Stray Ch167

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 167: Preparing for Trouble

After getting out of the closet, Nemo didn’t immediately return to the dorms. He patted off the dirt on Oliver’s clothes and straighten out his dark student robe. Nemo decided to carry out today’s disciplinary violation to the end.

It was late and the student dorms were completely closed. The interior of the castle where the dorms were located was spacious, and it also had its own library, lounge, and even a full range of shops where almost anything could be bought. From this perspective, there was no need for students to go out at night.

With the closure of the dorms, various security arrays began to operate. If any kid with bad intentions decided to leave the dorms at night, he or she would be discovered immediately.

However, there was one person who wasn’t right in his mind. Nemo tied up the loose corners of his robe and climbed to the highest level of the academy.

The arrangement of the security arrays was reasonable. The closer to the ground, the tighter it was. The higher it was, the sparser it became. Just a little magic would be enough to active the monitoring array. After all, if humans were to jump from this height with no magic props or spells, they would most likely become paralyzed or die.

Nemo didn’t think he would have trouble breaking his neck, but his fear of heights as a human was still engraved in his bones. After climbing to the top of the highest building where the security arrays were most relaxed, Nemo stretched out his head and looked down. It was better if he didn’t look, as his courage was lost in an instant. Mr. Demon King’s legs were as soft as overcooked noodles and he almost fell on his ass on the slippery rock brick surface.

As Alban’s elite institution of higher learning, even the castle used for accommodation was very grand. The white marble statue on the lawn now looked less than have a grain of rice. Even if summer had just ended, the temperature at this height was still abnormally low.

‘Damn it,’ Nemo exhaled. Even though he knew he would be fine, he still couldn’t jump down without making a face.

Bagelmaurus looked at Nemo speechlessly and wisely remained silent.

Holding onto the brick wall for a long time, Nemo rubbed the goosebumps on his arms fiercely, planning to do it again. Clementine Academy was interesting, he thought bitterly as he drew a couple of breaths to catch the cold air from the night breeze. They would go to great lengths to prevent students from escaping at night but had no intention of interfering with students jumping from this building to kill themselves.

So Nemo had to endure the instinctive numbness on his scale and tremblingly stretch out a leg from the edge of the castle, aiming hard at the empty dark bushes below. He could calculate where he would fall but it didn’t make him feel much better.

It may be that Bagelmaurus’ gaze was too hot for Nemo to really make too big of a humiliating move. After calming his breathing, he closed his eyes fiercely and plunged to the outside of the castle. Desperately suppressing the urge to yell, Nemo only felt that he fell straight down like a sack of potatoes…

Then unceremoniously fell into the bushes on the ground making a puff.

His body was truly stronger. Nemo fell flat into the pile of bushes, but this time he didn’t even need the rapid recovery as he didn’t seem to be injured at all— That was if it wasn’t mentioning his self-esteem.

After the most difficult hurdle, it was much easier to steal information. Telaranea had to play the perfect professor and had to honestly drink tea in the professors’ dorms. No matter how much precaution the demon laid down, it couldn’t hide in front of the essence of abyssal magic. On the other hand, Telaranea’s office was no better than a vault that had zero physical defenses.

What’s more, Nemo didn’t need to “steal” the information. He walked to the bookshelf, decisively picked up the thickest book from the column marked “Trent Plague” and then quickly flipped through it.

With Bagelmaurus on lookout, everything proceeded smoothly. After successfully putting all the information of the document into his mind, Nemo shimmy back up the top of the building and crept to his dorm…

“What have you been doing?”

Even though it was close to three in the morning, his roommate Hayden Wilhelm was not as soundly asleep as Nemo had imagined. The thin young man’s eyes carried heavy bags and there was a trace of disapproval on his face.

Hayden was sitting on the soft sofa near the door, covered with a blanket, as if he was waiting for him. Nemo opened his mouth. His mind was a little blank for a while. If he really went to class for the full day today, he could have excused himself by saying he was discussing issues with an unknown classmate until it got too late. As it looked now…

“On a date with Ollie,” Nemo said guiltily.

Bagelmaurus stuck close to the ground and trotted under the bed while Hayden’s attention was focused on Nemo.

“You didn’t come to class all day,” Hayden sighed, scratching his hair a little irritably. “I ask for sick leave for you, but the professor’s impression of you definitely gotten worse. Nemo, your performance in training last time was good if it wasn’t for…”

The thin young man bit his lip. “If it wasn’t for Oliver Borne coming in the end, you would’ve received a high score.”

“Nn,” Nemo replied. “I didn’t think too much about it at that time, you know. That thing seemed like it wanted to eat him—”

“I know.” Seeing Nemo coming back, Hayden’s tight nerves seemed to relax a little. He blinked laboriously, looking a little drowsy. “I know… Nemo, I just met you a few days ago, so it may be bad from an outsider’s point of view…”

“I think it’s understandable to run away in that situation, but he left you behind.” Although Hayden looked drowsy, his voice was solemn. “Yes, it’s true that I’m not sure what happened to you during the day, but it’s really a bit… Sorry, that Borne took you out at a time like this and made you break the rules. I—I know this is a bit abrupt, but you’re a nice guy, Nemo. Maybe you should pay a little attention to these details in the future.”

“Thank you.” Nemo was a little surprise to see that the other party was concerned about this. He hooked the corners of his mouth and patted Hayden on the shoulder. “Thank you for your concern, Hayden. There are indeed many things I can’t explain to you, but believe me, I know this very well.” His voice was firm.

…My Ollie will never leave me behind.

It was just he didn’t say this out loud.

The next few days were quite uneventful.

Nemo had been anxiously waiting for the order from the principal’s office, intending to be “bedridden” immediately if something went wrong. To avoid attracting unnecessary attention, Oliver and Nemo didn’t even dare to meet outside of activity hours. Even lunch had to be staggered to prevent the beautiful “female professor” from bumping into one of them at the canteen.

While remaining low-key, Oliver would secretly get up in the middle of the night to teach Elmer swordsmanship and Nemo could clearly hear it. Nemo himself still did his best to act as Hayden’s guard, but since the end of the group’s first operation, the noble warrior, Leonard, had never come to look for trouble.

The grumpy little nobleman just persevered every day with roses as he came to the nursing major and felt the feeling of having them thrown back at his face by Marilyn.

It would be the weekend soon.

“I want to eat veal again,” Oliver sighed extremely reluctantly as his hands sorted out his logistical backpack. The uniform style of the marching backpack was cast with a simple spatial spell, which allowed them to pack more than what they were used to. Only the backpack material was too fragile to withstand such a spell— Although they were able to save some space, the spell didn’t make things any lighter.

Oliver himself didn’t mind it very much.

After he put the necessary logistics props into his backpack, he began to stuff the transformed Knight of Silence armor into it. The skeleton helmet and the ukulele were carefully hung on the outside of the backpack, which convinced Elmer that it was some kind of exotic decoration.

“I want to eat chestnut cake.” Nemo leaned aside. His face was also full of sorrow and gloom. In the afternoon they were about to welcome a fixed group exercise every weekend. That is to say, the two of them would leave this quiet campus life immediately.

Although they did act before Nemo received his appointment notice to be an assistant, both of them were a bit sullen.

“I brought a pot and seasoning this time.” Oliver tried to cheer up his lover. “At least it’ll be better than before. I explored last time and the ingredient in the maze is plentiful.”

It turned out that Oliver had no gift for prophecies.

When they stepped into Isamel Labyrinth again, Nemo looked at Oliver stiffly and the latter showed a twitching wry smile…

In front of them was a sheet of white snow.

“Snowy Mountains,” the broadcast sound they were familiar with sounded again. “The environment was relatively harsh, so two groups will act together to simulate a real marching unit.”

“This maze is being adjusted. Please be sure to obey your commands. Please think of the professor’s orders as military orders, and the maze in front of you as a real battlefield. Please note— If someone acts without authorization this time, they may be swept into the depths of the maze. If you’re in distress as a result, the school will not be liable.”

“This is a military academy. Don’t think that you can fail wantonly on campus without having to pay for your actions. Of course, if that kind of unfortunately situation does occur, the school will do its best to search and rescue. Even if we need to pull your bones out of a monster’s feces, we will confirm where you are.”

“Now please, everyone. There is still only one task requirement. Get the blue moss on the backs of ten glacier mammoths before midnight. Do not harm the mammoths. The maze is about to close, I wish you all the best in your actions.”

They had attracted enough attention during the last operation. Originally, under the premise that magic couldn’t be used, it was already difficult to escape the suspicion of the entire group. At this moment, the difficult was directly doubled, no, maybe even more than doubled…

Marilyn Lawler’s beautiful face became hideous, and she rolled her eyes in Leonard’s direction. Her group drew the unluckiest ones and had to move with the unlucky group that produced a deserter.

The fact that there was one more familiar face didn’t bold well.

Nemo sigh softly, half knelt, twisted the snow on the ground with his hands, and the snow melted quickly between his fingers. No matter how you look at it, this was a steep snow-capped mountain terrain, and there were no traces of it being artificial. The outside world separated by a wall was now late summer heading into early autumn. Even if this was a magical creation, Nemo didn’t think that any normal magic array could withstand this kind of consumption.

He was pretty sure that this maze didn’t rely on abyssal magic to operate. Maybe he should consult with Dylan.

After confirming the environment, Nemo stood up and patted the snow on his knees. Immediately turned his worried gaze to Oliver…

Oliver sighed blankly in confusion and looked at his ten fingers, then he raised his head slightly and his gaze just collided with Nemo.

“Don’t worry. I’m not cold this time,” reading out the worry in the other party’s eyes, Oliver responded in a low voice. “Although I don’t know why.”

Glacial mammoths lived near glaciers, and all they could see was steep mountain walls. The time was set at midnight, and this was obviously a protracted battle. The combatants got together to quickly get acquainted with each other, and the commanders of the two groups were still discussing who would lead.

The logistics staff also got together and chatted endlessly. They were divided into two piles, except for Oliver and Nemo, who were almost ignored, only four people were left…

Hayden and Elmer didn’t get together. They looked at their roommates worriedly and Marilyn was sullen, standing alone on the edge of the crowd, facing the deserted snow-capped mountains. No one knew what she was thinking.

Leonard, as always, tried to keep up, but he didn’t know if the concentration of civilians here was too high. He wandered around the edge of the ground of combatants, stretching his neck from time to time and looking over.

“I feel a little sorry for Hayden.” Nemo leaned close to Oliver’s ears and the white air he exhaled was particularly obvious in the cold air. “Oh, we have to move faster.”

“Elmer is also a nice person.” Oliver clenched the image crystal in his pocket. “It’s a pity that we can’t say our goodbyes.”

There was a dull loud noise signifying the gates of the maze near them had closed. The lonely huge stone gate stood on the snow, looking like the ruins of a stone wall from a distance.

The author has something to say:

Nemo: Faith. Leap of faith—!

Bagelmaurus has gradually become numb (.

The Demon King’s inherent luck: E-, the bravery inherent skill… a mouthful of poisonous milk. When you think about it carefully, Ann is probably caretaker No. 1 of this team, and the knight is probably caretaker No. 2. The others needed to be taken care of.√

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