nemo, why don’t we force away the big guys around us first. There’s a lot of food nearby, and this is an ideal camping place… It’s too embarrassing to admit our identity now.”

“No problem, no problem.” Nemo secretly glanced at Leonard, who shut up for an instant. The noble warrior was holding back so hard that it made his neck red. “But we’d better make excuses to go together. I have a question that I care about very much.”

Perceiving the seriousness in Nemo’s tone, Oliver’s expression quickly became serious. “What?”

“There are demons here. This isn’t accidental.” Nemo completely retracted his joking tone.

“But some of them… They look no different from surface creatures.”

Inside Clementine Academy.

Old Salter was in a terrible mood.

Originally, this was an extremely sensitive period, and the freshmen in the academy chose this kind of thing to happen now. It would be easy if it was one or two missing, but six people was really exaggerated. Such a situation was considered unique in school history.

There was also the young man who was originally scheduled to be transferred to become Mrs. Mandy’s assistant. The Viscountess would certainly be unhappy. The only good piece of news—among the six, there was only one nobleman. Even if things got worse, the situation wasn’t unmanageable. At most, the process would be a bit more troublesome.

What a headache.

The old principal had to straighten almost every wrinkle on his face. He coldly unfolded the parchment sealed with gold paint in front of him, and then his face wrinkled even tighter.

“Where did they get the news?” He frowned tightly and cast his gaze at the assistant standing beside him.

“I’m sorry, Lord Salter. After all, it’s—”

“After all, it’s Horizon, I know.” The old man squeezed a cold snort from his nose. “Isn’t Godwin Lopez the fiancé of Her Royal Highness Delia? To come here at this time… Ha.”

“They have the permission of His Royal Highness Eldric and have expressed their willingness to assist us in rescuing the missing students. Godwin Lopez has only one request, he wants permission to view all our freshman information.”

“Hmm.” Salter knocked on his cigarette stick. “Since there is no proper reason for refusal, yes, I agree. Give him the information.”

“That’s fine.” The old man carelessly moved his gaze out of the window. “I’ve always been curious about Lopez’s true position. It’s time to take a closer look at him.”

The author has something to say:

Oliver: First time to be praised to my face, but there was also a strange embarrassment…

However, cousin is coming soon√

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